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My Daddy’s Point Of View (2017)


Katy Kiss, Lily Jordan, Mickey Tyler, Peyton Robbie, Zoe Parker.

Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo,
Older Men, Point Of View
Duration: 03:37:55

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Jaiden has some serious daddy issues HD

I found a preview of this video and I just had to buy a subscription for the full clip. It’s just so damn hot. The girl’s super in to it, moaning and daddy talking from beginning to end. Also have I mentioned how cute this girl is?

Clip starts out with Jaiden playing with her vibrator while our hero fingers her pussy and then moves on to licking her ass. Then our hero (unfortunately) wears a condom and gets a blowjob. Jaiden proceeds to ride him, the gets fucked in missionary, before some reverse cowgirl action, turning for some normal cowgirl again and ultimately getting it doggy style until our hero finishes on her back.

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My Uncle’s Coming (2017)

Stars: Ava Little, Zoey Carter, Marilyn Moore, Jack Moore, JW Ties

Zoey Carter – My uncle Jack was down for a long needed visit when he came into my room. Well, he started touching me and I couldn’t help myself. Uncle Jack knows what to do to make all of his nieces wet for him. I loved how his big cock felt sliding into my pussy. He really knew what he was doing and thankfully we were home alone because I was moaning and screaming louder than I should have. But Uncle Jack was fucking me so good!
Marilyn Moore – I’ve had sort of a crush on my uncle since I was in high school, so I was really excited that he was visiting me in college. Uncle Jay got in pretty late and I was already in my night clothes. When I told him we would be sharing a bed, he seemed a bit nervous but there’s no way he knew what I had planned. Uncle Jay and I talked for a bit and I started rubbing up against him. It turned me on so much I couldn’t wait any longer and I aggressively unzipped his pants. Uncle Jay fingered me while I sucked his cock, then he pulled me onto his face. After I came, I needed him inside me so bad I climbed on top and slid it in. Uncle Jay pounded my tight pussy until I came again, then things got awkward. Uncle Jay ejaculated inside me and we weren’t using protection. This could get really bad if I get pregnant but it was worth the risk!

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Fat Daddy And His Cutie HD

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My White Stepdad (2017)

Kiki Minaj, Diamond Jackson, Indigo Vanity

Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Family Roleplay, Interracial
Duration: 02:41:44

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Cheating With Grandpa!

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I Blow Better Than Mommy (2016)

Stars: Stefania Mafra, Hope Harper, Anastasia Rose, Ava Little, Nora Doll, April Dawn

Nora Doll – Daddy, I’ve been watching you and mommy secretly for a while now. She still doesn’t know how close we’ve gotten, Daddy. I think I can blow better than mommy, and I’m gonna prove it to you. Just running my tongue up your shaft is enough to get you twitching, isn’t it? I bet mommy can’t do that! See how hard you’re getting? It never happens that fast when mommy does it. Daddy you came so much! Was I better than mommy?
Stefania Mafra – Hi Daddy, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I know things haven’t been good for you since Mom found out, but I’m going to make it better. Daddy that cock of yours really needs some attention. Well, I’m going to be a good girl and blow you. I missed sucking your big cock, daddy! It fits in my mouth so well. Mmm, you’re going to cum soon, aren’t you? That’s it daddy cum all over your daughters face and tits. Told ya I was better than Mommy!
Ava Little – Thanks for picking me up form school today, Daddy! I’m sorry I caused so much trouble, so I’m going to make it up to you right here. I know you like it when mommy sucks your cock, and I’m going to do so much better than her today. You like the feel of my mouth around cock, don’t you daddy? You’re getting so hard so quick I know I’m going to be better than mommy already. Daddy cum all over my face and give your little girl what mommy never let you do! I look so good with a facial from you, daddy!

