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Larkin Love – Son Fucks Mom Secret Taboo Size Queen HD

I’m sorry, Son. I booked us two adjoining rooms like usual, but the hotel clerk made a mistake. With Mommy’s business convention going on, there isn’t a single room left except this one. I know you came with me on this trip so that you could visit the theme park nearby. We’ll make this work, ok? Yes, I know you’re a grown up boy now and you like your privacy. Try not to stress about it. We’ll share the bed just this once, and look – I’ll even keep my undergarments on so you feel more at ease. Wait, is that a boner I feel? Are you grinding on me? Oh my GOD, son, I had no idea your cock had gotten so big! I really shouldn’t but . . . can I touch it, just for a second? Mmm, you’re throbbing right through your pajama pants. I know I shouldn’t take a look, but I can’t help myself. You have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! It’s unbelievable! Mmm, I’m getting so wet! Yes, it’s true, your mother is a size queen. This is so wrong, but I absolutely have to feel you inside me right now! Let me ride that thick, hard dick, son! Mom needs your cock stretching her pussy to the limit, right up to the balls. Don’t be shy, son! That’s it! Deeper! As deep and hard as you can! Fuck me until you explode inside me! I don’t care if you get me pregnant, but I need every single drop of cum in that amazing cock of yours to fill me up completely!

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Melanie Hicks – Mom’s All Yours HD 1080p

Years ago, when his father died, it was a tough time for James and his mother Melaine. In order to cheer him up as well as her, his mother created a special day, “Mom’s all yours” day. Once a year she would spend the entire day with him doing anything he wanted. They both enjoyed it, but as he grew older, James has tried to tell his mother he’s too grown up for it. But she always insists and he has to admit he always has a good time.

James is dreading today because things have changed. He has been watching a lot of MILF porn and what he really wants his mother to do for him, she would never do. After all, your mom asking one of her girlfriends to have sex with her son is frowned upon by pretty much everyone not to mention illegal. But when James’s mom pushes him to tell her what he really wants. At first she seems a bit shocked but tells him not to worry, mommie will handle it. This year mom’s all yours day is going to take on a whole new meaning!

Later that afternoon dressed in a red teddy, Melanie stood in her son’s doorway as he watched porn on his phone. She asks what he’s watching and he stutters MILF porn. She walks in and sits on James’ bed. He asks his mom why she’s dressed like that and she smiles and tells him she said she’d take care of things. His mom pulls out her breast and tells James to touch it. He awkwardly caresses her boob as she rubs her hand over the bulge in his jeans. Melanie pulls her son’s jeans down and starts sucking his cock. She’s impressed with how big it grows.

James’ mother tells him if an older woman is going to teach her son about sex, it’s going to be her. His mom climbs on to ride his cock. She teaches James that different positions give a woman a variety of pleasure. Melanie fucks her son cowgirl, doggystyle, from behind and spread eagle. She can feel him getting close so she squeezes her pussy walls tight around his dick. He groans and pulls out just in time to shoot four thick loads across his mom’s pussy, stomach, tits and face. James literally covers his mom from head to pussy. She smiles and tells him this is the best Mom’s All Yours Day ever.

Sex Acts: blowjob, reverse.cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, spoon, cumshot mainly on her belly but he reaches her tits and face as well.

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MILF 1357 – Cheating Housewife, The Mouse Will Play!

Rachel was the sexy, horny, hedonistic and adulterous wife of an uptight, never-at-home lawyer. Because he ran his own practice, Rachel often ended going there to see what young men were available for seduction. In the past she had accidentally gotten one of them fired after her husband found out that she was fucking him. Not that that discouraged her.

Lately she had her eye on her husband’s new partner. His name was Dean, and Rachel found him especially attractive. One day she decided to drop in his office to get to know him better. Being the boss’s wife meant she could get away with all kinds of unprofessional conduct. She flirted with him shamelessly. In her short skirt she sat on his desk, directly in his eye-line, crossing and uncrossing her bare legs. Sometimes she leaned over – pretending to read some papers – to give him a view of her cleavage.

Dean thought Rachel was very hot, but he fought hard to hide it. He was well aware of the dangers of messing with the boss’s wife. As a result of his apparent coolness, Rachel began to feel awkward and disheartened. She feared that she had struck out. That evening she was at home drinking a martini. Always a provocative dresser, she wore a tight, lacy pink nightie that left little to the imagination. Its low neckline showed off the maximum of her tremendous cleavage, and its short hem was equally revealing of her long, sleek legs. It made her feel very sensual and lustful.

