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Redheaded cutie Marie McCray

Redheaded cutie Marie McCray bound sucks and fucks brutal challenging deepthroat used hard

Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Description: Marie McCray is a redheaded cutiepie who looks way too innocent to do all the hardcore things she loves so much. But we know the truth. Here at we love taking apart that innocent facade with the best tool possible. Which is lots and lots of cock and orgasms. There is no better way to reveal the wanton whore that lies beneath the surface.
The set up is beautiful in its simplicity. All it takes is a few short pieces of rope to completely bind her arms behind her. Marie is now completely helpless, her perky breast jutting in front of her, her ass barely covered by jean shorts. Now it is time to play. We maul her a bit and then it is on. Dropping her to her knees, we put her to work. Her throat meat is for our use. Marie struggles and chokes on the dick, doing her best to get on top of it. The rock hard cock has no mercy and we stand up to pick up the pace.
Watching her struggle on the dick is amusing enough, but it is time to unwrap our present a bit more. We have her remove those tight little shorts with her bound hands, always a fun game in our book. Laying her down on a wooden fuck table built at the perfect height, we make use of of her mouthhole a little bit more before moving to the other end. Both ends are simply holes for our entertainment. It is take to take this redhead down.
Unleashing the floodgates, we lay down total sexual destruction on Marie. Using a punishing pace, we never slow down, never let up, never give her a chance to get on top of it. She is flipped over, flipped back, and used in every which way. Adding the vibrator completes the sexual overload. Multiple orgasms rip through her bound body. Marie finally grasps the true meaning of sexually broken. We leave her spent and blasted body dd over our fuck table, eyes smudged, face covered in her own juices and well used in every hole.


Molly Jane in When Innocence Ends – A Week with Mom HD

Scene One: Mom helps me masturbate

Molly has just stepped out of the shower when her son Alex walks into the bathroom. They both give a startled yell before Alex leaves the room. Alex catches his mom topless three more times, waking in on her sunbathing and going into her bedroom without knocking.

Thinking his mom is away Alex decides to jerk off watching porn. Molly walks in wearing only a pair of panties and asks what he is doing. She tells him that it’s ok and perfectly natural “You could let me help you, it’s just like masturbation with someone to help you” Alex nervously lets his mom lead him downstairs. She sucks his cock hard until he cums in his moms mouth.

A Week with Mom 1 HD

Scene Two: Do you like cumming on moms face?

Alex is sitting on the couch ready for another masturbation session with his mom“You like it when mom jerks you off?” Molly says. “Do you like cumming in moms face?” she asks as she strokes her son’s large cock. Sucking her son she brings him to the edge of orgasm. “I’m going to cum” he shouts and his mom takes his load all over her face. With cum covering her she fingers some into her mouth and leaves to take a shower.

A Week with Mom 2 HD

Scene Three: Pool blowjob with mom

Molly and her son are sitting at the pool when Molly gets a wicked idea. She takes off her top and asks “Do you mind if I give you a BJ?” She pulls down her son’s shorts and sucks on his cock as only a horny mother can. She sucks him until he explodes in her mouth. She drinks down his delicious load saying “I forgot how much I love sucking cock”

A Week with Mom 3 HD

Scene Four: Moms cum snack

In the kitchen Molly already has her mouth around her son’s cock and is sucking him hard. She takes him all the way into her mouth taking him deep. Molly takes off her shirt ready to finish him off and keeps sucking, making her son to cum all over her face. Molly tells him his cum is delicious and licks every drop off her face.

A Week with Mom 4 HD

Scene Five: Moms pov blowjob

Molly brings her son into her bedroom and desperately pulls off his clothes. She needs to have his cock inside her mouth and sucks him hungrily. “You like it when mom sucks your cock” she asks and takes him all in. She looks deep into her sons eyes with passion as her hands and mouth make him cum all over her. “Oh god it’s so good” she says, love dripping down her face.

A Week with Mom 5 HD

Scene Six: Bedtime blowjob from mom

“How about a blowjob before bed” Molly asks her son making him smile with anticipation. She quickly gets to her knees and sucks him, striping down to her panties. A sexual need fills her as she sucks her son like a good mom. Alex stands over her and jerks his cock, Molly moaning from the pleasure of his cum splashing her face. “Thanks baby, I love you” she tells him feeling the warmth of his cum on her face as they fall asleep next to each other.

A Week with Mom 6 HD

Scene Seven: Can you come twice for mom?

Molly comes to her son with a proposition “How about I make you cum twice this time” She strips her son naked and gets to work sucking his cock. She takes off her shirt exposing her large tits and puts his shaft back in her mouth. Alex stands up and cums over his mom’s face. “that was really good” he tells her.

