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BangBros 18 Vol. 14 (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Gonzo, Anal
Starring: Alaina Dawson, Liza Rowe, Loni Legend, Marley Brinx, Maya.
Duration: 02:59:55

Everyone knows how to cheat on their girlfriend. The skill comes in trying to get her back. After cheating on my girl Liza, I decided to go win her back the best way I can. I bullshitted my way back in her pants. After a few compliments and a few apologies, her legs opened wide for me to stick my dick deep in that pussy. I slammed her pink slit all over her living room, making her love every inch of my cock. After i get to bust, it doesn’t matter if she takes me back or not, cause I already conquered that poon. Marley Brinx is one hot-ass teen with an undeniable thirst for cock. This sexy Canadian with jet black hair and a wild attitude is ready to take all the cock she can. Marley slowly seduces us with her incredible body. Still young and pure with all natural assets. Her plump beautiful booty, firm perky C-cups, and tight young furry twat are a sight to see. Soon enough Chris shows up to give her what she needs. Marley fills her pussy, ass and throat with his cock and is in heaven as she takes it. Marley gives us a wonderful and worthy performance until her face is lathered with the creamy goodness she craved. Loni Legend has been in the biz for about two years. This chick is stunning and loves to get pounded by big cocks. She came in for a photoshoot and killed it. After the shoot I told her that a friend of mine was a huge fan of hers and was desperate to meet her. She was down to meet my boy, but she did more than just meet him. She started blowing him on the spot. Then things moved on to some pound action!! He slammed her pussy all over the photoshoot set. Loni Legend gave him the pleasure of meeting her as she got the pleasure of getting slammed by a motherfucking cock. So, my stepsister runs into my room and found masturbating while watching porn. At first she seems fun. And then remember how we fucked before, when our parents had met recently, so the old days Maya decided to help me with my situation. First my whole man cock swallow, as he missed his ability to suck penises. After that, I put my cock inside her pussy and penetrate very hard throughout the room.

Video: 852×480 30fps 993kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz 190kbps
Size: 1.24 GB

BangBros 18 Vol. 14.mp4


Larkin Love – Shy Stepmom Spread and Examined In Front of Son HD

It’s time for my yearly gynecological exam, son. Don’t worry. These types of visits are routine. Just sit over there and behave yourself while the doctor is giving me a check up. I don’t want you out in the waiting room by yourself.

Wait a minute, this isn’t my usual female doctor! I know there are male gynecologists, but I don’t think I’m comfortable with this substitution one bit. Oh well, just bring in a privacy screen, Doctor, and we’ll get this examination over with. WHAT? What do you mean you don’t have any screens left?! I know I’m supposed to take off all my clothing, but can I at least keep my gown on, for the sake of my son? You mean I have to take off . . . EVERYTHING?

Oh, dear. Don’t look, son. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know how I’m going to keep my modesty like this. Son, stop looking! Please stop staring at me while I go through this very personal medical procedure. I’m your stepmom, after all. Stop grinning at me like that! You wipe that smile off your face right now! Oh, no, you’ve seen it all, I’m afraid. My hands aren’t enough to hide my shame.

Doctor, wait, do you really intend to stick your fingers inside me now? I’ve suffered enough indignity, don’t you think? Your fingers are so deep inside me. I can’t help but moan a little. You heard that, didn’t you, son. I can tell from the look in your eyes and the bulge in your pants. I wish you’d stop watching me, but there’s nothing I can do now. The doctor is probing me so intensely, I couldn’t get up if I wanted to. I’m weak in the knees with pleasure. I can’t believe my stepson is going to see spread naked on a table with my ass in the air. Oh, no, son, please look away, I beg you! I’m going to cum any second now!

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MHBHJ – Karla HD

1920×1080 (HD1080)

I love watching Karla pump her beautiful face up and down on my cock. My dick was so hard it felt like a piece of iron. After almost 15 minutes, Karla finished my cock off with her talented mouth, sending cum flying a she continued to lick and suck. AMAZING!

