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Claire Hearts – Bedtime Visit Daddy!

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Claire Heart Gets a Bedtime “GoodNight” Kiss like NONE she has EVER gotten from Daddy

Most often Claire’s Daddy will come into her room and kiss her goodnight, tuck her into bed, however, since Claire’s mom ran off with her high school boyfriend and left Claire and her Daddy to fend for themselves, Daddy has been feeling very lonely and has been unable to fend off his devious, taboo thoughts and desires to take his young clarie the way he use to take her Mother…… As he enters young Claire’s room, she is working on her crafts for her school project…..Daddy sits beside her and tells her he loves her….as Claires asks what’s wrong, Daddy saddens even deeper until Claire insists he tells her what is wrong….. Daddy explains he is just LONEly since having mommy leave them and that he just needs a woman to help him get over the loss of Claire’s mom in such a MEAN way…. Claire agrees to lay with her daddy although she feels it is a little awkward for such a strange request from her Daddy… As they lay there, Claire begins to notice a bulge in her back and then her daddy begins to grind against her…..she protests, asks him what he is doing and then its ON…Daddy realizes that there is NO TURNING BACK…..what follows will BLOW your mind….and Daddy BLOWS in tiny claire’s mouth too….just like he did with her Mommy : ) DONT miss this HOT TABOO Scene : )

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Please Keep It A Secret Daddy HD

Young Sandra is being watched by her dad while her mom is out of town on a business trip. She comes home one hour past her strict curfew and tries to sneak inside the house as quiet as possible but her dad is waiting for her. She begs him to keep this a secret because she knows in how much trouble she could be in if her mom finds out. Her dad points out to her that not only is she late but she also reeks like alcohol. Sandra comes up with the brilliant idea of seducing him the whole way up the stairs as she gives him upskirt views of her bare ass. She makes her dad walk behind her like a little puppy as she teases him mercilessly with her near bare ass. They go into her dads office and Sandra sucks his dick until he shoots his load deep inside of her mouth and like a good girl that she is she swallows every drop of his cum and then licks his dick clean. Maybe next time Sandra is late she can “Fuck Her Way Out Of Trouble.”

Category: DADDY’S GIRL

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Jeleana Marie – Nobody Rubs Like Daddy, Huh?

Papa, can you help me fall asleep with a back rub? MMMMMM that feels good. PAPAAA…. Dont go so low! HEHE kidding I wont tell mom. OMG! Are you getting an erection? I can feel it. Did you rubbing me make you get that hard-on? I have to help you with it. Pretty please? Dont make your little huggy buggy beg. I promise to be your best girl and swallow anything that comes out :).

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The Tabooddhist: Daddy Hears You Masturbating – Ivy Aura HD

Daddy Hears You Masturbating Ivy Aura and Miles Ivy is getting ready for a nice hot shower when her Daddy comes home early. Shes been teasing him around the house lately, running around in tight panties and skimpy nighties. He took off of work to spend the entire day with her. She is willing to do whatever he wants. She immediately meets his lip, kissing him deep. She strips down, giving him a little show, rubbing her pussy for him on the bathroom floor.As he prepares, she rubs her clit hard, her eyes drinking in his massive cock. She crawls on the floor and takes him deep into her throat, sliding her soft lips down his shaft. He lifts Ivy up and spins her around so that they can 69 each other in mid-air. She moans with pleasure as his tongue works her pussy, making her cum upside down.Her Daddy sits down and Ivy rides him in reverse, her legs pumping, his thick cock barely fitting her tight, young cunt. Her rubs her clit as she screams for her Daddy, the pleasure overwhelming. Her lays her on the ground and eats her out again, her legs in the air. He picks her up and bends her over the dryer and fucks her hard, her Daddy balls deep inside her. Ivy cums hard for her father, coating his dick with her cum. He lays her down and continues fucking her until he sprays her cute little face with a massive stream of cum. She thanks her Daddy properly, by cleaning off his cock

