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Violet Monroe in Dad helps me get pregnant HD

Scene One: My baby daddy is my daddy
Violet has been having some trouble with her husband. They have been trying to get pregnant for months now but she worries that he is shooting blanks. Telling her dad this she asks him a favor. Will he donate some sperm to her? Dad is repelled by the idea and tells her that it’s ok all couples go through this.
Violet will not take no for an answer. She takes off her shirt and pulls down her dad’s pants. Jerking his cock she tells him all she needs is his cum. Licking and sucking on his cock she gets a glass ready to drain him. She sucks him until he cums in her mouth and she lets the jizz drip into the glass. Thank you daddy.

Dad helps me get pregnant HD 1

Scene Two: Fucking you
The cum in the glass did not work so Violet has to try the more direct approach. Dressed in lingerie she goes into her dads bedroom and attacks him. Her perfect hands wrapped around his cock, her mouth sucking gets him hard. He tries to reason with his daughter but it’s not long before she has his cock inside of her.
Grinding and bouncing on him she tells him that he has to cum directly inside her for her to get pregnant. ?Oh daddy, fuck me and cum inside me? she demands of him. He tries not to cum but her fucking is too much and he shoots his load inside her.

Dad helps me get pregnant HD 2

Scene Three: You have to fuck me
Violet comes back saying she is not pregnant yet. ?I think you have to fuck me to make it work daddy? she tells him. This is the last time all he has to do is fuck her and if it doesn’t work than she will stop.
Dad has no choice and fucks his little girl. He plows her from every angle before cumming deep inside her. Feeling his warm cum she tells him that should work.

Dad helps me get pregnant HD 3

Scene Four: I can’t get pregnant from my ass

Sitting on the couch Violet is relaxing watching TV when her dad walks in. She tells him that it was worth a shot but she is not pregnant. Dad has gotten used to having sex with his little girl and tells her that unless she wants her husband to find out she is going to suck his cock. Violet is shocked but does as she is told.
He pulls off her clothes and pushes her onto the couch. When his cock touches her ass she screams at him. He fucks her ass anyway loving the feeling of her tight hole. Violets look of pain turns to one of pleasure as her dad fucks her deep. She sucks his dirty cock and lets him cum over her face.

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Dad helps me get pregnant HD 4


My Big Booty Sister HD

Script Older sister/Little brother. Custom Clip Little brother, likes his sisters ass, legs and feet and older sister kind of knows this because she is a wreslter, and little brother is mix martial artist, sister walks into the room while lil brother is watching tv and starts to bend over looking for her phone, pointing her sexy feet out, arching them, while asking where her cell phone is. little brother can’t help but look at his sexy older sister, she asks for his help and he straight away says okay and gets up, sister says i cant reach back there, while she is still bend over the sofa, he comes behind her and gently starts to grind on his sisters ass, she doesn’t notice because he is talking to her pretending to look for the phone, then his older sister goes flat on her tummy to look under the sofa, and tells her brother to come down and have a look, he pretends to fall on her and is now flat on her back, he says but before he does, he gets a few grinding motions on his sisters ass, this time she notices and says wtf are you doing, he says nothing.

Next scene sister is walking around in sexy underwear, brother says wtf are you wearing cover up, she says no i got to lotion my legs, and in front of brother she lotions down her legs and beds over in front of him, liltte brother says you do kind of have nice legs, must be all the wrestling training, she says you perv i could squeeze you with my legs, he says i don’t think so i train UFC and you could never beat me now as im older, older sister says oh yeah i challenge you little pussy boy, littel brother accepts and takes off his t shirt and he is only in his boxers now, they start to wrestle around the room, older sister didnt expect her little baby brother to be this strong, so she takes him to the ground, and says now watch pussy boy, but little brother turns her around and now is between her legs and on top of his older sister, he says now what bitch, sister gets angry and locks her feet around his waist tightly and pulls her brother closer, like she is hugging him, and locks her legs and feet tighter, she says try to escape now, little brother struggles but then has an idea he starts to dry hump his sister real hard and fast, but she doesn’t break the hold, its like now as if he fucking her hard, they both secretly enjoy it but keep talking to each other, while her feet are still locked. Finally he humps too fast and she breaks the hold, they both stand up and sister says okay lets make this interesting, how about we do this naked, little brother says eww that’s weird, but then agrees because he wants her.

