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My Daughters Secret HD

Picked Up from College
On a Saturday morning, Nikki comes back home for break, so Dad goes to pick her up. She talks about how she wants a new car for graduation and misses her times with daddy. (seducing dad) Daughter start to give dad a BJ, to his surprise. He tells her to hold on a min, and wait till they are at home and in the driveway. (During which the daughter still has her hand his cock) BJ continues, they drive home and when the car is parked in the driveway, Nikki swallows Daddy After the swallow, daughter cleans her dad’s cock so he can walk in the front door without hesitation.

Nikki Mae in My Daughters Secret – Picked Up from

Watching TV with Dad and Mom
Dad’s in the living room watching TV with mom. Nikki comes into the room and Mom gets up to go upstairs. While on her way she tells the daughter that she needs help her out and clean up the house since she’s busy. Daughter agrees reluctantly. She asks dad what Mom’s up to, which dad tell her she’s heading out to do something with her friends. Nikki devilishly states that would mean they would be alone together for the day. She starts stimulating dad through his pants, get on his lap grind on him, and without hesitation and to his surprise, takes out his cock and slides it inside her and bounces on it.  Mom walks in, Nikki stops bouncing and acts like she’s just sitting on top of dad’s lap; with his cock still inside her. Mom nonchalantly says “Aren’t you too old to be sitting on your dad/father’s lap?”, then looks away to look for her keys/wallet. Meanwhile Nikki continues to grind with her dad’s cock inside her. Nikki stops grinding again when Mom finds her stuff and says she’ll be gone all day, and also tells the Nikki not to forget and help her out by cleaning the house. The action and dirty talk continues freely when Mom leaves the house and Nikki begs for a Creampie Ending. Daddy answers Nikki’s request and fills his daughter’s tight pussy full of his seed…Nikki gives Dad a smile as they leave the room to talk about her new car…

Nikki Mae in My Daughters Secret – Watching TV with Dad and

Montage Fuckfest
Montage of the Fuckfest at home during the day.
a- Nikki is in the kitchen doing the dishes. We pan out and see Dad is fucking her from behind while Nikki is washing the dishes.
b- Daughter is vacuuming in the living room. Dad walks in and just starts to fucking Nikki from behind. He leans her over some furniture and continues.
c- Daughter is in her room doing Homework. Dad comes in for third time is a charm sex with Nikki. She’s trying to do HW on dad’s lap while they are fucking. She says never-mind the HW, gets off the cock, turns around to face her dad and sits on him to fully devote to the act. They fuck then move to the desk, Nikki once again begs for a creampie completion…

Nikki Mae in My Daughters Secret – Montage

Following Dad to the Gym
In the living room Daughter is dressed to head out and meet up with her friends. She tells her Mom her plans. Dad walks in and tells Mom he’s going out to the gym. On his way out, the dad is brought into the garage by the daughter. She wants another go at it before she heads out. They start fucking in beside the car. Mom abruptly walks in during the action to get something in the garage, while they hide for a moment. Mom cannot locate the item for which she entered garage. Mom the leaves the garage and they once again freely engage in dirty talk and sex. Since the Daughter is short on time to meet up with her friends, and it would look suspicious if she comes back home for some reason, she does a swallow finish. She cleans off her dad’s cock and goes on her way, while the dad enters the house, sweaty and worked up like he DID just go to the gym.

Nikki Mae in My Daughters Secret – Following Dad to the


D Wie Dauergeil 2 (2014)

Starring: Andrej, Bernd, Carla, Hajo, Lydia, Mario, Melanie, Nadia, Olaf, Stefan Dolenga, Vicky.
Studio Germany Director Stefan Dolenga zeigt wie geil deutsche Girls wirklich sind! Angestellte verdienen sich als Betriebshure etwas dazu, Lydia beim Gangbang, Melanie feiert einen Swinger Geburtstag, Andrej bestellt sich eine Hure, Stefan und Vicky in Latex, Sugar Daddys und Krankenschwestern.
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A Day With My Daughter HD

