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Cum For Mommy (2017)

Stars: Bella Roxx, Dava Foxx, Gina West, Jessie Sunshine, Skye Avery, Conor Coxxx, Tyler Steele, Russell Grand
Dava Roxx: Hey son, Momma needs you to do her a favor. I need that young hard cock of yours to satisfy my needs. I won’t tell your Dad if you won’t. Wow that is such a nice cock, even bigger than your dad’s. Now for that favor, I’m going to suck and stroke your cock till you cum for me. You like how that feels don’t you? Ok I can feel you getting close, cum for Momma. That’s a good son, thank you.
Jessie Sunshine: Hey baby boy, I got your report card today, and you did so well I think you deserve a reward. I got all dressed up, or should I say dressed down, just for you. Let me tend to your hard, swollen cock and stroke it for you. That feels good, right? That’s what success feels like, so you better keep it up. Both this nice big dick and the good grades! Want to slip it inside mommy’s warm pussy? Now I want you to make mommy squirt!
Skye Avery: Oh my gosh son, what are you doing here? Are you masturbating? Don’t be ashamed, mommie will help out. That cock of yours is so much nicer than Dad’s. I want you to do what your Dad rarely does and cum for me. Let me suck it. Oooh you’re getting so hard I can feel it, there you go, cum for mommie.
Bella Roxx: Dear Sis: I think I’ve had a “Baby Fever”. I’ve been trying to get Bob to knock me up and it doesn’t seem to be working. So the other day I was trying to find a way to get pregnant when my thoughts turned to my son. I was a bit ashamed but I corned young Tyler in the living room and he was surprisingly receptive to my advances. Next thing I knew I had my son’s cock in my mouth while he fingered me. His cock was so big I had to feel him inside me. I begged him to fuck me and my pussy was so wet he slid right in. I begged him to fill me with his cum and he fucked me so hard we both exploded together.

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Reagan Needs Your Hands Right Here – Reagan Foxx HD

Released: 02/15/2017

Hot and juicy stepmom Reagan returned from a lunch date with Tyler’s dad looking hot and busting out of her dress. Feeling sorry for being stood up she insist on Tyler squeezing her huge tits since he has never been with a woman before. With precise instructions sucking on her tits leads to Tyler’s fingers deep and then balls deep pounding away inside his tight step mom until shooting his load across her tits and face.

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Dallas Wilder, Rachel Steele – Who Wears the Pants? Kenny Takes Charge HD

