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Handjob Lesson HD

Little Hailey is upset because she’s scared of GOOEY SPLOOGE! Hard to believe she’s even Bridget’s daughter! Mom decides to show her little girl how it’s done.. now that she’s going off to college she’s going to need to know! She summons her young house boy, Ryan, so she can demonstrate! She puts Hailey’s hand on Ryan’s already hard MEAT CLUB and shows her how to pump away on it like she’s milking, well, a penis! Ryan holds out as long as he can but soon he THROBBING BALLS EXPLODE and Hailey gets to jerk out her first CUM BLAST As you can see in the preview: The girl is terrified!

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Mom & Daughter Make a Porno

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Ariella Ferrera & Sophia Leone – Not Again!

Sophia Leone is extremely horny, so when she brings home her latest boy toy, Van Wylde, she’s more than willing to get down and dirty—even if her stepmom (Ariella Ferrera) is in the same room! When Sophia discovers that Van has a huge cock, she’s worried that her dick sucking lips won’t be able to fit his piece in her tight mouth! Sophia calls in Ariella to show her once again how to suck and fuck a big dick like a real slut! The girls share Van’s cock and they take turns getting their pussies stuffed with dick. Positions include cowgirl, reverse cowgirl doggy and missionary. Lot’s of girl-girl action, including cunnilingus, face sitting and pussy-to-mouth blowjob. They finish him off with a handjob and he cums into Sophia’s mouth. The girls kiss afterwards and finger themselves and each other.

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Cathy Heaven, Cindy Loarn – Am I Still In Trouble HD

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A Real Mama’s Boy (AKA: AWOL)

Length: 56 minutes
Genre: Classic, Incest, Oral, Handjob, Interracial, Masturbation
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Cast: Ann Finn, Art Gill, Lilly Foster, Pat Arno

Now this is a really obscure one, not much is available one. It is also a bit on the strange side. This is probably the only porn out there where the main soundtrack is by John Philip Sousa.

A young Marine in boot camp is being harassed by his Drill Instructor, so he decides to go AWOL and return home to the mother he loves. After deserting he is hitching a ride home when 2 young girls pick him up and show him what he had been missing while in training.

He finally makes it home, and his mother shows him exactly what he had been missing. To an insturmental track of “California Dreaming”, she gives him a blowjob (including taking his load in her mouth) to show how happy she is that he is finally home.

But now that he is home, he wants loving from more then just his mother. So she is reduced to masturbating at home while he goes out and samples other young ladies. But Momma is not to be so easily refused, so once again tries to get him back into her bed. Not able to handle his mother’s loving attention, he runs away from home and returns to the Marines.

The movie ironically ends with him as the new Drill Instructor, dishing out the abuse to others he got at the start. And mom is reduced to masturbating with a GI Joe doll to remember her son by.

Demented, twisted, sick, but unforgettable. And also with a “no-star cast”. With the exception of Lilly Foster none of the cast appeared in any previous or future movies.

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Raquel Amato – Taboo Incest Smoking Fuck HD

Taboo Incest Smoking Fuck HD.mp4


Charlotte Cross, Katie Morgan – Stepmoms Sex Advice HD

Katie Morgan is enjoying some alone-time with one hand down her sheer thong and the other latched on to her huge tits while she watches porn in the loft. Soon she has turned to a vibrating toy to help bring her to the edge of her climax, and almost before she knows it her hips are twitching with the force of her release. That’s how Charlotte Cross finds her stepmom, much to her confusion. That’s how Katie learns thaat Charlotte’s real mom never had The Talk with her. Katie decides that it’s her job to teach Charlotte how to take care of herself in the most personal way.

Charlotte seems open to taking lessons from Katie, and soon the two girls are making out. Katie is in the midst of playing with Charlotte’s tits and rubbing her pussy through her shorts when Van Wylde arrives on the scene. It’s not long before Katie has put Charlotte on display for Van’s pleasure in an effort to guide the two lovers together. The young couple are both willing, and soon Charlotte has graduated from kissing to having her pussy feasted upon by Van.

Next up is teaching Charlotte how to give an amazing blowjob. Katie is up to the task, talking Charlotte through and even demonstrating what she means. After that, it’s time for Charlotte to move on to the advanced lesson of pussy eating, for which Katie is happy to volunteer her own creamy snatch. While Katie is helping educate Charlotte, she encourages Van to slide his cock into Charlotte’s tight twat for her first pussy pounding experience.

Now that Charlotte has been brought up to speed, the trio can have a full fledged fuck fest! Charlotte is finally able to achieve her long-awaited first climax, followed quickly by a second taste of heaven thanks to Katie and Van’s efforts. In return, Charlotte gleefully helps to get them both off, even licking Van’s cum off of Katie’s big boobs once he has covered her tits in the evidence of his joy.

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Cory Chase, Bailey Brooke – Naughty needs HD

Cory Chase brought home her boyfriend after school to just unwind and enjoy the afternoon. They got horny while watching a movie and started fooling around. Her stepmom Bailey walked in on them and they had to quickly cover up and act normal. They almost got away with it a couple of times but Bailey finally caught them! Before she said anything Bailey chose to not make herself known and let them go at it for a while. She couldn’t help but get turned on watching those young, supple bodies pleasure each other. She finally interrupted them and acted very upset. This threw Cory’s boyfriend, Peter for a loop and was so ashamed and embarrassed he had no idea what to do. Bailey let him off the hook but only if they both agreed to keep it a secret from Cory’s dad and let her join in on the fun. Peter is one lucky bastard!

Cory sucks cock while her boyfriend gives Bailey a rimjob. Cory goes reverse cowgirl while her step mom helps out by rubbing Cory’s clit, including some pussy-to-other-girl-mouth blowjob. The couple do a 69 while the girls share the cock, taking turns sucking it. The threesome configuration changes into a doggy where girl a eats out her step mom while getting pounded in doggy style. Girl a goes back to sitting on her boyfriend’s face while Bailey rides the dick for a while. She leans forward to eat her step daughter’s ass. They change position again, this time the step mom gets pounded from behind while she eats out her step daughter. They guy cums over Bailey’s ass and Corey sucks the cum-glazed cock and the females end the scene with some kissing.

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Cast: Bailey Brooke, Cory Chase


Sophie Parker – Lingerie Tales: Face Fucking His Mother-In-Law HD

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Sophie Parker loves a naughty story especially when it’s a little bit taboo! She’s dressed in her sexy lingerie and she’s feeling horny. Sophie will read you the erotic story as long as your promise you’ll get your COCK out and JERK OFF. Not only is she going to read you this horny story, Sophie will be stripping naked and rubbing her shaven PUSSY which she knows will get the CUM out of your balls!


Cory Chase, Kacey Jordan – Dick for Two HD

Cory has not been getting along with her step daughter Kacey lately. She asked her husband for some advice before he went to work and he suggested she take her out for a girls day out. While she was talking outside , Kacey’s man Bruce was hiding in the bushes checking her out with his camera lusting over her. Corey went back inside to see if she could get Kacey to go out with her. She was on the phone with bruce the whole time and flat out said no to her. Cory took off to run some errands and thats when Bruce came right in to fuck Kacey. They were not going at it for long before Cory returned unexpectedly to see them fucking right in the living room. She hid behind a corner and checked them out while she started playing with herself. This hot ass MILF Cory then barged in on them and proposed she suck and fuck Bruce while Kacey ate her pussy or she would tell her dad on her. Bruce was all about it but Kacey was a little hesitant. It did not matter cause Cory was too busy getting her way. Dont miss this smoking hot MILF show her step daughter and boyfriend what a real pro can do in the sack.

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