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Lena Paul in Daughter Saves the Family HD

Scene One: Making Money Fast
“Daddy what’s wrong?”, Lena asks her distressed father. He just got laid off and they will have to sell everything if they hope to survive. “I’m going to fix this”, Lena says to him as he leaves to go get drunk. Lena looks online to find out how to make money fast and help out her father. She sees a website that pays for selfies of girls in their bedroom and decides to do whatever it takes. In her bedroom she snaps some photos and sends them into the website. A client respond that they would like the photos from a wider angle, like a photo shoot. Lena calls in her brother to help her out and snaps a few photos to upload. The client likes the new photos but they want more. Nudes. Lena doesn’t like the thought but if it’s that or living on the street she does what it takes. She calls her brother back into her room to start taking photos. “Don’t make this weird”, Lena tells her brother as she takes off her top. The phone snaps photo after photo of her big natural breasts. She pulls off her pants and shows off her ass and pussy to the camera. “I’m so nervous my hands are shaking”, she tells him. After he’s taken the last pick she yells at him. “Just don’t look at me, get out.”

Scene Two: Hard Cock Photos
The client loves the photos that were taken but if she wants more money she will have to pose with a cock in the photos. The money is too good to pass up but where is she going to find a penis to use. She hates the thought but she will have to convince her brother to do it. She calls her brother in and tells him what he needs to do. “We have to do it for dad”, she tells him. He reluctantly agrees and they snap the photos, her naked body next to his naked cock. Lena uploads the photos and gets an instant response. The cock needs to be hard. If she doesn’t retake the photos the way he wants them he’s going to take back his money. Lena has come to far to end it now. She runs back into the living room and pulls down her brothers pants. “What are you doing!”, He yells at her, pushing her away. She yells back. “Get hard!”, pulling on his cock and jerking it hard. “Shut up and take the photo”, she says, smiling into the camera with her brothers hard cock next to her breasts. Her client loves the new photos but wants more. He wants her to suck cock for the photos. “Were doing this for dad” she tells herself. She brings her brother into her room and lays him on the bed. “You know how much money is at stake”, she tells him. Pulling down his pants she smiles for the camera as she’s forced to take her brother into her mouth. Both brother and sister have no choice but to whore themselves for money. “What the fuck! You came in my fucking mouth”, Lena yells as a stream of cum shoots into her sucking mouth. “You could have warned me”, she spits.

Scene Three: Milfy Photos
The next day and her client is offering her more money that ever before. But to get the extra cash she will need a second girl in her photos someone Milfy. “Who the fuck am I going to use?”, she says and she realizes what needs to happen. Lena calls in her mother and explains the situation. Cory can’t believe what she’s hearing from her daughter. “Don’t be mad, we didn’t want to do it. But look at this money”, Lena explains. “It’s wrong”, Cory responds, but she knows deep down she’ll have to do it. “Just once…”, Cory says. Mother and daughter sit side by side as they tell him what’s going to happen. “It’s money for dad”, they say, giving him the phone to take photos. Awkwardly they strip in front of each other, seeing their naked bodies for the first time. Together the girls take a deep breath and pull down his pants, taking turns sucking and sharing his cock. Each snap of the camera removes a little bit more of their dignity. They kiss for the photo and hope that they never have to do this again.

Scene Four: Always More
More instructions from her client, and more money. Have a threesome. “I’ve never even had sex before”, Lena says to herself. But he has her right where he wants her and she will do anything for the cash her family so desperately needs. “Mom come in”, Lena calls. Wearing matching outfits the girls call in the brother and don’t give him a chance to refuse. “It’s a lot of money, we’ll have the house paid for”, she tells him. He snaps photos as Lena kisses her mom and sucks on her mom’s big breasts. The girls lose themselves in trying to make the best looking photos. Cory strokes her son’s cock and smiles for the camera as her daughter touches her pussy. They are getting turned on but they don’t want to like this. Just smile for the camera and don’t think about how wrong this is. He fucks them both while they dive their faces into each others pussies. Moaning and enjoying themselves against their wills. The family has a threesome that they can never forget until he shoots his warm load all over his sisters hairy bush. All three of them kiss at the best fuck they’ve ever had.

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Sindee and Scott Proven REAL Bro-Sis New Unpublished Video + Pics!

Sindee and Scott Proven REAL Bro-Sis New Unpublished Video + Pics!

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A Daughters Family Initiation – Madeline Blue, Anya Olsen HD VERSION