Rachel and her husband Joe live in a posh home with their 19-year-old son Kenny. Also living with them is Rachel’s sister Dallas. Joe is a hard-worker who makes good money. Unfortunately, he is suffering from impotence, and it has been a long time since he was last able to please Rachel in bed. Rachel tries to accept the situation, but she is finding it increasingly hard. She is, after all, a very lusty woman. Meanwhile, young Kenny has his own problems with Joe. He sees his father as an overbearing grouch who is always lecturing him and putting him down. Even Dallas clashes with her brother-in-law on occasion. These various tensions and resentments in Rachel’s family eventually come to a head in dramatic and depraved fashion. It all begins with Rachel deciding to dress up sexily for her husband in hopes of turning him on to the point that he can once again perform sexually. Her choice of outfit is an all-red combo of high-heels, skimpy panties, and a tight-see through lace top that shows of her lovely big breasts. When Joe gets a look at his sizzling hot wife, he thinks he can feel some of his old virility return. He is upon Rachel in a second, kissing and caressing her. Soon over on the bed, husband and wife are stripped naked and trying to make love in the missionary position. But Joe cannot get his cock up. He wills and wills himself, but to no avail. Rachel is gentle with him. She offers encouragement. This too fails. At the same time, Kenny happens by his parent’s door and peeks in. He immediately grasps what is going on. While amused at his father’s failure, he is deeply turned on by the sight of his mother. She is naked now – straddling Joe from on stop. Kenny can see her breasts clearly. It occurs to him that he would love to be there in his father’s place. Kenny knows he has a big cock that has never let him down. How he wants to give it to his mother – to give her a fucking ten times greater than the one his father cannot even give her at all! Later, Rachel is in the living room, dressed in her revealing yoga attire, putting herself through some very nimble and provocative workout positions. Joe comes in, sees her, feels another rush of virility, and decides to try and make up for his failed earlier attempt at fucking. While Rachel is bending over, he moves in behind her shapely, stuck-out butt, and starts to feel it and rub his crotch against it. Rachel hopes her husband can get hard, but ends up disappointed. This time it shows. Little does she or Joe know it, but their keen-eyed son is hidden nearby, spying on them once again. He can barely hold off laughing at the clumsy scene. But his mood is different when he hits the privacy of his room. There he lies naked on his bed, stroking his cock with serious passion at fantasies of fucking his delicious sex-starved mom. Afterwards, when he is showering, he calls for his aunt to bring him a towel. By chance Dallas enters with it just as Kenny is facing her. She gets an eyeful of his big cock and screams with seemingly prudish surprise. However, being as hot-natured as her sister, she cannot help feeling turned on at the same time. For Kenny, the incident lends a new dimension to his fantasies. He now wants to fuck his aunt as well. With all the family gathered in the living room later on, Kenny mischievously asks his father for some advice on how to approach two women that he is attracted to. Joe is uncomfortable with the question, but Rachel and Dallas take an interest in it. They grow even more curious as Kenny hints that he is very sexually active. A dismayed Joe even detects a level of excitement in them. Sensing her husband’s increasing anger, Rachel breaks the gathering up and turns everyone’s attention to supper. Afterwards, Kenny finds his father in his office, and asks him for some gas money. The two begin to argue over responsibilities, and Kenny ends up muttering something about his father’s impotence. Joe catches the gist of it, and flies in to a fury. He orders Kenny to hand over his cell phone and car keys, then tells him he is grounded. As soon as Kenny has stomped off, Rachel enters. Catching her husband at a bad time, she now has to hear him complain about her own spending habits. By the end of the episode, Joe has become a very unpopular man. Meanwhile, Dallas is upstairs packing her things.

