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TS Son/Daughter Is Back From Navy…

…And Fucks Mother’s Mouth And Pussy!

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Vanessa Cage and Cory Chase in Cognitive Fluency HD

Scene One: Trust me I am lying

Vanessa and her brother are snooping through their parents bedroom. There they find all sorts of kinky sex stuff hiding under her bed. Just then their mother Cory walks into the room. “What are you doing?” Cory says angrily. “I don’t even know what these are” Vanessa says defending herself. The siblings blame each other and try not to get in trouble.

Cory is going to punish her nosy daughter. She starts to pull off Vanessa’s clothes when Vanessa shouts that her brother will see her naked. Cory blindfolds both of them and strips her daughter naked while Vanessa protests. “I’m going to teach you a lesson” Cory says, humiliating her daughter. She lays Vanessa on the bed and ties her up.

With her powerless to stop it, her brother touches her exposed body. “Mom, this is so weird” Vanessa says on the edge of crying. Brother and mother touch her breasts and rub a vibrator against her pussy until she’s ready to be used.

She doesn’t understand what’s happening, being forced to suck, having her legs spread and her pussy penetrated. While being fucked Cory takes off the blindfold from her silly daughter. “Oh my god, you’re making me have sex with my brother!” She screams, seeing him between her legs. Cory makes her daughter lick her pussy while she watches her son fuck her and make her cum. With one quick jerk he shoots his big load into Vanessa’s unwilling mouth. “Share that load with me” Cory tells her and they kiss. Vanessa is in a state of shock and doesn’t know what to do.

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Scene Two:Greatly Daring

Vanessa’s punishment isn’t over. She has to lay naked in the bed, blindfolded and tied down. She feels warm hands touching her breasts and hears her mother’s soft voice. Vanessa thinks her brother is back to fuck her again and happily sucks his cock. She feels him enter and fuck her and lets it happen until Cory takes off her blindfold.

“Daddy?” Vanessa says looking into the eyes of her dad fucking her. So turned on by being used and fucked she gives in and fucks him back. No longer the innocent girl Vanessa knows what men want from her and she gives it to them. Cory’s shocked by her daughter happily fucking her husband. “Are you a good girl?” Cory asks her playing with her big tits as she’s fucked. A huge warm load is dumped on Vanessa’s face from her fathers throbbing cock and Cory kisses her. They share the taste of slutty desires and Vanessa asks if she’s done being punished. Cory has made her into the perfect good girl.

Scene Three: Turning tables

“How do you like being tied up? I’m the boss now.” Vanessa yells at her mother. Cory is tied up, blindfolded, and at her daughters mercy. She’s been used and abused by her mother and now it’s time to fuck her up. Vanessa places a vibrator on her mothers pussy until Cory is quivering and pulling against the ropes.

Then for the big surprise. Vanessa slides a huge strap on up her legs and gets ready to fuck her mom into a moaning whore. “Do your worst” Cory tells her and Vanessa does just that. Cory loves it. Being helplessly fucked and having to suck her taste from her daughter’s cock. Cory cums like it was her first time and falls in love with her new mistress Vanessa. She leaves her mother tied up until daddy gets home…

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The Family Vacation! HD 720p

Little Mary Jane Johnson Gets into a Threesome with Mom Jodi West!


“Okay, we will have Cesar salad, and a..” Mother looks to Jake” Do you want a burger, dear?” Jake responds and Mother finishes her room service order.

Time and time again, Mary Jane tries to order something, and Mother keeps denying her. “you will get too fat, dear” Mother says as she hangs up the phone. ” Now, be a dear and go get Mommy some ice from down the hall” Mother hands her the ice bucket, and as soon as she is out of the room, Mother moves in on Jake.

While sitting in front of her daughters boyfriend, and stroking his leg, Mary Jane comes barging back in the room.

“What the hells going on here?!” Mary Jane exclaims, trying to figure Mothers angle. It appears Mary Jane needs a lesson in sharing…and Mother is just the person to teach her!!!

And after a little re-assurance from Mother, young Jake is all too eager to enjoy both Mother and step-Daughter. Mother has young Jake finish in and on her daughter, then spend a moment licking and cleaning the cum out of her daughter’s pussy!



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Step Mommy has a COCK: Bratty New Daughter Finds out the Hard Way HD

This is a feature fantasy role play starring the sexy Joanna Jet and introducing Bianca Stone.

Bianca is a spoiled little rich college student living in an apartment where her dad pays the rent. She never really sees her international business man father who is often far away for many months at a time. When he announces to Bianca that he has remarried and that his new wife – her new English mother – will be paying her a visit in the US, Bianca is pissed. How could her dad send a strange woman to see her? Bianca plays to be as bitchy as possible to her new mommy until the woman leaves.

When Joanna falls asleep on the couch, exhausted with jet lag, Bianca decides to have a little fun. She ties Joanna up and pounces on her. Joanna has a punishment in mind for this bad behavoiur, but it won’t be a grounding, it will be a fucking with her very stern and very hard cock.

