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Charlotte Cross – Hi daddy! HD

Hi daddy! Im leaving you this video message because im fed up! Im tired of being your second favorite. Why dont you love me more than mommy? Am I not good enough for you? Look at how fat and wet my pussy is. Its all for you! Why dont you finally just admit how much you want to be inside of me? I want it just as much as you do, maybe even more. When you get this message, come find me in the bathroom. Ill be waiting for you :).

Daddy’s Videomail HD

Calling Blind HD

The Bathroom Floor HD

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Cum for Me Daddy 3 (2016)

Starring: Daisy Haze, Zoey Carter, Olivia Kasady, Krystal Orchid, Anastasia Rose, Dolly Little, Jayden Riley

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With a daughter like this, every day is Father’s Day!
Krystal Orchid: Daddy, I need a favor…well, sort of, it’s beneficial to both of us. All you have to do is let me suck your cock until you cum for me. See, you like that idea too, don’t you? My tongue on your shaft really makes you hard quickly. Oh my, that’s so much pre-cum, you really are enjoying your daughter’s mouth on you cock, aren’t you? Oh Daddy, please cum for me. Thank you Daddy, you’re the greatest!
Dolly Little: Aww Daddy, I’m sorry Mommie is working late again, but I’m gonna cheer you up. There’s something I can do for you like Mommie would. That’s right, I’m gonna please you better than Mommie does. See that big cock of yours is already throbbing in anticipation. You like it when my lips stretch tight on your shaft, don’t you? I can tell you really like your daughter sucking your cock nice and slow. Oh Daddy, I can feel you getting even harder, are you about to cum? See Daddy, I told you I was better than Mommie. I’ve never seen her make you cum that much, I hope Mommie is late every night now!
Zoey Carter: Daddy, I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day. I really need to spend some quality time with you. Here, let’s get these pants out of the way so you can relax. Your cock gets so big when I kiss it, Daddy, I can barely fit it in my mouth. You fill my mouth as I suck as deep as I can. Faster and faster my lips stroke your shaft bringing you closer to cumming. There, that’s it Daddy, cum for me right in my mouth. Thank you, Daddy!
Anastasia Rose: Daddy, I’m so glad you’re waiting for me. There’s something I want that only you can give. That’s right Daddy, it comes from that big cock of yours. I want your cum so bad, Daddy, I won’t take no for an answer. You can’t resist when my lips wrap around your cock anyway so don’t even try! Oh Daddy, your cock is so hard and ready to explode – cum or me please! Oh Daddy, that’s exactly what I wanted!


Stepdaddy’s Butthole Buffett 2 (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, Gonzo, Rimming, Older Men, Family Roleplay
Studio: Lethal Hardcore
Starring: Ashlee Mae, Roxy Nicole, Lily Rader, Molly Mae
Duration: 03:08:29

Ashlee Mae got caught in her step dads man cave, so she kissed some ass! Lily Rader can’t format a hard drive, but she can give a rim job like a pro! Molly Mae was famished until she had her step dad fill her up with all you can take sausage and the endless toss my salad bar! Mike caught Roxy Nicole using her mother’s vibrator, so he gave her a spanking and told her she better do some brown nosing if she doesn’t want to get grounded!

Video: 850×480 24fps 1035kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 190kbps
Size: 1.30 GB

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Anastasia Rose: Daddy I Want Your Cock HD

Hi there daddy. I know you just wanna bust your big load all over your pretty little girls face. I know you just love when I play with your cock with my tongue daddy. I can feel you getting all hard and thick daddy…. I know you wanna just cum all over my cute face!

SCENE INCLUDES: Gonzo scene, Anastasia wastes no time sucking the stunt cock, which she calls daddy from an above POV angle the entire time. scene ends with cum on mouth and chin.

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD
Related Categories: TABOO, POV, FACIALS, BLOW JOBS
Keywords: anastasia rose, taboo bj

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Kitty Darlingg: Dirty Talk Daddy HD

Originally a custom video, Kitty kisses and gently plays with her dildo while calling you “daddy” and telling you all the things she loves about your cock. Eventually strips from her long T-shirt and scene ends with her posing. Solo, webcam.

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Brett Rossi (Busty Bimbo Talks Filth For ‘Daddy’)

530mb | 36:56 min | 960×544 | mp4

Licking her juicy lips and rubbing her shaven twat, blonde bikini slut Brett Rossi talks dirty to the camera. ‘I like to choke on your cock. I like to call you Daddy … and be your whore…’ The busty doll continues her nasty monologue, treating director Manuel Ferrara’s gigantic, uncut dick to a sensuous POV blow job. Brett slides her tight, hungry pussy onto (your) huge shaft, rides passionately, and finally jacks creamy cum all over her pretty face.



Fat Daddy HD Uncensored

Fat Daddy HD1.wmv

Fat Daddy HD2.wmv

Fat Daddy HD3.wmv

Fat Daddy HD4.wmv


Penelope Reed – Alone With Daddy HD

Daddy, we can’t. Mom’s right outside… But Daddy… Are you sure she won’t hear us? We should wait until she leaves… You know I always want you but… Yes Daddy, of course I trust you….

***Starring Penelope Reed & a REAL creampie from her Daddy***

Category: TABOO
Keywords: penelope reed, father, dad, daddy, daughter, pov, creampie, love, secret, cheating, brunette

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Dirty Dani Picas – Daddys Anal Pornstar HD

I want to be your dirty 1 2 yo star! Will you let me? It felt so so good again and I love playing at being your little porn star! But you want my asshole? No.. That will hurt! No We settle on a blow job and I start sucking your cock when you decide you cant take it! You must have my little asshole! So you flip me into doggy, slide your cock in my ass, the whole time I am talking dirty, it hurts at first but by the end I am grinding up against you and right before you cum I beg for that cum in my dirty little porn star mouth! Sliding your cock right from my ass into my mouth so I can taste my prize.

In this video Dani begins to model some clothes for “daddy”. “He” convinces her to suck his dick then asks to fuck her ass. After a bit of of reluctant ass fucking with her dildo she takes it ass to mouth then a virtual cumshot.

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Annika Eve – What do you mean im grounded, daddy? HD

Ok daddy im going out ill see you later! What do you mean im grounded? Thats not fair. Please please pleaseeee let me go! Maybe instead of grounding me you can pound me? Like last time when mommy wasnt home and you came inside me. I had fun and I know you did too hehe. Ill let you do it again if i can go hang with my friends :P. You know ill keep my lips sealed and my pussy wide open. Just for you my papa bear <3.

Help Me Fuck You HD

Let Me Get A Piece Of That HD

Ground Or Pound HD

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