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Ashlyn Molloy – Sister Tease HD

Fetish / Fantasy / Role Play time!

Let’s face it, your sister, Ashlynn Molloy, is hot. She’s younger than you, but she’s 18. And since you’re not really related, and you’ve got a great view of her bedroom when you’re in the back yard taking out the trash… sometimes your eyes wander. You know what a horny slut Sis is. In other words, every single time you take the trash out, you walk by the window, peer in, and watch her watching porn on her phone. This time, you’re going to do something about it… and so is she.

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Helping Mom Pack HD

Brunettes, Cfnm (clothed Female Nude Male), Milf, Mother, Upskirt

We’re moving! My dad and mom have been letting me live with them while I’m going to college, and the house was getting kind of cramped ever since my new mom moved in with us. It’s an old place, and the place we’re moving too is absolutely incredible! We have about two months before the move, but for some reason my mom is all worried about being ready and has started packing boxes of things that we don’t really use all that much, like books and stuff. I happened to walk in on her the other day, and she was up on a ladder pulling books off the highest shelf. She had her headphones on, so she didn’t hear me come in. She was wearing the shortest little denim skirt I’ve ever seen on a hot MILF with legs as long as hers, so I couldn’t help but perv out a little and catch glimpses of her perfect ass and the bright pink thong she had on. She was bent over, and I got a clear shot all the way up her legs and could even see her round little ass cheeks as she flexed and stretched to reach the highest shelf. I moved as close as I dared, hoping she wouldn’t notice me, and rubbed my cock through my pants as I stared between her legs at the thin strip of fabric that barely covered her pussy lips.

She climbed down from the shelf and I moved back away so that it wasn’t obvious I had been peeping up her skirt, when suddenly she realized I was there. She asked what I was doing, and if I was going to help her pack or not. I couldn’t really concentrate on packing right at that moment, because my cock was straining against my pants and aimed right at my mom. She knew that I was perving on her however, because that’s what I always do, and I think it actually turns my mom on to know that I jack off thinking about her. “All you can think about is that cock of yours, I need you to help me pack!” she said. “What am I going to do with you. Do I need to jack you off so you can get that off of your mind and start helping out around here?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my Mom was offering to jerk me off if I would agree to help her pack! She held out her hand and said “Can you agree to help me pack this if I take care of your cock for you?” she asked. I nodded yes and took her hand in mine, thinking to myself that this hand was going to be around my cock in a minute or two.

I laid down on the couch and let my Mom feel my cock through my pants. She was impressed with the size of it as she rubbed her hand up and down over the front of my shorts. She kept talking dirty to me, and told me that because she’s my mom and didn’t raise me, that she didn’t have any problem doing this for me, and that she knew that I perv on her all the time. “I wonder if your dad suspects anything?” she asked. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. My cock was completely hard as she took it in her hands and spit on it. “You have a bigger cock than your dad does!” she said, as her hand kept up it’s rhythm over my big cock. She told me that her pussy was getting wet, and that she never thought about a young guys cock before, but now that mine was in her hand she wanted more.

She leaned back and placed her sexy feet on the sides of my cock and began to fuck me with the soles. I had never felt anything like that before, it was so hot to see her laying back and letting me look right up her skirt as she gave me a foot job. She did that for a little while, then leaned forward and took my cock in her skilled hands again. She pumped my rod up and down and my balls tightened up. The sound of my slippery cock being fucked by her palms sounded like I was fucking a pussy. I knew that if I gave my mom a good load, the chance to fuck her pussy was a very real possibility. I let myself go in my mom’s hand and pumped out a huge load, that rand down the shaft and over her fingers. I’ll never forget the look on her face, filled with lust as she kept pumping more and more cum out of my balls. When my orgasm finally ended she smiled at me and told me to get cleaned up so we could start packing. I know that the only thing I want to pack is my mom’s tight pussy.

