Edge Your Cock To Blue Balls – Sensual Denial HD

I love tormenting weak, pathetic men. Making them stroke for me, edging them. And I know you want to edge for me. You want me to control your stroking. So pull out that eager, twitching cock and stroke for me. But remember I control that cock and your orgasm, so you can’t cum until I say so.

Stroke and build yourself up right to the edge of cumming and then stop. Just let it twitch in the air. We’re going to build that orgasm. Now stroke again, edge that cock, make it feel so fucking good. I’m going to tease you with some eye candy. I’m going to have you edge to my ass, to my legs, to my big perky tits. I know you can see my delicious nipple poking through my negligee. You worship my body, I know you do. Worship and edge and lose your mind. Let my body and my words consume your thoughts. Edge your cock til you’re about to cum again and then hands off. Good boy. Feel it throbbing.

Edge again. Take in my creamy, milky, perfect skin. I’m seducing you and you don’t even know it. Your mind is gone. I control that cock. Ride that edge for me. Feel the bliss. This is wonderful, isn’t it? You love having me control your cock. You love having me in your head. I’m going to fuck with you so bad loser. Your cock is going to be aching for release.

Now approach the edge again and then let go.. No more touching. You’re so pathetic right now. Do you deserve to cum? Should I let you finish? You love this torment loser. I’m not going to let you cum. I’m going to give you blue balls for the rest of your day. Now thank me.


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Chaining up my cuckold and forcing him to watch my bull fuck me!

This video again is poor quality but its the second part of my cuck abuse… in the first one we stepped on and stood on his usless cock and ball in my boots and my studs bare feet… in this one i chain him up and force him to watch a real man fuck me… and then i suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth and then i spit the load all over the cuckolds face…

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Caught Staring At Sleepy Sisters Shiny Pantyhose Feet Footjob MP4 HD

Stefania and Nikki are sleeping in bed to together wearing only there underwear and there super sheer shiny Platino pantyhose. Stefania and Nikki interlock there legs because they love the fell of there silky legs and feet touching each other as they sleep. Stefania and Nikki hear a sound and look down and its Nikki’s brother. Nikki explains he is staring at there pantyhose soles. Stefania wants to go back to sleep but cant sleep with him in the room. Nikki advises Stefania that if she gives him a footjob he will run along. Stefania just wants to get back to cuddling and sleeping. Stefania wraps her soles around his cock as Nikki teases with her silky soles rubbing them on his legs and around his crotch as Stefania jerks his cock with her feet. Finally Nikki’s brother blows his huge load and the girls tell him to get out.

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Jade Madison – Mom is Wasted on My Cock!

**Starring Jade Madison**

I like to consider my mom a pretty classy woman. She’s conservative, well-kept, and hell, she could even qualify as a MILF. She takes care of herself, has bleach blond hair, big pink lips, and a pretty nice bod. I could see how someone would easily find her attractive.

Now, I usually don’t think inappropriate thoughts about her. She’s my mom, she takes care of me, and I’ve only thought highly of her. I know she’s been trying to find a guy, so I try to excuse her behavior when she comes home -faced from the bar. She usually just in her room.

But this time was different. Mom was pretty out of it. She stumbled in through the front door while I was watching TV. “Hi, son,” she slurred out. Her tight red dress hugged her body, and her high heels clanked against the wooden floor.

“Can I give you a little bit of a kiss?” she said, drunkenly. I could smell the alcohol seeping from her breath. I knew she was lonely, so fine…whatever. She sprawled herself along the floor, “I’m so horny right now.” Uh…what? I was going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

“Is it okay if, like, I…unzip your pants a little bit to get you more comfy?” she said. “Because Mommy’s not wearing any underwear. Isn’t that silly?” she giggled. This could not be happening right now. I didn’t know what to do.

She unzipped my pants and started ranting about how much “bigger” I had gotten. I felt my face flush. “Can I just, like, give it a little kiss? Is that okay? I think so.” Before I could respond, she put her soft lips against my cock. I felt myself stiffen.

“I’m just gonna stroke it for a second,” she slurred, wrapping her hand around my shaft. I was embarrassed to feel my cock twitch from her touch. Did she even know what she was doing?

A little kiss turned into full sucking, and Mom pulled back to wipe the drool from her lips. She sloppily undressed herself, and then wrapped her thick lips back against my cock.

“Does Mommy look good tonight?” she asked, sprawling herself along the floor again. I had never seen her this wasted before. She finally moved herself up to the couch after releasing her pouty, pink lips from my cock. “Do you want Mommy to ride you?” she asked. What was I supposed to do? I mean, my cock was actually rock hard.

Honestly, and I can’t believe I did this…I sort of let it do the thinking. I laid back, and Mom got on top of me. Next thing I know, she was bouncing on my cock, and then I found myself fucking her missionary and doggystyle. She was moaning, talking dirty, and when I got close, she dropped to her knees. I was so turned on that I lost all control and erupted all over her perky tits.

