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Kathia Nobili Collection 123.04 GB!

Kathia is fucking amazing! I have no idea where this whore comes from but she has a voice to which you can cum! She is a goddess of dirty talking and role playing taboo… Also she likes femdom and being a heartless mistress make you suffer ;)

This is a collection of all the porn I could find of her. My favorites are the taboo roleplaying.

The type of porn content: POV, taboo-roleplaying, threesomes, forced handjobs (as mistress), verbal humiliation (as mistress), pussy fucking and facials.


Random Pics:

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MatureAdulteress Full SiteRip!

Real mature wives, real mature moms. See them fuck the the son, pool man, mailman, delivery boys, etc.



Miss Mackenzie ptII – 11 Video Collection!

MILF, Small Tits, POV, Amateur, Cheating, Wife, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, SiteRip, Cuckold, In Front Of Husband, Blackmail, Footjob, Stockings

Taking Control Of You & Your Pathetic Life

I saw you out and about and I have invited you back to my house. Unfortunately for you it is not for what you are hoping for. I spotted your nice watch and expensive suit, but I could also tell you are just a weak lost soul in need a woman to take control of you. I think, deep down, you knew I only invited you back her because I had an agenda. I will allow you to spend time in my company but only because I will allow you to become one of my financial slaves. I know you are desperate to be near my at any cost so I will take full advantage. Also if I like the look of your house I will take that too and you can find yourself a tiny bedsit to rent. When you are in my company you will of course do chores and generally worship me in all manner of ways, your new mistress & owner. One of these chores will be to lick my heels clean every time I see you, and you can start licking now right now!

It’s Time to Sign Your Business over to Me So I Have Complete Control

It is bedtime again and as you stare across at me you notice my cute night wear is a little more see through than normal, and there is a reason for this. I have decided it is time you signed your business over to me. It is time I was the 100% shareholder so I can control all aspects of the business, especially the finances. However you will remain running the company because even though you are a total pathetic loser you are good at making money. I may even pay you a wage if you are lucky, and I will, of course, stick by my promise of you continuing to let you share my bed at night, even though you only get to lie next to me and nothing else. I will be telling everyone that works for you that you have signed it all over to me, it is important they know what a loser you are and how utterly infatuated and controlled by me you are! It will be one of your most humiliating experiences yet!

Sexting My Big Strong Alpha Lover As I Lie In Bed Next To You

One of the ways I cope with having to share a bed with you, the biggest loser husband there is, is by sexting with my lover. He sends me all kinds of naughty pictures and messages. I especially enjoy it when we talk about just how small your cock is and how pathetic you are. We are discussing our next sex fest and he is saying how he thinks its time we fucked in front of you. He thinks its time you saw how a real man with a big cock can pleasure your wife, and it will serve as a brutal reminder that you will never get the chance because you have such a tiny dick. We want it to be hell for you; we want it to crush whatever is left of your self-esteem, and as you stand in the corner and watch you better not get turned on like a perverted loser!

Cruel Aversion Therapy for your Perverted High Heel & Foot Obsession

You have been sent to me for therapy to try and control your ever increasing perverted obsession with womens high heels, legs & feet. Women have been complaining how you spend a lot of your time in the park starring at their legs with your hands in your trousers. You are in a lot of trouble but it has been decided therapy may help you. However no one knows that my therapy for perverted losers is not conventional. Instead of the official training I have I will turn you into a sub, my slave. I will redirect your obsession all onto me so I can control you completely and therefore leave the poor every day more sensitive women well alone. Luckily I have beautiful legs & feet and a very sexy high heel collection, so controlling you will be easy. I start the therapy by dangling my cute white high heels in front of you, as you sit in front of me with your pathetic cock out you WILL control yourself or I will dig my long nails into your privates! This aversion therapy will make sure by the end of our session your cock is well under way to being completely under my control!