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Freezing Females, Enhance Emotions HD

27:23 video

Science geek Brian hoped to win the approval of his father Frank and sister Olivia by inventing a emotion enhancing device that would make the family rich and famous. He had his work cut out because neither of them were very fond of him to begin with. Frank thought Brian was a daydreaming fool. In addition he resented how much money Brian was costing him. Brian often used his credit card to purchase tools and materials for his inventions. So far, these investments had not paid off. All Brian’s prototype devices had been failures. Meanwhile, Olivia had her own misgivings about Brian. Rating him as a socially inept nerd, she tried to have as little to do with him as possible. This double rejection from Frank and Olivia left Brian feeling very sad. What made matters worse was that his father and sister had exactly the kind of close relationship he himself longed for. Frank doted on Olivia and spoiled her rotten. She could notch up a credit card bill twice as big as Brian?s, and Frank would merely laugh with her about it. In turn, Olivia was a classic daddie’s girl. Around Frank she was as sweet and affectionate and innocent as can be. Her mean side only ever showed toward her brother. Nevertheless, Brian was determined to continue work on his device and win the pair over. Thus, after a morning in which he had again been lectured by his father for spending so much money, and he had again been treated like a leper by his sister, he headed into his workshop and got down to business like never before. The commitment paid off, for Brian soon had the device finished. All that remained then was to test it. Since Frank had left the house for work, it was Olivia who would be Brian’s guinea pig. She was up in her room, relaxing, playing on her phone when Brian entered and asked her for assistance. In his hand was the mind-control device. It comprised a cylinder that emitted a brain-hijacking signal, and a cordless handset for issuing commands to whomever it was pointed at. On getting a glimpse of it, Olivia was not impressed. She assumed it to be just another dud invention of her brother’s. Rather than agree to help Brian out, she told him to go away and leave her alone. Ordinarily, Brian would have obeyed his sister. But today was different. He was desperate to find out if his advice worked. If it did, he hoped to command Olivia into being kinder to him in future. Therefore, he ignored his sister’s remark, placed the cylinder on a nearby table, aimed the remote control at her, and pressed a button – all before she knew what was happening. The cylinder beeped once. Then Olivia became perfectly still. Knowingness disappeared from her eyes, and was replaced with a thousand-yard stare. In a split-second the lively young brat had changed into a silent, unthinking doll. Even Brian was surprised by the effectiveness of his device. When he waved a hand in front of Olivia’s face, she did not so much as blink. The pressing of another button caused her to stand up like an obedient robot. Taking hold of Olivia?s arms, Brian maneuvered them into several different positions to make sure her body had become fully compliant and did not display any muscular resistance. The results pleased him greatly. Olivia held herself in whatever pose her brother set for her. She might have been a stop-motion figurine. However, Brian was about to discover that his device had a very strange glitch. Upon uttering the command that Olivia should show love him, he pressed a button and waited. He expected his sister to start acting friendly toward him. What he got was a lot more than he bargained for. Brian’s device must have scrambled his command when it relayed it to Olivia’s mind. Instead of SHOWING love, she tried to MAKE love. Springing suddenly to life, she threw herself at Brian, wrapped her arms about him, crushed her body hard against his, then kissed him on the lips. Startled, Brian fumbled with his device, trying to shut Olivia down. But now it did not seem to work properly at all! Meanwhile, Olivia was rapidly overpowering him with her horny assault. The next thing Brian knew, his sister had yanked his pants down, pulled out his cock, dropped to her knees, and commenced to suck him off. It was a wonderful new feeling for the young man – one that sapped him of all resistance. The device had made Olivia an utter wanton. For the longest time, eagerly and expertly, she plunged her lips up and down her brother?s cock. Brian did not want the incident to end, even though he knew it was wrong. But then he heard Frank enter the house downstairs. Panicking, Brian scrambled away from Olivia, pulled up his pants, and again tried the device on her. On this occasion it worked. Olivia froze while knelt, her mouth open and her hand still poised as if were wrapped around Brian?s shaft. Things might have looked strange to Frank if he had walked in right then, but at least he would not have seen the worst of what had been going on. For Brian the experience was very troubling. His one comforting thought was that Olivia would not remember anything of what had happened. That was one of the blessings of the device. No awareness while under its control meant no memory afterwards. Nevertheless, he went back to his workshop and thoroughly overhauled the device. He did not want a repeat of the previous malfunction. Neither did he intend to test it on Olivia again. But things worked out differently. Later, he was sat in the kitchen, taking a break from his work, when Olivia happened to come in. Brian’s device lay in his lap. Olivia noticed it and frowned. Turning to Brian, she asked if he had used it on her earlier in the pool room. She seemed to have the vaguest sense of performing some weird act for him. Brian admitted that he had briefly activated the device in her presence, but that he turned it off because something went wrong. There was nothing to worry about – he assured her. Everything had been fixed. Then, without thinking, he picked up the device and pressed a button to prove his point. Just as before, Olivia’s behaviour transformed. She had returned to her wanton state! Brian did not have time to be baffled by his device’s second malfunction. All his attention was taken up with fending off the advances of his sister. To add to his problems, his father was back in the house – in the room next door. The slightest suspicious sound might draw him in. Thus Brian kept quiet, even as the unstoppable Olivia pushed him back against the counter and knelt to undo his pants. Brian had a major case of deju vu right then. Familiar fantastic feelings came over him as his sister took out his cock and gave it a stroking and a sucking that was even longer and more passionate than the first time. Indeed, Brian found it so incredibly pleasurable that he began to lose all self-control. Shame and fear about making-out with his sister vanished from his mind. He no longer wanted fretted about what was happening; now he wanted to take things further. He wanted to fuck with his new Olivia-toy to his heart’s content. When Frank called out, asking him if he had seen Olivia, Brian replied that he had not. He did well to sound convincing – especially since Olivia was in fact bobbing her head up and down on his cock like crazy at that very moment. Nevertheless, the young man did not want to ride his luck too far. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, he slipped off to his room, smuggling Olivia along with him. There he had the privacy to really go wild with her. And that’s precisely what he did – starting with a missionary-style fuck. Brian may have been a geeky virgin, but he was also a natural in the sack. Stripped naked, Olivia lay rigid and silent beneath her brother while his big cock pounded deep into her pussy without her even knowing it. Not once did her blank expression break. Brian had at last found the button that made her freeze. Again intrigued by his sister?s robot-like stiffness, he sometimes played with her arms, putting them into various positions. Following this long and spirited opening action, Brian moved Olivia into his adjoining bathroom, sat her on a counter, and fucked her all over again (while often playing with her arms, as before). After that, it was back to the bedroom for two more tremendous fucks – one reverse cowgirl, the other doggy style. Olivia?s petite body got a thorough work out by her horny brother. His hard, pussy-penetrating thrusts caused her pert breasts to jiggle and her little butt to shake. Yet she still did not have the slightest idea of what was going on. Her mouth was fixed agape, her eyes empty, her face expressionless. The power of the device was amazing. In her normal state, Olivia would not have let her brother anywhere near her. However, thanks to a few mind-hijacking waves and the pressing of some buttons, she was now allowing him to use her in the most intimate ways imaginable. This passiveness was there right to end – when Brian commanded her to kneel down while he jerked off into her face. Streaks and globs of the stuff covered Olivia?s nose and cheeks, but she gave no reaction at all. Brian would have spent a while enjoying his post-cum buzz if he had not suddenly heard his father?s voice approaching from down the hall. Apparently the older man was bringing him some laundry! Hastily, Brian tried to cover up all signs of his depraved activity. He scrambled into his clothes, commanded Olivia to go hide in his closet, then fled the scene through a back door. He felt too flustered to hide his guilt from his father. As it happened, Frank found out the truth all by himself. It was stood there facing him when he opened the door to Brian?s closet to put the laundry away. What the Hell! he exclaimed. It was all the words he could manage. The sight was shocking for him: Olivia, his dear daughter, statue-still, unblinking, naked, her pretty face smeared with cum – looking for all the world like a life-size doll stashed in a box.

