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Mother and Son

Mother and Son
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Mother-Daughter Seduction Full Version HD 1280×720

The Affair

Son, I’m not stupid. You didn’t come all the way across town in the middle of the night to tell me you want to stop seeing me. You don’t really want to quit… you want to fuck me. I know you think I’m some kind of evil whore because I left your Father, and that I somehow tricked you into sleeping with me. Well, I didn’t force you into anything. It was the other way around the way I remember… It’s just you and me in this big apartment, let’s do what you really came here for….

Mother-Daughter Seduction Full Version HD 1.mp4

Lie With Us

Mom’s not here. And she won’t be back till late. Sit down brother, talk to me. I’m sorry Mom’s not here for you to fuck, you must be pretty upset. Shut up. I know that’s why you’re here. You don’t need to lie to me, I know you’ve been seeing her for awhile. She told me all about it. So what’s wrong with me? You can fuck your Mother but not your sister? No, you’re not leaving. Your going to stay right here with me. Don’t act like you don’t want this….


Starring Ashley Fires & Riley Reynolds


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Cory Chase in Mother and Son, Helping Mommy HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Mommy, MILF, POV, Hairy

Scene One: Helping Mommy I lead you to my bedroom. I take off my bathrobe and lay on the edge of my bed. I ask you if you think I am beautiful and if you want to make Mommy feel good. I smile when you say yes and I spread my legs. I guide your hand between my legs and have you masturbate Mommy’s pussy while I give you a loving smile/look. I don’t speak but I close my eyes as my breathes begin to come faster and shallower until I come with a small cry. After that I open my eyes and smile at you.The next day I lay on the bed face down cross-ways with just my head hanging over. I tell you that you made me feel so good and I want to do something special for you. I reach out and start masturbating you. I do a lot of dirty talk while telling you how much I love your dick and how good you make me feel, asking you if you like fucking Mommy… After a couple of minutes of this I give you a blowjob until you cum in Mommy’s mouth.

Helping Mommy HD 1.mp4

Scene Two: Playing with MommyI spread my legs and play with Mommy’s pussy while telling you how much I like fucking my little boy, how much I love your little cock, etc., until I come.

Helping Mommy HD 2.mp4
Scene Three: First Time with MommyYou are probably wondering why Mommy is dressed like this. Well it is time to make you a man today. Let me see your penis. It is so cute, don’t worry if you think it is small, as you get older, it will grow.Now place your penis into Mommy’s vagina. I know you want to make Mommy happy and this makes Mommy very happy. Don’t stop till you are finished but do not finish in Mommy’s vagina, finish in my mouth. You do not want to get Mommy pregnant.

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Jack, I am Your Mother!

Jack, I am Your Mother! (part 1)
8:50 video
This is a 3-part video. Part 1 of 3. Rachel peeks in her son’s room to discover him masturbating on his bed. She knows she should close the door and go to the other side of the house but she cannot keep herself from watching him stroke his cock. She cannot control the fact that she is getting turned on and starts to touch herself as he continues to jerk off. She almost climaxes as he shoots his cum in the air. She quickly goes back to her room and goes to bed. She tries to sleep but cannot stop thinking about what she just witnessed. Her fingers wander down to her pussy as she strokes herself while thinking of the episode. She buries her fingers into her pussy and then adds a couple more in her ass. She cums just as she imagines being between her son’s legs as he shoots his load. The next morning as she drinks her coffee at the kitchen table it all comes crashing down on her that she is getting turned on by imagining sexual relations with her son.

Jack, I am Your Mother 1.mp4

Jack, I am Your Mother! (part 2)
9:30 video
This is a 3-part video. Part 2 of 3. The next day Rachel is sitting on the couch when her son walks into the room wearing only his underwear sporting a hard-on. She tries to look him in the eye as he asks her a question about the whereabouts of his jeans. Her eyes wander down to his crotch as she tells him to leave the room and put on some clothes. Instead of leaving the room he pulls down his underwear and jerks his cock in front of her. She stands up and slaps his face. Much to her surprise he pushes her down on the couch and forces his tongue into her mouth. She pulls away and gets to her feet to leave the room. However, Rachel is very compliant and her son is very forceful. He tells her to stand in front of him and strip but she refuses. He orders her to remove her clothes and reluctantly takes off her blouse, then her bra, then her skirt and finally, her panties. Jack continues to jerk his cock as his mother strips. After she is standing naked in front of him he spreads his legs and tells her to get onto her knees and suck his cock. She slowly complies with his order and sinks to her knees. She tentatively touches his cock and then begins to suck him forcefully. He was surprised that she quickly got into sucking his cock and was clearly trying to pull a load out of him. He looks down on his mother as she enthusiastically sucks his cock. As he announces his intention to cum she tries to pull away. She was not counting on him grabbing her hair and holding her down on his cock as he orgasms. Most of the cum is directed down her throat but she coughs some up and it runs down her tits as he finally releases her.

