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College Nymphs 15 (2014)

Cast:Honey, Lena, Anjelica, Blair, Cami

Amateur porn! Watch these slutty schoolgirls in the adult DVD College Nymphs 15! 5 hot scenes! College Nymphs 15 (2014).part1.rar College Nymphs 15 (2014).part2.rar College Nymphs 15 (2014).part3.rar


Mothers Vacation Plans – Total HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blonde, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk

Living out his fantasy

Vanessa has planed a vacation for her and her son. The son thinks it’s a free trip but Vanessa has bigger plans. In the hotel room she has a heart to heart with her son. She found videos on his computer about sons having sex with their moms. It’s ok she understands men have fantasies and that her boy is growing up. That’s why she planed this little trip so he could get it out of his system and stop being awkward around her. She pulls off her top playing with her tits playfully rubbing his shorts. Don’t worry, mommy knows just what to do. She pulls off his shorts and jerks his cock in her hands. Vanessa rubs his dick against her breasts tenderly caressing it. He is about ready to explode and she quickly sucks his cock into her mouth, swallowing his cum. This is going to be a good vacation.

Mothers Vacation Plans 1 HD

We Are Not Leaving Yet

Bags are packed and Vanessa is sleeping and about to wake up. This vacation will be one she always remembers but now that this taboo fantasy is out of his system they can go back to normal. Before they leave the son has something on his cell phone he wants to show her. It’s a picture of her with his cock in her mouth. She screams at him to delete that, that no one can know about what happened here. But the son blackmails her, he wants her to suck him off every day or he will tell everyone. Vanessa reluctantly gets to her knees and sucks her son’s cock. He grabs her head and face fucks her showing her who is in charge from now on. He cums on her face as she realizes that she created a monster. She attempts to wipe it off but he makes her leave it as they walk out into the hall. For the son this vacation will never end.

Mothers Vacation Plans 2 HD


Molly Jane in My First Concert HD

Scene One:Brother takes over
Molly is listening to her music with her eyes closed, losing herself in the sound. Her hand slides down to her pussy and she starts to rub. Her brother walks in and tries to get her attention. Seeing her completely dazed and masturbating he takes a chance, pulls down his pants and slides his cock in her mouth.
Molly keeps her eyes shut and pretends that she is sucking on the cock of the lead singer. She doesn?t care about anything except the music. Laying down she spreads her legs wide for that large cock to fuck her. The music plays in her ears and her tits bounce as the cock fucks her to the beat. She lets him cum all over her face, and sucks the rest off this throbbing cock. ?That song was really awesome?

Molly Jane in My First Concert 1 HD

Scene Two: After the concert with mom
Molly and her mom Cory have just come back from her favorite bands concert. She is ecstatic about the lead singer, non stop talking about him. Cory leans in and gives her daughter a sensual kiss, reaching into her dress. The girls kiss, Molly thinking about being a groupie for the band.
Cory gets on the floor and smiles, licking her daughter. Moaning and stretching she releases her emotions. Molly returns the favor to her mom, licking and fingering her until she cums on the bed. ?This is wrong? Cory says quickly leaving the room. Molly just puts her headphones back on and looks at her signed photo from the concert.

Molly Jane in My First Concert 2 HD

Scene Threeay Dreaming
Molly is daydreaming what it would be like to suck and fuck Bobbie from her favorite band. As Bobbie you walk into the room of your biggest fan. She sees you and ravenously pulls off your pants. ?You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this? she tells you sucking on your cock.
Bending over she asks you to put it inside her. You fuck her from behind giving her the fantasy fuck she always wanted. She then pulls off her dress and gets on top of you. She fucks you, smiling at you, moaning for you, telling you how it’s her dream to fuck you. As you fuck her, her mom walks in the room. ?I want you to cum inside her tight little pussy for me? she tells you. You cum inside Molly, and the two girls lay side by side rubbing their pussies for you.