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Brutal Castings – Joseline Kelly

851mb | 44:15 min | 960×540 | mp4

Some girls are super shy when they come to our offices for their first interview/audition, and while that kind of modesty is precious and all, there’s no place for it in the world of Teen Castings modeling. Girls we represent, and that includes all the ones who’ve become famous, need to be able to handle any curveball that gets thrown their way. In other words, we have no place for conservative girls ashamed of their bodies. 18-year-old Joseline came to us from Hotlanta for her shot at fame and fortune, and even though she looks great and has a beautiful body, she lacked discipline, loyalty and obedience. Notice how we said “lacked,” as in past tense. That’s because our relentless master fixed her with his well honed BDSM skills. First, he tied her hands with rope and made her worship his cock and balls with a slow and sensual deepthroat blowjob. Next, he slapped her face hard repeatedly before he fucked it like a jackhammer, then he fingerblasted her into submission, making her assist, and finally, he hatefucked her pussy like it owed him money. Many orgasms later, (Joseline is loud when she gets railed), Master Bruno shot a gusher of cum on her face and in her mouth, and made her finish the interview with strands of cold jizz dangling off her cheeks and chin. Joseline loved every filthy bit of it!



Pretty redheaded MILF Cici Rhodes throatboarded by 2 dicks while restrained on a fucking machine!

