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Vanessa Vixon in Moms Love Anal HD

Scene One: Spend time with me
Vanessa has taken her son for a business trip but leaves him in their hotel room all day long. When she returns from work she only wants to go down to the bar and drink, telling her son to find something else to do. Vanessa wakes up to find herself tied with her hands above her head.
Vanessa calls out to her son to help her down, not knowing that her son was the one who her and tied her up. He gropes his moms breasts and pulls them out of the top of her dress. With whip in hand he smacks them. “honey stop” she protests. Turning her around he pulls up her dress, removes her skimpy thong and whips her ass with smooth strokes. She yelps in pain asking why her son is doing this to her. He unties her from the door and pulls her to the ground.
She tells him no and shakes her head when the son slides his cock into her mouth. Forced to suck her son’s cock, she lets him have her mouth, only able to wrap her lips around him and hope this is over soon.

Vanessa Vixon in Moms Love Anal 1 HD

Scene Two: Better than watching a movie
He brings his mom to the couch and bends her over the side, hands still tied together. “what are you doing” she moans in desperation. He thrusts himself inside his mom and fucks her. Vanessa talks to him and tries to get him to stop between her unwanted moans. “Stop it, you’re so sick” she tells him.
Flipping his mom on her back, he sticks her legs in the air and continues to fuck her. Vanessa’s face goes into a permanent wince wanting this whole ordeal to be over. “I’m so repulsed” she spits at him. He stops and lets her have some beer, hoping it loosens her up.
Vanessa winces when her son fingers her ass getting her ready for his cock. “No sweety, please” she cries, her son slowly working his cock into her tight ass. She pleads with him, promising him anything he wants just as long as he stops painfully fucking her ass.

Vanessa Vixon in Moms Love Anal 2 HD

Scene Three: Spending time with your ass
He drags his mom into the bedroom and re-ties her hands sucking on her tits. He fucks her ass again, making her ruby red lips part in pleasure and pain. He looks right into her defiant eyes letting his cock humiliate and destroy his mom
Flipping her onto her stomach the son fucks his mom’s ass into the bed and she moans with frustration saying “please, stop”
Scene Four: Spending time with my cum
Vanessa begs him to tell her what he wants and her son replies that he wants her to “swallow all his cum”. A look of horror crosses her face and he fucks her wet pussy. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine that this is all a dream.
Pulling her on top of him, he makes his mom unwillingly bounce on his cock. Dragged to the floor Vanessa opens her mouth for her son, agonizing over the facial she is about to receive. The son forces her to say “I want your cum” over and over and he shoots his hot load all over her face. “Go have fun at the bar now” he says and leaves her covered in cum.

***Video Contains Anal Sex***
Vanessa Vixon in Moms Love Anal 3-4 HD


Zoey – Daddy No peeking HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, POV (point of view), Handjob, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Cock tease, redhead, Family Fantasies

Dad buys 18 yo new bra and panty sets – and gets his cock cranked for a thanks!

My boobs have grown so big, much bigger than my Moms. I know you take mom shopping when she needs new bras and panties and I really appreciate that you took me shopping to. It’s nice of you to take care of me like you do my mom even though I’m only your daughter. If you would like I can show you some of the things your money bought me today but you have to cover your eyes, no peeking. First I will put on the bra and then show you the matching panties. Do you like how they match? Do you like my little thong? I will try on some more for you but you can’t look this time ok! Well, actually…you aren’t my real dad so I guess it’s ok if you look at me while I try on my new bra and panties for you. You don’t buy mom panties that look like this do you? Her ass wouldn’t look as good as mine does in them anyway. Oh wow, are you getting a boner from looking at me? Is that weird? I think it’s weird but I like it. Since mom is away I can help you with that boner. Would you like me to help you? I’ve always wanted to see what your cock looks and feels like. Why don’t you lie on the bed and let me stroke you daddy. Can I pull your dick out of your pants? Oh, your daddy dick is nice and thick. This turns me on that I make you horny for me. I like how long your dick is. It feels really good in my hands. Do you like your daughter helping you get off? You’re such a dirty old man. I like jerking off older men’s dicks. You know what else I like? I like to use my big natural home grown titties to fuck your cock with. Does that feel good to have my soft boobies wrapped around your stiff cock? My tits are real and mom had to go buy hers. You like mine better don’t you? Oh wow you have such an awesome dick daddy! I don’t think mom appreciates your dick as much as I would. I want you to do something that I bet mom doesn’t let you do. I want you to cover me with your cum load. Will you do that for me daddy? Will you cover me in your cum? Please daddy I want it. I want to be the only one who makes your cock feel this good. I will do this for you all the time. Ahh that’s it daddy yes, make a mess all over my big titties! Ooh, didn’t that feel so good? So, um maybe can we go shopping again tomorrow?

