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Mom’s Cuckold 13 (2013)

Joslyn James, Lisa Ann, Nikita Von James, Sarah Jessie

Will is making a supper for Lisa and her boss Prince Yahshua. Lisa comes into the kitchen and notices that Will forgot the one thing that she asked for. Lisa gets really pissed at Will and then offers herself to Prince for desert.

Nikita and Brandon are going on a mini trip when Brandon takes a wrong turn and then runs out of gas. Nikita and Brandon walk up to a house to use the phone, while Brandon calls for service Nikita is getting her own service.

Jimmy comes home from a long day with flowers for his wife. He calls out for Joslyn only to find a strange black man approach him in a towel. Joslyn then comes into the kitchen and tells Sean just to ignore Jimmy and to keep acting like their alone.

Eddie is too involved in the football game to pay attention to his hot wife Sarah. Sarah tells him that if he doesn’t start paying attention to him that she’s going to get the neighbor Nat and do something that he will regret.






Porno Superstars Of The 1970s – Serena Collection (1970s)

Starring: Serena Blaquelord, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes.
One of the first superstars of porn, Serena shined in the 70′s as the girl who would do it ALL: oral, anal, bondage, orgies, kink, submissive…the Swiss Army Knife of porn starlets. Doing John Holmes in one scene, two black guys in the next, then begging for Jamie Gillis’ cock in the next. Here’s two hours / 13 scenes of her best appearances in rare/out-of-print loops from Diverse, Joy of Erotica, OZ, and Pleasure Productions, plus clips from the features Bra Busters, Honey Throat, A Taste of Sugar, Captives, Take me Down, and Taxi Girls!

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MILF Hunter – Devon, Jennifer Best – Face Sitter

Devon had a great time with the Hunter when they last met, so when her sexy MILF friend, Jennifer, wanted to fuck someone besides her husband, she arranged a rendezvous with Levi. While the girls were waiting for Levi, they noticed that Tony was declining multiple calls. Devon eventually got wise to the game and snatched Tony’s phone. It was Levi who was calling. Tony’s feeble attempt at cock blocking failed miserably. When the Hunter arrived and saw Devon and Jennifer looking hot as hell, he understood why Tony was trying to bang them. Levi took the girls to the living room where he watched them tongue fuck each other. Soon after the pussy licking and cock sucking, The Hunter relentlessly fucked both of the Ladies.



Joe D’Amato – Labbra Vogliose (1981)

AKA: Desirous Lips
Director: Joe d’Amato and Claudio Bernabei as Alexandre Borsky
Starring: Françoise Perrot, Mark Shannon, Laura Levi, Guia Lauri Filzi.
While her older sister is away with George on a honeymoon tour du monde, college girl Julie decides to stay at her boarding school over the holidays. She has sexual encounters with her teacher and gardener Chris before being sent home by the headmaster. Meanwhile, her sister has come back from her world tour, and Julie is introduced to George and his secretary, Deborah. Julie secretly watches her sister and George having sex at night. Next night she pleasures herself while listening to them. In the morning, a mysterious dildo turns up on her bed; Julie acts shocked, and so does everyone else. Julie seduces Deborah (while George watches a slapstick movie on TV), manages to get into bed with her, and spins an intrigue against her which finally results in her dismissal. She then has sex with strangers…first with a guy in a car, whose name later turns out to be Robert. Later, she gives blow-jobs to three delivery men in a row…

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You Really Should Not Do That

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Encouragement, Tease, POV (point of view), Mommie Fetish / Fantasies
Honey, I am just going to grab your laundry. Oops! Mommy forgot to put panties on Just don’t look at mom that way. I had no idea that you cock had grown so big but you should not grab it while looking at your mother. You really should not grab your balls. Sweetie, you really should not look at my ass as you stroke it. That would really push you over the edge.

You Really Shouldnt Do That


Real Wife Stories – Alex Chance – Take My Anal Virginity Instead

Just because you’re waiting to let your husband take your virginity, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun. Alex Chance asked her fiance’s best friend to teach her a few fun sex moves to try on her honeymoon. And while they were fooling around, Alex realized she wasn’t breaking any rules, so long as she only let Mick fuck her in her ass. Alex let her tight little asshole stretch around Mick’s fingers, then she spread herself wide open for an all-anal fuckfest with the best man.



