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The Best Day With Daddy HD

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Taboo Family Foursome – Mother, Daughters and Daddy 3 Videos!

Family Foursome Part 1 – Spying Daughters HD

Alyssa and I sneek into our parents closet to mess with our dad but never expected to see this…
Our mom was getting ready for work, and Alyssa and I were bored. We came into our dad’s room and snuck into the closet to scare him while he was taking a nap. He was harassing us about watching scary movies so we thought wed try to freak him out. As soon as we got into the closet, mom walked in and woke our dad up. He told her how much he liked her in her stewardess outfit in more ways than one. Alyssa and I were trying so bad to not snicker as she took dads blanket off and OMG he had a big cock! Mom started playing with his cock and it grew even bigger. We watched as she started sucking on it and took turns peeking out to see her trying to deep throat and gagging on his dick.

Then mom said she still had time for dad to fuck her so he told her to bend over and got behind her. We watched as dad pealed down her panties and licked her pussy while her airline outfit was still on. When her pussy was finally wet enough he slide his cock in and banged his hips against moms tan bubble ass. Our parents had their backs to us so we both started sticking our heads out trying to watch but couldnt see much more than daddys butt going back and forth. As he fucked her we got more and more excited about seeing this, so when dad flipped her over we got really bold.

We decided that since dad was going to be able to see us anyways in the doorway, we may as well let him know that we’re looking. Dad fucked mom missionary for a little while bit until he couldn’t take it anymore and told her to get down on her knees so he could cum in her mouth. He said he wanted her to still be able to taste him at 30,000 feet ewww. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth stuffing his dick as deep as he could until he came all over her tongue. She swallowed, stood up and told dad she loved him before leaving to go fix her makeup. We didn’t know if daddy actually saw us until she left and he told us to come out. He was exhausted but we knew he could still see that glimmer of curiosity in our eyes as we left the room giggling.

To be continued.
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Family Foursome Pt 2 – Punished by Daddy – HD

Hope and I got caught watching mom and dad fuck. Now we have to deal with daddy…
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We didn’t know if daddy actually saw us until she left and he told us to come out. He was exhausted but we knew he could still see that glimmer of curiosity in our eyes as we left the room giggling.

Hope and I giggled all the way back to our room yesterday and continued to talk about what wed seen this morning. That is until daddy walked in and tried to scold us for watching mom and him fuck. We just kept smiling as he told us how we shouldnt have been in there and how upset mom would be if she knew. The more he talks the more we giggle and pull at his underwear. Hope asks if were going to be punished. With your cock like you punish mom I chimed in. Daddy said that wasnt right so we told him it wasnt right for him to not share his big dick with us. We pulled his boxers off and took turns sucking his cock. Hope could take a lot in her mouth but daddys dick was almost too big for my mouth lol.

Sissy and I take turns blowing daddy and then I take him in my tight little pussy while I bury my face in my sisters snatch. Of course my sister has to have everything I do so she tells daddy to lie down so she can fuck him also. We switch back and forth until Hope decides she wants to play contortionist and watch daddy fuck her from behind and face up. Daddy pounds my pussy again and it feels so good with his 9 inch cock inside me. When our dad is ready to cum he shares it with both of us. Hope and I giggle thinking weve gotten away with it but before daddy leaves he smiles and says, By the way, your mother knows you were watching us.

To be concluded…
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Family Foursome Conclusion – Daddy Fucks Mom and Daughters

After daddy was done fucking Hope and I, we giggle thinking weve gotten away with something but before daddy leaves he smiles and says, By the way, your mother knows you were watching us.
When Alyssa and Hopes mother called them into their parents bedroom they thought for sure she was going to be upset. But when their mom found out how he punished them, she decides daddy needs to fuck all three of them. Daaaadddyyy the girls call together. Their dad walks in and the girls ask him to lie down. Mommy knows what you did with us Hope says smiling. Care to explain yourself? Alyssa pops off.

Before he can say anything their mom jokes hes in trouble while pulling down his pants. Alyssa, Hope and their mom take turns sucking daddys cock, each trying to see who can take it deeper. It becomes a family foursome when daddy starts fucking mommy while she eats Alyssas pussy while Alyssa buries her face in Hopes sweet hole. The girls then take turns while daddy fucks each of them frontwards and backwards before blowing his wad over all their boobs.

