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Janessa Jordan – Cumming for my slutty sister-in-law HD

Brother-in-law / Sister-in-law Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions), Family Fantasies, Wife’s Sister, Sister’s Husband

Janessa is looking for her sister, but she runs into you instead. She thinks your bed is pretty comfy, but she wonders if you get any action with her prude of a sister. Has it been a while since you had some kind of release? Oh, poor boy. Janessa is not a prude at all. It looks like you might have chosen the wrong sister. Will you show Janessa your dick? She is happy with what she sees and she has an idea if you are willing. Can she touch it? She won’t tell her sister. Your dick is firmly in her hand and she tells you that she wants to see you cum. Don’t even try to deny it because she knows that you have been watching her. She strips down and you see she wears no panties at all. Again she is working your dick and she tells you that she is going to drain your cock of all the cum that has been building up inside of you for so very long. You know you want to cum for Janessa. Her hands are really doing a job on you and you know you cannot hold out for too much longer. Janessa loves the idea of stealing her sister’s cum from you and she asks you to finish yourself off right inside of her pussy. You pump yourself hard and fast into her wet pussy and unload your dick like a weapon of mass destruction.

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Kendra Lust

Just one look at Kendra Lust and you immediately forget your name and address. She is a remarkable sex pot and has such an incredible body it’s hard not to stare. We took her out on the busy streets of Miami and tested out this theory. There were so many cars honking that we couldn’t hear ourselves think. Everybody loves Kendra. We hooked her up with one of our boys and he couldn’t have been more content. From her tits to her ass to her perfect pussy. Kendra is a hot piece of ass and knows what she’s doing with the cock. They did a number on my couch, but it’s all good cuz we loved every minute watching her do her thing.



Pervs On Patrol 16 (2014)

Starring: Chloe Foster, Guiliana Alexis, Shane Dos Santos, Gemma, Tracey.
They have no clue someone is watching!
Guiliana is a gammer girl who give porn a whirl!
Chloe wants to fuck till the sun cums out!
Gemma and Summer take tennis lessons on how to handle the balls!
Tracey is good at working the bar!
It takes balls to score with Katie!
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If My Husband Doesn’t Want Me Maybe My Son Does HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Mommie, Mama, Mommy’s Boy, Dirty Talk, Cumshot, Facial, Wife / Wives, POV (point of view)

This was a custom video here is the script I followed….

CAST AND COSTUME – Mom It would be great if you put your hair up in a tight bun and wore glasses. I’d like you to dress very professionally, as if you work in a very conservative office. Your sexy side would be evident in your short skirt, bare legs, and the black mules that you’re wearing in the attached photo. Your underwear can be any sexy bra and panty set.

- Son (Your Husband/camera man) The guy playing the son doesn’t have to actually appear on camera, but I’d like him to definitely be verbally involved.

DIALOG AND TONE I would like the taboo nature of the situation to be evident throughout. I would like mom to feel conflicted by the situation but overcome by her sexual frustration and desire. I’d love a lot of use of the word “mommy” and “son”, especially during the steamier parts.

SCENE ONE I’d like the video to start in a living room. Son is watching TV while sitting on the floor, and mom is just coming home from work. As she walks in and greets him, she notices that the room is a mess with clothes and stuff all over the floor. She proceeds to start picking them up as she mutters and scolds him angrily. As she picks the clothes up, she bends at her waist, her skirt rising to show her delicious thighs, shapely calves, and a hint of her luscious butt cheeks. Her son can’t help ogling mommy’s hot body, his eyes slowly traveling from the floor to her waist. Mom is completely oblivious to his desire. She even squats down open legged exposing her panties as she scolds him. He’s transfixed, but she’s completely lost in her frustration at his messiness.

She then sits down on the couch and crosses her legs tightly and seductively.). She starts looking through a fashion magazine and makes inane chatter about her job, complaining about her busy life. As she complains, her son ogles her from head to toe especially her sexy legs.