Humiliating My Work Colleague By Dressing Him In a Pretty White Dress

Its time for more sissy humiliation. I am revelling in your change, how you are now weaker and dominated completely by me. This time I make you strip before dressing you in a very pretty white summer dress & not forgetting your pink satin and slutty red lipstick. Once you are dressed in your sissy outfit I take more pictures for my amusement. Then I slip off my panties and I explain how I will go back to work without them. You will watch me across the board room knowing my underneath is bare. You will never be able to control your erection, and everyone will see!

Blackmailing My Loser Work Colleague

You think you are back for more sissy humiliation, but there is more to it this time. I explain to you how I plan to blackmail you. While you sit there on the floor in just your sissy pink satin panties and frilly ankle socks I tell you that you will give me your shares in the company. If you do not agree I will show absolutely everyone your sissy pictures and videos I have taken over our last four meetings. You know that this would ruin you so you agree completely. Dont worry though; I will sort you a menial low paid job so you can still be around me

Authorised Erection & Masturbation Tax for May

It is again essential you buy and watch this clip as we need to sort your authorised erection and masturbation tax for May. You need watch the clip and make payment as soon as possible to avoid any actions being classed as unauthorised and you paying double. You should feel ashamed touching that small cock, but at least this way you pay for my permission and can feel less of a loser. You can pay your taxes via a tribute, so I suggest you watch this clip urgently to find how much you owe! C

Explaining How You Shall Be My Cuckold & I Shall Fulfil My Needs Elsewhere

We have been married a while now and I have still not allowed you to so much as touch me. You thought once we were married you would get to be with me in all the ways you have been fantasing about. How wrong you were! What you need to understand is that you will never, ever, ever going to get to have any kind of sex with me. Having me as your wife and being seen out with me will have to be enough, and lets face it you are such a loser that you will accept this. It will be our little secret that our marriage is a total sham, and no one will know you do not even get to share my bed. What you do need to understand though, is that I still have needs and they need to be fulfilled. So you should know I already have a well hung lover and from now on you will be my cuckold and nothing more! You will be spending your whole married life picturing me with my lover and playing with yourself like a loser!

Loser Husband Loses His Job

So when were you going to tell me? Did you think that I wouldnt find out?You have lost your job and you have negated to tell me, your wife. I know why you havent told me, you know I will leave you. Other than your decent bank account you are a useless husband, you have no use to me other than spending your money. I explain how the only way I will stay now is if you sign what you have left over to me and get another job. So you had better start looking hadnt you!

I Shall Control All Your Perverted Sexual Bedtime Habits

Lately you seem to be having even more uncontrollable urges than normal, resulting in your tiny cock almost constantly standing to attention when you are in my nice bed. This is disgusting; I cannot bare the thought that you are sexually aroused when lying next to me. So if you are going to continue to share my bed we need to establish some strict rules. You need to learn to control all your small dick urges. You will have no erections, and definitely not masturbate unless I allow it. I Appreciate this may not be an easy adjustment to make, especially when you have to sleep next to me every night, but I will allow you some adjustment time. This will also ensure you are trained properly into a psychological chastisement. However you really need to make sure you try your hardest, otherwise you may end up in a physically chastisement, and I am sure you dont want the humiliation of that do you!?

Stop Eating Your Dinner & Lick My High Heels

As you sit eating your dinner I am reminded just how much you repel me. You are disgusting, and everything about you annoys me. So as you stuff your face I put my feet on the table and order you to lick my heels, so stop eating and suck them! You are such a well trained loser you obey, but make sure you dont leave any food on my heels or I will stick my shoes in your dinner. I hope you get grit in your mouth as you suck on my heels and lick the dirty soles. You are such a needy pervert, desperate loser with no self respect. Why are you such a loser? Do your friends know what I make you do? Do they all know you obey my every command, no matter how demeaning?


Cruel Girlfriend (POV) – Complete SiteRip 2017 (445 videos and 436 photo sets) 148.80 GiB!

All videos are POV-style femdom with heartless trophy girlfriends who LOVE turning their pathetic cuckold boyfriends into chastised, pimped out, cum eating sissies.

