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REAL Incest Collection 23!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics and Vids ALL REAL!

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Zoey – Daddy No peeking HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, POV (point of view), Handjob, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Cock tease, redhead, Family Fantasies

Dad buys 18 yo new bra and panty sets – and gets his cock cranked for a thanks!

My boobs have grown so big, much bigger than my Moms. I know you take mom shopping when she needs new bras and panties and I really appreciate that you took me shopping to. It’s nice of you to take care of me like you do my mom even though I’m only your daughter. If you would like I can show you some of the things your money bought me today but you have to cover your eyes, no peeking. First I will put on the bra and then show you the matching panties. Do you like how they match? Do you like my little thong? I will try on some more for you but you can’t look this time ok! Well, actually…you aren’t my real dad so I guess it’s ok if you look at me while I try on my new bra and panties for you. You don’t buy mom panties that look like this do you? Her ass wouldn’t look as good as mine does in them anyway. Oh wow, are you getting a boner from looking at me? Is that weird? I think it’s weird but I like it. Since mom is away I can help you with that boner. Would you like me to help you? I’ve always wanted to see what your cock looks and feels like. Why don’t you lie on the bed and let me stroke you daddy. Can I pull your dick out of your pants? Oh, your daddy dick is nice and thick. This turns me on that I make you horny for me. I like how long your dick is. It feels really good in my hands. Do you like your daughter helping you get off? You’re such a dirty old man. I like jerking off older men’s dicks. You know what else I like? I like to use my big natural home grown titties to fuck your cock with. Does that feel good to have my soft boobies wrapped around your stiff cock? My tits are real and mom had to go buy hers. You like mine better don’t you? Oh wow you have such an awesome dick daddy! I don’t think mom appreciates your dick as much as I would. I want you to do something that I bet mom doesn’t let you do. I want you to cover me with your cum load. Will you do that for me daddy? Will you cover me in your cum? Please daddy I want it. I want to be the only one who makes your cock feel this good. I will do this for you all the time. Ahh that’s it daddy yes, make a mess all over my big titties! Ooh, didn’t that feel so good? So, um maybe can we go shopping again tomorrow?

Daddy No peeking HD


Vanessa Vixon in the Countess – Delivery Into Slavery HD

Backstory: with the capture of Super Gurl and Mega Babe, Lady Venom looks to take the Justice Council out one by one. Her next target the beautiful Countess (Wenona) who’s wealth has been known to fund various Council operations to take down the city’s dark forces. Lady Venom has decided to use a police officer as an unsuspecting pawn in her diabolical plans.

Scene 1: Against their will

Countess is sitting on the couch in the living room, talking on a cell phone. â€oStill no ransom being asked for Super Gurl or Mega Babe? Right! I understand; keep the agents in the field, sooner or later one of them is bound to find a clue.â€? Says Countess concerned; there is a knock on the door that causes Countess to dismiss herself on the phone and the connection before answering it. Countess answers the door and finds one of the police commandos standing there holding a box. â€oCountess I’m sorry to disturb you at home however this arrived at the HQ and it was addressed to you.â€? Smiles the officer as he hands the package to Countess; she thanks him and invites him in to examine the package with her as even super heroines can be too careful now. The officer follows Countess to the couch where they sit and carefully examine the box before opening it; the officer takes the box from Countess and volunteers to open it in case there is anything dangerous inside. The officer opens the box slowly and then stares inside for several moments before collapsing against the touch; alarmed Countess rushes to help the officer and is checking his eyes when suddenly she feels a sharp pain in the side of her neck. The officer, under Lady Venom’s mind controlling apparatus, has stuck a syringe into the Countess’s neck and injected her with an unidentified liquid, oblivious to what he’s done. â€oWhat……wha……have……you done…….ofic…..â€? before Countess can finish her sentence, she falls to the floor, weak from the paralyzing agent. â€oI’m sorry Countess, these are not my actions.â€? Says the officer before pulling his cock from this pants and putting it into her mouth as he begins to face fuck her, slowly at first then faster and faster. The Countess makes various gagging and slurping noises as her tongue works around the officer’s cock; she proceeds to rub her clit as the serum in her was not only a paralyzing agent but also increases her libido. The officer continues to face fuck her until he can stand it no more and explodes hot cum down her throat causing her to whimper; the officer pumps his cock for several moments before allowing the humiliated Countess to drop to the floor. â€oI’m sorry Countess but……I must…..obey the Lady Venom.â€? says the officer in a daze as he exits the room, leaving Countess on the floor whimpering.