Jack, I am Your Mother 2.mp4

Jack, I am Your Mother! (part 3)
8:21 video
This is a 3-part video. Part 3 of 3. After swallowing most of the massive load her son shot down her throat Rachel licks his cock clean. Reality quickly sets in and she says they need to dress before his father comes home from work. Jack knows his father is a workaholic and probably would not be home for a couple more hours. He still has a hard-on after the blowjob and is raring to fuck his mother. He pushes Rachel back on the couch and tells her to put legs back as far as they can go. He rubs his hard cock between her pussy lips. The blowjob had made her very horny so she was naturally lubricated for him. She pleaded with him to not put his cock into her but he was beyond worrying about any sort of incestuous behavior. Her pleading turns to moaning quickly as he bangs her missionary style on the couch. He flips her over onto all fours and fucks her hard doggystyle. He flips her back over on her back as he gets ready to cum. His orgasm is so huge that cum is forced out of her pussy leaving her with a big cream pie. Things will never be the same.

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Poo Slut Mother And Her Son POV HD

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Mother catches her son masturbating in the bathroom HD

Mother catches her son masturbating in the bathroom.mp4


Desperate Elderly Mother HD

35:39 video

Joe was desperately worried for his mother Jessica. The mature beauty was bed-ridden and fading fast from a rare and mysterious disease. Stood at her bedside, holding her hand, Joe poured his heart out – telling his mother how much he loved and needed her – vowing to find her a cure. Jessica was very touched by her son’s show of affection and devotion. A widow for many years, she had long valued him as the number one man in her life. Although she faced tough odds in overcoming her disease, she promised her son that she would fight it with all her remaining strength. Presently, Joe met with his mother’s carer – Dr Aaron. This brilliant and controversial young physician had a theory on how Jessica might be saved. The catch was that her treatment would involve a very taboo act. Joe pressed to know more, and Dr Aaron laid it out thus: Jessica’s life-force was growing weaker. The spark of that life-force was her DNA. If her DNA could re-affirm itself, her life-force would attain its former power. Therefore, Jessica needed to be given an infusion of her own DNA in order to survive. But that was not all. Her treatment would have to occur while she was sexually excited. Only by being in that special nervous state could her body properly consume her incoming DNA. It all sounded very strange and complicated to Joe, but he listened patiently to the Dr. However, he was stunned on hearing the final piece of information – the part about the taboo act. As Dr Aaron put it: circumstances meant that Jessica’s fate depended on her having passionate sexual intercourse, then receiving the cum of a man who contained her own DNA. In other words, Joe would have to save his mother by making love to her. He was her only living male relative – the only one for the job. It took him some time to get his head round the idea. But eventually he was willing to do what was required of him. After all, it would be for his mother’s life. Furthermore, though he couldn’t quite admit it to himself, he actually liked the idea of having sex with his mother for its own sake. He had always desired her. Through countless fantasizing, he had come to picture her as the ultimate lover. When Dr Aaron revealed that Jessica knew of his suggested treatment, Joe was more surprised than ever. Later, he went back to her bed and talked to her about it. Jessica’s situation was too urgent for her to mince her words. She confessed that she was prepared to have sex with her son – if he too was willing. She also admitted to having had lustful thoughts about him over the years. Joe was excited to learn that his mother felt the same way about him as he did about her. No wonder they had always been so close. Evidently there had been more than innocent mother-son love keeping them together. In due time, Dr Aaron left the pair alone – having offered them words of support and encouragement. Then the taboo cure was underway – with Joe and Jessica sharing a long French-kiss. It had a unique blend of tenderness and intensity born of them being at once mother and son and romantic lovers. Soon they were caressing each other – hungrily getting to know one another’s formerly untouchable bodies. That led to Jessica pulling her breast free of her nightclothes so Joe could suckle on her nipple. An already mighty passion seemed to increase with every passing moment. Before long, Joe helped his mother to strip naked. Laying back on the bed, Jessica gasped and writhed her agelessly lithe and sexy body to the thrill of her son fondling her flesh – stroking her silky skin. All the while the pair spoke their love and excitement to another. The taboo context of their actions was thoroughly underlined by their constant, breathy references to each other as mother and son – even as they engaged in all manner of sexual activity. Much more fondling and foreplay later, Jessica took Joe’s cock into her mouth. She sucked, licked and deep-throated him like a crazed wanton. Her head bobbed energetically back and forth as she worked her tight-drawn lips up and down its length. The combination of her expert, all-over licking, her deep-throating and her deft hand strokes, was enough to make Joe groan in loudest pleasure. There was no doubt about it: his mother was getting better by the second – recovering her strength – coming back to life with a vengeance. Some of Joe’s cum must have gotten into her system already. A short while later, Joe got to return his mother’s favor. As she lay with her slender legs parted wide, he buried his face in her hot sweet pussy. His licks, his tongue probes and his fingering – inside of her, and around her clit – soon had her going wild, bucking her hips against his mouth, breathily urging him on. Following that was an incredible sixty-nine. The petite mother lay atop her manly son, his big cock filling her mouth to capacity. Gamely she went for yet more of it. Meanwhile, the son held his mother’s little ass cheeks, keeping her hips in place so that he could raise his head and again get his tongue deep into her lovely pussy. Come the end of it, Jessica was very nearly back to full health. She had become a woman in heat – itching for full sex. Joe was delighted to see his mother so close to being cured. He was also delighted to stick his cock in her pussy. It was the culmination of all his life-long fantasies, and Jessica’s too. What followed then was a torrid taboo sex-fest of epic proportions. Years of pent up passion between mother and son was unleashed in that wild episode of love-making. It began with Joe taking his mother as she lay on her back with one leg raised and propped on his shoulder. His cock looked even bigger than ever for the smallness of the pussy it was pumping in and out of. The fit was perfect. While Joe moaning at the sweet tweet tight clasp of his mother’s pussy, Jessica panted at the awesome stretching girth of her son’s cock. This was the same for all the action that followed. And there was plenty of it. For, after the first passionate missionary-style sex, mother and son went on to do it many different ways – starting with doggy-style. It was Jessica’s favorite position, and she never before knew such joy as she when her son mounted her from behind, took hold of her hips, and began throwing his cock to her in the deepest, hardest and most virile of strokes. The pleasure of it was enough to make the taboo dirty talk flow once again. After that came Jessica on top of Joe, riding him cowgirl style. The slim mother now had all her former strength and vitality. It could be seen in the athletic way she worked and bounced her body up and down her sona€™s cock, virtually impaling her eager pussy upon it. Right then she wore the ecstatic expression of a woman who was getting it all – so fully and perfectly did Joea€™s man-meat fill her up. In a frantic final passage of action, mother and son had further lust-maddened sex in the spoon position – and once again doggy-style. By the end of it, Jessicaa€™s pussy was glistening wet from the unforgettable pleasuring it had gotten. Joe had badly wanted to flood his mothera€™s womb with his hot cum, but he had been told by Dr Aaron to put it in her mouth instead. This would ensure that the DNA got into her body more directly and in greater quantity. Joe therefore blasted his entire, enormous load right between his mothera€™s hungrily parted lips. It coated her tongue and filled her mouth to overflowing. Jessica gratefully took all of her sona€™s medicinal cum, and got as much of it down inside her as she could. It was an excellent dose to seal her treatment. A week or so later, Dr Aaron ran some checks on Jessica. He was amazed at her recovery. She in the best shape of her life. She was a new woman. Joe couldna€™t have been happier. He would have his mother around for many more years to come. To be on the safe side, however, he was going to follow Dr Aarona€™s advice to make regular love to his mother to prevent there being any relapse in her condition. He did not mind that at all. In fact, he had already intended to have sex with her mother as often possible – simply because it was so darn wonderful.

