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Maggie Green, Joslyn – Robbery Suspect Apprehended

We got a tip of a possible robbery suspect inside of a barbershop. When we arrived, the suspect was getting a hair cut. We apprehended the suspect on the spot and placed the barbershop on lock down. This way we could teach this criminal a lesson. We had him eat our pussies till his lips went numb, then we made him bang the shit out of us until busting all over our faces.

mp4 | 1.01 GiB | 22 min | 1280×720

BP Maggie Green Joslyn Dec 16 2016.mp4


Forced Sex: Taking Advantage of My Druuunk Mom and Sister – 1080p mp4

**Starring: Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, and Fifi Foxx**

I try to be a pretty good brother. I mean, honestly…I really do. My mom has a bad habit of taking my sister out drinking. And the fucked up part is that my sister isn’t even old enough TO drink. They go out clubbing all the time, and God knows that Mom is trying to fit in with the young crowd. It’s disturbing to hear them stumble through the front door, giggling with one another, and talking about how “wasted” they are.

I walked out of my room to find my sister on the couch. Her leg was lifted on the couch, exposing her white panties, and I could smell the alcohol seeping through her mouth. She reeked. I tried to wake her up, to tell her to go to bed, but she pushed me away in that sort of drunken state. Jesus. I hated my mom for doing this type of stupid . I looked into my mom’s bedroom, and sure enough, she was just the same. This was becoming such a normal, daily thing. It was really pathetic.

Well…I noticed that my sister still had her heels on. You know that rule? The one about if someone with their shoes ON, they’re fair game. I was done with this drunken, partying bullshit. I was pissed. If my mom and sister wanted to act like a couple of bar sluts, I was going to treat them that way. My sister’s open legs turned me on. Her thong was just a little too small, and I could feel my cock throbbing for her. I groped her chest, and she moaned softly. She had absolutely no idea what was going on. I took her hand and put it down my pants. I wanted her to touch it.

Soon, I found myself playing with her pussy, and then sucking on her perky titties. God, I wanted to fucking erupt all over her. I had an idea. I moved her, threw her body over my shoulder, and carried her to Mom’s room.

I set her down on the bed beside Mom, who was in the same way. Her dress was raised, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties. What a filthy whore. She giggled, half-conscious, and then rolled over, talking drunken nonsense. She was still wearing her heels too.

Being the nice guy that I am, I decided to undress them to make them more comfortable for bed. They were so out of it. They were actually encouraging me to lay next to them. I rubbed my fingers against their clits, and then got undressed. I had never been so turned on before. I don’t know what came over me; I lost control.

I opened my sister’s mouth and stuck my cock inside of it. It felt so good, and she wasn’t even aware of what I was doing. I started playing with Mom’s pussy, and right in the middle of thrusting my cock inside my sister’s mouth, her eyes opened. She was confused, as if she was starting to regain consciousness of what was happening around her. I quickly covered her mouth, and with my fingers still on Mom, told her to be quiet. Soon enough, she was back to her drunken state, and passe.d out.

I moved over to Mom. I slipped my cock into her mouth and began fucking it. She started moaning like she enjoyed it. What a whore. I grabbed her tit, and tried to keep my sister silent. I took my sister’s panties off, exposing her young pussy, and then jammed my cock inside. Immediately, she felt me inside of her, and jumped up. I covered her mouth as she tried to fight me, but her vision was blurred, and she was defenseless.

My mom patted her on the shoulder, slurring, and trying to comfort her from what she thought was a bad dream. My sister tried to scream out, but was muffled by my hand over her mouth. I needed to keep my sister quiet, so I moved over to my mom. It wasn’t long before Mom was trying to fight me as well. The fucked up part was that I was getting MORE turned on by their attempts to get me off of them. They were weak and drunk. And I wasn’t going to stop until I got off.

I got behind my sister and fucked her doggystyle. She slurred, “Aiden, get off of me,” but was still out of it. Her little effort to hit me didn’t work, so I kept fucking her hard, thrusting in and out. Eventually, she gave up, but got my mom’s attention. Mom tried to drunkenly push me off, but she kept falling back onto the bed. She was pissing me off, so I moved her body up, and then fucked her too.