Delivery Into Slavery HD 1

Scene 2: You dont have to do this
Countess is lying across the kitchen table; she is being held down by throat by the officer who holds a syringe in his other hand. â€oYou…..don’t have to do this…please don’t do this.â€? Pleads Countess desperately trying to breathe. â€oI must Countess, I must obey my mistress; now, take your medicine.â€? Says the officer in a dazed voice as he rips Countess’s top open and injects the syringe’s contents into her breasts. Countess squirms and whimpers in pain as the venom injection courses through her body; she begins rubbing herself and licking her lips, unable to control herself. â€oCom……..Come here, officer.â€? She says seductively as she gets off of the table and goes down on her knees; the officer complies and before either of them realizes it, she unzips his pants and proceeds to give him a slow, sloppy blow job. Countess sucks and jerks the officer’s cock, forcing him to grab onto the table and use it for leverage. â€oOn God, I can’t help myself, I want your cock!â€? demands Countess as she stands and continues to jerk the officer’s cock. The officer pushes Countess against the table before guiding his cock into her moist, wet pussy and begins to fuck her doggy style; the Countess moans more and more as the officer’s thrusts become faster and faster. â€oOh God….you don’t have to do this……but fuck……don’t stop!â€? howls the Countess as she screams in orgasm. The officer grabs her hips tightly and in several more thrusts, he yells himself as he explodes deep inside of her; he pumps his cock in and out of her several more times before backing away, letting her slump to the floor in a daze. The officer holds his head trying to assess what is happening before he is back in a trance again. â€oCountess, I am not finished with you yet as per orders from my mistress; the best is yet to come.â€? he says with an evil laugh before pulling her by her hair out of the room.

Delivery Into Slavery HD 2

Scene 3: Super Slut
The officer drags Countess into the living where he throws her onto the couch and wastes no time spreading her legs. “Oh God, eat my pussy…..pleassse, make me your super slut you dirty cop!” hisses Countess as the officer proceeds to eat her pussy, slowly kissing around her thighs and clit before invading her pussy with his tongue and fucking her; Countess moans and rocks back and forth, screaming louder and louder until the officer’s tongue causes her to have a massive orgasm; she barely catches her breathe when the officer pushes her onto her back and proceeds to fuck her missionary style.

“I can’t fight it……I want to fight it………mistress controls all!” thunders the officer as he fucks Countess harder and harder, wrapping his hands around her throat simultaneously. Countess wraps her legs around the officer and pulls him in even closer “Fuck me like a super slut, fuck this hot pussy, give me your cum!” demands Countess in a sort of daze, the effects of the venom in her system now taking full effect. The officer continues to pound Countess into the floor before he lets out a loud moan and explodes deep inside her burning ass; the Countess rocks her hips assisting the officer in fucking her a little longer before she collapses and is unable to move, her eyes fluttering before the close completely as she has fallen . The officer gets off of Countess and backs away before looking down at her “What…….oh God what have I……..yes mistress, I will finish the job.” says the officer once again in a daze before exiting the room. Countess is squirming on the floor, burning from the venom inside her body.

Delivery Into Slavery HD 3

Scene 4: The Final Step
Countess is tied to the bed; the officer is ejecting the remainder of the syringe into her clit, causing her to moan and squirm frustrated that she cannot touch herself. “This is the final step Countess; in a few moments you will be completely transformed into a minion of Lady Venom after which you will serve her and only her.” says the officer removing Countess’s gag. “I will…..never……fall… Lady…….” Countess’s eyes flutter and roll into the back of her head before she goes silent for a moment. “Oh GOD…..IT BURNS…..GIVE ME YOUR CUM!” screams Countess now under the full control of the venom in her . The officer releases her hand restraints and before he knows it, Countess has thrown him onto his back and proceeds to suck his cock hungrily, licking and stroking every inch of his shaft. The officer blinks when he suddenly comes out of his trance for a moment “Countess what are you doing?!” he asks in a panic. “Give me your cock, I want your cum!” demands Countess; the officer attempts to protest however he quickly snaps back into his trance and proceeds to grab the Countess’s hips, assisting her rocking back and forth on his cock. The soon switch positions and proceed to anal fuck doggy style, the two of them moaning louder and louder as they approach orgasm.

