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Horny Cuckold Bitches (2016)

Starring: Aiden Starr, Marsha May, Sarah Vandella, Slave Fluffy, Sophia Locke, Isiah Maxwell, Jimmy Broadway, Johnny Cockring, Jovan Jordan, Moe “The Monster” Johnson, Owen Gray

Description: Mistress of kinky pleasure Aiden Starr directs perverse scenes of erotic infidelity for freaks that get off on the humiliation of betrayal. Cruel sluts put lewd affairs in the face of their wimpy partners, making the submissive “Horny Cuckold Bitches” watch their women service better hung real men. Busty, bitchy Aiden torments her husband, Slave Fluffy, by keeping him in a cage, his little dick imprisoned in a metal chastity harness. After the pathetic white cuckold sees her fucking big, black boyfriend Jovan Jordan, Aiden buzzes his restrained penis with a vibrator until he spurts sperm all over himself! Next, Aiden makes Fluffy watch his blonde stepdaughter, Marsha May, get pounded by big-dicked boyfriend Owen Gray. Sultry, big-assed redhead Sophia Locke orgasms again and again with black stud Isiah Maxwell, then spits his semen into husband Jimmy Broadway’s mouth! White cuckold Johnny Cockring likes sucking on a big black dildo and watching blonde wife Sarah Vandella ride Moe “The Monster” Johnson’s enormous black shaft in a pussy-stretching interracial spectacle.

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Dear Diary – Jenna Marie HD

Jenna Marie tells her diary everything. Now you get to see what she’s told it…
Dear Diary, you’ll guess what happened today. I went to Brad’s room to ask if I could borrow some money. When I opened the door I saw his girlfriend Amber giving him a blowjob. I had no idea my brother’s cock was so big and thick. It was so hot I fingered myself until he came in her mouth.

I went back to my room and was still so turned on I had to masturbate. I fantasied he was watching me and jerking off while he watched me play with my toy. The thought of the big dick inside me made me cum harder. Maybe one day.

(Jenna’s brother comes in her room finding her naked and writing in her diary. “Did you enjoy watching Amber give me a blowjob” he questions. Jenna stammers a little ..”I um”. Brad grabs her diary and begins to read it. “Yea you’re right I do have a big cock” he laughed. He turned the page and read about her wanting to …)

Dear Diary, you’ll NEVER guess what happened today. My brother came into to my room and….
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Kagney Linn Karter – Cum Robbery

High end executive Kagney Linn Karter get’s ready for her day unsuspecting of an unwelcome visit from cat burglar Mick Blue. He discreetly infiltrates Kagney’s home and hides in one of the rooms, watching his victim closely. Kagney walks up the stairs on the phone with a colleague completely naked with Mick inches away in a trance, staring at her huge boobs and phat ass as she puts on her see through panties and lace bra. He takes cover in the next room but makes a grave mistake by closing the door too quickly alerting Kagney that someone is in the house…

Kagney thinks fast and starts talking about her expensive jewelry as Mick watches her through the door. She gets off the phone and reaches for something in her black bag and just as her hand touches what she is looking for, Mick makes his presence known and tells her he will be taking care of her jewelry now. Kagney begs him not to hurt her but whips out a pistol in his face demanding to know what he is doing in her house. Mick has his hands up trying to get Kagney to relax, but she’s shows him who’s in charge and orders him to sit the fuck down.

Kagney makes a deal with this lucky thief that if he is able to make her cum she will let him go home and not call the police. Mick didn’t have much of a choice and whips out his long, hard cock and throws Kagney on the couch, spreads her legs and starts eating out her soft, shaved pussy. Kagney wants to get into 69 in order to taste his thick cock and ball sack in the back of her throat as Mick continues to eat out his victim’s pussy, keeping his end of their agreement. Mick has a lot more work to do on Kagney’s pussy and bends her over fucking her tight snatch from behind. She squeals continuously as Mick rams his cock deeper inside of her bearing the pleasure and pain from his enormous shaft until he splashes his hot jizz over her face and makes this cum robbery a great fucking success!

