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Klara Gold – Klara The Pipe Cleaner

So my wife was gone for the day and the cleaning girl, Klara, was due to come by. Ive always wanted to get a closer look at the housekeepers fat ass and I decided today was the day to make that happen. I know we dont pay her that much to clean our crib so I thought I would offer her a little bit extra to clean up without a few pieces of clothes on – and maybe do some other naked activities as well. After a promise that this stays between us I finally got to unleash her backside beast and she immediately swallowed my cock! I took Klara to my bedroom, bent her over and fucked the living shit out of her and me and my wifes bed! Am I going to Hell? Probably. But the nut I left on her swollen ass cheeks doesnt let me care.



[RHJ-239] Red Hot Jam Vol.239 ~ Special Box 5 ~: Yui Igawa, Ito Sayuri, Chiharu Miyashita, Sakamoto Akira レッドホットジャム Vol.239 ~Special Box 5~ : 井川ゆい, 伊東さゆり, 宮下ちはる, 坂本ひかり, 他 Yui Igawa, Sayuri Ito, Chiharu Miyashita, Hikari Sakamoto, and more


[RHJ-241] Red Hot Jam Vol.241 ~ Yoshijuku woman Acme gangbang 14 barrage ~: Yokoyama Mirei レッドホットジャム Vol.241 ~美熟女アクメ輪姦14連発~ : 横山みれい Mirei Yokoyama


[GVG-066] Real Sex Education of Mom Yui Hatano ママ波多野結衣のリアル性教育


[HHED-40] Relatives Of Aunt Naomi Nakayama おばさんナオミ中山の親族


[IBW-479z] 4 Hours Pushing Girl Humiliation Footage ガール屈辱フッテージを押す4時間


[JRZD-481] Hatsudori Married Document Yamashita Akemi Hatsudori既婚ドキュメント山下明美



[XV-887] Yabuki Apricot New Comer 矢吹アプリコット新人


[YRH-067] Full Gachi Negotiations! Aim For Amateur Hard Kava Poster Girl! Vol.18 フルガチバカ交渉!素人激カワのポスターガールを目指す!第18巻


[YRZ-007] Murder Caught Fucking Working Woman The OL Butts [Surendarasu Good Friend!! ; Vol.4 殺人キャッチクソワーキングウーマンザ·OLバッツ[Surendarasuグッドフレンド!!;第4巻


[RHJ-226] The Red Hot Jam Vol.226: Otsuki Hibiki レッドホットジャム Vol.226 : 大槻ひびき, Yurika Hibiki Ootsuki, Yurika


[RHJ-227] Red Hot Jam Vol.227: Saori Suzuki, Sakuragi Yuna レッドホットジャム Vol.227 : 鈴木茶織, 桜木ゆな Chao Suzuki, Yuna Sakuragi


[RHJ-229] Red Hot Jam Vol.229 ~ CRB48 ~: Sayaka Fukuyama, Shiina Yuko, Kinoshita Ageha レッドホットジャム Vol.229 ~CRB48 ~ : 福山さやか, 椎名ゆず, 木下アゲハ Sayaka Fukuyama, Yuzu Shina, Ageha Kinoshita



[RHJ-193] Red Hot Jam Vol.193 Fukuoka Tokyo daughter confinement incident: Hirayama Kaoru レッドホットジャム Vol.193 福岡上京娘監禁事件 : 平山薫 Kaoru Hirayama


[RHJ-194] Red Hot Jam Vol.194 Yoshijuku woman Pictorial: Minamino Rika レッドホットジャム Vol.194 美熟女画報 : 南野リカ Rika Minamino


[RHJ-195] You come true hope of Red Hot Jam Vol.195 You: Takase Sayaka レッドホットジャム Vol.195 アナタの望み叶えます : 高瀬沙耶香 Sayaka Takase


[RHJ-196]Red Hot Jam Vol.196 uniform beauty club Kinoshita Ageha レッドホットジャム Vol.196 制服美女倶楽部 木下アゲハ Ageha Kinoshita


[ROSH-38] Roche 38 transformation agony exposure ロッシュ38 変態悶絶露出


[SABA-123] The More Serious Women’s Glasses Seems Unspectacular Attending. high Deviation University, Actually True To Say Super-erotic より深刻な女性のメガネは、担当地味に思える。高偏差大学は、実は真のスーパーエロを言うために


[SAMA-835] To Point Out The Chilla Chest Flat-chested Beauty Of Rumors, Do 3 Is Allowed To Blush は、ブラッシュを許可され、噂チラ胸フラット胸美を指摘3を実行するには



[RHJ-186] Red Hot Jam Vol.186 Himekore: Ito Sayuri レッドホットジャム Vol.186 ヒメコレ : 伊東さゆり Sayuri Ito


[RHJ-187] Red Hot Jam Vol.187 Futari together: love Miyamura, Yuki Minami, Chiharu Miyashita, Sakashita Akira Koi Miyamura レッドホットジャム Vol.187 ふたりいっしょ : 宮村恋, みなみゆき, 宮下ちはる, 坂下ひかり Koi Miyamura, Yuki Minami, Chiharu Miyasita, Hikari Sakamoto


[RHJ-188] Red Hot Jam Vol.188 glamorous: Hirose Yuna レッドホットジャム Vol.188 グラマラス : 広瀬ゆな Yuna Hirose


[RHJ-189] Red Hot Jam Vol.189 Perfect Body: Maya Yuki レッドホットジャム Vol.189 パーフェクトボディ : 真矢ゆき Yuki Maya


[RHJ-190] Red Hot Jam Vol.190 BSB Yoshibichichi: Yoshihara Myina レッドホットジャム Vol.190 BSB 美微乳 : 吉原ミィナ Miina Yoshihara