Molly Jane in My First Concert 3 HD

Scene Four: Dad fills in
Molly is listening to her music looking at her photo and masturbating on the couch to it. Her dad walks in to see her with her legs spread and her hand rubbing. He runs his fingers into her pussy and helps her. She gets turned on by his strong fingers and, imagining it’s Bobby, straddles on top of her dad.
They fuck hard on the couch, dad drilling into his daughter from behind. He pulls her hair tight as she gets fucked like the groupie she wants to be. She cums from her dad’s cock inside her and happily goes to the floor for him to cum into her open mouth. Dad shoots his load for his little girl in her mouth and on her face. Molly swallows then goes back to listening to her music and fantasizing.

Molly Jane in My First Concert 4 HD



Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Busty / Big tits, Teen Cumshot, Cum in mouth, Older Male / Younger Female


Poor Molly Jane is Grounded…’s Friday night…and She is not happy about being stuck at home watching TV with her Dad, while all her friends are at the Mall. She receives a phone call from her friend Vanessa, who tells Molly that when she was Grounded, she seduced her Dad by distracting him with her sexy feet. Molly gives it a try…she tries to get her Dad interested in her feet….but he doesn’t seem to go for it. Molly gets a better idea!!! Since Molly’s Tits are unbelievably spectacular….she decides to remove her shirt….saying that it’s “hot” in the house….knowing full well that her Daddy won’t be able to resist her big Tits. Sure enough….Molly’s Dad turns to putty at the site of his Daughter’s big, flawless Breasts….and pretty soon, he has a big boner in his pants.Molly now has him where she wants him. Molly asks her Dad if he wants to “Make A Deal”……”If you let me out of my Grounding….I’ll let you suck on my Tits….and you can even Fuck me….”. Dad is in no position to negotiate….as Molly’s Tits are driving him crazy….so he agrees….and they Shake on it. Dad ravages his beautiful full breasted 18 Year Old Daughter….and even makes her take his load in her mouth as a condition of the Deal. Molly has cum in her belly….and cum dripping down her chin….but nonetheless….she is off to the Mall to be with her friends. Life is easy….when you have Tits like Molly!!!



Taylor Raz in College Girl – Total HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Busty / Big tits, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Tattooed

Scene One:Pledging to a sorority
Taylor comes home after her first semester of college. She has completely changed from daddy’s little girl to a woman in what is only a few months. Her dad is shocked at the changes he sees in her. She tells him not to worry, and asks him for a favor.
She is pledging to a sorority and to get in she has to suck her fathers cock. She puts her hand down his shorts telling him that she has to do this and that he will like it. Taylor pulls down her dads shorts and begins to jerk his cock. She teases him with her tongue before fully taking his dick into her mouth. She gives him a better blowjob than he has ever had.
Picking up her phone she snaps a few photos of her with her dads dick in her mouth for the sorority girls. Not being able to take anymore her dad cums. She takes a pic of her cum filled mouth and thanks her dad for the help.

Taylor Raz in College Girl 1 HD

Scene Two: Does this make you uncomfortable?
Dad is sitting on the couch when Taylor walks through the living room completely naked. She goes into the kitchen and grabs a beer and returns to the couch exposing her pussy while sitting. She complains about the heat and rubs the cold beer over her body. She asks her dad if this makes him uncomfortable looking at her hot tight body?
Crawling over to him she giggles that she made her dad’s cock so hard. She pulls off his shorts and sucks on his cock again. He asks her what she is doing, and she tells him she is getting him ready to fuck her.
She pulls herself onto his cock and fucks her dad. Losing himself in the moment he fucks her back and she moans with excitement. Holding his little girl by the hips he fucks her until she loudly cums. The sound of her cumming causes him to cum and he shoots his load into his daughters pussy.

Taylor Raz in College Girl 2 HD

Scene Three: How I got good grades
After living on campus for one semester Taylor has emptied her bank account. She decides to ask her dad for more money. Dressed in lingerie Taylor walks into her dads bedroom and asks him for some cash. When he refuses, she begins to dance showing him how she gets her professors to give her good grades without having to go to class.
Pulling down her top she plays with her tits for him, then moves her hands down to play with her pussy. When she sees his dick get hard she pounces jumping on her dad’s cock. She fucks him hard on the bed until she cums again on her dad’s dick. She licks her dad’s cock clean and sucks him begging him to cum in her mouth. Taylor swallows her father’s huge load and asks him how much he is going to give her.