She then starts criticizing the models in the magazine. He responds by stating that they pale in comparison to her. She feels flattered, and he proceeds to compliment her beauty, even telling her how sexy her legs are. She is both flattered and uncomfortable with his statement and forwardness, even scolding him for talking to his mother that way.

She decides to have a drink to unwind. As she drinks, she starts to complain about her Husband, her son’s father, and how he’s been very neglectful of her lately, making her feel very unattractive. Her son vehemently disagrees and begins to comment on how wrong his father is and how his friends are always telling him how hot and sexy she is. She begins to feel better and sexier. She begins to seductively caress her calf facing the camera with her fingertips (camera close-ups of this please). As she keeps drinking, she then asks him what he honestly thinks of her. He pretends to be embarrassed by the question, but after his mom insists, he tells her he thinks she’s so hot that she could even be a model. On hearing that comment, she admits that being a model has always been a dream of hers.

Seeing the golden opportunity in front of him, the son suddenly gets a great idea. He suggests to his mom that she allow him to take some photos of her so she can show his dad how sexy she really is. Afterall, he is a photography major in college. She is very apprehensive, but her son convinces her. He just needs to fetch is digital camera. End of scene one.

SCENE TWO Son has his camera, and Mom is sitting on the couch fully clothed and cross-legged again. Mom is visibly nervous but obviously very intrigued by the situation. Son is trying to act completely nonchalant, but he’s really turned on. He begins to take pictures, and Mom asks him for some directions. His directions start very simply with a few warm up shots, but then begin to become bolder. He wants to focus some shots on Mom and her sexy legs, so he asks her to cross them tightly and seductively for him. He pretends that she isn’t doing it right so he comes over and positions her legs with his hands, allowing his hands to linger and caress her calves and thighs a bit. He even raises your skirt a little so as to show more leg.

As Mom gets more comfortable and feels sexier, Son states that he’s worried that the pictures taken so far just aren’t good enough, so asks mom to heat things up in the following ways:

1. Simple poses from various angles.

2. A few sexy facial expressions.

3. Mom unbuttons a few buttons on her blouse to show some cleavage.

4. Mom pushes her breasts together to accentuate he cleavage

5. Mom raises her skirt a bit to show even more leg (poses taken from all angles focusing on her legs and ass).

6. Mom kneels on the couch, her ass sticking towards the camera.

Son almost can’t control his desire any more. He asks her to get on all fours on the floor in the face down and ass up position so he can take some pictures from behind. As Mom sticks her sexy ass seductively in his direction he can’t help but tell her how sexy her round, juicy ass is. He even reaches out to caress her ass cheeks. Mom is obviously aroused by her Son’s touch. He boldly decides to lower her panties exposing her entire ass and wet pussy. Son then moves behind his mother, positioning his crotch against her ass. He is completely hard and his cock is straining against his pants. Mom is completely amazed and aroused by the hardness of her son. Son begins to dry hump his mom from behind, and Mom responds by rubbing her ass into his cock. She then states how much she loves to fuck doggystyle, and that it’s been such a long time since she’s been fucked good and hard. Unable to control himself any more, Son undoes his pants and releases his throbbing cock. He then begins to tease Mom’s pussy lips, waiting for her to beg for him to fuck her. When she does, he begins to passionately pound her hard from behind, gripping her ass cheeks in each hand. As Mom gets more and more excited and vocal, he even proceeds to playfully slap her ass in ecstasy. She is amazed by the size of his cock which she says is at least twice as big as dad’s. Before he blows his load, mom turns around and finishes him off with a blow job with lots of dirty talk and eye contact. Son climaxes by cumming in mom’s face. After a moment to savor things, I think it would be a nice comic ending if the video were to end as though the father had just come home and Mom and Son were rushing to hide. :-) As you can see, I’d like the tone of the video to be as much fun as it is sexy.

If My Husband Doesn’t Want Me Maybe My Son Does HD


REAL Brother-Sister Scott and Sindee NEW Video!

