Mommy Flashing – Jenna J Ross, Jewels Jade HD

Daughter Jenna J Ross warns her mom Jewels Jade not to come into the bathroom while she’s straightening her hair. But really the teen lubes up an anal plug and masturbates with the pink object poking out of her ass like a plastic flower. She fucks herself in the ass and rubs her clit, but her mom hears her moaning and knocks on the door to check on the commotion. When she lets herself in and doesn’t see a straightener, she starts fishing for the truth.

She notices the butt plug and asks Jenna what it’s for. Jenna comes right out about its utility. Jewels is not impressed and asks the teen if she should be telling her father about this. Jenna challenges her to make her father believe her over his little angel. For the next few days Jenna treats her mother with absolutely no respect, donning the butt plug under her outfits and mommy flashing her plugged up ass in her face, until Jewels doesn’t know what to do with the riotous teen. Jewels is reaching her wit’s end when Jenna really starts messing with the MILF, tempting her to touch her sexy butt plug while they’re lounging on the sofa alone at home. Jewels admits that she grappled with the thought of touching her daughter’s butt plug but it isn’t right because she is her mother. Lesbian Jenna convinces her it’s okay if Daddy doesn’t find out.

Soon Jewels’ resolve melts under the heat of Jenna’s bare ass and pussy. The lesbian MILF bares her huge tits and nipples, aroused even before Jenna gets to sucking them. Jewels splays her legs and Jenna can see that she’s pantiless unless her mini dress. Jenna rubs and licks her mom’s wet pussy till she cums. Then Jenna sits over her face and takes a pussy licking while Jewels massages the butt plug into the teen’s ass at the same time, giving her a powerful orgasm. Jenna climbs between her mom’s muscular legs, shaking her butt plugged ass and tribbing her mom’s toned pussy till they both cum!

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Intimate Family Affairs – Krystal Orchid HD

Daddy! The girls at school are bullying me because they think Im a lesbian. Maybe if you let me take some photos with your penis I can prove them wrong? Please oh please dad it would mean the world to me! Plus, Ill make sure you have a fun time throughout. What do you say ;)?

TIME: 25:25

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Angie Noir in My 18th Birthday HD

Ever since I turned 12 and began to notice breasts, my mother has been on my mind. Growing up with a hot large breasted mother was not easy. Hiding the need to fuck her and never finding a girlfriend good enough was tough. I waited for the right time to let it out, the right time to tell my Mom about my kink thoughts…

Scene 1: Ultimate Gift

My Hot Mom walks in wearing a sexy short mini dress and flip flops, I love my mother and she loves me and she asks, “hey, your birthday is coming up, what would you like as a present? New video game? New Computer? I say No Mom it doesn’t matter. Mom says okay, well let me know. The next day I have thought about what I wanted. Mom brings up the subject again and I finally say I want a blowjob for my birthday. Mom is shocked but thinks how she can make this happen. Mom suggests a hooker but I do not want any diseases. I suggest she give me the blowjob as I cannot stop starring at Mom’s tits. Mom leaves the room saying there has to be something else we can do.
The next day Mom walks in fully nude, she has thought about the blowjob and has talked herself into doing it. She cannot believe she is sucking my cock but I am so happy this is finally happening. Mom gets rough on my cock and as I cum into her mouth, Dad comes home. Mom and I run in opposite directions as we pick up our clothes.

Scene 2: Cleaning My Room

I am in my bed when Mom walks in. She says, “what we did yesterday cannot happen again or your dad will us if he finds out.” Then Mom starts to clean up my room. Mom is bending over picking up my clothes when I pull up her dress and bend her over my bed. I pull off her panties and fuck her good. We have to be quiet since Dad was in the living room watching TV.

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Scene 3: Behinds Dads Back

Dad is sleeping in bed and Mom is alone on the couch. Without saying anything I pull out her tits and begin to fuck her. I cover her mouth with my hand so Dad does not wake up

Scene 4: Dad is in the Shower

Mom is sleeping nude in the bed. I walk in stick my cock in her face. The face slapping wakes her up and she tells me to leave. I want Mom to swallow my cum and will not take no for an answer.