Category: BLOW JOBS
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Diane Andrews – Seduced By Mommy HD

The raunchiest taboo MILF clip in my series to date!Watching mommy put lotion on her amazingly long legs, she sees you and begins to seduce you. You had no idea what you were in for today, but you learn real fast as she taunts you with her super sexy and dirty dialogue, and tells you how much she would love to find out if you taste, feel, and perform like your father! You are powerless against her intoxicating smell, her sultry voice, and her amazingly soft yet firm and experienced touch. She has you under her spell, and there’s no way out. This is a tall, powerful woman that you cannot resist. She wants you to blow your load in her mouth, and you can do nothing to stop it.But, it’s not wrong if we don’t think it’s wrong, right?Includes: MILF, Taboo, Mom/Son, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Mommas Boy, Seductress, POV Sex, Satin, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Sensual DominationBe sure to experience my other highly regarded, and very popular Taboo MILF clips:Your Graduation Present Nap Interrupted Don’t Be Ashamed A Substantial Gift Cumming Inside Your Mother Against Your Will Cool Mom Let Me Show You How Son Makes A Movie Mom’s Desperation You Have Been Spying I Am On To You, And Now You Will Receive The Ultimate Punishment Just A Peek Won’t HurtBe Sure To Experience All I Have To Offer

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Taboo Stories, Family Gathering!