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Double D Lesbians 2 (2016)

Stars: Rye, Sirale, Jaye Rose, Marta La Croft, Patty Michova, Carol, Viola, Roxana, Laura Orsolya, Ashley Robbins, Nanny
The very breast around! There is no man in the world that wouldn’t fantasize about being together with two busty babes at the same time. Unfortunately, these lusty girls don’t demonstrate what they could do with a hard dick, but the experience of caressing and satisfying each other they share with us will abso-fucking-lutely make up for the loss. After watching this movie you won’t stop jerking for weeks.
File Name : Double D Lesbians 2.mkv
File Size : 2279.24 MB
Resolution : 852×480 @ 854×480
Duration : 02:31:30
Video : AVC (AVC), 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

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UNCUT & The Best Quality Available! Taboo American Style All Movies!

Taboo American Style 1 (1985) The Ruthless Beginning

Also Known As:
Nena – Das geile Biest von nebenan – Teil 1 (German release by Ribu Video)
Taboo American Style Part 1: The Ruthless Beginning

Gloria Leonard
Raven [Facial]
Taija Rae

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Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, Taboo American Style is the four-part saga of a young woman’s sexual awakening, and the power she attains with it. In The Ruthless Beginning, Nina gets her first taste of passion with her best friend’s boyfriend. Her newfound desires turn her middle-class family upside-down.
The evening started off with Taboo, American Style, Part I. This was an ambitious effort from Pachard in 1985. A four part miniseries dealing the evil machinations of one Nine Sutherland, played by a very young Raven. Her dad, Harding (Paul Thomas) and Mom (Gloria Leonard) round out her family with a 16 year old (it seemed) Tom Byron playing her brother, aptly named, Tom.
The Sutherlands are a well-to-do family, we’re told. Harding is a successful financial analyst, and Mom is very concerned about appearances… and about the gardener, Mr. Chernaske (R Bolla)

The film is heavy on plot and light on sex. It opens with R Bolla enjoying Gloria Leonard.. however, Gloria does not seem to be alive at all… couple this with some HORRID audio looping and dubbing, and you have the beginning of a lukewarm film.

The plot, which stretches over four (FOUR!) tapes begins innocently enough. Prudish Mom doesn’t want young Tom to gout with gutter trash like Lisa Chernaske (Taija Rae). So instead, Nina invites Lisa over, and after while the parents are getting busy, leads her into Tom’s room.

The Paul Thomas/Gloria Leonard coupling is lukewarm, and in the end frustrating as she rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving PT with a woody and a frown. However, sex scene of the movie goes to Taija and Tom who have a spirited romp marred only by some bad audio dubbing.

After the Tom/Taija tryst, Nina gives a terribly stilted textbook masturbation lesson to Lisa. “First, you rub the clitoris… the clitoris is the small penis like thing between your pussy lips…” Zzzzzz.

Lisa tells Nina about her mother’s indiscretions with the gardener, her father. Nina calls Dad home, who walks in on Mom and Mr. Chernaske.

“There will be no divorce” Dad states to a shaken family. Nina quietly revels in her mothers downfall and Tom just looks sullen, probably happy that he’s going to Brown in the fall.

Dad grows increasingly despondent until Nina walk in on him in the tub. He sits, bottle in hand, getting sauced… watching as his daughter starts kissing him with too much familiarity and eventually blows him. The scene is marred by a fake-o cum shot, but is redeemed by the “My God, what have I done?” acting of PT.

I always liked PT as an actor and feel those strengths do complement him as a director. However, as a stud, PT was always a little lacking to me, and this too, translates into his movies. All plot, no heat.

That sentiment sums up the first part of Taboo, American Style.

It’s been almost 10 years since I watched it, and I didn’t hit FF once. The acting is kinda silly, though it was great seeing people actually sorta playing their ages. PT’s mid 30s to Gloria Leonard’s mid 30s contrasted rather nicely with Taija, Raven and Tom all of whom had to be about 18.

When it was done, I looked at my wife who looked at me. “I have ONE WORD” she says. Not a great sign. “Yeah” I ask. “F-E-H, Feh.” she says.

As a sex movie it didn’t do it for her and as a straight movie it came down on the side of campy… it’s a tough call to make, because such an effort seemed to have been made, you hate to dis it, but I would recommend it for a rent but bring along insurance.

Taboo American Style 2: The Story Continues

A horny young man has sex with Barbara who tells him about her affair with her son. He wonders what it’d be like to hook up with his beautiful sister and their gorgeous mother, while the sister starts thinking about their manly father.

