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Daddy’s Dirty Girls 3 (2016)

Stars: Teal Riley, Audrey Grace, Akira Shell, Kacie Castle, Zelda Morrison, Mickey Tyler, Zoey Carter, JW Ties
Akira Shell – The female realtor enters the house with the client and spends a few seconds going over the home’s positive points, square footage, kitchen gadgets, big backyard, good neighbors, whatever (with a clipboard & list in her hand). Then she shows him the master bedroom and talks about how spacious it is, ect. Then the client balks and says he doesn’t know if the home is right for him, but maybe. The agent then says she really needs the commission because she just got her realtor’s license and this would be her very first sale. She says the she and her husband really need the money from the commission on a house. Then she asks if there’s anything she can do to get him to make an offer today. He still balks and says he doesn’t know. She says that if he signs the offer today, she’ll go to dinner with him after the deal finally closes. He says its not enough. He says that he wants more than just dinner. She says she’s married. He then asks why she’s purposely dressed like that if she’s not trying to get him aroused. She’s speechless. He tells her to “take it or leave it”. She reluctantly agrees, with much hestitation. She says that she can’t believe that she’s doing this. But before they have sex, she first phone sher husband to say she’ll be a little late getting home tonight because she needs to run some errands first, and even says she loves him before hanging up the phone.
Teal – Most days after practice I come home to an empty house. As long as nobody is home it gives me time to spend quality time with my hitachi. Something about pleasing myself is much more satisfying than my boyfriend. Later though I’ve been having some pretty dirty thoughts that are becoming fantasies. Almost every time I masturbate I think about doing things with my daddy. I think it’s the sheer taboo that really gets me hot but I’ve never cum this hard before. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep it a fantasy. Hmm…would daddy freak out if I tried to live it out?
Mickey Tyler – Ever since the night daddy punished me I can’t stop fantasizing about it. Whenever I’m alone I play with myself and think about daddy. God, that makes me cum so hard!

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When Daddy’s Gone (2017)

Stars: Zoey Carter, Hope Harper, Olivia Kasady, JW Ties
Hope is always naughty but when “Daddy’s Gone” – she’s really bad!

The other day Zoey was feeling frisky so she stopped by her Daddy’s warehouse. There was some new guy sweeping up who told her Daddy had been gone all day. she figured the new guy wouldn’t mind if he took Daddy’s place so she started flirting with him and rubbing his crotch. Within minutes Zoey had his massive cock in her mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock like a bitch in heat and soon he shot a massive load down her throat that should hold her over until she sees Daddy later.
The other morning Hope was in the master bed when her Daddy came in, yanked off the covers and spanked her hard. She told him she wasn’t leaving til he gave it to her. He was already a bit hard so it was easy to get him ready to pound her pussy. Hope winds up rolled all over the bed fucking before he ended up cumming inside her.
Mr. Ties has hired a sexy guy to run security. While he’s away on a trip and the new guy came in to check on me. Hope starts teasing him to see just how well he’ll take care of her “needs”. Within a few minutes he was eating her pussy and she came like crazy. When he pulled out his cock it was so much bigger than she’s used to…she was shocked. She did my best to suck every inch but she was more intent on him putting it inside her. He fucked her til she was worn out and begging him to cum all over her ass! It’s not going to be as bad when Daddy’s gone now, as long as he doesn’t find out!
Sissy and I were watching TV today when we both got so bored we decided to play a little with each other. I never knew sissy tasted so good and was so much fun. Thankfully no one came home and caught us!

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Hottest Goddess Ever Be Her Dirty Daddy HD

Hottest Goddess Ever Be Her Dirty Daddy.mp4


A Magical Misappropriation – Cadey Mercury And Lily Jordan HD

Cadey and Lily were excited to learn magic with their fathers. The dads started out with a simple card trick to get things rolling, and the girls were quite impressed. Lilys dad made the card Cadey chose appear under her panties, that shit was crazy! The next trick was a bit more intricate. Two magical boxes were put over the girls entire bodies, and BAM! the girls clothes disappeared. This shit was too wild. The last and final trick involved going inside the boxes again, and this time when they were removed, their daddys had their dicks out! Time for the girls to make their dads hard ons disappear, orgy style! The girls got to sucking their magic wands, then getting drilled by them. Magic wands usually end up turning into a bouquet of flowers, but this time they ended up just blasting out a milky stream of goo…..

TIME: 22:43

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All The Way Uncle Jay HD MP4

It’s Exactly What I Need

Dear Diary,
My dreams became a reality. The other night I confided in my cousin Akira about my fantasies and she encouraged me to sleep with her dad. After our talk I went to Uncle Jays room and waited for him.
When he came home he was shocked to find me in his bed and even more shocked when I started sucking his cock. Uncle jay was a passionate and gentle lover that knew just when to pound my pussy. After several orgasms Uncle Jay got a bit carried away and came all over me
Xo Ava

Category: TABOO
Keywords: ava sanchez, family, niece Price: $17.99 USD

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Scream All You Want (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Massage
Duration: 01:46:03
Direct Barrett Blade
Studio: Fantasy Massage

Cast: Eric Masterson, Jack Vegas, Madelyn Monroe, Marcus London,
Nikki Daniels, Ryan McLane, Sabrina Banks, Serena Ali,
Will Powers, Zoey Foxx.

Scream All You Want.part1.rar

Scream All You Want.part2.rar


Inzest 58 – Inzest Aus Deutschland (2017)

Category: GERMAN, Amateur, Teens, Older Younger, Family Roleplay, Couples, Reality
Starring: Amateur
Language: GERMAN
Size: 771 MB
Length: 01:32:01
Format: MP4
Video: 700×404

Inz Aus Deutschland.mp4


In Love With Daddy HD

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Maddie Sucks a Fat Cock While Talking on the Phone to Daddy

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REAL Russian Dad and Daughter!

Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, Amateur, Real, Russian, Cum in Pussy

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