SCENE INCLUDES: Starts with a loose storyline with cutie Ivy Aura seducing her “daddy”. Then blowjob, titty sucking, standing 69, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggie & standing doggy. daddy-daughter dirty talk throughout! Scene ends with a nice cumshot to the face and blowjob after cumshot

Category: TABOO
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Ivy Snow in My Obsession With Daddy: Lust and family & Coercion passion HD

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Lust and family

Ivy has gained a strange obsession of wanting to fuck her father. Every video she see’s online only makes her want it more. “Can we have some daddy daughter time? We don’t spend enough time together.” Ivy asks her father, pressing her large breasts against him. “I need to go!” he says at the thought of his daughter hitting on him and rushes out of the room.

Later that day he’s taking a shower when Ivy tries to join him. “Put some clothes on!” He yells at her. He hides in the shower until she leaves. But Ivy is going to fuck him no matter what.

He wakes up to his cock being sucked under the covers. At first he thinks it’s his wife, but when he lifts up the covers he finds his daughter bobbing up and down on his cock. His wife is sleeping soundly next to him as Ivy looks at him with her big eyes, her naked body rubbing against him, her mouth sucking him off until he cums as quietly as he can. Ivy leaves with a smile and a mouth full of her dad’s unwilling cum.

Coercing passion

Ivy comes to her father’s work the next day and tells him that she should tell her mother or the police about what happened between them. Shocked he turns to his daughter. “Or you could fuck me again.” she whispers touching his shoulder. He doesn’t have a choice but to do what his daughter says.

She makes him stand up and she takes off his pants. “Do you like that daddy?” She asks, sucking on his cock. He gets hard in her mouth and she knows he likes it. He plays with her huge breasts and licks her sweet pussy before fucking her like she wants to be fucked. She screams through the office not caring if she’s caught. He cums inside her and tells her to get home before her mother notices she’s missing.


Electra94 – Daddy got me pregnant on purpose HD

I had sex with daddy but didn’t know he got me pregnant on purpose!! 40+ weeks pregnant fucking a a dildo naked on the bed.

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Dirty Dolly – Daddy Gets a Blowjob HD

Dirty Dolly from extralunchmoney gives a virtual blowjob to her daddy. lots of daddy talk from her where she plays your daughter. hot video.

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Trillium – Cum for me, daddy!

Wank it, Choke it, Jerk it, Stroke it…!!! We’ll tell you how…

Trillium thanks you for the gym membership that you bought her. The guys at her old gym freaked her out so much. The new gym is much better and her plan is to make her ass fatter and her stomach flatter. You do approve of this plan, but she is already well on her way to a great ass. Trillium asks you why you are even with her mom because she feels that her mom is mean to you. To thank you, her dad, for the gym membership, she wants to give you a little something special. Would you like a private show with your cute daughter when her mom is out of the house? Trillium would be happy to accommodate you. You silently agree and the bulge in your pants definitely gives away your agreement. She lifts up her bra and you get to see her perky, little boobs. Now it is your turn: take your dick out. To help you through your jack off journey, Trillium strips down and shows off her ample bush. Her fat pussy lips and hairy bush are the perfect combination as for as you’re concerned and you rub your hand up and down your hard cock. Trillium promises that she will do anything to make you cum and just knowing that is just about enough to put you over the edge. She begs you to cum on her tits and you coat them with your daddy sperm.

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Dirty Dolly – Bootyshake in Diaper for Daddy HD

A specially made custom video from Dirty Dolly which you will not be able to buy off any of her online stores.

She plays your daughter who is wearing diapers and wants you to stroke your dick while you watch her shake her diapered ass.
Lots and lots of cute dirty daddy daughter talk. she instructs you how to stroke it.
her ass jiggles in the diaper as she strokes it and moans out “daddy”

At the end she gives you a cum countdown from 10 and instructs you to cum all over her diaper.

an amazing video if you are into the whole daddy daughter roleplay thing.

Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, POV, Jerk Off Instruction


Old and Fat Daddy HD Uncensored

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