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Wicked Stepmother HD

In this clip Pandora plays a stepmother to Odettte and they are as usual bitching at each other. Odette says she doesn’t understand what her rich father could possibly see in the cougar Pandora. Pandora finally says she mesmerized him to shut Odette up. Odette says that isn’t possible so Pandora makes a little wager of her new jaguar that she can do it to Odette. Odette tries to resist but finds herself equally bespelled by Pandora as her dad
This clip features elements of: Cougar Milf, Lesbian Domination, Mesmerize, Naughty Cougar
tags:l lesbian domination , stroylinfe, hypnosis, humiliation, submission, taboo, incest

Size: 278.83 MiB
Duration: 00:10:48
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 25.00 fps(r) (und)
Format: MP4

Lezdom Stepmother HD.mp4


Real mother and daughter share guys in Hungary for Cock 2 – A Family Affair

Real mother and daughter fuck guys in hardcore foursome action including
masturbation, fingering, blowjob, anal, dp, mother and daughter sucking cock together,,, facial

Family Affair 1.mp4

Family Affair 2.mp4


Maria – Mother Of Three Gangbanged HD

blowjob, anal sex, gangbang, double penetration, hot mom, ball licking

Maria is a 41 y.o. respectable married woman and a mother of three kidsВ… outside of our studio. Here with us she is a cock-addicted whore who loves getting penetrated by two or even three cocks at once and adores the sperm of strong young studs. Believe me, sheВ’d take more cocks should she have more openings for them cuz this woman is so insatiable. Watch her take over our gangbang crew, get her every hole polished clean by their heavy boners and milk В‘em dry eating cum like her favorite delicatessen.

Mother Of Three Gangbanged HD.mp4

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