We’ve always been a very close family — and very different in some ways. As I was gro My Hippie Familywing up we’ve always depended on each other and we enjoy a special bond unlike most families. Our parents were very kind, gentle people who were very supportive of my sister Vanessa and I even though they’re more than a little different in many ways. Our parents were hippies; products of the free-love movement of the late 1960′s. They actually met in a commune when they were in their early twenties. The commune had about thirty or so members and was located in a very remote area of northern Florida. Their commune was just like all the others of the time however, the particular commune they belonged to strongly advocated nudity and of course unrestricted free love…sex. The commune encouraged open sexual expression between all of the members — male or female nothing was taboo. Several times a week there were long sessions of group sex held in the main room of the Commune’s cabin. That was a powerful experience for my parents and even after they’d left the commune and moved on with their lives they still retained much of the commune’s attitudes, especially about sex.

One Saturday afternoon I’d been outside doing some chores and like any normal eighteen year old I was always horny. Mom and Dad called us into the bedroom and said, “We’re way over due about teaching you and your sister about sex,” they said almost apologetically. “Your sister will be leaving for college soon and we need to teach you both about sex.” A small flash of reluctance went through me as I was hoping, when I finished my chores, that I could go into my bedroom and jack off to relieve the sexual tension that I always felt. Lately I was jacking off at least once a day and sometimes even twice a day to satisfy my needs.

Mom was nude and sucking my Father’s cock…She moved to the bed and asked us both to strip. She then illustrated the proper technique for a blowjob to Vanessa using my cock. Mom looked awesome and I was in no position to say no. Next was Vanessa’s turn. I was amazed at Vanessa’s willingness to suck me off and her stills none-the-less…With my cock throbbing, mom placed my cock in her mouth and then instructed Vanessa to sit on it…Vanessa hoped on and began to ride me…Having Hippie parents sure is cool…

I lay on my back with my cock standing straight up and she straddled me holding her wet pussy just above the head of my cock. Mother rubbed lube on my cock before she helped Sierra get into the right position over me. I’ll never forget the feeling as Vanessa’s tight little cunt slipped down my cock for the first time and she began to ride me. I had a lot of sperm left in my balls so it took a lot longer for me to cum. I think Vanessa had at least one orgasm before we finally did together.

My father laid Mom down next to me and we watched each other have wonderful sex. Mom gave me pointers as I continued to pound my Sister’s ever tight and wet pussy…It didn’t take long before my sister began to violently thrust her whole body toward my penis as I fucked her. She was moaning loudly and clawing at my back as our bodies slapped together in a frenzied race for satisfaction and pleasure. Vanessa cried out with a series of garbled words that turned into a high-pitched squeal as her body began to shudder violently as she started to cum.

Mom wanted to taste our cum and had Vanessa kneel down beside her…Mom and Vanessa took our cocks in their mouth as they gave us an amazing blowjob…I came in Vanessa’s mouth and she immediately swallowed my load…Then Dad finished in Mom’s mouth…Mom looked at Vanessa, tilted her head back and then dropped his cum into Vanessa Mouth…Vanessa Swallowed with a smile and then licked the extra drop off Mom’s leg…

No one ever knew our family secret; it was something that was held just between us. Even my own wife never knew about those few afternoons in the mountains — the place and time where I learned how to fuck…make love to…and satisfy a woman.

From – Vanessa in Daughter Problems

Mom has a major problem with her Daughter Vanessa. It seems Vanessa is the biggest whore at school, she cannot be controlled…Vanessa has perfect grades with all her male teachers but that is only because she slept with all of them…Mother wanted to end this and sent Vanessa to speak to her father…Mom sends Vanessa in and will not let her out till Daddy cures Vanessa of her problem…

Mom was not expecting what happened next…Vanessa walks into Daddy’s office and quickly seduces him…She strips and shows off her perfectly round ass…Daddy is helpless and falls for her…Vanessa goes to her knees and pulls out Daddy’s Cock…She sucks and sucks and promises to be a good girl…Daddy makes a deal with her, if Vanessa stops fucking all her teachers and students at school and only fucks Daddy, he will tell Mom that she(Vanessa) is cured…Vanessa agree but only if Daddy fucks her everyday…Daddy promises as he fucks Vanessa from behind…

