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PUPPET MOMMY – Repeated Ass to Mouth TABOO Mind Control HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, ASS TO MOUTH, ANAL, POV, MOMMAS BOY, FEMALE TRAINING, Mommy

Having studied methods and subliminal messaging for years, and tired of his sexy mother’s domineering ways, you, over months, slowly implants subconscious suggestion after suggestion into his mother. Finally, you are at the point where with the right command phrase (“puppet mommy”), you can literally tell her what to do, say, feel, or think. If you wants, you can even retain complete control over her body or parts of her body while permitting her to think and speak for herself. You then uses this control to take out his frustrations on his mother after she makes the mistake of shrilly chewing you out really bad one Sunday afternoon for now doing his chores. She begins to berate you, but You stops her in her tracks by speaking “puppet mommy”. She immediately freezes, standing at attention, arms relaxed at her sides, staring blankly off into nothing, awaiting commands from her master’s voice, her son. You commands her to kneel, and suck him, to fuck her face on his cock like a machine. After some of this, you commands her to assume the persona of a mother who believes her only job is to get her son to orgasm in her asshole and will do anything to ensure that happens. So she assumes a cheery, slutty, butt-slut-mommy persona and immediately bends over and begs him to sodomize her. She continues the dirty talk and then you commands her to ride you anal cowgirl, with an A2M relube in between. During some riding the son thinks it will be interesting to retain control over his mother’s body, but to allow his mother’s actual persona to emerge only to give her awareness of the sodomy she is receiving and physically participating in. She speaks her mind as to how he could do this, weeping, sobbing, unable to comprehend how she cannot make her body obey. Apologizing for everything, for her bad behavior She is terrified, helpless, and compelled to continue to ride her ass up and down her son’s cock. Eventually, her pleading becomes tiresome and you turns back on the slutty anal mommy persona, who carries on with the anal, the extreme dirty talk, and eagerness to get her son to come in her ass. You cum in her ass, she gladly cleans you with her mouth. Thanks you for letting her get him off with her butt. You turns back on the real mom persona to let sink in what she has just done. And leaves her in shock at what she has just done…

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Anastasya – Amateur Mom Teaches Son To Make Love HD 1280×720

Anastasya is showing her son how to make love to a woman. Clip starts right into missionary sex, Anastasya takes some pictures and they move on to the second lesson, anal. Clip ends with an anal creampie and we get to watch Anastasya clean up and get dressed.

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Helping Mom Pack HD

Brunettes, Cfnm (clothed Female Nude Male), Milf, Mother, Upskirt

We’re moving! My dad and mom have been letting me live with them while I’m going to college, and the house was getting kind of cramped ever since my new mom moved in with us. It’s an old place, and the place we’re moving too is absolutely incredible! We have about two months before the move, but for some reason my mom is all worried about being ready and has started packing boxes of things that we don’t really use all that much, like books and stuff. I happened to walk in on her the other day, and she was up on a ladder pulling books off the highest shelf. She had her headphones on, so she didn’t hear me come in. She was wearing the shortest little denim skirt I’ve ever seen on a hot MILF with legs as long as hers, so I couldn’t help but perv out a little and catch glimpses of her perfect ass and the bright pink thong she had on. She was bent over, and I got a clear shot all the way up her legs and could even see her round little ass cheeks as she flexed and stretched to reach the highest shelf. I moved as close as I dared, hoping she wouldn’t notice me, and rubbed my cock through my pants as I stared between her legs at the thin strip of fabric that barely covered her pussy lips.

She climbed down from the shelf and I moved back away so that it wasn’t obvious I had been peeping up her skirt, when suddenly she realized I was there. She asked what I was doing, and if I was going to help her pack or not. I couldn’t really concentrate on packing right at that moment, because my cock was straining against my pants and aimed right at my mom. She knew that I was perving on her however, because that’s what I always do, and I think it actually turns my mom on to know that I jack off thinking about her. “All you can think about is that cock of yours, I need you to help me pack!” she said. “What am I going to do with you. Do I need to jack you off so you can get that off of your mind and start helping out around here?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my Mom was offering to jerk me off if I would agree to help her pack! She held out her hand and said “Can you agree to help me pack this if I take care of your cock for you?” she asked. I nodded yes and took her hand in mine, thinking to myself that this hand was going to be around my cock in a minute or two.

