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Lucy Marie – Mommy will make you stop groping your sister HD

Come here hunny, come to Mommy, I know your just standing there watching, what’s wrong? has Mommy not given you enough attention. Come on…I think I have. Now come and talk to Mommy, I know all your thinking about at the moment is breasts.. is it not? don’t get shy come and tell Mommy. I know what you have been up to. When ever your sister comes home from athletics club and sleeps on the sofa, you stare at her tits through that tight little white t-shirt she wears. I know you do, Ive seen you! and then you rub your little penis and grope her just like this don’t you. I want you to promise Mommy that you wont do that from now on, its very naughty, you focus on Mommy instead… look darling… hmmmmmm… look at Mommas perfect tits…look how hard you are. Now I think someone would like their little penis sucked. I think I need to teach you a little lesson, I need to make sure you never grope your sister again. I am going to fuck you and make you cum in me if you promise Mommy not to be naughty again, I think you need to feel a real women, now sit back hunny.. Mommy’s going to ride your perfect little penis. I know Daddy’s downstairs… we just have to be really quiet.. and I want you to shoot a big sticky load in my pussy…ok sweetie.

6 minutes of mommy talk before she takes her tits out, more mommy talk before 4 minutes of virtual cowgirl while she tries to keep her voice down until an implied creampie.

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Ashley Alban Super Cumshot Compilation HD

A.K.A. The Super Cumslut Compilation!

The final edition of Ashley’s boy/girl compilation videos is here! This one is action packed, filled with 31 separate cumshots ranging from her very first to the very last boy/girl video she filmed. In this glorious video, Ashley receives loads on her ass, on her tits, on her feet, on her stomach, and in her pussy. There are also many shots of her stroking his dick until his cum shoots out. Watch Ashley work his dick and beg for cum over and over. As an added benefit, the sound has been remastered for the older videos!

Excepts from (in order): Daddy Fucks Me, Horny Friend Gets Fucked, Blonde Worships Your Cock, Fucking Your TA, Clothed BJ, Desperate for a Job, Anal, Daenerys Seduces You, Ash Gets a Load on her Feet!, Suck This Hot Gym Guy, BJ With Cum on Tits, Limp, Titty Fuck, Blackmailing Ash for Anal, Stroke for this Dick, Cersei and Jaime, Stroke Your Cock for Ashley’s Tits!, Riding II, Your GFs NYE, Fucking Mommy, Daughter Curious About Daddy’s Dick, The Whore Loves Anal, Hot Gym Girl BJ, Baby Making Sex, Lotion Handjob, Learn to Suck Dick, Ashley’s First Footjob, Sis Wants to Suck Dick, Anal Virgin, The Escort, Stroke for Ashley’s Perfect Ass!

If you want to watch Ashley take a bunch of facials get Facial Compilations I-III. If your preference is watching her eat cum, get Cum Eating Compilations I and II (just search “compilation” on Ashley’s store and you’ll find all of them!).

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Jaclyn Taylor – Cum on my big, new titties, daddy HD

You are the best step dad ever because you paid for your daughter Jaclyn’s new boobs. Do you want to see them? Maybe you can stroke off while she shows off those sexy tits. They are round and firm and perfect! Jaclyn is so grateful that you paid for those fats tits and she is more than happy to let you jerk off to them. Can you build up a fat load for your daughter? She would love you to explode on those titties today. Keep stroking as Jaclyn takes off her denim shorts to expose her hairless pussy. Do you want to watch her rub her pussy like a whore? Can you see how wet she is for you, daddy? “My holes want you so bad,” she whispers. She is a filthy slut and you cannot wait to cum all over her. Jaclyn rubs her titties as she teases you and encourages you to stroke your cock harder. She really wants you to drop your load on her new titties and you give her the biggest nutt possible.

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REAL Dad and Daughter Webcam!

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Lynda Leigh – Stepson JOI HD

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My Slutty Step Sister – Megan Rain HD

You’re on a beach holiday with the new family. And when your stepsister looks like Megan Rain and she walks in on you with that bikini… let’s just say things get accidentally harder. She came in to complain about her mom being controlling, but when Megan notices your boner, she’s actually quite impressed and turned on. It turns out she’s been fantasizing about this for a while, too. Enjoy this gorgeous brunette’s petite body as she gets a lot more familiar with you in this steamy outdoor VR porn scene.

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MILF 886 – Taboo Stories, Mind Control!