November 24, 2014

Here at SB, we love us some Cici Rhodes. This tall lanky redhead has some serious deepthroat skills, which she combines with a cheerful honest love of the dick. One of our favorite games is to see just how well these sluts can multitask, and today is no exception. Today we are going to stuff this tramp from both ends and throatboard her into next week. Cici’s all natural breasts are tightly tied with thin leather cord before she is belted down onto a custom made wooden bondage device. The device keeps her head at the perfect angle for the throatboarding. She can not move her head or escape the dick, all she can do is accept her face pussy getting railed by hard cock. A fucking machine screwed down in place between her pale thighs is the finishing touch. Once we flip the switch, it is on. Machines never slow down, they never get tired. They will outlast tender flesh every time. While the fucking machine works its magic ripping orgasm after orgasm out of our MILFy redhead we get to work reshaping her throat. 10 inches of BBC slide in as Cici drools helplessly. The cocks run a train on her mouth, swapping back and forth, never allowing her to get on top of it. We win in the end. We were bound to. The one two combo of dick and bondage sends Cici sliding over the edge. She can not ever twitch, hanging off the end of our cock like a good little fuck puppet. Consider this one trained. Welcome back Cici, you were missed.

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Cici Rhodes, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

Runtime: 13 mins Size: 672 mb Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

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Mommy’s Date Night HD & Mommy Ruins Your Orgasm HD 1920×1080

Mommy Ruins Your Orgasm HD

Since today is your birthday, M0mmy is going to give you a little treat. I’m going to finally let my sweet boy cum after months and months of blue balls. I had to teach you a lesson on self control honey, that’s why I put your penis in that chastity device. You must have been so sexually frustrated once M0mmy started stroking you every night without letting you cum. It probably doesn’t help knowing all of your school mates get to have sex and masturbate whenever they want to. Do they ask you about the cage on your cock in the locker room? It must be so embarrassing honey, but it’s for the best.

You’re already about to cum? Well that’s no surprise, is it. Ok sweetheart, I’ll stroke you off all the way until you orgasm. Whoopsy daisy…looks like M0mmy stopped touching you at the very last second! That must have felt good, but not nearly as good as if I had kept stroking. That’s because you’re still learning your lesson sweetie.

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Mommy’s Date Night HD

Taboo, mother/son incest, virtual sex, seduction, virtual nipple sucking, grinding, riding, virtual creampie, mommas boy, pov, MILF, mommy

Are you busy? I have a favor to ask… Mommy’s really nervous about her date tonight. You have a lot of experience with the ladies, please tell me what to do so I don’t embarrass myself. I suppose I’m pretty stressed out about the prospect of having sex again. It’s been…a really long time, maybe you could just describe what girls do that you enjoy.

Oh honey, that’s so naughty! So…you mean, move my hand like this? Does that feel good? I can’t believe just doing this would make you hard that quickly. Can…Can I try something, sweetie? Mmm, you feel so good rubbing against Mommy’s pussy…it’s been such a long time. Tell me what the girls do during your dates…do they let you suck on their big, soft breasts like this?

You’ve reignited a passion in me sweetie, you are the best son a mother could ask for. But I have one more favor to ask…I need to have your cock inside me now.

Fantasy includes: taboo, mother/son, virtual sex, seduction, virtual nipple sucking, grinding, riding, virtual creampie, mommas boy, pov

