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Christmas Fucking My Aunt – Melanie Hicks HD

My big tit aunt came to visit me for the holidays. She wanted to give me my gift. She gave me a little bit more than I expected. I returned the favor by cumming deep in her MILF pussy. Staring Melanie Hicks. Remastered Clip special.

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Nina Nirvana – Stone Age Family Fun HD

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Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF HD



“Ok honey, lets get settled in. Its was long trip, lets get some dinner and get a good nights rest. We have a whole fun day planned tomorrow”..Son asks where is his room..”Well, they only had one room so we’ll make it work.” Son points out that there is only one bed. “This was the only room, so you’ll just sleep with me. I dont want to hear it right now, Im wiped and just want to eat and sleep. Ok?” Later after dinner mom climbs into bed rubbing lotion on her body talking to son about how excited she is to see his Aunt tomorrow. Son is not really listening, he’s watching mom, distracted by her toned legs and bare feet. She gets under the covers..”oh my goodness, your feet are ice cold baby! Here, put them against me and warm them up”..She rolls over and buts up against son and says good night.

She soon thinks she’s feels something hard rubbing up against her. She reaches back and touches something and turns around. “Do you have a..a erection!?” Son tried to deny it but admits to it and tells her that he cant make it go away. “Well, make it go away..I dont know, think different thoughts. This is really inappropriate!” and turns back over. She feels him nudge her again with his erect penis and goes and flips on the light. “Let me see, is there something wrong?!” She yanks back the blankets to see that he has a fully erect penis. “Oh my god!” She doesnt know what to say. He tells her that it hurts. She climbs back into bed to investigate in a motherly way. “Why would it be hurting?” She rubs it and son moans a little. His warm penis in her hands feels good and she looses her senses for a few moments. Admiring this beautiful penis..She looks at him.. Son says that feels really good. “Ok, well..this is one way to make this problem go away.” She continues to jerk him wondering to herself what the hell is she doing..She looks down at it again and then at him. “I should you want me to stop?” Her pussy begins to tingle and she is letting her desires for a man get the best of her..”I shouldnt have had that wine at dinner..oh god”..

She cant fight her desires, she put him into her mouth and begins to lose all self control. She rolls over and slips her sons dick into her wet pussy. He pumps her slowly and it feels so good. She climbs on top and rides him for a while and then turns over and takes it gystyle. She cums and tries to quiet her moans with a pillow. Tells him that he cant finish in her and lays down and jerks him off with her hand. He cums all over mommys face. She wipes it off as he thanks her. She’s at a loss of words.. “You know I love you baby..Time for bed now..Good night.” She rolls over and her son goes right to sleep like a baby. Mom wont be getting any sleep tonight…Mandy Flores

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Madisin Lee – Touchdown With Mom HD

What the hell is my mom doing? She has been acting strange this weekend. I have been hearing moaning and what sounds like porn and a vibrator. She really needs to get laid. One afternoon I was watching sports and waiting for the game to start when mom walks in the living room. Oh, great, I thought. She was wearing a short little dress and carrying a towel an oil and some weird little black pouch. I tried to ignore her and watch the game. She started eating a banana and playing with her pussy. She is being really distracting. I could not help myself and started to get a boner. I hope she does not notice it. She bent over in front of me and showed me her huge ass. Fuck, she is seducing me and I am not going to be able to say no. Damn, it is too late she grabbed my cock and started sucking. Her mouth felt so good and then she turned around and told me to open up the black pouch. It was a butt plug. I stuck it in and fucked her on the couch. I have to admit this is much better than watching sports! I cannot believe I just scored a touchdown with my mom!

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Niece Bribes Uncle For Beer With Sex FULL VERSION

My little bitch niece is in trouble. My stupid sister needs me to watch her for awhile, so I am stuck hanging out with my slutty niece all night. THANK GOD THERE IS BEER! But wait…she wants to drink the beer and tries to get me horny so I will give it to her! She rubs my cock and says it’s okay, and I can’t help but want her to keep playing with it and put it in her mouth! NOW SHE WANTS TO FUCK!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO??????I can’t help it! She feels so good riding me!

