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Goldie Blair – Mother and Son Taboo Sex!

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Thats Not Homework

Milf Goldie is reading on her bed when she asks her POV Son if he is done with his computer homework only to find he is watching Milf porn right in front of her!..Goldie demands to take a look at what he is watching a little shocked and turned on at the content!…Goldie asks if this is what he is into big tited milfs getting tit fucked ?!…She is open a minded Mother and getting more turned on asks if you’d like to try it out on her big tits?! Goldie strips out of her top and bra and oils up her breasts for you to slip your already hard cock between she tells you it’d ok by her after all she is just holding her breasts while you jerk off between not …you and her get turned on by this though and it’s not long before you are creaming her tits!

Mummy’s Good Boy
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Goldie is getting ready for breakfast with her son she busys herself around the kitchen she notices him watching looking up her gown as she bends over and down her front..she tries not to take notice but it is getting her hot!..when she goes over to top up his cereal he grabs her breast and starts fondling…at first she is shocked but his father doesn’t give her the notice she deserves and she quickly gets horny as he touches between her legs and sucks on her breast..she starts to get wild too and sucks him off before straddling him for a hard hot fuck! she then clears the table for him to mount her wanting more of his young meat…she flips over for doggy as she cums over and over till frazzled she begs that he better get off to collage so she can catch her breath and up with her chores…


Taboo Mommy Talk 1-17 Full! And Not Only Talk!


Added 10/08/2011

It’s so hard today raise a teenager and keep him motivated. He likes to play video games all the time on the weekends and won’t do anything else. I asked him to do his chores: do the yard work, clean up his room and study for his test on Monday but he just won’t get off the couch. My phone was in the living room ringing and he wouldn’t even get up to answer it. I yelled and yelled but he still wouldn’t answer it. I ran out there with only half of my clothes on but it was too late I had missed an important call. I yelled at him again and asked him what I needed to do to motivate him to stop playing and do all the things I asked. As I was talking to him I noticed a bulge in his pants that he was covering up with his hand. He told me to put some clothes on that I was making him uncomfortable. I then said to him “oh are you getting turned on by me?” I was surprised when he said yes. I then started teasing him and asked him if I gave him a little show would he then do as I asked. He smiled and said yes. I began to strip and tease him with my body as the bulge in his pants became even bigger and popped out of his pants. I have to admit I really liked seeing his dick get hard for me. I took his big dick in my hand and ran my fingers across it. I could feel his excitement and the look on his face really turned me on. I asked him if he wanted me to make him cum. He nodded yes, so I put his dick in my mouth and sucked on it. His pre-cum was coating my tongue. I got so excited I then asked him if he wanted to fuck my pussy. He quickly said yes and came up behind me and grabbed my ass and slid his dick inside me. I asked him if he liked my pussy and he said yes. I was incredibly wet and came really fast. He told me he was going to cum quickly too so I got on my knees and opened my mouth just in time to catch a huge load go all over my face and mouth. His cum tasted so sweet! After I cleaned my face up he went out to do the yard work like I had asked him. Now that he has his my box to play with whenever he wants maybe he’ll stop playing so much xbox!


Added 11/15/2012

I was sitting in the living room relaxing after a long day at the office. I had my feet up on the couch and I was looking through some pictures on my Ipad that a member had sent me. He sent me all these pictures of black guys fucking mom’s while their friends watch. It was really turning me on! My friend walked by and saw my legs spread open. I had on a skirt with red pantyhose that were crotchless from ass to pussy. He yelled at me and told me to close my legs that I didn’t even have any panties on. I acted like it didn’t matter. I’m always walking around the house naked so this isn’t any different. He wanted me to make him something to eat but I didn’t feel like getting up and told him to make something for himself. He asked me what I was doing so I told him I was looking at these really sexy photos. He tried not to seem interested but I could tell that he was so I told him to come over so I could show him what I was looking at. When he saw the photos he acted like he didn’t like them but his boner in his boxers told me otherwise! I put my hand on his boxers and pulled out his dick. He told me to stop it but I kept at it. I was gently stroking it. He didn’t push me away so I knew he was enjoying it. I continued stroking him while he looked at the pictures. I told him to come around the other side of the couch so he could see better. I told him this way he could look at my hairy pussy and the photos while I continued making his dick hard. I told him that he needed to please me and that I needed to get his cum. I told him that I was really horny and needed his dick in my mouth and that I wanted to eat his cum. I then started telling him that I wanted him to watch me fuck a black cock and that he would really enjoy cumming to that. This made his dick so hard and he let out a huge load of cum for me!


Added 12/01/2012

I was sitting at my desk looking at some papers and checking the mail when Billy came home. He wanted to know what I was doing at my desk with no panties on and a big toy on my desk. I told him I was going to play with my pussy soon and asked him if he wanted to watch me. He’s always embarrassed when I have my pussy spread and talk about sex to him; but I also know that he likes it because his dick gets so hard! I started teasing him and slowly stripping my clothes off like I do for Tommy. He really likes my ass and seeing me spread it for him. I told him to stand next to me so I could play with his dick and make him feel good. So he pulled out his dick so I could stroke him off and have him cum into my mouth. I told him I wanted to make him cum every day for me! He got so turned on looking at my pussy spread open that he came in my mouth really fast. I spit out his cum so I could look at it then put it back in my mouth and swallowed it all. His cum tastes so sweet. I just love the taste of Billys cum. It drives me crazy.