Daddy No peeking HD


Mom Uses Son For Her Pleasure

CATEGORY: Mother and Son

This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my Mom’s boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I’m training my boy to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our boy! Filthy dirty fam fantasy!

Mom Uses boy For Her Pleasure HD


Maya – Slut Enjoys Surprise Fucking Revenge HD

Taboo, Roleplay, Brother’s girlfriend, boyfriend’s brother, Teen, Blindfolded, Tied Up, Bound, Bondage

This guy is a dumb pervert if he thinks having his girlfriend blindfolded and letting his older brother fuck her like that is actually a revenge for her being an unfaithful slut. When the blindfold comes off the bitch is shocked only for a moment and then just slaps her dick-of-a-boyfriend and keeps fucking his bro like it’s ok. Her tight pussy doesn’t care which cock delivers pleasure as long as it’s a firm and tireless one. Damn!

Slut Enjoys Surprise Fucking Revenge HD


Aaliyah Taylor in Moms Love Anal HD

Backstory: Aaliyah is a horny housewife who has been getting restless in her marriage. She loves online porn, but has been turning to kinkier, more taboo porn to get herself off…

Part 1: Mom is online one afternoon, and is getting so turned on that she starts touching herself. She decides to go into her son’s room, and use his computer, to see what sort of porn he’s been looking at. She discovers that it’s MILF and Mom-Son MILF porn, and this turns her on even more. As she’s playing with herself in her son’s room, her son comes in and catches her. She is so turned on, that instead of being embarrassed or mad, she calls him to her, and has him get on his knees to eat her pussy while she continues to watch the porn, telling him how hot it is that he’s into Mom porn. Mom cums, and she returns the favor, giving him a nasty, dirty-talk-filled blowjob while he sits there, begging him to cum on Mom’s Mouth.

Aaliyah Taylor in Moms Love Anal HD 1

Part 2: The next morning, Aaliyah’s son waits for his Dad to leave for work. He watches the truck pull out of the driveway, then sneaks down the hallway where his Mom is still sleeping in their bed. He strips down naked, and slips into bed behind her, spooning up next to her. She’s wearing a wife-beater and panties, and as he starts kissing her neck, he slips his hands into her t-shirt. Mom starts to moan, and her son slides his hands into her panties. He gets her off, as she starts jerking his cock. Mom pulls her son’s cock into her pussy from behind, and as he starts to fuck her, the sex starts to get rougher, as Mom demands that he fuck her harder. He rolls her onto her stomach, and is pounding her, as she starts spewing the nastiest Mom-Son talk. She tells him he needs to cum soon so that he can get to school, and he shoots the cum deep into her tight ass.

Aaliyah Taylor in Moms Love Anal HD 2

Part 3: It’s the same afternoon, and Son is watching TV after school. Mom comes into his room and she tells him that Dad came home early, and she needs him now. It is so hot, but so wrong, since no mother and son should be kissing like that! As she starts to suck off her boy, he’s looking around, nervous that Dad might catch his Mom giving him a blowjob. But soon he forgets all that, and starts fingering her pussy and ass. She climbs on top of his cock, rides him, and fucks her from behind. She doesn’t want to leave any evidence, so she has her son give her a juicy anal creampie.

