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Daddy’s Discipline for Bad Daughters HD

SMOKING, USING DRUGS, SEXTING, AND NOT DOING THEIR CHORES, THESE 4 BAD DAUGHTERS GET PUNISHED BY DAD THE OLD FASHIONED WAY — SPANKED, FUCKED, AND JIZZED ON!!! DADDY LOVES HIS DAUGHTERS TOO MUCH TO LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THEIR BAD BEHAVIORS. Compilation includes “Daddy is My Anti-Drug” “Only a Whore for Daddy” “Dad Helps Me Quit Smoking” and “Dyke Daughter Punished With Cock” ***Starring Marina Angel, Molly Jane, Esmi Lee, and Holly Summers***

Daddy is My Anti-Drug

I like to party. Actually I REALLY like to party. But I don’t mess with the hard stuff anymore. Just herb. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’m a big girl now, I’m 19, I can make my own decisions. My Dad thinks differently though. He freaked out the other night when he came home early from work and caught me raiding the fridge because I had the munchies. I told him I wasn’t high, but then he saw my glass pipe sitting on the counter, and I was busted! Dad is so old fashioned, he said he won’t have his daughter smoking that stuff under his roof, and that he had to punish me. My Dad has a strange way of punishing me, but his house his rules, I guess. After my Dad finished pounding my little pussy and came all over my face, I realized maybe he was right after all. But I’m still going to smoke, it’ll just give Dad a reason to punish me again;-) ***Staring Marina Angel***

Daddy’s Discipline for Bad Daughters HD 1.mp4

Only a Whore for Daddy

I don’t know whats gotten into me lately but I’ve started to really like boys. I used to hate them. I thought they were all smelly and dumb. But I’ve started to think some of them are really cute. I even started sending them naked pictures on my cell phone. My Daddy caught me the other day and he was really mad. He said I was too young to be doing things like that. Daddy sat me on his lap and told me sex is only for people you’re in love with. He said that I didn’t know anything about it but he said it was time for me to learn. Daddy told me I still had to be punished so he put me over his knee and spanked me. Then Daddy taught me what oral sex is. Daddy took off my panties and spread my legs, it felt really good to get licked down there! Then Daddy pulled out his big cock and told me to suck it, I got almost all of it my mouth. Daddy said I did so good with oral we could go on to the next lesson. He bent me over and fucked me me from behind, it hurt at first and then it felt Awesome!!! Daddy fucked me all kinds of ways — just like I’ve seen in the magazines Daddy keeps under his bed. Finally Daddy put me on my knees and came on my face. It tasted great — a little salty though. I’m so glad Daddy took the time to teach me about sex. From now on I won’t be flirting with any more boys, I only want to be a whore for my Daddy:-) ***Starring Esmi Lee***

Daddy’s Discipline for Bad Daughters HD 2.mp4

Dad Helps Me Quit Smoking

Hi, its Molly:-) My Dad is such a crazy asshole sometimes..Lol. I’m a big girl and I can make my own decisions!!!! Like the other night my Dad was pounding beers and he kept making me sit on his lap and listen to his dumb stories- just so he could grab my tits btw. So I got up and went to my bathroom to smoke a cigarette and get some peace for a minute. I only get a few drags and my Dad barges in and throws my smoke in the toilet!! He starts yelling at me that this is his house and I’m not allowed to smoke inside. I LIVE HERE TOO!!! And Mom said she didn’t care as long as I opened the window. Anyway, my Dad is so dramatic sometimes! – he bent me over the sink and started spanking me. And if that wasn’t bad enough he made me get on my knees and HE PULLED HIS COCK OUT!!! What a perv… He made me jerk his wiener and kept telling me what a bad daughter I was and even kept slapping me when I talked back. But it gets worse- after I wouldn’t suck it he made me sit on the sink and started grabbing my tits and pussy. AND THEN MY DAD PUT HIS DICK IN ME!! IT HURT!!! He kept telling me it was to teach me a lesson- but I think he’s just looking for any excuse to do me because he’s tired of screwing Mom… My Dad somehow thinks putting his fat dick in me is going to make me not smoke anymore… I just know I have to do what he wants if I don’t want to be punished even worse. Dad kept slamming his dick into me and making me promise to be good. I guess it started to work. My Dad’s dick started to feel REALLY GOOD!! I didn’t want too but I started getting really turned on and I CAME ALL OVER DADDY’S COCK!!! I guess he is kinda good at sex… Then He made me get on my knees and jerk his dick until he came on my big tits. I still think I should be able to smoke because I’m a big girl and I get stressed out sometimes…but I guess I’ll try asking Dad for help next time I want a cigarette….or not Wink

