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Private Movies #43 – The Sexual Exhibitionist (2008)

Starring: Jennifer Love, Julie Silver, Keana Moire, Natalli Di Angelo, Sarah Twain, Vanessa Smoke.
A story of exhibitionism as horny young sexy maniacs live out their own fantasies and indulge the fantasies of naughty voyeurs watching them in 6 cum dribbling scenes!
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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Chanel Preston

Seth is watching the football draft when Chanel, his dad’s girlfriend walks into the house. She doesn’t understand what the draft is and how this a is a crucial moment in Seth’s life. He told Chanel that he was playing a fantasy draft. When she heard the word fantasy that mean it wasn’t real and she could change the channel. Feeling sorry for upsetting Seth, Chanel offers him something that could be more exciting than football, her pussy! For some people that may not be worthwhile but, Seth couldn’t pass up this one opportunity to bang his dad’s girl.



Rylie Bonds with Her New Stepdad HD

Step-Father / Step-daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Mom’s Husband, Wife’s Daughter, Ball-busting, Femdom / Female Domination, Male Submission, Blonde, Family Fantasies

Kylie Richman’s new stepdad is a bit of a hippy. He likes to walk around the house completely naked. Well, not completely naked. He does have a leather cock ring on. He wants to spend time with his new stepdaughter. Naked of course. Greased up would be better. Kylie doesn’t think having her stepdad rubbing on her thigh is bonding. He tries to rub his dick in her mouth, but she kicks it away. Watching him cower in pain does seem fun. She bashes his balls a few more times. This is the stepdaughter/stepdad bonding she had in mind. If he wants to get closer to her, he has to obey this ball busting femdom bitch. She shows him the meaning of cock and ball torment. Biting down on his dick is prove enough.

Rylie Bonds with Her New Stepdad HD


Bedtime with Mommie

Governess Worthington & her husband are in need of some “private time” & trying to get their overgrown Mommie’s boy to bed early. She diapers him, puts him in his feet pajamas & reads him a few nursery rhymes as her husband looks on. Thinking their “son” is asleep, they begin to get intimate with each other. As they are making out, their “son” is secretly watching from his crib and starting to get aroused. Governess Worthington discovers this & chastises him for disobeying her and not going to sleep as he was supposed to. She spanks him with the promise that if he takes his punishment like a “big boy” he’ll get his “special treat/nighttime milking” to help him sleep. After the spanking, she proceeds to do his “treat/milking” (hand job) until he falls asleep.

Bedtime with Mommie


Kaylee Hilton – Mature cock after a shower HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Teen, Mature, Older Male / Younger Female, Voyeurism, Family Fantasies, Blonde

Mature cock after a shower This cute blonde teeny can say she’s not a slut all she wants, but she can’t resist the temptation to spy on her old dad in a shower and ends up sucking his dick and getting her brains fucked out big time. Yeah, she did learn something from watching him and her mom do it every night.

Mature cock after a shower HD


Vanessa Vixon in A Mothers Comfort – Your Father Never Could HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Cougar

Son is sitting in the living room watching TV when his cell phone suddenly rings; he looks down at the phone and with a puzzled look, answers it. “Mom” he begins laughing “I’m in living room why are you calling?” son continues to laugh at his mother’s response. “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute.” he says before killing the connection. “What on Earth is so important she couldn’t just come get me?” he asks out loud as he makes his way towards his parents’ bedroom. Son opens the bedroom door to find his mother standing in the room very seductively wearing the hottest piece of lingerie he’s ever seen. “Mom… look……wow.” says son as his mother smiles and makes her way over to him. “Do you think I’m gorgeous?” she asks before giving him a passionate kiss. “I do mother… are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and… are the only woman I want…I would do anything for you.” replies son as he kisses mom’s neck, causing her to moan and giggle. “I want you to show your mother how a woman should be treated; show me you all you learned.”