Added 12/08/2012

I was tired and sweaty from a long night at work. I went into my bathroom, took off my dress and got in the shower. The hot water felt so good on my breasts and the soap made my pussy all lathery and creamy wet. As I was rubbing my breasts I see Billy coming at me from my closet. He must have been spying on me again! I asked him what he was doing in my closet and he mumbled. I then said were you looking for my dirty panties again? Why is your dick hanging out of your boxers? Were you playing with yourself in my closet? This time he quietly answered “no I was just looking for something.” I then said were you waiting for me to get home from escorting? He then answered “that he wanted to see what I was wearing when I went out tonight.” Were you excited thinking about me getting fucked while she was out? He said “yes”. Did you play with your dick while I was gone? “He then answered “I was waiting for you to get home”. Oh, so you want me to play with your dick don’t you? “Aha , yes”. Do you like looking at my breasts? Come here. Pull out your dick so I can see it. I then turned the shower off and dried my body with the towel. I pulled up the wooden stool and sat on it with my legs spread wide open. Do you like looking at my hairy pussy Billy? “Ah, ha.” Do you want me to stroke your dick for you? “yes”. With my pussy still spread open I grabbed his dick and started stroking it while I told him about my night. “I got fucked really good tonight by a big black man. His big cock felt so good in my pussy. He came a huge load all over me. Do you like it when I tell you all about who I fuck?” His dick was really hard now. I knew he would like hearing all about how I got fucked and what I did with a big black cock. “I really liked his big black cock in my mouth.” Billy’s dick was dripping wet now. I knew he would cum soon. “I want to eat your cum Billy”. I then stroked his dick harder and harder and told him to cum in my mouth. I just love how much he likes to cum for me!


Added 12/15/2012

I had just finished my workout and went into the living room to stretch. I didn’t realize Billy was in there reading on the chair. I was naked and started stretching and he got upset because I was distracting him. I told him to keep reading and that I wouldn’t bother him. I kept stretching doing my lunges, cobra stretch, quad & inner thigh stretch. I then turned around and sat Indian style stretching out my inner thighs and I looked over at him and noticed he was looking at me with a smile on his face and his dick sticking out of his shorts. I apologized for being in the room naked and making him feel uncomfortable. I told him I could make it up to him by making him feel good. He agreed so I started teasing him even more- spreading my ass and then pussy for him. I asked him to cum on my so he got over top of me and shot a big heavy load all over my face!


Added 12/22/2012

I was bent over fixing my floral arrangement in the dining room when Billy walked in. He’s upset because I don’t have any panties on and my skirt has risen up to my waist and my ass is showing. His friend is coming over but I tell him not to worry and that I’m sure his friend won’t mind how I’m dressed. I notice that his penis is hanging out of his shorts so I start to tease him and ask him if he wants to see my body. He shyly says yes so I pull up my skirt up even more to reveal my very hairy pussy. He’s curious as to why I have so much hair and I tell him that I let it grow out because it makes me feel more womanly. I then ask him if he likes it and he says yes. I then ask him If he wants to see his my boobies and he smiles. I then pull my red tank top down and show him my big breasts. I’m touching them and also touching my pussy. I’m getting very excited now because Billy’s penis is getting harder and harder. I ask him if he wants me to play with his penis and he says yes. I tell him to come over to me so I hand gently stroke it. I tell him that I am going to make him feel really good! I then get on my back and spread my legs and pussy so he can look at it while I stroke his penis. I make him cum while my pink hairy pussy is wide open. He shoots a nice big load into my waiting pussy. Now I can walk around all day with his cum dripping out of my pussy!


Added 12/26/2012

I was getting ready for work this morning and picked out my clothes to wear but before I got dressed I wanted to cum first. I took out my toys and got on the bed and started thinking of a hot guy coming into my room to fuck me. I was lying on the bed with my legs spread open and I was pinching my nipples. I imagined him licking my pussy and then putting his hard cock inside me. It felt so good going in! I put the vibrator on my clit and as he pumped my pussy I had a nice orgasm! I got up and was about to get off the bed but saw a face peeking through the window. I called out to Billy and asked him to come in and tell me what he was doing out there. He said he just wanted to see what I was doing. He had his dick in his hand, so I said you were jerking off and watching me? He nodded yes. I then said do you want me to make you cum? “Yes, he said”. ” Come over to the bed sweetie and I will make you cum. I stroked him really good and made him cum on my breasts. “Did you like that sweetie?” “Do you like it when I make you cum? He said “yes.”


