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Touch Me Here Daddy – Katya Rodriguez HD

Katya isn’t feeling very well. She doesn’t want to go to school this day either. She starts teasing her dad with making him grab her tits. She then makes him play with her pussy. Stuff get heathen up and suddently she got her mouth around his cock.

After the oral sex there is some fucking in several positions like doggy style, reverse cowgirl, spoon, missionary and cowgirl. The scene ends with Katya recieving a load on her face – she isn’t feeling that ill now!

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One Last Thing Before I Go – Scarlett Sage HD


Scarlett is just starting college and moving into her dorm with new independence, but there’s one thing she needs to do before she leaves her mother’s house. She’s been fantasising about her stepdad for so long and she has this last chance to take it to the next step. She decides to take the direct approach and tells him straight. He is shocked at first, but he can’t deny that he wants the same thing too. Will she get her last wish before she leaves?

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Stealing Daughter Caught And Punished By Father HD

I have spent all day at the casino having fun and drinking so I could enjoy my fucking day off! When I got home, I decided to pass out for a little while before drinking some more! Low and BEHOLD, my bitch ass little whiny slut of a daughter decided to steal from MY WALLET!!! I catch her in the act, and make her bend over for me so her ass can taste the leather of my belt!!!! Well, she didn’t like that very much, and started touching my crotch. She says she wants to work out a deal instead of getting a beating. OKAY! She start jerking my cock and sucking it until I realize I need her pussy to get off!!! Smiley I LOVE MY THIEVING DAUGHTER!!!! SHE WILL BEG ME FOR A CREAMPIE!!!! NOW I WILL FUCK HER WHENEVER SHE DISOBEYS ME!!! I HOPE I GET HER PREGNANT!!!!

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Rare Vintage Classic Grandpa-Granddaughter Screen!

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Daughter Blackmails Daddy for Cash HD

Hey Daddy! I need a hundred bucks to go to the mall! What you mean “no”?! Well, fine then! What if, when Mom comes home in a couple of hours… I just tel her how much you love my pussy! That’s right! How do you think she’d react, knowing her husband is fucking her little girl? So you’re going to give me that money Daddy. Besides… you know what you get when you treat me like a princess! You can’t deny it, you love my tight, smooth pussy, don’t you Daddy? You’re going to give me that money whenever I ask for it, because you don’t want to have to say goodbye to this pussy, do you? You don’t mind that I blackmail you Daddy? That’s right, I didn’t think so!


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Vanessa Cage and Cory Chase in Cognitive Fluency HD

Scene One: Trust me I am lying

Vanessa and her brother are snooping through their parents bedroom. There they find all sorts of kinky sex stuff hiding under her bed. Just then their mother Cory walks into the room. “What are you doing?” Cory says angrily. “I don’t even know what these are” Vanessa says defending herself. The siblings blame each other and try not to get in trouble.

Cory is going to punish her nosy daughter. She starts to pull off Vanessa’s clothes when Vanessa shouts that her brother will see her naked. Cory blindfolds both of them and strips her daughter naked while Vanessa protests. “I’m going to teach you a lesson” Cory says, humiliating her daughter. She lays Vanessa on the bed and ties her up.

With her powerless to stop it, her brother touches her exposed body. “Mom, this is so weird” Vanessa says on the edge of crying. Brother and mother touch her breasts and rub a vibrator against her pussy until she’s ready to be used.

She doesn’t understand what’s happening, being forced to suck, having her legs spread and her pussy penetrated. While being fucked Cory takes off the blindfold from her silly daughter. “Oh my god, you’re making me have sex with my brother!” She screams, seeing him between her legs. Cory makes her daughter lick her pussy while she watches her son fuck her and make her cum. With one quick jerk he shoots his big load into Vanessa’s unwilling mouth. “Share that load with me” Cory tells her and they kiss. Vanessa is in a state of shock and doesn’t know what to do.

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Scene Two:Greatly Daring

Vanessa’s punishment isn’t over. She has to lay naked in the bed, blindfolded and tied down. She feels warm hands touching her breasts and hears her mother’s soft voice. Vanessa thinks her brother is back to fuck her again and happily sucks his cock. She feels him enter and fuck her and lets it happen until Cory takes off her blindfold.

“Daddy?” Vanessa says looking into the eyes of her dad fucking her. So turned on by being used and fucked she gives in and fucks him back. No longer the innocent girl Vanessa knows what men want from her and she gives it to them. Cory’s shocked by her daughter happily fucking her husband. “Are you a good girl?” Cory asks her playing with her big tits as she’s fucked. A huge warm load is dumped on Vanessa’s face from her fathers throbbing cock and Cory kisses her. They share the taste of slutty desires and Vanessa asks if she’s done being punished. Cory has made her into the perfect good girl.