My name is Sindee I am currently 18 years old and am in love with my older brother Scott who just barely turned 22. This is the first time we have become public with both our relationship and that we are actually brother and sister. We mostly grew up living with our mother after our parents separated when I was 6. We have one little sister, Brittany who has been not only a good support, but was involved with me when we were younger. She currently still lives with our mother.

Scott and I were very close as children. Often people would think we were sleeping with each other and we hadn’t even kissed at that point. We did have feelings for each other, which we discussed years later. As kids we would always be caught staying up late to talk or we’d play video games too loud. It was great having him around when things weren’t going well. He’d just laugh it off and hug me. We did grow a little bit apart when he first went to high school. He had parties and friends to hang out with. We talked a little less over those years. I still had a huge crush; he just got hotter as time went on. Neither of us acted on those crushes until I was 14.

Scott had gone to a party that night so I’d stayed up reading waiting to hear if he came home. It was about 1 or 2 am when I heard his bedroom door shut. After about maybe ten minutes I heard loud noises coming from his room. At first I thought it was him and his girlfriend having sex. I started walking across the hall and noticed the guy didn’t sound like Scott. I opened the door and saw him close down his porn and try to hide that he was masturbating. I asked him what he was watching and he smiles, drunk, and says “porn”. I asked what kind and he mentioned it was incest. We talked a little bit about how I liked incest porn too and decided to watch a video together. It was awkward to sit next to each other during that at first. About half way through it Scott looked at me and just kissed me out of nowhere. For a minute all we could do was stare at each other. I remember leaning forward and just making out with him a little bit. He took my hand and laid me on the floor. I was still a virgin at the time so I really didn’t know what I was doing. Honestly I was kind of embarrassed when he started to undress me. I can’t really say that we had sex, because to me it felt like more than that. We did make love for hours and eventually fell asleep in his bed; which is where our mother found us the next morning. I remember waking up to her screaming, “What the hell are you doing!” She dragged me out of bed and told me to get dressed. Things got confusing after that. I got dressed and ran outside. She called our dad had him drive over, pack most of Scott’s stuff and took Scott to live with him. That day is still one of the worst I’ve had in my life.

It was three years till I saw Scott again. We still talked every once in a while. Mostly on holidays or birthdays, but it was always watched by at least one of our parents. We really drifted apart during that, moved on with our lives and even dated other people. We never really got around to talking about that night. It was at a family reunion that I saw Scott again. We took a walk trying to get away for just a few minutes. Mostly we talked about the night we first acted on our feelings. That was when he first admitted he had more than just brotherly feelings and that he loved more than just as his sister. I smiled so big when he said that. The only problem was that I was still 17 and had to live with our mother. Scott had his own place and had been going to college for a couple of years. We did start to talk more, mostly in secret and planned that I would move in with him when I turned 18. It had to be the longest nine months of my life waiting until I could leave my mother’s house. Finally six months ago I packed up and moved in with Scott. We’ve been in an actual relationship since then and still currently live in his apartment. I can’t imagine my life without him and am glad I didn’t have to search very far to find the love of my life.


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Jessica Robbin – Jerking off to my future sister-in-law HD

Brother-In-Law / Sister-in-Law Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Masturbation Encouragement, Jerk off instructions (JOI), Fiancee’s Sister, Busty, Big tits, Cum on tits

You are marrying Jessica’s sister tomorrow. Are you excited? Once you are married, though, you are stuck with her sister for life. She confesses to being curious about you and you are certainly wondering how she stacks up against her sister. Jessica suggests that you start stroking your dick nice and slow for her. Do you like her big titties? She knows that you do, so she removes her bra. Her big titties stimulate you. When you kiss your new wife tomorrow, you will be thinking about Jessica and she knows it. Did you know that watching you jack off has made her pussy really wet? Let her show you. As you stroke yourself closer to orgasm, Jessica continues her masterful dirty talking. Do you want to cum for Jessica? She knows you do, but that will have to wait a little longer. Her body is much sexier than her sister’s body. Perhaps you chose the wrong girl. It is too late to change your mind now, so you concentrate on the task at hand and milk a fat load right onto those big titties.

new-jav.net_Jerking off to my future sister-in-law HD


Now That You’re Not My Son HD


“Yes, send the new message boy with the papers to my hotel room” Mrs. West says, as she hangs up the telephone receiver. In her intricate plan, the young man coming over does not even know the woman he called mother all those years now owns the company he works for!

