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Cristal Caraballo ~ Slamming My Hot Cuban Maid

So I called the Maid service and they sent over the hottest maid I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She had a huge ass and gigantic pair of titties. After watching her clean my apartment for a bit, I couldn’t take it anymore and asked her to clean my house topless for a few extra bucks. After some convincing she complied, and eventually I managed to get her to go full nude. As she’s cleaning in the nude, I whipped my dick out and started stroking until she noticed what was happening. From there, her lips seem to be magnetized to my lock cause she came running needing a little taste. I slammed the shit out of my maid. All over my living room, making yet a bigger mess. At the end of the day, we all left happy. She got to clean and get a couple of extra bucks and I got to nut all over that pretty little face of hers.

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Raylin Ann ~ Valentine Creeper

Raylin Ann was in her bedroom getting dressed when, Brick, came by to ask her to be his Valentines. He came up to her bedroom window with roses and a box of chocolate and noticed she was just getting out of the shower and naked. She took off her towel and revealed that luscious body. She put on panties and a tiny top and laid in bed as Brick continued to spy on her. Brick snuck in through the window and hid behind the window curtain. Raylin slowly put her hand on her pussy and began to masturbate as Brick was watching. He went to put his zipper down and all the chocolates feel all over the bed. Raylin was startled, but after Brick explained that he was bringing her roses and chocolates, she was flattered and put her hand on his cock. She pulled out his dick and sucked and fucked it. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her pretty face. Suddenly, her Dad was knocking on her bedroom door and Brick quickly escaped through the window.

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Xposed (2017)

Lexi Lowe, Kira Queen, Blondie Fesser, Stella Cox, Lexie Candy, Gazzman

Multi award winning director Gazzman give you an insight into the lives of exhibitionists! These naughty sluts love to get fucked in the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than watching pornstars doing what they love best… sucking dick, getting double stuffed and riding big throbbing cocks to their hearts content. This is the unashamed Xposed!



Nancy A ~ Want To Fuck My Wife?

Nancy applies lipstick while wearing bra and panties that reveal her spectacular figure. Karl pours them some red wine in the kitchen with visions of The Perfect Fuck dancing in his head. Nancy takes a sip while we drink in her blue eyes, full lips and those spectacular tits bursting to be free. Then she slithers across the table and lets him indulge his foot fetish while she laughs. Her husband slips off her panties. God, her tight pussy and ass are wonderful. Now naked, she remains on the table while he licks her clit and then Nancy devours a mouthful of cock. She asks him to take her from behind, and they passionately fuck in a variety of positions in the kitchen — without spilling the bottle of wine! Nancy knows that you are watching as she cums even harder. Wouldn’t you love the chance to fuck Nancy? XOXO, Colette

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Savana Styles in Family Obligations HD

My sister, Nickey Huntsman is so lazy sometimes. She is never around to help me with the cooking and now I finally found out why. It turns out she has been watching porn while I am doing all the work! I didn’t realize that Nickey was such a freak though. I was so turned on that my sister could teach me a few things that I thought what the hell. Well, this girl has been up to no good because I have never had my pussy eaten out so well. Of course I had to taste her tasty cunt. I think that Nickey and I are going to be best friends as well as sisters.

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Riley Mae – The Adventurous Sister HD

Riley got caught watching porn on her bros computer! He usually wouldnt mind, but she tends to squirt all over the place and ruin all his shit. Riley was aware of this, but was sure his mind would change if she made him cum. Riley used what she had just watched in the porn video to make bros dick ooze some nice thick creamy semen. The next day, Riley was up to no good yet again! Big bro caught her trying to tie her hands together. Bro usually doesnt condone this, but that didnt stop him from offering a hand. He tied Riley up good and played with her pussy til it was dripping wet. He even left her tied up after (tongue). A few days later after a night of clubbing, Riley returned home only to see bro worried about where she was. This made her sad, so she decided a good way to make it up to him would be sucking then fucking his dirty sibling dick. Not only did he pound that pussy just right, but he left Riley with quite a creamy surprise down under too ;).

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Cyber Squirting HD

Tied Up Sis HD

After Party HD


Mom Jerks Off Son!

Dad is having a talk with his son about girls. Brandon admits that he has never been with a girl or has a girl ever given him a hand job. Dad calls Mom in from doing the dishes…. They have been waiting for him to be old enough to play with. Mom tells him to pull down his pants and she begins to stroke his hard cock. Dad loves watching his wife jack off their son…. Brandon gets really excited when Mom pulls down her top to let her son play with her boobs until he shoots his cum all over his Mothers big tits. Mom and Dad love teaching their new things.

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Miss Mackenzie – c4s – 9 video CUCKOLD POV Collection!

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Never Try To Steal My Panties Again or You Will Pay

You have been working for me for just over a year now; you have told me you wanted to visit me at my home to discuss a promotion. However I soon discover this is just an excuse to sneak into my bedroom while I make a cup of tea to steal my panties! You must have got all flustered though as you have not succeeded in being discreet. The panties are sticking out your pocket and you are very embarrassed. I notice you have chosen a stain pair, so are satin panties your favourite? Well in that case you will love the panties I am wearing right now, shall I show you? As I tease you I explain that stealing my panties is NOT acceptable and if you wish to have some of my panties, including the pair I am wearing right now you will have to pay…. A LOT! Its time to spend your savings!

