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Jade Indica Sucks Off Her Daddy HD

Daddy is watching TV, and Jade comes in and complains that he’s always watching television and never pays attention to her. Mommy is out, and Jade Indica points out what a good girl she’s been. She goes to school, does her homework, everything! And he thinks that mommy isn’t treating him right, which is why he’s always watching TV and generally avoiding everyone. Jade thinks she can treat him better than mommy, and teases him, showing daddy her ass and her cute panties. It’s not long before Jade is sucking daddy’s big hard cock, and doing a GREAT job, MUCH better than mommy could ever do! She deep throats hard, spitting and drooling all over his dick for a LONG time, until he blows his thick load in her mouth!

Sucks Off Her Daddy HD


Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little Whore HD

Norah Caught Sneaking in Late
It is way past curfew, Norah tries sneaking in but dad is waiting for her. She seems like she may have had a few, and dad is PISSED. IF she is going to be out late, dressed like that, not just drinking soft drinks, then she is just asking to get used as some random guys little slut. Dad shows her what happens to bad girls that stay out late

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 1

Norah Punished for Dressing Like a Cock Tease
Norah thinks she is gong to the gym, dressed in almost nothing. She tries to talk her way past daddy, but he isn’t having any of it. If she wants that kind of attention she can get it at home

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 2

Norah Caught Stealing Daddy’s Credit Card
Norah thinks she can sneak in and swipe daddy’s credit card, but he catches her red handed, and then makes her red assed, and teaches her a lesson in a few other ways too.

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 3


Fuck My Ass Daddy HD

Young Hope Harper decided to do something special for Daddy when she discovered his love of anal. This give you a good ide whats to cum including Hope getting her ass creampied with a massive load.

My Ass Daddy HD


Deep Forest Blowjob with Daddy HD

(HD – 60fps) Wow, isn’t this nice? The forest is so pretty! So many birds chirping and it doesn’t sound like anyone’s around… Mommy, don’t you like being outdoors? Oh Mommy, I’m not tired at all! Are you feeling tired from how much we’ve hiked? Okay, well I really want to keep going. Why don’t Daddy and I hike just a little bit more. You can go back to the car, rest your feet, and read that book you love.

… Daddy, Mommy went back to the car. Do you know what that means? We’re out here all alone. All by ourselves. It’s really quiet, too. Hehe, Daddy, don’t be shy. I know you’re rock hard under those shorts. You’ve been walking right behind me this whole time on purpose, haven’t you? Well Daddy, I think we should do something about that. Mommy’s at the car and absolutely no one’s around. I want to get on my knees for you, Daddy. I’ll have to swallow, but that’s okay, right? This is so exciting. What if someone catches us? Do you think they’ll know you’re my Daddy?

Deep Forest-with Daddy HD


Miley Mae – Daddys Little Whore HD

Miley is a young daughter, who attends a Catholic school. Her mother, Victoria, just got home with her daughter after being told that Miley was caught masturbating in the confessional box again. What’s even worse, she tried to avoid getting punished by offering to suck the priest’s cock!

This isn’t the first time it’s happened and her father, Miles, is furious. First Miles tries spanking her light skin, until her ass is glowing pink, but their daughter is laughing, as if she’s enjoying it! She’s even getting a little wet, soaking up her daddy’s jeans. This upsets Miley’s parents further.

They’ve run out of options, so they decide if their daughter wants to act like a little whore, “lets treat her like a little whore.”

First Miles shoves his huge fatherly cock in her mouth. Victoria, her mother, forces her daughter’s head all the way down his shaft over and over again, until she gags.

They proceed to put her on the bed for a real punishment.

They put Miley in doggystyle, while Miles gives her a hard fucking reserved for only a whore. Victoria has Miley suck on her mother’s tits while Miles aggressively pounds her pussy from behind. Miley seems like she likes daddy’s cock and begins to cum.

Miles has Miley clean the cum off of his cock better than she’s ever cleaned her own room. He makes sure she doesn’t miss a spot, getting the cum off his entire shaft and balls.

Finally they put young Miley on her back, with her head resting in her mother’s lap for another round of pounding. Miles is covered in sweat as he works his daughter, until he cums violently inside her.

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Blow Job, Pussy Licking, Face Fucking, Fucking, Nipple Licking, Nudity, Daddy, Daughter, Mommy, Punishment, Spanking, Female Domination, Playing, Stripping, Family, Role Play

Daddys Little HD


Daddy Timestopped MY Sleepover HD

Starring Willow, Victoria Verve, Viva and Torro Bravo

Directed by Alex Dorian

Willow has a couple of her friends over for a fun “girls night” sleepover, they are all having fun, in their P.J.’s braiding each others hair, when Willow’s dad, Torro comes in.