Mom quickly clips on top her son and guides his cock into her body before she begins to ride him. Son grabs his mother’s hips as she grinds his cock back and forth moaning louder and louder as she is quickly approaching orgasm. “OH SON…..OH MY GOD….YOUR COCK IS SO HUGE……YOUR FATHER COULD NEVER…..” Mom suddenly stops speaking and screams loudly as she orgasms; she shudders and quakes as her body grips her son’s hard cock inside of her. Son moans loudly “Oh God mom…..I’m going to cum!” he screams. “Cum insides me my baby; fill your mother with hot cum!” screams mother as she continues to ride her son. Moments later, son grabs his mother’s hips tighter than ever and screams loudly, his cock exploding deep inside his mother and filling her with cum. They both continue to moan as mother slows down and eventually stops, collapsing on top of her son. The both lay there for a few moments shuddering and holding each other as their breathing returns to normal. “Mom” begins son kissing her “What if you…..become……you know?” Mom kisses her son’s lips gently and laughs before putting her head back on his chest “Don’t worry about that baby, I took care of that problem a long time ago.” The two lie in each other’s arms and drift off to sleep happy they can continue to be lovers as long as dad never finds out; mother is content that her son will never need another woman other than her.

Your Father Never Could HD


Simone Sonay – When Dad goes away, Mom and son play HD 720p

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Mommie, Family Fantasies, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Handjob, Cumshot, Blonde

My mom and I have been flirting behind my Dad’s back for a few months. It’s been real hot and heavy lately because we know he is going away for two weeks with his buddies for spring training. What a stupid man to leave his sexy wife with me for two whole weeks! If he only knew the dirty talk and text we have been exchanging, he would probably kick me out of the house before leaving me home with her while he goes away. My dad is a pretty cool guy but sometimes doesn’t give my mom the attention she truly deserves. I know I am just a college aged young one but I can see my mom is a sexual goddess who deserves more than she gets. No sooner had my pops said goodbye and we were in my bedroom for some sexy time. My mom may have even been more excited than I at the prospect of two whole weeks of just us in the house.

I lay down on my bed and she immediately went for my crotch. She unzipped my jeans to free my growing cock. She said we weren’t going to go all the way on the first night alone so tonight I get a hand job. All of her sexual attention focused on me! Soon as she saw the size of my dick she whispered what a lucky girl she is. She then laid a total surprise on me by hinting she would like to have my baseball buddies over for movie night. She wasn’t talking about WATCHING movie night , she was talking about MAKING a movie night. My mom! Wanted to get busy with not only me, but my baseball buddies to! She is more of a slut than I knew! My cock grew rock hard at the thought of my buddies taking turns on my sexy slut mom. She was jacking me off really fast with a good tight grip and painting a picture of what the scenario could be like. I love it when she calls me a naughty boy. Just when I didn’t think her hand job could get any hotter she whipped off her top and pulled her full tits from her bra for my viewing. The raunchiest part of her fantasy with my baseball buddies is that she doesn’t want me to tell them she is my mom, she wants me to tell them she is just some whore in my bed. How fucked up is that? It’s my kind of fucked up for sure. She continued to crank my cock, pumping it up and down so damn tight. I would do anything for this woman so long as she gives me more of these insanely dirty talk hand jobs! I began to tremble and she noticed, saying, “Are you gonna give your cum to Mommie?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer as my spooge spurted from me. What an incredible release she gave me. Now that my cock was satisfied she quickly suggested I call my friends over for a “mom-b-que”. Mom is the menu. Fuck yeah.

When Dad goes away, Mom and son play HD


Eye Spy Jenna (2003)

Starring: Julia Ann, Jenna Jameson, Raylene, Celeste, Dyanna Lauren, Briana Banks, Janine, Christy Canyon, Anna Malle, Dasha, Ashlyn Gere, Taylor Hayes, Jenna.
Eye Spy Jenna: Attention Vouyers!!! Take a peep!!! She’s watching you watching her!!! Hidden cameras. Spying eyes. It’s Vouyerism in Vouyervision!!! Take a peep at the hottest girls from behind closed doors!!! It’s a secret fantasy world and it’s for your eyes only!!! Shh!!!

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Stacie Starr – Faking and Fucking HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Busty / Big tits, Downblouse, Family Fantasies, Cumshot, Facial, BBW

Andrew was serving a 10 year sentence for a violent sexual assault. He was involved in an altercation in prison that resulted in him being in a wheelchair and capable of very little movement or speech. He granted early parole based on his condition.

stacie was very naive. She did not believe that her son did anything wrong. She was convinced that the girl had lied about the assault and that her son was innocent. His mother stacie picked him up when he was released and brought him home.