Added 01/11/2013

I was really turned on so I went into the bathroom. I had my crotchless pantyhose on and my fingers in my pussy. I wanted to cum so badly but everywhere I went in the house someone would disturb me. I was just about to cum when I saw Billy standing there peeking at me. I scolded him and told him that he shouldn’t be spying on me but he said he just wanted to know what I was doing. I asked him if he likes watching me and he said yes. I then asked him if he’d cum today and he said he no. Do you want me to make you cum I asked? He nodded and said yes. I got up off the toilet and teased him with my body showing him all my curves, holes and crevices. He really likes my ass and pussy so I made sure to spread those good for him. I told him to come over to me and pull his dick out for me. I then spread my legs wide so he could look at my pussy while I stroked and sucked him off. He ended up shooting a huge load on my face. I really love it when he cums a lot for me!


Added 11/23/2015

It’s been so long since I’ve played with Billy’s young dick. I’ve been thinking about having him in my mouth for days and I just can’t wait any longer; so as I’m waiting for him to get home from school he comes into the living room and sees me sitting there holding one of my big cock toys. “He then asks me what I’m doing and why was I dressed like that.” “I tell him that I’ve been thinking a lot about what I said about not ever wanting to play with his dick again and how I really don’t want to stop doing it. I then ask him if that’s ok and he say’s yes.” I can tell he’s excited to have me play with his dick again, and I’m even more excited knowing that he wants me to!! I begin our playtime by showing him my new sexy bustier, stockings and heels. He loves seeing me dressed up like a pretty little slut and I know it gets his dick nice and hard for me! I show him my big titties and I pinch my nipples to get them hard. I then pull down my panties and show him my hairy pussy and then bend over so he can see my tight little ass hole. I can see the bulge in his shorts and that he’s getting real hard. I then lay back on the sofa and lube up my big cock toy so I can slide it inside me. I do it nice and slow so I can stretch my little pussy out so I can fit it inside me. I fuck it really good and my pussy is so wet now. I tell Billy to take his dick out so I can see it. His pre-cum is already dripping from it’s head. I’m so excited seeing it again and how nice and hard it is for me! I tell him to stroke it and to watch me while I’m fucking the big cock toy. I then can’t stand it anymore and tell him to bring his dick over to me. “I ask him if he want me to suck on it for him.” “He says yes and I begin to lick and suck on it”. I’m enjoying every minute of it and want to go slow since it’s been so long since I’ve played with Billy’s dick. It seems so much bigger then the last time I had it in my mouth! I suck on him for a long time and stroke it while I caress and lick his balls too. I am building up so much cum for me! I’m so excited now knowing I’m going to have all that cum in my mouth soon! I am fingering my pussy and I cum just as I tell him I want to eat his cum. He lets out a huge load in my mouth and on my lips. I lick it up and swallow it all up!! It’s so good!


Added 11/28/2015

This afternoon I was cleaning my house and was in the kitchen when my son Billy walked in. I asked him where his friend was and he said that he got in trouble at school for grabbing a girls ass. I laughed and shook my head. “Oh darn, I was really hoping to see him”. Billy then asked me why and also why I was dressed like that. I told him that I thought I’d clean the house and your room while your friend was here. I wanted to make your friend cum for me today. He’s always looking at me and is so horny. The poor kid needs a good blow job. I then asked Billy if he wanted to watch me clean and he said yes. I then bent over and I kept cleaning the stove and counters. I then put the rag down and began teasing Billy with my body, showing him my big tithes and spreading my ass for him. I then pulled my panties down and showed him my hairy pussy. I could see Billy’s dick getting hard through his jeans. I then sat down on the bar still and spread my pussy with my fingers. I then asked Billy to pull out his dick and stroke it for me. I got so wet watching him. I spread my pussy wide open with my fingers and fucked myself with them. As I continued to finger myself Billy came over to me with his dick. He knew that if I got to suck on him that he would make his mommy cum. I sucked his balls and dick real good and I came pretty quickly. I then stroked his dick and sucked on the head until he shot a huge load all over my face. He got me pretty good! I licked up what I could!


Added 12/14/2015

Today I was sitting in the living room painting my nails to get ready to meet one of my clients. He called to tell me he would be getting off work a little later than he thought so I was killing some time. I realized that I had picked up the wrong polish so I asked Billy if he’d bring me the other one on my bathroom counter. Billy asked me what I was doing and why I was wearing. I had on a sexy red corset with black & red cuban heel stockings under my robe. I told him I was going to be escorting tonight for a nice black man with a big cock. “I then asked him if that turned him on knowing his mommy was going to be getting fucked tonight- he said yes”. I could tell by his face that he was getting aroused. “I then asked him if he’d like to watch mommy get fucked by a big black dick and he said yes mommy.” So I took off my robe and showed him my sexy outfit. I slowly undressed so he could see me in it and then out of it. I then got out my big black toy and began slowly teasing my pussy with it. I dripped some lube on my pussy and then began rubbing the big black head on my pussy. I slowly pushed only the head inside my pussy. I kept teasing it and going in a little and then pulling it back out. As I continued doing this I stretched my pussy out a little at a time, showing my small pink hole and putting the big cock inside me until it was deep inside. I continued to fuck my pussy very slowly and pushing it in and then out. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter until I came on that black cock. I could see Billy’s dick was dripping with clear cum. He wanted me to stroke it so I took his dick in my hand and slowly stroked him for a long time. I teased him with my naughty words about how much I loved playing with my sons dick and how I wanted all his cum in my mouth. This really turned him on; but I wanted to build up a big load so I would hold back before he came too soon. After a little longer I then asked him to give mommy his big creamy load and that I wanted it in my mouth and all over my face. He then let it go and shot out a huge load on my face and it ran down my chin and also got on my tits. There was so much cum!! I love it when Billy comes for me!