They were falling in and out of consciousness, unable to get a real grasp of what was going on. My sister would raise her head as I was fucking Mom, and I had to cover her mouth. I didn’t want to hear anything. I was going to explode whether they wanted it or not. I went back and forth, positioning their bodies side by side. When I was ready, I knelt over top of them, and jerked my cum all over their intoxicated faces. They just laid there, giggling to themselves like stupid, little bar sluts.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, family, drunk mom, drunk younger sister, intoxicated, son/brother takes advantage of situation, fingering, lift and carry, forced blowjob, half-conscious, chest groping, tit licking/sucking, forced sex, missionary, doggystyle, struggling, hand over mouth, facials, cum on face, limp fetish
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Zelda Morrison – The Ring Of Impurity HD

Zeldas mom lost her precious wedding ring! She needs to find it before father gets home or else she is in deep shit. She hires her son and Zelda to help look, and offers a reward if its found: the convertible for a whole entire week! The kids jump at the opportunity, scouring the house and running over each other to check every inch of their home. After about ten minutes of searching in moms bedroom, her bro finds it! What a lucky piece of shit. Zelda begs for it since he always gets to go out and has his own car anyway. Bro was pretty content, but thought maybe he could get a blowjob out of her. Sure enough Zelda puckered up her lips and started sucking that dick, very disgustingly (the good kind) we might add. Since she was already putting out, she figured maybe try to barter her pussy in a few positions before getting a creamy facial.

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The Faces Of Alice Part Three – Sara Luvv, Cadence Lux HD


Alice (Sara Luvv) wakes up from the weirdest dream. She fumbles for her glasses trying to see, but her vision goes in and out of focus. Her head is aching and she fights to keep herself from blacking out. But the strangest sensation seizes her, and she feels herself being pulled under and out of her conscious self. Alice gets out of bed, struggling to stay in her body. But something is competing for that space. Another personality is trying to break free. She calls herself Al, and makes herself at home in Alice’s tight little body. Al is more dominant than Alice, more deliberate in her actions, and much more self-confident. Al has tons of game, and no patience for bullshit hair and makeup.

When Alice’s roommate Christy (Cadence Lux) wonders what’s gotten into her, Alice tries to answer but the dominant Al suppresses her. Al begins hitting on Christy aggressively. She goes straight for Christy’s weakness, the waterworks between her knees. Al tells her she wants to rub her g-spot and make her squirt, wetting Christy’s panties with her dirty words. Al pulls her in for a sensual kiss, and Christy exclaims, ‘Are you packing heat?!’ The butch lesbian is wearing a purple double ended strapon, inserted in her pussy. She tells Christy to take her clothes off so she can be comfortable when she eats her pussy. Christy obeys her command, visibly lusting for her tongue. Al licks her clit with a finger on her g-spot, then tantalizes her to fuck the strapon. As soon as she mounts her, Christy releases a stream of squirt, and another. Al gets drenched fucking the squirt from Christy’s clam. Christy is powerless against Al’s oral ministrations and cums intensely in her mouth.

Before Al has an orgasm, she goes into the bathroom and blacks out again. But this time, a third personality comes out, named Alicia. She is a lipstick lesbian that loves to get fucked. Alicia loves to be adorned like a jewel, and prepares her beautiful self for a fucking. Then she goes back to her roommate Christy, and very deliberately, tells her what she wants. Mesmerized by Alicia’s feminine sensuality. Christy inserts the doubledong, groaning as she anchors it into her pussy. Alicia straddles her all ladylike, riding her bubble butt up and down the shaft, hornily grinding against Christy’s bushy mound. Alicia bends over, and Christy takes her from behind, losing her mind watching Alicia’s pussy swallow the strapon, engorged with orgasm and begging for release, till she moans through her explosion. Alicia takes a final squirt in the face licking one more cum out of Christy. But when Alice resurfaces confused and in tears, can Christy help her friend get back to normal, if such a thing exists?

