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Evil Cuckold 2

Nina Hartley, Franceska Jaimes, Sarah Shevon, Ashley Winters (II)

Director/stud performer Sean Michaels presents Evil Cuckold 2, a batch of kinky interracial cheating wife scenarios with anal sex in every scene. In each of four scenes, Sean and his prodigious cock are the focus of a lustful, wayward wife’s sexual affection. These vignettes show different dynamics of a taboo fem-dom niche, but they’re uniform in their strong production values and propulsive sex. We open with smokin’, caliente Latina Franceska Jaimes and Gabriel Dalessandro portraying a swinging married couple. Sean is the plumber they’ve called, but it’s not the sink that needs snaking. Her skimpy dress can’t contain Franceska’s big, meaty ass as she sticks it in the earnest workman’s face. She blows him, with Gabriel furtively watching, but Sean panics when he notices the husband. Reassured that this is their kinky lifestyle, it’s not long till he’s pumping his thick meat up her thick ass, with her husband encouraging the nastiness. As Sean pumps her doggie-style, Gabriel loses his jism right on his busy wife’s face. Sean makes it two cum facials … and the happy swingers share a double-cum kiss!

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Mommy Teachers Her Daughters FULL HD

Mindi Mink is talking to her daughter Veruca James about her other daughter Dixie and how boring she is. Dixie comes in and is going to go to work until Veruca and Mindi convince her to stay home. They all get to talking and drinking wine while watching a movie. While talking they discover that Dixie has never kissed a boy before. Mindi has a perfect idea that Dixie and Veruca should practice on each other.Mindi Mink, Veruca James, and Dixie Comet are all the couch passed out sleeping after their night of drinking wine and chatting. Veruca wakes up and moves Dixies arm off of her mom Mindi.Get away from my mommy. Veruca Starts Undressing and kissing her mom and telling her about all of her favorite times they had together when she was growing up while she sensually kisses her all over. She takes Mindis pants off and start licking her pussy. Mindi moans with pleasure.I have the best mommy in the world. Mindi is moaning so loud she wakes up her other daughter Dixie.what the fuck!? are you kidding me!?Dixie Comet wakes up slightly drunk and upset that her sister Veruca was eating out her her mom Mindi Mink and not her! They start to undress Dixie and Veruca starts licking her virgin pussy. She takes it really slow for Dixie because its her first sexual experience ever.You want to taste my pussy?Mindi starts teaching Dixie and showing her how to eat her sister Veruca out, nice and slow just like they were kissing. She keeps eating out her sister until she cums and all three of them share it with a nice and hot three way kiss.
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Mommy Teachers Her Daughters FULL HD.mp4


MILF jerks off her son and his friend HD

Super MILF Madisin Lee arrives home to find that her son and his friend are watching porn on the couch! Madisin also finds a bottle of lube sitting at their feet… She teases them about the porn and the lube before instructing them both to take their cocks out.

Madisin grabs hold of both her son and his friend’s dicks and begins to stroke them. She talks dirty about what naughty boys they are. She gradually strips off her clothing to reveal her big beautiful breasts and her incredible ass. This MILF is hot! Her son’s friend can barely handle this MILF’s incredible stroking skills, and he blows his load early, leaving Madisin to focus solely on her son’s huge cock. She continues to talk dirty to him as she gives him an intense handjob until he finally erupts with a big cumshot on his mom’s boobs!

MILF Jerks Off Her Son and His Friend HD.mp4


Mommy Wants To Get Dirty With Your Friends HD

Mommy lets all her dirty filthy fantasises out ! Baby You know Daddy is away next week, well I was thinking you could invite your two new friends round, the ones that came to your party last week. I think their names were Ben and I cant remember, the tall handsome one and the blond one. You know we like to have fun while Daddy is away right, I thought it might be nice if your two friends got to experience some special time with Mommy like you do. I noticed the dark haired one was very well hung wasn’t he, not like you baby… bless you. I know you love Mom’s titties and I overheard your little friend talking about mine at the party… admit it. I thought it would be fun to watch all three of you suck and lick my titties one by one, how does that sound? watching your friend suck your mom’s hard nipples… hmmmmm. I know what else you like darling, Mommy had a pedicure yesterday, look how hard your little pee pee is, you cant take your eyes off my feet can you? Go on, you can stroke over my feet…. your putty in my hands when I have my pretty red toe polish on. Good boy! keep stroking, hasn’t mommy got the sexiest feet, now as I was saying I think I would like to take Ben’s pants off and suck that lovely hard young cock infront of you both. Maybe rub my titties up and down his cock and you can watch, infact you can stroke your cock. Your other friend can tongue my pussy… get his tongue right in my hole just like I taught you, how would that make you feel to see Mommy’s juices all over his mouth… hmmmmm. This is making me horny baby…. I need to finger my pussy… look darling imagine your friend licking all the way down here… that’s it stroke your cock. Then I think I would like to fuck each of you one by one, make you all watch each other, wouldn’t that be hot. Guess what the grand finale would be… you love Mommy big round ass don’t you, I think I would bent right over and spread my legs just like this, while 3 loads of young fresh cum is dripping from my cunt. I would then have you lick my ass… hmmmm while I rub my pussy you can tongue my ass baby while your little friends watch. My goodness your ready to explode.. go on jerk over my ass, let me count you down…

