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Allura Skye – Mom Becomes Addicted to My Dick HD

Mom’s Job Interview HD

My mom is ready to get back to working now that I am older and dad isn’t helping much. She is worried that she is dressed too sexy…but she is acting like she needs a lot of reassurance. She shows me that she isn’t wearing panties. She is getting hot and nervous about her job interview and asks me to unzip her dress, then she sees that I am hard and starts rubbing my dick through my pants I didn’t realize my mom was so desperately in need. I don’t know what is going on, but I think bills aren’t the only thing that dad doesn’t take care of any more. My mom needs hard dick in her so bad she doesn’t care how wrong it is. I can’t even think of a reason for this not to happen.

Mom’s Home from Happy Hour HD

My mom comes in almost stumbling after being out for happy hour. She is dressed a little slutty and I guess she was on the prowl. Thank god she didn’t come home with some douchebag. But, she went out planning to get laid, and now that she is home she hasn’t changed her mind. I can’t say no, and she is just so fucking hot.

Mom Needs My Dick HD

It’s just gotten to the point where my mom is in heat. She goes around the house in the sexiest almost nothing clothes. Doing house work practically naked. Mom knows that I am not sure if we should keep doing what we did, and she is flaunting herself, knowing how hot she is, how I can’t take my eyes off her…

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 So the setup is described above, as far as content this is split in 3 scenes. First Allura does some modeling takes off her dress then proceeds to give him a hj/bj, cowgirl, doggystyle and missionary on the couch ending w/ a creampie. Second scene Allura plays with herself a bit, gets a quick foot rub, then gives a bj, rides the guy, gets pounded on the sofa for a a while and then finshes him off w/ an oral creampie. Lastly we see her doing the dishes and vacuuming around the house with nothing on but a small robe, she then teases and plays w/ herself before giving the guy head and getting pounded on the couch first in missionary then doggystyle before taking an open mouth money shoot.


Bridgette B – Rockstar Trophy Wife

Rockstar wannabe Xander Corvus waits impatiently for his driver to pick him up and drive him to his father’s house. He get’s a call from some slutty groupie that he couldn’t give two shits for and blows her off just like any other tramp he’s fucked. In the car he calls his father’s wife asking where his father is. Bridgette B tells him that he’s on tour. Xander laughs pompously at his dad’s pathetic attempt for a come back. Bridgette defends her husband’s legendary rock star reputation and is insulted Xander would say she’s nothing but a trophy wife with a nice rack that his dad paid for.

Bridgette calls Xander out furious at his attitude toward her and demands to know what his problem is and asks him to leave. But Xander thinks Bridgette can be better company if she makes him a drink and takes off that top showing him the goods that daddy paid for. She shoos him away making it clear that he didn’t pay for her massive tits thus thinking twice about fucking her and her big ass boobs. But Xander’s cock is already hard as he whips it out and has her second guessing that maybe she deserves a young cock to compensate for her husband’s time on the road.

Brigette gets on her knees and takes a good look at her son’s huge cock before swallowing it whole in her mouth making it nice and wet for Xander to titty fuck her towering boobs. He suckles his his step mommy’s boobs like a little boy eager to taste candy for the first time and hungers for more of Bridgette’s tasty pussy. He bends her over and licks her tight pussy and asshole creating a stream of wetness and begins a cock ride so intense it makes her scream with happiness. Soon he shoots his huge load of hot white jizz over her very expensive tits!

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Mercedes Carrera – Rendezvous

While the lovely couple Danny Mountain and Mercedes Carrera celebrate in the Christmas spirit, everything turns humbug when Mercedes notices Danny’s cell phone ringing off the hook from RJ, his coworker. Danny pays no attention to it, or so he pretends as the text messages roll in and naive Mercedes digs a little deeper at finding out the truth behind this mysterious RJ. Mercedes looks through Danny’s phone, revealing his unfaithful treachery. It is time for Mercedes to have some payback…

Mercedes finds the location of where the homeworking whore and her unfaithful cheating husband will meet. She concocts a plan where she ties up Rachel in the closet and blindfolds Danny and shushes him onto the bed. Mercedes doesn’t make a sound as she dominates the filthy liar into fucking her probably for the last time.

Her massive boobs hang out from her garter belt and onto Danny’s face. She spreads her legs open for his massive cock. She rides his dick vigorously as her huge ass grips and massages his thick meat, gaping her pussy lips. She flips over fucking him reverse cowgirl as his cock plummets deep inside her pussy. Mercedes leavs trails of pussy juice all over his cock. Danny busts his load onto his wife as he moans out Rachel’s name, he hears a moan coming from afar but he’s unable to determine what it is…With the blind fold still on, he opens the closet door, sees Rachel tied and bound. With Rachel in hysterics screaming that some crazy woman threw her in the closet…Danny hears Mercedes’ voice calling him a piece of shit, knocking him out cold on the floor!