Scene Three: Turning tables

“How do you like being tied up? I’m the boss now.” Vanessa yells at her mother. Cory is tied up, blindfolded, and at her daughters mercy. She’s been used and abused by her mother and now it’s time to fuck her up. Vanessa places a vibrator on her mothers pussy until Cory is quivering and pulling against the ropes.

Then for the big surprise. Vanessa slides a huge strap on up her legs and gets ready to fuck her mom into a moaning whore. “Do your worst” Cory tells her and Vanessa does just that. Cory loves it. Being helplessly fucked and having to suck her taste from her daughter’s cock. Cory cums like it was her first time and falls in love with her new mistress Vanessa. She leaves her mother tied up until daddy gets home…

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Gina is a supersexy young eighteen years old Russian girl. Gina’s dad had always give particular attention to her lovely daughter. Maybe this attention was a little bit “dirty”… who could say that…. Anyway Gina’s father never tried to approach her before the fateful day. On her eighteen birthday it happens that Gina’s mother had to come doing some purchase, the last ones to compete all the necessary for the evening party. So she leaves Gina and her father alone each other.
In this particular situation he doesn’t hesitate to talk Gina about his fantasies on her young body… and… he was amazed that Gina seems to understand all. Well… she is embarrassed but she seems to have the control on the situation, that she suddenly turns into a good opportunity for her. She makes her daddy lay on the sofa and pull out his dick, then she starts jerking him with hands and feet. But while she does that, she seems to be completely indifferent and bored. She tattles and plays all the time at the mobile phone. Her father stays all the time hard rock dick, cause he is a pig and he loves see her daughter giving him a jerk. But her daughter seems to mock him, to obtain he is not going to cum. So Gina’s father starts to complaints with her about the fact she is not concentrated in the action and… he proposes a deal to Gina. He is gonna purchase a VERY BIG gift and Gina will allow him to cum. Gina wants an handbag, a red one.
So the deal is done and Gina makes her father explodes on her feet using her hands and feet simultaneously…

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Dad and Daughter REAL!

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The Cuckold Stepdaddy Mini Movie – Hope Harper and Marsha May HD

Bratty Doms Hope Harper and Marsha May are talking about how creepy their stepdad is they know he watches them and sneaks into their room and sniffs their panties. He is leaving for work and tells the girls he wants know funny business while he gone, The girls tell him yea whatever perv Daddy. He demands respect and Marsha slaps the taste out of his mouth pushes him to his knees the girls tell him he is going to be their bitch all weekend and instruct him to worship their feet, he complies immediately licking and sucking their sexy feet and toes Hope and Marsha inform him that he is not even close to being done. They begin to tease him with their pussy’s and ass’s right before they force him to begin licking their assholes clean. Shoving his whole face between their ass cheeks making him gasp for air. While Hope and Marsha make their stepdad lick their assholes clean they start to humiliate him and inform if he does not do as they say their mom will find out everything Hope then grabs him by his tie and walks him back inside. This pathetic stepdads day has just begun. Now the bratty girls are back out at the pool. their stepdad walks over in his new outfit they begin to laugh and make him show off his new look. Hope makes this sissy turn around and strut back and forth showing off his new dress, heels, and chastity device. they tell him if he can impress them with his dance moves maybe they will let him out of his chastity. He begins to dance as they make fun of him and humiliate him even more.Once Marsha and Hope have had enough of humiliating their sissy boy, they inform him that he will be locked up in chastity for as long as they want. Marsha and Hope walk their sissy to their room and begin to tease and humiliate him while they have this bitch locked in chastity. The girls lick and breath on his locked up 2 dicklet as he begs to be released. Marsha and Hope catch his little dick beginning to grow inside his new cock cage so they begin to play with each other right in front of their pathetic stepdad Once they have had their fun humiliating and teasing his tiny slut stick, they make him clean off their pussy from their fingers. Marsha May and Hope Harper have their cucky stepdad on his knees with a chindo strapped to his face. Hope then shoves his dick face into her pussy and forces him to start fucking her and tells him he better make her orgasm. After she has been pleased its Marsha’s turn she grabs this sissy bitch by his hair and begins to grind on his face. She tells him he better do it right or they will tell Mom everything, Soon Marsha shoves this sissy slut away and asks if he would like fuck?After Marsha May and Hope Harper have sissified their stepdad and humiliated him all day by dressing him up as a girl and locking him in a chastity they tell him it’s time to fuck his tight man pussy, but first this cucky must lube their strap-ons up with his mouth. The girls force this sissy bitch to suck and kiss their strap-ons and as he gasps for air they shove both cocks right down his throat. they bend their stepdad over and begin to stretch out his man pussy. As Hope and Marsha laugh at this pathetic sissy, he cries in pain and begs for them to stop, but all that does is, make his step daughters enjoy it even more. After the girls have had enough fucking they make sure he knows who is the authority now.

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