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X.A.N.A.’s Incestuous Domination

X.A.N.A.’s Incestuous Domination
34 pages

X.A.N.A.’s uous Domination.rar


Idol Of Lesbos parts 1-4 – Mother-Daughters Incest Fantasy!

Lesbian Incest Fantasy! A daughter brings home a strange idol that fills her, her mother and her sister with strange forbidden sexual urges! It’s like that Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii! Except with lesbian incest. And without Hawaii. Okay, it’s nothing like that episode…

Starring J.C. Simpson as “Daughter One”, “Dallas” as “Mom”, and “Vanessa” as “Daughter Two”

I couldn’t find much out about two of the actresses. But J.C. Simpson is always hot, imho.

Actually this is a pretty hot “story”, if you’re into taboo lesbian stuff. There’s some decent dirty talk, of the “Make me cum, Mommy!” variety. The actresses don’t look that much alike, but at least they…use…the same…hair dye?
However, it’s from Margo Sullivan’s “Mom Loves Her Son and Daughter” store on C4S, so the production values hover between “amateur” and “great”. Much better than a web-cam, but not on the level of, say, Sapphic Erotica or the bigger adult sites.

Part 1 is the “setup”, where the one daughter brings home the idol and then gets all horny, masturbates, and then peeps on her “mom” in the shower. Not much action, if you’re gonna skip a clip this is the one, but it sets up the “story” (*snort*) so I included it.

Part 2 has the daughter sneak into her mom’s room and get busy with her. Under the influence of the idol. Pretty hot actually.

Part 3 has the daughter seduce her “unwilling” sister, and then when sister complains to mom, mom jumps her.

And Part 4, the three-way family lez-fest, “mom” and “daughters”. Includes strap-on and toy use.

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The Milft00ns 2

The Milft00ns 2
21 pages

The Milft00ns 2.rar
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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Flash Defeated – Milked and Left Powerless by Cheetah HD

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720
This Format is Optimal for File Size/Quality.

A long chase comes to a head when Flash corners Cheetah in a medical facility. A helpless super villainess with nowhere left to run, Cheetah is at his mercy. Or so she claims…

Flash wakes up with his hands hanging from the ceiling. Cheetah may be quick, but she’s learned that she can become even faster, able to escape any hero’s grasp. But the power she seeks is only attainable from one source. Other villainesses have told her she could easily steal the Flash’s seed by castration, but lucky for him, she has a few ideas that she thinks will be a lot more fun. She slowly teases the helpless hero with her hands, milking his power into a beaker for later use.

Again Flash awakens with his wrists hanging from the ceiling. He vows not to let her milk his super speed away again, but that was never on the day’s agenda. The feline femdom uses her soft lips and skillful tongue to drain him this time, holding back until he begs her to cum. After he fills her mouth and she spits it into her beaker, Cheetah tells Flash, “You keep it up like this and I won’t have to take it from the source.”

This time the Flash comes to tied to a bed. Cheetah slinks up with a mischievous grin. Her pet can’t help but be hard at the sight of her stunning figure, and she pounces on his cock. But she stops sucking when she realizes that he’s been rather unappreciative of the fact that she’s let him keep his balls. Before Flash even knows what’s going on, his catty captor is sitting on his face, curious to see if it’s more than just his legs with super speed. After cumming on his face, it’s down to business. She rides the broken superhero until every last drop of his power fills her pussy.

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She’s Crazy For Cock! Part 2 – Ashley Fires HD


Having been unable to diagnose Ashley Fires’ uncontrollable horniness, Dr. Charles Dera has called in an associate, Dr. Ramon Nomar, to help. While Charles is treating Ashley’s extreme sexual prowess as a medical study, Ramon can’t help but want to satisfy this sexy slut’s cock craving! Dr. Dera soon discovers that the cure to Ashley Fires’ sexual needs are by getting her pussy and ass fucked at the same time!

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Christmas gift from step mom and step daughter – Lola Myluv and Blanche Bradburry HD

Busty blonde Stepmom Blanche Bradburry catches her stepdaughter Lola Myluv sucking big cock of step brother and decides to teach this young bitch a few thing about fucking this lucky young boy on Christmas.