Daddy’s Discipline for Bad Daughters HD 3.mp4

Dyke Daughter Punished With Cock

My Daughter is totally out of control! She doesn’t have a job, she stays out all night getting stoned with loser hipsters, and to top it off — SHE’S A LESBIAN!!! I didn’t raise my daughter to act this way. So when I got home from work and saw that my daughter STILL hadn’t cleaned the kitchen, I decided to try a new kind of discipline with her. I bent my daughter over and spanked her ass red, something I should have been doing all along, then I pulled my cock out and told her to suck it. She’d never even seen a cock up close before! She said I was crazy and asked if I’d started drinking again — I told her that wasn’t important. What was important was that she was going to start following my new rules if she didn’t want to get kicked out of the house. I think I did a pretty thorough job of face fucking my daughter. She almost seemed to like it by the the time I was done. It’s good to know my daughter is back on the right track.

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Getting Daddy’s Attention HD

Just Like I Planned

Dear Diary,

After my oldest sister Camille got kicked out of college and came back home I was enlightened to some of our family secrets. Apparently both my sisters have been doing things with Daddy sexually for quite some time. After reading Hopes Diary I was so turned on I had to try it myself so I devised the perfect plan.
When Daddy and I were home alone I came out of my room wearing some very revealing lingerie and he reprimanded me just like I knew he would. By the time I teased him with the 3rd outfit with no panties underneath Daddy put me over his knee to “punish” me. As soon as his hand hit my bare bottom I could feel his cock growing and my pussy got so wet.

I grabbed Daddys hand between swats and guided it to my pussy. When Daddy felt how wet I was he flipped me on my back and licked my bare pussy til I gushed. I returned the favor sucking his big cock while he spanked me. We got pretty carried away from there and Daddy fucked me all over the couch before exploding inside me…… Damnit I’m not on the pill.
Xo Mandy
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Getting Daddys Attention HD.mp4


Daddy’s Dream HD 1280×720

Daddy’s Dream Story So, I just get home from school, and see my dad passed out on the bed, just seeing him laying there makes my little pussy tingle. I had a dream about my daddy fucking my face, and it got me so hot, I kew that I had to make it happen. I crawled up to him and unzipped his pants, he was drunk so I knew he wouldn’t notice, I pulled his big cock out and slide my tongue across it. It tasted so good, I started to suck his cock, and it made me so happy to hear my daddy moan in his sleep to my cock sucking. He started to wake up, but I didn’t care, I needed to suck his cock, but he just thought it was a dream! So I kept sucking, then took my clothes off, and daddy started to fuck my face, I love the way his cock felt in my mouth as he got closer and closer to cumming, and then boom, he fills my mouth up with his tasty cum. I love my daddy and hope he’ll fuck me next time. Fetish Elements: Taboo, Sleepy, Blow Job, Sneaking, Stripping, Young Girl, Nudity, Daughter, Dad, Pornstars, Family, Role Play If the video is not playing above, you can stream or download the preview HERE. Presented in 1280X720 High Definition MP4 Format
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Daddys Dream HD.wmv


Big Daddy (2015)

Country: USAStudio: Digital SinGenre: Teens (18+), Big Cocks, Older Men, Compilation, TabooStarring: Rilynn Rae, Bailey Blue, Mark Wood, Dillion Harper, Jodi Taylor, Steve Holmes, Jordan Ash, Tommy Gunn, Abby Cross, Evan Stone, Ramon Nomar, Alec Knight, Vanessa Cage, Aidra Fox, Carmen Caliente, Alex Tanner, YhiviDuration: 2h 35min + 2h 30min

Get ready for over 5 hours of hardcore family fun featuring Vanessa Cage, Aidra Fox, Rilynn Rae, Abby Cross, Dillion Harper and more! These cock-craving cuties can?t wait to destroy their pussies with their stepdad’s big dick! Watch the panties drop and the pussies drip, because these ladies found themselves a big daddy.