He falls back exhausted and the girls smile in satisfaction at what theyve done to him. Looks like were more than daddy can handle Hope giggles. Like mother, like daughters
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Do Me Like Daddy (2016)

Sister, Daughter, Lesbian, Cunnilingus, Anal, Threesome, Bisexual, Female Domination, Interracial, Ebony, Big Tits, Big Ass, Mother, MILF, Cheating, Wife

Starring: Maxine X, Zoey Carter, Hope Harper, Raelynn Taylor
A young girl explores her daddy fantasies… with the women in her life! A sister, a close friend, and the maid all do Hope just like daddy!


Daddy Knows Best (2015)

Daddy always has my best interests at heart, especially when it comes to my sex life. He insists we keep it in the family because he knows its safer and that he can satisfy me the best. My daddy is the best and he always makes me cum, I am a lucky gal!!

Starring: Mia Monroe, Christina Skye, Hope Harper, Alyssa Hart, Flynt Dominick.
Rated: XXX

Daddy Knows Best

Daughter, Teen, Roleplay, Threesome, Lesbian, Bisexual, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Caught In The Act, Big Ass, Facial

Daddy had to go out of town on a business trip and told me no friends and no fun. Of course daddy, I always do as I’m told…
He was almost out the door for his business trip when he stopped and did what EVERY daddy does; no partying, no boys… that stuff. Then he said NO Hope, while she was right there! I argued but daddy said that he knows best. Of course I had Hope over and we were hanging out at the pool. I’ve never been with a girl before but she’s so hot, how could I say no when she pulled my tits out and started sucking on them. I was so excited to have the house to myself that when daddy said 3 days I thought 3 weeks. He walked into the middle of us making out and OMG did he get mad! He grabbed my hair and demanded to know if I had any boys over. I said I was sorry but that wasn’t enough for him. He pulled out his HUGE cock and shoved it right down my throat. Hope freaked out at first but she got into it by pushing my head down on his dick, making me deepthroat him like a good girl. Daddy must have really liked that because he told me to pull my bottoms off and just start fucking him right there in the pool! I didn’t want the neighbors hearing how good I was getting fucked so I asked if we could all go in.

I told daddy how much more comfy the bed was as I rode his cock and watched Hope play with herself next to us. I could tell that he was still mad though when he flipped me down onto my tummy grabbed my hair and fucked me so deep that I swear I could feel it in my throat where he had his hands. I felt so good disobeying him, he was making everything hurt so good. I wanted to make sure Hope was having a good time too, so I grabbed the vibrator and put on her clit, I wanted her to cum while she was watching me. Then she said that she needs to get me in trouble more often as she’s watching me take every inch of my punishment. I screamed “FUCK ME DADDY!!!” as he gave me his all, while Hope played with me. I knew he was going to cum soon and I wanted to see how good I made my daddy feel. I stroked him off until he grabbed his cock and shot his load all over my face. He asked me if I would do as I’m told, but after that, I said never.
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The 2nd Part of DVD is HERE!


Playing With The Daddy’s Cock Ends Bad HD

Daughter, Teen, Passed Out, Anal, Cum on Pussy, Roleplay, Male Domination, Russian


Daddys Little Girl (2016)

Daddy’s Little Girl has grown up so fast and he cannot help himself with wanting to fuck her tight little body. Daddy has every intention of banging his little girl, and she has no problem with that!

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Sara Luvv
Daddy’s girl wants to prove her massage skills and notices he has a boner cus it felt so good, starts with blowjob as long as he doesn’t tell , lots of spitting till she takes out her hairy pussy and sits on it cowgirl, pussy farts and all. he jams it all ways till he cums on her face.

Jojo Kiss
Jojo is trying to train with someone her dad hired, till she gets bored and wants something more to burn calories. like a blowjob, she takes he hard cock deep , he licks her pussy and calls him daddy cus shes a little whore. He gags her then lays his stiff cock in her little pussy as she moans and begs for daddy to fuck her and stretch her out. watching the cream fall out of her pussy as he fucks her.

Elsa Jean
Elsa is watching her dads best friend take a shower and masturbating and tells him she knows he wants to fuck her, she sucks his cock and he demands she look at him, he fucks her deep in the shower against a wall, she sits on it and watches her little titties bounce. screaming like a little girl. lots of pussy rubbing and dirty talk till he cums on her little pale face.

Noelle Easton

Noelle wakes up her father with morning wood but needs a ride to work so she wants to help. she dont care if its weird so slobs it so hard and is amazed by how big it is, takes those big titties out and fucks him so fucking hard. She is too hot to describe. This scene needs no words.