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Angie Noir – Dad Is Pissed! What Can I Do? HD

Don’t miss this erotic adventure as Angie and her Dad, Mr Noir Sr meet for Forbidden, Taboo Desires once again!
This is a story of an earlier taboo time in Angie Noir’s life…

After graduating college, Mr Noir Sr asked Angie to move into his home to save her money and, subconsciously, keep him company. In the beginning she was a good daughter. But as the years went on, she turned into a slutty party girl and forgot most of her daily chores. But there are rules in the house and most were being ignored. In reality, Mr Noir is not only upset about the mess but more notably he has developed a forbidden case of taboo jealousy!

Angie’s Dad was pissed tonight! He had enough of the lazy, party girl! A short time later Angie came home and into the kitchen. Although Dad was still upset about the chores, he experienced an instant fuck-lust when he saw his daughter practically spilling out of her skimpy clothes. Oh…this was not good! He had to be strong and put his foot down but those braless, DD titties were driving him crazy!

Angie got the full lecture about the household rules and the undone chores but she was shocked to hear that she might get kicked out! She decided it was time to make a deal and get Dad to forget about the problem! She suggested (with an unmistakable taboo suggestion) that Dad needed a message! Well, at that point both of them knew what was going to happen and their forbidden lust for each other spilled out in the kitchen! Angie pulled out his hard cock and began to massage her Dad. She really enjoyed sucking and jerking hard cock and was proud of her oral skills. She liked to tease guys by squeezing her big nipple and deep throating cock! MMMMM! She always gets rewarded for using her wet mouth…with a hot load of CUM to play with and swallow! Well…rules are meant to be broken and Dad had long since given up enforcing them…time to CUM! They took turns on his cock…she licked and sucked and jerked him and he masturbated with the target being Angie’s mouth! Finally she enjoyed a very hefty cum blast to the face that entered her mouth and filled her cheeks up! Wow…the JIZZ was overflowing and Angie SPIT it out into her hand then sucked it back in to play some more! Like a good CUM slut should! It was the perfect ending to a sex-fest that had made their bond stronger than ever.

Keywords: dad, hand job, daughter, taboo, mom, cumshots
Price: $16.99 USD

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Daddy’s Butt – Katie Banks HD

I love being daddy’s baby girl and pleasing him! I’m his dirty little slut.

Daddy told me he wanted to play with my tight little butt today so of course I bent over and presented my pretty pink butt hole to him.

You see this big booty? you like it don’t you? Well too bad cause this is Daddy’s butt and only he gets to enjoying using it for his own pleasure.

Maybe if you ask him real nice he’ll let you watch.

15 minutes, 51 seconds of video

Daughter, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Anal


Daddy Loves My Rosebud Too (2017)

Stars: Hope Harper, Anastasia Rose, JW Ties
Dear Diary: My dad decided to adopt Anastasia and we started getting the house ready a few days before her arrival. I was really nervous and even a bit jealous because I know how she is. Needless to say, when Daddy came in to help with the room he could tell something was a bit off. We talked for a few minutes and then I decided to stake my claim as my dad’s #1 princess. I pulled down his shorts and started sucking his cock like a bitch in heat. Once he was hard, I spun around and begged him to fuck my doggy-style. Next thing I knew, I was on my back and my daddy was cumming inside me and all over my ass too. I think seeing me jealous really turned him on and he definitely knows who his princess is now! But just to be safe, I’ll let him fuck my ass later!
Dear Diary: After my Dad got locked up for blowing up that building, Uncle Jay offered to adopt me. I was so excited to become part of the family I moved in before everything was final. A few weeks later, we finally got the news so my new Daddy came to tell me. He came in my room and gave me the news, then suggested we celebrate. I knew just what Daddy meant, so I started sucking his cock. He played with my pussy a bit, then just started fucking me. My new Daddy was so excited it wasn’t long before he came all over me. I’ll bet he’s going to enjoy fucking my ass too. Now if I can just keep Hope smiling, we’ll be one big happy family as long as Daddy loves my rosebud too!

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