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Daddy, Say Yes, Just This One Time HD

Daddy is getting ready for bed when he hears yelling from outside his room, “God, Mom, you’re such a bitch! I hate you! You never let me do anything I wanna do!” The door slams, and his daughter, Fifi, barges into his bedroom. She is frantic, and angry at Mom, so he asks her what’s wrong, “Daddy, Mom never lets me do what I want. She keeps telling me no. She’s such a bitch, Dad!… She won’t let my boyfriend come over and spend the night. And you always say yes, Daddy. Please. Can you please tell her yes, please? Please, please?”

Dad tells Fifi to watch her mouth, and that he can’t always go against Mom for her. “…Please, just this one time, please?… Because she thinks we’re going to have sex… Dad! Come on, just please, please just say yes to her. God, she’s such a bitch! You know what, I bet she never gets laid… Well, she doesn’t. I mean, do you have guys have sex?… Dad, I’m not talking about that! I’m just saying, Daddy,… You were about to go to sleep by yourself, so I know you guys don’t have sex… Okay, Daddy, it’s none of my business, you’re right. But maybe, could you tell her yes for me?”

Dad tells her that her boyfriend can’t stay the night, and instead of getting upset, her attitude changes, becoming more seductive and friendly. “Okay, Daddy. You know what? I think that you’re kind of stressed out. I think that Mommy doesn’t pleasure you as much as you like. So, you know, if she does, and you aren’t stressed out, then maybe this wouldn’t bother you?” His daughter twirls around, and turns to lift her dress up, revealing her thong underneath.

“Okay, Dad, I’ll put my skirt down.” She turns back around, pulls down her top, and squeezes her chest, teasing him. “Daddy, do you really want me to stop? You don’t want me to stop, Daddy, do you? Mmm… Let me see. Daddy, you have a hard-on. So, maybe I shouldn’t stop, huh? Here… I’m going to convince you to say yes. I mean, unless you don’t want me to. Just tell me, Daddy. Do you want me to stop?”

“Daddy, tell me you want me to touch you. Say it. Do you want me to touch it?… Okay, you don’t have to say it…” Fifi climbs onto the bed, and sticks his hard cock inside her mouth. Her hot tongue runs up his shaft, “Do you want to say yes now, or do you want to wait until you cum?… Dad, do you like it messy? All you have to do is say yes.” Her drool covers his cock, leaving a mess all over her fingers and hands.

“Daddy, maybe I could convince you on my knees… Come here, Daddy.” Fifi gets on her knees, and he slides to the edge of the bed. She takes his cock, and rubs it between her tits. With her hand wrapped at the base, she puts her mouth back around his cock. She deepthroats his cock, and moves her mouth up and down, sliding her tongue up the shaft.

He finally erupts into her mouth, and it drips down her face before she swallows the rest. “So, Daddy, what should I tell Mommy?… Say it. Say yes… Thanks, Daddy.”

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Daddy Don’t Stop – Amateur Incest!

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Daddy Caught Us Fucking Then Joined In HD

Dear Diary,

Oh my god! Today was one of the craziest days EVER! I thought dad was at work and my little brother was at practice so I snuck in dad’s room to fantasize and get myself off. Nothing out of the normal there right? Well Loki wasn’t at practice he was home and walked in on my masturbating! I tried to hide it but he pulled my panties down and started rubbing my pussy and making fun of me for wanting our dad. As horny as I was I didn’t care whose cock was inside me so I started teasing and fucking my little brother on dad’s bed! We were fucking all over the place and the second I was about to orgasm I heard dad’s voice!

Dad totally walked in and busted Loki and I fucking on his bed! He seemed mad at first but when I put his cock in my mouth and stuck my ass in the air for Loki to fuck he seemed a bit more at ease. Daddy wanted some of my pussy too because he flipped me around and fucked me hard while I sucked on my little brothers cock until he finally gave me a huge facial!

Daddy sent Loki on his way and kept fucking me until he filled me up with a nice creampie!

