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Son’s Obsession Series – Madisin Lee HD

Part 1 My mom is so hot and I am completely crazy about her. She is too good for all these assholes around here. So, when my mom came in the kitchen dressed like a slut, there was no way I was going to let her leave. She didnt even make me any dinner. Well, you want to go like a slut, then I will treat you like one mom. I grab her and throw her on the counter and finger fuck her tight hot hairy pussy hard, then I drop her to her knees and face fuck her while I smack her face and she gags on my cock. Thats a good slut mom! I cum all in her mouth just in time for her date to show up. Looks like she wont be going out tonight.

Part 2 Damn, my moms mouth felt so good around my cock. Now I want her even more. I could not stop thinking about her. I got up early to catch her before she left for work. I caught her just in time, as she is getting ready. You cant leave mom, you have not made me breakfast or made me cum. I am not going to let her leave, not until she sucks my cock and fucks me. On second thought, I think she needs a day off to spend with me!

Part 3 Freddie has been completely obsessed with his mother and he has not even let her leave his sight. Madisin has had enough and tries to sneak out of her window while Freddie was in the shower. He catches her before she could open the window. In an obsessed panic he grabs her and knocks her out. When Madisin wakes up she finds her wrist tied to her bed post. You know mom, Freddie says, I have been so selfish lately, only thinking about my own needs, that I have not even pleasured you. Well dont worry, now it is your turn. He grabs a magic wand vibrator and puts it on his moms pussy until she cums. He sticks his cock in her pussy while it is dripping with cum and fucks her doggiestyle. He cums deep inside her tight pussy and creampies her so now she will always be his forever.

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Brother-Sister Incest From NEW Taboo TV Show HD

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Mom Tries to Teach Son About Porn: Son Creampies Mom 1080 HD

Your mom calls a meeting with you to discuss your addiction to porn. She has heard you masturbating and has found your boxers, covered in ejaculate, in the laundry basket. She understands that it is natural to masturbate at your age, but she is worried that porn is giving you a distorted view of women and sex. The magazines she found under your bed are full of airbrushed hairless goddesses, who do not resemble real women. She searched your browsing history and saw the types of sites you are visiting, then she searched your computer and found a file of the clips you have purchased. All of the clips are mother son taboo clips. Mom wants to teach you that the taboo is just a silly fantasy, that the women are always faking it, and that a mother son relationship never really happens in real life. Unfortunately for mom, in the process of teaching you what real sex looks like, she awakens your mother son lust. Overcome with horniness, you just have to bend your mom over and fuck until until you cum inside of her.

Category: TABOO
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Real Brother Sister Incest Deleted Videos 14 videos pack!

Brother Fuck His Sister In The Ass With Dirty Anal! SCAT WARNING!

Appereantly they were brother and sister that were a bit into each other and liked each other more than sister and brother should love. So they came up with an idea that they would only do anal videos and that would be okey with them and (GOD? i think) And so they did. Sweet thin sister pulls her panties down and lets her brother put it in her ass, they fuck until his dick gets a little smeared with brown stuff, but they don’t mind it as long as they are in each other, so they continue fucking until he lets his white stuff in her brown dirty ass. The dude has a hot girlfriend too (one video has pussy fucking in missionary) but he wants that sister’s ass so bad.

I downloaded all 14 videos before they were deleted from their page, i don’t know why they deleted them, but i’m glad i got them to share here. I’m not into scat videos, but this looks like a real anal fucking deal, not that much scat (sometimes) Was a bit scared to post this here, but on their profile they said to be: brother(22) sister (19), so i guess this should be okey. Tell me if you like this. Is this real deal or no? It looks real to me :hmmm: Happy Valentines Day :yaydance: and as always, Enjoy

Name: Josh
About Me:Q: Are you really sister and brother?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: Yes.

Q: Does you girlfriend know about your sister?
A: No

Q: Does your sister have a boyfriend?
A: No.

Q: How old are you both?
A: I am 22 and my sister is 19 (Current year and month September 2015)

Q: Will you fuck your sister in the pussy?
A: No, we don’t do vaginal

Q: Will you get your sister to give you a blow-job?
A: No, We don’t do oral.

Q: Will you pee on her/in her?
A: No, she’s not into that and that’s too difficult to control and not make a mess.

Q: Can I fuck your sister?
A: If you happen to meet her in real life and persuade her then yes

Q: Can I have your sisters email/telephone number etc?
A: No, she is not interested in corresponding with anyone here, don’t waste your time.

Q: Do you want to swap pictures of your sister for my sister/cousin/grandmother etc?
A: No, I don’t.

Q: What do you two do, work/study?
A: We both work part time and part time study.

Q: How did you and your sister start doing anal?
A: I walked in on her, into her bedroom while she was touching herself and watching porn. She was really embarrassed and a little angry. I told her not to worry and that I watch porn and jerk-off all the time. Then I said something like, “Now that we both know that we both do it maybe we can watch porn together?” At first she said, “No.” But I kept asking and she said. “OK.” When we first watched porn together on her laptop, while are parents were out, it felt really exciting and wrong knowing that were both touching ourselves and watching porn next to each other.

We started doing this regularly and then on one occasion I suggested that we play with each other instead of ourselves while we watched porn. To my surprise my sister said “Yes, OK”. I was not expecting that. Then we started to watch a lot of anal porn while playing with each other and I said something like, “I really want to try anal one day.” and my sister replied, “Me too, it looks so dirty and wrong. Do you want to try on me?” I was shocked. I wasn’t sure at first if I am honest, it felt too wrong, but we spoke about it for a while and came up with some rules. If we did it we would never kiss, never do vaginal or oral, and if I came I could only cum in or on her ass.

