Daddy Finally Did It – Penelope Reed HD

14:49 video

Dear Diary,

A few days after my sister interrupted us my plans for the beach got rained out giving me time alone with Daddy. I went into his room where he was napping and rubbed his arm. Daddy was happy to have some company on a rainy day and I was determined to make the most of it.

I teased daddy while we talked and soon got up the nerve to touch his cock through his pj’s. Daddy was already hard and I think he knew what I had in mind. I took his cock in my mouth and he pulled me around to straddle his face. Daddy licked and sucked my pussy so good it was hard to concentrate.

Daddy got me so hot I had to feel him inside me so I straddled him and slowly slid his cock inside me. Daddy pummped me slowly then we picked up the pace. Before I knew it I was on my back with daddy pounding my pussy through orgasm after orgasm. Then the moment I had been waiting for happened. Daddy exploded inside me filling me with his warm sticky seed. It felt so good taking that risk I kinda hope I’m not pregnant yet!!

Xo Penelope

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The Cheater’s Choice – Jenna Ivory HD

Jenna Ivory has a secret: she’s been dating two guys at the same time. When her boyfriends Michael Vegas & Keiran Lee find out about each other, they confront Jenna and ask her to make a choice, and to help her decision making process, they give her the ferocious fucking she so richly deserves.

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Mother Molested By Son And Daughter FULL VERSION BANNED From The Store!

So you can’t buy it anywhere, but can download here for free ;)

I am home from spring break and it’s time to get nasty with my mom and sister!

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Let Momma Make It Better – Dava Foxx HD

12:40 video

While on vacation Dava noticed her son seemed pretty withdrawn and slightly angry with her. When they finally get some time alone she realizes he’s feeling neglected so she makes it up to him in a very special way. Dava pulls off his pants and starts stroking his cock. Justin protests a bit but soon mommas hands have him forgetting all his cares. When shes got him nice and hard Momma kneels on the side of the bed so her son can cum all over her big tits. Her son soon explodes all over them and they head to the shower before Dad gets back.

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Wake Me Up Daddy – Akira Shell HD

10:03 video

I’ve been waiting in your room so long I wound up taking a nap (after cumming of course). When you walk in and run your hands over my bare skin I can’t help but moan. When you slide your fingers in my little pussy it wakes me up so nicely. Daddy it feels so good when you make me cum but I really need more. I can’t help but suck your big cock to get it ready to fill me up. Oh Daddy it’s so tight you gotta go slow please. Thats it Daddy fuck me til I cum again. Oh my the hitachi on my clit while you fuck me makes it so much hotter Daddy. Oh my I’m cumming again Daddy and it looks like you did too. Wake me up like that anytime Daddy!!

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Cuckold Threesome!

This looks to be a threesome video that’s a ‘bit’ Cuckoldish in nature.

Video starts with works in progress.

Most of the video is her in missionary although she does give her partner a bit of a blowjob about midway. To be honest, for most of the video she’s a sack of potatoes and the other guy does all the work.

Finishes off with a creampie and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Leilani Lei and Payton Hall- Sexy Workout HD

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Step Siblings Caught 4 (2016)

Peeping stepbrother’s dreams come true!

If you had a stepsister who looked like this, you’d want to fuck her too!

Ariana Marie, Jillian Janson, Chloe Couture, Kylie Quinn

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Assfuck Me Daddy – Sadie HD

18:52 video

Dear Diary

So last weekend Mom left to visit Aunt Dolly and I just couldn’t control myself. After Daddy went to bed I put on some sexy lingere and snuck in his room. I pulled down the covers and saw he didn’t have pants on….. Jackpot!! I took his cock in my mouth and my pussy quivered as it started getting hard.

I sucked his cock for a bit when Daddy woke up and was completely shocked. After he heard how I felt It wasn’t hard to get his big cock in my little pussy which made me cum hard. He got me soo worked up I even begged him to fuck my ass. Daddy licked my tight asshole awhile then slid his cock in my ass. I came soo hard we nearly had to change the sheets. Step Daddy pounded my ass and pussy til he blew a huge load on my belly. God what a night.

More Later Xo Sadie

(Taboo, XXX, Anal, 19)

Starring: Sadie Kennedy and JW

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Big Ass, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Anilingus, Anal, Rough Sex, Cum on Pussy

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