All The Things I Hate About You

its time we had a chat, so come and take a seat. I have been thinking about leaving you, you are a useless husband and I have had enough. However I am willing to give you one more chance. I am going to write a list, right here and right now. A list of all the things I hate about you and I will give you a chance to try and make them better, one last chance to be a better husband. I will list how you are rubbish in bed with your tiny dick, how you are going to be a cuckold, how you will give me ALL your money, how you will worship me properly every day and how I will turn you into a sissy for my entertainment, and this is just to name a few!

Explaining How I Am Going To Cheat On You with Your Friend

As you are already aware we have a completely sexless marriage. You will never get near me as you are a small dicked loser husband and I find the thought of being sexual with you repulsive. However I still have needs and after meeting your gorgeous handsome friend the other day I think I have found the solution. So tomorrow you will take my sexiest dress to the dry cleaners and also buy me some new expensive fuck me shoes to wear with it. I am meeting your friends after work and both you and I know what will happen. The chemistry between me and your friend was unmistakable; even you could clearly see it. When I dropped very large hints about the nature of our marriage he asked me out on a date right in front of you; even your friends dont respect you. I will more than likely stay over at his place, so I wouldnt expect me home at all tomorrow night!

It Is Time for Me Start a Full Blow Affair to Satisfy My Needs

Even though I have cheated on you on and off, even sleeping with your close friends, I still feel unsatisfied. You are never going to get a chance to even attempt to satisfy me and my sporadic liaisons with other men are no longer enough. So I plan to start a full blown affair so I can have a real man on tap, and I have the perfect alpha male in mind. The Headmaster of St Hughs School for Boys popped into my office today to discuss his naughty boys and I had forgotten just how spectacular he is! So tall, dark and muscular, classically good looking and charming, and by all accounts hung like a horse! So after flirty chat we have exchanged numbers and lets just say we have been texting each other a lot and they have been getting naughtier & naughtier! Shall I show you just how well hung he is, just to remind you just how inadequate you are!?

My Loser Cuckold Panty Sniffing Husband

So you are still awake, you have sat up waited for me to come back from being with my alpha lover. You are such a pathetic husband! Have you been sniffing my panties while I have been out?! Well I have decided I am going to bring my lover back to our home, and you will watch us together from inside the wardrobe. You will have my worn panties to sniff, but that is all. What you dont know is that down stairs I have already brought my stud home, and worse than that, I have his friend down stair too! So you will be watching from the wardrobe with the panties I am wearing right now over your head. Watching as both of these big strong men satisfy your wife in a way you can only dream of!

Oh How I Hate You Sharing My Bed

Marrying you was only for necessity, you know that! You are a nice cash cow for me and as much of a loser as you are you are good at making money; and being so weak you hand it over so readily because you are so infatuated with me. However the one promise I did make to you is that you could share my bed like a proper husband & wife. As much of a bitch I can be, I am still a woman of my word, and I suppose it is the least I can do, especially as I am never going to wear a wedding ring! However you need to remember you repulse me, and even though I allow you in the bed with me you can get rid of any thoughts you may get lucky. Your cock is so small and you are such a pathetic needy loser, I will never let you lay a finger on me, do you understand?

Teasing You in My Pretty Satin Nightwear Reminding You What You Can Never Have

Even though I hate having to share the bed with you it is sometimes funny to tease you. Knowing how utterly desperate you are to be with me in any sexual way whatsoever, even just to touch my body. I am wearing my gorgeous satin, lace trimmed, vest & shorts nightwear. I know you love satin and as I tease I move around in front of you, running my hands over the softness. You are hoping and praying that my thin straps might just slide off my shoulders revealing my cute perfect breasts. The trouble is I know exactly how to frustrate you and I let them slip off my shoulders. Unfortunately for you I am in completely in control and I catch my vest before it slips down so you do not get to see anything at all! Haha!

Tonight I Am Going To Cheat On You

You know deep down that I have cheated on you before but I have never admitted it so you can convince yourself you are just being paranoid. However I am fed up of sneaking around behind your back. I want to cheat on you in the comfort of my own home where all my sexy clothes, lingerie & shoes are to hand. So tonight I will pick up a big strong alpha male and bring him back to our marital bed, but worst of all you will hide in the wardrobe and watch absolutely everything that goes on, I want it to upset you as much as possible!