Added 01/05/2016

My hubby left for work early this morning and I woke up so horny! I really needed to cum so I put on some sexy lingerie underneath my white silky teddy and went to find Billy. I found him still asleep with his pj pants on. I got on the bed and started rubbing his feet and then his legs and worked slowly up to his crotch and lightly rubbed my hands on him. I could see that he was dreaming and had a hard on so of course this really turned me on. I pulled his dick out of his pants and began to slowly caress and rub it with my fingers. I then caressed his balls and began to stroke his dick. As he began to wake up I said “hi Billy, mommy’s really horny this morning so I thought I would jerk you off and make you cum so I could cum too.” “Do you want mommy to make you cum”. He was still half asleep but he nodded yes and smiled.” I then got up from the bed and showed him my sexy outfit and began teasing him and slowly stripping out of it. I spread my ass because he loves to see his mommy’s ass spread open wide. I then got back on the bed and leaned over and put his dick in my mouth and slowly sucked on it while rubbing his balls. He was so hard for me and this really made my pussy so wet! I rubbed my pussy while I sucked on him and made him shoot a big load while I continued to rub my clit and came with him. He shot out a huge load all over his balls and stomach. I leaned over and licked it all up, making sure to get every drop off my fingers too!


Added 01/16/2016

I had on a sexy red velvet dress when Billy came into the living room. I was about to tell him that I was going to leave soon for the parent teacher conference. “He interrupted me and asked me why I was dressed like that and wasn’t I going to the meeting? I said I would be meeting his teacher Mr. Davis at his apartment for the meeting. Billy asked me why I would be going there and also dressed like that? I said I would need to persuade his math teacher to give you a passing grade since your failing this class. “How are you going to persuade him Billy asked.” I will do whatever it takes to get you to pass like give him a blow job or let him fuck my pussy or ass. I always have to clean up your messes when your doing bad. Billy looked upset and I asked him why he looked like that. “Do you want to come with me? He said no. “ Are you jealous because I’m going to be making your teacher cum tonight and not you? He nodded yes. “I can see your boner in your pants. Do you want mommy to make you cum before I leave?” Maybe that’s just what I need to get me turned on so I can fuck your teacher tonight. I like those nerdy guys! Probably has a big dick too! So I began showing Billy my sexy dress and bending over and showing him my pantyless pussy. I then pulled out my big titties and asked him if he wanted to suck on them. I then fingered my pussy and tasted it and then told him to bring his dick over to me so mommy could make him cum. I stroked his dick for a long while and sucked on it, squeezing his balls and running my tongue up and down his shaft and circling my tongue around the head of his dick. I then continued stroking his dick until he shot out a huge load in my mouth. I ate every drop! I then looked at my watch and realized I was going to be late for the meeting so I needed to grab my purse and keys and leave. I didn’t even have time to clean my face! Just ran out the door…


Added 02/01/2016

I have a new client that I’m seeing tonight and I really want to impress him so I bought ordered this really pretty lingerie from England to wear for him. He told me how much he likes garter belts with multiple straps and how he wants to see me dressed very elegantly and feminine. I am a bit nervous about meeting him because he sounds so sexy and such a gentleman on his emails and phone calls. When I feel anxious like this I know the only way for me to relax is for me to get a load of cum in my mouth so when Billy comes into the room I ask him if he will do me a favor and let me play with his dick. I explain to him how I’m seeing a new client this evening and that mommy is nervous and needs to relax before her date with him. He says he understands and smiles and says yes. Of course he wants his mommy to make him cum, after all I am the best at it. I show him my sexy lingerie and do a strip tease for him talking naughty the entire time. I then ask him to pull out his dick for mommy so she can get nice and wet while she watches him jerk it for her. I then ask him to bring his dick over to me so I can stroke it for him. I take his big dick in my hand and run my fingers on his balls and up his shaft. I take my time feeling every inch of his dick and running my fingers and hands up the length of it. Once I see his pre-cum starting I take his head in my mouth while continuing to slowly stroke him so I can coax lots of pre-cum out of him and build up a big load in his balls. While I stroke his dick and give him a blow job I tell him about how I’m going to play with a new man tonight and how I’m going to stroke his cock and that I’m going to let him fuck all my holes. I then tell him I’m going to let him fuck me all night and then when I’ve emptied his balls completely that I’ll be coming back home. I will then come into his bedroom and slide up next to him with my dripping wet panties and that mommy will then fuck him. Once he hears this he is so excited and shoots his cum all over my face. The cum is just dripping everywhere in my eyes and running down my cheek and into my mouth and tits. I love it when Billy gives me such a huge load!


