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Teasing and Edging Daddy for Oral Creampie HD

Daddy, I’ve been thinking. I know it’s our special night tonight and thank you – you’re really sweet to let me pick what we do! Every week we’ve been doing something together, and I feel like it’s really brought us closer… Well, Daddy. I think I’m ready. Do you know what your little girl wants? I want tonight to be the night. Let me show you…

Please, don’t tell Mommy about this. I like teasing you, Daddy. Mommy doesn’t take good enough care of you, does she? You want a young, wet tongue running up and down your hard cock. You want my soft hands. You like imagining fucking my young pussy, don’t you? Wearing this sexy outfit… Does your favorite daughter look pretty? I’m ready to taste you, Daddy. I’m ready to suck you and lick you until you explode. Not without a little fun, though! You’re in my hands now.

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Daddy Cums On His Little Girls Face HD

Little Layla’s daddy offers to help her with her home work and discover is baby girls gone and gotten a whole bunch of tattoos. He should be reprimanding his daughter but instead he’s getting turned on. Layla may not do well in school but she can deep throat her fathers cock great. Before long daddy’s fucking his little girls pussy every which way, He teases her tight little asshole with his finger then finally blows a huge load all over his daughters face.

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My New Black Stepdaddy 19 (2015)

Country: USAStudio: Devil’s FilmGenre: Straight, Oral, Big Cocks, Incest, Family Roleplay, Interracial, Older Men, TeensStarring: Jessica Ryan, Violet Monroe, Olivia Wilder, Amy FayeDuration: 2h 31min

Now Who’s Your Daddy? These young white girls can not stop fantasizing about their hot new black step daddies. They want to see how big their cocks are and feel it all up inside their tight cunts. Luckily for them, daddy wants a piece of their white pussy too and is gonna show little miss white thang a thing or two about big black dick !!

Video: 852×480 29.97fps 1399kbpsAudio: AAC 44100Hz 95kbpsSize: 1.55 GB

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Daddy’s Confession 1920×1080 HD

(60fps) Daddy, do you remember what you said to me last night? I didn’t think so.. you were pretty out of it. Well, you said… Daddy, you said… you want me to have a baby! But Daddy, I think we both know you don’t want me to have a baby with just anyone. The guys I’ve dated are clearly not up to your standards. So… I don’t know if you really want to do this, but I definitely do! You’re the one who confessed, after all.

Daddy, I know it’s such a wrong thing to do. It would be awful if someone found out! But, I mean, do they have to know? Please Daddy, this is what I’ve always wanted. You and I used to play house all the time when I was younger, and you were Daddy and I was Mommy… Let me show you. I want to play real House, Daddy! I want you to give me a baby. Won’t you make your little girl pregnant? Fill my womb? Watch my breasts and belly begin to swell? Make me pregnant!

* Heavily Impregnation Fantasy *

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Dreaming of Daddy HD 720p

Dear Diary,

Lately I’ve been having these really weird dreams about my Dad. I don’t know what going on with me or if these fantasies are even normal but I really seem to enjoy them. Like last night while I was sleeping I had a dream my Dad gave me the opportunity to act on my desires! He called me into his office and it was like he already knew what I had been dreaming about! He asked me to fuck him, it felt so real! Almost like I was actually having sex! We fucked all over his office and then later that day he called me into his bedroom where we continued to fuck! In my dream Daddy even came inside me, it was so warm and I could feel it leaking out I got so excited I woke myself up and then something weird happened. I was laying there naked with cum leaking out of me and my Uncle J was walking away laughing. Maybe that was just a weird dream too? Maybe I was fantasizing about fucking Uncle J too, but then this creampie felt so real. Well back to bed. Night Diary!

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Daddy’s Girls 2 (2015)

Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly, Capri Cavanni, Odile, Kassondra Raine