You Will Admit You Are a Pathetic Sissy Pervert

Your wife has sent you to me after finding you alone in the house dressed in her clothes & lingerie. She confronted you but even dressed like a sissy you would not admit you had problem. However you will admit it to me, I have humiliating ways of making you! So I will make you strip naked and make you put on some very pretty pink lace backed panties. Then, if you still wont admit you are a sissy loser, I will bend you over my knee and spank you in those pretty panties until you do! Oh and I will be sending you home to your wife still wearing them, and you will tell her about the whole humiliating session we shared


Sovereign Syre – You still get hard for me HD

It was pretty brutal to my emotions, watching you marry my sister. We had some good times when we dated, didn’t we? I know the sex with you was the best Ive ever had. I’m so jealous that she gets your dick instead of me. For old times sake and without her ever knowing, will you let me see it? Please let me see your beautiful cock just once more. Oh that is so nice and hard for me. I have to touch it now. Maybe since you’re hard and obviously still like me we could have one more fuck, just for fun. Ive not fucked a brother in law before.

Sovereign Syre roleplays and performs Dirty Talk,JOI,Virtual Sex and Blowjob in various positions.

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MILF1326 – Freezing Females, Sex Doll Sister HD

Kyle was having trouble with his bratty sister, Misty. Their parents were away on vacation and Misty was acting as if she were left in charge. She nagged Kyle for lounging around and making the place a mess, and threatened to tell their mom about him when she got home. Fed up with his sibling’s pestering, Kyle retreated to his workshop. The young man was a brilliant scientist, and it was there that he carried out his experiments and tested his inventions. On a nearby was a special mind-manipulation device he had been working on for some time. Looking at it now, he suddenly got a wicked idea to use it on his annoying sister in order to get revenge on her. All he needed to do was add some finishing touches. When he was done, he took the device with him into Misty’s bedroom – where she lay curled and sleeping in sheer robe. Immediately Kyle woke her and showed his sister his latest invention. Misty was half-asleep and very irritated by her brother’s interruption. She called him a nerd and told him to go away. But Kyle hung around. He insisted that Misty press a button on his device. It was essential that she do so – in order for his plan to work properly. Misty was no in mood to think about what silly things her brother was up to. She quickly pressed the button to get rid of him. She then settled back down to sleep. Kyle thanked her and headed out the door. A moment later, however, he came back in. His device had now been activated, and he was eager to put it to the test. First of all, he told Misty to get up and follow him. His sister reacted like a robot following a computer command. She moved in a swift and rigid way – without grumble or hesitation. In the living room, Kyle lay back on the couch and used his device like a remote control on Misty. He had her tidy up any mess he made. Misty had never come close to doing such a thing for her brother before. But now she was his dutiful slave. Every now and again Kyle would amuse himself by pressing the freeze button on his device. It caused Misty to pause in the middle of whatever she was doing – often in the most interesting of positions. With night coming on, Kyle hit a button that sent Misty to sleep. The next morning, he rose fresh and cheerful. Already he was feeling better for the change that had come over his sister. Where once she had nagged him, she now only spoke when he wished. Her comments were always a meek yes sir. Using his device again, Kyle got Misty to serve him some breakfast in the kitchen. Before he did so, he told her to remove her robe and put on an apron. He wanted his newly acquired human doll to look a good, sweet house-keeper.

For a while, Kyle had lots of fun ordering his sister around – watching her make him coffee and mop the floor. Always she went about the jobs quietly, willingly, robotically. Because Misty wore only her apron, Kyle got a very good view of her body. He saw her long legs, her bare butt, and the sides of her pert tits. Freezing her again, he was able to look and enjoy for as long as he wanted – in whatever way he chose. Soon, he was so turned on that he could not help getting a new kinky idea of idea of what to do with his mind-enslaved sister. He did not need to worry about consequences. Under the effects of the device, Misty would not remember anything that happened for her. And so it was that Kyle removed his pants, pressed a button, and told his sister to start sucking his cock. Bending rigidly, Misty went straight to work. She spend a long time bobbing her head, fucking her lips up and down her brother’s long, hard shaft. She pleasured him in a way that she had never done to another man. Kyle loved every moment of it. Finally he had to admit that his sister’s nagging mouth was good for something after all. Afterwards, he was aching to fuck her tight pussy. He started by taking her from behind. It turned him on incredibly to have Misty so utterly at the mercy of his device – and of his thick, plunging cock. He relished pumping her deep, making her gasp and moan. Like the perfect sex-slave, his sister kept her butt nice and high, hornily slamming it back to meet her brother’s incoming thrusts. This was followed by a long, intense missionary-style fuck. Legs spread very wide, Misty’s pussy was totally vulnerable for the taking. Kyle gave it a relentless pounding. He drove his cock right to his sister’s tightest depths while heaping on more pleasure by rubbing her clit. Again Misty’s body responded eagerly – lifting her hips in an effort to fuck back. Kyle was delighted at how much under the power of his device she was. Eager for yet more of his sister’s pussy, he got her to ride him reverse-cowgirl style. Now Misty fucked her master with a real wildness. On her brother’s cock she bounced and bucked her lithe, pert-titted body with a slutty insatiability. There was a brief return to missionary-style fucking to wrap things up. Then Kyle ordered his sister to kneel down and suck him off until he came. When he did so, he blasted a huge wad of hot cream into her open mouth and over her chin and cheeks. Not once did Misty flinch or protest. Right to the end, her brother’s device had maintained its control over her.

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