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Mommy Knows Best – Zoey Holloway HD

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REAL Mom Sucks Her Son On Webcam!

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Natalie Wonder – Mommy Will Make It Up To You

I’m begging you, honey….please don’t tell daddy about what happened. I know it was wrong of me to yell at your girlfriend like that. Your father really hates when I mingle in your relationships like that. He would me. Please, please don’t say anything. I’ll admit though, I was jealous of you and her. I’m sorry I did that. Please, I’ll do anything to make it right. Honey, look…I am on my knees begging for your forgiveness. Tell me, anything you want…I’ll do it. What’s that smirk for…? What’s that..? Ohhhh…THAT’S how you want mommy to make it up to you. Mommy’s down on her knees already, right in front of you…Okay honey, I’ll suck your dick. You naughty boy! I should of known. Mmmmm…I see your pants are starting to bulge…your cock is getting hard. Don’t worry. mommy will make it up to you by giving you the best blow job ever. You just relax and watch mommy….this may get a bit messy….

Here is another fun Natalie Wonder scene. Sure, it is just a blowjob scene with her sucking on a dildo instead of an actual cock. Yes, she stays clothed the entire time. And yes, it was filmed in a really low resolution. But it is still a Natalie Wonder mother/son blowjob scene. If you’ve seen and enjoyed her other stuff, you’re sure to like this too.

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Mom’s Big Tits – Lylah Ryder HD

This clip offers a very natural, realistic experience between mom and son.

Mom wanted to get away for a while. She took me on a road trip with her, and each night, we stayed at a cheap hotel until we headed out the next day.

She was relaxing, watching TV, when I noticed her big, beautiful breasts. Well, I’ve noticed them plenty of times before, but this time, she caught me staring at them. “What are you doing?” she lifted my head up. I couldn’t help it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and my eyes were practically mesmerized by the things. I’d never seen bare tits in real life before.

“You know what tits look like, right? Why are you looking at me like that? You’ve seen tits before. You’re old enough…” she lifted my head up again. I hadn’t. Only in magazines, but never in real life. I think it shocked her because she changed her tone.

She said she wanted to help me, as a sort of educational thing, in case I were ever in a situation with a girl. She sat up, “And for one, you’re not supposed to gawk at them…ugh, seriously!”

Mom continued to explain how you’re supposed to touch tits by gently pressing her fingertips against hers. I was rock hard. Then she lifted her shirt, and exposed her big tits to me for the first time. She let me squeeze and hold them, and taught me how to play with them.

“I know you haven’t sucked on Mommy’s tits since you were an infant, but if you want to give it a try…” Holy , was this really happening? Of course I wanted to try. I must have been doing something right because she started getting flustered. She found excuses for me to keep touching her, and I swear I felt like I was going to erupt right then.

She looked at me with seductive eyes, “I want you to fuck me. I mean, who better to teach you than me?” She slid her panties off and laid back. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I put my hard cock inside her, and felt her wet, tight pussy wrap around it. I pounded her as hard as I could, and watched her big tits bounce with each thrust. I had never been so turned on in my life. Even hearing her moan drove me crazy, and soon, I filled her pussy with my cum.

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Category: TABOO
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Veronica Steam – Blackmailing Your Stepmom HD

Story: Thank you so much for helping me! I never could have moved those by myself. Now let’s get back inside where there is air conditioning. It’s way too hot out here. Hmmm the door is locked but that’s ok because you have the keys right? What do you mean “no”?!?!! Looks like we are stuck here until someone finds us.

Fuck! We might as well get comfortable and chat for a while. Did I say that out loud? Don’t tell your Dad I cursed in front of you. He would be pissed. Tell me something so I feel like we are on an even playing field here. Oh come on!!! How bad can it be? ….oh….Well…no I’m not really “upset” just a bit embarrassed. I guess a lot of boys wonder what their stepmom would look like naked… Dammit! It’s just so warm I can’t stand it!