Vanessa the cum hungry little slut begs for Daddy’s cum…He pulls out of her pussy and unloads into her mouth…Daddy and Vanessa confirm the arrangement and she leaves the room…Daddy tells Mom that Vanessa is almost cured and will take several therapy sessions before Vanessa is no longer the School Whore…Mom is happy and goes on her day…


Dad’s New Assisant – Nikki Mae The Work Day HD

Scene 1) Daddy’s New Assistant

Nikki and Mom arrives at the office. They had made a deal for the daughter to work at dad’s office to help
pay for her car payments. They walk into dad’s office and mom tells dad in the presence of the daughter,
that he shouldn’t cut her any slack and make her actually work for the money she’ll be earning.
Mom asks the dad to tell the daughter her daily duties as a new Assistant and leaves the room to make a few phone calls. Dad starts talking about the work the daughter is suppose to do, also emphasizes that she should keep her phone on vibrate or silent while working; since he knows these days are pretty much addicted to mobile browsing/texting/etc.

Daughter has other plans than doing paper work, so even with mom just outside the room making her phone calls, she tells dad she knows “Exactly” what the only thing she should be doing is. She pushes dad (whos sitting in his chair) back kneels down and starts dirty talking to him and gives him a thorough bj.

Mom walks in later on, but doesn’t see the daughter since she is under the desk/table. She asks where the daughter went and dad says she went to get him some coffee. All the while, daughter doesn’t stop sucking dad’s cock and looking up at him. Mom acknowledges the situation and once again reminds him to make the daughter work hard for what she has to receive. Mom turns around to place another phone call. Dad looks down at his daughter who is looking back at him, and daughter tells her dad to cum in her mouth.

As the dad cums in the daughter’s mouth the mom tells she’s heading out now and will be back around noon to bring dad and daughter lunch. While the conversation is happening the daughter doesn’t stop sucking and cleans her
dad’s cock thoroughly. Mom leaves and daughter reminds dad that “This” is how she’s going to assist him daily.

Scene 2) Waiting/Reception area fuck during lunch

Mom walks into the reception/waiting area, bringing with her lunch. Dad’s at the counter/front desk doing paper work.
Little does mom know her daughter is behind the counter looking up at daddy while giving him a bj.
She asks dad how the daughter is doing. He looks down and thinks for a moment as the daughter looks up and sucks extra hard.
He tell mom she’s been hard at work and has been nothing but pleasant. She tells dad she’s gonna head home for a sec and come back, since her friend was suppose to drop something off for her.

(All the while, the daughter is looking up at daddy and is constantly sucking)

When she leaves, the daughter gets up, goes to the front door and locks the door, telling daddy that she take her job seriously and wants to do a proper job. She comes up to her daddy, exciting him with dirty talk and jumps on his cock. Action and dirty talk continues in various positions until someone tries to open the locked front door. Moments later dad gets a call from mom.
He continues to fuck his daughter while the mom is asking him why the front door was closed/locked. He replies that his in the back eating lunch. She asks why the daughter isn’t picking up either, and he tells her the daughter is following his rule and probably put the cell on vibrate or silent. He says give him a sec and he’ll come to the front to open the door.

Dad hangs up and tells his daughter moms just outside the front door. Daughter asks her dad to cum inside her quickly so mom doesn’t grow suspicious of how long it takes him to open the front door. Dad cums inside his daughter, pulls up his pants and goes to the front door. Meanwhile the daughter puts on her clothes, with dad’s cum still inside her, as dad lets mom in. Dad points at his daughters panties on the ground, while he diverts mom’s attention. Daughter hides the panties while mom isn’t looking. Dad takes mom to the office room, and the daughter gets up and goes to the washroom to clean up.

Scene 3) Work Day Montage
Dad and daughter Fucking in Various areas.
Every time they fuck, Nikki turns the sign over to state that the office is closed.
- Waiting/Reception area
- Break room
- Washroom
The video contains a lot of submissive dirty talk like “make me yours daddy” with a creampie finish. Dad comments that he should really stop fucking the daughter and get some work done, Nikki replies that at least one of them is doing their job properly.