Jenny is finally home alone. She grabs her Mommy’s dirty panties and Daddy’s used boxers. She likes to smell them while she masturbates which is quite often. Since her parents are very strict she doesn’t get to date boys or even hang out with her girlfriends. And they only sex she knows is what she watches online. Jenny puts on her Mommy’s panties and starts to rub herself while sniffing Daddy’s underwear. She was just about to cum when her parents walk in. Her Mom is mortified and starts yelling at her. Then she notices that Jenny is wearing her dirty panties! She freaks out even more! Then she realizes Jenny had been sniffing Daddy’s boxers and she was speechless. Jenny was so ashamed she just wanted to crawl away and disappear! Her Mom saw how ashamed Jenny was and felt bad. “This is really our fault” she said. Her Mom explained that they had raised her too strict and she might have an unhealthy view of sex now.They just wanted her to be a proper young lady but in doing so they have turned her into a sexual deviant. “But that’s all going to change now” her Mom said. She told Jenny that she was going to show her how to be a normal sexually active girl. That she help her older Brother and now she will help her. First since she like to sniff Mommy’s panties, how about trying the real thing. She kissed her Daughter and told her not to be nervous. She spread her leg’s and told her to smell Mommy’s pussy. She then shows her how it all works down there. Jenny loved smelling her Mothers pussy and wanted to taste it. Mommy told her she could lick it and maybe Mommy will cum for her. She was surprised how well her Daughter licked her cunt and within minutes she was cuming all overJenny’s face.Mom asks her if she had even seen a penis before and Jenny said only online.Mom takes out herFathers cock and shows Jenny what to do with it. Before long Mom and Daughter are taking turns sucking Daddy’s cock. Just before her Daddy cums all over her face her stupid Brother walks in on them. He is pissed and starts yelling at Mom! And then he sees hisSister he get’s even more upset”What the fuck is she doing here!” Mom explains to him that his Sister knows everything and is going to be playing with the family from now on!Mom tells her son not to be upset and starts to take his cock out. She tells her Daughter to start sucking Daddy’s cock while Mom takes care of her Brother. When her Daddy tells her he is about to cum, Mom holds her Daughter mouth open and tells her to get ready for Daddy’s yummy cum. Dad cums right in his little girls mouth and Mom tells her to hold in there. She then makes her Son cum in her mouth and she drools it into her Daughters mouth. She then instructs her to give it back to Mommy. They cum swap back and forth until Mom swallows it all!


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Milftoon Full SiteRip NEW February 2017!

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Nina Nirvana – Stone Age Family Fun HD

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Mommy Made Me Do It – Anya Olsen HD VERSION

Anyas Daddy catches her making out with her brother Jimmy. Furious, he sends Jimmy to his room to think about how he has violated his sister. Wanting to get to the bottom of things, Daddy questions Anya about why she was making out with her brother. He finds out she wasn’t doing it by choice, but that her mom was making her and would punish her if she didn’t do whatever her brothers said. Daddy has to protect and comfort his precious daughter so he promises to stop her mother and she only has to do what she wants to do. To show Daddy how grateful she is, Anya sits in his lap and shows him what a skillful slut she has become!!!- HD VERSION 720/30p.

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Kynodontas | Dogtooth (2009) UNCUT HQ Version!

Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out.

Christos Stergioglou … Father
Michele Valley … Mother
Angeliki Papoulia … Older Daughter (as Aggeliki Papoulia)
Hristos Passalis … Son
Mary Tsoni … Younger Daughter
Anna Kalaitzidou … Christina
Steve Krikris … Colleague
Sissy Petropoulou … Secretary (as Athanasia Petropoulou)
Alexander Voulgaris … Dog trainer

HD 720p
Language: Greek
Subtitles: Dutch, English, Greek, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish
H.264/AVC 1920×816 23.976fps
DTS 48000Hz 6ch 754kbps
3,21 GB

If you are easily offended by bold unusual film-making especially in the areas of sex and violence do not see this film. That said I just saw this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and thought it was a very interesting and very brave film. Well worth seeing if you can like strong, unusual films. Probably close to 30% of the audience walked out, but I was encouraged by the 70+% that remained, especially since most of the audience were 60+ Americans. The 20-somethings I talked to on the way out were very enthusiastic. The woman sitting next to me said “What did it mean? I don’t understand” but to me there were enough deep meanings and points to ponder on a 30-minute drive home and I can’t wait to tell friends about it. Everything from the dangers of creating a “perfect family” to “the mechanization of capitalism and upper middle class life” to metaphors for the dangers of repressive families and governments. At it’s simplest, it proves that people, especially young ones, are in so many ways what their parents make them. This is not a film you will forget!

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Subtitles (may need to download the movie, and rename the subtitle exacly same with the movie name, and put in the same folder):


Brother And Sister Chronicles Anal Internal Edition PPP – Penny Pax HD

I am in my room one day when my brother just comes in and starts recording me on his video camera. Apparently he got an early birthday present for his favorite sister and came to deliver it and capture my reaction on camera for our home family movies. Can you guess what he got me? Yup, a healthy dose of brotherly dick. Except this time he doesn’t want my pussy. My brother has decided he wants to try my little butthole out. Watch me take his cock and a big fat load deep inside my ass! PP

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Katie Cummings 2 HOT Incest Taboo HD Videos!

Little Brother Fucks Curvy Big Sister HD 1080p

Katie is back for more fun with her little brother. She quickly has them both naked and tells him she wants to fuck. But since they are brother/sister, they need to use a condom so it won’t really be sex. She convinces her little brother and she begins to ride him. She bounces up and down, grinding on his cock. He fat body jiggles all over. He then fucks her doggy. Butt fat rippling as he slams her. Then some missionary. Her stomach moves all around in great ways. He even plays with her belly button. Then she decides she does no want the condom and they take it off. He fucks her a bit more and shoot his load all over her plump belly.

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Big Sister’s Pregnancy Conspiracy HD 1080p

Katie is walking around the pool and you get great views of her ass as she walks around. Little brother is home. He has been out working hard because he has to pay to feed his big sister Katie, who he has gotten pregnant. They hug and he gets excited. He wants to fuck her. Katie says no way, it’s bad for the baby. But she jerks him off a bit and rubs his cock on her belly as she gets naked. But they hear the door. Must be the surprise little brother promised. Katie calls her friend and we find out that she is not pregnant. She has been scamming little brother to buy her food. He comes back with a pizza in hand. But after a minute, he confronts her. He heard the conversation and he knows she is not pregnant. Katie agrees to fuck him if he forgives her. He agrees and fucks her doggy style while she eats pizza. Then she climbs on top to fuck him. Finally, she jerks him off onto her belly.

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