Rachel’s son Aaron is a total geek and fancies himself an inventor. So far he has not invented anything practical or useful but Rachel does not want to discourage him. His sister Misty loves her brother but would rather not be seen in public with him. He is pretty embarrassing when you are trying to be cool. Misty calls out when she comes home. Aaron is in his room as usual working on some stupid gadget. He is excited and tells her that he thinks that this one is going to be a big hit. It is a device that stimulates brain functions. It could help people with learning problems overcome brain injuries. He asks Misty to test his invention. She asked him if it was going to fry her brain. He told her that there would be no problem. He attached the collar to her neck and inputted the first instructions into the remote. She felt a little jolt and reacted. He told her that this was normal. He punched in the second set of instructions and gave her some simple directions which she followed to the letter. He knew it was working because Misty never did anything that he told her to do. He punched in the third set of instructions when it stopped going according to plan. Misty started touching her crotch and breasts. Aaron looked at the remote control and tried to figure out what went wrong. It suddenly occurred to him that this was a chance for him to have real sex. He looked around to ensure that his mother was not home. He told Misty to take off her sweater and pulled down her dress to expose her young breasts. She took it off and resumed playing with herself. He dropped his pants and told her to suck his cock. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth without any objection. She continued to suck his cock until he instructed her to lie back on the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side. He played with her pussy and she almost immediately had an orgasm. The device had made her clit extra sensitive. He told her to play with her breasts while he played with her pussy. He was so horny that he told her to resume sucking his cock until he shot a load of cum down her throat. He removed the collar and found to his surprise that she still responded to his commands. That effect was permanent! He knew that his mother would be home soon so they went into the living room to wait for her arrival. Rachel came home from shopping and greeted them. She told Misty to straighten up her dress but she did not react. After a moment Aaron told Misty to straighten up her dress and she did it. Rachel asked Misty a question and she did not respond. After a moment Aaron told her to answer and she did. Rachel was puzzled why Misty was doing what Aaron said and not her. Misty never listened to Aaron. Aaron told his mother that he was very excited about his new invention. Rachel sighed but tried to encourage him. Aaron told her with a sly grin that he had to show her how it worked. He led her back to his room/workshop and had her put on the brain stimulation device. He punched in the instructions into the remote control and it worked just like it did on Misty. His mother immediately ran her hands over her breasts and crotched. He told her to unbutton her blouse and she did. He ran his hands on the bountiful breasts of his normally conservative mother. He decided to go for broke. He pulled out his cock and told Rachel to suck it. She sank to her knees and started blowing him. He decided that he wanted more than a blowjob. He decided that he wanted his mother and sister at the same time. He told Rachel to go into the living room. He called Misty into the room. She had been cleaning the kitchen as instructed. A first for her. He told the women to undress each other. He told them to kiss and feel each other’s breasts. Aaron directed the action. Misty was sitting back on the couch with her legs spread wide. Rachel was licking her daughter’s pussy while Aaron stroked himself. It was almost an overload for the young geek. Misty suckled her mother’s breasts while Rachel played with her pussy. Aaron told Misty to play with Rachel’s pussy. The women played with each other as Aaron got a closer look. He licked both their pussies to get them nice and wet. He slid his cock into his sister first. He pumped away her until she orgasmed. He was getting ready to switch to his mother but first told her to lie back on the couch. Misty climbed between her legs and licked her pussy until Rachel had an orgasm. Aaron climbed in between Rachel’s legs and pumped her pussy while Misty sat on her face. Misty diddled Rachel’s clit while her pussy was pounded by her son. When Aaron was ready to cum he told them to get on their knees and suck his cock. When he finally exploded Misty licked it up. She let it dribble out of her mouth. Aaron instructed her to lick it all up and swallow it. Aaron is going to be the man of the house from now on.

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Here they are! Young and brave! Two couples who volunteered and signed for Wife swap! Both the wives are amazing blondes. One is too lazy to cook and the other one doesn’t get enough sex. What a material. So are we cooking or fucking? Let the test of these two marriages begin.
The guy who was lazy to fuck obviously needed just the right stimulation. His new wife definitely won’t have time for cooking. A warm and wet pussy is the best dinner anyway. And cum covered belly is a nice dessert.
The other couple is getting all romantic and the faithfulness is slowly falling apart. Drinks helped them a lot and tho morals were all forgotten. This girl really didn’t fuck for a long time. She came several times and sucked the cock of her new husband dry. This won’t end with a happy end!!!

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Mama Tapped Datt Young Ass HD

Decollector, Cherry Millenium, Aries Crush, Asa Of Spades

This is a simple story about strong black older women surprising sweet young girls with ultimate pleasure and basically introducing them to the irresistible taste of pussy! Xena is a rare woman with the beauty and bronze and when she spots innocent coco with her amazing shape Xena had to have her – one taste of Xena’s sweet essence is all it took and Coco was turned out! This is a film for strong women and made by strong women so beware!

With Love “Meow”

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While My Husband Was Passed Out – Alexis Fawx HD

Alexis was expecting her anniversary to be full of hot sex, but her husband had too much to drink at dinner. After he passes out in their hotel room Alexis calls up room service and takes a hot bath. She’s feeling lonely and unsatisfied, so when the cute room service guy shows up she decides to treat herself to his big cock – right next to her dozing husband! Happy Anniversary, Alexis.

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