Natalie Wonder – My Son The Little Exhibitionist!

Mommy’s in the kitchen cleaning up. She doesn’t notice yet but her son is behind her with his hand down his pants, slowly exposing himself to her. It’s a habit he’s gotten into lately. Ever since him and his mommy started “playing” together, he wants to share his body part with mommy all the time. Especially now since his hormones are starting to go crazy. The anticipation of mommy turning around and catching him is making him more horny. Any second now she’s going to catch him. And WHAT are you doing! I just caught you exposing yourself to me again. Sweetie, you can’t go around doing that all the time. And right now your father is napping in the next room. He had a busy day at work. We need to be hushed about these things when he’s home. We need to talk low. So it seems my boy is turning into quite the little exhibitionist, aren’t you? You want mommy to watch you touch yourself? Show me, and then I want to touch.

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Stepsis cheating while on phone with BF – Carolina

Step sister Carolina wants your help with taking some photos of her for her boyfriend. You do your best to help her and receive an unexpected call from that lucky guy. What would you do next?

She talks to her boyfriend on the phone while also sucking your dick, telling him she loves him while you slide your dick into her. You fuck her missionary and then doggy-style until you cum all over her tits. Then she plays with herself and ends up squirting all over you.


Taboo MILF Kristi – Seducing Your Mommy HD 1080p

You play a mom who has been getting treated rather poorly by her husband. Over the years, he’s increasingly become more critical of your appearance to the point where you now have very low self-esteem and generally feel extremely unattractive. In fact, your husband has cruelly told you to clean out your closet of clothes that “you’re too old old for now” while he’s away on a business trip. The video starts with you standing in front of your closet sweetly thanking your son for helping you with this project. Your hair is up in a bun, and you’re wearing a pretty simple “housewife-like” top / skirt or dress with bare legs and heels. You turn around to begin rummaging through your closet, and as you bend over at the waist, your don’t realize that your son is getting a fantastic up-skirt view of your spectacular, thick, round, thong covered ass. As you continue to go through your closet, you are completely oblivious to your son ogling your ass and legs. In fact, you think he’s just the sweetest angel for helping mommy with this chore, and you let your vulnerability show by sharing how down you’ve been feeling about yourself lately. Whenever you turn to look at your son, he quickly looks up at your face to hide the fact that he’s been ogling your body.
After a few minutes of this activity, you excitedly discover a tiny bikini and sexy heels that you haven’t seen in years. You nostalgically remember how great you used to look in this outfit. Hesitantly but with a sense of pride, you even share that you wore it the night that you first met his father when you won a bikini dance contest while on spring break. However, then you snap back to the present with your low self-esteem and feelings of being old and unattractive. Your pervy son decides to capitalize on the situation by showering you with compliments that contradict your husband’s point of view. He even tries to convince you that you would still look good in that outfit. With a great deal of hesitance, you even agree to try it on and show him, asking him to wait in another room. This would end the first scene.
When you enter the room, he showers you with even more compliments. You are overwhelmingly flattered and can’t help but strut and pose sexily, admitting that you haven’t felt this confident in years. You’re son even states that you could even easily win a bikini dance contest today. You’re flattered but doubt that as realistic, but your son turns on some music and convinces you to show him your moves. At first hesitantly, you begin to dance and gyrate. Before long, you lose yourself in the music and start clapping and shaking your ass in the direction of your son (the camera). While you’re lost in your dancing with your ass sticking towards the camera, your son has slowly moved behind you. Suddenly, you are startled by the feel of his thick, hard cock against your ass. You know it’s wrong, but your can’t pull away. It’s been so long since you’ve felt so desired. Before you know it, your son has removed your panties , and you are begging him to fuck mommy from behind. After a few minutes of doggy, your son flips you onto your back and demands to fuck mommy’s titties. You squeeze them together for him as he straddles you and pumps his huge cock through your deep cleavage. After a few minutes of this, your son cums on your face, and you smile sexily, thanking him for proving his father so wrong.

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Alex Blake – When Siblings Succeed HD

Alex was hoping to take a nice private shower. Too bad her bro forgot his phone in the bathroom and had to interrupt. He decided to be polite and not bother her, but as he snuck in he heard her pleasuring herself. Bro was fixated at this point. He decided to bother her, and break the lock on her door knowing she would finish in her room. Sure enough, the plan worked like a charm. Lets just say these siblings got a little too close this encounter. A few days later, Alexs bro ran out of data on his phone and couldnt jerk off. He annoyed Alex to use hers, but she just got grossed out. Bro then realized he doesnt need the internet for sexual stimulation when he has a smoking hot sis right in front of him. Sure enough, bro somehow pulled Alexs first BJ ever and boy was it beautiful. It was also the day they both learned what it truly means to swallow. The next day, bro asks Alex to wake him up in a few hours since his alarm clock is fucked up. Alex agrees, two hours pass, and she goes to give the wake up call. She didnt give a cockledoodledoo, she gave him an any cock will do, right in her mouth. She started to suck, waking him up almost instantly. Bro was appalled and down to tell mom and dad, but maybe if he could just fuck and bust one more nut it could be their little secret. By the looks of Alexs cream covered face, we can go ahead and say bro had GREAT SUCCESS!

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Sexual Frustration HD

No Data HD

Wake & Date HD


Lexy Bandera – Nerd FORCED to Eat Dirty Black Ass & Punished by BIG BLACK DICK!!!