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Daddy’s Anal Intervention HD

Really Got My Attention

Dear diary,

Daddy has been spending so much time fucking my sisters I’ve had to find other things to occupy my time, like raves. The other night I stumbled in from a party and Daddy was sitting there waiting. He started yelling at me for knocking over and being loud so I clamped my hand over his mouth and started sucking his cock. Daddy was still pretty mad but I think fucking me lightened him up a bit.

I guess we’ll see what happens in the morning.
Daddy walked in the next morning and started yelling again, he even threatened me with Rehab. I convinced him that all I needed was his special attention. He started my first treatment right there with an anal intervention. I love being Daddys anal princess at times like these.
XO Camille
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Daddys Intervention HD.mp4


Cum On My Belly Daddy HD

I Really Need To Moisturize It

Daddy you’ve been so patient during my pregnancy and I know it’s been hard on you lately. I thought I could do something special for us both and make you cum all over my pregnant belly.

You know you cant resist when I suck your cock and with as long as it’s been I can tell you’re ready to explode. There you go Daddy cum all over my belly. Thank You
Category: HANDJOBS
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On My Pregnant Belly Daddy HD.mp4


Daddy’s Trophy Wife HD

Father-Daughter / Mother-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Mind Control, Freezing Females, Robots, Dolls, MILF, Orgy, Blowjobs, Fucking, Lesbian and Facials

Frank is in his office doing work when Lexi barges in again except this time she is informing him that she going out with her boyfriend. Frank upset because he hates the guy, activates the chip in Lexi which freezes her on the spot. Frank walks around to his frozen rebellious daughter and helps himself to a blowjob. While Lexi blows Frank, a phone call rings and Frank answers. Rachel, his wife, is on her way home and Frank freezes Lexi so he can get ready for her arrival. When Rachel arrives, Frank is in the kitchen sitting on a drink and has one for Rachel. Rachel rushes upstairs to get Frank after downing her drink since she is in a hurry to take Lexi to the mall. Rachel finds her on her knees frozen. Rachel calls for Frank and is worried that Lexi is on drugs. When Frank arrives he sprays her with a freeze spray that will temporarily freeze her from the feet up. After she is frozen stiff, Frank plants a chip in Rachel’s neck which turns her into his Trophy Wife. He orders her to get in blowjob position. Frank enjoys himself with his chipped wife giving him a blowjob. Frank freezes Rachel then orders her on all fours. He gets behind her and mounts her. Another call rings, and Frank answers. It is a prospective business partner who want to stop by to see the goods. Jack is a venture capitalist with $5 million to invest. After Frank is done playing around and take Lexi and Rachel downstairs to prepare them for the demo. That night a naughty cat burglar named Dallas breaks into the house and wonders around to finds the frozen figures of Lexi and Rachel in the living room.

Dallas is shocked and poses and feels them until Frank sneaks from behind and put her through the process. After Frank adds Dallas to his collection with his trusty chip, he helps himself to a blowjob and mounts her from behind afterwards. He then prepares for the arrival of Jack. Jack finally arrives and meets Frank in his office. They make their way downstairs to the new products. Frank shows him the newly transformed Rachel, Lexi, and Dallas as they stand frozen on display in the living room. Jack inspects each of them and is shocked that two of them are Frank’s wife and daughter. To impress Jack, Frank activates Dallas and orders her to go in blowjob mode. She gets on her knees and satisfies Jack. Frank then orders Dallas to freeze and orders all the girls to the bed so Jack can make a thorough inspection. He inspects all their mouths with his member and decides to start with Lexi. Jack as he mounts her orders her to enjoy sex and Lexi starts to scream. He enjoys himself then freezes Lexi. Jack orders Rachel to go down on Dallas while he enjoys himself with Lexi. Jack stop Lexi and orders Dallas and Rachel to go 69. Not wanting to be left out, he gets behind them and starts mount Rachel while on top of Dallas. As Rachel screams, Jack freezes her and orders her to turn and pleasure Lexi. As she does so, he mounts her from behind. He enjoys himself and decides to mount Dallas while ordering everyone to orgasm. As the screams filled the room, Jack lays on his back and let the three robot slaves give him a blowjob. After Jack finishes, Frank orders all the girls to freeze and lay down. Jack gets out of bed to clean himself and get ready for his purchase. Lexi, Dallas, and Rachel lay helplessly on the bed like used sex dolls. When Jack is ready for his purchase he makes his way to Frank’s office and sees Dallas and Rachel posed in front of the desk. Jack decides that he wants Dallas and makes Frank an offer for her. It is a simple solution for Frank and takes care of any uncomfortable questions regarding Dallas’ origins. After Frank tucks away the two substantial checks from Jack he decides to celebrate. He looks down at his wife and daughter posed on their knees in front of his desk. Frank enjoys putting them in blowjob mode and finishing of both of their faces. He finishes with ordering them to resume normal life mode, knowing full well that they are just a button push away from an obedient sex robot.

