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Deepthroat Blowjob for Daddy after Dance HD

Daddy! Daddy! Are you still awake? Good! I’m sorry to bother you so late, but there’s something I need to show you! I learned something new at the dance tonight! Do you remember Jimmy? Well, we were dancing and getting really close, so we decided to go behind the bleachers and get a little closer… and well… he showed me how to do this thing… he called it “deep throat”! It’s when I take your whole cock in my mouth and swallow it into my throat! He really loved it when I did it to him, he said I was a natural! I figured that since you’ve taught me everything I know about blowjobs Daddy, that maybe I could show you this and you would be proud of me! Does that sound good Daddy? Do want to see me deepthroat your cock? Ok!

*In this taboo roleplay video I play your not-so-innocent young daughter who wants to show you my new deepthroat blowjob technique! I get on my knees between your legs and slowly suck the whole length of your cock into my mouth! I gag a little, but I’m new at this, so you can help me practice! I suck your cock sensually until you shoot your huge load into my mouth, which is so big I can barely keep it all in my mouth! This video features gratuitous amounts of the top of my head as seen from above while I suck your cock so you can clearly see how my hair looks, especially how it parts!*

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Cum on Mommy’s Titties While Daddy is in the Shower HD

Hey honey, what’s going on? Do you need something? Your father is in the shower right now…. oh honey! Why are you bringing *that* in here? You know I can’t help you right now… not with your father in the house… it would be too risky! Ummm… well, I would sure hate to leave you like that… I know how much those erections bother you. Well… maybe I can help you but we would have to be quick and quiet and we have to hurry before he gets out of the shower! Hurry honey, come over here and drop your pants. Ok,…. mommy is going to pull her big breasts out so you can look at them while I’m stroking your cock. You know I don’t like doing this stuff when your father is home but today is his day off and we won’t have another chance and mommy just can’t leave you with a raging erection like that. Now you just focus on building up a huge orgasm for mommy and hurry honey! We need to finish quickly… yes baby, that’s it. Mommy is stroking your cock so good and you just need to cum for me… ok? Hurry baby, cum all over mommy’s big titties. That’s right baby, do it! Cum on my titties!

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That Feels Good Daddy HD

As this hot babe, Yesenia Sparkles, is sleeping, her dad walks into her room for a little taste. He takes off her covers, and starts to caress her legs. She wakes up and questions her father. She states that he never touches her there. He starts to fuck her. First missionary, then doggy, as this naughty little slut moans in ecstasy. At the end, she tells him that they have to do it again sometime. What a good daddy’s little girl. Enjoy this POV/ Virtual sex in Full HD.

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POV Daddy I Want You To Fuck Me HD

I look up at you and put your dick in my mouth. I suck it until I get it rock hard. I then look back up at you and tell you “Daddy, I want you to fuck me!” I bend over face down ass up in order to present my soaking wet pussy to you. You slide your rock hard dick inside my tight young pussy. Daddy, your dick feel so freaking good! I beg you to cum inside me. I want Daddy’s cum so so bad. You give me exactly what I want and cum deep inside me, filling your little girl up.

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Zoey Laine – Easing Daddy’s Tension HD

You look so tense daddy! You should do some yoga with me. Here let me show you. Just lay back and let me do all the work. Actually, maybe you can just use a massage instead. Oh my! I can see your big penis bulging out of your shorts. I would like to put my mouth on it, and if I do a good job maybe you can fuck me after my shower later? It will definitely help you feel more relaxed Wink…..

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Tanning With Daddy HD

Let Me Stretch You Out HD

No Towel No Problem HD


Alice March – Dominant Daddy Puts Alice To Bed HD

It’s bedtime for precious brunette Alice March, but when daddy John Strong can’t get her to fall asleep, he wears her out with an intense power-fuck! The spoiled sweetheart gives a ball-lapping blow job and lewdly rims bunghole. Alice clutches her teddy bear while sucking John’s boner pussy-to-mouth, and she smirks when the dominant stud spits in her face. Bratty Alice flaunts her flexible, fit body while getting fucked in multiple positions, and she swallows the older man’s creamy semen.