The doctors told her that there was no physical reason for his inability to walk and talk. The first problem she had to deal with was a non-wheelchair friendly house. She was ill equipped to deal with this situation. She tried to be positive. She always stayed upbeat with Andrew.

stacie had to do everything for her son. Little did she know that Andrew had been faking his problems in order to get early release from prison. He was going to reveal it to his mother but decided to hold off to make sure no one was watching him from the prosecutor’s office.

While stacie was helping him into the bed for the night she could not help bending over a lot. He got an eyeful of his mother’s tits and ass every time she bent over. He had not had a woman since that little whore that got him put in prison. He was horny as hell. He jerked off that night thinking about those big tits that his mother was dangling right in front of his face. She was just like that little whore. She wanted him to fuck her. It was not his fault, she was asking for it.

The next morning she came in the room and told him it was time for his bath. He immediately got hard thinking about his mother bending over the tub and washing him. She got him into the wheelchair and pulled off his stop. When she opened his pajama bottoms his hard on popped. She immediately reacted by covering up his cock with her hands and looking away.

He could not stand it any longer. He stood up and grabbed her by the hair. He started fucking his mother’s face as fast as he could. She was shocked not only by the cock shoved in her mouth but to see her son standing with a normal expression on his face. He pushed her back on his bed and yanked open her robe. He pulled off her panties and yanked off her bra.

In less than a minute she was naked, on her back and getting her son’s big cock shoved up her pussy. He told her that he had to fake it in order to get out of prison. She could not believe what she was hearing nor the fact that her son was pile driving her pussy with the biggest cock she had had in years. He did not last long. He pulled out his cock, sat her up and blew his load on her face. She fell back on the bed, crying with a load of cum dripping off her chin onto her tits. She was shell shocked.

Faking and Fucking HD


Nikki Bell in Daddys Secret HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Caught in the act, cumshot, Facial, Bound / Tied up / Bondage, Cum in mouth, Family Fantasy, Cum in pussy, Brunette

Scene One: Close call
The family is sitting on the couch watching a movie. Nikki, her mother Cory and her father have always had a close relationship. Nikki is turned on by a hot scene in the movie and is embarrassed, quickly pulling a blanket over herself. Feeling like her parents won’t notice Nikki starts to rub herself and let out soft whimpers. Her father notices and reaches over to stop her, but she grabs his hand instead and forces him to rub her wet pussy. Turned on she puts the blanket over her fathers lap and rubs his cock. Cory says that the movie is boring and goes upstairs. Nikki wastes no time getting to her knees and sucking her daddy’s cock. She sucks him like a horny college girl until they hear Cory come back downstairs. Quickly covering her with the blanket Cory asks her husband a few questions, while Nikki continues to suck cock. Cory goes back upstairs. He pulls the blanket off and she makes him cum in her mouth. That was too close.

Nikki Bell in Daddys Secret HD 1

Scene Two: Is my daughter sick?
He walks into Nikki’s bedroom to find her in sexy underwear masturbating. She strips her dad naked and tosses him on the bed. She jerks and sucks his cock getting him hard before she lets him fuck her. As they are fucking there is a knock at the door. Quickly covering their naked bodies they lay together spooning. Nikki tries to talk to her mom while her dad pretends to be asleep and slowly fucks her. Nikki’s little moans make Cory think she is sick, so she leaves to let her get some rest. When Cory leaves, Nikki lets all her emotions out and cums with a shattering orgasm.

Nikki Bell in Daddys Secret HD 2
Scene Three: New clothes fuck

Dad is watching TV on the couch when Nikki comes in dressed in lingerie. Keeping him seated she sucks on his large cock. Pushing her panties to the side she fucks him on the couch wanting to feel his cum inside her. Cory comes home from the store and Nikki covers herself with a pillow. Cory tells her to change and her husband to get dressed. Nikki’s mom leaves and she continues to fuck her dad until he cums inside her. She fixes her panties wanting to feel his cum inside her for the rest of the day.

Nikki Bell in Daddys Secret HD 3

Scene Four: Mom finds out
Nikki drags her dad to his bedroom for some fun. She wants him to tie her up and fuck her brains out. He happily complies and uses her mouth and pussy hard. Cory walks in and is shocked at what she sees. The lustful father and daughter continue to fuck, Nikki saying Cory is going to have to share her husbands cock. Cory leaves and Nikki smiles as her dad cums over her face. She wants to be left tied up so mom can see her first facial.

Nikki Bell in Daddys Secret HD 4

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