Mommy Wants To Get Dirty With Your Friends HD.mp4


Rikki – My Daughter Takes Over HD

Dad walks out of the bed room with mom in front of him.
As they head towards the stairs, mom asks dad to go wake Rikki up.
He says ok, and as the mom heads down stairs, he turns around to see his daughter in front of him.
Dad wakes up Rikki and she immediately says she needs it.
Dad says “Again, I already gave you some yesterday night”
Rikki begs and says something along the lines of “Please Daddy, I just love it, I need some more”
She states “this should help motivate you” and starts to strip off her clothes.
Dad still acts reluctant, but Rikki begs/whines.
Dad says “I don’t know about this”, and the daughter immediately takes out his cock and smiles at him,
and starts kissing his cock. She proceeds to suck him off.
In between sucks, she dirty talks to him (asking how he likes the feeling of his daughter’s mouth, etc.)
She begs for his delicious cum.
Dad shoots his load into her mouth and she swallows.
She smiles and says thank you but looks back at his cock longingly.
She starts to aggressively suck his cock again, and dad asks “what are you doing?!”
And she replies, “I want more”.
Dad holds out as long as he can, but is oversensitive and withdraws from her, saying “a little bit later”.
Rikki pouts but says ok and thanks.

1 The Morning Supplement HD

After Lunch HD

Dad is in the kitchen cleaning up after Breakfast. Mum is on the couch watching one of her shows she PVR’d. Daughter walks in (after shopping in the morning) and casual starts unzipping Dad’s pants, takes out his cock, and says “Hey mum” Mum without turning around, asks “Did you get the sunglasses you wanted?” Dad stands there nervously looking back and forth at his daughter’s eyes and the back of mum’s head. Daughter replies “No, I’m going to check out few other stores later on today” The daughter starts sucking dad’s cock. While looking up at him hungrily. Mum says something along the lines of “You should check out That other place at the mall, I think the ones with oval lenses would look best on you” The daughter takes the cock out of her mouth to briefly respond, “For sure”, then goes back to sucking. Mum says “If you’re going to go back by yourself later on today, I can’t pick you up, since I have an appointment” Daughter says “Ok, sounds good” between sucks. After a minute of sucking, mum gets up, and grabs dad’s attention (pov shoot towards mum getting up after finishing her show) Mum tells dad “I’m gonna get ready”, and Dad responds “Ok”, and mum takes off to the bedroom. Daughter stop sucking her dad off, takes off what remaining clothes she has on and lies on the ground asking her dad to take her, to “make my pussy yours”. Dad obliges, and starts fucking her. Action ensues, Dirty talk, positions changes. She begs for the taste of his cum. He blows his load into her mouth once again, and she swallows. She continues to suck his cock vigorously till he withdraws. He tells her, “Now, go get those sunglasses you need” She goes through the pile of her clothes and takes out sunglasses. She says “I already have them”, and smiles mischievously and says “I’ll be seeing more of you later” to dad’s cock.

2 After Lunch HD

The Montage HD
With Mom gone, thinking the daughter is also shopping. Rikki takes advantage and gets dad as many times as she wants through out the afternoon. Various scenes of Rikki sucking and fucking dad in various locations of the house.

3 The Montage HD

Taking it to the Next Level HD

We see Rikki on her cell talking to her friend about this really hot “guy” she’s fucking these days…She talks about how he is older and so forth…In walks Dad and offers her friend a threesome with him…

Rikki begins to suck her Dad while texting her friend…This excites Dad so much he wants to fuck Rikki more vigorously than ever…Rikki pleads with Dad and says, “make this pussy yours” as he gets more into it…

Rikki then says that she loves the taste of his cum in her mouth and wonders how great it’ll feel inside her pussy…Dad worries since the daughter doesn’t seem to be on birth control…She begs Daddy, but he feels reluctant…Rikki then asks Daddy to titty fuck her…Dad is ready to explode and rubs his cock between Rikki’s giant breasts…

Daddy explodes on Rikki’s chest and says…If we want to continue this, we should get you on birth control…

4 Taking it to the Next Level HD


Amai Liu – Stepdaddy Manipulation HD

I’ve noticed you watching me almost constantly daddy. It’s ok, I know I’m so much hotter than mom. How could you not want me? I’m a younger, tighter version of my mom and you obviously wanted her enough to marry her, well I’m the upgrade. Go ahead, pull it out, I won’t tell, but you need to make me happy too, a bigger allowance is what I need. I assure you I’m well worth it daddy! Come on and show me how bad you want me daddy and maybe I’ll let you come all over my tight little Asian ass.
Jerk off instruction, this scene involves roleplay she pretends to be talking to her stepdaddy and talks dirty. No cumshot, No actual sexual acts, this is JOI it involves her talking dirty and roleplaying that is it but still pretty hot to me.