This is the first holiday gathering since the passing of Stacie’s husband. Rachel offered to host the festivities since she was the most conveniently located for everyone that was attending. Jeremy was still living there, a point of contention with Stacie. The rest all arrived at the same time. Stacie came in with her niece and nephew, Misty and Aaron. There were greetings and hugs all around. As they were chatting Rachel asked Aaron where his father was. Aaron said he was outside parking the car while making the motion that dad was hitting the bottle. Good ole Uncle Frank. Always the life of the party and the first one to get plastered and make an ass out of himself. Aaron excused himself to go find Frank. Frank weaved his way in a couple minutes later. He gave Stacie a big hug and grabbed a handful of her ass at the same time. Rachel, having experience with Frank at the holidays before, stuck out her hand to shake. He laughed it off and went in for a kiss. He tried to slip her the tongue but she evaded him. Rachel and Stacie go into the kitchen as everyone chats. Stacie wants to discuss when Jeremy is going to come back home. Stacie does not know of the physical relationship between Jeremy and Rachel. She is confused and angry that he has not come back home. Stacie is completely unaware that Jeremy and Rachel are fucking like rabbits every chance they get. As soon as everyone settles in they meet back behind the barn for a quickee. Rachel is sucking Jeremy’s cock while he is laying on a blanket. What they did not realize was that Misty and Aaron have snuck out to the barn to have a smoke. There father does not approve of their smoking. They hear something strange and Misty looks around the corner. She is shocked to see Aunt Rachel on her back being fucked by their cousin Jeremy. They keep peeking around the barn to watch until the couple is finished. Misty is horny from watching Jeremy and Rachel fuck. She runs her fingers over her brother’s crotch to feel that he has a hardon too. They hook up once in a while and she suggests they go find a place of their own. Misty and Aaron go into the guest room where Aaron and Jeremy will be sleeping. Misty lies back on the bed and tells Aaron to lick her pussy. He goes to town on his slutty sister’s bald pussy. She is already soaking wet when he sticks his finger in her. She strips off the rest of her clothes and reaches for his cock. She loves to give head. In fact she has a reputation for being one of the best cock suckers in her town. There are not many that she has not had in her mouth, pussy and ass. Aaron slides his cock into her pussy and she sighs. He pumps her and then flips her over on her hands and knees and pounds her from behind. While she is getting banged Frank is around the house. Everyone has seemed to have disappeared. He is looking in rooms and starts to push open the door to the back guest room and hears the sounds of sex. He peeks in the door to see his daughter getting fucked by his son. He knew her reputation as the campus slut but did not think that it extended to family. He watches for a while and then slips away. It seems kind of twisted but he thinks about how horny it made it as he staggers back upstairs to his room. Frank goes back downstairs after a while to get a refill. He sees his lucious sister-in-law Stacie on the couch. He is still worked up from seeing Misty and Aaron fucking. He decides to see if he can get a little. He plops down on the couch right next to Stacie and throws an arm around her shoulders. Stacie is kind of sad thinking about the holiday without her husband. He was not the nicest guy in the world but it was not much fun being alone all the time. Particularly since Jeremy had moved in with Rachel. Frank did not really care about any of that. He was focused on those big tits that were hanging out of her nightgown. He let his hands drift onto her cleavage to test the waters. She gently removed his hand but he became more insistent. He held her hand and then slid it over to his hard cock. She pulled away and was trying to extract herself from this situation without making a scene. He started mauling her breasts and kissing her neck. He pulled out a boob and sucked a nipple into his mouth. As he tried to get a look under her nightgown she hopped up and went upstairs. Now Frank was really sexually frustrated. He sat there trying to decide what to do. It seemed like Frank was the only one not getting any. What he did not know was that Jeremy and Rachel were in her room sucking and fucking. It occured to Frank that Rachel might be lonely and horny. He stood up and staggered to her room. He looked inside and was very surprised to see jeremy fucking Rachel in her bed. Well, that scratches Rachel off the list. He needed some relief. His beer sodden mind decided that if Misty could fuck her brother she could take care of her father too. He headed for Misty’s room. Hopefully she was alone; maybe not with this family. Frank slips quietly into the room they have made up for Misty. He turns on the lights and kneels beside her. He pulls off the covers and runs his hands over her young limber body. She thinks it is Aaron and mumbles something about him already gotten laid today. She rolls over and sees it is her father. Momentarily surprised Misty can see that her father is horny. She figures she will be able to use this to her advantage in the future. Misty takes off her bra and Frank sucks on her little nipples while he massages her pussy. She spreads her legs wide for him as he plays with her clit. She does like an experienced man. Much better than the young ones she usually takes on at home. Frank pulls out a hard cock and Misty starts sucking her father, taking him deep. Frank was ready to fuck. He put on a condom. He saw that she went bareback with her brother but there was no way he was going to take a chance of knocking up his daughter. She groaned as he slid into her. She kept crying out fuck me daddy. Frank was totally turned on. He flipped her over and took her from behind. He had seen that she liked it that way. She pushed