Mom has not grown use to our sex sessions but wants us to hurry before Dad finishes his shower. I fuck her fast and hard until I am about to cum. Mom drops to her knees and I unload a furry of hot cum into her mouth. My Slutty Mom swallows every drop. We hear that Dad has finished his shower and I run out of the room leaving Mom alone craving more of my cock.

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Scene 2: she comes to clean his room and gets talked in to missionary sex, a bit of doggystyle and then back in to missionary for an implied creampie.
Scene 3: a bit of tit groping and oral with some nice deepthroat then on to some doggystyle and missionary on the couch then back to doggy to for an implied creampie
Scene 4: while dad is in the shower mom gets woken up from a nap (conveniently she sleeps naked) for a bj, gets fucked on the bed in missionary and a pretty nice pronebone doggy, then she gets up and rides him cowgirl followed by a bit more missionary ending with a nice facial which she quite enthusiastically swallows.

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Deepthroat HD LAST C4S – A pack of some more of these sloppy facefucking videos!

I started grabbing all the videos I could that were interesting from the deepthroathdlast site ( may grab more later) and 2 videos from there sister site another spit fetish site just no guy involved. These videos are similar to other videos from the site, they have a lot of deepthroating, gagging, facefucking, spitting, no puke because of site rules.

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HotWifeRio – MILF Seeking Cum HD

I told Tommy today that I wanted to get fucked by another cock tonight and luckily he said it was okay but that it’s getting late in the day and he wanted to know how I was going to find a guy on such short notice. I told him that I was just going to put an Ad up online that read “Sexy Milf Seeking Cum” and see who responds. So that’s what I did and within two minutes I had three guys e-mailing me wanting to come over to fuck me really bad. So I picked the one who sent me a really nice e-mail with a cute photo attached and I told him to come over to our hotel. I told him that I wanted my hubby to film us having sex for my site and he said that was fine. So I told him where we were staying and my hubby met him at the bar and then brought him up when I was ready for him. I was just going to give this guy a blow job but once I saw his cock I knew I would be fucking it! I made out with him and stroked his cock while we lay on the bed together. He was really excited when I pulled my panties off. He just kept staring at my pussy telling me how beautiful it was. He slowly and gently caressed my pussy and fingered me so nicely. I kept staring at his cock thinking please put it inside me. My hubby told me to lay back and stroke him off while you make out with him but I really wanted to fuck his thick cock so bad! So after sucking and stroking him for a while I straddled his legs and slid my pussy down on his cock. It felt amazing! I went up and down and rubbed my clit until I came. Then I lay next to him and made out with him while I stroked him and told him how much I wanted his cum. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum so I could get it in my mouth. Just as he was about to cum I put my mouth on his head and let his hot cum shoot in my mouth. He came so good for me! I told him I definitely would be calling him again!

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The Milft00ns 2

The Milft00ns 2
21 pages

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MHBHJ – Alley, 2 HD

1920×1080 (HD1080)

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Alley came over to hang out and suck on my cock. I love this little Columbian cocksucker. She gives me some great head and finishes me off into her open mouth…and she sucks me clean. My type of girl :)

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Leilani Wants Cuddles – Leilani Lei, Camille Black HD

Taboo Milf Leilani needs cuddles. She has been so lonely. She slips into her girl Camille’s bed and cuddles up to her. Milf Leilani’s hands caress Camille’s body, cupping her ample breasts, her full ass. Leilani is getting horny and her girl Camille feels so good. Bet she tastes good too. Milf Leilani begins exploring her girl Camille’s body with her tongue, reaching her hairy sweet spot. but she needs satisfaction too, she rubs n grinds her pussy on Camille’s pussy. Such a naughty milf.

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The loss of his wife in a poker night HD

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Adria Rae & Cassidy Klein – I Just… Went With It!


Adria and Cassidy are really bored. It’s the summertime, and both of their families think that the girls are a bad influence on each other. Until Cassidy has the idea of sneaking into the neighbor’s house and having some fun while he is out. He’s a hot European businessman and is never home. While they are checking out his awesome property, he comes back unexpectedly, finding the girls being intimate in his bedroom. These naughty little troublemakers are going to be punished. More than they could every imagine.

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