“Oh FUCK!” screams Countess as she has an intense orgasm, causing her to breathe heavily before collapsing on the bed; the officer quickly moves and grabs the Countess’s head and proceeds to jerk his cock until he screams loudly, shooting stream after stream of cum on her face and in her mouth. He jerks the remaining cum into her mouth a moment before fucking her face briefly, causing her to gag.

Countess grabs her throat and gags for a moment before sitting up in a trance-like state. “I am The Countess, minion of Lady Venom; we will enforce the mistress’s will.” Says the Countess. “Agreed, we must seek out the remaining members of the Justice Council.” Says the officer. The two rise and exit the room slowly, making their way to the Officer’s vehicle where they will now pursue the remaining members of the Justice Council!
The End

Delivery Into Slavery HD 4


Mom Sophia Encouragement

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplayl, MILF, Mature, Sexual Favors, Bribe, Handjob, Cumshot, Older Woman / Younger Man, Family Fantasiesl

Mom Sophia needs to use her son’s car and will do anything she has to in order to get the keys!
Sophia is a hot redheaded MILF with a juicy ass, big tits, and a great body. She’s always been a pleasure to see around the house for both her husband and his son. The son may actually be more attracted to her than his dad. He sure was on the day that Sophia needed to borrow his car! Sophia didn’t drive very often and didn’t really need a car of her own. She always waited for her husband to get home to use his. But, tonight was different. Her husband’s car was at the airport because he was away on business and Sophia had a girl’s night out planned. She had to pick her girlfriends up and needed to borrow her son’s car desperately. lKnowing just how desperate she was, her son took advantage of the situation. “Let me see what underwear you have on underneath and I’ll give you the keys,” he told his mom. Reluctantly, and calling him a prick, she lifted her skirt to show him her thong panties. “You have a great ass, but that’s not going to be enough,” he then informed her. “Oh come on, what do you want,” she asked him impatiently. “Let’s see your boobs,” he nervously suggested, more than demanded. “No way, your father would kill me!”. “He’ll never know about any of this,” her son swore. What choice did she have? She had to get the car, no matter what. Sophia lifted the entire dress up and over her head, showing off her thong and her amazing tits at the same time. “Don’t even ask for anything else, I’ll do something nice for you and then you WILL do something nice for me and give me the car,” she scolded as she approached her son and dropped to her knees in front of him. lSophia reached out her hands and began massaging her son’s cock through his jeans. The over 40 MILF knew she was going to have to make her son cum before she got the keys to the car. She figured a handjob was in order, and nothing more. She began to unzip the young man’s pants and looked up at him with a smirk on her face.

Mom Sophia Encouragement


Vicky Vixen – Mother’s stroking lesson

Mom / Son Incest, Taboo, Handjob, Roleplay, MILF, Pov (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cumshot, Busty / Big tits, Family Fantasies, Panty / Underwear Fetish, Caught, Titty Fucking, Facial, Handjob, Cougar

Your mom figured you you’ve been sneaking into her room and stealing her panties for your masturbation material. You left some DNA on the crotch. Oops. Now she calls you in her room to get you to fess up. For some reason she doesn’t think you are “doing it” the right way so she proceeds to tell you she feels it’s her duty to school you in the proper ways of self gratification. You don’t know whether to be nervous or excited. Since you are an obedient son, you do as she says. You remove your sweat pants and lay back on her bed. Legs spread, you are eager to continue the lesson. She gets your cock lubed for you and from the tip down around your nut sack. Not only is she warming up your growing shaft but she pulls her juicy pale tits out for your viewing pleasure. She even shows you a glimpse of her perfect pink pussy. Her hands aren’t the only part of her body that’s going to wrap around you stiff shaft. She pulls her titties out and engulf your dick in between them. Oh wow! You haven’t ever had titties on your dick before and hers are epic. They are so fleshy and warm. You don’t know where she keeps getting her spit from but she has plenty of it to keep your cock nice and wet. Mommie really does know best as she squeezes a hot load from you. Oh yeah, cum for Mommie! She says you cum just like your Dad does. You shot so hard you frosted her face! She was so proud of you as she plays with your cum on her hands she says, “very nice”. Maybe Mom has some lessons on fucking next?

