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My Mom Loves Big Black Cock Full Movie HD

Adam and his friend, Scorpio, both find his new mom to be incredibly hot. A European, she is very open about her sexuality and has no problem being nude in front of Adam and his friends. So when she catches Adam jacking off in her closet, watching her masturbate, she tells him that if he likes jerking off to her so much, do it right in front of her – if his little dick can even produce any cum, that is. When Adam actually manages to shoot his load, his mom orders him to eat it off his hand for her amusement while she takes pictures of what he has done. She then tells Adam the reason she took the pictures – she loves big black cock and she wants to fuck his friend Scorpio – and Adam is going to make it happen or she is going to show his father the pictures of him with cum all over his face! Adam explains the situation to Scorpio, who agrees to fuck the mom. But he is quite surprised to walk into the bedroom and find Adam, locked in chastity, sitting next to his mom, But he goes ahead and gives the mom a powerful fucking while Adam can only stare at how a real cock can fuck a woman. When Scorpio cums all over the mom’s chest, she orders Adam to lick it up – right in front of his friend! Grateful for the fucking, the mom gives Scorpio a blowjob – but not before comparing his cock to Adam’s, pointing out that Adam’s is not even as big as her thumb! When Scorpio cums in the mom’s mouth, she dribbles the cum right into Adam’s mouth – how humiliating! The mom continues Adam’s degradation by having him eat her ass. When she catches him on the phone instead of doing his cleaning chores, she puts him over her knee for a spanking, then orders him to prance around in his heels for her amusement, walking like a sissy should. But the mom is far from done as she tells him she loves big black cocks another way – when she is using them on sissy assholes! The mom pounds his ass but good, laughing as he strains to take more manhood from a strap on cock than he could ever possess. Of course, Adam is forced to take the cock straight from ass to mouth, cleaning all his ass juices from her cock as she laughs at how pathetic he truly is. When Adam’s Dad returns home, he is elated to see how well his new wife and son are getting along. If he only knew how well.

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Jessica Rex – Forget Mom For A Moment, Fuck Me! HD 1080p

She blows him, he licks her ass and pussy, they fuck doggy, missionary and reverse-cowgirl, until he cums in her mouth. All while mom is in the kitchen one room over.

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Alura Jenson – Mom’s Fantasy MP4 Optimum

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Alura and her son, Rion, are staying in a hotel room together while Alura visits him at college. The only problem is the room only has one bed. When Rion falls asleep, Alura decides she wants more than just a son’s love for his mother.. but much much more.

Rion can’t get the night he had with his mom off of his mind. He comes home from school to visit her and immediately tries to kiss her. While she tries to push him away, she says the hotel room was a one time thing, but Rion NEEDS his mom. And he’s going to have her.

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Mandy Flores – New Mommy – Taboo Strap-on HD

A woman adopts an orphan boy. She brings him home. Tells him that if he wants to stay he`ll have to strictly follow her rules or he`s going back in an instant. First she forces him to call her Mommy. Then she makes him eat her ass, suckle her breasts and nipples, feed on them like he was her baby. His cock grows in his pants she notices it, and starts berating the dirty boy, for wanting to fuck his new mommy, but since they are a family now, she`ll let him fuck her, but only after receiving punishment. She tells him to start jerking his perverted cock, while mommy is gonna take his virgin ass with a strapon.

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Home Sick with Mom – Bettie Bondage HD

You’re home sick today and your mom tells you she’s willing to do anything to make you feel better…anything, anything at all for her darling son…

You can’t help but let your mind wander – anything? Really?


You work up the courage, spurred on by her low cut tank top, her cleavage on display. She’s nearly falling out of the thing, and she’s not wearing anything but a little lace thong on the bottom. She’s practically begging for it!

You start off asking her for a blowjob, and unsurprisingly, you get a strong reaction. She’s incredulous, asking if you even know what that means. You play up the sick angle, coughing and moaning while she starts to soften. Perfect.