Added 02/23/2016

I was in the kitchen making myself a snack when Billy came home from school. He asked me what I was doing while I was cutting up some fruit. I told him I was making myself a snack. He then told me that my bra was showing out of my blouse. I said it was getting warm in the kitchen so I unbuttoned my blouse. “Don’t you like seeing my breasts in my pretty bra?” I asked. “He answered yes; but what if I had come home with one of my friends? I wouldn’t like him seeing you dressed like that!”. I then said I’m sure your friend wouldn’t mind, ha, ha. I put in the last few pieces of fruit in the bowl and then sprayed the whip cream can but hardly anything would come out. “Darn I ran out of whip cream!” “I forgot to get more at the store today, I said.” I then asked if he would do me a favor and he asked me if I wanted him to look for more cream in the other fridge. I then said, “no honey I want you to jerk off for me and shoot your cum in my fruit salad.” He sounded surprised but said he would. I then did a strip tease for him- showing him my sexy outfit with purple bra and black thong under my outfit. I pulled out my breasts and played with my big titties and pinched my nipples. I then pulled up my skirt and showed him my thong and then pulled them off and showed him my hairy pussy. I got up on the counter and spread my legs open so he could see my tight pink pussy. I then got on the floor and bent over and showed him my ass and used my hands to spread my cheeks open. His dick was out by now and he was stroking it for me. I then asked him to let me stroke it and I began sucking on the head and stroking the shaft. His dick was dripping with pre-cum. I continued to stroke it, building up as much cum as I could and then when he was ready to cum I placed the bowl in front of his dick and the he shot out a huge load all over my fruit salad and some going past the bowl and onto the floor. I licked the cum drops off his dick and cleaned him up with my tongue and then ate some of my yummy salad with the cum dripped on top. It tasted so good! I then got up and undressed fully and said I’d be enjoying my fruit and cum salad on the couch in front of the TV.


Added 03/07/2016

I had lunch with a client today and after we went to his car and started making out. This led to me giving him a blow job and as I was sucking on him his cock got so hard. He then lifted up my dress and pulled my panties to the side and was fingering my pussy. I got so turned on that we headed to the back seat where I could pull off my panties and pull up my dress so I could sit on his big cock. His cock felt so good inside my wet pussy! I moved my hips up and down and rubbed my clit until I came on his cock. I told him not to cum inside me; so instead he pulled out at the last minute and shot it on my black dress. When I got home I went to the laundry room to clean myself up. I was bent over by the dryer getting a clean wash cloth when Billy came looking for me. He asked me what I was doing as I was trying to get the stain out. I told him what happened earlier with my client and he instantly got turned on. He knows what a nympho I am and that I need to get fucked every day. I could see how turned on he was getting so I asked him if he wanted his mommy to make him cum. He nodded his head yes, so I teased him by showing him my body and telling him all about the fun I had while he was at school. I then sat on the stool with my ass hanging off the chair and teased him by wiggling and spreading my ass for him to see. I then told him to pull out his dick so I could see how hard he was getting. I then sat back on the stool and spread my legs and pussy for him to see. I then asked him if he wanted his mommy to stroke his dick for him. He nodded yes and came over to me. I put his dick in my hand and stroked him while he fingered my pussy and fondled my breasts. I then asked him if he wanted to fuck mommy’s pussy and he said yes. I got up on the counter and spread my legs and pussy for him to enter me. I told him to rub his cock head on my clit and pussy first and then he pushed it in. His big dick was throbbing inside me and it didn’t take him long to cum. He wanted to cum in my pussy and though I don’t usually let him I really wanted his creamy load in me. So he pumped me a few more times and then let out a moan and came inside my pussy. It was a huge load and was dripping out of me for the rest of the day.


Added 03/29/2016

Tonight I was taking a bath and shaving my pussy when Billy walked into the bathroom. I asked him what he was doing awake so late and he told me he had a bad dream. I told him to wait in the bathroom until I was finished and then I’d put him back to bed. I then asked him to look at my pussy to see if I had shaved it good and then bent over and spread my ass and asked him to look there and see if I had missed any hairs on my ass crack and to make sure I was clean shaven. I then asked him if liked looking at mommy’s pussy and ass and he nodded yes. “Do you like mommy’s big titties sweetie? Your dick is getting hard. Do you like how mommy looks sweetie? Mommy’s big boobies are making you very hard. Your peepee is standing straight up for mommy. “Oh my, your not going to be able to go to sleep with a hard cock! Maybe you should touch your penis and see if that helps. “Oh no, that’s making you even harder!” Try rubbing it a little harder. “Oh sweetie your face is getting red. Does that feel good on your penis?” You should go rub it faster. “Oh sweetie, is that making you tired?” “Do you want mommy to make you feel better?” “Come closer to mommy and let me feel your penis.” “Oh sweetie, you are very hard!” Mommy is going to have to get the milky cum out of you! I then put my fingers on his tiny dick and rubbed it and then put my mouth on it. I continued to suck and stroke it until his milky cum came shooting out all over mommy’s mouth. “Oh sweetie, do you feel better now?” Your milky cum tastes so good! I like eating your cum sweetie!

