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Alexis Fawx – Mom Tells Me I Belong To Her HD

I am on my way out when my mom stops me. she doesn’t want me going ou at all. in fact, she says the only reason boys my age go out at all is for girls, and there is nothing those little girls have compared to her. She stands up and takes off her robe…t

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My mom calls me to her room. She explains that I belong to her, that she will take care of everything that I need. No one loves me like she does or will do the things she will for me. My mom shows me why she is the only woman I need

Category: TABOO
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Alison Tyler – I am all Mom needs HD


I am on my way out, and my mom stops me. She wants me to stay home with her. She explains she knows the only reason buys my age go out is to get girls, she tells me I don’t need to do that, she takes off her robe, “they don’t have what I have” she says…


It’s been over a week since my mom showed me how much better she is than girls my age, but it hasn’t happened since. I can’t stop thinking about it. Tonight, she comes to my room, she knows I have been jerking off over her over and over everyday, it makes her happy. She tells me we can do it one last time


I can’t take no for an answer, I have to have my mom again, nothing compares to what she feels like, the way she does things…

Category: TABOO
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Anna Bell Peaks – Mom Makes Me a Man HD

My Mom and I stop at a hotel on our road trip to my new college. There is only one bed. God! I have had these thoughts about my mom for a while, and, laying in bed next to her? I am trying to make myself fall asleep before she gets out of the shower, but I hear her moan. I know I shouldn’t but I sneak over and watch her. She is making herself cum in the shower, she looks so amazing. My cock gets hard so fast I get light headed.Seh comes in wearing just a towel, and she explains that wants me to have a clear head and also wants to say goodbye in a special way.

Category: TABOO
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Making Mommy Your Cum Slut!

She found your taboo porn stash, your ample collection of sex toys and worst of all… a pair of her panties under your bed. That wasn’t even the first sexy little thong of Mommy’s you’ve wrapped around your cock. This sexual obsession with your mother has grown so consuming, you can hardly imagine cumming for anyone BUT her… Even now as she lectures you, her heaving cleavage pulls your attention away from her words. This is your only chance… to finally have Mommy… to take Mommy.

You brandish a mysterious remote and press the button. There’s a flash of bright light. Mommy… changed. It worked. Her big breasts were practically bursting out of a sexy pink bra, fishnet stockings clinging tight to her thick legs and… no panties? You felt a swell of pressure in your cock… seeing your mother’s bare, smooth pussy for the first time. And that look in her eyes. A deep yearning, a sexual hunger for her son. Mommy finally wanted you… and she wasted no time seducing her boy with dirty words and open legs.

She actually transformed into the sultry cock-loving slut of your fantasies. With an unquenchable thirst for her son’s cum, Mommy would stop at nothing to milk load after load from your eager cock. She licked her lips and begged to nurse on your throbbing penis, to suckle for her son’s sweet seed. This was just the beginning… and you couldn’t wait to find out all how far Mommy would go…

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Romantic Valentine’s Day with Mom HD

A fancy hotel room, sparkling cider & handcrafted chocolates, as well as some new lingerie. Mom has really outdone herself this Valentine’s Day. Each one has been more special than the last, as you grow closer to your mother. “I love that we get to spend all of our holidays together,” she says, and then she gets down to business. “You know what I’ve been looking forward to all day? Putting my lips around your sweet, young cock.” You can feel your cock pulse with enthusiasm as she stares at you. She wraps her lips around you & lovingly sucks. “What do you think the people in the next room would say if they knew I was spending Valentine’s Day with my son?”

She strips out of her lingerie, then mommy bends over to give you a spectacular view of her ass. “Other moms just don’t know what they’re missing out on,” she says as she rides your cock. “They don’t understand the special, intimate relationship you can have with your son.” As the fire burns in the fireplace, adding to the intimacy, she asks you to make love to her missionary style. “I know it’s a traditional position, but this IS a traditional holiday, regardless of how modern a family we are.” She compliments you on learning new techniques to please your “cock-hungry, incestuous” mother.