[RHJ-191] Red Hot Jam Vol.191 Summer Girl: Yui Takagi, Chiharu Miyashita, Akira Sakamoto, Yuzumiya In addition レッドホットジャム Vol.191 サマーガールズ: 高城ゆい, 宮下ちはる, 坂本ひかり, 柚宮なお, みなみゆき, 宮村恋 Yui Takashiro, Chiharu Miyashita, Hikari Sakamoto, Nao Yuzumiya, Yuki Minami, Koi Miyamura


[RHJ-192] Red Hot Jam Vol.192 Gokui out ten consecutive Bukkake 10 people during continuous: Nagisa Kazami, Sakurai Michiru レッドホットジャム Vol.192 極射10人連続ぶっかけ10人連続中出し : 風見渚, 桜井みちる Nagisa Kazami, Michiru Sakurai



Katrina Jade

The following scene may not be suitable for those with a weak stomach. Katrina Jade’s the bargaining chip in her husband’s poker game. Her man has lost to Charlie and Isiah, and his wife’s white pussy is as good as any cash money. After all, the dude secretly loves watching the love of his life get railed by the BLACK MAN. Katrina’s given the green light to dress in something that would make a seasoned hooker blush. Katrina’s man is given a front row seat to the pounding that Charlie and Isiah unleash on her. Again, the dude’s in heaven as his eyes watch his little woman getting fucked into oblivion. The husband/cuckold watches as both ends of his wife are poked and prodded by two huge slabs of black beef. And this is probably the point of the video where you’re gonna watch in horror: Katrina’s husband sucks out the creampie left by the black man ,and……………just watch for yourself. This shit was insane!



Sluts Next Door (2014)

All-young, all-natural nymphos just became your neighbors! Imagine if nymphs became neighbors. And there was Lizzy London having hot, steamy sex with Evan Stone, her natural tits bouncing as her big butt pounds out a big beat. Then there’s cutie Riley Reid, a hot young slut who craves Jerry’s huge cock. She rides him hard and cums all over him. Hey wait, a house is not a home without Jennifer White and her perfect natural boobs, amazing body and insatiable sex. And in walks Natasha Nice, who likes her cock on the dark side, so she fucks Jon Jon hard, having three orgasms until he comes all over her pretty face. And finally, what neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without a ‘ho like Cassandra Nix, who fucks the shit out of John Strong, her long legs wrapping around everything in sight. Think you’ve been around the block? You ain’t see nothing yet.

Category: Straight, Oral, Big Tits, Interracial
Starring: Cassandra Nix, Jennifer White, Lizzy London, Natasha Nice, Riley Reid, Anthony Rosano, Evan Stone, Jerry, John Strong, Jon Jon
Language: English

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Mandy Muse – Big Booty Anal Fuck Fest

Holy shit. Mandy Muse is fucking hot! Her ass, her pussy, her tits; all flawless. This girl is perfect. Having her walk out the front door as you pull up, asking to wash your car and suck your dick is like hitting the lottery in ten different countries all at the same time. No viagra needed with Mandy. Your dick will stay hard for a month. That’s how hot she is. Watching her soap up the car and her sexy hot body, then wash the car with her bare ass and fat pussy is enough to fill buckets. That’s just the tip of the Mandy Muse iceberg. All I have to say is hard and fast anal and pussy pounding. Enjoy.



Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn’s ass is now property of the black man. We find Rico and Krissy hand-in-hand as they discuss the latest “white people shit” she’s been doing. Krissy leads Rico back to her place where her return to fucking on camera sees her getting the complete Dogfart treatment. Rico starts by rubbing those milky white thighs and ass of the chick. And it’s not too long before her mouth finds its target: Rico’s big black cock. The busty slut sucks down as much of that massive black cock as her throat’s width will allow. Krissy’s white cunt is next on Rico’s hit list. That black snake brings her pussy to the point where he nearly breaks it apart. Rico’s attack then focuses south a bit more, as he glides that meaty monster deep between those sweet cheeks. Krissy’s EXIT ONLY is now entrance only for the black man. Rico’s constant slamming of that white ass brings him to where he can’t stop himself from unloading on her face.



Haze Her 12 (2014)

Sometimes Girls Will Do Anything to Get In! Hardcore Sorority Initiations! Naked Delivery Three rushes were rounded up, stripped down and made to deliver gift baskets to some guys totally naked! After delivering a couple of baskets the rushes had to put on a little show for everyone in that dorm with naked leap frog. The real treat was their final task. The pitiful rushes had to have a three way and make each other cum in order to be accepted by their sisters. Thank You Sister, May I Have Another? These sisters have 4 fresh, sexy rushes under their control and they are putting them through the paces. First they made them take off all their clothes and carry a jelly dildo between their tits, then the girls all got a hard paddling on their asses. Even the head sister took off her clothes and soon they were all moaning and eating pussy like little sluts.Fucking Their Boyfriends These two blonde rushes are here trying to get into this sorority today but they have a surprise waiting for them. The evil sisters want to see if these sluts have what it takes, so they torture them by making them watch as the rushes` boyfriends get their dick sucked and fuck the sisters, before switching up while the sisters watch! This one was evil genius! Lesbian Roommates The head sister of Kappa is here to show a couple rushes what they need to do in order to get into this pussy munching sorority. Stripped down and embarrassed in front of each other, they`re shown their problem areas and then told to eat the sisters pussy in order to be accepted! These girls were super shy and hesitant. They got themselves into a world of shit, but an hour later they were singing a different tune!

Category: Legal Teen Movies, All Girl, Girl-Girl, Amateur, Reality, College Girls, Morally Corrupt’s Haze Her Series
Starring: Amateurs
Language: English

Haze Her 12 (2014).part1.rar
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