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Sons First Handjob

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You’re spying on your mother wrapping Christmas presents. She’s wearing a low cut dress, pantyhose & high heels. You know she’s been out shopping all day, and you can’t wait to see what you got. Your penis is hard from watching mommy wrap gifts, you go in & ask her if she knows how to make it feel better. Mommy says if you promise not to tell daddy she’ll make the big bad boner go away. The best present this Christmas is your first handjob


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Mommy Gets Horny Too

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You know I have to say that I am very disappointed. I don’t know if you thought that I wouldn’t notice or what, but clearly you thought that you would get away with it. This is a really big concern, I know that I am raising you on my own and I know that it’s hard sometimes because you are a boy. But I don’t think it’s appropriate or normal that you would go through your own mother’s panty drawer. DON’T try to deny it. I’ve noticed that several of my panties are missing. It’s even worse if you deny it. I don’t know if you are trying to get attention, I mean why would you take my panties?

Just admit it, did you take my panties? I KNEW it! You sick little fuck! Your own mother’s underwear? That’s disgusting! What did you do, go up in your room with them and jerk off? Oh my god, that’s what you DID! Did someone put you up to this ? One of your stupid little friends? Are you staring at my tits right now? You fucking pervert! That’s it, unzip your pants right now.That’s right, if you think you can take my panties and smell them and hold them while you jerk off then I get to see your dick right now! Oh my god it’s hard already!This is so perverse! What kind of mother do you think I am that I would have sex with my own son? Show me how you stroke it! Yes I am serious! You want to see my panties so badly, I will show you my panties. Look at these ones, you can almost see my pussy right through them. What about my ass? Do you want to see what my ass looks like in these panties? Oh you want to see my tits. What do you want to do to your mom?Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to put your hard cock inside my wet pussy? You know this is wrong, so you can’t tell anyone! What would you do if I let you fuck? Would you cum in 30 seconds or will you last? Stroke your dick for me,As perverse as this is, I must admit it’s making mommy very horny. Do you want to put your cock inside your mother?What is someone found out? Look at how wet my pussy is, you are making mommy so fucking horny. Maybe you can just put the tip in..just the tip…\

Mommy Jerks You Off

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How was school today honey? I couldn’t sleep last night and I walked by your room and I overheard something. You were talking in your sleep and I think you were having a sexual dream . The thing is you were calling out for mommy. Don’t feel weird baby, everyone has dreams like that, it doesn’t mean anything. Have you had dreams like that about mommy before? Oh you have? How many times? Wow, that many. I had no idea sweetie. Have you ever fantasized about me when you are not sleeping?

I thought so, What do you do with mommy in your dreams? What about if you could fuck your mom in real life? If you could see me naked and touch my body. Do you want to see me get undressed for you? I bet you are thinking about bending me over this dining table right now and putting your cock inside me. Let me see you honey, let me see you take your pants off. I want to feel your throbbing cock in my hand. This is making me so horny, jerking off my son’s cock. Do you like how your mommy is stroking your cock baby?I want you to cover your mother’s tits with your cum, I know you have a lot of cum for me.Give me all of your cum, mommy wants you to blow a big load for her.Mommy is jerking your cock faster and faster and squeezing the head, you are going to cum so hard for your mother,Mommy loves you baby.

Shower With Mommy JOI

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Son knocks on the bathroom door. I just got out of the shower honey! Whoa, what are you doing? I said I just finished showering! You can’t just barge in on your mother like that! Son heads towards the door. Wait! Come back here for a second. I think you were trying to see mommy on purpose, I think that you were trying to catch an eye full of your mother naked and then you were going to go to your room and masturbate. I am right, arean’t I? If I am right then stay here for a few minutes so we can talk, and if I am wrong then you can leave right now.

Son looks at the door and then back at his mother and reluctantly stays. I knew it! You fucking pervert! I mean I know boys your age are horny, but you are not supposed to fantasize about your own mother! Do you think your friends are imagining fucking their mothers? Of course not! How long has this been going on ? How long have you had this fantasy about your mother? That long?! Wow, was it all that naked cuddling we did when you were a baby? I am sorry if I lead you on, I thought it was innocent. You are allowed to have a dirty fantasy.In fact I think it’s hot, it’s so fucking dirty. That I would fuck my own son, or even let him jerk off in front of me while your father is downstairs watching TV. You know mommy gets horny too sometimes. of course I do! Everyone gets horny. Let ne unzip your pants. She unzips her son’s pants. Wow, not bad, it’s so hard. A girl could have a lot of fun with this. Show me what you do when you think of mommy. Son hesitantly starts to stroke his cock. Come on baby, show me how you do it. She starts rubbing my breasts together and touching her clit…

Cum In Your Mother’s Pussy

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I wanted to talk to you about those rumours you heard about mommy. When I was young I was very promiscuous as a lot of are and I definitely did some things that I wouldn’t do now. I want you to understand that it’s just something that I did when I was young. I don’t want you to think badly of me. Is it that you are jealous? That mommy did those things with other men? Do you wish that I did them with you? Is that why you were upset? Oh sweetie, there’s gotta be a way that we can make this better.