back and fucked herself to orgasm. Frank was having a hard time keeping himself from cumming but he wanted to let Misty satisfy herself as many times as she liked. Frank now knew that she had more experience than he realized. He pulled out and played with her pussy some more. He rubbed her until she came so hard she had to pull away. He did not give her a break. He jammed his cock back inside her and fucked her some more. He turned her over so he could watch her face as he fucked her. He could not hold out any longer and came. He collapsed on her. After he recovered he grabbed his clothes, turned off the light and went upstairs. Stacie had not been able to sleep after her run in with her beer addled brother-in-law Frank. She wandered around the house. She heard strange noises from Misty’s room. She peeked in and was shocked to see Frank having sex with Misty. She watched for a minute to make sure her eyes were not deceiving her and then quietly closed the door. She scurried across the house to tell Rachel what was going on. She was about to burst into Rachel’s room when she saw something even more shocking; her son was having sex with Rachel. Now it became clear. This was the real reason that Jeremy was not moving back home! Stacie fled as the two lovers, blissfully unaware, continued to pleasure each other. The next morning Stacie cornered Jeremy for a mother daughter conversation. Knowing the real reason for Jeremy staying with Rachel she continued her campaign to get him to return home. Every reason Stacie came up with was not working. She was so frustrated that she finally left the room. After much reflection she knew in her heart what she had to do. If she wanted Jeremy back she needed to give him what he was getting at Rachel’s house….sex! She went into her sister’s room and went through her lingerie to find an attractive outfit. She talked herself into what she was about to do while she dressed. She put on a robe and went to find Jeremy. It appeared that they were the only ones home. She knelt in front of her son and told him that she really needed him to come home. She told him that it appeared that he was staying here because of sex. She told him that she loved him and that she was going to give him the same thing at home as he was getting at Rachel’s. She took off the robe to reveal her skimpy lingerie. She helped him off with his pants. She exclaimed at the size of her son’s cock. She had obviously not seen his cock for many years especially not erect. She slowly licked up and down his cock. Stacie had not had a cock in her mouth for a while. She quickly got back into the swing of things and went to town. She stood and took off her panties. She laid back on the couch and Jeremy licked her pussy. This is another thing she had not experienced for some time. Her late husband had not been the tenderest of lovers. He certainly did not lick any pussy. She held her legs open and told Jeremy to take her. He placed his cock at her opening and asked her if she was sure. She said she was and he slammed all the way into her. She cried out as he entered her. She was completely unaware of anything but her son. It felt so good getting fucked again. From her position Stacie could not see that Frank and Aaron returned home. They quietly entered the room and watched Jeremy fucking his mother. Stacie tried to jump up but Jeremy had all his weight on her. He told her did not want to stop. Frank slid over and felt one of her tits while Jeremy continued to fuck her. Frank asked if he was going to share. Stacie’s role quickly changed. She went from mother trying to reunited with her son to the center of a gangbang. Horny Uncle Frank had his pants off and his cock in her mouth. She asked Jeremy if this is what he wanted. He told her whatever was best for the family. Aaron, pants off, sat next to his father and Stacie wrapped her hand around his cock. She getting fucked from behind with one cock in her mouth and another in her hand. Misty woke up from a nap and walked into the room. Frank told her to join in the family celebration. She peeled off her clothes and started sucking her dad’s dick while Aunt Stacie sucked her brother. Misty reached over and smacked Stacie on the ass as she got fucked. Misty went over to suck her brother’s cock while Frank slid over to get some more head from Stacie. Jeremy pulled out and Stacie and Misty started giving Aaron a double blowjob. Jeremy had slipped out of the room to find Rachel. He brought her into the room and told her to join in. She sait down and watched the blowjob. Jeremy kissed her and told her to get undressed. She sat on Jeremy’s lap and slid his cock into her pussy. Stacie played with his balls as he fucked Rachel. Aaron slid his cock into Misty and fucked her right next to Rachel. Jeremy resumed fucking his mother as Rachel sucked off Aaron. Misty played with Stacie’s tits as she got fucked. Rachel switched from orally pleasing Aaron to Misty. She licked Misty’s pussy as Aaron slid his cock into Rachel and fucked her from behind. Stacie was now in her element. Stacie decided she wanted some Frank cock. He stood in front of her and had her suck him hard. Aaron resumed fucking his sister and Stacie crawled over to get a closer look. Frank shoved his cock into Stacie from behind as she sucked on Misty’s tits. Jeremy decided to have a go at his cousin. Misty was happily surprised when Jeremy shoved his big cock into her tight pussy. Jeremy announced he was going to cum and all three women knelt in a circle. He shot his load on all three tongues. Misty quickly swallowed it down. Frank was ready to make his contribution. The three women sucked him until he was ready to shoot. He blew an impressive load mostly on Misty. She finally backed off and he blasted Stacie and Rachel with a couple spurts too. Aaron did not want to be left out. He was not quite ready so they took turns sucking him until he blasted off by Stacie’s talented hands. They stood to clean up and Rachel announced that she and Jeremy were going to take a nap. Stacie realized that there was still work to do.