Themes include POV: Humiliation, sissy, femdom, condoms, assignments, chastity, ruined orgasm, forced bi, cum eating, trash talk, spitting, cross dressing, fag encouragement, cuckold, blackmail, slave training, abuse, feminization, bukkake encouragement, financial domination and much more.

Check the file names to get a closer sense of what the many themes are, but if you are into POV-Sissy-Humiliation this is one torrent you would not miss.

Teen, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, Small Tits, SiteRip, POV, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Cheating, Wife, In Front Of Husband, Blackmail, Virtual Sex, Cuckold, Bisexual

How to download SiteRips FREE & Easy!

Step 1: Download and unrar all HQ Screenshots. Small file, Free download, Same names with video files.

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Amateur Deepthroat/Throatfuck Pack 122 vids! From sensual deep blowjobs to hard deep throatfucks!

Its mostly scenes of girls taking cock deep, either in a slow romantic manner, or a hard forced manner, and everything inbetween. As long as they take it deep, im there.
So as the description says, this is amateur girls taking cock down their throats in all manners of ways. Sensual and slow blowjobs to much harder throatfucks.
This is everything from skilled girls swallowing cock to amateurs learning the art of throatfucking the hard way. They get it in public, in private, 69, on their knees, hanging over the edge of the bed, etc… Might be a bit other too, but ohwell.

Most 720p. One or two 1080p, and some lower

If you like it, please, give some comments and I will upload more DT packs!



Lucy Marie – Mother/Son Pack – 37 Clips!

This Pack includes 37 Clips with british fetish C4S performer Lucy Marie mostly Mother-Son roleplay, Virtual Sex POV and JOI but some BJ and HJ clips as well also ageplay, milf, big ass, milf, british, joi, femdom, mommy talk, Aunt, Sister, virtual riding, virtual BJ, virtual HJ, dirty talk, mother-son, incest impregnation fantasy. BJ, HJ, cumshot.

You will eat Mommy’s lovely pussy: Show
Mommy gives you an extra special blowjob: Show
Mommy fucks you while on the phone to Daddy: Show
POV: Auntie gives you your first time: Show
Mommy Wants to Get Dirty with your Friends Again : Show
Mommy Wants to do Bad Things to your Friends : Show
You love mommy all hot after the gym: Show
Mommy’s dirty interrogation: Show
Make your Mommy feel really special : Show
POV Horny Mommy is pregnant: Show
Part 2 Mommy missed you so much : Show
Mommy takes a break from her cleaning duties: Show
Mommy is looking for attention : Show
Mommy has missed you so much – Part 1 : Show
Mommy needs to chat to you about your sister! : Show
Your Parting Gift To Mommy : Show
POV My son has an ass fetish: Show
Cum at the same time as Mommy darling: Show
This outfit was meant for Daddy’s eyes only!: Show
Mommys Special Christmas Present HD : Show
POV Mommy’s special reward : Show
Mommy’s dirty interrogation : Show
Mommy needs you as her cock sucking whore: Show
You Love Mommy all Hot after the Gym : Show
A quickie while Daddy is downstairs : Show
Mommy Loves you Too Much: Show

christmas softcore thick tease incest.roleplay mother taboo topless fingering chubby british roleplay aunt kitchen all.natural impregnation pussy.rubbing pantyhose pov.blowjob virtual mother.son female.completion english 1080p stockings big.tits brunette cowgirl facial natural.tits solo blowjob straight mature amateur hd mp4 cumshot high.heels big.ass shaved.pussy sd family incest 480p pov 720p milf handjob lingerie fetish cum.countdown pierced.nose bodystocking lucy.mariexxx lucy.mariexxxx fauxjob virtual.pussy.eating british.accent virtual.creampie sweat virtual.kissing panty.fetish lucymariexxx virtual.anal goddess.lucy.marie phone.cheating in.bedroom clothed.female.naked.male virtual.taboo re-encoded sexy.accent english.accent joi.encouragement sd-mp4 nose.ring trimmed.pussy older.woman green.eyes virtual.blowjob blowjob

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BlowByBlowAccts UPDATE #2

The FULL SiteRip Is Here!