They start wrestling again and older sister tries to take her brother down, but can’t she does it once but he gets back up and she jumps on him and wraps her legs around him, while they are both stood up, little brother takes her to the nearest wall and slams her again it, his cock his now almost rubbing up against his sister, he dry hums her against the wall, she has her legs around him. then she takes her brother to the ground and decides to sit on his face to piss him off, and says laughing here eat my ass pussy lil bro, he gets mad and grabs her feet and pulls her while she is flat on her tummy and lays flat on her back, he spreads her legs and feet apart as they can go with his feet and rests his feet on his sisters feet, and plants his cock right between her ass cheeks and says how about now, how would you like if i rub my cock on your asshole older sis, she says fuck you and he starts to grind her ass real hard and fast, she tries to escape but he puts his full weight on her back and wraps his arm around her neck, not tightly but so she can’t escape and grinds her hard, he grinds so much on her that his sister starts to enjoy it and finally he blasts his cum all over her ass cheeks/hole. Enjoy this multi-camera view clip in Full HD.

Customer Review: I can honestly say that was the best Custom I have paid for, you guys rocked the script just the way I wanted and the dialogs were on point, Wow awesome job, I am now thinking of more similar customs to do with you in the future. I would highly recommend Stacy and her team for customs. They do exactly what you want and deliver on time.

My Big Booty Sister HD


Taboo Stories, Corrupting Cousin Jessica

Cousin Jessica came to visit. Rachel and Brycen had to hold off on their sexual relationship while she was there. Jessica would definately expose Rachel to the rest of the family and that would mean Rachel and Brycen would be cut out of the family Trust. Brycen’s lust for his mother was uncontrollable and Rachel was in her sexual prime. Brycen lasted one day before he was sneaking kisses and copping feels with Jessica in the next room. She saw them kissing from upstairs but they heard her and acted innocent. Rachel became more relaxed with her there and let her guard down. She gave in one evening when Brycen came into her room. She wanted to send him back to his room but ended up naked with him licking her pussy. After an excellent tongue lashing Rachel takes his cock deep into her mouth. She blows him until they are ready to fuck. As he is fucking his mother from behind she reminds him to not try to slip that condom off like the time he got her pregnant. Brycen had just that in mind. When he was close to cumming he pulled out and whipped the condom off and threw it over his shoulder. He shoved back into her and shot his load. They collapsed afterward. Brycen did not intend to fall asleep but he did. The next morning Jessica wandered into Rachel’s room. Right before she walked up to her bed she stepped on a used condom. Brycen and Rachel quickly provided a questionable excuse. Jessica saw many odd situations that Rachel and Brycen gave excuses for, it was all adding up in her head. One sunny afternoon Jessica was alone and looked for a book to read, she found Rachel?s diary. The stories were about Rachel and her son! They were erotic and sexual in nature. They were stories about the years of the two of them and their love making, even a pregnancy. Jessica confronted Rachel with the diary and told her she would need to tell the family. Rachel needed to stop her. Brycen was her only tool. Rachel and Brycen devised a plan to have Brycen seduce Jessica. Rachel would take some pictures and then she would be blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut. The plan worked, Brycen made an excuse to bunk with Jessica and turned over the charm. Jessica had not been laid in a while and Brycen was able to seduce her. He slid her nightgown down as he kissed her. Her panties came off next and he fingered her pussy. Pretty soon the were naked and Jessica was sucking his cock. He grinned as he watched the older woman suck him. Brycen slid down and licked Jessica’s pussy. She made him promise not to tell Rachel as he went down on her. Brycen started fucking the daylights out of her. She was so absorbed by the fucking that she did not see Rachel watching from the doorway. She barely noticed when the lights came on. But she heard the camera shutter when Rachel started taking pictures. He held her down and kept fucking her. Jessica knew that she was screwed. She figured since she was already screwed she might as well enjoy it. He slid back into her and resumed his fucking. Rachel dropped the robe and joined in. Brycen put her on her hands and knees and had her lick Rachel’s pussy while he fucked her from behind. They all sucked and fucked until Brycen exploded on their faces.