It was so hot being tag teamed by my daddy and my brother. I hope we can do it more often!
Category: TABOO
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Camille Black – Daddy Help Me Sleep!


I know it’s late and I know your probably tired but I can’t sleep. I keep having these really bad dreams. Can you please help me get rid of some of this energy I have now?

I was thinking before I came in your bedroom Daddy, maybe I could ride your rock hard cock until you fill my tight young pussy up with cum. Please Daddy! I know your not going to say no!
Category: TABOO
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Daddys Little Girl 4

Daddy’s little girl is doing bad things behind his back and they don’t give a shit about it. These young whores love getting fucked like filthy pieces of trash and then return home acting all innocent in front of dad.

Lexi Belle Dani Daniels Katerina Kay Payton Simmons

Daddys Little Girl 4.mp4


MissReinaT – Daddy Fuck Me HD

Note 1: This video is definitely a KEEPER for those with a father-daughter incest fetish. Seriously, the taboo nature (and the dirty talk) of this video is what makes this video so appealing.

This is a custom video requested by one of MissReinaT’s fans. Reina went clubbing one night. She comes home drunk. Her “daddy” is home so she starts starts to tease him, POV style by dancing and flashing her tits and pussy. Reina passes out then wakes up, with her ass up as her daddy looks at her. She pleads him not to fuck her but reluctantly does so.
Note 2: No male performer, she uses a dildo!

MissReinaT starts in a missionary position as she thrusts the dildo into her vagina. She then changes position to reverse cowgirl. She sticks the dildo onto a mirror and starts fucking it doggy style. The video then cuts to missionary position on the couch, where she begs you to impregnate her.

The final scene, Reina goes to the bathroom, telling her daddy “not to follow her.” She sticks a dildo on the toilet lid and starts riding it. Unfortunately the video abruptly ends with no ‘ending orgasm’ or what have you. Nonetheless, you will definitely cum before the end of the video.

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Avalon Hart & Michele Martinez – Best Friends With Daddy HD

No, get out of my room, I don’t want to see either of you right now. Dad, How could you fuck my best friend??? And how could you fuck my Dad you slut? What were you thinking?.. No, I don’t want to talk about it… Stop touching me, you’re both crazy… No, I’m not jealous, that’s ridiculous… It doesn’t matter if I thought it was hot, this is wrong… Daddy, are you sure this is really the right thing to do?…

2 girls 1 dude sucking and fucking

***Starring Avalon Hart & Michele Martinez***
Category: TABOO
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Camille Black – Daddys Anal Princess HD

Dear Diary,

Today I wanted to celebrate a big milestone for me with Daddy and what better way than to celebrate than the way that got me clean! As you know Daddy gave me a anal intervention a while back and ever since we both stoke to our word and gave each other what we wanted. Well Diary I went into Daddy’s room and told daddy the good news and he couldn’t believe how much time had passed and how it passed so quickly but when I started sucking his cock getting it ready for my reward for all this time being a good girl Daddy didn’t have much to say! It didn’t take long before Daddy’s cock was throbbing and rock hard for me so I got on top of him and slide his cock deep into my ass! Daddy and I started fucking all over the bed and I couldn’t stop cumming! My cum leaking out of my pussy down into my ass was helping Daddy fuck my ass even harder! It felt so good for both of us Daddy coudln’t help but end up leaving a massive creampie leaking out of my asshole!
Category: TABOO
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Zelda Morrison – I’m Ready Daddy HD

Daddy, Mommy just left… No Daddy, I want to play now. You can work later… Do you like my new dress Daddy?… See, doesn’t that feel better than work?… Can we do more this time Daddy? Please, you promised. And I’ve been really good… Please Daddy, I’m ready to go all the way….
***Starring Zelda Morrison***

Little Zelda Morrison comes wearing a cute dress to see Daddy after Mom leaves. he resists at first but she convinced him spend time with here. Scenes goes onto blowjob, cowgirl, doggie, and back to cowgirl before a creampie finish all shot from POV. Lots of dirty talking during the scene entire scene! All sex is roleplay.