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[GVG-405] H Ass Love Quotient Kun Prank Miori Matsushita お尻大好きしょう太くんのHなイタズラ 松下美織


[GXAZ-087] Thick Are Squid In The Go-getter Tech Ejaculation And The Man Of Squirting Kanae Luke 凄腕テクでイカされる濃厚射精と男の潮吹き 佳苗るか


[CBTB-003] Second Day Spectacle Breastfeeding Mom Satozaka Akari 見世物母乳ママ2日目 里坂あかり


[ASPC-002] Cosplay Pacifier Daughter Hatsuki Metropolitan Hanasuna コスプレおしゃぶり娘 羽月都花沙


[GVG-406] Son-in-law, Miki Matsuzaka Aiming A Big Tits Too Obscene Mother-in-law 【DMM限定】姑の卑猥過ぎる巨乳を狙う娘婿 松坂美紀 チェキ付き


[GVG-407] All Records Of That Tutor Has To Busty Students Komoto Camera File Ai Tsukihon 【DMM限定】家庭教師が巨乳受験生にした事の全記録 隠撮カメラFILE 月本愛 チェキ付き


[HXAD-029] Absolute Pantyhose Mania Ayumi Shinoda【数量限定】絶対的パンストまにあ 篠田あゆみ Tバックと生写真付き



[MXGS-920] Cum Ma ● Co Destruction Takai Luna From The Dimensions Stop You Do Not You Ask Squid To Want To Go 逝きたいのに逝かせてもらえない寸止めからの絶頂マ●コ破壊 高井ルナ


[SNIS-793] Cheap Iki 61 Times! !Miharu Ultra Ikuiku Capstone Full Course HaneSaki 激イキ61回!!超イクイク絶頂フルコース 羽咲みはる


[SNIS-794] Special Video Nikkan AV Milk-ass-binding As Harsh Is Imminent And Thorough Low Angle Yoshitake Tin エグい程の肉感AV 乳・尻・結合が目前に迫る特殊映像&徹底ローアングル 美竹すず


[SNIS-795] Convulsions Climax Big Down Big Down The Golden Ratio Slender BODY Minato Riku 痙攣絶頂ビックンビックン黄金比スレンダーBODY 湊莉久


[SNIS-796] Intersect Body Fluids, Dense Sex Full Uncut Special An Tsujimoto 交わる体液、濃密セックス 完全ノーカットスペシャル 辻本杏


[SNIS-797] Sensitivity 200%! !Hairless Brown Oma ● This First Of Shaved Squirting Ecstasy Yutsuki Aisha 感度200%!!無毛褐色おま●こ初めてのパイパン潮吹きエクスタシー 悠月アイシャ


[APKH-026] Spinning Angel SakiRyo Was Tsurekoma To Spear Room 【DMM限定】ヤリ部屋に連れ込まれた天使 咲良つむぎ チェキ付き



[CESD-295] Hamasaki Mao Is Of You Senzuri Full Support! 【DMM限定】浜崎真緒がアナタのセンズリ完全サポート! パンティ付き


[DVAJ-193] [First Look] Ripples Aya Profession Is AV Actress. 【初見】 佐々波綾 職業はAV女優です。


[DVAJ-195] [Abnormal Cohabitation Pretend] That Can Be Currently Published Information 1 Fashion-based Vocational School Student Empty 20-year-old Shiina Sky 【異常な同棲ごっこ】 現在公開可能な情報 1 服飾系専門学校在学 そら 20歳 椎名そら


[DVAJ-196] [No. 1 Dangerous Videos Kore] After This, I 1 Wife Kana (provisional) 26-year-old Omiya Resident Kana Miyashita, Which Is At No Contraception Unreasonable 【1番ヤバい動画はコレ】この後、避妊なしで無茶苦茶にされるワタシ1 若妻 華奈(仮) 26歳 大宮市在住 宮下華奈


[MIDE-380] My Sister Tsu Cowgirl Press! ! Kamisaki Shiori 僕のお姉ちゃんが騎乗位プレスっ!! 神咲詩織


[PGD-917] Thick, Adhesion, Kiss, Sex. Chisato Ugaki 濃厚、密着、接吻、セックス。 宇垣ちさと


[SNIS-789] Popularity Check General User Assault Interview Tomorrow Flower Killala In The AV Shop!The Person Appeared From Behind I Say Bad Things! AVショップで明日花キララの人気度チェック 一般ユーザー突撃インタビュー!悪口言ったら背後から本人登場!



