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Cheating MILF Babes – Alanah Rae

My husband lost his job, has nothing on the horizon, and to be honest, I think he likes staying home and playing videos games all day. As for me, I have two jobs, I work at the local bar and diner. But these two jobs aren’t cutting it. Bill, my sugardaddy is only in town for a few hours and I’m going to give him what he wants….SEX! I don’t mind doing it, because it pays for everything that my husband can’t.



Moms Teach Sex – Dillion Harper, Silvia Saige (This Is Awkward)

Silvia Saige is on the phone with her husband when she walks in on her stepdaughter Dillion Harper with her hand down her panties as she brings herself to climax. Watching Dillion go at it gets Silvia in the mood, too, but her sexy feelings are interrupted when she notices cum squirting out from a partially-closed door! Throwing open the closet door, Silvia discovers Ryan Driller spying on her stepdaughter. When faced with such an awkward situation, Silvia decides to turn it into a teaching moment to help Dillion increase her pleasure whenever she masturbates. Shimmying out of her thong, Dillion opens herself up for Silvia’s touch on her bald pussy while Ryan lends a hand playing with Dillion’s tits beneath her bra. Soon Silvia is licking away at Dillion’s creamy slit, only stopping so that Ryan can have a chance to try, too. That gives Silvia the perfect opportunity to plant her snatch above Dillion’s mouth to teach her stepdaughter a thing or two about pussy licking. Next, Ryan switches places with Dillion so that he is lying on the bed with his rock hard dick sticking straight up in the air. Working with her stepmom, Dillion learns about how to give an amazing handjob and then graduates to blowjob tips that drive Ryan wild. Once Silvia decides that Dillion has mastered cock sucking, the horny milf climbs onto Ryan’s cock for a stiffie ride in her creamy fuck hole. Dillion enjoys having her twat licked by Ryan at the same time that her stepmom is getting fucked, leaving both girls loudly moaning their pleasure especially after they switch places so that Dillion is enjoying a cowgirl style ride. Switching things up, Silvia climbs on top of Dillion so that they are each on their hands and knees with a double stack of pussies presented to Ryan for some doggy style fun. Ryan gets to pick his pleasure, and he does so with hard thrusts until both Dillion and Silvia have achieved orgasmic ecstasy. Only then does Ryan get his second round of pleasure when Silvia helps him cum again all over hers and Dillion’s bouncing tits.



Alex Chance, Jelena Jensen – Nurse Mom

Alex Chance has huge, full, natural breasts, and while some girls would kill to have them, for Alex they’ve been causing a lot of problems for her back and she’s desperate for some relief. She tells her friend over the phone that she’s thinking of getting breast reduction surgery, but her step-mom Jelena Jensen overhears her and doesn’t want to see her precious step-daughter do something she might regret. Jelena’s a nurse and she’s seen enough botched boob jobs to know that Alex would be much better off keeping her big busty breasts intact. But as a mom first and foremost, she recognizes that what Alex really needs is some motherly advice about bras and bra sizes, because her back pain is probably from not getting enough support. She grabs a tape measure and offers to help Alex find the right bra for her needs.



Alexa Tomas – The Hand That Strokes The Doodle

Latina babe milf Alexa Tomas is a live-in housekeeper currently employed at a beach house used by newlyweds on their honeymoon. She may not speak much English but she’s still excellent at signaling just what she wants; in this case, it’s Johnny’s big, throbbing, freshly married cock – and the more he resists her, the more she wants it.

MLIB Alexa Tomas June 16 2015.mp4


Flexible London River bound to a sybian in a brutal backarch and throatboarded by hard cock!

Jun 3, 2015

London River might be a newbie to the industry, but she has hit the ground running. After only being in the industry for less then a month, she decided to try her hand at a boy?girl shoot. She had chosen us to be her very first shoot, and now she has chosen us to lose her boy?girl cherry with us. If she wants the dick, we are happy to dish it out. We are givers like that.

