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Bunny Freedom – Corporate Rubdown

Bunny Freedom is having a bad day. It seems like every time the phone rings, the person on the other end of the line just wants to make her day more miserable. And then, when it seems like nothing could possibly get any worse, her boss hears her badmouthing a client! Luckily for her, Mr. Karrera understands that Bunny’s just stressed out, and there’s no better stress relief than a nice massage. Karlo starts with a back rub and then moves on to massaging her pretty little feet. The more Mr. Karrera works his magic hands, the more Bunny’s pussy gets wet, and before long Karlo is knuckle deep massaging her tight little twat. Bunny sucks and fucks his fat cock with wild abandon, even letting him fuck her throat and blast a load of jizz all over her! But will it be enough to save her job?



Milf Hunter – Stacy – Stacy Unzipped

I spotted myself a hot MILF sitting all alone at a cafe last week. Her name was Stacy, and she was getting off the phone when I approached her. She caught an attitude with me at first because she thought I was paparazzi when I came up on her with a camera. Apparently, her husband was some high profile guy she kept trying to brag about. After I convinced her that I could care less about her man, she got to telling me she was flaked on by a friend that was going to meet her, so she was up to nothing. Stacy was also mad with her husband because he’d ran off with the babysitter and left her out of the fun. She was looking to get back at him, and I knew just the way. I offered her to come to my place for a good time and a chance to get some revenge, since I saw her looking me up and down the whole time. Don’t miss out on this hot sexy MILF going off on the cock. Stacy was a freaky one!



Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Cumshot, Facial, Prostitution, Masturbation, Cuckoldry, Striptease

Scene One: Pay to fuck me
Molly is broke. Getting a text message from an old boyfriend, he will pay her to have sex with him. Just before she leaves to see him her dad asks to borrow her phone. He sees the text message and is furious, his daughter will not be a whore. He makes her strip to show off what’s under her clothes. If she wants money, then he will fuck her and show her what it feels like to be used.
He makes her give him a lap dance before pulling down his pants and sucking his cock. She is so ashamed of herself and so turned on by sucking her dads cock for money, that she rubs her pussy. Dad flips her onto the couch and makes her call her ex-boyfriend to tell him in detail that her dad fucks her better. She moans on the phone to him as her dad fucks her to orgasm. With racking shakes she falls to the couch destroyed and satisfied while her dad throws money on her body.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD

Scene Two: Pay to watch me masturbate
Molly calls her dad into her bedroom. Dressed in a short skirt, tight top and long socks, Molly spreads her legs wide to show she isn’t wearing panties. \u201cIf you pay me you can watch me masturbate dad\u201d she moans and rubs her pussy for him.
It’s not long before she begs him for his cock sucking him deep. Flipping up her skirt dad gives her something new. \u201cMy ass\u201d she moans as her dad fucks her tight hole. He fucks her until he cums inside her. He leaves without paying and Molly yells at him.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 2

Scene Three: Dressing naughty to get paid
Dressed in lingerie and stockings Molly is in the kitchen making food. Dad can’t believe this, what if mom comes downstairs. Molly tells him that he could always pay her to go change. A smile crosses his face and he drops to his knees. Pulling her panties out of the way he licks her making her moan and shake with waves of emotion.
Dad pushes her over the counter and fucks her. They fall to the floor in a heap and fuck on the floor. Molly cums and forgets about everything else. \u201cGo change\u201d he tells her, and leaves without paying again.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 3

Scene Four: Poor girl revenge
Dressed in sexy clothes again Molly walks into the living room. Dad tells her that mom is out so she can’t blackmail him. Molly takes out her phone and calls mom. As she does she pulls off her dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She tells mom exactly what she is doing and how she is doing it better.
Her mom listens in to her daughter sucking and fucking her husband. She begs him to put it in her ass and he fucks her until she cums. He shoots his hot load onto her face and she tells her mom how creamy and delicious it is. With her parents marriage ruined Molly smiles. Next time pay up.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 4


My Big Tit Mom Takes A Face Full Of My Cum

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Smoking, Caught, Panty / Underwear Fetish, Cumshot, Facial, Family Fantasies, Wives, Mature, Blonde, BBW, Busty / Big tits

Elaine is 46 and is 7 months into her 3rd marriage. Her husbands son is staying with them on a summer break from college. She goes into her sons room to see if he has any clothes that neet o be washed. While in his room she finds a pair of her panties in one of his drawers. Next to them is a bottle of lube. She also notices that her panties are full of his cum stains. She replaces the panties in the drawer and leaves the room a little pissed off. Later that day she brings the laundry to his room. Her son is lying on the bed sending a message on his cell phone. She greats him casually enough but edges closer to the drawer. She reaches in and takes her panties out. She confronts her son about them and gets him to admit what he was doing. She asks him if he has the equipment to turn on a real woman. When he says yes, she asks him to prove it by showing her. Her son pulls his cock out and it’s like an aphrodisiac to her. She reaches in and starts to stroke his young cock. She lets the top of her dress fall away revealing her 42DD breasts. She lights up a cigarette and gives her son a smoky blowjob. He gets off the bed and they take each others clothes off. She embraces him and strokes his cock at the same time. They go back to the bed and she fucks him like a mad woman, He is so stoked that when pulls out to cum, he shoots several streams of cum onto her face from 3 feet away.

My Big Tit Mom Takes A Face Full Of My Cum


Kriselle – Taboo!!!