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Mommy Made Me Do It – Anya Olsen HD VERSION

Anyas Daddy catches her making out with her brother Jimmy. Furious, he sends Jimmy to his room to think about how he has violated his sister. Wanting to get to the bottom of things, Daddy questions Anya about why she was making out with her brother. He finds out she wasn’t doing it by choice, but that her mom was making her and would punish her if she didn’t do whatever her brothers said. Daddy has to protect and comfort his precious daughter so he promises to stop her mother and she only has to do what she wants to do. To show Daddy how grateful she is, Anya sits in his lap and shows him what a skillful slut she has become!!!- HD VERSION 720/30p.

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REAL Mother and Son Private Incest Video

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Kathia Nobili – 3 NEW and HOT Only Mom-Son Taboo HD Videos!

Erotic ,, ACTIVITY,, game with your mom!!! HD

Finally! After the holidays you stay home alone, just with your mommy! You had a big plans how to spend time with you mom…so much love making and so much pleasure! Well…you’ve been saving your cum for mommy during whole holidays season and now….now you can’t wait when mom make you get rid of it!!!….But…there is something, you didn’t expect, your mom get the plans too!!! She will not gives her self to you so easily as you told! She prepares some game….What are you?! Not a little boy to play games! But your mom insures you…you will love this one! It is erotic game….kind of activity!!! But of course…the pint of this game is…make you both in mood for the big ending after! That completely change the situation and you are looking so much for to play!!! Mommy make it all ready and explain you the rules! Yeah, she says…there are the rules…otherwise it all doesn’t make sense! And now…when everything is clear…..let’s play…..with each other! This game includes everything what you love! Kissing, tits play…and some thing you didn’t even expect!!! Mommy has to talk dirty to you….that’s turns you on so much that for the next challenge you are completely hard end ready! Pointing your hard dick to your mom….obviously she love to see that!!! Your turn then…sexy dance from your mom and then some hot pussy licking….finally you can feel mommy’s tasty pussy! And slowly the game getting hotter and hotter… cock has to disappear in mommy’s pussy as deep as you can….but….she is so turns on by you and your cock….she can’t and she won’t to keep her pleasure any longer…she goading and having the huge, loud orgasm!!! Now she feels so good….so satisfied!!! And what about her baby boy? Does you mommy leave you with that hard cock and the balls full of semen?!!!

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Just to feel mommy’s pussy again!!! HD

Your mom comes home a bit earlier this time! She comes in to your room and…..Hell again! Are you again watching porn young man?!!! She looks mad….but in real! She just come closer to you….take away your laptop and says : Your mommy is much better and you know that my baby boy!!! I told you already….if you need to get rid of that pressure, witch is completely normal in your age….mommy is here for you! So once again…mommy will prove you how much I love you my baby boy! So now….just relax….I see you ready down there…but let mommy tease you a bit more! Stripping for you….nice and slowly! Yeah….my son’s cock is just so beautiful!!! Let mommy that him in her mouth and blowing your swollen cock my baby! And then…..ohhh…yeah….your cock in mommy’s mouth…make me so juicy! Do you want to feel that juice my baby?…Let mommy ride your cock and control all the moves….making my boy completely crazy!!! Touch me son….hold mommy’s boobs and lick my nipples….gently! That’s a good boy! Mmmm….your cock is just made for mommy’s pussy….yeah…feels so good……now…make mommy cum with your hard cock my baby boy!!! And then… will be your turn! Mommy will just jerk you off! Wow….what was that my baby?! So huge explosion! We were so…so horny for mommy?!!!….Now I see….I think is was just a trap for me! Hmm….you only watching porn…to get your mom’s pussy over and over again! So clever baby boy!!!

This time she catches you watching porn and she’s mad all right. But not for the reason you would think. Why would you need porn when you have such a hot mommy like Kathia????

She teases you for a while, and then proceeds to give you the blow job you’ve always dreamed of. Once your good and ready, she rides you until she just can’t wait to finish you off and let you shoot that big creamy load all over her breasts.