She has overheard all the arguments and had enough of the bad vibes. Kenny walks in upon her and calms her down. While giving his teary-eyed aunt a loving hug, he lets his hand rest on her breast. Before she knows it, Dallas is letting her nephew fondle it properly. A long, passionate kiss follows, then she loses all remaining control. She pulls Kenny’s cock out of his pants, strokes it to full hardness, and begins to suck on it. Only after some time does a feeling of guilt cause her to stop. Yet Kenny feels sure that he has won his aunt over. Leaving her to her thoughts for the time being, he goes and finds his mother. She too needs support – and someone to talk to. After she has spoken of how upset she is over the recent scenes with Joe, Kenny puts an arm around her shoulders and announces that he has a plan. A second later he turns and kisses his mother fully and firmly on the lips. Rachel eventually pushes him away – stunned. Going to see Dallas, she confesses what has just happened. Her sister replies with her own confession. Both women are struggling to get to grips with the situation when Kenny comes in. Now he tells them of his plan. It involves him becoming the new man of the house. He says he can only achieve this by breaking down his father – by demonstrating to him his superior fucking prowess. Those whom he fucks are to be his own mother and aunt. Nothing could be more crushing for Joe to than to witness his wayward son making a wanton adulteress of the woman he loves. When they have heard Kenny out, both Rachel and Dallas are amazed to find themselves consenting to the plan. A strange, wicked urge seems to taken possession of them. They know things with Joe have to change, and they are willing to do whatever is necessary. The job from here on in is quite easy for Kenny. First he slips something into his father’s coffee. Then, after Joe has fallen asleep, Kenny carries him into the living room, gags him, and ties him to a chair facing the couch. On waking up, Joe sees Kenny sitting opposite him, naked, embracing his aunt. Rachel then struts into view – clad in skimpy lingerie, nipples exposed, sporting a big grin. Mockingly, she informs Joe that he is about to be replaced by a real man. She then goes over to Kenny. A torrid, forbidden sex-a-thon now plays out before the helpless husband’s eyes. He groans in torment as he sees his wife plunge her mouth down over their son’s big cock. Along with her sister, she licks, sucks and strokes it for the longest time. Following this, Rachel and Kenny enjoy a passionate, body-shaking, moan-filled fuck in the missionary and doggy positions. Dallas helps out by frigging Rachels clit. Constantly the lovers pepper their forbidden acts with dirty taboo comments. To Joe’s further misery, the two women throw belittling insults at him while lustily praising the fucking abilities of young Kenny. The sex continues with Kenny taking his aunt missionary style. Dallas’s big tits jiggle as her young nephew thrusts hard and deep into her. Rachel sits nearby, legs spread, excitedly rubbing her pussy as she watches the hot spectacle. After Kenny has pumped his aunt to the heights of ecstasy, he sits back while she and his mother once again feast their mouths on his cock. The mere taste of it gets Rachel in the mood for another intense bout fucking with her son. Point-blank in front of a shattered Joe, Kenny takes her from behind for a second time. As his cock strikes at her sweet spot, Rachel gasps that she is on the brink of cumming. Yet still she fucks on – now stood astride Kennys lap. Sometimes she slams herself down on his cock – her butt making a slapping sound from the impact. Other times she eases down, lovingly and sensually taking her sons meat deep into her pussy. Dallas urges her on throughout. Joe makes muffle groans of total despair. Finally, the two women suck Kenny off until he blasts out a huge load of hot creamy cum that coats their outstretched tongues, gets into their mouths, and trickles over their chins. They share their portions with a French-kiss. Afterwards, Kenny, Rachel and Dallas look triumphantly at Joe. Their plan has clearly worked. He is a broken man – his aura of power utterly gone. Kenny has indeed become the man of house. With the new leadership, Rachel knows that she wont be going without sex again. Her own son will provide her with all the pleasure she craves. Sensing the fun and passionate times ahead, Dallas decides not to leave after all. Excluding Joe, they are now the happiest of families

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Savannah Fox – The Step-Mother HD MP4 Optimum

This format is optimal for file size/quality.


Brad doesn’t care much for his Step-Mother, a gold digging bitch that goes out every night that his dad isn’t home and spends the families money like water. But one night as she gets home after a night of partying and doing who knows what Brad offers her a gift to bury the hatchet and let them start over. He even calls her “mom”

Step-mother Savannah is surprised and a little unsure but being called “mom” wins her over and she accepts the special scented candle, staring into the flames, breathing in its unique fragrance…

The scented candle puts her into a trance, and he begins issuing instructions. She calls him “Master” and promises to give him cash. Then he orders her to suck his cock until he comes in her mouth. He has her masturbate. After she climaxes, he instructs her to be naked whenever they are home alone, and if he ever says, “I’m bored” then she will masturbate for his amusement. Afterwards, he gives her more lifestyle instructions to make her his personal slave. He says he wants to fuck her and when he objects, back into trance she goes. While he pounds her, he gives her a mantra, “I’m a gold digging slut who loves cock” to chant. He puts her in a range of positions and then has her finish off with a noisy blowjob so he can finish in her mouth.

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Mom’s Erotic Photoshoot: Spread Eagle Edition!

**Starring Payton Hall and Aiden Valentine**

This clip offers a very intimate, sensual, and erotic moment between mother and son.

I’ve been a single mom ever since the divorce with my husband. Well, ex-husband now. After a couple of years of being alone, I went on a number of dates, but never took anything seriously. My son, Aiden, was young then, and I didn’t want to bring in any random guy that may just leave us. That wouldn’t be fair to him.

Now that he was older, I felt like it was time for me to get back into the swing of things. After so many unsuccessful dates, I didn’t know what to do. Dating had really changed since the last time I did it.

I heard something about online dating. You post your interests, a picture–anything you want people to know about you. I really wanted to look nice. It’s stupid I know, but I took the time to doll myself up, and then took some pictures. I guess they’re called selfies? I wasn’t that great at it, to be perfectly honest.