Joanna Jet, Bianca Stone

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MILF 886 – Taboo Stories, Mind Control!

Rachel’s son Aaron is a total geek and fancies himself an inventor. So far he has not invented anything practical or useful but Rachel does not want to discourage him. His sister Misty loves her brother but would rather not be seen in public with him. He is pretty embarrassing when you are trying to be cool. Misty calls out when she comes home. Aaron is in his room as usual working on some stupid gadget. He is excited and tells her that he thinks that this one is going to be a big hit. It is a device that stimulates brain functions. It could help people with learning problems overcome brain injuries. He asks Misty to test his invention. She asked him if it was going to fry her brain. He told her that there would be no problem. He attached the collar to her neck and inputted the first instructions into the remote. She felt a little jolt and reacted. He told her that this was normal. He punched in the second set of instructions and gave her some simple directions which she followed to the letter. He knew it was working because Misty never did anything that he told her to do. He punched in the third set of instructions when it stopped going according to plan. Misty started touching her crotch and breasts. Aaron looked at the remote control and tried to figure out what went wrong. It suddenly occurred to him that this was a chance for him to have real sex. He looked around to ensure that his mother was not home. He told Misty to take off her sweater and pulled down her dress to expose her young breasts. She took it off and resumed playing with herself. He dropped his pants and told her to suck his cock. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth without any objection. She continued to suck his cock until he instructed her to lie back on the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side. He played with her pussy and she almost immediately had an orgasm. The device had made her clit extra sensitive. He told her to play with her breasts while he played with her pussy. He was so horny that he told her to resume sucking his cock until he shot a load of cum down her throat. He removed the collar and found to his surprise that she still responded to his commands. That effect was permanent! He knew that his mother would be home soon so they went into the living room to wait for her arrival. Rachel came home from shopping and greeted them. She told Misty to straighten up her dress but she did not react. After a moment Aaron told Misty to straighten up her dress and she did it. Rachel asked Misty a question and she did not respond. After a moment Aaron told her to answer and she did. Rachel was puzzled why Misty was doing what Aaron said and not her. Misty never listened to Aaron. Aaron told his mother that he was very excited about his new invention. Rachel sighed but tried to encourage him. Aaron told her with a sly grin that he had to show her how it worked. He led her back to his room/workshop and had her put on the brain stimulation device. He punched in the instructions into the remote control and it worked just like it did on Misty. His mother immediately ran her hands over her breasts and crotched. He told her to unbutton her blouse and she did. He ran his hands on the bountiful breasts of his normally conservative mother. He decided to go for broke. He pulled out his cock and told Rachel to suck it. She sank to her knees and started blowing him. He decided that he wanted more than a blowjob. He decided that he wanted his mother and sister at the same time. He told Rachel to go into the living room. He called Misty into the room. She had been cleaning the kitchen as instructed. A first for her. He told the women to undress each other. He told them to kiss and feel each other’s breasts. Aaron directed the action. Misty was sitting back on the couch with her legs spread wide. Rachel was licking her daughter’s pussy while Aaron stroked himself. It was almost an overload for the young geek. Misty suckled her mother’s breasts while Rachel played with her pussy. Aaron told Misty to play with Rachel’s pussy. The women played with each other as Aaron got a closer look. He licked both their pussies to get them nice and wet. He slid his cock into his sister first. He pumped away her until she orgasmed. He was getting ready to switch to his mother but first told her to lie back on the couch. Misty climbed between her legs and licked her pussy until Rachel had an orgasm. Aaron climbed in between Rachel’s legs and pumped her pussy while Misty sat on her face. Misty diddled Rachel’s clit while her pussy was pounded by her son. When Aaron was ready to cum he told them to get on their knees and suck his cock. When he finally exploded Misty licked it up. She let it dribble out of her mouth. Aaron instructed her to lick it all up and swallow it. Aaron is going to be the man of the house from now on.

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Mama Tapped Datt Young Ass HD

Decollector, Cherry Millenium, Aries Crush, Asa Of Spades

This is a simple story about strong black older women surprising sweet young girls with ultimate pleasure and basically introducing them to the irresistible taste of pussy! Xena is a rare woman with the beauty and bronze and when she spots innocent coco with her amazing shape Xena had to have her – one taste of Xena’s sweet essence is all it took and Coco was turned out! This is a film for strong women and made by strong women so beware!

With Love “Meow”

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Mom teaches her daughter how to fuck the shit our of a man…

…by fucking her daughter’s boyfriend HD

Bella Rose and Katy Jayne

Bella has been trying to teach her daughter how to interact with boys better. Shes just too damn shy! Bella and Katy were going to relax by their pool, but mommy noticed her daughters attention preoccupied with the pool boy. Bella insists she should go talk to him, but shes too scared. This bad mamma takes the lead and makes the first move. She allows the pool boy to put sun tanning lotion on her, then eventually starts sucking his cock! Mommy motions for Kathy to come over and assist her in making this pool boy turn their wet pussies into pools of cum. Now that Kathy had seen a more sexual side of her mother, she couldnt help but become attracted to her. She ambushed Bella in the living room while on a business call. She started playing with her huge milk bearing tits and worked her way down to her mature pussy. What kind of cuckoo mom would allow this? A Bad Milf of course. Get your shit straight.