Finally, she concedes, wanting to do anything to make her boy feel right again. You watch as your mother reluctantly but expertly deepthroats your cock, feeling her moan as she takes you down her throat. She’s enjoying it. You can tell.

Time to push further…you have to see how far you can take this…she may swear up and down that you can’t fuck her, but you know that look in her eye. All you have to do is get her to slide down onto your cock and she’ll be lost, abandoning all previously held morals while she rides her son’s dick…she may say you can’t cum in her pussy but you know she wants it…


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Lady Fyre – Mommy Issues: Role-play & Recovery HD

Lately you’ve been having trouble with relationships & decide to go to a therapist, and she explains how your early experiences influenced your sex life. “Your mother liked to walk around in thigh highs with garter straps?” She asks, as she lifts her skirt a little to reveal that she’s wearing just that. “The problems you’re experiencing now are a result of an unrequited sexual experience with your mother. You’re seeking out women like your mother. So I propose a role-play scenario. If you act out having sex with your mother, you can move past it. You DO want to be free of the influence of your mother, don’t you?” She asks. You nod your head. “I’m going to do what your mother would have done if she was a little more free with her sexuality,” she says as she unzips her skirt, shimmies out of it & slowly reveals her perfectly round ass.
“Hi sweetie. This skirt is so uncomfortable. It’s so much more comfortable for me if I just walk around in my lingerie. You don’t mind, do you? You like the way my body looks in this.” You just about pass out when she takes sets her high heel on the desk, stretching out fully her long, slender leg in a cuban foot stocking. “You like the way my butt looks in these panties. You think mommy is pretty, don’t you? I know your young cock is hard for me. I’ve been tormenting you, walking around in my lingerie, and I know that you’ve been wanting to touch me.” She shows off her hot body. “I’m going to give you a reward for resisting temptation all these years.” She pulls your cock out of your pants & starts to suck it. Then she rides it. “Mommy’s pussy feels so good, doesn’t it? So much tension has built up over time, and you’re finally going to let it out. Cum for mommy.”
Now that you’ve come for your mother, you can move on & be with whoever you want. Or maybe you’ll decide you like fucking mommy & you’ll want to do that over & over again.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Seducing Your Mommy HD 1080p

You play a mom who has been getting treated rather poorly by her husband. Over the years, he’s increasingly become more critical of your appearance to the point where you now have very low self-esteem and generally feel extremely unattractive. In fact, your husband has cruelly told you to clean out your closet of clothes that “you’re too old old for now” while he’s away on a business trip. The video starts with you standing in front of your closet sweetly thanking your son for helping you with this project. Your hair is up in a bun, and you’re wearing a pretty simple “housewife-like” top / skirt or dress with bare legs and heels. You turn around to begin rummaging through your closet, and as you bend over at the waist, your don’t realize that your son is getting a fantastic up-skirt view of your spectacular, thick, round, thong covered ass. As you continue to go through your closet, you are completely oblivious to your son ogling your ass and legs. In fact, you think he’s just the sweetest angel for helping mommy with this chore, and you let your vulnerability show by sharing how down you’ve been feeling about yourself lately. Whenever you turn to look at your son, he quickly looks up at your face to hide the fact that he’s been ogling your body.
After a few minutes of this activity, you excitedly discover a tiny bikini and sexy heels that you haven’t seen in years. You nostalgically remember how great you used to look in this outfit. Hesitantly but with a sense of pride, you even share that you wore it the night that you first met his father when you won a bikini dance contest while on spring break. However, then you snap back to the present with your low self-esteem and feelings of being old and unattractive. Your pervy son decides to capitalize on the situation by showering you with compliments that contradict your husband’s point of view. He even tries to convince you that you would still look good in that outfit. With a great deal of hesitance, you even agree to try it on and show him, asking him to wait in another room. This would end the first scene.
When you enter the room, he showers you with even more compliments. You are overwhelmingly flattered and can’t help but strut and pose sexily, admitting that you haven’t felt this confident in years. You’re son even states that you could even easily win a bikini dance contest today. You’re flattered but doubt that as realistic, but your son turns on some music and convinces you to show him your moves. At first hesitantly, you begin to dance and gyrate. Before long, you lose yourself in the music and start clapping and shaking your ass in the direction of your son (the camera). While you’re lost in your dancing with your ass sticking towards the camera, your son has slowly moved behind you. Suddenly, you are startled by the feel of his thick, hard cock against your ass. You know it’s wrong, but your can’t pull away. It’s been so long since you’ve felt so desired. Before you know it, your son has removed your panties , and you are begging him to fuck mommy from behind. After a few minutes of doggy, your son flips you onto your back and demands to fuck mommy’s titties. You squeeze them together for him as he straddles you and pumps his huge cock through your deep cleavage. After a few minutes of this, your son cums on your face, and you smile sexily, thanking him for proving his father so wrong.