***C4S Top 50 Clip! This Clip Was Ranked #2 on the Clips For Sale Top 50!!!

***Interracial Oral Domination! Over 1 Hr of ROUGH Face Fucking, HARD Face Slapping, and NASTY Ass Eating! 2 Cumshot Angles***

So here I am working hard trying to get this next nasty XXX update out for you guys, and my fuckin computer wanna act up! Tried to fix it for a hour before I was like, “Fuck it. I need an expert.” So I call up a local computer repair shop. Lot of goofy ass college work there, so I’m sure they know what they doing. So they send over this cute lil nerdy college student! Not what I was expecting, but whatever. As long as she can fix my computer, I’m good. I leave her alone to work her magic, and then I hear something. One of my porno videos! This nerdy little bitch snooping around in places on my computer that ain’t got to do with the problem! Yoooo…my day was already fucked up, and that pissed me the fuck off. That nosy little bitch needed to be taught a lesson. So I taught her about BIG BLACK DICK. I fucked her face til tears ran out her eyes. Went BALLS deep in that pretty throat. Flipped her ass upside down, and did it some more. Lucky for me, she don’t got NO GAG REFLEX! So I made sure she took EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. I kept slapping her and choking her and she said she was sorry…but the best way to show you sorry is by CLEANING DIRTY BLACK ASS. So that’s EXACTLY what I made her do. Her lunch break must have been up next, because she ATE THE FUCK out my asshole! That turnt me on even more so I went back to piledriving her throat until I busted A MASSIVE NUT right in her fucking mouth! Runnin down my balls, drippin into my asscrack…that was everywhere! After the way I fucked her up…I think she learned her lesson. So once she done with the computer…I think Im gonna give her a tip….and EVEN MORE BLACK DICK AND BLACK ASS.

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Idol Of Lesbos parts 1-4 – Mother-Daughters Incest Fantasy!

Lesbian Incest Fantasy! A daughter brings home a strange idol that fills her, her mother and her sister with strange forbidden sexual urges! It’s like that Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii! Except with lesbian incest. And without Hawaii. Okay, it’s nothing like that episode…

Starring J.C. Simpson as “Daughter One”, “Dallas” as “Mom”, and “Vanessa” as “Daughter Two”

I couldn’t find much out about two of the actresses. But J.C. Simpson is always hot, imho.

Actually this is a pretty hot “story”, if you’re into taboo lesbian stuff. There’s some decent dirty talk, of the “Make me cum, Mommy!” variety. The actresses don’t look that much alike, but at least they…use…the same…hair dye?
However, it’s from Margo Sullivan’s “Mom Loves Her Son and Daughter” store on C4S, so the production values hover between “amateur” and “great”. Much better than a web-cam, but not on the level of, say, Sapphic Erotica or the bigger adult sites.

Part 1 is the “setup”, where the one daughter brings home the idol and then gets all horny, masturbates, and then peeps on her “mom” in the shower. Not much action, if you’re gonna skip a clip this is the one, but it sets up the “story” (*snort*) so I included it.

Part 2 has the daughter sneak into her mom’s room and get busy with her. Under the influence of the idol. Pretty hot actually.

Part 3 has the daughter seduce her “unwilling” sister, and then when sister complains to mom, mom jumps her.

And Part 4, the three-way family lez-fest, “mom” and “daughters”. Includes strap-on and toy use.

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HotWifeRio – Spying on Mom #3 HD

Today I was in my back yard lounging and I started thinking about the last guy I fucked. It instantly made my pussy tingle and I knew what I needed to do next. I was fingering my pussy and thinking of that nice hard dick inside me. I then got up on the chair and fingered my pussy and touched my breasts. I was getting so turned on! I then picked up my dildo and put some lube on it so I could slide it into my pussy.” Hmm, that big hard dick fucking me real good and getting all his cum in there.” That thought put me over the edge and made me cum! Earlier I heard some noise out by the oak trees but it didn’t stop me from masturbating. If anything it turned me on more knowing my son Billy was spying on me again!

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Sunburned Son Gets Full Milf Treatment!

Damon was out in the sun all day and has a wicked sunburn. Jodi finds him writhing in pain and reluctantly helps him, and even teases him a little about how big of a baby he is being. As Jodi applies some aloe vera to his burns, Damon gets her to place it in increasing inappropriate areas of his body. By the time she is finished rubbing down his butt, Damon roles over and bashfully requests she put some on his cock. Although she can clearly see there is no burn there, Jodi is more than happy at this point to go ahead and play his his already engorged penis. What begins as a simple lotion application, turns into an impromptu handjob, which in turn becomes an all out fuck session between a bratty son and a nurturing milf!

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1920×1080 (HD1080)

Hope has an extremley tight pussy, it fits so snuggly around my hard cock. I fucked the little slut as I pleased and she loved every bit of it, especially when I shot my load inside of her.

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Jessa fucks Daddy to save Mommy – Jessa Rhodes HD

Jessa Rhodes is Back and this one is very TABOO so be warned! Jessa plays a young girl who’s tied up in the basement. she starts whining when she feels someone touching her. when her blindfold is lifted she realizes its her daddy. Daddy makes up a story about how the bad men have mommy and to get her back they want a video of daddy molesting daughter. Jessa goes along, she cries a little at first cause daddy is taking her virginity and it hurts her but soon gets into it and cums on daddy cock. ends with a facial

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