Soon she began to think of Dean again. She was determined to take a second shot at seducing him. He was just what she needed. She had been getting ever more bored and restless of late. Besides, the situation was ripe: her husband was leaving that night for a month’s business trip. Delaying no longer, Rachel phoned Dean at his house while he was having supper with his wife. Rachel put on her sweetest, most charming voice, and requested that he come over the next day to help her fix a few problems. Dean politely agreed, and Rachel afterwards lay back smiling at how easily she had lured him.

It amused her, too, that he was married. If Rachel’s plans worked out, there would soon be some double spouse-cheating going on. The following morning, Dean was at Rachel’s house, finishing some repairs on her air-conditioning vent. Rachel stood watching him, sipping on another of her martinis. She now wore a sexy black dress – short and elegant. Occasionally she made a sly, suggestive comment in hopes of turning Dean on. Later, while he was taking a break, Rachel talked with him about her husband. She confessed that she thought he was an ass, but Dean preferred to make no comment.

The young partner was still reluctant to put himself in a compromising position. Rachel sensed this, and decided on a new tack. She told Dean that that there was a TV frame in her room that also needed fixing. Dean dutifully went to look at it. While he was at work, Rachel headed off to her closet to slip into something more comfortable. Presently she came out wearing a vast fur coat. She twirled and showed it off to Dean – who was very impressed. Rachel told him that her husband had bought it for her. She did not know whether it was made of mink or fox since she already had so many of them. Then, all of a sudden, she stretched one her legs out from the cover of the coat and propped her foot on the bed. It was an impressive sight.

Rachel was wearing high-heels and stockings. The eye could see them all the way from her trim ankles to the tops of her thighs where the fasteners of her garter belt were visible against her bare skin. At last Dean faced the fact that Rachel was trying to seduce him. When he asked her as much, she confirmed it boldly. From that moment on there was no need for coyness or innuendo. Rachel shrugged off the fur coat so that Dean could see all that she had to offer him. He was taken aback as he beheld the absolute sexiness that was his wealthy boss’s glamorous wife – clad in the most elegant of lingerie.

He was spoiled for things to appreciate – her big tits swelling in a tight bra; her shapely butt, her sweeping hips, her endless legs. His will to resist weakened by the second. Rachel told him how bored and fed up she was, and how she wanted him to pleasure her. She climbed onto her bed and posed and lolled around on it before Dean’s mesmerized eyes. Finally, the temptation was too great for him. Despite his misgivings about being dishonest to both his boss and his wife, he went over to Rachel. She cooed to him and led him on – a beautiful, decadent siren.

First she pulled her big tits out of her bra, then pulled Dean’s face into them. The young partner lost the last of his self-control and began to suckle on Rachel’s erect nipples. Following a long, intense kiss, the two lay down side by side and caressed each other’s bodies. While Rachel’s hands roved, she found Dean’s cell phone and put it aside. Both of them agreed that it would not do for them to be interrupted by a call from his wife. After that, things really heated up.

Rachel sucked Dean’s cock with all the skill and sensuality she could muster. She never did such a thing for her husband. He did not deserve it. But, on Dean, she did all there was to do. She licked his shaft all over, and deep-throated it in smooth, expert motions. Rachel enjoyed herself so much that her pussy became sopping wet. Getting on to her back, she spread her legs and invited Dean to eat her out. Her new lover did as she bade. He made Rachel moan with all his licking, and lapping and finger-fucking of her hungry pussy.

On the heels of this came some intense missionary-style action. Dean sank his cock into Rachel and pumped her for all he was worth. The horny wife gasped and panted in delight. Her big-titted body bounced under Dean’s every strong stroke. Her husband could never give her the kind of pleasure she felt right then. In time they moved on the doggy-position. Rachel loved being dominated that way. Again the vigor of Dean’s fucking passed into her body – the jolts of his contacting hips causing her tits to shake and her dangling hair to sway.

The cheating wife’s excitement led her to talk dirty. She begged Dean to fuck the bitch out of her and make her dirty with his cum. Soon Dean himself joined in, and the two enjoyed a back-and-forth in which they laughed at what they were doing behind their spouse’s backs. At last, after giving his boss’s wife another hard, missionary-style fuck, Dean pulled out and came over her face. It was just where she insisted on taking it.

The white flooded her smiling mouth and drenched her lips and chin. Afterwards, Rachel lay contented on her bed. Nothing could beat the kick she got from cuckolding her husband. She was pleased to see that Dean was not showing any signs of guilt. That was good. After all, she wanted him to stay willing and eager – so that he would be ready to fuck her again as soon possible.