“Fuck your mom right,” she says, then she cums on your cock. She turns around and offers you her pussy from behind. She thrusts her ass back toward you in d0ggystyle. “Despite what people in society might think, this works out perfectly for us. You’d much rather have your mommy’s pussy than t33nage pussy. I know just how to make you cum.” You pull out & shoot your load all over mother’s ass & pussy, and she loves it. Then she tells you to lie down & gather your strength because she’ll be horny again soon.

Category: TABOO
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Mommy Helps Her Injured Son Masturbate HD

Mommy feels responsible for her son’s fall on the wet floor, so she decides to take care of everything he needs. She makes him some soup, and brings up a bottle of Tylenol, in hopes that he feels better. As she is coming up the stairs, her son is attempting to jerk off to a porn magazine. He struggles to get his pants off, and grunts from the pain of trying to jerk off. He continues to adjust himself, but fails as his wrist leaves him in pain.

Mommy knocks on the door, and quickly walks into the room–catching her son jerking off. She quickly looks away, as she is embarrassed, and apologizes for walking in on him.

“I heard you grunting in pain, and I brought you your soup, and your Tylenol. And I… I just wanted to bring you lunch. I’m really sorry, honey. Were you jerking off? How can you even jerk off? You have a sling over your arm, and your wrists are sprained.”

She continues to apologize, and to remind him that he’s not to strain himself–the doctor told him to just rest. “Honey, Mommy’s here to take care of you… So, if you need a hand, Mommy can help you… Lay back for Mommy.”

She begins to stroke her son, but soon notices his boxers are still on, and removes them. Mommy goes up and down the shaft of her son’s cock, as she apologizes for his wrists and arm. “Poor thing, you couldn’t even stroke yourself. Honey, I know that feels good, doesn’t it? Mommy feels so bad that you couldn’t stroke yourself,”

“Do you like it when Mommy goes up and down the shaft like that?.. I just want you to relax, honey. I don’t want you to strain yourself.”

As she continues to go up and down his cock with her hand, she tells her son to let her know ANY time he needs to masturbate–he needs to let his arm and wrists heal, and she wants to help him. She praises how hard and big his cock is–how she can feel the veins bulging from it. “Cum for Mommy.”

Mommy is so proud of her big boy–she wants to help him even more. She stops to open the porn magazine that he was trying to use, and lays it across her stomach, as she continues to jerk her son off. “Come on–look at that really hot girl. Don’t you want to cum all over her nice tits?”

She continues to flip through the pages of his porn magazine, telling him to cum for her, and how proud she is of her big boy. “I know my boy likes that, doesn’t he? I’m here for whatever you need, WHATEVER you need.”

She stokes him hard and faster, as her grip tightens, and tells him she knows her son has a huge load for her since he couldn’t jerk off. As he finally cums, Mommy tells him how proud of him she is. “Whenever you need help, honey, let Mommy know, okay? Look at all that cum. You know Mommy feels bad about you falling on her wet floor… You know you’re not supposed to strain yourself.”

She tells her son that she will get a rag to clean him up, and that she’ll even feed him his soup. “Mommy’s so proud.”

Contains the following erotic elements:
Category: TABOO

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Mom and Aunt Play a Game HD

You hear some noise coming from your mom’s room so you walk in to see what’s going on. Your Aunt Mallory is there with no panties on, and your mom is licking her privates. Aunt Mallory tells mom that you just walked in, and mom explains that they’re playing a game. It’s kind of like the game mom plays with you but a little different. Mom says, “I wouldn’t want you to feel left out,” so you lie down & get ready to play.

Mom starts off as she usually does, with a blowjob.. Aunt Mallory takes off her dress & her boobs are awesome. You can’t believe your luck when she wraps them around your cock & titfucks you. Then they take turns riding you & giving you a sloppy blowjob. This game is so much better with two women. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they start making out while riding you. Then they line up & tell you to take them both from behind in doggystyle. This is so awesome. Aunt Mallory surprises you by telling you to cum in her mouth, and you can’t help yourself… you give her a huge load. You decide this is the best game ever.

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Best Friend’s Hot Mom, A Guy Can Dream, Can’t He?