Another BlowByBlow Accounts update. Mostly Blowjobs, facials, and cum swallowing. With a little bit of straight sex such as Cowgirl, Doggystyle, and Missionary. Enjoy

BlowByBlowAccts Update 2 Screens (Same Named With Download Files).rar


All Oral Ava HD

Teen, Small Tits, POV, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Male Domination, Cum in Mouth, Swallow

Ava gives a blowjob and swallows a load for the finish.

Red Head – Blue Satin HD

MILF, Big Tits, Male Domination, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Cum in Mouth, Swallow

This is all BJ and about 90% in-the-mouth, especially the entire second half. The red hair, black glasses, and blue satin really look nice together” Lauren Phillips wearing glasses gives a blowjob and swallows a load.


Candy Monroe BBC Cuckold Queen SiteRip 23.72 GiB!

Candy Monroe is the Cuckold Queen, and there’s nothing she likes more than humiliating a sissy white boy by making him watch her fuck a horse-hung black stud. Her site is part of the Dogfart Network, a collection known for its entertaining interracial action, and it fits in perfectly with that theme.

Candy.Monroe blowjob big.tits blonde cowgirl reverse.cowgirl missionary interracial big.ass tattoo lingerie orgy outdoors cum.on.tits megapack piercing bareback cum.on.ass glasses cum.on.pussy tease uniform humiliation gloryhole female.domination spread.eagle cuckold

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SwingersWatching Siterip | Wife gets fucked while her husband watches!

Lots of different couples are invited to some studio where a husband is sitting and watching as his wife is getting banged and cummed on by some other dude. All the usual positions doggy, cowgirl, missionary. Thou i don’t think that these are real couples :hmmm: correct me if i’m wrong. Some videos are lagging, don’t know why and help me tag these milfs.

MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Cheating, Wife, Cuckold, In Front Of Husband, Netorare, Rough Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Interracial, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Cum on Ass, Cum on Pussy, Caught In The Act, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Latina

SwingersWatching All Screens Same Name With Download files.rar



FamilyStrokes FULL 2017 SiteRip HD 1080p

What defines Family Strokes is the most decent acting and story telling in all the porn i’ve seen.

All of the scenes either contain brother and sister sex, brother & brother on sister sex, sister & sister on brother sex, mom on son sec, father on daughter sex, family sex and other kinds of taboo and incest.

Anal, Anilingus, Bathroom, Big Ass, Big Tits, Bisexual, Blackmail, Blowjob, Caught In The Act, Caught Masturbating, Cheating, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Cum in Pussy, Cum on Ass, Cum on Feet, Cum on Hands, Cum on Pussy, Cum on Tits, Cunnilingus, Daughter, Daughter In Law, Deepthroat, Facial, Family Strokes, Female Domination, Hairy, Handjob, Helpless, Humiliation, Impregnation, Interracial, Lesbian, Male Domination, Massage, MILF, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Netorare, Niece, On The Phone, Passed Out, POV, Roleplay, Rough Sex, Sister, Sister-In-Law, SiteRip, Spying, Stockings, Swallow, Threesome, Titty Fuck, Wife

hardcore erika.devine melissa.may dolly.leigh alina.west alison.ray miranda.miller yasmin.scott penny.nichols joseline.kelly adria.rae bailey.brooke alaina.dawson nina.elle threesome siterip hd blowjob incest 1080p kagney.linn.karter incest.roleplay alexis.fawx carmen.valentina natalia.starr alice.march hope.howell michelle.martinez tiffany.watson stacey.leann lily.jordan malina.mars maya.kendrick emma.hix ally.berry karlie.brooks avery.adair alex.blake sierra.nicole alice.chambers riley.mae danica.dilon rhaya.shyne faye.lynne goldie.rush zoey.laine kirsten.lee gigi.flamez megan.sage bambi.brooks aurora.belle karly.baker sophie.sativa elena.koshka zelda.morrison maya.bijou abi.grace blaire.williams

Most of files are 2GB+ so we made it as 2 free download parts.

ALL Screenshots Same Names With Download FIles.rar


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