Lola, your stepsister, is in the holiday spirit and donned a sexy santa outfit. She decides you need some Christmas cheer, so she begins to suck your cock. But then your stepmom walks in and is shocked and outraged to see you fooling around. But if you start something, you should finish it. So she orders her daughter to continue sucking cock. It’s pretty hot, so your stepmom joins in, with their mouths tag-teaming your cock. Stepmom then jumps on top and starts riding you cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Then it’s your stepsis’s turn to ride your cock reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. Your step mom takes another turn on top of you and then jerks you off until you cum into your stepsister’s open mouth.
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Miss Marvel’s Ultimate Defeat XXX – Extreme Version MP4 Optimum

INT. Lab. day.

Dr Malador is working in his lab. Miss Marvel struts up confidently.

Miss Marvel

Malador. Get on your knees and put your hands on your head.

Dr Malador

Ha, Miss Marvel, right on time! And it DOCTOR Malador!


Oh, please! You thought you could set a trap for me?

Angel change


Everyone knows you lost the powers you stole from Imperia.


(looking angry about losing his powers) I don’t kneed that bitches powers to defeat any superheroine!


I have the power of my scientific genius!


Ha! Your weapons weren’t enough to stop Imperia, and I am twice as powerful as her


Oh, I know, and soon all that power will be mine!

Malador uses his tablet and assaults Miss Marvel with Lasers, lightning, fire and machine


(shrugging off each attack) Oh, Malador, that was pathetic. I will almost feel bad beating you senseless.

Miss Marvel struts up and slaps Malador around. Eventually Malador is on the ground badly beaten


Just be glad I am only using a little of my strength on you Malador, you sad weakling.

Dr Malador reaches into his lab coat and grabs a device


I said it’s DOCTOR Malador! (attempts to thrust device into Miss Marvel)

Miss Marvel easily catches his wrist and squeezes it till DM cries out and drops the device.


Did you think you would get me with the same dirty trick you beat Imperia with.


I knew you’s have something up your sleeve


Actually, something up both sleeves

DM shoots MM in the face with gas. She steps back and coughs for a second


Really? Knock out gas? You think that could work on me?


getting up)No, of course not. But that wasn’t knock out gas,

MM looks a little suspicious


They were nanobots that even now have taken control of your muscular system


Enough of this, I am taking you in

MM goes to reach for DM but can’t as if her own body is fighting her.

DM stands up.


Something wrong Miss Marvel?


(struggling to grab or hit DM) It’s like…my own muscles are holding me back


That’s exactly what is happening. The nanobots won’t allow you to harm me in any way.


In fact they have already negated your super strength


You’ve taken away my strength?(looks scared) <p<


Yes, and soon they will negate your invulnerability


Oh No!


Yes! You will be Vulnerable (grabs her breast roughly) to whatever I want to do to you


No! No! This can’t happen (struggles against control)

DM grabs his tablet


The more adrenaline in your system the faster the Nanobots will get complete control.


Adrenaline? I’ll– I’ll stay calm, and then my body will defeat your little bots


Nanobots! And I will make sure to keep you…excited ( feels her up)


Ha, I barely feel your disgusting touch


Yes, but, what about when you touch yourself!

DM uses tablet, MM starts to masturbate against her will

Masturbation by hand

Masturbation by Hitachi

Exposes self

Malador uses hitachi on her.

Now she is vulnerable, he eats her pussy and she can’t help but come more

Forced on her knees to suck his cock, cums in her mouth. Then the nanobots will make her mouth a source of pleasure and she will orgasm as she sucks.

Makes her fuck herself with dildo.

Explains that he will fuck her, and the nanobots will increase the feelings of pleasure beyond her threshold.

Long hard fuck ensues

Tells her the nanobots will make her pussy so tight it will feel like she is being split in half more fucking

Now he tells her all her holes belong to him. He hands her another dildo and tells her to fuck herself in the ass. When she can’t take anymore, the dildo is replaced with his cock.

