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Mommy Surprises You On Your Birthday With Something No Other Man Has Had HD

It’s your birthday! Mommy gave you an awesome birthday gift last year by letting you fuck her pussy! This year you don’t think she can top it, but she does! She is prepared to give you something no one has ever had! No other man has ever been in her tight ass and now it is your chance to slide that hard cock deep inside. She even wants you to cum inside and let it run down her leg! Happy Birthday! ENJOY!

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Happy Birthday Son HD

In this custom video, a sexy mom tempts her son by dressing sexy in front of him. For his birthday, he gets his wish, a blowjob from his mom, which only leads to more sexual encounters between the two as they get more and more daring.

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Happy Birthday Son HD.mp4


My Son’s 18th Birthday Blowjob HD

Hi honey! I’m so glad you are finally home, I’ve been waiting all day to give you your birthday present! I hope you like it… go ahead open it! Soo…. what do you think? What do you mean it’s not what you wanted? You’ve been asking for one of those for months now… what else could you possibly want? Well? Honey! You can’t be serious… are you really asking your mother for a…. a blowjob? Are you serious? I’m your mommy, I can’t…. suck your…. cock! Well… I do want this to be the most special birthday of your life, it is your 18th after all. I suppose I could give you a blowjob this one time but you can’t tell anybody about it honey! Deal? Ok… well unzip your pants and let mommy suck on your dick for your 18th birthday… and you can shoot your load in my mouth too! I hope this was the best birthday present ever son!

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Scene is mother giving a pov bj to her son for his b-day. Finishes with cum in mouth.

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Kinsley Eden – Teen’s Anal Birthday Gift

Kinsley Eden had a big dinner surprise planned for her boyfriend’s birthday, but dude spoils it when he comes home early. Lucky for him, this busty teen is horny as hell and up for anything, even having her little ass packed on camera!

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Birthday Blowjob In The Car HD

Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party. Um…there’s something I wanted to talk about before I get out. It’s just…been a while since we had sex and we haven’t talked about it since. I hate pretending that didn’t happen. You probably noticed that I didn’t get you a birthday gift, so I thought this’d be the perfect opportunity to give you something special. Let me suck your cock, remember how good it was last time? How can you say no to a blow job, birthday boy? Fantasy includes: blow job, friends with benefits, facial, car blow job, strip tease, big tits, big ass, cumshot, pov

She gives you your birthday present in the car, its a blowjob and she lets you cum all over her face too.

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Give Me Your Birthday Cum – Tiffany Lebroc HD

Mike has just turned 18 and thinks it is time for him to see a naked woman. His lovely step-mom, Tiffany Lebroc, can’t say no to him, so, now that his father is not at home, it is hischance. The mature lady gets naked exposing her super sexy tits and jerks him off bad, until he releases his birthday load on her tits.

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Birthday Anal Creampie – Sarah Vixen HD

Today is my brother’s birthday and I plan on giving him something he would never expect. Yes silly he gets to fuck me but today is VERY special for his birthday he get’sto fuck my pussy and my ASS

Little does my big brother know but he’s going to get the best ass in town for his birthday… MINE!
I have always thought my brother was hot and love to see him walk around with his shirt off. Just staring at his ripped abs rippling across his chest makes me wet. I know that sounds so weird but I’ve always fantasized what it would be like to have his big cock inside me. How do I know he has a huge cock you ask? It’s easy enough to see how big it is thru his underwear AND I saw his girlfriend giving him a blowjob once when they didn’t know I was home.

Often I masturbate thinking about sucking his thick dick and what it would feel like to have it inside me. That was until my brother walked in on me with my fingers in my pussy without knocking. “Thinking about me again” he joked. I closed my legs quickly but spread them again teasing him with my soaked snatch. “You know you want this tight pussy” I teased. He moved closer and I closed my legs quickly and laughed telling him he’d be lucky to get this.