You know mommy always takes care of you, right? What is it that you were jealous of? That I fucked them? I’m going to make you feel better, is that what you want? Let me take your pants off honey. Look at that hard cock, is your cock hard for mommy? This is really making mommy wet, knowing how badly you want me, how dirty and naughty this is. That my own son wants to fuck me.. Do you want to feel mom’s tits?Do you want to suck on them? Let me grab that hard cock, oh it’s so hard. You want to see mommy’s pussy?Mommy’s pussy is so wet for you. I want to feel you in my mouth. Let me climb on top of you. Is this what you wanted? You feel so good inside me baby.I want you to get on top of me, I want you to fuck ME.Your cock feels so good inside me, do you like being inside your mother?I want to feel your cum in my pussy baby.You are going to make mommy cum all over your hard cock, will you cum with me?I want us to cum together baby, please cum in mommy’s pussy.

Mommy Swallows

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Son walks in to his mother’s room and she is masturbating. She is startled, and embarrassed. You can’t barge in on your mother like that! What were you thinking? I told you to ALWAYS knock before you come in my room! He is embarrassed as well and starts to leave. Wait his mother says. He stops at the door. Did you know what mommy was doing before you came in? I think you heard mommy and you wanted to see me naked. Isn’t that right? I won’t be mad, jut tell me sweetie. I knew it!! You wanted to walk in on your own mother masturbating. I can tell you’re hard through your pants. You are such a naughty boy!

Do you want mommy to show you her tits and her pussy? How about my ass? I want to take your pants off too honey. Wow it’s a lot bigger than I remember. This is so fucking hot, that my own son wants to fuck me. But I can’t let you fuck me, I’m your MOTHER. What is someone found out? I know you want to honey , and I do too. What about if I gave my baby a blowjob? Would you like that? Would you like to cum in mommy’s mouth? Come here sweetie , I am going to sit back and I want you to FUCK my mouth. Fuck mommy’s mouth with your throbbing cock baby, I want your cum going down my throat. Give it all to me baby. Yes cum in my mouth