Mothers stroking lesson


Crystal Jewels Gives Her Son Quick Cock Relief

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Blonde, MILF, Mature, Handjob, Cumshot, Older Woman / Younger Man, Family Fantasies, Gloves

Crystal Jewels was going through the house and doing her weekly routine of cleaning and scrubbing everything down. She had no idea her son was home and he had no idea that she was home. Crystal walked into the kitchen to begin cleaning it when she saw her son on his laptop jerking off to internet porn. She caught him with his hand in his pants and jerking his cock up and down. He was shocked and so was she. Unsure of what exactly to do at this point, Crystal went and looked at what type of porn he was jerking his cock to. It was a mom giving her son a handjob!

Her son became instantly embarrassed and she became instantly aroused. She wondered if he had ever thought about her in this manner. Taking a risk she reached her hands out to calm the boy and placed them onto his hard cock. “Do you want your mom to give you a handjob,” she asked in a loving tone. His jaw almost dropped to the floor, and he was speechless, but managed to nod his head to say yes. She was already squeezing his hard cock through his shorts, but she’s glad he agreed. Crystal yanked his shorts down his legs and left them sit around his ankles. Another shock came to Crystal when she saw how big her son’s cock was.

Still wearing her cleaning gloves, Crystal grabbed his enormous member and began stroking it up and down. The rubber gloves must have felt good because his cock continued to grow thicker and longer. She squeezed his shaft and twisted her grip as she stroked him. He was moaning in pleasure and her pussy was becoming wet from the taboo situation she found herself in. She quickened her pace and really started wankin him fast and hard.

Crystal Jewels never expected to come across her son wanking while she was cleaning.

Son Quick Cock Relief


Elaina Raye – Practicing my lap dance with my brother HD

Brother / Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings

Petite girl Elaina wants to ask you a favor because, as her brother, you are the only one she can trust. She thinks that she might want to become a stripper and she wants to practice on you with a lap dance. You agree and she starts the show. Elaina seems a little awkward as she grinds on you, but you remain hopeful that she will quickly improve. She pulls down her dress and shows you her small titties. She sees the bulge in your pants and decides that she should continue her practice lap dance. She has now removed her panties and she is fully exposed to you. She is not the most talented girl, but your bulge tells her otherwise. You should take your dick out and start stroking it up and down, really slow. Elaina cannot resist lending you her small hand and she strokes your cock briefly. You are not entirely certain whether this is really supposed to be part of the lap dance, but you decide that it will definitely help her earn some good tips at the club! As you stroke yourself, you can feel that an orgasm is looming closer and closer until you finally pop right there all over your sister Elaina, the future stripper.

Practicing my lap dance with my brother HD


Summer Rae – You’re the greatest uncle in the world HD

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, POV (point of view), Handjob, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Cock tease, family Fantasies

Horny niece jacks off her favorite uncle!
My wife cheated on me with my best friend and left me about 6 months ago. I was devastated when I found the text messages between them. It’s been a difficult time for me, and I have pretty much locked myself in the house since then. Fortunately for me, I have a very supportive family, especially my sister and her husband. They have an 18 year old daughter who is always getting into trouble. Not the really bad kind of trouble, but she is a clumsy young girl and often does something stupid, like spilling soda on the carpet or like today… she dropped a fork down the garbage disposal while it was running and locked everything up. She called me in a panic, because she knew that I… the cool uncle, would make everything ok and fix it without her mom finding out. We have this repoire with one another, but lately she’s been a lot flirtier with me than usual.