Please Daddy (2016)

MP4|852 x 480|1.66 Gb

Country: USA
Director: Mark Blaze
Genre: Incest, Roleplay, Older Family Men, Teens
Starring: Pristine Edge, Iris Rose, Olivia Kasady, Mia Pearl, Claire Heart, Pike Nelson
Duration: 1 hrs. 35 mins.

Description: You know what they say … father knows best!

Iris Rose – Please Daddy

Daughter, Teen, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum on Pussy, Caught In The Act

Mia Pearl – Please Daddy

Daughter, Teen, Chubby, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial, Cum in Mouth

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My Daddy Is Bigger Than Yours (2015)

Genre: Big Cocks, Incest, Family, Roleplay, Older Men, Teens
Cast: Hope Harper, Amy Faye, Alina Long Iris, Rose, Renee Roulette, Zoe Rae
Duration: 1 hrs. 43 mins.

Description: My Daddy’s cock is enormous, I can’t get enough of it and he loves to give to me all day long. We love to have sex constantly and see nothing wrong with it. Nobody cares for me more than my daddy and he shows me just how much with his big fat cock!

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Daddy’s Special Friend – Renee Roulette HD

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I Wrecked Daddy’s Car – Renee Roulette HD

I “borrowed” daddy’s BMW maybe kinda without him knowing and I rear ended someone…. FML
This time I really messed up, I took and wrecked daddy’s car. He wasn’t playing games this time and hes never did this before. I asked him what he was doing as he threw me down on the bed. He tied my wrists down as he told me that he was going to punish me like he punishes my mom. Before I could believe this is actually going to be my punishment daddy had already taken my shorts off and started eating my pussy. I wanted to grab his head to bury his face but my restraints wouldn’t let me, this is a punishment after all. After daddy got my pussy all nice and wet he pulled his massive cock out and started sliding it into me. I told him how lucky mom was as he went deeper and deeper inside my tight hole.

I begged daddy to unstrap me and let me get doggystyle for him; he knew what I was trying to do. He made sure to pound my pussy nice and hard before untying me though. I bent over for him like a good slut and started playing with my clit as he slowly started putting his cock back into me. I wanted to cum all over his dick. He knew exactly how to make me feel good, especially when he laid me down and started licking my pussy again. He was teasing me though; he knew I really wanted his cock inside of me.

I wanted to make my daddy cum hard. I did just wreck his car after all. He got on top of me and really started pounding me. I could barely catch my breath because he just kept making me cum. My pussy was so swollen but not yet satisfied. I could feel daddy getting extra stiff as he was getting ready to cum, and when I didn’t think he could get any harder he pulled his cock out and came all over my tummy and tits. There was so much and it went everywhere. Glad he didn’t cum in me this time. Good job daddy.
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Daughter, Teen, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Small Tits, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Cum on Pussy, Cunnilingus


Please Daddy – Pristine Edge HD

Pristine told her dad she was staying at her girlfriend’s house to study but when he finds out she was going to a festival he tells her NO WAY.
Pristine is excited to go to the festival with her girlfriend. Slutty clothes check, fake id check, lie to dad check she thought to herself while on the phone. The front door opens and her dad walks in. She tells her girlfriend shell call her back and says Hi Daddy as sweet as she can. He looks at her outfit and asks why shes dressed so inappropriately. Pristine tells him shes just going to the library with a friend. He father doesnt buy it and asks where she really going. She sighs and tells him shes going to a weekend festival with her friend. He tells his slut daughter shes not going anywhere dressed like a whore. Please daddy she begs.

She drops to her knees and asks her dad again to let her go. I dont know why you keep asking. You already know the answer. She thinks for a minute and then unzips her dads pants. Youll let me go she tells him. Pristine pulls her fathers huge cock and starts sucking it. Shocked he tries to resist but he cant seem to pull his dick out of his daughters mouth. Pristine deep throats her daddys cock, slobbering all over his balls. She looks up with her bright green eyes and asks Do you want to fuck me daddy?

Pristine pulls down her shorts and bends over to take her daddys dick. He pounds his princess from behind and then pulls her on top of him. Fuck me harder daddy she screams. Pristines papa pounds her pussy and pumps his load all over his daughters pink swollen lips. She smiles and says See daddy I knew youd let me go.
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Daughter, MILF, Small Tits, On The Phone, Cheating, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum on Pussy

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