In part 2, Nina’s newfound sexuality prompts her to take on her mother’s secret lover, which in turn created more than a little tension around the house.

Taboo American Style Part 3 – Nina Says – 1985

In part 3, Nina continues her campaign of unabashed seduction, taking on all comers. But such sexual feats are not enough for Nina, and it isn?t long before she set her sights on Hollywood?

Taboo American Style Part 4 – The Exciting Conclusion

Naughty Nina Sutherland continues her quick rise to fame and fortune, leaving her broken and sexually exhausted family in ruins. She?s set her sights on show biz ? and pity the fool who stands in her way. First, she makes sure her acting competition, Felitia Barrie, is caught in the act on the casting couch. Then, to snatch a leading role, she meeds Sid Holtzman, a perverse agent who likes to watch his wife make it with young studs. When Nina arranges this sultry scenario, she finally lands a spot in the big-time.
Everything runs smoothly for our new starlet, until cranky critic D.D. Dorfman wages a one-man war against Nina on nation TV. Nina can?t take criticism, so she gives our doubting Dorfman a private performance ? and needless to say, his reaction is ?thumbs up!?

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Winky Pussy – 3 Hardcore Taboo Brother-Sister HD Videos

Winky Pussy – Virgin Brother Asks Sister Advice About Sex HD

I have a huge date tonight with my girlfriend, and we plan on fucking for the first time! We are going to lose our virginity together! I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS. I talk to my sister about it and she suggests that she show me what to do to my gf! OMFG She is going to get naked for me and tell me what to do! YES! Holy , I get to touch my sister’s pussy!!! I am scared at first but she tells me what I have to do to make a girl cum hard with my fingers! NOW SHE WANTS TO TOUCH MY COCK!!! GOD PLEASE DONT LET ME CUM TOO FAST!!!She gives me a handjob and it feels SO fucking good! She wants to suck my dick now??? I am really going to get a blow job from my sister!!! What? she wants me to eat her out now? I don’t know how! Her pussy tasted so fucking good! I got to lick it and make her cum so HARD! NOW SHE WANTS ME TO FUCK HER!!! SHE IS GOING TO TAKE MY VIRGINITY!!! OMFG I CAN’T WAIT TO CUM IN HER PUSSY!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

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Winky Pussy – Sister Forces Gay Brother To Have Straight Sex HD

My sister is always setting me up with her friends! I hate having to be so fake but now she is starting to suspect that I am GAY! She checked my internet history and found out for herself. Now she wants to force me to experience what a woman is like or she thinks I am going to hell! OMG, my sister is going to take her clothes off in front of me and make me touch her! WHY??? This is total blackmail! She is going to out me if I don’t experience being with a girl! She is my sister! She will never be able to get me hard. She does have nice tits, though. I touch them and then she makes me touch her pussy! It’s SO wet and slimy! Now she wants to get me hard so I can fuck her???!!! FUCK, she tells me to think about anything I need to so I can get rock hard and put it in her pussy. OH NO! It’s getting hard! I’m going to put it in her pussy!!! She came on my cock! It felt really nice. Now she wants me to cum so she bends over and tells me to cum inside her pussy! She has SUCH A GREAT ASS!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!

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Winky Pussy – Brother Fucks Destitute Little Sister After His Workout HD

No matter how hard or how often I workout, I am still SO FUCKING HORNY!!! My little sister got kicked out of my parent’s house for being naughty. Well, she has been staying with me for awhile now, and she doesn’t pay any rent. I need to shower but she is in there naked, doing her hair. I love watching her as I shower and jerk off to her hot ass and sweet little tits. She is turning me on so much!!! I HAVE TO FUCK HER!!! I bend her over the sink and rub her pussy until it’s wet enough for me to stuff my cock inside of her! Oh, she feels SO fucking good. She loves it! I make her cum. I need to take her to the bed now! She lies back on the bed waiting for me to stuff my cock inside her again! I am going to cum all over her face!!! YES!!!!

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Taboo Family Foursome – Mother, Daughters and Daddy 3 Videos!