The first time we tried she didn’t really like it and she was disappointed and she said it hurt. But she, not me, wanted to keep trying, she kept saying something like, “How comes they do it so fast and like it so much in porn movies?” So we kept trying and it just got better and better until she really started to like it and cum from it. After that she even came into my room and said something like. “Do you want to fuck my ass? I feel horny”, while I was playing xbox one time.

Sometimes while we did it I would get shit on my cock, she felt that was funny and that I deserved it, she would laugh at me. I noticed that on the occasions where my cock would get shitty the fucking felt extra good, her hole was extra warm and gooey. That’s when I started asking her to try and not go to the toilet before we did it. Then I made a recording of one of our sessions and uploaded it here. She was cool with that and we have since made a couple more but now she is really nervous about the whole making videos thing.

Q: Will you keep making these videos?
A: I will try.

Q: You two are sick and are going to hell do you know that?
A: Probably

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Do not tell anyone: A dirty little secret HD

My son got a little sick after a fun party. He came back late at night. I did not wake him up, I undressed him in the morning. I take care of him. I canceled all my business and stay with my naughty boy. He is now need special care. I give him pills that he felt better. But they seem to help him badly, so I have to use a more sensual way to …

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Dat Ass 2 FULL

Dat Ass 2 FULL
22 pages

Dat Ass 2 FULL.rar
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Kenzie Taylor – Sister Crazy HD 1080p (No “Step” Sister Thing!)

When Tyler suffers a head injury in a car accident, it’s up to his sister Kenzie to look after him. The way he looks at her has changed and he begins having vivid hallucinations about her incredible body. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel better, and the healing power of a sister’s love can not be denied.

Blowjob, Tit Sucking, M2F Cunnilingus, Spooning, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggystyle, Tit Fucking, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallow

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REAL Mother-Daughter! Son Revenge Fucks Mom and Sister FULL VERSION

They are REAL Mom-Daughter, but no sex action between them.

My mom and sister are lazy pieces of ! I work all day and come home to them sitting on their asses as usual. I get NO respect!!! I beg them to look for a job before I try to clean myself up and go to bed. I decide I should at least jerk off and fall asleep, but my little sister bursts in and makes fun of me and calls my mom to watch too??? WHAT THE FUCK!!! I am SO PISSED! I make them pay. If they got to watch me masturbate, they are going to do it for me!!! I love watching them play with themselves and get me off. I rub on both of them and finally shove my cock deep inside them both until I cum all over my mom’s big tits!!! I LOVE MY LAZY MOM AND SISTER!!!!
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English Subtitles! IPZ-573 Fucked In Front Of Her Husband’s Eye Tsubasa Amami

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Tsubasa Amami humiliated by repairman.
Fuck in the bed full cloths when her husband go out. First time cum in mouth.
Next time, the repairman come again and force her to suck him in the kitchen when her husband is in home. Cum in mouth again.
Her husband friend come and fingering her. Then force her to suck and fuck full cloths when her husband is in home. He cum in her ass before her husband comeback.

last session is the repairman come again and having great time with her in bed. Her husband come home and see her having sex with other man, but they still continue having sex.

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English Subtitles! HBAD-256 Wife Niiyama Sa Ya To Be Gang-Humiliated In Poor Neighborhood In Front Of Husband!

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Young wife get humiliation by some boys when her husband going out for bussiness trip.
At first, she try to fight but they play her body till she cannot fight anymore.
They fuck her and cum in her chest.

Next time they come again then fuck her in the kitchen. She give them lots of blowjob.
This changed her, she like being rape and have fuck with them.
They leave her alone horny, so she masturbate to pleasure herself.

When her husband back from trip, she already loved the boys.
They having fun in front of her husband. They kiss all of her body, seduce her.

Her husband dissapear. She continue having fun with the boys.

English Subtitles:

[MOMJ-012] My Wife Was Humiliated by My Friends – Narimiya Akina

Scene 1: While Akina is cleaning up after a card game, one of the guys comes back and starts groping her. She “tries” to resist at first. They start having sex on the stairs, then end up having sex in the bedroom while the husband is sleeping. There is cowgirl, standing cowgirl, missionary, and ends in a facial.

Scene 2: Guy comes back to the house another day to have more sex with the wife while the husband is gone. She fingers herself. Then the doorbell rings and she is told to have sex with this guy. He starts by going down on her, then she gives him a blowjob. They have sex on the couch (missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, with a cumshot on her back).

Scene 3: Another guy blackmails Akina with pictures, and starts having sex with her.

Scene 4: Akina’s husband and his friends are having another card game. They hold him down, while the start to have play with her (vibrator play, blowjob, and fingering).

Scene 5: She is sitting on a couch when the three friends come in to have sex with her (fingering, blowjobs, multiple positions, three facials).


[GS-1747] Annals, Incest [nine] 実録・近親相姦[九]


[DTKM-045] Since Incest Mother And Son Swap’ll Aroused My Mother, Me Yarra To The Kimi’s Mother. Shinobu Oshima Yukie Mizukami 近親相姦母子スワップ 僕の母親を抱かせてやるから、キミの母さんをヤらせてくれ。 大嶋しのぶ 水上由紀恵

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