He huffed and left my room bitching under his breath. Today is his birthday and I plan on giving him something he would never expect. Yes silly he gets to fuck me but today is VERY special… for his birthday my brother is going to fuck my pussy and my ASS…
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Big Sister Birthday Present (2016)

Genre: Natural Breasts, POV
Cast: Sophia Leone, Cory Chase, Luke Longly

Sophia Leone in Big Sister Birthday Present (HD)

Scene One: Indecent Connections

Happy birthday little bro Your sister Sophia tells you, sitting on the couch next to you. She asks what you want for your birthday, but all you can do is stare at her bra-less shirt. Noticing you looking at them she figures that this will be a cheap present and begins to play with them. Don’t be shy She laughs. Sophia is an expert of using her body to get what she wants from men, why should little brothers be any different.

She lets you touch them, pulling up her shirt for you. It’s ok She tells you, noticing your hard on and rubbing your pants. She spread her legs and shows you pussy for the first time. Holding your hand she instructs you on how to please a woman with your hands, moaning as you touch her. Let me give you some of your birthday present She whispers and puts her warm lips around your penis. She sucks you slowly, knowing it’s your first time, edging you until your going to burst. No no She says You don’t get to cum yet, you have to wait. Sophia teases you.

Scene Two: Facetime with my sister

You’re at school when your big sister Sophia decides to send you another part of your birthday gift. She turns on her cell phone camera and begins recording a special movie just for you. She strips out of her clothes and oils her young body. Aren’t you glad you waited? She ask.

She gets on the couch and begins rubbing herself for the camera, moaning and getting so hot. She pours more oil on herself and takes out her vibrator. Oh it feels so good that she can’t help but cum for her little brother. Oh my god I’m going to cum She screams to you. Happy birthday bro She kisses the camera.

Scene Three: Little brother advice

Why are you all dressed up? Cory asks her daughter Sophia. Sophia tells her about her brothers birthday and her special present. Do you need me to show you something to do to him? Cory asks. Sophia shows off her new crotchless panties and agrees to learn a few new things…

Cory strips off her daughter’s dress and begins to give her a lap dance. Sophia loves what she’s seeing, her mom’s tight body being exposed for her. Cory shows her exactly how best to suck on a woman’s breasts. She works her way down to Sophia’s cute little pussy and edges her daughter to prepare her for later.

With her mom naked Sophia returns the favor, licking her mom’s sweet pussy and showing off everything she’s learned. Cory moans in pleasure at her daughters fast tongue. Side by side the girls rub themselves, bringing themselves to orgasm. With a kiss mother and daughter have bonded together.

Scene Four: Sister candy

Sophia’s in a tight black dress when she walks into your bedroom. Are you ready for the rest of your birthday present She asks. She strips out of her clothes and lays you down on the bed. She sucks you like she did this morning, her hot mouth making you feel incredible. I want to give you the best present ever she whispers.

With your penis wet, she slides you inside of herself and smiles at how good you feel. She bounces up and down, breathing hard and moaning. Oh fuck She yells as you push her down to the bed and pump her tight pussy. Cum in my mouth Sophia begs you and you shoot your big load right in her face for her to swallow. You taste so good. All gone She laughs.

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Parker Swayze and Bambi Brooks – The birthday party HD

Son, are you ready for tomorrow?
You remember everything I told you, right?
Very good son… I’m just so happy that you want to do this for your sister.
I’m so proud of you for becoming the man of the house since your Dad’s been gone…
You’re going to make your sister so happy tomorrow.
And since we’ve been practicing I know you’re going to make Mommy feel good too.
I’m so excited baby, this is going to be your sister’s best birthday ever….


Naomi Woods – A Birthday To Remember!

In this weeks BangPOV, we have the beautiful Naomi Woods and man this girl is truly stunning. Every part on this womans body All natural, just the way we love it. She’s giving her bf a surprise bday party. Just the two of them. Besides blowing out the candles, she’s going to be blowing his big dick. Then take it deep inside her tight vagina. Can’t wait!

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Video: h264, yuv420p, 852×480, 30.00 fps(r) (eng)


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