“Ready for round two?” she asks and starts to jerk his cock. With cum already drenching her she tells him “I need more cum on my face” and sucks him. It doesn’t take him long to cum on her face again, shooting his load down her face and tits. “It’s much better the second time” she tells him swallowing his cum. She gets on the couch next to him and watches TV, letting his love soak into her.

A Week with Mom 7 HD


Claire Heart – Peeper Dad HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Cumshot, Facial, Cum swallowing, Peeping, Spying, Voyeurism, Caught in the act, Glasses, School girl

Claire looks sweet and innocent but she is a slut that manipulates men… even her own DADDY!
Claire is home from school, sitting on the couch in her school uniform. She has been waiting all day to play with her pussy. As soon as she gets home she slowly pulls her pleated skirt up and spreads her knee-socked legs wide, then pulls the crotch of her white cotton panties off to the side to expose her gash and starts to masturbate. She is so into getting off, it takes her a couple minutes before she hears the doorbell ring… and ring… and ring.

Claire answers the door surprised to see she’d received a package. Wondering what it was she opened it quickly. “My new toy” she excitedly said aloud. “Now I can really get off” she thought to herself. Once again she was in her own masturbation world. She doesn’t realize that her dad has come home, and he’s quietly watching her from the doorway. After watching her for a minute or so, he accidentally sneezes, giving away his vantage point.

Startled, she looks over to see her dad watching her. “Daddy!” she exclaims, as she pulls her hand away and pulls her little skirt back down. “What were you doing?”

She notices a hard-on through his pants.

“Were you watching me?” she asks.

“I guess so,” he stammers.

“And it looks like you were enjoying it, too,” she adds.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“C’mon, dad,” she says. “You were getting an erection from watching your daughter.”

“You’re right,” he admits. “You just look so good in your uniform. Seeing you masturbate in that outfit was just so exciting that I couldn’t help it.”

“So you liked watching me do that?” she asks.

“Yes, very much.”

“And watching me do that in my school uniform makes it even naughtier, doesn’t it?”


Her eyes are still looking at his hard-on.

“Well, I think we need to do something about that bulge in your pants, daddy,” she says, with a naughty smile.

“What did you have in mind, darling?” he asks.

“How about me sucking your cock?” Claire asks, with a naughty smile. “Come over here.”

He walks to the couch as she pulls her skirt back and spreads her legs again to give a clear view of her crotch in her panties.

She unfastens his pants, pulls out his cock and starts giving him a blowjob.

“Do you like this, daddy?” she asks, with a smile.

After sucking him for a while, he wants to take things further.

“Honey, can I…” he starts, hesitating.

“You want to fuck me?” she asks.

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Okay, daddy,” she tells him. “Let me take my panties off.”

She pulls her panties off, then reaches to unfasten her skirt.

“Leave it on,” he asks. “I wanna fuck you in your little uniform.

She chuckles.“Daddy, you’re so naughty!

Claire father fucks her hard making her young pussy swell from having to stretch around his huge thick cock.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” he says.

“Don’t do it inside me, daddy!” she exclaims.

“Can I squirt it on glasses he asks.

“Yes,” she tells him. She kneels in front of him, with her face tilted upward. “Squirt your gooey cum on my face and glasses daddy,” she tells him. She smiles getting face close giving him a big target to drop his load.

“You got it all over my mouth also daddy”

“Can you lick it off and swallow it, darling?” he asks.

She opens her mouth and slowly licks it off of her teeth, then swirls her tongue in the gooey mess before swallowing.

“That”s my good little girl,” he assures her. “You’d better clean up before mom gets home.”

Peeper Dad HD
Peeper Dad HD


Naughty Teen Addie Juniper

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions), Teen, Family Fantasies, Brunette

Addie Juniper is leaving the house to go to a party with her college friends but she’s wearing a slinky gold TIGHT dress that’s almost see through! you stop her & tell her she can’t wear that outside but being your sweet girl, she knows how to sweettalk you, explaining that she’s wearing panties underneath, showing you her panties & saying that all the other girls don’t wear bras either. You can see her nipples under that thin material & your dick starts getting harder & harder, seeing sweetie all grown up! She starts flirting & teasing you, touching herself subtley to show that she’s turned on… she encourages you to pull out your cock to see how big you are & if you’re even bigger than her brother, which you are!! She loves watching old man jerk off his big cock, gives you some nice dirty talk, making you go faster & faster as she bounces up & down in excitement! What a bad taboo family you have! She loves watching her maker stroke it good & fast until you CUM & some of it even hits her & she tastes your cum. Well now she’s seen YOU being naughty so she KNOWS she’s in charge in this family & she knows you can’t tell her what to do anymore… !