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My Brother is my Boyfriend – Penny Pax HD

My brother taught me a serious lesson tonight: I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend. This third time he comes to check on me in my room he wakes me up with his dick hard as a rock! Apparently that caning and spanking he gave his little sister really turned him on. He tells me I’ll never have a boyfriend again and my first job is to make his cock come. I jerk my big brothers dick with my hands because it would be just wrong to suck my own brothers dick. BONUS: Slo-mo Cum Recap

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Lily LaBeau – Best Left Unspoken Part One HD


My sister, Lily, and I go away together on vacation. I booked two rooms, but it turns out the hotel is overbooked so we have to share a suite. I assure Lily it’ll be like old times when we shared a room together. When I decide to take a shower, Lily gets comfy in bed, wearing only a tank top and panties. When I comes out, Lily decides to turn in for the night. When Lily falls asleep asleep, I reach over and start to touch Lily. At first, she wakes up and tells me to stay on my side of the bed. But, a little while later, I can’t help but try to make another pass at her, reaching up her shirt and groping her tits. Surprisingly, she reaches under the covers and starts stroking my cock lightly.

Lily enters the room with her brother and small talk about how they overbooked and share a room together like old times. Lily lays down in bed while the brother showers. Lily goes to sleep and the brother slowly rubs her body with his hand. They tease each other and goes to each others private parts. Blowjob scene happens and he eats her out. Some intercourse like doggy happens next. Little to none talking during the whole time. He cums in her and it slowly drips out. Very intimate scene

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Proven Real MOM-SON Self-Made Video!

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Cropping Daughter’s Bad Grades Cropping – Penny Pax HD

I haven’t been doing well in school lately. My dad just received my report cardand he is not happy! This time dad decides hes going to teach me a lesson with the crop. He orders me to turn around and present my butt for punishment. Daddy makes my ass all red and welted to make sure I don’t forget. It’s painful to learn the hard way but I know daddy loves me and always knows whats best.

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Wife Gets Fucked Hard In Front Of Poor Hubby!

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Nikki Brooks in Lessons From Daddy HD 1080p

Scene One: Persistent Daughter

Dressed in her workout clothes Nikki lays down on the bench and tries to lift. “Daddy!” She calls. He walks in to see his daughter struggling with even the smallest weights. “Do you need help?” He asks and Nikki answers in delight. Nikki doesn’t care about working out but she saw a video online where a daughter seduces her father in her tight workout outfit and a slip of a hand to her dad’s cock. “Why is your cock hard?” Nikki says touching him. He backs up and tells her to get serious. But when she’s only serious about getting his dick he leaves in embarrassment. “I practically jerk him off and he leaves” Nikki says in frustration.

Scene Two: Daddy issues

Nikki decides to go all in. She strips off her clothes and calls her father back into the room. “What are you doing!” He shouts in disbelief. Nikki explains that she’s just hot and she really needs her fathers help. She pulls his hands onto her tits. When that doesn’t work she wraps her legs around him and forces his face into her pussy. “I wont tell mom anything” Nikki whispers and pulls down his pants. She bends over and lets his hard cock fuck her from behind. “That’s better” She moans and gets fucked around the bench. She rides him and lets him shoot his hot load inside of her. “I knew he couldn’t resist” Nikki moans, cum oozing down her leg.

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Just This Once – Meana Wolf HD 1080p

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S**

What would you do if your mom snooped on your computer and found your MILF and mommy/son porn? Would you lie? Say it wasn’t yours? Blame it on your dad? What would you do if she then dug further and found the forums you’ve been visiting on reddit? Those dark and forbidden places where young men openly talk about wanting to fuck their moms? Or brag about finally breaking through and actually doing it for real? What if your mother knew that you slowly stroked your cock every night thinking about her warm and wet pussy? What if she knew that you secretly wished that she’d come and fuck you every night after your dad went to sleep? What would you do if she crawled into your bed one night while dad was out late working, and told you that she knew everything? What would you do if your mother suggested that you and her should fuck just once, just once to make those unnatural feelings go away? What would you do if your mother told you you she wouldn’t be cheating on your dad…because your family? If she reached over and grabbed your cock? What would you do? I think you know.

xoxo Meana Wolf
P.S: You’re Welcome.

Clip Contains: One of Meana’s most intimate and compelling Mother/Son clips yet. Lose yourself in your mothers hot, naked, bare sensuality as she sucks and fucks your brains out. She wants her son’s bare cock inside her just once, just once to make that nagging curiosity go away. She rides your cock and moans ,”Am I a bad mom for wanting my son’s cock?” She asks as she slowly bounces her wet cunt up and down on your dick. She wants to feel your cum inside her. She wants you to fill her up just one time…it’s not cheating…your her son. **This is Meana’s first ever Fully Nude performance. Thank you for supporting me and my clips. xoxo**

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