Family Foursome Part 1 – Spying Daughters HD

Alyssa and I sneek into our parents closet to mess with our dad but never expected to see this…
Our mom was getting ready for work, and Alyssa and I were bored. We came into our dad’s room and snuck into the closet to scare him while he was taking a nap. He was harassing us about watching scary movies so we thought wed try to freak him out. As soon as we got into the closet, mom walked in and woke our dad up. He told her how much he liked her in her stewardess outfit in more ways than one. Alyssa and I were trying so bad to not snicker as she took dads blanket off and OMG he had a big cock! Mom started playing with his cock and it grew even bigger. We watched as she started sucking on it and took turns peeking out to see her trying to deep throat and gagging on his dick.

Then mom said she still had time for dad to fuck her so he told her to bend over and got behind her. We watched as dad pealed down her panties and licked her pussy while her airline outfit was still on. When her pussy was finally wet enough he slide his cock in and banged his hips against moms tan bubble ass. Our parents had their backs to us so we both started sticking our heads out trying to watch but couldnt see much more than daddys butt going back and forth. As he fucked her we got more and more excited about seeing this, so when dad flipped her over we got really bold.

We decided that since dad was going to be able to see us anyways in the doorway, we may as well let him know that we’re looking. Dad fucked mom missionary for a little while bit until he couldn’t take it anymore and told her to get down on her knees so he could cum in her mouth. He said he wanted her to still be able to taste him at 30,000 feet ewww. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth stuffing his dick as deep as he could until he came all over her tongue. She swallowed, stood up and told dad she loved him before leaving to go fix her makeup. We didn’t know if daddy actually saw us until she left and he told us to come out. He was exhausted but we knew he could still see that glimmer of curiosity in our eyes as we left the room giggling.

To be continued.
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Family Foursome Pt 2 – Punished by Daddy – HD

Hope and I got caught watching mom and dad fuck. Now we have to deal with daddy…
* Top 50 Clip *


We didn’t know if daddy actually saw us until she left and he told us to come out. He was exhausted but we knew he could still see that glimmer of curiosity in our eyes as we left the room giggling.

Hope and I giggled all the way back to our room yesterday and continued to talk about what wed seen this morning. That is until daddy walked in and tried to scold us for watching mom and him fuck. We just kept smiling as he told us how we shouldnt have been in there and how upset mom would be if she knew. The more he talks the more we giggle and pull at his underwear. Hope asks if were going to be punished. With your cock like you punish mom I chimed in. Daddy said that wasnt right so we told him it wasnt right for him to not share his big dick with us. We pulled his boxers off and took turns sucking his cock. Hope could take a lot in her mouth but daddys dick was almost too big for my mouth lol.

Sissy and I take turns blowing daddy and then I take him in my tight little pussy while I bury my face in my sisters snatch. Of course my sister has to have everything I do so she tells daddy to lie down so she can fuck him also. We switch back and forth until Hope decides she wants to play contortionist and watch daddy fuck her from behind and face up. Daddy pounds my pussy again and it feels so good with his 9 inch cock inside me. When our dad is ready to cum he shares it with both of us. Hope and I giggle thinking weve gotten away with it but before daddy leaves he smiles and says, By the way, your mother knows you were watching us.

To be concluded…
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Family Foursome Conclusion – Daddy Fucks Mom and Daughters

After daddy was done fucking Hope and I, we giggle thinking weve gotten away with something but before daddy leaves he smiles and says, By the way, your mother knows you were watching us.
When Alyssa and Hopes mother called them into their parents bedroom they thought for sure she was going to be upset. But when their mom found out how he punished them, she decides daddy needs to fuck all three of them. Daaaadddyyy the girls call together. Their dad walks in and the girls ask him to lie down. Mommy knows what you did with us Hope says smiling. Care to explain yourself? Alyssa pops off.

Before he can say anything their mom jokes hes in trouble while pulling down his pants. Alyssa, Hope and their mom take turns sucking daddys cock, each trying to see who can take it deeper. It becomes a family foursome when daddy starts fucking mommy while she eats Alyssas pussy while Alyssa buries her face in Hopes sweet hole. The girls then take turns while daddy fucks each of them frontwards and backwards before blowing his wad over all their boobs.