Not only is London eager and ready to go, she brings an orgasmic superpower and unusual flexibility to the table. There is only one thing to do under circumstances like that-bend her backwards like a jackknife, bolt a sybian in place between those thin thighs and throat fuck her until she can no longer get her eyes uncrossed. The tight breast bondage that thrusts her tits up towards the ceiling and the rock tied to her neck is just the icing on the cake.

The stage is set, and the action commences. In this case, by action we mean two rock hard cocks delivered directly into the back of her face. The drool pours down her upturned face and destroys her makeup. it is a much better look for her, to be honest. London gleefully launches herself into sexual subspace. She craves it, she needs it, she is willingly conquered by cock. Every inch that pours down her throat takes her deeper to that place she loves to be.

It is a wrecked and twitching shell bent over backwards on a vibrating sybian that we leave behind. London is completely gone. Toasted. Her eyes are glassy and distant, the lights are on but nobody is home. Her face is slick with her own throat juices and the remains of her pretty makeup. This is the true definition of SB. London, you are a natural!

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: London River | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

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Ava Taylor – Her Brother’s Slut HD

Scene 1: Ava Busted Cheating

My “perfect” Sister Ava is studying very hard, or rather, studying the stolen answers to the exam.She always acts like she is perfect, but now I fucking have her! She tries to play it off, tries to act like she can get away with anything, but when she realizes I really will tell mom, dad, and even the teachers, she gives it, totally.
Ava Taylor – Her Brother’s 1 HD

Scene 2: Just Aspirin

I took a look through my “innocent” sister Ava’s purse. These are the weirdest looking aspirin I have ever scene. She is super anxious when I confront her, she takes one to prove I am wrong about what they are, I check on her a few times afterwards, the first time she begs her friend to come get her on the phone, then next time she is seeming to be relaxed, and touching herself, the third time she is dancing totally naked like she is in ecstasy…she seems very open to the things I start to do…
Ava Taylor – Her Brother’s 2 HD

Scene 3: Working out at home.

I am watching my sister working out. I have had her pussy twice now, it is so fucking tight and wet. I think she is starting to love my dick, I decide to find out. At first she acts like she doesn[t want to, then she acts like she is doing me a favor, wanting me to hurry up, but she comes all over my dick again and again, What a fucking SLUT!!!!
Ava Taylor – Her Brother’s 3 HD



THE COMPLETE FAMILY ALBUM OF A BEAUTIFUL 18 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! SKYLA GETS WHATEVER SKYLA WANTS!!!! Skyla knows how to get whatever she wants… being “nice” to her Daddy!!!! Here is her Stunning Family Album!! Included are : “Breaking Curfew” “Wrapped Around My Finger ” “Louis Vuitton Purse” “Daddy Sleepwalks” & “Daddy Called Me A Slut”.

Scene 1: Breaking Curfew

Skyla has returned home….VERY VERY late at night….well past her Curfew. Her Dad is waiting up for her, and he is furious!!! It is past 3:00 AM!!! To make things even worse….Skyla is Relaxed!!! VERY VERY Relaxed!! Skyla’s Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for Breaking Curfew…but she is so tipsy, that Shyla decides to “seduce” her own Dad…to convince him to let her off. Before he can protest her advances….Skyla has his pants down and his cock in her mouth!!! When he is hard…the Relaxed Skyla bends over the bar….and her Dad shoves it into her from behind!!Skyla screams in pain because her Dad’s cock is so big!! they Fuck hard until Skyla takes her Dad’s load right in the mouth!! Dad promises that the Grounding is off….as long as Skyla Breaks Curfew again the next night!!! Ha Ha Ha!!


Scene 2: Daddy Called Me a Slut

Skyla’s Dad is furious with her for two reasons. He found her Report Card……and she is failing EVERYTHING….plus…..he is NOT impressed with the way she dresses for School…a Catholic School no less…..and he calls her a Slut!! Skyla cries, and tells her Dad that boys won’t notice her unless she dresses sexy. Dad has heard enough….failing Report Cards…Dressing like a Slut….boys…..he tells Skyla that if she is going to act like a Slut……she is going to be treated like a Slut…..and he brings out his cock and tells her to Suck it…like a Slut!! Skyla is very upset, but obeys her Father….and begins to Suck on his big penis….stopping briefly to declare how “disgusting” it is that she is being Forced to Suck her Dad’s cock. Things will get worse for her before they get better, however….as her Dad instructs her to get on top of his big cock and insert it into her Slutty vagina!! Poor Skyla must ride her Daddy’s cock while he Fucks her very hard until he cums. Skyla is then dismissed….and told to go to her room and clean up for Dinner.