[HAWA-092] What Is Amateur Wife Who Does Not Know Only Husband Ji ○ Port Could Allow Up To Production When You Are Faced With The Guests Of Big Penis For The First Time Of Sex Experience? 夫のチ○ポしか知らない素人妻は初めての風俗体験でデカチンの客に迫られたら本番まで許してしまうのか?


[TMEM-090] Freedom Recommend Kana Of Saddle How Unconventional 型にハマらないハメ方のススメ かなで自由


[TMHP-063] Thought An Angel? Disappointed? Rena Aoi 天使かと思った?がっかりした? あおいれな


[TMHP-064] Ultra-tide-Rainbow Will Take The Day Is Not Far Away – Ayumi Mao 超潮 〜虹がかかる日は遠くない〜 浜崎真緒


[TMVI-079] OL Aesthetics As A Sexual Object Ver.7.5 Aki Kawana 【DMM限定】性的対象としてのOL美学 Ver.7.5 川奈亜希 チェキ付き


[ZEX-310] Buchikomi! ! 17 Nene Out Continuous Production In Kinoshita 【数量限定】ぶちこみ!! 17連続生中出し 木下寧々 パンティとチェキ付き


[GS-083]Three Days Left Until Payday … 100,000 Yen Won Pachinko Yesterday, And Are Excited About While Looking At 給料日まであと三日…昨日パチンコで勝った10万円で、残業中に高い出前でも取っちゃおっかな〜とメニューを見ながらワクワクしていると何やら視線が…。



Latina Sisters Squirt On Each-other – Accidental Anal Poop!


The poop scene is very brief and accidental.

In the video they play with their own pussys and squirt in each others faces and mouths, some pussy licking involved. There is anal dildo riding, dildo deep throating etc. During some anal riding and pussy rubbing one of the girls accidentally shits herself around the 28 minute mark. She then squirts into a glass jar and has her sister drink it.

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Dirty Talk 5 (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Gonzo, Anal, Point Of View, Rimming
Starring: Angela White, Summer Day, Jessa Rhodes, Kimber Woods.
Duration: 02:15:06

Beautiful, sexy visuals are even more arousing when the girl on camera provides lusty audio, as in “Dirty Talk 5.” Director / stud Manuel Ferrara captures stirring, POV-style footage of four loquacious shit-talkers. In each scene, a potty-mouthed slut looks viewers in the eye, unleashing streaks of filthy commentary as she wrestles with Manuel’s massive meat. Angela White’s huge, natural tits and luxurious lingerie form inviting cleavage, and her British accent makes her sound all the filthier. Her bouncing, jumbo jugs envelop Manuel’s massive meat in a titty fuck; she gives a stocking-clad foot job and blushes as she cums. Blonde Summer Day spreads and twerks, saying, “If I ever wore panties, they’d be soaking wet.” She tongues Manuel’s bunghole, takes his fat meat straight up her ass, sucks cock ass-to-mouth and declares, “You should always want to taste your own ass.” Flashy blonde Jessa Rhodes’ cute butt, shaved pussy and puffy, BJ lips reek of sex. She calls Manuel “Daddy” as he porks her, and a fabulous POV shot shows her stroking his jism into her mouth. Adorable, spirited Kimber Woods is a three-hole whore for Manuel. She fingers her gash as she’s sodomized, takes a facial cock whipping and swallows semen. These girls eat with those mouths!

Video: 960×540 29.97fps 1652kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz 130kbps
Size: 1.67 GB

Dirty Talk 5.mp4

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