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HotWifeRio – Spying on Mom #3 HD

Today I was in my back yard lounging and I started thinking about the last guy I fucked. It instantly made my pussy tingle and I knew what I needed to do next. I was fingering my pussy and thinking of that nice hard dick inside me. I then got up on the chair and fingered my pussy and touched my breasts. I was getting so turned on! I then picked up my dildo and put some lube on it so I could slide it into my pussy.” Hmm, that big hard dick fucking me real good and getting all his cum in there.” That thought put me over the edge and made me cum! Earlier I heard some noise out by the oak trees but it didn’t stop me from masturbating. If anything it turned me on more knowing my son Billy was spying on me again!

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Jessa fucks Daddy to save Mommy – Jessa Rhodes HD

Jessa Rhodes is Back and this one is very TABOO so be warned! Jessa plays a young girl who’s tied up in the basement. she starts whining when she feels someone touching her. when her blindfold is lifted she realizes its her daddy. Daddy makes up a story about how the bad men have mommy and to get her back they want a video of daddy molesting daughter. Jessa goes along, she cries a little at first cause daddy is taking her virginity and it hurts her but soon gets into it and cums on daddy cock. ends with a facial

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Mommy Flashing – Jenna J Ross, Jewels Jade HD

Daughter Jenna J Ross warns her mom Jewels Jade not to come into the bathroom while she’s straightening her hair. But really the teen lubes up an anal plug and masturbates with the pink object poking out of her ass like a plastic flower. She fucks herself in the ass and rubs her clit, but her mom hears her moaning and knocks on the door to check on the commotion. When she lets herself in and doesn’t see a straightener, she starts fishing for the truth.

She notices the butt plug and asks Jenna what it’s for. Jenna comes right out about its utility. Jewels is not impressed and asks the teen if she should be telling her father about this. Jenna challenges her to make her father believe her over his little angel. For the next few days Jenna treats her mother with absolutely no respect, donning the butt plug under her outfits and mommy flashing her plugged up ass in her face, until Jewels doesn’t know what to do with the riotous teen. Jewels is reaching her wit’s end when Jenna really starts messing with the MILF, tempting her to touch her sexy butt plug while they’re lounging on the sofa alone at home. Jewels admits that she grappled with the thought of touching her daughter’s butt plug but it isn’t right because she is her mother. Lesbian Jenna convinces her it’s okay if Daddy doesn’t find out.

Soon Jewels’ resolve melts under the heat of Jenna’s bare ass and pussy. The lesbian MILF bares her huge tits and nipples, aroused even before Jenna gets to sucking them. Jewels splays her legs and Jenna can see that she’s pantiless unless her mini dress. Jenna rubs and licks her mom’s wet pussy till she cums. Then Jenna sits over her face and takes a pussy licking while Jewels massages the butt plug into the teen’s ass at the same time, giving her a powerful orgasm. Jenna climbs between her mom’s muscular legs, shaking her butt plugged ass and tribbing her mom’s toned pussy till they both cum!

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