My Wife Is My Favorite Pornstar (2016)

Dana DeArmond, Yuri Luv, Alison Tyler, Nikki Daniels, Selena Santana, Riley Reid, Anikka Albrite

For over 5 hrs. 30 mins., watch Karla Kush, Alison Tyler, Anikka Albrite, Riley Reid, Nikki Daniels and more hotwives get fucked hard by the other man of their dreams! Life is good when your wife is your favorite pornstar to watch!

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Peeper Dad – Claire Heart HD

Claire looks sweet and innocent but she is a slut that manipulates men… even her own DADDY!
Claire is home from school, sitting on the couch in her school uniform. She has been waiting all day to play with her pussy. As soon as she gets home she slowly pulls her pleated skirt up and spreads her knee-socked legs wide, then pulls the crotch of her white cotton panties off to the side to expose her gash and starts to masturbate. She is so into getting off, it takes her a couple minutes before she hears the doorbell ring… and ring… and ring.

Claire answers the door surprised to see she’d received a package. Wondering what it was she opened it quickly. “My new toy” she excitedly said aloud. “Now I can really get off” she thought to herself. Once again she was in her own masturbation world. She doesn’t realize that her dad has come home, and he’s quietly watching her from the doorway. After watching her for a minute or so, he accidentally sneezes, giving away his vantage point.

Startled, she looks over to see her dad watching her. “Daddy!” she exclaims, as she pulls her hand away and pulls her little skirt back down. “What were you doing?”

She notices a hard-on through his pants.

“Were you watching me?” she asks.

“I guess so,” he stammers.

“And it looks like you were enjoying it, too,” she adds.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“C’mon, dad,” she says. “You were getting an erection from watching your daughter.”

“You’re right,” he admits. “You just look so good in your uniform. Seeing you masturbate in that outfit was just so exciting that I couldn’t help it.”

“So you liked watching me do that?” she asks.

“Yes, very much.”

“And watching me do that in my school uniform makes it even naughtier, doesn’t it?”


Her eyes are still looking at his hard-on.

“Well, I think we need to do something about that bulge in your pants, daddy,” she says, with a naughty smile.

“What did you have in mind, darling?” he asks.

“How about me sucking your cock?” Claire asks, with a naughty smile. “Come over here.”

He walks to the couch as she pulls her skirt back and spreads her legs again to give a clear view of her crotch in her panties.

She unfastens his pants, pulls out his cock and starts giving him a blowjob.

“Do you like this, daddy?” she asks, with a smile.

After sucking him for a while, he wants to take things further.

“Honey, can I…” he starts, hesitating.

“You want to fuck me?” she asks.

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Okay, daddy,” she tells him. “Let me take my panties off.”

She pulls her panties off, then reaches to unfasten her skirt.

“Leave it on,” he asks. “I wanna fuck you in your little uniform.

She chuckles.“Daddy, you’re so naughty!

Claire father fucks her hard making her young pussy swell from having to stretch around his huge thick cock.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” he says.

“Don’t do it inside me, daddy!” she exclaims.

“Can I squirt it on glasses he asks.

“Yes,” she tells him. She kneels in front of him, with her face tilted upward. “Squirt your gooey cum on my face and glasses daddy,” she tells him. She smiles getting face close giving him a big target to drop his load.

“You got it all over my mouth also daddy”

“Can you lick it off and swallow it, darling?” he asks.

She opens her mouth and slowly licks it off of her teeth, then swirls her tongue in the gooey mess before swallowing.

“That’s my good little girl,” he assures her. “You’d better clean up before mom gets home.”
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Wannabe house-boy David Loso is on a quest to get his nectarines polished. Fortunately for him, the ever dependable babe Eva Long in only too happy to help out. Check out the smoking hot mature brunette go down on him like she’s cock depraved!

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Sister Visits Her Brother – Ashlynn Taylor HD

Ashlynn misses her brother and more importantly she misses his cock…
It’s only been a week since Ashlynn’s brother Justin moved into his new riverside condo. She misses him already and decides to surprise him. When she arrives Justin shows her his view and tells her how he’s tanned naked on the balcony. “I can think of something better to do in public” she laughs pulling down his pants. Once he’s hard Ashlynn climbs on her brother’s hard cock and rides him as boats pass by on the river below.

Ashlynn sees some neighbors watching from below so climbs on the balcony rail so they have a better view. “You such a slut sis” Justin tells her. They give the voyeurs a show and then move inside for some real fucking. Justin pounds his sister’s pussy until he covers her face with his creamy satisfaction. “My brother tastes pretty good” she says licking cum off his cock. Ashlynn asks her brother if she can move in with him now. “I’ll let you know after round 2…” he laughs.
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India Summer finds out that her husband is cheating. In order to even the score she has him watch as she has her gym partner cum inside of her.

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Welcome to the Family – Leigh Rose HD


Newbie Leigh Rose just turned 18 years old last month. This is her very first hardcore scene!
Leighs mom and Calvins dad have recently gotten married. She had no clue her mother had remarried until she came home on spring break to find she had a dad and brother. Calvin knew his new 18 year old sister went to an uptight private school but he had no idea what a slut she really was.

Leigh decides shes going to see how much her brother can handle. So being our parents have gotten married we need to get better acquainted. We need to fuck. She tells him watching a shocked look come over his face. Giving him no chance to argue she reaches for his pants and pulls his cock out. Leigh shows her brother how nice her tight young pussy feels wrapped around his thick dick.

Can you think of a better way to get welcomed to the family?
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Miss Pandora Mom busting you jerking it

Mother, MILF, Wife, Spying, POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Caught Masturbating, Big Ass

You’re spying on your mom as she’s lounging on her bed. Being a single mom she’s often lonely so she likes to use her big dildo and please herself when she gets some free time. Pandora is around 45, a PAWG, phat ass white girl with red hair & big boobs & a very curvy ass & thick thighs. She sees you spying on her & is very mom like about it. She knows you’ve got a hard on under there & she wants to watch her boy stroke off to make sure you know what you’re doing. Lots of sexy dirty talk as she walks you through it. She even holds up her blk dildo and shows you the hand motions, even putting it in her mouth to tease you while you stroke for her. Lots of sexy soft talking, encouragement from mom to son that only a sexy mom can do! After you blow a big fat load for mom she’s going to play with her toy but you can’t watch that yet!


Maria’s Head Game HD

Maria gives a lucky stud some top notch head. After eleven minutes of pure bliss, the cock blows a huge wad of cum into the air as Maria continues to lick just below the swollen head. Contains: Oral

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Fucked Mother!

Fucked Mother – CH08
16 pages

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Nightmoves Til Day Break (2016)

MP4|852 x 480|1.1 Gb

Country: USA
Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Genre: Reverse Gangbangs, Threesomes
Cast: Hope Harper, Lauren Philips, Loni Legend, Camille Nicole, Skyler Black
Duration: 1 hrs. 53 mins.

Description: Nightmoves awards draws pornstars and producers from all over the nation to kick off the award season. With an action packed 4 days of Tampa’s finest strip clubs everyone gets pretty ramped up and there’s no telling what happens back at the rooms. Until NOW! DNA Studio (b) takes you behind the scenes with the Desperate Pleasures family causing all sorts of hotness to erupt, all night long. Camille Black and Hope Harper brought Lauren Phillips back to the room for a night of pornstar insanity. Russel grand hooked up with 2 young hotties all week and barely set foot outside the room between shows. If you want a look inside the pornstar life then this is for you.

Nightmoves Til Day Break scene1_lauren_hope_.mp4

Nightmoves Til Day Break Scene2_skylar_.mp4

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