Taylor Raz in College Girl 3 HD

Scene Four:The deal
Taylor’s dad does not want her to go back to college. She is been nothing but a slut there. Taylor makes her dad a deal. She promises not to fuck any men if her dad can fuck her better than she has ever been fucked before. As her dad pulls off her clothes Taylor taunts him making her dad angry.
Shoving his cock into her mouth he face fucks her in the bed. Her moans are muffled as she rubs her pussy. Like a jackhammer he fucks her around the room making her cum over and over again. His cock drills her into a puddle of pleasure. He jerks his cock onto her face sending streams of cum to cover her.
Exhausted and destroyed Taylor agrees to the deal, but she did not say anything about fucking girls at college.

Taylor Raz in College Girl 4 HD


Charlie Stevens – Dick for Charlie

I found a cute girl last week that was in need of help. Her name was Charlie, and I found her in a parking lot talking to her friend on the phone about how she could not get her check cashed. She was in need of money to pay the rent, so I stepped in and offered to help. Charlie hesitated a lot at first but finally warmed up and came along with me to see what I could do for her. I hooked her up with some money and she started showing off the goods. It wasn’t long before I had her stroking my cock and wanting to suck it. After some more negotiations , I finally got to fuck her right in my car. Don’t miss out on this hot little number.



Stunning MILF India Summer belted down

Stunning MILF India Summer belted down to a post and bred 10 inch BBC and creampies

Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Description: India Summer is the perfect package. Sexy, exotic, authentic and blessed with an animalistic sex drive that was so strong it drove her into porn, this MILF is a keeper. We have had her here at before, but she is such top shelf pussy that we keep inviting her back. She is just too much fun. The honest appreciation that washes over her face when she gets stuffed full of good dick is why we keep having her back. This is not a job for her, it is a way of life.
Duration: 00:16:28


Pretty pale Veruca James gets shackled throatboarded

Pretty pale Veruca James gets shackled throatboarded and totally destroyed by two big cocks

Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Description: There is a reason we keep having Veruca James back. There is almost an honest purity to her dedication to the dick. She doesn?t hold back an ounce of herself. The commitment and fervor she gives to every scene is unmistakable and radiates off the screen. It is no wonder we keep wanting to play with this pale raven haired beauty.
We start off with Veruca shackled by her wrists and neck to a custom made wooden bondage device. Leather ties bind and jut out her perfect breasts. Metal pipes bolted to the floor keep her lean legs spread wide. The position and angle of the device keep Veruca?s head at the perfect position for throatboarding. The set up is beautiful in its simplicity. We are going to drill her pretty little skull right into the wooden board. The metal neck shackle prevents Veruca from shifting or moving her head away. She can not escape the dick. Makeup, meet cock. I wonder who will win? (Trick question. Dick wins every single time.)
Duration: 00:20:49
Format: AVI
Video: AVC, 1280×720 (16:9), 23.976 fps, ~2 750 Kbps avg, 0.124 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 706D, 2 ch, ~118 Kbps
Filesize: 427 MB



Manuel’s Fucking POV (2014)

Cast:Allie Haze, Ash Hollywood, Keisha Grey, Harley Dean, Manuel Ferrara

Starring Keisha Grey!

‘Manuel’s view is always spectacular. For this movie he invites you along to experience his view when fucking the hottest pornstars in the universe!’

Ash Hollywood lusts for Manuel’s giant cock, and loves when he covers her face with his huge load!

Barely legal teen Keisha Grey takes Manuel’s fat cock in her tight pussy. Then gets a massive load in her mouth and on her face!

Superstar Allie Haze wants as much huge cock as she can handle!

Caramel honey Harley is along for the ride with Manuel. She loves how he stretches her out! manuels fucking pov (2014).part1.rar manuels fucking pov (2014).part2.rar manuels fucking pov (2014).part3.rar

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