She slurred drunken nonsense as my cum dripped down her chest. Would she even remember any of this?

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This clip includes: mom/son, drunk mom, -faced, out of it, mom comes home from bar and is upset that she didn’t meet a guy, horny and single mom, slurring, POV, virtual kissing, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, dirty talk, virtual sex, riding, cowgirl, bouncing, missionary, doggystyle, moaning, simulated cum on tits, blowjob lips, POV sex
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Cruel Girlfriend (POV) – Complete SiteRip 2017 (445 videos and 436 photo sets) 148.80 GiB!

All videos are POV-style femdom with heartless trophy girlfriends who LOVE turning their pathetic cuckold boyfriends into chastised, pimped out, cum eating sissies.

Themes include POV: Humiliation, sissy, femdom, condoms, assignments, chastity, ruined orgasm, forced bi, cum eating, trash talk, spitting, cross dressing, fag encouragement, cuckold, blackmail, slave training, abuse, feminization, bukkake encouragement, financial domination and much more.

Check the file names to get a closer sense of what the many themes are, but if you are into POV-Sissy-Humiliation this is one torrent you would not miss.

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The Pillow Humper – Lilly Ford, Eva Notty HD

Teen Lilly Ford is busily humping her pillow, when mother Eva Notty hears strange noises coming from her bedroom and opens her door. Lilly is extremely embarrassed about getting caught, but Eva Notty is understanding and supportive. Lilly explains that all the girls are talking about their first orgasms, and even though she gets close, she can’t quite make it all the way. Eva suggests Lilly try humping her instead. Lilly isn’t sure what her dad would say about that, but Eva assures her if they leave their panties on, it doesn’t count. Lilly’s on the verge of cumming so she’s rather obliging. Eva begins their hump session by teaching Lilly how to kiss. She instructs her to start slow, and not be eager. When Eva tries to look at Lilly’s boobs, Lilly gets shy about how undeveloped her tits are compared the MILF’s monster boobs. Eva removes her robe and bra, and encourages the teen to slip out of her top and nurse her nipples like a suckling babe. Lilly loves having her mother’s tits in her face. She asks her a lot of questions about what feels good because she’s only eighteen and hasn’t done this before. Eva teaches her how to get warmed up for sex by fondling and caressing her boobs. That stimulates the clit to get very wet and tingly. Next Eva instructs Lilly to lie down on the bed and hump her like she humps her pillow. Eva touches Lilly over her panties and exclaims that her pussy is so wet! Lilly breathes heavily as the MILF rides her crotch over her panties. Eva teaches her it’s best not to cum right away, and slowing down her movements will allow her to control her orgasm. But when Lilly still hasn’t cum Eva suggests they take off their panties. Lilly’s nervous about her dad walking in while they hump each other with no panties, but Eva brushes off her concerns. Lilly is very impressionable, so close to cumming. She feels a real difference with direct contact, and she begs her mom not to stop. The lesbian MILF grinds the little teen’s pussy really fast. Lilly tries to explain how she’s feeling as she experiences her first orgasm ever tribbing with her mom! While Lilly is still tingling from cumming for the first time, Eva demonstrates on the teen’s pussy how to eat it properly and lick it with a flat tongue. Lilly warns her mother, she’s going to cum again in her mouth. Then Lilly offers to reciprocate. Eva instructs Lilly to straddle her face and bury her head in her pussy at the same time. Lilly has trouble concentrating during the 69 and cums again. Each orgasm is more intense than the last, she notices with wonderment. The lesbians pleasure each other’s wet pussies with their roaming fingers and tongues, and then mommy Eva rides Lilly’s sweet face till her pussy explodes!

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Kiley Jay shares a dinner with her husband and his work associate, Mo ‘The Monster’ Johnson. She has some very dark dreams and desires when she pays him a midnight visit and learns first hand why they call him ‘The Monster’. He’s in her head and in her hot young snatch!

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Ryan Conner – My Friends Fucked My Mom! HD

Ryan Conner’s preparing a birthday cake in the kitchen, with her son’s four friends over to celebrate the big day. But when one of the friends accidentally spills some icing all over busty Ms. Conner’s huge tits, she lets him lick the icing up. Only, Ryan soon realizes the other guys want to get in on the action as well! Ms. Conner gets to have her cocks, and suck and fuck them too!

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My Fantasy of a Double Penetration – Janice Griffith HD


Janice is from New York and has always wanted to visit California. She has met a great guy and has stayed for a while as they are having so much fun. She is able to open up to him about all her fantasies and has told him she has always dreamed about being with two guys. He is more than happy to oblige and has arranged for her ultimate fantasy to be fulfilled. She finds them waiting for her as she enters in sensational lingerie and they get to work ensuring that she has her every desire granted – without exception.

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Zoey Parker – My Sis Always Wanted Me HD

The guy is spying on his sister and blackmailing her for sneeking out of the house. The scene includes blowjob, fucking in a couple of positions and ends with cum in mouth with cum dripping out of her mouth

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