Now, she is not my sister’s real daughter. Her husband had her with his first wife, but my sister has been raising her for a few years. Her daughter has a little crush on me I think. During a family picnic once, a bunch of us were horsing around in the lake, when the next thing I knew, there my niece was bumping up against me a little too often. I couldn’t help but get a hard-on with the way she kept accidently bumping her ass or her hand up against the front of my tented swim trunks. Nothing else happened, but I have thought about that day more than once.

Today when she called, I stopped over after work and fixed the garbage disposal in no time at all. My sis and her husband weren’t home, so I figured I’d hang around for an hour before they got there and head out so my sister wouldn’t find out that her daughter fucked up the disposal. Needless to say, my niece was very thankful. As I said before, she has been extra flirty with me lately, and I’ve been missing female attention to tell the truth. I haven’t dated or even hired a prostitute since my wife left – although I have watched a lot of porn and spent a lot of time with my right hand as my date. The prospect of being in the company of a cute 18 year old was very enticing, even though I had to keep reminding myself that this was my sister’s daughter and I couldn’t cross that line.

Then she started telling me that she wanted to really thank me for helping her, she told me that her parents weren’t going to be back for a while, and that she has a crush on me. She reached over to my lap and started feeling the crotch of my jeans. The time at the lake was no accident, this horny little 18 year old girl was being very aggressive. It had been so long since I’ve gotten laid, that my little head took over and I let her touch me. She fumbled with my belt and pulled out my stiff cock, and grasped it in her small hand. The whole time she pulled my pants down all I could think about was what might happen with this girl – how far would I go. I had forgotten that she was my niece. She leaned close and dropped a line of spit from her mouth to the tip of my cock. She slid her hand up and down the shaft and started to increase the speed. It was like this young girl could hardly wait to make me cum. She cranked my cock better than my cheating wife ever did. I just laid back and let my niece work out nice thick load of cum. I pretty much blacked out after that cranking – the only thing I remember was her telling me that I might have gotten some sperm on her mom’s couch. My sis would be pissed about that one. After I came, I cleaned up and got out before my sister and her husband got home. The last thing my niece said to me before I left was that I am the greatestuncle in the world.

Youre the greatest uncle in the world HD


Dani Dare – Slut Cuckoldress Mother

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, FemDom / Female Domination, Mommy’s Boy, Tease & Denial, Mommy Fantasies, Blonde

Hot Slutty Mommy Dani is going clubbing. She loves to go to the Jamaican Club, she ALWAYS gets fucked when she goes there..She knows that Mommy Boy is admiring her sexy body, getting hot over his mommy..she teases him…knowing he will get hard and she will catch him… Her Sissy little Momma Boy is getting caught with a bulge in his pants! She is disgusted, how could he ever think she would want anything to do with that thing. ‘Pack it away!’ she tells him, ‘Mommy only fucks real Men with BIG DICKS- not useless little weenee’s!”. I won’t need panties, they will only be in the way, sniff them while i am gone – AND DON’T PLAY WITH THAT ‘THING’!

Slut Cuckoldress Mother


Natasha Starr and Natalia Starr – Breakfast in bed for dad HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, BLONDE, SISTERS. BLOWJOB, CUMSHOT, MISSIONARY, PUSSY LICKING, COWGIRL, REVERSE COWGIRL, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock tease, family Fantasies, VIRTUAL SEX, threesome, siblings

We’re so glad our mom married you. You are the best dad so far because you’re the hottest one of the four. It’s good mom is working right now so we can get to know you a little better. Isn’t it nice of us to bring you breakfast in bed? A good looking man like you needs his nourishment. What we really want to do is see your cock. I know that is straight forward of us but we are curious what your cock size is in comparison with the other dads we’ve had. You’re not the first one we’ve played with but we don’t tell anyone about this. We like to fuck our new dads. It’s ok because we’re old enough even though we look young for our age. College age is all about experimenting and that is what we like. Let us take care of that big thick dick of yours. Mmm, you taste really good. We’ll both take turns pleasuring that big dick. Give it to us like we want. We will tell you everything to do to make us feel good. You have to remember to pull out so you can show us your cum. We like to see how much cum we can make you give us. Oh that’s the best place to spray us with your warm load! You made our pussies and our boobies feel so good. This is why you’re the best dad so far.

Breakfast in bed for dad HD

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