Scene 4) End of the work day
The office is closed and Dad is finishing up his work so they can head home. The daughter comes into the office and asks dad to explain something to her and leads him out. They enter the basement which is set up like a dungeon. The daughter with a devilish grin asks daddy whats up with the basement. Dad stumbles on his words and vaguely explains that he used to do things with mom in here.
He changes the subject and says they should finish up so they can head home for dinner, mom will be waiting.
Nikki smiles at him and says that she also wants to thoroughly finish up her duties as the new Assistant.

She kneels down and unzips his pants. Dad comments that they don’t have much time. Which dad’s cock in hand (and stroking it), Nikki calls mom and tell her that they’ll be a bit late due to some work dad has to finish up doing. When the mom is replying, the daughter slips the cock inside her mouth and starts giving dad a bj. Mom asks her to pick up some stuff on their way home if they’re gonna be late. During the phone conversation the daughter answers with “m hmm”s with her mouth full or stops in between sucks to respond to mom. Nikki starts sucking vigorously and mom hears the daughter’s moaning and slurping noise and asks what the noise is, in which the daughter just responds by saying she’s in the washroom.

After she hangs up the phone, she asks daddy to do whatever he desires to do with her. Action happens in various positions, and through out the action the daughter dirty talks to dad. Often reminding him that as his new Assistant, she feels obligated to fuck him whenever and wherever he wants while working for him, and that daddy owns her pussy from 9-6. Action end with a swallow finish.
Nikki reminds him that he has a morning BJ at 10am and an afternoon Sex meeting from 1-2pm. Dad laughs and agrees while the daughter sucks his cock clean so they can head home.

Daddys New Assisant – Nikki Mae – The Work Day –
Daddys New Assisant – Nikki Mae – The Work Day –


Christy Mack in the Rebellious Daughter HD

Mom found out her Daughter shaved her head and loaded her body full of tattoo’s…Mom wants to throw her Rebellious daughter out of the house but Dad does not believe his daughter would do such a thing…Mom and Dad agree to discuss the tattoo issue with Christy later in the day after she returns home from school…Dad walks off to shower before work and finds a surprise in the bathroom…Christy is nude in the bathroom waiting to see Daddy…Daddy finally sees the tattoos and is in shock…Christy gives her Daddy a big smile and asks if there is anything she can do to make him forget about her new haircut and the tattoos.

Daddy has a boner and remembered that Mom no longer has sex with him…His hot daughter offered to suck him off and he took her up on the offer…Christy gives him the best blowjob he has ever had and finishes with a big swallow…

Dad tells Christy to keep this a secret and he will not tell Mom anything about what happened…Christy gives Dad a wink and tells him she will see him later…

At breakfast with Christy and her Brother Wally, we discus the tattoo and shaved head issue…I storm out of the room in a rage, upset at what my daughter has down to herself…Wally leaves the table and does not want to get involved with the Christy issue…

Dad is doing the dishes and Christy comes over to chat…She has an evil grin on her face and really wants Dad to fuck her…Mom is in the other room but Christy does not care…She goes down to her knees and pulls Dad’s cock out and begins to suck…Christy has Dad hard and wants his cock in her tight pussy…Dad cannot resist and slips it in…At that moment Mother walks into the room but she cannot see over the counter to see what is going on…Good thing she cannot see, Daddy is pumping away while talking to Mom….Mom walks off and Daddy finishes…He drops his seed inside Christy, pulls his throbbing cock out of her tight pussy and walks away to clean up for work…

Christy turns and gives Dad a smile and reminds him she will see him later…

Christy skipped school today…She wanted to spend the day with her new lover…Daddy was on the way to get dressed for work but found his daughter waiting for him in the living room…Christy was hardly wearing anything and ready to seduce Daddy before he headed off to work…

She begged for Dad’s cock and wanted her tight hole filled…Dad could not resist, Mom refuses to put out anymore and Dad has needs…He fucks Christy on the couch and wants to turn up the kink with Christy…The move to Mom’s bed and fuck like rabbits…Mom is almost home from work and they have to wrap up the third fuck of the day…Dad finishes inside of Christy’s pussy and hold her down so no drop leaks out…Christy leaves the bed and walks off to her room…She gives Dad a wink and promises more later…

Mom and Dad we laying in bed…Mommy was sound asleep but Dad was wide awake…He could not clear his head from the day he had with Christy today…Just as he began to close his eyes, Christy walked into the bedroom…She slid under the sheets and gave Dad the greatest blowjob yet….

