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Pegged by Mother for Sisters Birthday Breakfast HD 1280×720

Odette enjoys a bowl of breakfast cereal. Across the table, her brother is pegged by their mother. Today is a special occasion. It is Odettes birthday breakfast. Today is the day Odette will receive the key to her brothers chastity. She grins from ear to ear as her brother grimaces in discomfort. Odette wishes that every morning were her birthday. Every minute keeps getting better and better for her. Odette is presented with the key to her brothers chastity! Finally! Overjoyed, Odette sits on the table across from her brother, so that his key is eye level. Danni is made to sing to his sister while his mother fucks him. Danni does not seem to be putting enough effort into his singing. His mother and sister threaten to fuck him with a larger cock. Danni is motivated to give a little more effort. Odette crawls under the table, so that she can see her brothers chastity bob as he gets fucked. Odettes sister, Lola sits down to breakfast. Lola and Odette share a bowl of fruit while being entertained by their brothers pegging. Mother and daughters make plans to purchase some new implements of torment. Odette has determined that her brother needs a bigger butt plug as placeholder for their mothers cock. Brianna thinks it may be necessary to get the b0y a shock collar as well. Odette makes plans to peg her brother later, when all her friends are watching. Mother thinks thats an excellent idea. Everyone will run a train on danni at the party later in the night. For now, though, everyone has to get ready for school. Danni has to drive his sisters. Odette tells danni that she wants him to stop and buy her another present on the way. (10:26 long) Clip contains: Brianna, Lola, Odette, female domination, taboo, pegging, strap on, fucking, chastityCategory: STRAP-ONRelated Categories: PEGGING, CHASTITY, FEMALE DOMINATION, BRAT GIRLS, TABOO

Brianna and Odette Pegged Birthday Breakfast HD.mp4


Femdom Family Birthday Pegging HD 1920×1080

Goddess Brianna’s twins Lola and Danni have their birthday today. On this birthday Danni will be pegged. It is tradition in this family. All boys are pegged on their birthday when they first get old enough. First they are locked into chastity and then pegged. The party is so humiliating for Danni. He is forced to suck both his mothers and her sister’s cock. Lola loves it! She loves being a spoiled bratty bitch to her twin brother. She loves that he is being pegged. Danni at first struggles with his mother’s cock. His sister yells at him, “It’s my birthday to and this is what I want!” Lola feeds her brother her cock while Brianna finally presses herself into Danni. Danni is being pegged! “Its huge Mommy!” “Don’t worry your sister is next!” Danni is humiliated. He is being double teamed by his sister and mother. Danni’s balls swing back and forth inside his chastity tube from the pounding from his mother. Then his Sister gets her turn pegging him. Lola loves fucking her twin brother. While Lola fucks her brother, Brianna makes Danni clean off her cock with his mouth. He is an ass to mouth whore now! “Happy birthday Danni” Lola now can peg Danni anytime she wants. Now that Lola is old enough she will be allowed to peg her father, older brothers, and uncles as well. Brianna takes some picture for the family scrap book. “Danni’s first pegging.” Both ladies laugh at Danni’s predicament. He knows these pictures will be framed and hanged in the house. This clip is a rare glimpse into the traditions and ceremonies of a femdom family. In this family the males are kept in chastity and pegged regularly.

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Skye West – Birthday Creampie

Skye greeted her man Bruno with breakfast in bed for his birthday. She was also wearing a huge bow on her body and told him his present was letting him cum inside of her! While Bruno was eating his breakfast, Skye was busy stuffing her mouth with his huge cock – he couldnt even concentrate on eating! Then Skye rode the birthday boys dick before he bent her over and fucked her rough from behind. It wasnt long until Bruno bursted inside of her and he watched as the cum dripped out of her teen pussy!

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Son Creampies Mom On His Birthday Full HD 1920 x 1080

It’s my son’s birthday and i’m going to show him a good time, come hell or high water. after we close down the local bar, i take him home, pull out a bottle of my favorite spirit, and start pouring shots. we’re getting royally fucked up, but it’s so much fun, i don’t want to stop.ten shots in, i’m so out of it, i spill my drink all over my shirt. my son tries to be helpful and dry my ample bosom with a napkin. his hands feel so good on my boobs that despite myself, i feel my pussy getting wet with arousal. i lift up my shirt to better feel his hands on my skin. i can see the bulge in my son’s pants growing as he paws at my massive tits. with a wicked grin, i press his face into my cleavage and slip a nipple into his mouth. he’s so smashed he barely hesitates to suck my milky, fat titties. i’m beyond caring whether this is wrong or right. all i know is that his mouth feels amazing!my son’s fingers slide into my warm, eager pussy effortlessly. before i can protest, i lose myself in the pleasure of his hands playing with my g-spot and clit. this whole situation has gotten out of hand. if only i hadn’t had so many drinks. i can’t think straight. i know what we’re doing is wrong, but it feels so good, i can’t help myself. i let my son suck on my tits as he fingers me, bringing me to orgasm again and again.his cock begins to throb and stand rock hard. i want to get fucked so badly . . . am i really going to lie here and let my own son fuck me? i don’t even want to resist any more. the thought of having his hard cock inside me makes me wetter than i’ve ever been in my life. my inhibitions are completely gone – and so are his. we fuck hard and fast, desperate for satisfaction. but what will happen if we go too far? what if he cums inside me? i’m not on birth control any more. honestly, i’m so faded, i don’t even care anymore. fuck me, son! m0mmy wants it bad!