Aaliyah Taylor in Moms Love Anal HD 3

Part 4: Later that night, Mom waits for Dad to fall asleep. She slips out of bed, into her bathroom, and puts on a hot negligee under her bathrobe. Then she goes down the hallway where she sees her son’s light is on. He is studying at his desk, but Mom whispers in his ear that she’s got something to show him. She stands back and drops her robe, whispering, “get over here. Mom needs her son’s hard cock!”. He throws her on the bed, pawing roughly at her, but she loves it. Mommy is lost in how good her son’s body feels against her. As he fucks her missionary, she grabs him by the neck with one hand, looks into his eyes, and says, “Mom needs you to fuck her ass!” He’s never done that before, but the sight of his cock slipping into Mom’s ass is overwhelming. He fucks her ass, slowly at first, and then harder. Finally, she says she needs to taste his cum… and she goes ATM to drink it all up.

Aaliyah Taylor in Moms Love Anal HD 4


[SDDE-352] Every Morning, Mom Continuous Sex With 10 Sons! 毎朝、忙しく家事をしながら10人息子と連続セックスするお母さん ひさ代(47)


[APAA-257]Father And Small daughter. Two Days And One Night 小父様と、お泊りSEXに溺れてます…。1泊2日、旅館でエッチしまくりでした!みやび真央


[PPS-269] Uniforms Edited By Rei Mizuna (My Sister) 妹妹(マイシスター)制服編 みづなれい


[RBD-175] Will You Forgive Me …. Wife Being Raped In Front Of Husband あなたは、…私を許して – ユウナ水元2 – 隣の男ビーイングファック


[JUX-308] Mother-to-son-parent-child Incest 母子兄弟相姦 ~親子の絆を超えた淫らな誓い~ 町村あんな


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Cory Chase – My Mom is my servant HD

Mother / Son incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, blonde, Family fantasies

You don’t want to miss Cory Chase and J Pipes in the hottest taboo action

My Mom is my servant HD 1

My Mom is my servant HD 2

My Mom is my servant HD 3


Son Takes Advantage of His Mommie While She’s Sleeping

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Sleeping, Family Fantasies

Margo’s son decides to take advantage of his mom. He’s such a bad boy. It’s a good thing he has a very naughty mom.

Son Takes Advantage of His Mommie While She’s Sleeping


Daisy Layne – Role playing with my mom HD

Mother / Son incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, JOI (jerk off intructions), Masturbation Encouragement, POV (point of view), Family Fantasies

How are you feeling about your date tonight? Your mother can see how nervous you are about this girl. This is a college girl, so your mom wants to make sure you know exactly what to do. The first thing is that you have to relieve some tension. She has a game in mind to help to put you at ease. Are you ready? She wants to role play with you. She will play the part of your girlfriend and you will play yourself. She steps out of the room briefly and comes back in a special outfit: a short skirt and a t-shirt. Oh, and she is wearing her hair in pigtails. Mom daisy gives you a few pointers for your date and then the role playing begins. Oh, wait…You didn’t rub one out before your date? What?! Oh, this is a mistake. You definitely have to go out with your balls emptied. That must be your priority and mom is ready to help you along. Unzip your pants and start jacking off that dick. Just think of daisy as your girlfriend, not as your mom. She begins to strip for you and you are more than just a little turned on. Your mom is hot!! daisy continues stripping as she encourages you to continue stroking yourself. Finally she is nude and you simply cannot believe how sexy she is. She is tall and lean. You know you cannot last for much longer and the goal is to empty out your balls, right? She flips onto her side and suggest that you take her from behind. That is what does it for you and you heartily cum right onto her sexy ass. You are now ready for your date, thanks to mom daisy Layne!

Role playing with my mom HD


Persia Monir – Mommie’s Blowjob

Mommie’s Blowjob

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