Daddy’s Trophy Wife HD.mp4


Norah Nova – I can show you, daddy HD

Norah is planning on going out with her boyfriend Michael. Her dad is not very happy about this. He doesnt like Michael, because he knows what its like to be a boy his age and he doesnt like his daughter spending time with miscreants like that. But Norah is some what of an excellent negotiator. She proposes a deal. If she shows her daddy what shes going to do with Michael, he will let her go out with him. At first hes not sure what shes talking about. She tells him to get on the bed and climbs on top of him. She lifts up her skirt to reveal sexy lacy lingerie. His baby girl is so sexy. After taking off her clothes she starts to kiss down his chest until she gets to his dick. She sucks his dick with her stockings and shoes and panties still on.Then he flips her over and lifts her legs up above her head while he sucks on her clit and flicks it around with his tongue. She moans, throwing her head back in pleasure and grinding her pussy against his mouth. He grabs her and holds her so he can fuck her while he stands with her legs wrapped around his waist. Then he fucks her from behind until she climbs on top of him to bounce on his dick. They continue to fuck in several different positions until he cums in her mouth.

I can show you, daddy HD.wmv


Its A Daddy Thing 6 (2015)

Country: USADirector: Pat MyneStudio: Elegant AngelGenre: Anal, Oral, Incest, Family Roleplay, Older Men, TeensStarring: Abella Danger, Jillian Janson, Miranda Miller, YhiviDuration: 1h 57min

Elegant Angel presents “IT’S A DADDY THING 6 ANAL EDITION” almost 3 hours of teen & step daddy anal fun. Filthy young flirtatious teens seducing older men aka their Daddys! This movie is a sexually sophisticated depiction of fantasy role-playing at its best. Starring big booty superstar Abella Danger taking it in her tight teen asshole! For the true Taboo & Anal fans out there! Featuring Abella Danger, Jillian Janson, Miranda Miller, Yhivi. Enjoy!

Video: 852×480 23.98fps 1433kbpsAudio: AAC 48000Hz 44kbpsSize: 1.12 GB

Its.A.Daddy.Thing.6 Abella Danger.mp4

Its.A.Daddy.Thing.6 Jillian Janson.mp4

Its.A.Daddy.Thing.6 Miranda Miller.mp4

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Loren Minardi (Daddy’s Birthday Present Hot Babe’s Fuckholes Stuffed By Two Studs)

1.34 GiB | 40:50 min | 960×540 | mp4

DDF Network says Happy Birthday to Mugur. He and his brother Thomas Stone are having a good time when their generous daddy shows up with a call girl. This is the birthday cake of his dreams, Mugur thinks to himself and can’t wait to get his hands on that tasty present. Daddy warms up her clit with his cigar before taking off to work. Mugur crams his face with that young shaved pussy while the hot babe from Hungary gives Thomas a blowjob. Loren Minardi is a college girl of experience and loves sucking dicks. She grabs one rod after the other, licking their helmets and balls. The threesome heats up when they shift to the bedroom where Thomas enjoys a cowgirl ride while Mugur gives her some titty play. Then he bangs her tight butthole and creates an anal gape as wide as his cock. The two brothers shift her over and fuck her doggy style before stuffing her fuckholes for some double penetration celebration! The tight quim gets juicy while her asshole stretches for the thick cocks. Loren enjoys being the birthday cake, having that massive prick inside her peach pie. Finally, they blow their cum in her mouth and she enjoys a spurt of jizz, licking that dripping white sperm from her chin.


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