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Dirty Princess – Brother Blackmailing Sister Fantasy HD

My brother caught me watching brother/sister porn. He blackmail me to fuck myself front of his friends or he would tell everyone that i want to fuck him. Uggg Im so embarrassed but I have to do it even though i dont want to. Little did i know that I was going to enjoy it. After seeing how hard my brother got for me it made my pussy so wet and excited to fuck the huge toy that i used. Watch me ride and fuck my HUGE Bad Dragon toy till it cums in my tight pussy.

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Real Amateur Hot Wife & Cuckold Dee Siren Pack 4 & 5 & 6 HD

The other parts are HERE!

I have tons of clips of hotwife Dee Siren that I will try to upload over the upcoming weeks. The clips are huge (usually 1gb each).
The following clips in this pack follow the adventures of hotwife Dee Siren. Most of her videos are her having sex with another man while her husband records. Some of the clips are her husband and her only. Others have her husband and others fucking her.

A lot of the clips have fans from the site. A lot of the clips are black guys that love her huge ass. The only disappointing part for me is there was not a lot of “no condom” scenes involved other than her husband.

Some (not all) Descriptions:

Dee Sirens First Bukkake – This is Dee’s first Bukkake. You can tell too, as the video quality is lower than her new stuff. She’s also fairly small in this video compared to her curvy self now. The video is her fucking herself with a dildo while a few guys stand around and jack off on her. The video ends with her being split roasted by 2 guys.
DFW Knight Visits – This guy is great. I would love to know how many white wives he has fucked. Dee explains that Knight is visiting Houston so she had to invite him over for some fun. Starts out with making out and before long Knight has got his face buried in her pussy. Then she returns the favor with oral. After awhile of that he’s ready to fuck her. This is one of the rare ones where Dee lets the guy fuck her bare. I love that it’s Knight doing it. He fucks her good and you can tell she loves it, no faking. Scene finishes with creampie
Dick Hungry Hotwife – I’m not sure but I think she is in an adult theater in this one. It’s kinda dark so hard to tell. Anyways, she is wearing a nice lace type lingerie while numerous guys are getting sucked by her. Most of the cumshots land on her tits. No fucking except when she uses a dildo on herself.
Four Dicks For Dee – Four guys with pretty big dicks come by to fuck Dee in this one. I really like this vid. I love watching the way her ass jiggles while she’s riding him. Plus the way she loves to suck dicks is hot. She is truly a slut. There is a half hearted attempt at DP but I think Dee’s ass is just too big to pull off. Ends with cumshots on her ass.
Fuck Machine Blowbang – This one is mostly just Dee fucking a huge dildo on a machine. Again, I think it’s at a theater because it’s pretty dark. she does eventually give head and let a couple of guys fuck her. One guy cums on her tits and another fists her.
Fucked at the Park – This one is hot too. Dee starts fucking a man in the back of their SUV at a public park. Many times you can see cars in the background and people moving around. It eventually ends before he cums because they about get caught.
Fucking and Sucking Lou – Another one of the rare ones where she takes a dick bare. And it’s a black guy. He explains that he had met her at her bukkake before and had wanted some one on one with her. He ends up fucking her bare but doesn’t creampie her. Instead she takes the cum in her mouth.
Fucking Gutterbrains – She says Gutterbrains is a friend she had been wanting to fuck. he’s an older white guy. Scene is standard sex scene but no cumshot. Some squirting like all her vids.

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Cuckold Dee Siren All Screens (Same Filenames With Download Links).rar



MHBHJ – Cassidy HD

1920×1080 (HD1080)

**TOP 50 CLIP!**

Cassidy just happens to be one of my favorite little cock suckers. I love watching her bob her little face up and down on my hard dick with such enthusiasm. Cassidy loves taking loads down her throat too and thats exactly what she did this day. There’s nothing better than blowing a load in a pretty girls mouth :)

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Sinful Juggs (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Big Boobs, Naturally Busty, Threesomes
Starring: Donna Bell, Laura Orsolya, Angel Wicky, Nekane, Chessie Kay, Ava Koxxx, Sandra Star, Sandra Milka.
Duration: 02:25:12

If you like watching solo and hardcore scenes of babes with big,natural tits,then this is the compilation for you.You’II never get bored for a single moments,since they are doing their best to amuse you with their gigantic jugs.And apart from simply showing off,they’ll also give you a perfect demonstration of how those melons can caress a dick and make it erupt loads of jizz.

Video: 960×540 29.97fps 1005kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 190kbps
Size: 1.13 GB

Sinful Juggs.mp4


Yara Skye – Game Time

Yara Skye was horny and wanted to get her boyfriends attention. He was busy watching a game. She was looking super sexy in those tiny jean shorts and a cut off jersey. She shook her juicy ass and tits and he still did not look in her direction. Finally, she jumped on the couch with him and set the game to record. He stopped watching the game and rubbed down her big juicy ass with baby oil. She sucked and fucked his cock. She got her pussy pounded and got that man juice all over her pretty face.

Size: 410799776 bytes (391.77 MiB), duration: 00:37:06, avg.bitrate: 1476 kb/s
Audio: aac, 32000 Hz, mono (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 768×432, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Yara Skye.mp4

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