He tells the girls to have fun, but not make too much noise as he is still working and has a couple of things to wrap up still, the girls agree to keep it down and he leaves.

Victoria tells Willow how creepy her dad is, but Viva likes him and thinks he is hot, Willow tells them both to be quiet and not to talk about her dad that way.

Torro comes back and tells Willow that he actually has a few more hours of work to do and asks her to make him a sandwich as he won’t have time to, Willow refuses as she is with her friends, so Torro timestops all three girls. He can’t help but want to play the girls, so he stands them up and starts to strip them, sucking on their nipples and feeling their tight bodies.

He poses them side by side and restarts time, the girls panic so he stops them again, this time stripping them almost naked, he sits down and pulls out his cock and starts to stroke it while he unfreezes the girls, they see him with his cock in his hand and each others naked bodies and start to panic more, so he freezes them again and poses them once more.

He puts Willow on the table and Viva and Victoria side by side holding onto each other, then he stands next to Willow and uses her hand to jack him off until he cums all over her leg, then he sets them up side by side for a good view of their frozen bodies.

Then he takes Willow to the kitchen and uses her frozen hands to make him a sandwich.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Taboo, Multi Girl, Posing, Stripping, Body Fondling, Nipple Licking, Hand Job, Cumshots, Female Training, Kitchen, Dutch Rudder, Body Views

Daddy Timestopped MY Sleepover HD


You Need A Massage, Daddy HD

(60fps) Hi Daddy! Gosh, you don’t look so good. Did you have a rough day? Mhmm… Oh, I know just the thing Daddy. Let me massage you! Like I used to. It’s been a long time since you had a massagefrom your daughter. Here, lay down on my bed and relax. Let me take care of you. I even have some massage oil around here somewhere…

See, doesn’t that feel good? Do you feel better? I love you, Daddy. I want to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Even… hehe! Did I surprise you? I’m naked for you, Daddy. I think I know just the way to cheer you up. I’ve massaged your back and your legs… It’s time I massage your cock and balls. I’ll go nice and slow, edging you with my fingers and tongue. Let me milk your cum slowly into my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste you and feel you in my throat.

You Need A Massage, Daddy HD 1
You Need A Massage, Daddy HD 2
You Need A Massage, Daddy HD 3


Daddys Home 3 (2015)

Release Year: 2015 Studio: Smash Pictures Cast: Sydney Cole, Lucy Tyler, Kasey Warner, Rahyndee James, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Marcus London, Stephen St. Croix Genres: All Sex, HD – Shot In High Def, Fetish, Feature Video language: English

Sydney Cole was very lucky her mom married Mr. Stone. He pushes the young lady to strive for academic excellence. She in turn pushes the limits as this little cutie seduces her step-daddy week after week. When Lucy Tyler’s mom leaves for the day, it’s time for her step-daddy and her to play dress up doll. Kasey Warner feels pretty sexy in the high school play little red riding hood outfit. And a little naughty too as she rides her step-daddy, the big bad wolf. Rahyndee James feels bad that her step dad never had a real daughter of his own to dress up in real clothes. So she decides to cheer the old man up and parade around in a sexy costume for him.

Time: 02:09:05 Video: AVC, 854×480, 29.970 fps, 1378 Kbps Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 44.0 Kbps Size: 1250 MB

Daddys Home 3 (2015).part1.rar

Daddys Home 3 (2015).part2.rar


My New White Stepdaddy 8 (2013)

Ana Foxxx, Gigi Loren, Mailani Koi, Nychole Mac

These gorgeous young ladies won the stepdad lottery! Not only are their stepdads rich and good looking… they are horny as fuck! So when mom is away these sexy sluts take full advantage of the situation… fucking their new white stepdaddy!

Gigi Loren


Mailan Koi


Nychole Mac


Ana Foxxx



Only Daddys Sperm HD

Can Fill My Fertile Pussy
Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Impregnation

Dear Diary,
The other night my girlfriend wanted me to meet a new guy so I got dressed up and ready to go. When I stopped to tell Daddy I was leaving to meet a boy he got pretty uptight. Apparently he really wants the baby now so I’m off limits to other guys.

To make sure I behaved myself Daddy took the time to satisfy my needs. He took me right there on the couch and made me ride him a bit. Once I was ready he laid me on the couch and really fucked me good. I guess the only Dick I’ll be getting from now on will be Daddys and thats fine by me.
Xo Naomi

Only Daddys-HD

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