Scene 3: Daddy Sleepwalks

Skyla was just out of the shower….talking to her girlfriend, Jennifer, on the phone….when something bad happened! REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! As Skyla is on her bed, wearing nothing but a towel….her Dad walks in…..problem is….he’s not awake….he’s Sleepwalking!!! Skyla tells her girlfriend how terrified she is….as her Dad sits down on her bed, and begins to caress her leg…and then starts to lick her cunt!!! Panic-Stricken….but knowing that it is dangerous to wake up a Sleepwalker….Skyla can only hold her breath in terror as her Dad licks her Pussy. “Oh No Jen!!!….he thinks I’m Mom!!! Mom always said that Daddy gets horny when he’s tired……”. Skyla hangs up the phone…and her nightmare only gets worse, as her Dad shove his penis inside her mouth, and Forced her to Suck it!! Afraid to wake him up….Skyla lets her Dad shove his cock in and out of her mouth. When his cock has grown to a MASSIVE size….Skyla’s Dad…calling her “Evelyn (her Mom’s name)…bends Skyla over…and begins to Fuck her very hard. Calling her Evelyn over and over….Skyla’s Dad gives her a real Pounding, before he ultimately shoots his load all over Skyla’s stomach. Poor, young Skyla is in tears as her Dad calmly Sleepwalks back to his own room…leaving her covered in sperm!!!


Scene 4: Louis Vuitton Purse

Skyla is a very spoiled young girl….who is used to getting what she wants ALL the time. Skyla has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, and she usually just needs to smile and pout….and Daddy gives her whatever she wants. Today, however, Skyla’s “wish-list” spirals a little bit out of control!! When she returns home from the Mall, and finds a whole in her purse….Skyla decides that she wants a brand new purse….a LOUIS VUITTON PURSE!!! Problem is…they start @ $1200!!!! Skyla calls in her Dad and tells him her “predicament”, but Dad tells her that there is NO WAY she is going to get a $1200 Purse. Skyla whines for a while and tries to convince her Dad to spoil her….but no luck this time. Dad tells Skyla that for a Present this expensive, she is going to have to earn it.Skyla is about to discover that her Dad is a Pervert…a real SICK Pervert. When Skyla asks how she can “earn” the Purse….her Dad confides to her that he has a Foot Fetish…and he has always admired her feet…so if she’ll let him lick her feet…then “maybe” he’ll consider buying the Purse. Skyla tells her Dad that her feet are stinky…but agrees to let him suck them. Dad devours her feet (they are SPECTACULAR btw)….but then Dad makes an additional demand…he wants to lick her Pussy too!! Skyla is disgusted by the request…but she wants the Purse so bad…she peels off her jeans and cringes as her Dad goes down on her. To make matters even more difficult….and to disgust Skyla even more…Dad wants to eat out her Asshole!!! Skyla can’t believe it!! Her Dad attacks her Asshole….sticking his tongue all the way up inside…and drooling over it!! Skyla tells her Daddy that what he is doing is “gross and disgusting”…but he is enjoying it immensely!! In order for her to get her Purse…Dad has one more inappropriate demand for his Daughter…he wants to Fuck her!!! Skyla makes him promise that if she allows him to do that…that she will get the Purse for sure. dad makes her the promise…and Skyla is crying as her Dad Pounds away at her….Fucking her very hard…and leaving a Giant pool of cum on her young stomach!!!