She waits nervously for him to show up. Will his feelings still be there for her. When he was just turning 18, she had caught him numerous time watching her naked figure in the bath, sneaking peeks while she made love to his father, even finding her soiled panties in the laundry to use for his masturbational pleasures.

But that was a few years ago. He might have moved on from those lustful desires, even though she hadn’t. Just thinking of the young man inside her instantly makes her thighs ache and her pussy stream with lubricating juices

There’s the knock on the door. The uncomfortable greeting. Then she leads the young man to the couch and starts to explain. After a few moments, he starts to relax and realizes this setup has all been for his benefit! In his relaxing state, the old, familiar desires start to rekindle. She was his first unrequited love. The kind of love that begs to be consummated all of your life! Soon he needed to be in her as much as she need his manhood stretching the insides of her womb.

Spontaneously these two burst into a sexual supernova, and are finally experiencing the forbidden exchange they both have dreamed of. After taking each other’s most intimate body parts into their mouths, and preparing them for what must come next, the young man plunges his member deep into his former mother’s awaiting vagina, as her buttocks sway in the air for his gripping and grinding needs.

Both Mother and Son take turns on top until the pinnacle point can’t help but be reached. He withdraws for the mature woman and shoots stream after stream of semen all over the pussy he dreamed of in his younger years….


Now That You’re Not My Son


Foolish Pleasures (1992)

Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Starring: Domonique Simone, Kiss, Nicole London, Tiffany Mynx, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, TT Boy.
District Attorney, Sam, is a sleazy peeping tom who gets off watching Alice and Tom gyrate with pleasure. His tantalizing wife, Camille, wants ot put Sam where he belongs. Her plans include hot body rubs, and oil massages with the luscious Luna, torrid threesomes, and sizzling lesbian lustfest. Everyone is flooding around wherever and whenever they can in this erotic tale of foolish pleasure!

incezt.net_Foolish Pleasures (1989).part1.rar
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My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend – Christie Stevens

Tony shows himself into his girlfriend’s house and calls for her. When she doesn’t answer he goes upstairs to the bathroom and he sees Christie, his girlfriend’s friend, taking a shower. As she turns the water off he runs over to a side room and closes the door enough so he can peak at her. Tony gets caught watching her and Christie calls him out but, she isn’t that offended and wants to know if he liked what he saw. He loves her big fucking tits and she always hears Tony pounding his girlfriend at night. Christie definitely wants to know she’s missing out on and doesn’t mind letting Tony get what he wants.



Kiki Vidis – A Sybian for my daughter HD

Kiki stands with her hands covering her eyes as you offer her a big surprise. You give her a Sybian, but she is a little taken aback since you are her father. She has never seen such a thing before and she is curious about it, so she straddles it. It is just like riding a horse, she says. What was the reason you wanted to give her this odd gift? Oh, you think that she would not get pregnant if she had this toy to use. The thought was kind, if not a little perverse, but she decides to turn it on for a bit. Kiki likes how it feels, and she can see your dick getting hard in your pants. Do you want to pull out your cock while she plays on the Sybian? Go ahead and touch yourself. Kiki doesn’t mind. In fact, it turns her on to see you jack off to her. She takes her panties off so that she can fully experience the wonders of the Sybian. She rides it backwards so that you can see her ass jiggle. Kiki grinds her pussy into the giant vibrating machine as she reminds you how much she loves watching you pleasure yourself. She turns up the intensity and bounces on the Sybian until she cums nice and hard. Now it is your turn to cum and Kiki tells you just how to make it happen. After you cum, Kiki thanks you for your thoughtful gift.

Kiki Vidis – A Sybian for my daughter HD

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