La Femme Monica HD

33:42 video

Rachel was the sexy mastermind behind a secret organization that did away with person who were a threat to national security. Her latest target was her toughest to date. He lived in a remote, highly-secure mansion. Cameras, sensors, coded doorways, and guard squads rendered him almost invulnerable. Somehow, Rachel had to overcome all that to eliminate him. She also had to tarnish his image and corrupt his office computer system. Fortunately, she was able to identify one weakness in the man’s set up. This was his daughter – the young and nubile Monica. She was the only person permitted regular passage to and from the house. If Rachel could get hold of Monica, she might be able to turn her into the very assassin needed for the job. All it would take was a spot of devious mind-control. This was one of Rachel’s specialties. In no time at all, she had found a way to meet Monica. It had turned out that the young woman was studying at a fancy school. Rachel penetrated its security system and changed its records so that she was recognized as Monica’s new psychology teacher. Over a couple of classes together, she easily charmed her student and gained her trust. Then, when the time was right, she offered Monica a chance to earn extra credits by participating in a special psychological study after school. Being ambitious, Monica seized on the opportunity. Later, the two of them were alone in the classroom. There Rachel had Monica don a headset and watch a video with flashing images. Within seconds, Monica was succumbing to its mind-controlling effects. She became horny and wanton without even knowing it. Calmly she pulled down her top to expose her lovely pert tits. Next she lifted her skirt and slid her panties down to her ankles. She then started caressing herself and rubbing her exposed pussy – believing she was acting normally. All the while, as she moaned ever louder, and grew ever wetter and hotter from her self-fucking, Monica was receiving subliminal instructions on how to take out her father. Rachel smiled and made notes while watching the successful process. She even made sure that an avatar of herself was installed in Monica’s mind. This would give Rachel a direct influence over her thoughts, and allow her to see what Monica was seeing. When the special lesson had ended, Monica dressed and acted as if nothing unusual had happened. Rachel then handed her some papers. They were Monica’s homework pack, and they contained all the things she would need for the coming removal. That evening Monica was back in her high-security home. As soon as the guards had performed their last sweep, she mixed a drink for her father, added some hallucinogenic medication from the homework pack, and carried the glass to him in his office. Under the effects of Rachel’s mind-controlling, Monica had dressed in skimpy black underwear and a short white blouse – unbuttoned. Plenty of her hot, slender body was on display. She was all sweetness to her father – calling him daddy in her softest, most affectionate voice. Her father thanked her for the drink. Sat at the desk, his attention fixed on his computer screen, he did not look at her straight away. When he did, he was left almost speechless by her revealing appearance. Part of him was shocked; another part was disturbingly aroused. Meanwhile, Rachel used her avatar to tell Monica to distract her father. The young woman duly did so. First she showed her father a pair of panties she had received in homework pack. Rachel had actually swiped them Monica’s friend Tina. Flashing the pair before her father’s eyes, Monica now asked him if he thought the young men at her school would enjoy seeing her in them. The older man shook his head and took a big swallow of his drink. He could not believe how his daughter was acting. Presently he joined her on the sofa where she had sat down. He wanted to talk some sense into her. Instead, he started to feel light-headed. At the same time, prompted by Rachel, Monica changed her story and told her father that the panties were really for a sleepover with Tina. She deliberately mentioned things about her that would fill his mind with arousing sexual images. While describing Tina’s huge breasts, Monica suddenly pulled up her bra cups to expose her own tits. Innocently she asked her father if he thought they were big enough. Drowsy yet aroused, her father could not help reaching out to give them an examining fondle. From that moment on, Rachel‘s plan moved ahead quickly. Monica pulled his face into her tits and encouraged him to suck on them. Then she lifted his head to kiss him while her hand drifted down closed around his cock. Before her father knew what was happening, his darling daughter was knelt over his lap, her pretty lips fucking eagerly up and down his rigid length. She did this for the longest time. It was full of variety and intensity. Sometimes Monica sensually licked the head; sometimes along his shaft; sometimes she licked his balls and rolled them in her mouth. Her father’s hand rested encouragingly on the back of her head. Watching from her secret headquarters, Rachel smiled in triumph. Everything was working-out perfect. In a short time, both daughter and father were eager to fuck. Daddy, do you think I am pretty? Monica asked as she stripped naked before him. The older man answered with a big yes. He hardly knew where he was any more. Next, again by Rachel’s instructions, Monica took out a condom. Again it had come with the homework pack. The inside of it was highly toxic. Carefully she slid it down over her father’s big cock, then she lay down on her back, legs parted – pussy inviting. What followed was a torrent of forbidden action as Monica strove to fuck her father to fatal exhaustion. She moaned happily as her father first pounded her pussy in the missionary position – making her arch her back and writhe her sexy, lithe body. Next she straddled lap and rode him cowgirl style while he reached up and greedily squeezed her tits. The third position saw Monica on her hands and knees as her father took her from behind. Even as she was sealing his fate, she loved every moment of the deep, hard fucking he gave her. Taboo dirty-talk flowed from her lips. At one point she got her father to spank her ass – just like he used to when she had been bad. Finally, Rachel instructed Monica to take off her father’s condom and jerk his load into her face. Monica smiled when the hot white cream coated her chin and lips. For the delirious father, however, it was one excitement too many. The strain on his heart, along with the toxins from the condom, caused him to collapse and expire from cardiac arrest. Immediately after this, Rachel set Monica to work staging the scene of her father’s demise. In her mind-controlled state, the young woman showed no concern over what had just taken place. Rather, she used Tina’s panties to mop up her father’s cum, then placed them beside him. Next she went to his desk and used a flash drive from the homework pack to download graphic sexual pictures of Tina onto his computer. Rachel had obtained them by fooling Tina with a similar ruse to the one she had used on Monica. Ultimately, when the authorities interviewed her later, she would come across as a silly young woman who had been the victim of an older man’s lechery. Monica then brought down her father’s computer by infecting it with a virus. This done, she only needed to flush away the toxic condom, then take a shower to remove the evidence of her father’s cum from her body. For Rachel it turned out to beautifully successful operation. She had achieved all her objectives – including setting things up to give the impression that Monica’s father had met a natural end after becoming overexcited during a kinky fantasy he was having about her friend. As for Monica herself, she would never be a problem. She would wake up believing her father was still on the computer when she had gone to bed. Her only question Monica had for Rachel was, When do I get my extra credits?
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Zoey Holloway – A special video just for you HD

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If you are watching this I am going to assume you are alone in your college dorm. I felt the need to make you a special video to watch in private. You should be proud of yourself for being accepted to such a prestigious college. I am proud of you but will also miss our special time together. This video is as close as I could get in creating some alone time while you are so many miles away.


Christie Stevens – You creepy little pervert HD

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I didn’t plan on having a pervert for a son when I married your dad. What is the big deal watching me put on my make-up? How could it possibly be entertaining watching a woman apply her make-up? Oh, I know what you really hope to see. You want to see my big fake tits don’t you? Now that is something worth hoping to get a sneak peak of. You don’t have to sneak around to see them, just ask.


Mercedes Carrera – You have become very handsome HD

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So this is what a guys dorm room looks like. I can see who the tidier one is of the two of you. I taught you better than this. Ill take a few minutes while Im here and bring these sheets home with me to wash. Did I just catch you looking at my butt as I bent over? I’m not sure what to think of this awkwardness. I can see you have an erection. I might be watching too many older woman/ younger man porn scenarios because I am finding myself turned on right now. What to you say we act out one of those porn fantasies because after all, you have become quite a handsome man.

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