I called my son in to help me. He’s always so sweet and helpful. We’ve really grown close, especially after my divorce; he’s all I have. He smiled when I told him I wanted to meet someone, and was more than happy to help. I felt sort of silly posing in front of him, but he has a way of making me feel comfortable.

“That looks good, Mom,” he smiled, snapping the picture. He even tried to help pose me. I admit…he was making me feel really good about myself. He was complimenting me, telling me I looked beautiful, and I was all sorts of flattered.

I didn’t want to be too risqué with the photos…I felt I might look too cougar-ish then, but my son insisted. He unbuttoned my top, exposed my ass a little…and I really felt amazing. He groped my chest playfully, and asked me to remove my shirt for some topless pictures. I have no idea why I did it, but he just made me feel so empowered, so sexy.

Aiden had a big smile across his face. “I’ve never seen you naked like this before,” he said, softly caressing my chest. I felt butterflies fill my stomach. I had never seen this side of my son before…he was so sweet, romantic, charismatic. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I fell for his charm.

Then he kissed me. My only reaction was to kiss him back. He felt real, genuine–something that I had been lacking since my husband and I divorced. Everything was so sensual. Being kissed like that made me feel young again…it made my pussy tingle, and I felt myself get wet.

“Let’s take some erotic photos,” he said, picking up my phone. “Yeah, the guys are going to love that.” He slid my panties off, and I posed for him completely bare. I was comfortable and happy, and although I hadn’t realized it before, I was now trying to impress my son.

One thing led to another, and his fingers were circling against my clit. I hadn’t been touched like that in a long time. I moaned softly, and my hand rubbed the outside of his shorts. I felt him ache for me.

He rested his hard cock on top of my body, and I sweetly stroked it with my hand. Then he slid it in. That’s where I lost myself. I let him take full control of me, of my body, of everything…

Our bodies glistened with sweat as he pounded me. I didn’t fight it–this felt right. It was everything I had ever wanted…and now, I finally had it. I didn’t need or want anything else…just my sweet son.

This clip includes: Payton Hall, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, single mom wants to get back into the dating world, asks son for help with taking pictures, sensual kissing, caressing, tit groping, nipple licking/sucking, erotic photos, romantic, intimate, clit rubbing, stroking, handjob, making love, fucking, sex, missionary, doggystyle, multiple sex positions, cum on tits
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This clip includes: mom/son, single mom wants to get back into the dating world, asks son for help with taking pictures, sensual kissing, caressing, tit groping, nipple licking/sucking, erotic photos, romantic, intimate, clit rubbing, stroking, handjob, making love, fucking, sex, missionary, doggystyle, multiple sex positions, cum on tits
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Mother Fucker – Naughty Creampie HD

Johnny just does not care if I’m on the phone with his father – he wants to fuck me & fill me with cum! He’s such a fucking pervert!

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My Mom – The Book Tour Star

My Mom – The Book Tour Star
23 pages

My Mom – The Book Tour Star.rar


Mother-Son Secrets VI HD (2017)

Stories Of New Mothers Falling Into Forbidden Romances!

Released: Feb 13, 2017
Director: Jay West
Jodi West
Categories: All Sex, Big Boobs, Blondes, Family Roleplay, Mature, MILF, Star showcase
Performers: Jodi West Tony Rubino T. Stone Damon Dice Codey Steele
Length: 1 hrs. 41 mins.

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Very Helpful Son HD

Mothers Workout HD

Perverted Son HD


Mother and Son Proven REAL Video!

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Step Mom Alyssa Releases Some Tension – Alyssa Lynn HD

Home from college, Xander helps his step mom Alyssa, put on a obvious breast enhancer of a necklace. Alyssa reminds him that while he has been away his father likes for her to be dressed up waiting at home. Sensing the sexual tension, Alyssa kindly sucks his cock and slides them between her tits for a younger version of his fathers load all over her face and juicy big breasts.

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Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Cheating, Wife, Latina, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Male Domination, Titty Fuck, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow

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