Skyla just can’t seem to make ends meet. She goes over and over her weekly budget….but it just doesn’t work. Her Allowance just doesn’t keep up with her need to have Designer clothes….hair/make-up accessories etc. There is a girl at her school, who has an “arrangement” with her Dad….which makes her very “well off” when it comes to her Allowance. Skyla has always had her Dad Wrapped Around Her Finger….so she decides to try and make an “arrangement” with her Dad. Skyla offers to give “sexual favours” to her Dad, in exchange for a MASSIVE increase in her weekly Allowance. At first her Dad is repulsed by such a proposition….so Skyla peels off her panties….and does a spread-eagle in front of her Dad…..and promises him that her young Pussy, is too sweet for any Man….even her own Dad to resist!!! Turns out, Skyla is right!!! The site of her delicious young Pussy drives her Daddy crazy!! He can’t help but lick all the wonderful juice from her dripping wet Cunt….and then proceeds to pound his young Daughter until she screams from the pain of his Big cock penetrating her tiny Pussy. When Skyla’s Dad ejaculates all over her….the deal is done….a SUBSTANTIAL Raise in Skyla’s Allowance!!



Cheating Girl Sierra 2 Videos HD

Promiscuous Girlfriend HD

Sierra is talking to her clueless boyfriend on the phone while she jerks off her boytoy’s hard cock until it blows a massive load of hot cum.

Promiscuous Girlfriend HD

Blackmailing Sierra HD

Sierra gets caught cheating on her man and is forced to give up her sweet pussy to keep the third party quiet!

Blackmailing Sierra HD


Mother’s Story – Two naughty school girls jerking your huge cock!!!

So honey….I know what I promised to you last time……two girls play with your huge cock! Well…….here is comes! Do you remember when I was telling you the story from college?!….You know…me and my best friend TINA….trying the staff!!! How I told you we learn to kissing together……and playing with the cucumber…pretend this is a real penis….and learning how to play for well with the penis… be the best to pleasure the guys! To be a best sluts! How you got all….all…turns on! Well I have a great new for you my darling! TINA is in the town…so why don’t we play a bit….I mean three of us! Would you like to have two naughty school girl on your cock?!…Mmmm……you know I would love it!…But…we only use our hands to pleasured you! ….You know… girls are so shy! ……She is on our bed….and we play together a bit to turns you on….as I see in your pants… don’t need to much…to get rock hard!!! Horny ……horny boy!!! Good….then let us both jerk your swollen dick!!! That’s right….make it nice…..oily….shiny….and just move our hands all over your cock….teasing your balls! Oh my God….do you feel it?! Four hands….four hands just for your cock…..four times biggest pleasure!!!….Ohh…honey……don’t cum! Not yet….there is so much to enjoy… didn’t feel yet the TINA’S special circling move……believe me….that’s will make you completely crazy! She rubbing your cock head and me….I’m massaging your balls…..just enjoy it!!! And when the time is right….when you can’t keep your semen inside….we both jerk you off….begging you for your worm sperm!!! That’s it….good boy!!!

Two naughty school girls jerking your huge HD


I will polish your wood everyday HD

Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Cowgirl, Cum Swallow, Daughter In Law, Long Hair, Taboo, Tall Girl

Are you sure you want to give your mother’s hope chest to me? I understand you want to keep it in the family. I know your son won’t take care of it but I will. Can I be honest with you? I only married your son in hopes he would grown up someday to become just like you. As you can tell, I’ve had a major crush on you for years. I would love to have a part of something that belongs to you in our home. I’ll take such good care of it, I’ll polish it everyday. Oh wow, I mentioned the work polish and I just saw your cock twitch in your pants. Am I turning you on with my honesty of how much I admire you? Would it be wrong for me to want to have sex with my father in law because I do. I’ll show you. Come closer as I take off my shorts and show you how wet my pussy is for you. Can I suck it? Oh god, look how big you are. Your son isn’t as big as you. You taste so damn good. I need to climb on this big dick and ride it. Oh fuck yes, I want this big dick to make me cum. I want to taste your cum load. Will you let me swallow it? Don’t be shy. I’ll swallow all of your hot creamy load because I want a part of you inside me. Mmm, that was yummy. I think I should actually come pick up this hope chest tomorrow. I hope your wife won’t be home again if you know what I mean.

I will polish your wood everyday HD

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