Wet Dream Training

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Encouragement, Tease, POV (point of view), Mommie Fetish / Fantasies, Jerk off instructions (JOI)

Hello Honey. I need to talk to you about the wet dreams you are having. Mommy has a solution that will help. If you masturbate to Momma during the day, there will be nothing left to come out at night. I am going to tease you and make you get hard. My little boy likes my ass, and we are going to play special attention that. I want you to stroke it and be a big boy who cums all over me.

new-jav.net_Wet Dream Training


Mouthful Of Love (1984)

Director: Leon Gucci
Starring: Beverly Bliss, Crystal Breeze, Desiree Lane, Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Mauvais DeNoir, Don Fernando, Jay Serling, Nick Niter, Scott Irish, Shone Taylor.

incezt.net_Mouthful Of Love (1984).avi


Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Becomes My Teacher – Total HD

Scene One: Multiple Choice
Aaliyah just got a phone call from her son’s school, if his grades don’t pick up they are going to kick him out. Aaliyah is pissed and confronts her lazy son, who is watching TV. She demands that he get his book out and study this very instant! When he refuses she does the only thing she can. She knows that she has a hot body, she catches him looking at her from time to time, and she is almost sure that he masturbates to her. For every right answer he gives her she is going to remove a piece of clothing. She asks him Question number one A, B, C, or D, and begins to strip encouraging him when he gets the right answer. When naked she gives him a big reward by putting his big cock into her mouth and sucking him until he cums. She swallows and says That’s my good boy.

Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Becomes My Teacher HD 1
Scene Two: Reward for an “A”
The school called again but this time it’s to tell Aaliyah that her son got an A on the last exam. She is so proud of her son and decides to reward him for his hard work. She walks into his bedroom and strips to her underwear. She pulls off her sons shorts and gives him a lap dance. She was not going to fuck her son but his hard cock rubbing against her pussy was too much and she had to feel him inside her. She pulls his cock into her and fucks him slowly at first, feeling the pleasure from each thrust. Her lust was too much and Aaliyah fucks him faster and faster until she explodes and orgasms on her son. If he wants more of that he should study for his next exam.

Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Becomes My Teacher HD 2
Scene Three: Don’t Fuck My Ass I’m On The Phone
Aaliyah is on the phone with her husband talking about his business trip, when her son walks in holding a test paper with a big A on it. She smiles and mouths that’s nice but continues to talk to his father. The son is pissed, so he decides to take his reward early. He pulls off her shirt and takes off her bra to grope her large breasts. She tires to push him away but can’t as he pulls off her pants and panties. She begins to talk about how much better there son is doing in school as he puts her ass into the air and slaps it for good measure. He puts his dick in her ass she tires to protest but she is powerless as he begins to fuck her. He fucks her ass hard and she tires to hide it from her husband not doing a great job. After he fucks her he takes his test paper and neatly folds it and puts in her ass cheeks.

Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Becomes My Teacher HD 3
Scene Four: Mother Son Day
Aaliyah bet her son that if he could get straight A’s this semester he would have a mother son day where he decided what they would do. She never thought he would make it, but sure enough he did. Dressed normally in a dress and heels the mom walks into the living room. The son asks Did you wear it? Aaliyah replies that she did and begins to strip showing sexy lingerie and stockings underneath her cloths. The son tells her that she is going to be his sex slave for the day and gives her a collar to put on. The mother reluctantly puts on the collar and the son pulls her face onto his cock for her to suck. He throws he on the couch and fucks her as she moans in ecstasy. If this is what it takes to make her son successful in life she will be his sex slave.Thoroughly fucked Aaliyah is put on her knees one more time as the son cums on her face. He tells her that she is the best teacher he has ever had.

Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Becomes My Teacher HD 4


Wet Video – Tease Me (1985)

Studio: Wet Video
Director: Charlie Diamond
Starring: Nikki Knight, Kristara Barrington, Misty Regan, Nicole West, Billy Dee, Dan T. Mann, Rick Savage.
“When Misty Regan’s parents go away for the weekend, she makes the most of her chance to have the house to herself. Misty decides to host a small bachelorette party for her soon-to-be-married gal pal Gina Rae. Along with her friend Kristara Barrington, Misty phones up a pair of male strippers and invites them over. Of course, once they show up, Misty and Kristara have just got to make sure that they live up to their billing. They treat the swarthy studs to some amorous oral loving as a prelude to their evening of eroticism. Postman Rick Savage gets in on the fun when he spies what’s going on inside the house. He promises not to tell Misty’s parents about what’s been happening — as long as he can get in on some steamy sensuality with Kristara, that is! Meanwhile, Misty’s youthfully delectable sister Nicole West has been sneaking around the house, ready and eager to prove that she’s not too young to play along! Eventually Gina herself shows up and finds herself in the clinch with one of the male strippers. Misty, Kristara and Nicole entertain the other stripper in a heated group grope while Gina experiences her final pre-marital bliss. Sure, there’s plenty of teasing going on — but there’s even more pleasing in this white-hot blast.”

incezt.net_Tease Me (1985).mp4

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