25:05 video

Rachel’s son Kenny was away visiting the UK. His friend Sean secretly welcomed this news. He had long fancied Rachel and now saw a chance to be alone in her company. His plan to approach her was simple: Pretending not to know of his friend’s departure, he would call on Rachel and ask if Kenny was available to help him revise for an upcoming history exam. He knew that Rachel herself had once tutored people, and hoped that she would offer her services in Kenny’s stead. On the day of their meeting, things went just as Sean had hoped. Rachel was both kind and willing. As the hot mom spoke of her interest in history and her admiration for the old cultures of Europe, Sean gazed upon her in awe. He lost track of her words and started imagining her in a sexy outfit – the low cut top of which presented a tantalizing view of her cleavage. After dwelling a long time on the sight of her delicious curves, Sean was brought back to the present by Rachel calling for his attention. She had noticed him tune out, but had no idea what was the cause was. Over the rest of the day Rachel helped Sean to brush up on his history. The young man struggled to concentrate as Rachel constantly leaned close to him while he worked. The neckline of her pretty dress dipped very low and gave a maddeningly sexy view of her big tits. Despite these distractions, he somehow managed to answer all Rachel’s test-questions correctly. In response she gave him a warm hug that stimulated him into daydreaming again. This time Sean drew a vivid mental image of how the hot mom would look in just a pair of panties and a bra. With pleasure he took in every sweet contour of her beautiful figure. A short time afterwards, having bonded with her young student, Rachel sat down and talked to him about the importance of getting a good education and being a responsible person. Alas, Sean’s mind could not stay on her wise lessons for long. As Rachel talked on, he was able to fantasize at will about the things he wished he could do with her. He began by picturing her coming towards him in a red robe that hung open and gave him a glimpse of her hot figure in sexy red lingerie. In true fantasy fashion Rachel was simmering with fuck-need. Having embraced Sean and kissed him, she quickly dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, and started sucking his cock. She worked her lips expertly up and down its length, and sometimes stopped to tease him by tonguing the balls and head. Afterwards, Rachel required the favor to be returned. She flung wide her robe, lay back, parted her stocking-clad legs, and invited Sean to pleasure her hungry, pantiless pussy. Sean saw himself seizing the opportunity. In licking and fingering Rachel he drove her to such heights of arousal that she pulled down her bra and eagerly tweaked the nipples of her lovely big tits. From here Sean imagined going with Rachel into her room. There they stood touching and kissing each other passionately. Then they climbed onto the bed together and Rachel once again got down to sucking his cock in her inimitably sensual way. Following that she lubed it up and lay jerking it off while Sean fondled her tits and nursed on their nipples. He had soon sucked them long and hard, and the were stuck out nicely when Rachel rolled onto her back and let him slide his cock into her cleavage. After a spell of titty-fucking, Rachel used her mouth to slick-up Sean’s cock, then got onto her hands and knees and urged him to take her from behind. Sean duly did so. He pumped into Rachel with such passion that his hips smacked audibly against her butt. His imaginary version of Rachel moaned in pleasured response. Finally, Sean pulled out and jerked all his load into Rachel’s awaiting mouth. His fantasy dissolved with the image of Rachel licking his cream-covered cock clean. Back in the real world, the sexy mom appeared more concerned about Sean’s poor concentration than the state of his man-meat. She had seen his eyes glaze over again, and now she gently chastised him for it. The irony was that she had been the cause of his being so distracted. On parting from Rachel, Sean uttered a silent wish for that all he had fantasized about would someday come true. Meanwhile, Rachel sat happy in the belief she had done a good turn. She would forever be unaware of the sexual acts she had performed in the mind of her son’s friend.

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Bedtime Release For MILF Mom’s Boy HD


Need help getting to sleep? Loving but strict MILF MOM will stroke you to sleepy town with her sexy burgundy leather gloves…

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Simohayha85 and her Half-sister (Different dads, Same mom) – 2 – Lesbian incest

There’s pussy licking, and kissing in the first video. Also, they order food and flash the delivery guy. In the second video there’s not much (mostly kissing, touching, stripping).

Sister, Real, Amateur, POV, Lesbian, Cunnilingus

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