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He Followed Me HD

Businesswoman Rachel stayed late at her office to finish up some work. The janitor was there too noisily wiping his broom up and down the hallway floor. Suddenly Rachel’s phone rang. It was her husband saying he had to cancel their anniversary date for that night and leave town for a week on business. Rachel was very unhappy with him. First of all she had wanted to spend some rare quality time with her husband. For another thing she hated being left home alone. She always felt vulnerable there by herself. While she angrily explained this to her husband, the janitor listened in from beyond her door, taking mental notes. Later, Rachel drove home through the eerie moonlit night, and made her way inside. Little did she know that janitor had followed her all the way. Wearing a mask, not making a sound, he even drew within a few feet behind her as she unlocked the door. His gaze fixed hungrily on her shapely calves exposed by her short skirt. When Rachel headed on through the open door and swung it shut after her, he skillfully intercepted it, silently preventing the latch from catching. The tired Rachel still had no idea of her impending danger. Instead she mixed a martini in her kitchen, then went up to her room. There she was distracted in complaining aloud about the state of her marriage. At the same time she began undressing. Just when she had made it down to her sexy lingerie, the janitor came silently into the room and closed in on her from behind. He grabbed Rachel in mid-speech, giving her the shock of her life. One strong arm locked around her bare waist. His free hand clamped over her mouth to prevent her screaming for help. Rachel whimpered and struggled in helpless horror as she was dragged over to her bed, shoved down on it, and stripped out of her bra. She could barely comprehend the speed of the janitor’s assault. In mere moments he had bound and gagged her. His hands then roved over her restrained body, fondling her big naked tits, pulling her panties aside to rub her defenseless pussy. With her gag coming loose for a few moments, Rachel managed to make a desperate, tearful appeal for mercy. She told the janitor that her husband was very wealthy and that she would pay him generously if he left her alone. But the janitor was not interested. All he wanted was to fuck Rachel in every way he could. Realizing his unshakeable intentions, Rachel resigned herself to her fate. Just do what have to do, then leave – she told him finally. Seconds later, her ordeal began in earnest. First the janitor forced her legs open and buried his face in her pussy – feasting on it until the hapless businesswoman was reduced to moans and squirms of guilty arousal. Next he wrapped his fingers in the hair at the back of her head and forced her to suck long and deep on his cock. Following that, he gave Rachel such a vigorous missionary and doggy style fucking that her tits shook and her sounds of reluctant pleasure filled the room. Last of all, he freed her hands and hauled her into the sixty-nine position on top him. As the janitor licked her pussy once again, she had to alternate between stroking and sucking his cock until it erupted a load of cum all over her hand. Afterwards, Rachel slumped in misery upon the bed. Meanwhile, the janitor got up and decided to check out her safe. Regaining her strength and nerve for a few valuable seconds, Rachel capitalized on his distraction to run for freedom – naked, screaming, and covered in cum.

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Mommys Desperate HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, POV, Mommy, Dirty Talk, Blonde

It’s 3am, I can’t nap, and my husband’s still not home yet. He’s always out late nowadays with his whore of a secretary. He was supposed to be home tonight though. I better go check on my son. Maybe he knows something and to be honest, I’m really lonely and could use a strong man to nap next to tonight. I wake up my son and ask if I can climb in bed with himOh wow, my pussy is getting so soaking wet. I tell him I need to feel him inside me and climb on top of him and start riding. Oh god, that feels sooo good! My son’s about to make me cum! I cum all over my son’s hard cock but it’s been so long, I tell him I want him to make me cum again and go into reverse. Wow, my son makes me cum twice!!!! I can’t even remember the last time his father did that. I can tell he likes being able to make his mom cum like that. Now I really want to see his cock explode for me. My son ends up cumming all over the place for Mommy. I just love seeing his cock explode like that for me. Good boy.

After a little setup, Courtney gives her son a BJ, then climbs on top for some enthusiastic and vocal riding. Turns around to show off her ass, and then finishes with some more cocksucking and rubbing

Mommys Desperate HD.mp4


Stepdaddys Butthole Buffet (2015)

We broke Gia Storm in on her first porn scene and just to make sure she was nasty enough for the biz we asked her to lick Talon’s butthole!! When Kurt found his step-daughter Jaye’s nude photos on her phone, he promised not to tell her mom after she agreed to bury her tongue in his butt! Lanie’s step dad agreed to co-sign on a new car for her, after she agreed to toss his salad and let him go to town on them titties! Trillium got her step dad to agree to pay for her boob job in exchange for a rim job!

Category: Fetish , Oral , All Sex , Barely LegalDirector: Chucky SleazeStarring: Jaye Summers, Lanie Morgan, Trillium, Gia StormRelease Date: 11/3/2015

Stepdaddys hole Buffet Gia_Storm.mp4

Stepdaddys hole Buffet Jaye_Summers.mp4

Stepdaddys hole Buffet Lanie_Morgan.mp4

Stepdaddys hole Buffet Trillium.mp4


[GAS-370] GAS Monopoly Rookie! Tits Miwa Smile Cute J Cup GAS独占新人! 爆乳みわ 笑顔が可愛いJカップ


[GS-1525] Aoyama Obscenity Beauty Salon 84 青山猥褻エステサロン 84


[KV-164] 124 Minutes Non-stop Shooting For A Long Time Cleaning Blowjob Cum 32 Volley In Uncut Edit! !Ayumi Mao 124分間ノンストップ撮影、ノーカット編集で生中出し32連発に長時間お掃除フェラ!!浜崎真緒


[MMZD-004] Sara Saki Mon Momizumu Seira Satsuki 咲月せいら – モミズム


[MOT-086] Longing Of Tits Dynamite Slut Hazuki Naho Day Charter Erotic Spree! 憧れの爆乳ダイナマイト痴女 葉月奈穂を一日貸切エロ三昧!


[OAE-078] Spy Film Dan Honey Dan Mitsu 壇蜜 – Spy Film


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