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Zoey Holloway and India Summer – Momma’s Birthday Boy

Aunt-Nephew; Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Threesome, FemDom / Female Domination, Older Women / Younger Man, Handjob, Cumshot, Humiliation, Family Fantasies


He’s a virgin. He’s never been with a woman, except for Mommie. Up to this point his cock has only belonged to Momme and now she wants to show it to Auntie and have both of them play with it. It is still in chastity and they smack it around and poke at it, and make him fuck Auntie’s Boots.

M0MMIE shows Auntie how she lets Junior smell her pussy when she gets home from a date. For his birthday he gets to sniff another woman as Mom lets him sniff Aunties ass. They laugh at his feeble attempts to fuck Aunties Boots in chastity. He is aching to get out of chastity and for his birthday, M0M LETS HIS OUT.

Auntie grabs him by his ears and shoves his face between her boobs. She sits on his face and uses his nose to get herself off. While jerking his little cock MOMMIE lets him smell her shoes but he has to keep licking Auntie. “Show your Aunt what kind of stamina you have, Junior, Keep fucking my hand.” Auntie wants to laugh at him while he plays with himself, and sucks on her boobs.


Momma’s Birthday Boy


DP My Wife With Me 4 (2014)

Natasha Starr Dana Vespoli London Keys Bianca Breeze

John brings his wife Bianca over to meet the very famous Erik Everhard. Bianca gets so excited to meet him that nothing else matters, all she knows is that she wants his hard cock. Mr. Pete and London are letting Jessy stay with them till he gets back on his feet. Jessy feels as though London is putting moves on him. He then confronts Pete with it, but he knew all along. His wife wants a good DP. Natasha and Will are celebrating her birthday over a nice meal. Will then goes on by saying that she can have whatever she wants. When Roman shows up with the cake, Natasha knows exactly what she wants. Dana and Mick have been Skyping for months; Mick finally gets time off work and goes to meet her. What Mick doesn’t know is that Dana is married. When Mick finds out that Mark is ok with it things really start to heat up.



Glenn King’s Maneaters (2014)

The stars of “Glenn King’s Maneaters” are aggressive nymphomaniacs that get off on dominating mild-mannered cocks. In a locker room setting, tattooed, tanned Bonnie Rotten (AVN’s 2014 Female Performer Of The Year) overwhelms Jack Vegas with face sitting, fucking and multiple, torrential ejaculations of girl-squirt all over his face. Natural-bodied Asian Cindy Starfall needs instant sexual service, so the bratty, bossy bitch compels D Snoop to worship her heels, sniff her feet and suck her toes. Her streak of nasty talk never ceases through a vigorous fuck. Big-assed African-American dominatrix Janea Jolie romps around the dungeon in knee-high boots and a fishnet top; the longhaired screamer’s “white bitch slave” is Evan Stone, bound and gagged on the dungeon floor. She yanks his face up her thick cheeks, which roll as she rides white meat. On Sarah Jessie’s birthday the lushly tattooed blonde is displeased with cake and presents from Glenn … until she discovers studly Rob Piper, his big black cock wrapped in a pink bow. Sarah requires tongue service (for feet, twat and butthole) and lots of hard fucking. Watch out — “Glenn King’s Maneaters” will chew you up!

Category: Fetish , Hardcore, Big Breast, Deep throat, Squirting, Foot, Toys, Blowjob, Tattoo, Piercing
Starring: Evan Stone, Jack Vegas, D Snoop, Sarah Jessie, Janea Jolie, Bonnie Rotten, Cindy Starfall, Rob Piper
Language: English
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Glenn King’s Maneaters (2014).part3.rar


Uh Oh Grandpa HD

I’m Not On The Pill

Dear Diary,
After my mom passed Dad and I had to move in with Grandpa in order to pay the bills. After a few weeks I got to know everyones routines and set aside some “ME” time. I was in the comfy chair masturbating when Grandpa showed up unexpectledly. He started to scold me but I was so turned on I threw caution to the wind and seduced him with a hot blowjob. Apparently Gamps hasn’t been laid in awhile, he blew a huge load in my throat.
Later that evening while Daddy was out at the bar and Grandpa was already in bed so I decided to “cuddle” with him for awhile. When I snuggled up next to him his cock sprang to life and I couldn’t help myself. I started sucking grandpas cock while he played with my pussy. I got soo turned on I climbed on top and slid his huge cock into my waiting pussy.
It felt so good in my tight hole I came almost immediately. Several orgasms later I turned around and rode him pretty hard. As soon as my orgasm hit Grandpa lost it and came deep in my pussy. I freaked out because I’m not taking birth control but there are options. At least if I do get pregnant gramps doesn’t share my genes

Uh Oh Grandpa HD


Son Creampies Mom On His Birthday HD

(This video includes all 3 parts of the scene, for a 37 minute long taboo hardcore clip.)

It’s my son’s Birthday and I’m going to show him a good time, come hell or high water. After we close down the local bar, I take him home, pull out a bottle of my favorite spirit, and start pouring shots. We’re getting royally fucked up, but it’s so much fun, I don’t want to stop.

Ten shots in, I’m so out of it, I spill my drink all over my shirt. My son tries to be helpful and dry my ample bosom with a napkin. His hands feel so good on my boobs that despite myself, I feel my pussy getting wet with arousal. I lift up my shirt to better feel his hands on my skin. I can see the bulge in my son’s pants growing as he paws at my massive tits. With a wicked grin, I press his face into my cleavage and slip a nipple into his mouth. He’s so smashed he barely hesitates to suck my milky, fat titties. I’m beyond caring whether this is wrong or right. All I know is that his mouth feels amazing!