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Alexa Nova – Daddy Fuck My Ass HD

Mark Wood’s slutty red-headed daughter Alexa Nova was trying to go out of the house dressed in all black AGAIN. He buys her brightly colored outfits, but she rejects them and wants her clothes to match the color of her soul, and to look like a gothic whore just like her mom! Earning a scolding, he demanded she strip and go to her room. The young rebel clearly has to learn a lesson, and needs some of daddy’s discipline in her life. As it turns out, she could also use his big fat dick deep down her throat, and inside her tight little puckerhole too!

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Petite BabyGirl Rides Sex Machine For Daddy HD

Watch me ride this sex machine in different angles and positions :) I start by giving a handjob and then slowly working it in until I’m ready to turn on the machine to pound my pussy hehe I also tell daddy how big he is and end up orgasming while you watch me ;)

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You want to see it, don’t you, daddy? (with Sadie Holmes)

Your daughter Sadie knows that you are upset about something, so she comes to talk to you. It seems that you are upset because you caught her messing around with her brother earlier today. You are a little jealous about this, even though you know it would be inappropriate to do anything with Sadie. Sadie, however, does not feel uncomfortable at all and she reaches over and feels your dick. She wants to know if you are jealous that you do not play games with her like your son does. Go ahead and take your dick out and begin stroking it. Sadie tells you that you can only cum when she is ready for it, but in the meantime, she begins to strip down for you. Her body is very sexy. You have not seen a girl this sexy in many years… well, not in person, that is. She promises that no one will find out about your time with her if you keep her rendezvous with her brother a secret. That seems like a good idea and you agree to keep everything quiet. Sadie briefly recounts her time with her brother and you become more and more aroused. She calls you “daddy” and that catches you a little off-guard, but your dick somehow gets harder. Her small, perky titties are now free of their bra and you keep hoping that Sadie will let you see her pussy. She must be reading your mind because she finally takes off her panties and spreads her legs. Come closer and get a good look at that pussy, daddy. You get a close-up view of her huge labia as she directs you to stroke faster while you think about your son touching her body. This is all so twisted, but you cannot stop now. Sadie asks if you want to cum on her face and she drops to her knees, begging you to coat her face with your daddy jizz. You do so, and she again promises not to tell anyone about your time together.

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Holly Hendrix – Daddy Fuck My Ass HD

Holly walks up to her front door and has to explain to her father that she’s been kicked out of school. They move inside so Holly can explain why she got kicked out. After some phony bullshit chatter, Steve takes out his dick, grabs Holly by the head, and forces her to suck his cock. He fucks her face, and she appears to relish it. She sucks his dick and balls for awhile, very hot, lots of spit and saliva. Steve exposes Holly’s tits, and slaps them, before pulling her shorts down and spanking her ass. Steve sits back on the couch and Holly resumes sucking his cock again. He’s pulling her hair and fucking her face. Next, Holly’s pants are off and she sits back on the couch and spreads her legs. He plays with her spit, then Steve gets on the couch and Holly licks his asshole. They switch positions, with Steve licking and fingering Holly’s asshole. Holly blows Steve again. He uses his belt to spank her. Finally, Steve fucks Holly doggystyle. She plays with her clit as she gets fucked from behind. Brief head, then Holly climbs on top of Steve and fucks him. Steve licks Holly’s pussy and ass, then fucks her in the ass as Holly reclines on her back on the couch. He smacks her pussy while fucking her ass, then goes ass to mouth. Holly climbs on top and puts Steve’s dick in her ass. Holly is upside down with her back on the couch and her ass on the floor, and Steve fucks her ass, then she goes ass to mouth again. She eats his ass again, then sucks his cock again. She climbs on top and fucks him again with her pussy. Finally, Steve gives Holly a nice facial.

Petite goth Holly Hendrix is a music school dropout… Well not really, they kicked her out because she’s a truly awful singer! Her dad was surprised and angry that she was home because he paid so much for her to attend the best music school. Miss Hendrix will be getting lessons in opening her throat.. and her pussy.. and her asshole! She has to work off her debt and hit those high notes somehow. Seems she’ll be busy fucking, sucking and being a well-behaved slut for the rest of the semester! All things considered, this is a good deal when your dad is Steve Holmes.

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