Stepdaddy Manipulation HD.mp4


Taboo Mom 7 HD 720p

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Voyeurism, Dildo, Masturbation, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Toilet, Bathroom, Hairy

I was really turned on so I went into the bathroom. I had my crotchless pantyhose on and my fingers in my pussy. I wanted to cum so badly but everywhere I went in the house someone would disturb me. I was just about to cum when I saw Billy standing there peeking at me. I scolded him and told him that he shouldn’t be spying on me but he said he just wanted to know what I was doing. I asked him if he likes watching me and he said yes. I then asked him if he’d cum today and he said no. Do you want me to make you cum I asked? He nodded and said yes. I got up off the toilet and teased him with my body showing him all my curves, holes and crevices. He really likes my ass and pussy so I made sure to spread those good for him. I told him to come over to me and pull his dick out for me. I then spread my legs wide so he could look at my pussy while I stroked and sucked him off. He ended up shooting a huge load on my face. I really love it when he cums a lot for me!

Watch me jerk off my son after he watches me fuck a dildo!

Taboo Mom 7 HD


Mom Gives You A Lesson In Sex HD

I know you’re awake, so don’t pretend to hide under your covers sleeping! You want to tell me what this is all about? I saw you peeping in on me and your father having sex. Was it an accident? No, I don’t think it was. This isn’t the first time is it? I’ve seen you at my door before, poking your head in and trying to stay out of sight. I’m not mad, maybe you’re just curious about sex. Or do you like watching mommy? You’re damn lucky your father didn’t see you or you’d be finding a new place to sleep! I know it must be hard, listening to your mother getting fucked night after night. Hearing me moan, hearing the headboard slamming against the wall as I scream and cum. Do you stroke yourself off imagining it was you in there… fucking me? Yeah? Beating off to your own mother while she gets fucked a few feet away – you’re a naughty little boy, aren’t you? Come over here and let me take care of you, Show mommy what you’ve been doing under your blankets while listening to her moan. I’ll even slide my panties over so you can look at what your father sees every night… taboo, milf, masturbation, pov blow job, pov sex, jerkoff instruction, hardcore, pov with toys, virtual sex, masturbation instruction, amateur

Mom Gives You A Lesson In Sex HD


Nicole Oring – Mommy dearest full story

You hear your mom talking dirty and moaning with pleasure. You sneak a peek around her bedroom door and see that she is blowing her date for the night. You make sure you aren’t seen so that you can continue to watch. Your mom is on her hands and knees, ass sticking out as she sucks her date off.

As she gets more into it, she changes positions so that her hands are planted on the bedroom wall and her date can enter her pussy from behind. As he starts thrusting in her, she looks out her half open door and notices you! Your cock is throbbing hard, and you can’t seem to turn away. Instead of scolding you, mommy gets more turned on, looking at you and rubbing her tits. She starts performing for you, watching you, and letting her date fuck her hard. When she’s ready for his big load, she gets down on her knees and begs for it all over her. She then tells her date she is going to go clean up. You quickly run to your room and get under your covers, ready to jack your rock hard cock off. Instead, your mommy comes into your room and climbs onto your bed. In only her bra and panties, she tells you she saw you watching her fuck her friend. She asks if you enjoyed watching her get fucked. She touches your cock and realizes that you are stiff as a board. Knowing how turned on you are, she strips down and finally straddles you. Mommy slides your cock into her wet and ready pussy and rides your big hard cock up and down. You’re her big, naughty boy and mommy is loving having you inside of her. Naughty boy turns into her good boy as you make her feel so good. Deep inside of her, you make her cum over and over as she begs for you to give your cum to her. You shoot your cum right into mommy’s pussy, and she assures you that you will always be mommy’s naughty little boy. She leaves you with hints that you may have another treat for you in the morning.

Mommy Dearest Full.mp4


My New White Stepdaddy 6

Tila Flame, Sidnee Taylor, Gia Grace, Lola James

I kept saying, “Mom, marry him… he’s rich and good looking!” But what I didn’t tell her was that he was fucking me when she wasn’t home! He said he likes watching his fat cock slide in my tiny pussy from behind. He fucks me so much better than the boys my age. They can only last 5 minutes, my Stepdaddy can last 5 hours!!

My New White Stepdaddy 6 1.avi
My New White Stepdaddy 6 2.avi

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