My son’s fingers slide into my warm, eager pussy effortlessly. Before I can protest, I lose myself in the pleasure of his hands playing with my G-spot and clit. This whole situation has gotten out of hand. If only I hadn’t had so many drinks. I can’t think straight. I know what we’re doing is wrong, but it feels so good, I can’t help myself. I let my son suck on my tits as he fingers me, bringing me to orgasm again and again.

His cock begins to throb and stand rock hard. I want to get fucked so badly . . . Am I really going to lie here and let my own son fuck me? I don’t even want to resist any more. The thought of having his hard cock inside me makes me wetter than I’ve ever been in my life. My inhibitions are completely gone – and so are his. We fuck hard and fast, desperate for satisfaction. But what will happen if we go too far? What if he cums inside me? I’m not on birth control any more. Honestly, I’m so faded, I don’t even care anymore. Fuck me, son! M0mmy wants it bad!

Son Creampies Mom On His Birthday HD


My Friend’s Hot Mom – Sara Jay

Ethan stop by to visit his friend, but his friend is still busy at work. His friend’s mom, Sara Jay, asks Ethan to stay a while. Sara knows that Ethan’s 21st birthday was only a few days ago and she wanted to give him a present, so she leads him into the bedroom, dresses up in some sexy lingerie, and has Ethan bang her brains out.



Stacie Andrews – Friendly Card Game Turns Sex Party HD 1080p

Brother / Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, Handjob, Cumshot, Strip poker, Games, Teen, Blonde

Stacie Andrews, a hot pixie blonde, definitely knows how to have a good time. She has her brother and couple of friends over for snacks and a few hands of poker. But she’s getting a bit bored. So she comes up with a great idea to take the party to the next level. How about a game of strip poker? The only one that has a problem with it is her brother. What if he or she loses? His dad would throw a fit if he caught them stripped down to their birthday suits. But the girls win out and they start the first hand with the new rules. Both stacie and her brother lose. That means they have to take something off. Second hand, they lose again. Their both down to their underwear. stacie’s brother decides to raise the stakes. Whoever loses has to give him a hand job. The girls look at each other are totally in. The cards are dealt and guess who ends up losing: stacie! She gladly pulls down her brother’s underwear and grips his cock. From the way she strokes it, we’re thinking she lost on purpose. As she jerks him off, her friends play with each other. This friendly card game turns sex party. So you better hurry up. Oh, and bring some party favors!

Friendly Card Game Turns Sex Party HD


Mommy desperately wants your seed to get pregnant HD

Mommy is on the phone to her friend all sad so you go into the lounge to comfort her. The issue is that Daddy wont fuck her as much as she needs and she wants another baby. Despite the fact she is off birth control pills, he is just no good. Mommy tells you a very special way you can make her happy but it has to be the biggest secret between you ever. Your cock gets hard the moment she starts to rub you through your jeans. She is wearing black sheer pantyhose and bends over so you can look at her ass and then turns round so you can stare at her pussy which is visible through the fabric. Your cock starts to swell and Mommy lifts her dress up and teases you with her beautiful breasts, pushing them in your face and letting you suck on them.

You need to shoot your load so bad but Mommy just tells you to stroke your little cock for her as she lays back on the sofa and rubs her pussy… such a tease, she wants to have a really good orgasm and tells you she is more likely to get pregnant if she cums hard. Then Mommy opens her legs wide and lets you lick her pussy so shes really ready and then finally you fuck her. The feeling as you push your cock into Mommy’s warm wet pussy is heaven and she starts to move back and forward on you, moaning and begging you to fuck her. Eventually after your cock has slammed into Mommy enough and you have cum deep inside her, giving her your precious seed… she cums hard. You have made Mommy oh so happy and she plays with her tits and lays in front of you telling you how much she loves you.
Clip contains Taboo filth! MILF, Mommy/son fantasy, Virtual sex, Pantyhose, Dirty talk, Topless, Impregnation theme

HD POV Mommy desperately needs your seed to get pregnant HD


Darryl Hanah Sucks, Fucks And Gets Facialized By Hung Lo

Step-Mother / Step-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Wives, Dad’s Wife, Husband’s Son, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Cumshot, Interracial, Asian Male / Caucasian Female, Mixed Races

Willy is an Asian boy who was adopted by a white couple at birth. He grew up with them, but then he noticed as he got older, he started to develop forbidden feelings for his stepmom. After he turned 18 years old, he was cleaning the pool one day and his stepmom seduced him into touching her boobs. That day started this forbidden romance that they have been continuing till this day as they fuck a couple times a week. She loves to taste Willy’s Asian cock in her mouth as much as he loves to lap up her white pussy. The forbidden lovers have a secret that they are keeping from his dad as they engage in taboo sex nearly every day.

Fucks And Gets Facialized By Hung Lo HD


Savannah Fox

It’s really no secret that Savannah Fox is a black cock slut. We find Savannah and Shane going down memory lane with her first time she ever got the black meat. Savannah’s attempts to prove her title to Shane Diesel are not futile at all; in fact, we begin the festivities with an interracial foot job. Shane runs his black monster along the heels, soles and arches of Savannah’s silky feet right before she takes in as much as her mouth’s capacity can handle. The Dogfart debut of Savannah Fox wouldn’t be complete without her jaw unlocking to take in all that black goodness. Where shall we go from here? How about Savannah’s pussy feeling a black cock whose size is easily that of 5 white boys put together. The vaginal walls of Savannah stretch to the point where the pains of child birth won’t be an issue for her in the future. Shane Diesel switches gears and focuses on that asshole of hers. Oh,did we mention that the bitch can squirt with the best of them? She can. Shane’s black anaconda drills its way deep inside her anal cavity to the point where her eyes roll and tongue hangs out her mouth. Where do we end this fine update? Can you say “pop to the face”? We knew you could.


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