Naughty Teen Addie Juniper


Jacking it for my MILFy mom Austin Taylor HD

Austin is your sexy mother and she is happy to be a part of the family. There is one thing that she has to discuss with you, though, and it is a little awkward. When you were rubbing the suntan lotion on her, it was clear that you both were enjoying it a little too much. She saw the bulge in your bathing suit. You noticed from the first time you met your mom that she was definitely a MILF. You also noticed her big boobs and today she has decided to let you see them, but you first have to do something for her. Mommie Austin wants you to pull your dick out of your pants for her and she immediately likes what she sees. Now go ahead and stroke it. Yes, that’s good…just like that. Her nipples peek out of her bra and she asks you to kiss her titties. She confesses that she is turned on simply from watching you jerk off. Her ass is round and juicy as you see when she gets on her knees on the bed. Her sexy pink high heels are a nice touch to her slutty outfit. Don’t take your eyes off of your mommie as she encourages you through your jerk session together. Her pink panties slide off of her body and you jerk your dick even faster. When her legs spread wide, you see her big, meaty pussy lips. Are you ready to give mommie your sperm? You splooge all over her fat tits and she rubs it right in.

Jacking it for my MILFy mom Austin Taylor HD


Can’t Take It Vol 1 (2014)

These girls whimper and scream the second we put a dick inside them. Is it because their pussy’s are tight or is it because their insides are all fucked up from being little, teen whores? Whatever the reason, these girls have a really hard time taking a cock. So if you like watching young girls squirm and squeal the moment they get penetrated, if you like the struggle from daddy’s girl to dirty girl, you found your DVD!

Category: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Big Cocks, All Sex
Starring: Ryan Madison, Angel Del Ray, Lily Banks, Samantha Rone, Belle Knox
Language: English

Can’t Take It Vol 1 (2014).part1.rar
Can’t Take It Vol 1 (2014).part2.rar
Can’t Take It Vol 1 (2014).part3.rar



My next patient didn’t have an appointment but she said it was urgent so I sent her in. She was a very attractive younger lady that was having groin problems after falling off her roller skates. Of course this is my area of expertise so I was ready to start work. Then all of a sudden my receptionist came in and wanted to assist me in the examination. I knew what she wanted as I could tell she really liked this one and I guess I could share this patient as she does help me out a lot. I was watching her give a massage, running her finger tips all over the ladies pussy and upper thighs. I watched with amazement as she worked her magic and the whole time I had my cock in my hand wanking over all what I was seeing. It didn’t take long before the patient was overwhelmed with passion and was soon running fingers all over her pussy then got up and run her tongue all over the receptionists pussy as she moaned with delight. Soon it was my turn and I could bear the wait any longer.



Me And My Girlfriend 8 (2014)

When her fiance gets sucked into never-ending conversation at a friend’s party, a woman lures him to the bedroom for a passionate sexual encounter. After getting caught up in their lives and forgetting their anniversary, a couple soon discovers that sometimes the hottest sex – is the sex you actually plan for. When a young woman mistakes her boyfriend’s distance as an impending breakup, he surprises her with a romantic gesture that leaves her sure of everything. After three days of watching his girlfriend give him the silent treatment, a young man decides that the quickest path to forgiveness is through good, old-fashioned makeup sex!

Category: All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Made For Women
Starring: Karlie Montana, Ariana Marie, Georgia Jones, Vanessa Veracruz, Eva Lovia, Emily Addison, Abigail Mac, Angela Sommers, Ryan Ryans
Language: English

Me And My Girlfriend 8 (2014).part1.rar
Me And My Girlfriend 8 (2014).part2.rar


Cherry Torn (Cherrys Obsession)

Ritchie was searching for a peaceful place to write. He thought he had found the perfect home But he wasn’t expecting, Cherry Torn. As soon as she laid eyes on Ritchie she was obsessed. At first her interest seemed harmless, but flattery soon turned to fear. Because if Cherry doesn’t get her man she’ll tear him to pieces. After watching him fuck Veruca James, she steals a condom full of his cum, and in a fit of jealousy sets out to frame him. For her plan to work, it has to be wild, it has to be rough, it has to be a hardcore gangbang! She picks up the fellas and takes them to her house where they destroy her with their 5 rock hard cocks. Rough sex, humiliation, choking, throat fucking, anal, DP, sensory deprivation, and bukkake! What she does next, Ritchie could never have seen coming!



Destiny – Big Ass Cuban Maid

I love this agency. Their girls are always in need of extra cash. Anyway, gracing my apartment this week is Destiny. I suspected she’d have a big ass, but god damn! Her ass is HUGE! I could hardly contain my excitement! She was hesitant to my offer at first, but as soon as I pulled out the green, she was game. I got some good nude cleaning. When she was comfortable enough, I played with her fat ass and pussy, then took my dick out. Not only is she a good maid, but she can suck a mean dick too! And watching her fat ass bounce on my dick was amazing in its own right. Enjoy!


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