Finishes with ass to mouth, cumming on her face.

Now she is strapped down, uses special dildo to extract her powers, then slaps her around and fucks her again, cumming in her pussy and telling her he might just keep her for breeding.

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Price: $39.99 USD

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Angel The Dreamgirl: The Battle of SuperGirl HD

I need your super sperm HD

Today i want to send you some impression for new clips. I really loved your SuperGirl clip so how about a little revenge clip. Meaning a female domination clip. So how about a costumes video with SuperGirl fighting superman. SuperGirl wants the sperm of superman to become pregnant. she wants a very strong .
Supergirl wins against superman.

superman lies on his back when SuperGirl gets on top and starts riding superman. he tries to stop her from riding because he dont want to give her his sperm.
SuperGirl takes his wrists and pins them down next to his head while riding him hard (grapevine position). she pins him down for the whole riding sex scene in a very dominant way. he continuous tries to break free but SuperGirl is stronger and fucks him hard in this femdom position.
in the end supergirl rides superman to a creampie while she still is pinning him down. she stands up while superman is still on his back (KOed).

P.s Then we change the script a little bit.
The sex scenes does not have to be very long, the shorter the sex scene is (meaning the faster he comes) the sexier it is (because you force him to cum in this wrists pinned down position).
That videos sound sooooo sexy to me. :D maybe you will like it too
and will release such kind of video (female domination ride). the idea you are riding on top while pinning down the males wrists and forcing him to cum inside you is so fuc**** sexy :D

“SuperGirl “The first battle”

Hi Angel,
This is my first Custom video for you. I hope you can make it, and I think you will like my ideas. I send you some video of what I want.

scene 1. Kate work at the computer and wearing glasses and a white blouse, a skirt and her hair gathered back. A few minutes later she felt a trouble monster tries to .r.a.p.e. the girl. Kate in costume super girl. Super girl to go for help.

scene 2. SG wearing boots like in the clip Creampie Leather skirt! and wear a garter and vintage black stockings. SG to go out here close-up on boots, legs in stockings, ass and face. Super girl to fly to the place and look to hear from screaming. She found the monster. SG: Who are you? Let go the girl.

scene 3. SG and the monster to walk in a circle. The first two hits inflict sg. Monster falter and attack a super girl. SG deftly dodge the blow. Monster another blow in the stomach and strike hit the target. Monster grab her by the neck. Then he let her go and hit again in the stomach a few punches. Monster take her and try to break her back. Monster throw SG on the floor and kicking in the stomach, he to touch her ass and cut off her breathing and she chopped off. He take her over his shoulder and carry into place, it is desirable to be if you shoot a scene 4 at the same location in the video The brutal attack on a parking lot, if it is possible of course.

scene 4. Monster touch boobs, pussy and pull the girl costume, but do not remove. The girl was still asleep. When the monster start r.a.p.1.n.g. girl she wake up, to resist and scream. With the positions I send you photos below and monster cum in pussy super girl’s please. So are you interested in doing this??

Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, STRUGGLING, CREAMPIE, FUCKING, HANDJOBS Keywords: custom clip request, costumes, boot fetish, cosplay, double forced cum, pantyhose/stockings, female domination ride, leather boots

This clips is all about “superheroines” category starring Angel The Dreamgirl aka. Angel-Desert.

The first part SuperGirl is defeated by the villain and he takes her to his place. He tie her hands (rope.bondage) and start playing with her pussy. He fucks her missionary while she’s struggling. At the end he cums inside her (cum.dripping, creampie).

The second part, SuperGirl decides to take advantage of the villain this time. She found him and followed him until he cannot escape anymore. She forced him to fuck her pussy (riding, cowgirl) while he’s trying to fight her. At the end he cums all of it inside her (creampie). But it doesn’t end there, she wants more, so she masturbates his dick until he cums for a second time.

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Princess Astria – Addie Juniper HD

Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Parody, Male Domination, Female Domination, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Blowjob, Blackmail, Netorare, Cum in Pussy



45 pages


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