Size: 457866212 bytes (436.66 MiB), duration: 00:30:51, avg.bitrate: 1979 kb/s
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Adriana Chechik, Remy LaCroix – Hindsight

Remy LaCroix confides in her best friend Adriana Chechik about how her love life has gone to shit with Danny and doesn’t know how it can be salvaged. Adriana suggests that Remy let him fuck her in the ass to spice up their love life. Reminiscing from their college days, Adriana tells a tale of how she devirginized a hot Spanish exchange student with juicy details that Remy brings with her into the night. Remi fantasizes in the bathtub, touching her soft pussy as she envisions Adriana’s story which becomes all too surreal. She moans in sexual arousal as she mentally re-enacts Adriana’s sex story with Ramon Nomar. Remy spreads her legs as she pictures Adriana and Ramon stimulating their sexual parts with the bathwater flowing over her wet pussy. Ramon kisses Adriana’s boobs vigorously and eats out her shaved pussy until the horny slut wants his huge cock inside of her mouth. She sits over his cock as she bounces strenuously ripping her pussy apart. Ramon turns her around, ready to fuck her wet asshole making her scream for more. Adriana’s eyes roll behind her head in sexual gratification which causes her to squirt instantaneously over his fat cock. As Remy’s fantasy intensifies so does Ramon’s cock, unable to hold out his hot creamy jizz that explodes over Adriana’s naughty pussy stimulating Remy’s climax and opening up endless sexual possibilities! To be continued…

Size: 542600324 bytes (517.46 MiB), duration: 00:36:37, avg.bitrate: 1976 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 960×544, 29.97 fps(r) (und)



Dahlia Sky – Hustled

Dahlia Sky’s husband, a huge rock star is prepping for an epic evening with the band which includes getting shit faced and leaving his sober wife behind. Dahlia begs him to go to the show but he doesn’t want to be around anyone that is sober, including his wife; after all he has a reputation to maintain. She is ordered to stay in the hotel room and preoccupy herself while he goes out and parties. With nothing else to do she lays on the couch and falls asleep but when she wakes up and it’s daytime, she realizes her husband isn’t back from the show, she calls him repeatedly but to no avail. She decides it’s time to find herself a real man that can satisfy her loneliness.

Dahlia looks online for some dick to fuck and finds a buffed up, chiseled chest god-like creature by the name of Johnny Castle. She prepares herself for a fun filled night of adultery by wearing a matching thong, garter belt and push up bra. The doorbell rings and there she meets Johnny. She is utterly blown away by his masculinity. She shows him to the living room and apologizes for her husband’s paraphernalia mess left on the table. Dahlia explains how her husband is a scumbag and won’t fuck her the way she deserves to be fucked. All he cares about are his groupies and late night partying with those whores. Dahlia needs a real man to completely liberate her inner most desires and she thinks Johnny is the perfect candidate to fulfill her sexual needs.

They kiss passionately as Dahlia becomes sexually excited, her hips swaying back and forth as her pussy becomes wet with desire. Johnny soothes her sexual cravings by sucking on her ripe boobs and asks her to tease him by fingering the outside of her pussy. Her lover pushes her legs apart and begins dining on her shaved pussy tasting the horny wife’s juices igniting his taste buds. Dahlia leans forward in a 69 position and grabs a hold of his erect cock, soaking her mouth with his hard shaft until she is ready for her pussy to be fucked. She goes on all fours doggystyle and Johnny spreads her pussy lips and fills her insides with his hard cock. He slams his dick vigorously in and out of her wet pussy and Dahlia surprises him with a gift even her husband was never worthy of; fucking her asshole. Johnny glides his cock deep inside of her ass thrusting his shaft. Her orgasm escalates to a whole new level of euphoric heights until the moment he cannot hold his load, jizzing all over her moist pussy!