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Immigration problems – To keep your mommy?!…you must make her pregnant!!! HD

Ohh my baby…..I’m so glad you are home! I have a worst day of my life! Look….I got the letter from immigration office. They been control my activities and it start to look like I must leave…..Well, right my little boy…I did married your father but as after those few years….we didn’t complete our marriage….they mean, that we don’t have baby together…they suspect, I only married your father for the green card! Ohh sweetie, what if I relay have to leave?!!! What I’ll do without you, Mommy loves you so much! At least ……no….it will be to weird to ask you this! Well….yes…now I have something in my mind…but really is…ok! As I don’t want to be pregnant with your father but if I don’t have baby I have to leave you!!!…What about …YOU…my baby….you make me pregnant! I know is to much to ask….but there is no choice! What….you do it for mommy! My God….you are so sweet! Baby….my sweet son! Well….mommy is ovulating right….would we try now? Yeah… have the best cock mommy have….you can go so deep inside me! Mmmm….make love to mommy and cum inside her pussy! Yes baby…I need all your juice inside me…to have your baby!

In this clip, Kathia’s son comes into find him mother saddened and distraught. It turns out her green card is going to be revoked!!! There’s only one thing to do. She needs to get pregnant, ohh what to do.

It begins with a serious conversation and slowly evolves into an erotic encounter to fulfill her sexual desires and save her from being separated from her loving family. She begins to tease you with some dirty talk and proceeds to touch herself as she entices you in with sweet talk of drenching her with your seed. Lots of dirty talk, some solo pussy play and simulated sex round this clip out. Don’t know what else to add, frankly I can’t understand but two words that this woman is saying…..

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Kynodontas | Dogtooth (2009) UNCUT HQ Version!

Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out.

Christos Stergioglou … Father
Michele Valley … Mother
Angeliki Papoulia … Older Daughter (as Aggeliki Papoulia)
Hristos Passalis … Son
Mary Tsoni … Younger Daughter
Anna Kalaitzidou … Christina
Steve Krikris … Colleague
Sissy Petropoulou … Secretary (as Athanasia Petropoulou)
Alexander Voulgaris … Dog trainer

HD 720p
Language: Greek
Subtitles: Dutch, English, Greek, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish
H.264/AVC 1920×816 23.976fps
DTS 48000Hz 6ch 754kbps
3,21 GB

If you are easily offended by bold unusual film-making especially in the areas of sex and violence do not see this film. That said I just saw this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and thought it was a very interesting and very brave film. Well worth seeing if you can like strong, unusual films. Probably close to 30% of the audience walked out, but I was encouraged by the 70+% that remained, especially since most of the audience were 60+ Americans. The 20-somethings I talked to on the way out were very enthusiastic. The woman sitting next to me said “What did it mean? I don’t understand” but to me there were enough deep meanings and points to ponder on a 30-minute drive home and I can’t wait to tell friends about it. Everything from the dangers of creating a “perfect family” to “the mechanization of capitalism and upper middle class life” to metaphors for the dangers of repressive families and governments. At it’s simplest, it proves that people, especially young ones, are in so many ways what their parents make them. This is not a film you will forget!

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Subtitles (may need to download the movie, and rename the subtitle exacly same with the movie name, and put in the same folder):


Cara dolce nipote (1977) UNCUT HQ Version! Classic Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Andrea Bianchi

Stars: Ursula Heinle, Femi Benussi, Francesco Parisi

Language: Italian

Country: Italy | Dvdrip

Also known as: Naughty Teen

Daniela comes to visit his uncle, who recently lost his wife. At first glance, the girl is so much like a man late wife that he was the real shock, which rapidly gives way to love. But middle-aged uncle doesn’t dare show his feelings to a young girl, and even a close relative.

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A young girl comes to Milan and stays at her friend guy in his 40-50s ,whose wife passed away. She reminds him of his wife, but the guy is too old and shy. He fells in love with her and she started her bright sexual life with different men

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