Corrupting Cousin Jessica HD


Eva Notty – Naughty Notty

Kaci and her boyfriend Jessy were home alone, and it wasn’t long until they were fucking on the living room couch. Kaci’s step mom, Eva, came home and unexpectedly caught them. She told Kaci that she was watching them, and that they needed a lesson in sex education. Eva pulled out her huge jugs, took off her panties and revealed that enormous ass. She sat her pussy on Jessy’s face while instructing Kaci how to suck that dick properly. Eva sucked that cock while Kaci licked those balls. Then, Kaci and her step mom took turns getting their pussies drilled. In the end, they both finished off the lesson by getting that man juice blasted all over their pretty faces.



Vanessa Cage (Daddy Likes My Big Ass)

Getting a sneak peek under the sheets at our step daughter Vanessa’s soaked pussy under her lace panties had our cock throbbing. She was cock hungry too and sucked our pole till it was blue. We slid right in her tight hot pussy watching those sweet butt cheeks bounce along with our balls until we exploded all over her nice ass.



Daisy Haze – Cock Hungry Caregiver

An accident in the yard put Johnny out of commission for a little while. But luckily his daughter’s friend Daisy Haze had some nursing experience, and was willing to help him get back on his feet. Daisy’s smoking hot body gave Johnny a huge boner and made him feel like the man of the house. One night, while the whole gang was watching a movie, Daisy could tell Johnny was restless and horny, so she played with his cock in front of Johnny’s wife, and gave him a sloppy, dirty POV blowjob. Then Johnny used his new-found strength to plow Daisy’s mouth and pussy, fucking her so hard she screamed out with pleasure!



I Have a Wife – Brooke Wylde

Johnny isn’t able to enjoy football on Sundays with his wife, but luckily his friend Brooke loves football and something else. While they are watching the game Brooke decides to go in for a kiss on Johnny and he hastily moves away stating that he’s married. Brooke isn’t looking for a relationship and what would beat football and sex!



Brooklyn Chase – Cum In This Fat Pussy!

Brooklyn Chase is back to show off her fucking sexy self. Brooklyn showed us her new tits and sweet ass, just in time for this BTCP update. So enjoy yourselves while watching her get fucked in every which way!!!



Keisha Grey – This White Girl Got A Fat Ass!

We’re back with a big booty white girl! Keisha Grey is a sexy babe with a whole lot of ass. Flawless I tell you! We caught Keisha checking herself out in the mirror before starting the scene. Which was an absolute turn on. Rico loved every second of it. He couldn’t wait to stuff his big dick in her pussy. Keisha sucked his dick then hopped on it and went for a long ride. Watching that juicy ass getting pounded is an incredible sight to see. ENjoy!




Dava Foxx – Twisted Taboo Family HD

Goddess Dava Foxx has just married Tony the football coach. Her son Brad is a mouthy chauvinistic disrespectful jock who she knows has the hots for her. Brad has been staring at her and sneaking in her closet going through her panties. Tony has left to go coach and Brad has come home from his football practice. Brad is plopped on the couch, feet up ready to watch a football game while on the phone with his buddy telling him “you just gotta let her know who’s boss bro. Just grab her and give it to her like a real man.” His mother Dava overhears this conversation and walks into the room “get your feet off the couch. Is that really how you feel about women? You’re never going to get anywhere if you treat women like that. You need to have a little more respect Brad.” He replies “yeah, yeah, yeah you’re not even my mother get out of the way so I can watch the game.” Dava walks back to her room frustrated and decides she needs to relieve some tension. She slowly undresses and slips into her red nighty. She’s going to have some fun with her favorite vibrator. As she starts to masturbate she notices the closet door is cracked. Brad sneaked in while she was changing to watch her. Dava turns the vibrator up and really goes to town moaning, groaning and grinding her hips till she has reached an orgasm. Knowing Brad is in the closet slapping his pathetic man meat, Dava goes over and swings open the door catching him standing in the closet wearing her stockings. He is naked with a hard on. She grabs him by his earlobes and begins slapping him in the face. “You’ve been watching me! What do you have a crush on me or something? You like watching your mom touch her pussy?” She then forces his head down right to her vagina and says “get to work bitch start eating it!” Brad starts licking her vagina very timidly at first and she starts grinding repeating to him “eat it bitch, come on please a woman, please your mommy. Lick mommy’s pussy. Tough jock hiding in the closet in mommy stockings. Thats right lick mommy’s pussy.” Finally she has a orgasm and tells him that he needs much further training if he’s ever going to please a woman and that she will be having fun with him for the rest of the weekend

Twisted Taboo Family HD

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