Size: 533626157 bytes (508.91 MiB), duration: 00:36:02, avg.bitrate: 1975 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 960×544, 29.97 fps(r) (und)



[NITR-047] Married Ikijigoku Lesbian Travel Sakashita Emiri 人妻生地獄悶絶旅行 坂下えみり


[RBD-768] Home Strip KAORI Wet To Hajitai 恥態に濡れた自宅ストリップ KAORI


[RBD-769] Yu Konishi Sister Became Something Only for Me 姉さんが俺だけのものになった日 小西悠


[RBD-770] Imprisoned Fashion Model Property Torture Collection 7 Okazaki Emily 囚われたファッションモデル 性虐コレクション7 丘咲エミリ


[SORA-101] Don Argument Hidden Masochist Woman Forced Gangimari Torture Misuzu Kawana ドン引き隠れマゾ女 強制ガンギマリ調教 川菜美鈴


[SORA-102] De M Women Ana Embarrassing Incontinence Roque Jun IzumiドM女子アナ恥ずかしい失禁ロケ 和泉潤


[SORA-103] Serial Cheater … Exposed Traveling With Young Male Without Telling Her Husband.Even In Hot Spring Inn Also Rolled Saddle In The Field Lena Fukiishi 私、浮気常習犯なんです…夫に内緒で若いオスと露出旅行。温泉宿でも野外でもハメまくり 吹石れな



Dolly Little – Post Class Seduction By A Red Head

Dolly was doing bad in her first year of med school, So bad that her parents hired a tutor for her to improve her grades. Bruce did not know what was in store for him when he came to help Dolly with her school work. What he though was going to be just another tutoring session turned out to be anything but! Dolly almost immediately began to seduce Bruce into giving her all the answers in change for a blowjob and maybe a little more. Bruce resisted at first but once Dolly began to simulate filacio on one of Bruce’s fingers all bets were off! Bruce fucked the shit out of Dolly! Giving her some serious dick, tossing and smacking around the cute redhead. Dolly was more than please with what she managed to accomplish. she was on top of the world.

Size: 377631912 bytes (360.14 MiB), duration: 00:45:50, avg.bitrate: 1099 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 852×480, 30.00 fps(r) (eng)



Katerina – Busty Katrina On Wheels

I cruised down to the shore line and I found the huge breasted Katrina riding her bike. Wow are her tit amazing, huge and bouncy. She gave us a nice strip and got naked to ride her bike, what a wild one. We went back to the house and she got even freakier, she showered for us while playing with her big natural juggs. Shit got wild when it was time to fuck. This one is a can’t miss.

Size: 314704816 bytes (300.13 MiB), duration: 00:38:46, avg.bitrate: 1082 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 852×480, 30.00 fps(r) (eng)



[RBD-766] Stage Of The Slave Color 30 Nanami Kawakami 奴隷色のステージ30 川上奈々美


[RBD-767] Widow Of Yawahada 9 Natsume Saiharu 未亡人の柔肌9 夏目彩春


[RBD-772] A Woman Boss Yearn Is Dirty I Have All Of The Bad Employees Are Younger Than Yourself! Matsushita Saeko 自分よりも若くて誰もが憧れる女上司をダメ社員の俺が全部汚してやる! 松下紗栄子


[RBD-773] Woman Of Chastity Belt 21 Rio Ogawa 貞操帯の女21 緒川りお


[SNIS-651] Tomorrow Flower Killala That Have Been Dispatched To The Night Bus Is Tempted Apt Amateur’s In A Situation That Does Not Put Out The Voice 夜行バスに派遣された明日花キララが声の出せない状況でガチ素人さんを誘惑して、無音スローピストンSEXまでしちゃいました


[AFS-013] AV Home Shooting Wrecked The Celebrity Married Woman That Town Go! Out At Home Without A Husband In The Do Immoral Feeling Covered Fuck! ! Married 街行くセレブ人妻をナンパしてAV自宅撮影! 旦那のいない家でヤる背徳感まみれの中出し性交!!


[MMR-AA036] Tree Zhiai desire 樹下智愛 欲望のスイッチ



[JSN-005] High-leg Mother Too Obscene To Nettle The Son Of The Real From The Daughter-in-law Reiko Kobayakawa 実の息子を嫁から寝取る卑猥過ぎるハイレグ母さん 小早川怜子


[ZEUS-009] Kana Miyashita – Princess All-Star Kana Miyashita 宮下香奈 – プリンセスオールスター


[WANZ-489] Meeting Sri Pies Once Days Of Risk Famous Cosplayers Month 有名コスプレイヤー月に一度の危険日中出しオフ会 しゅり


[WANZ-487] Incredibly Ji ○ Port Limit Dimensions Stopped To Increase The Sperm Teasing Fuck 信じられないほど精子のふえるチ○ポ限界寸止め焦らし性交 つぼみ


[KBKD-1223] Pies plump breasts wife YoshiKiyoshi Shun 豊満爆乳妻中出し 美澄しゅん


[DJE-063] Ryokawa Ayaon, drink 100 shots of sperm. 涼川絢音、100発の精子飲む。


[ZUKO-100] Child Making Because Niece And Aunt Is Too Great Body姪と叔母さんが凄い身体すぎるから子作り


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