We both start to lose clothing but it starts to go too far. I don’t know if its the heat getting to us or being mostly naked in front of each other but there is some serious sexual tension going on…but I’ll just ignore it. OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Why are you touching yourself?!?! STOP IT! I’m YOUR STEPMOM!! THIS IS WRONG!!!

No no! You can’t tell ANYONE about this! Please! I’m the adult here! I’ll get in so much trouble. What can I do to keep you quiet? …what…you can’t be serious…NO! I can’t! You’re my stepson! I’m not going to suck your cock! No!

Ok ok ok! I’ll do it just please keep this between us please! I get on my knees in front of you and start sucking you better than any girl you’ve ever had. The problem is…I have a serious oral fetish. With drool running everywhere, I know now I have to have you inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me now!

OMG that was the best sex ever! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU VIDEOED IT! How could you?!?! Wait….you videoed it…how? On your cellphone?!?! You mean you could have called someone to get us out of here the whole time!! You little shit! And now you demand I fuck you whenever you want or you’ll show the world how you made me your slut?!?! This can’t be happening!!

This is a long, slow build-up of a scene. The sexy time doesn’t happen until about 20 minutes in. So if you like heavy roleplay in your porn, then this is the clip for you.

It is a nice premise and Veronica does a great job with the acting. The dialog does seem realistic, for better or worse. What I mean by ‘for worse’ is that you only hear her talking and, like a normal person, she doesn’t always repeat what you just said to her. She responds to what you said to her. So sometimes it can take a minute to figure out what you must have said.

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Don’t Disrespect Your Momma HD

This is what happens when you are a lazy punk and you disrespect your momma…He was supposed to do his chores, but instead lays there watching TV..on top of that, he has a mouth…Margie knows how to fix that! First crushing him by sitting on his chest and stomach, his “fight” will be taken out of him fairly quickly…and he will beg and squirm, and try to get out…not a chance! but he still has the gall to talk, so Margie will shut him up good, turning around and sitting right on his face….now he’s REALLY having trouble breathing, exhausted under her weight, he’ll have to endure quite a bit of punishment before she finally gets off…( a great teasing view when she does, as she adjusts her panties )….Needless to say, he will change his tune after this!

Mother/Son Role Play, BBW, Punishment

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Cute footjob from a mom!

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Moms Lick Teens 3 (2016)

Genre: Lesbian, All Girl, MILFs, Teens, Old & Young Females (18+)
Starring: Aerial Cruz, Akira Shell, Alina Long, Amara Romani, Bailey Bae, Dana DeArmond, Diamond Foxxx, Eva Long, Jenna Sativa, Keely Jones, Nina Elle, Skye West
Duration: 3 hrs. 38 mins.

Moms Lick Teens 3 Aerial_Cruz_Akira_Shell.mp4

Moms Lick Teens 3 Bailey_Bae_Alina_Long.mp4

Moms Lick Teens 3 Dana_Dearmond_Jenna_Sativa.mp4

Moms Lick Teens 3 Diamond_Foxx_Keely_Jones.mp4

Moms Lick Teens 3 Nina_Elle_Amara_Romani.mp4

Moms Lick Teens 3 Skye_West_Eva_Long.mp4


Mommy Made a Mess – Amber Bach HD

Your mom is Amber Bach. Your cock pulsates every time you see her in her tight tops. Her gigantic fleshy fun bags make you beat your dick on a daily basis. You pull your cock out in front of her hoping she will take the bait. You get more than you bargained for as she beats your dick mercilessly.

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Mommy is Here for You HD

What is wrong sweetie? You look so sad. Your girlfriend broke up with you? I knew she did not deserve you. Come here sweetie, mommy is here for you. I am always here for you. I am going to make you forget all about your girlfriend. It is just going to be me and you from now on. Pull down your pants sweetie, I have something special for you.

You look into your mom’s room and see her masturbating, you watch for awhile before heading inside. You tell your mom that you’ve broken up with your girlfriend. She tries to console you. She then offers to help you. She starts sucking on your dick and this escalates to full-on fucking. First with you on top and then her on top. Finishing with you cumming in her mouth as she blows you. (1080p, 10min)

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