He falls back exhausted and the girls smile in satisfaction at what theyve done to him. Looks like were more than daddy can handle Hope giggles. Like mother, like daughters
Category: TABOO
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Daddy Knows Best (2015)

Daddy always has my best interests at heart, especially when it comes to my sex life. He insists we keep it in the family because he knows its safer and that he can satisfy me the best. My daddy is the best and he always makes me cum, I am a lucky gal!!

Starring: Mia Monroe, Christina Skye, Hope Harper, Alyssa Hart, Flynt Dominick.
Rated: XXX

Daddy Knows Best

Daughter, Teen, Roleplay, Threesome, Lesbian, Bisexual, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Caught In The Act, Big Ass, Facial

Daddy had to go out of town on a business trip and told me no friends and no fun. Of course daddy, I always do as I’m told…
He was almost out the door for his business trip when he stopped and did what EVERY daddy does; no partying, no boys… that stuff. Then he said NO Hope, while she was right there! I argued but daddy said that he knows best. Of course I had Hope over and we were hanging out at the pool. I’ve never been with a girl before but she’s so hot, how could I say no when she pulled my tits out and started sucking on them. I was so excited to have the house to myself that when daddy said 3 days I thought 3 weeks. He walked into the middle of us making out and OMG did he get mad! He grabbed my hair and demanded to know if I had any boys over. I said I was sorry but that wasn’t enough for him. He pulled out his HUGE cock and shoved it right down my throat. Hope freaked out at first but she got into it by pushing my head down on his dick, making me deepthroat him like a good girl. Daddy must have really liked that because he told me to pull my bottoms off and just start fucking him right there in the pool! I didn’t want the neighbors hearing how good I was getting fucked so I asked if we could all go in.

I told daddy how much more comfy the bed was as I rode his cock and watched Hope play with herself next to us. I could tell that he was still mad though when he flipped me down onto my tummy grabbed my hair and fucked me so deep that I swear I could feel it in my throat where he had his hands. I felt so good disobeying him, he was making everything hurt so good. I wanted to make sure Hope was having a good time too, so I grabbed the vibrator and put on her clit, I wanted her to cum while she was watching me. Then she said that she needs to get me in trouble more often as she’s watching me take every inch of my punishment. I screamed “FUCK ME DADDY!!!” as he gave me his all, while Hope played with me. I knew he was going to cum soon and I wanted to see how good I made my daddy feel. I stroked him off until he grabbed his cock and shot his load all over my face. He asked me if I would do as I’m told, but after that, I said never.
Category: TABOO
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Daddys Little Girl (2016)

Daddy’s Little Girl has grown up so fast and he cannot help himself with wanting to fuck her tight little body. Daddy has every intention of banging his little girl, and she has no problem with that!

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Sara Luvv
Daddy’s girl wants to prove her massage skills and notices he has a boner cus it felt so good, starts with blowjob as long as he doesn’t tell , lots of spitting till she takes out her hairy pussy and sits on it cowgirl, pussy farts and all. he jams it all ways till he cums on her face.

Jojo Kiss
Jojo is trying to train with someone her dad hired, till she gets bored and wants something more to burn calories. like a blowjob, she takes he hard cock deep , he licks her pussy and calls him daddy cus shes a little whore. He gags her then lays his stiff cock in her little pussy as she moans and begs for daddy to fuck her and stretch her out. watching the cream fall out of her pussy as he fucks her.

Elsa Jean
Elsa is watching her dads best friend take a shower and masturbating and tells him she knows he wants to fuck her, she sucks his cock and he demands she look at him, he fucks her deep in the shower against a wall, she sits on it and watches her little titties bounce. screaming like a little girl. lots of pussy rubbing and dirty talk till he cums on her little pale face.

Noelle Easton

Noelle wakes up her father with morning wood but needs a ride to work so she wants to help. she dont care if its weird so slobs it so hard and is amazed by how big it is, takes those big titties out and fucks him so fucking hard. She is too hot to describe. This scene needs no words.


Bettie Bondage – Movie Night with Mommy HD

Mother, MILF, Cheating, Wife, POV, Virtual Sex, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob, Cum on Hands

I hope you don’t feel weird about watching such a sexy movie with me. I’m really enjoying it…what about you? Do you like it? It looks like you might be excited under the blanket…let me check! Mmm, you’re so hard! Let me help you get off again. Such a good boy, cum in mommy’s hand!

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