I laid down on the couch and let my Mom feel my cock through my pants. She was impressed with the size of it as she rubbed her hand up and down over the front of my shorts. She kept talking dirty to me, and told me that because she’s my mom and didn’t raise me, that she didn’t have any problem doing this for me, and that she knew that I perv on her all the time. “I wonder if your dad suspects anything?” she asked. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. My cock was completely hard as she took it in her hands and spit on it. “You have a bigger cock than your dad does!” she said, as her hand kept up it’s rhythm over my big cock. She told me that her pussy was getting wet, and that she never thought about a young guys cock before, but now that mine was in her hand she wanted more.

She leaned back and placed her sexy feet on the sides of my cock and began to fuck me with the soles. I had never felt anything like that before, it was so hot to see her laying back and letting me look right up her skirt as she gave me a foot job. She did that for a little while, then leaned forward and took my cock in her skilled hands again. She pumped my rod up and down and my balls tightened up. The sound of my slippery cock being fucked by her palms sounded like I was fucking a pussy. I knew that if I gave my mom a good load, the chance to fuck her pussy was a very real possibility. I let myself go in my mom’s hand and pumped out a huge load, that rand down the shaft and over her fingers. I’ll never forget the look on her face, filled with lust as she kept pumping more and more cum out of my balls. When my orgasm finally ended she smiled at me and told me to get cleaned up so we could start packing. I know that the only thing I want to pack is my mom’s tight pussy.

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Lilly – Mom’s Milking HD

Women usually have a sixth sense about stuff especially when it comes to men and Lilly’s intuition about why her son’s best friend spends a lot of time in the bathroom proves right on the money when she finds him catering to his erect cock.

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Alexis Fawx – My Dripping Wet Stepmom

Toni Ribas is worried he’ll fail his exam to become a massage therapist because he doesn’t have enough hands on experience. He asks his stepmom Alexis Fawx if he can practice on her and though she is reluctant at first, she eventually agrees. Once Alexis gets on the massage table and feels Toni’s nubile hands all over her body she is overcome with desire and begs her stepson to fill her mouth and pussy with his hard throbbing cock.

mp4 | 603 MiB | 29mn 13s | 1280×720

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Blackmailed Mom HD

What would you do if you found out your mom has been cheating on your dad? Blackmail her, of course! Faye is 20 years younger than your dad and she’s pretty fit too! You tell Faye you’ll keep her secret safe as long as she lets you have a WANK over her! She’s a little shocked at first but soon comes round when she sees how big your DICK is! She even agrees to finger fuck herself while wearing her rubber gloves to fulfil your horny housewife fetish!

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Wake up, I’m not mom!

Wake up, I`m not Mom.mp4


Charlee Chase – Milked Mom HD

Charlee Chase is curious by nature especially when it comes to rumors that involve penises and cum. This cum craving mature nympho is tired of hearing tales about Billy and his cum abilities and she is very determined to find out if there is any truth to the rumors so when she finds him in her house, the big tittied beauty wastes no time stripping naked and putting her moves on him.

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Homemade Mom-Son in the bathroom

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Balls Deep In Mommy (2015)

Julia Ann, Kianna Dior, Nadia Styles, Ryder Skye, Phoenix Marie, Keiran, Katie Kox, Xander

Happy MILFS Day

Julia Ann heads over to her son’s apartment to confront him about his forgetfulness, but finds his roommate Xander all by himself instead. Xander lets her know that he appreciates her big tits! Julia gives Xander a nice sloppy blowjob, then strips down so she can ride his big cock.

The Number 5 With A Side Of Cock, Pleases

Katie Kox has been having bad luck with the fellas lately. She’s starting to get so sexually frustrated that she’ll fuck just about anybody. Luckily for her, the clerk at her local burger joint has a fat cock and is a huge fan of big titties!

Quality Time

When Danny D moved to the states to live with is father in California, it was on the condition that he spend some time with this stepmother, busty blonde beauty Phoenix Marie. Danny found her in the bath and tried to give her some privacy, but she was more interested in doing a little bonding!

A Mother Knows Best

Nadia Styles is off to help her son Butler get settled in his new university dorm. But when Nadia walks in on Keiran while he’s jerking off, Nadia, considerate slut that she is, feels bad for interrupting Keiran’s fun, so offers to help him finish the job any way that she can.

Unexpected Hot Date

Busty MILF Ryder Skye was trying on some sexy outfits for a hot date when her daughter’s boyfriend walked in! Ryder called him in to help her pick a sexy one, and pretty soon she pulled out her big tits and Michael’s hard dick so she could suck it, fuck it, and wrap it up in her gorgeous boobs until he blew his load between them!

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