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Sending Daddy The Wrong Selfies – Cadey Mercury HD

OH FUCK! I cant believe I just sent nude selfies to my dad. Maybe I can delete them before he sees it. Oops daddy Im so sorry can we forget you ever saw these? I know what we can do. You can take pictures all for yourself so you will never forget how much I love you, how does that sound (wink)?

TIME: 28:58

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Mom’s Erotic Photoshoot: Spread Eagle Edition!

**Starring Payton Hall and Aiden Valentine**

This clip offers a very intimate, sensual, and erotic moment between mother and son.

I’ve been a single mom ever since the divorce with my husband. Well, ex-husband now. After a couple of years of being alone, I went on a number of dates, but never took anything seriously. My son, Aiden, was young then, and I didn’t want to bring in any random guy that may just leave us. That wouldn’t be fair to him.

Now that he was older, I felt like it was time for me to get back into the swing of things. After so many unsuccessful dates, I didn’t know what to do. Dating had really changed since the last time I did it.

I heard something about online dating. You post your interests, a picture–anything you want people to know about you. I really wanted to look nice. It’s stupid I know, but I took the time to doll myself up, and then took some pictures. I guess they’re called selfies? I wasn’t that great at it, to be perfectly honest.

I called my son in to help me. He’s always so sweet and helpful. We’ve really grown close, especially after my divorce; he’s all I have. He smiled when I told him I wanted to meet someone, and was more than happy to help. I felt sort of silly posing in front of him, but he has a way of making me feel comfortable.

“That looks good, Mom,” he smiled, snapping the picture. He even tried to help pose me. I admit…he was making me feel really good about myself. He was complimenting me, telling me I looked beautiful, and I was all sorts of flattered.

I didn’t want to be too risqué with the photos…I felt I might look too cougar-ish then, but my son insisted. He unbuttoned my top, exposed my ass a little…and I really felt amazing. He groped my chest playfully, and asked me to remove my shirt for some topless pictures. I have no idea why I did it, but he just made me feel so empowered, so sexy.

Aiden had a big smile across his face. “I’ve never seen you naked like this before,” he said, softly caressing my chest. I felt butterflies fill my stomach. I had never seen this side of my son before…he was so sweet, romantic, charismatic. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I fell for his charm.

Then he kissed me. My only reaction was to kiss him back. He felt real, genuine–something that I had been lacking since my husband and I divorced. Everything was so sensual. Being kissed like that made me feel young again…it made my pussy tingle, and I felt myself get wet.

“Let’s take some erotic photos,” he said, picking up my phone. “Yeah, the guys are going to love that.” He slid my panties off, and I posed for him completely bare. I was comfortable and happy, and although I hadn’t realized it before, I was now trying to impress my son.

One thing led to another, and his fingers were circling against my clit. I hadn’t been touched like that in a long time. I moaned softly, and my hand rubbed the outside of his shorts. I felt him ache for me.

He rested his hard cock on top of my body, and I sweetly stroked it with my hand. Then he slid it in. That’s where I lost myself. I let him take full control of me, of my body, of everything…

Our bodies glistened with sweat as he pounded me. I didn’t fight it–this felt right. It was everything I had ever wanted…and now, I finally had it. I didn’t need or want anything else…just my sweet son.

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This clip includes: mom/son, single mom wants to get back into the dating world, asks son for help with taking pictures, sensual kissing, caressing, tit groping, nipple licking/sucking, erotic photos, romantic, intimate, clit rubbing, stroking, handjob, making love, fucking, sex, missionary, doggystyle, multiple sex positions, cum on tits
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Lily Rader – Tradition HD MP4

Lily looked at me, waiting to see my reaction. Her pussy was perfect. Small and pink. I felt like I couldn’t breath. I was sweating. My sister told me to touch her… I still didn’t believe what she had told me. There was no way our Mom had really told her that story. She never had sex with our Uncle, it was crazy to even think about it. Everyone knows that kind of thing never actually happens in real life. This has to be some sort of joke. But… My little sister is sitting in front of me with her legs spread, begging me to touch her. Maybe I’m wrong….

***Starring Lily Rader***

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Mother Fucker – Naughty Creampie HD

Johnny just does not care if I’m on the phone with his father – he wants to fuck me & fill me with cum! He’s such a fucking pervert!

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Daddy’s Girl Giving A POV Blowjob HD

After showing daddy that I learned how to do cartwheels, he saw my panties and boobs as I did them. So daddy gets hard and I notice through his pants his big hard dick. So I ask to see his dick, then he asks me to take off his panties and put them around his cock. After I do so, I start giving him a blowjob! Taking his cock as far down my throat as I can!

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Jessa Rhodes – Jessa gets to wear her bathing suit for Daddy HD

Daddy catches Jessa Rhodes in s skimpy Bikini she wants to wear to the beach. Daddy doesn’t like that idea but Jessa Puts daddy in her holes to keep daddy quiet. she begs daddy to take her every night when mommy is sleeping.

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My Mom – The Book Tour Star

My Mom – The Book Tour Star
23 pages

My Mom – The Book Tour Star.rar


Busty Milf Stacie Starr comes back from retirement to get a stiff dick in her mature ass HD

Busty mother Stacie gets out her ripe Florida gazongas to turn on the young stud.
After blowing him to a glorious erection, she gets her fat ass fingered to a complete opening.
A bit more blowing and she jumps on top, cowgirl.
It’s time for her to use again her pussy reverse cowgirl.
She wants it immediately in her asshole, missionary then sideways.
She gets doggy anal balls deep.
Then she bounces on the guy reverse cowgirl, dick in ass, full stroke.
Rich facial with cum on the eye.
Great cum play.
Thanks Stacie!

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The big anal pleasure HD

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We have gathered today to visit friends. I was ready to come out. But my guy was not ready. He was horny. He wanted to stay. We can not be late, waiting for us. But I agree, not for long. He put his big dick in my narrow asshole. It was painful. Ouch. But then it became more enjoyable. I like to feel a big dick my bf’s in my ass. Dick shot and cum was on my hair, nose and lips and also I had swallowed a portion of the protein. It was great!

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