When mom teaches her daughter how to have sex like a filthy slut, the boyfriend of the daughter is the real winner.

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My Family’s Secret Part One – Jayden Cole, Alison Rey HD

Worried mother Jayden Cole is snooping through her daughter Alison Rey’s bedroom, venting to her friend over the phone about the teen’s suspicious behavior and mysterious influx of cash. Her bed is covered with a weird waterproof vinyl sheet. There’s a huge bowl of liquid lube right beside the bed. Her closet is empty except for towels. Jayden hears Alison coming upstairs and hangs up the phone on her friend. She ducks into the closet to hide, as Alison enter the bedroom and answers a call from the same friend, who also happens to be one of Alison’s best clients. She warns Alison that Jayden is on to her. Jayden confronts Alison directly demanding answers, or else. Alison explains she’s just doing an Eastern therapeutic massage. She offers to show her mother, as long, as her dad doesn’t find out. This kind of massage is conducted with both parties naked. That doesn’t deter the disconcerted mother. After the girls undress and organize themselves on the bed, Alison coats her mother’s skin with the thick viscous NURU gel and begins to slide and up and down her back. Jayden is pretty amazed by the sensation. Alison is pressing into her with the full weight of her body, especially her conspicuously naked pussy. She turns Jayden onto her back and massages her big MILF tits. Jayden gets carried away in the pleasure of the moment and touches Alison inappropriately, but apologizes immediately for her indiscretion. Alison laughs it off, she knows what’s coming next. She tells her mom to open her legs wide and darts her tongue over Jayden’s clit till the MILF bursts with pride. Then the lesbians interlock their legs, and start tribbing their pussies lasciviously, till they both explode!

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Samantha Hayes, Mindy Mink – My Daughter’s Secret Job: Part One HD

Teen masseuse Samantha Hayes is prepping for her next client when her step mother Mindy Mink saunters in. Samantha’s back is facing the entrance so she mistakes her step mom for her client and announces in a cutesy voice that she’s ready to give her the ‘schoolgirl special’. When she realizes it’s really her father’s MILF wife at the door, Samantha tries to lie her way out of trouble. She doesn’t want her daddy to know she’s not so innocent anymore, even though her body is blossoming into womanhood and she likes to show it off in what Mindy calls slutty clothes. Desperate to provide adequate excuses, Samantha says she’s working to save some money before college starts in the fall. Mindy proposes an idea that might make it possible to keep this information from Samantha’s father. Mindy suggests that Samantha gives her a massage. The MILF pulls off her dress and lies down fully nude face up on the table. When Samantha offers her a cover, Mindy is bold and unapologetic about her exposed pussy sprouting a luxurious tuft of hair. She confrontationally lets Samantha know that she knows what kind of place this is. Mindy agrees to turn onto her tummy so Samantha can drizzle oil over her back. Mindy begins to relax as Samantha smooths the oil over her skin, as long as she knows Mindy Mink is no fool. As the massage progresses to an ass rub, Mindy requests the ‘schoolgirl special’ without batting an eye. Samantha is surprised Mindy would dare ask, but even more surprised to hear Mindy has been wanting this kind of thing from Samantha for a long time. Mindy tells her to cut the innocent act. She directs the teen to suck her toes and praises her for giving a slow seductive toe job. Mindy’s just warming her up for more amazing tongue work. When she turns onto her back for the frontal portion of the massage, she asks Samantha to rub her huge boobs, or she’ll tell her father. Mindy wants to teach Samantha a trick or two about rubbing pussy. She parts her legs and encourages her to use slow deliberate movements, caressing up and down her pink wet slit. Samantha applies light pressure to her clitoris and watches her step mother. The gentle squeezes send Mindy into a fit of shudders and moans. Samantha hates what she’s doing, she clearly knows it’s wrong as wrong can be. Mindy makes her lick her pussy, grabbing her by the pigtails. But Samantha’s mouth work isn’t impressing the experienced MILF. Mindy tells her to get undressed and comes onto her step daughter, seductively encouraging her to stop thinking and start feeling, incentivizing her with conditions like letting her keep her secret job. She lays her down and lowers her face into her bushy pussy, slowly exciting her with her mouth. The build up makes Samantha beg her to stop or she’ll cum in her face. After she releases all over her mother’s mouth Samantha’s hungry to kiss her and reciprocate what she did to her pussy. Then their matching bushy pussies kiss and Mindy clutches Samantha’s ass as she grinds her pussy into her, tribbing till they cum really hard at the same time!

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