Category: TABOO
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Cristi Ann in I Want to be a Good Girl Daddy HD

Scene One: Past curfew

Cristi breaths a sigh of relief as she quietly closes the door behind her. It’s 6 in the morning and she’s been out all night. Little does she know that her dad has been waiting up for her all night. Dad I just wanted to have fun. Everyone was at that party She tries to explain. He drags her to the living room for her punishment while she whines. Dad please. He begins by spanking her plump ass, but if she’s going to act like a slut he’s going to treat her like a slut.

He slides his finger inside her and Cristi screams I’m sorry daddy, please! Stop dad. Pulling off her hot pink shorts he makes her spread her legs and rub herself while sucking on her fingers. Cristi is humiliated and embarrassed by her punishment, having to masturbate in front of her dad. I promise I’ll never do it again she moans.

Scene Two:Kicked out of school

Dad I need you to sign something Cristi says. Basically I’m suspended from school She tries to explain that her dress code violation really wasn’t a big deal. He yells that she’s dressed like a slut and tells her to take off her inappropriate clothes. I would really like my daughter to not get suspended from school He tells her as she strips naked.

I hate to have to do this to you He tells her and takes her hand, making Cristi stroke him. Her eyes are filled with anger as he puts his hand behind her head and drives her mouth down onto his cock. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Do you understand? He asks her, grabbing her large breasts.

Scene Three: Punished for stealing

Cristi is bored being home all day after getting suspended from school. Just when she would have died from boredom she finds her daddy’s wallet on the couch. He wouldn’t mind if she went shopping she thinks. He walks into the room to find her going through his wallet and becomes infuriated. He makes her take off her clothes to check to see if she’s stolen anything else from him. Come on daddy, you don’t even give me an allowance She pleads with him, taking off her clothes.

He’s going to teach her exactly what it’s like in prison for hot girls who steal. Dad I’m too cute to go to prison She tells him before he pushes her to the couch and thrusts his cock inside her. Her face is pain and anguish while her dad shows her exactly what prison would be like for her. I don’t want to get fucked in prison daddy She cries. He fucks her around the room until he cums deep inside her tight pussy. Then you clean the cock like a good girl He explains making her suck him. Cristi is left to get dressed and think about why it’s wrong to steal.

Scene Four: Anal Virgin

I don’t understand why you’re dressed like prostitute. Cristi’s father tells her. She was just about to go to a rave when her dad stopped her. She explains that everyone dresses like this at raves. He’s so mad that he raised a little prostitute that he decides to show her how prostitutes get treated in the world. He bends over his little girl and fingers her tight ass. Cristi pleads with him I’m sorry, I wont go dad.

He takes out his cock and thrusts it down her throat. She’s in so much trouble that she does as her dad says, sucking him like a prostitute. Get on your back He demands. I just wanted to go to a party dad. I promise I wont be a prostitute Cristi says desperately. He licks his daughters pussy, brutally fingering her ass. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, the fucking begins. Oh daddy stop She moans in pleasure and pain. He fucks her pussy and moves on to fucking her ass. What started out as punishment turns into something else. Daddy, I like being your prostitute Cristi moans. Please let me suck my ass off your cock

Cristi is on her knees her face pushed into the couch, her dad continuing her punishment for being a slut, his cock driving hard into her. Fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. Taking her anal virginity and making her moan for more from her daddy. I like being your little prostitute She tells him. She closes her eyes tight from the pain and pleasure of the anal fucking.

Yes please, let me suck it again Cristi moans and sucks his hard cock clean and making feel like a whore. Cristi gets on top of him and bounces on the cock in her ass as she rubs her pussy. I love tasting my ass on your cock daddy. It reminds me of what a little slut I am. I’m your little slut Cristi moans. Please cum all over my face and make me lick it off She begs him. He cums all over her face and mouth letting her swallow and suck his cum off his hard dick. The perfect daughter.
Category: TABOO
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