After surviving Samantha’s attack, Quincy returns from her six-month stay at a mental health facility, desperate to show everyone, especially her father, that she’s changed, that she no longer wants to have sex with older men, and, that she no longer wants to have sex with him. But when Quincy comes home, she finds a whole new family dynamic at play that immediately begins to wither her resolve. Her mother is out of the picture and her father, Bob, is marrying his old flame and ex-prostitute, Marla, who Quincy can’t stand. And not only because her father left her mother for her, but because she makes Quincy’s jealous for being able to have sex with her father when she can’t. Quincy, however tempted, is determined to stay the good course and so she puts up with her father and his bride-to-be kissing and playing cute in front of him. To further prove that she’s better than she once was, Quincy even begins dating a boy her own age. She’s even willing to put with a course of aversion therapy with Tom, a demented psychiatrist who seeks to ‘cure’ Quincy of her sexual addiction to father figures by having her describe her past experiences in fine detail, her to re-live the sins of her past for his masturbatory pleasure. And with the advances of her father’s boss, a man determined to not let Quincy forget the sins of her past, by ultimatum if need be. Can Quincy truly become a better person? Can anyone or do we stay as bad as we are, no matter what we try to do to be good?

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My Brother Ate Daddys Creampie Just Like He Wanted HD 720p

Dear Diary,

As you know, Daddys been staying at the house while mommie has been on vacation. The other day after my brother blackmailed me for fucking Daddy he confessed it turned him on so much he wanted to watch the next time and clean up after Daddy. With his threats I had no choice but to set it up. With my brother hiding behind the curtains I laid on the bed and waited for Daddy to come in. We started messing around on the bed while my brother peeked from behind the curtains. Daddy fucked me all over the bed while he watched and I think he almost lost it when I asked Daddy to cum inside me. Daddy couldn’t resist my invitation and came deep inside me. As soon as Daddy left to clean up from our little fun session Miles came out from behind the curtain with like the biggest grin ever, but not bigger than my creampie! My brother buried his face in my freshly creampied pussy and licked up every bit. He even sucked out anything that was there! He really seemed to enjoy eating Daddys creampie so maybe I got lucky and tricked him into not blackmailing me anymore…… Then again I did enjoy it too, maybe this whole blackmail thing this family has going on isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Xo Jenni

My Brother Ate Daddys Creampie Just Like He Wanted HD.mp4


Daddy’s Teenage Naughty Girl

Daddy’s teenage girl is home from school. Stressed from university, she begs daddy for his cock while mom is out. I tell my daddy how much I love his cock and how much I love to gag on it while I look into his eyes.

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Sydneys Daddy Desires Take Over Her Body And Daddys Too HD

Dear Diary,
The other night I went to a party and for some reason didn’t get lucky I just got Crunk. By the time I got home I was soo horny I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I stumbled to the couch and my head fell in Daddys lap and suddenly I was out of control. I stripped off his pants and stroked his cock before sliding it into my wet pussy. I rode it to several orgasms when suddenly daddy came inside me too. Apparently his meds don’t stop that when hes sleepy.

Dear Diary,
My urges have gotten even worse I’m afraid. The other day I was alone with Daddy so I mixed him up a special drink. After I brought it to him it didn’t take long to take him out. I ripped off his pants again and rubbed his cock on my tits before fucking him hard. I’m starting to think he was not completely gone though because he creampied me again. I hope I don’t get pregnant.

Dear Diary,
I’ve really been enjoying daddys cock alot but I’ve been doing all the work. Today I decided to try titnotizing him and it worked really well. I got daddy to fuck me this time and he rocked my world soo good. He even fucked me doggy style and came deep inside me again so it looks like I might get pregnant after all

Sydneys Daddy Desires Take Over Her Body And Daddys Too HD.mp4


Taking Daddy’s Cum… and His Wallet HD 1080p

Uugh! Daddy, that woman you married is being such a bitch! She took my credit card and won’t give me any money to buy new shoes! She seriously thinks I should go out wearing these ugly things! … I’m sorry, I hate to be the one to say it, but she’s really too controlling. Especially of you, Daddy. She has you under her feet. Do you even have balls anymore?

I want you to prove to me that you have balls, Daddy. Show them to me. Really! Take ’em out. I’m in control now. …There’s something I can do to get new shoes, Daddy, and I’m not going to let anyone stop me. I’m your little Princess, aren’t I? Princesses deserve new shoes, and I’ve been such a good girl. My pretty, delicate hands are tightly wrapped around your stiff cock, Daddy.

You’re being offered something that Mommy hasn’t done to you in so long. I bet she wouldn’t even do this for you if you asked. I’m better at it anyway. You need a cute, young girl’s hands on you. Don’t confuse this with anything, Daddy. I just want my money, and you’re going to give it to me. When I’m done, you’re going to pull your wallet out and hand me your credit card. Then you and I will both be happy!

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