Son Creampies Mom On His Birthday HD.mp4


The Unbirthing – Mom’s birthday surprise HD

Happy 18th birthday, sweetie. I must be the luckiest mom in the world to have such a wonderful son. I remember the day you were born – the best day of my life! – like it was yesterday. And you were such a happy baby… Anyway, let’s open your present! It’s a very special present, something I’ve been saving to give you on the day you become a man.

It’s a diaper, just like you used to wear when you were a baby. I got them for you because you ARE my baby, and you always will be. You may have grown into a man, honey, but you’re still a helpless infant deep down. You’re a little baby who needs only his mommy’s love and care. And, today, I’m going to turn you back into a baby, transforming your physical self to match who you are inside.

There you are. My perfect, helpless little one. You look just like I remember. Except…oh no! Mommy almost forgot to put your diaper on…

But honey, I think there’s a place where mommy could take even better care of you . My womb is where you came from, and it’s where you belong. I need you back inside of me, filling up my belly, making me complete. You emerged from my womb exactly 18 years ago; now it’s finally time for you to home…

Age Regression – Diapers – Magic Control – Mother/Son Role Play – Pregnant – Unbirthing – Vaginal Vore

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Verta – Birthday Pick Up

I saw a hot girl come out of goodwill so I went up to her and asked what was up. She told me she got into some gambling problems and owes a ton of money to some guys she was counting cards for. Im a nice enough guy so I offered to help her out – I gave her $20 just to come with me back to the crib to surprise my friend, who just so happens to be celebrating his birthday. We got her in the car and I gave her another $20 to flash us her tits! It wasnt long till we were back at the house and Verta was on her knees giving some sloppy birthday head! She got pounded by the birthday boy over and over until he dropped his load all over her mouth and I gave her the rest of the money I had! Thanks Verta!

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Daddys Girl has had ideas about her brother for some time now. She wanted to do something special for his birthday, but had no money. She decided to give him a lap dance he wouldn’t forget. She slowly danced and rubbed all over him gradually taking her clothes off. She knew that would get his young cock good and hard. By the time she pulled his pants down his boner was straight up 12 oclock. Daughter went down on her brother and began sucking and playing with his cock, making it a point to tempt him more and more. Once she knew he could not resist, she climbed on and stuck his hard cock into her wet pussy. She fucked him over and over, while he just sat there astonished at what his little sister was doing. He could not resist, and this was the best birthday ever. She finally climbed off and bent over the chair to let Big Brother fuck her hard from behind, the way she likes it. It didn’t take him too long to unload his massive squirts of cum all over her back and even up into her hair. Little Sister gave her Big Brother a really good Fucking Birthday present.



Your Boyfriend Should Be With You on Your Birthday Sis HD

Your Birthday Sis HD.mp4


Son’s Birthday Surprise HD 1280×720

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Momma’s Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, POV SEX, VOYEUR

This clip was a custom requests. Script Guideline:’SceneYou enter my bedroom wearing a bathrobe fully covering your body. I am standing up so the camera is at your eye level.”Hi sweetie””I asked your dad what we could get you to make this your best birthday ever””He jokingly said we could get you a prostitute””I told him that would be really expensive””If we want to get him laid for his Birthday, well, I can take care of that””Your father looked shocked that I would suggest such a thing””He thought about it a little more then reluctantly agreed””He gave me 2 rules. He said we have to use a condom and this is a one time thing, never again””I agreed, so here I am” You open your robe and drop it to the floor. Underneath you were wearing some sexy and skimpy lingerie that your boobs are almost spilling out of. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” (big smile) You slowly walk over to me and take my dick out of my pants. You start to slowly stroke it as you talk to me. “Now I know how bad you want this. I know that you jerk off to me every day””I want you to really enjoy your birthday present””So to make the experience last, I’m gonna give you a quick blow job, to get that first load out” You go down on me for about 30 seconds making some sucking sounds (or you could just do a quick fade out just as you go down and fade back in you coming up), then come back up just as you are swallowing. You start stroking me again. “I’m really good at that””Now I know your father said we have to use a condom, but do you want to use one?””I mean it’s your birthday, don’t you want to really feel me?””If you promise to pull out, I won’t make you wear one.””Good, now follow me” Fade out and fade in to you lying on your back naked. “Remember to take your time and concentrate on how good I feel”***Freestyle the rest of the dialog for a few minutes until I cum. I do pull out.”That was a lot of fun. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go clean up.” Next shot is of you coming back in the room, camera is at eye level again. You’re wearing a button down shirt that is fully unbuttoned. “So, was I the best birthday present ever?””That’s awesome, I love hearing that””Sure you can ask me a question””You want to do it again?””Your father said only once.””But…..” You walk close to me and start stroking me again “It is still your birthday””You’ll need to promise me 2 things””First, you won’t tell your father””Second, you’ll last long enough so I can have an orgasm””Good, now go lie on the bed, I’m gonna ride you this time” You mount me on the bed, still wearing the same unbuttoned shirt. You don’t need to do much dialog as it should look as if you’re concentrating on getting off while riding me.Maybe some minimal dialog about making sure I don’t cum. After a couple minutes you do have an orgasm. You cool down for a few seconds. “That felt so amazing, thank you””I’m so proud that you were able to last that long””I want to do something extra special for you. I’m gonna let you cum in side me.””You’re gonna love this” This time you’re gonna do a slow and sexy grind that eventually builds up some speed. The dialog should be about you making me cum inside you.I should last no more then a couple minutes before I do cum. “Start counting down the days til your next birthday” (wink)’High Definition
Category: TABOO
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