Brother-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Handjob, Cumshot, Caught in the act, Peeping, Voyeurism, Siblings, Family Fantasies, Small tits



Kriselle has arrived home from the Mall (where else???)…..and She is talking to Her Girlfriend on the phone… She gets undressed. Apparently……..19 Year Old Kriselle… SO Hot….that Her own Brother is obsessed with Her Naked Body!!! While Kriselle gets naked and talks on the phone…Her Brother is spying on Her from the hallway outside Her room…..and Jacking Off!!!! Krisellefinally notices the little Booger Head Jerking Off to Her and She is furious!!!! Kriselle screams at Her Brother….telling him what a sick Pervert he is…..and She becomes disgusted at the site of his Boner… She decides to Humiliate him by Jerking him Off…..while continuously telling him waht a Loser he is to be Jerking Off to his Sister!!! Kriselle is completely disgusted as She Jerks his growing cock…..and what She pulls out of Her Brother is something you boys need to see to believe!!! This may be the BIGGEST CUMSHOT ever filmed!!!! Kriselle kept Jerking Her Brother’s cock….and he just kept Cumming!!!! He wouldn’t stop Cumming!!!

Kriselle – Taboo


Mommy gets the taste of your cum HD

“Mommy gets the taste of your cum…. HD
Let mommy see your poorly pee pee. Mommy will help – I promise. Close your eyes and relax honey.Mommy is real good at nursing big boys cocks. Let me rub it better for you.. and give it a few mommy kisses.. Ooooo you are getting a big boy and …, that was quick. you came…. let me lick you clean

Like most of her other videos, there is dirty talk involving the scenario with pov shots. she gives a dildo a hand job and blow job.

Mommy gets the taste of your cum HD


Kagney Linn Karter – Full Service Room Service

Kagney Linn Karter is a lazy hotel maid who hardly ever gets any actual work done. For the most part, she just goes from room to room playing on her phone and taking naps, not cleaning. So when Keiran Lee comes back to his room and finds it hasn’t been cleaned for the second day in a row, he’s understandably pretty upset! He calls up housekeeping to complain, and when they send Kagney to fix her mess, he lets her know that he demands better service than that! Kagney knows he’s been staring at her ass every chance he gets, so she promises him exactly the kind of service he really wants. Kagney takes Keiran’s fat dick in her pretty mouth, her wet pussy, and even her tight little asshole, and ends up with a nice fat load of jizz all over her face for her trouble!



Don’t Tell My Brother I Fucked His Friends 2010

Honey Foxx, Lynn Pleasant, Malia Kelly

Dont Tell Brother I Fucked His Friend: So the party got a little crazy the other night. I was so horny I couldn`t help myself. I needed some big cocks. it was so hot, but please don`t tell my brother that I fucked his friends.

Don’t Tell My Brother I Fucked His Friends 2010.avi


When Porn Stars Attack 2 (2014)

In “When Pornstars Attack! 2,” director Glenn King presents hard-core fantasy scenarios wherein aggressive sluts overpower meek males. Each scene is preceded by a POV intro in which the dominant bitch teases the camera and talks shit to the viewer. Loudmouthed spitfire Krissy Lynn takes over a gym, bossing D Snoop into a sweaty interracial workout. She mauls him on the exercise machine, fucks him over a yoga ball and makes him eat her stinky feet. Voluptuous Alison Tyler manhandles co-worker Keni Styles, sitting her fleshy ass on his face, towering over him, yanking his head up her ass and violently fucking him till he cums on her massive, deeply cleaved boobs. Dungeon Mistress Tinslee Reagan financially dominates caged Jack Vegas, demanding his wife’s credit card. She makes him phone the wife while they’re fucking, and after the Mistress sends the Mrs. an incriminating pic, Jack “gets to” taste his own cum! When Derrick Pierce forgets Valentine’s Day, furious girlfriend Phoenix Marie uses him as a sex slave for pussy, ass and foot worship, nipple torment and fucking her way.

Category: Fetish, All Sex, Gonzo
Starring: Alison Tyler, Derrick Pierce, Dsnoop, Jack Vegas, Keni Styles, Krissy Lynn, Phoenix Marie, Tinslee Reagan
Language: English

When Porn Stars Attack 2 (2014).part1.rar
When Porn Stars Attack 2 (2014).part2.rar
When Porn Stars Attack 2 (2014).part3.rar
When Porn Stars Attack 2 (2014).part4.rar


Dancing Bear 17 (2014)

Cake Cum!
A lucky girl is having her 30th Birthday bash at her office, and the dancing bear crew is there to start this party off right! These girls have no shame, and don’t seem to care about chowing down on some shaft in front of each other! A sexy Asian girl gets fucked hard for the grand finale, and a nut gets busted on some birthday cake for two girls to chow down on! Happy fu king birthday honey!
One Last Cock Suck!
This bride and her friends have thrown a huge banquet party for one last fling, which means strippers, drinks, sexy ladies, and lots of raw cock meat flying all over the place! These girls are ready to go and get amped up when the bear comes out and starts busting some moves. The girls jump on the dicks and suck ‘em sloppy!

Category: All Sex Movies, Amateur, Oral, Threesomes & More, Reality, Orgies, Morally Corrupt’s Dancing Bear Series
Starring: Amateurs
Language: English

Dancing Bear 17 (2014).part1.rar
Dancing Bear 17 (2014).part2.rar
Dancing Bear 17 (2014).part3.rar

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