Dad looked over to see if Mom was still sleeping, she was but just barely…The blowjob from Christy became more and more intense, so much he walked Christy out of the bedroom and into the living room…He did not want to wake up Mother…

Daddy sat Christy on the couch and told her to lay back…He gave her the best fuck of her young life…If they were going to get caught eventually, they should make the best of this…

Christy wanted a different ending this time, she wanted Daddy’s cum in her mouth…Dad could not pass up the opportunity, Mom never swallows…Dad pulls his rock hard cock out of Christy’s tight snatch…Christy went down to her knees and begged for his cum…She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as Daddy painted her tongue with a perfect coating of all his love…
Christy swallowed every drop and licked her fingers clean…Dad slipped away, back to to bed and Christy promised more for later…
Christy Mack in the Rebellious
Christy Mack in the Rebellious


Mandy Sky in My Daughters Summer Job HD

Mom brought Daughter (Mandy) to work with Dad today…Summer is about to start and Mandy wanted spending money to buy her first car…There was an opening on Dad’s Staff and Mandy fully intended to fill that opening…

Mom was fresh from her tennis lesson with Stephan and needed a quick shower…Mom left Mandy and Dad to take a shower but reminded Dad to begin Mandy’s training…Dad turned to his computer to begin the but Mandy had other things in mind…Mandy did not want to work, she only wanted to suck and fuck Daddy…

Dad was a bit surprised but his daughter was all grown up and had blossomed to quite the hot young lady…He looked to make sure the door was locked to Mom’s shower while Mandy pulled his shorts down and begin the greatest blowjob he ever had…Half way through, Mom peaked her head out from the locker room and asked for a towel…Luckily Mandy was on her knees and could not see what her daughter was doing…Dad stuttered and said he would be right there with that towel…

Mandy begged for Daddy to cum in her mouth and promised to swallow everything…Not wanting to get caught by Mom, Dad finished his Mandy’s mouth and she quickly swallowed the entire load…Mandy then adjusted her clothes, grabbed a towel and walked over to Mom…Dad and Daughter then turned to each other and said this is their naughty secret…

Mom walked in to find Dad teaching Mandy the new Personal Training Software…Mother is taking the lunch order and both Mandy and Dad order Steak Subs…Mom walks off to pick up Lunch and Mandy Turns to Daddy and says what she wants is in his shorts and not on the menu…

Mandy walks away to lock the door behind Mom, carefully moving to not catch the attention of Mommy…Mandy returns to Dad’s desk and begs for a cream pie…She wants no mess left behind and teases Dad with her tight ass…He cannot resist but they only have a couple minutes before Mom returns

Mandy opens her top and slides her shorts down begging Daddy to enter her…The two share several intimate moments and work many positions on and around Dad’s desk…Then the phone rings…Mom is at the front door asking why the door is locked…Dad stutters though his answers while Mandy continues to ride his cock…Mandy suggests he finish inside of her so they can let Mom inside…Dad agrees and fills her tight pussy full of his seed…

Mandy and Dad quickly get dressed and let Mom in…Mom senses something is going on but blows it off…Dad would never fool around with his Daughter…

Luke could not seem to focus on work today…Every new job or task he gave Mandy, she would seduce Dad to fuck her…From making coffee, to folding the white towels to using he various machines in the gym, Dad could not seem to get any work done…However this was Mandy’s devious plan from the beginning, she had no intentions of doing any work…She only wanted Daddy’s money…

Mandy’s true intentions were to never actually work for Dad, she only wanted to fuck him…She reminded Dad there would be a blowjob every morning and a fuck in the afternoon…Today was only a taste of what was to cum for Daddy…But Mom is at home now calling to see where Daddy and Daughter are, Dad must make this a quick fuck and swallow with Mandy and then get home to Mom…This will be a day Dad never forgets…

Mandy in My Daughters Summer
Mandy in My Daughters Summer


Casta E Pura (1981)

Also Known As (AKA):
Agni kai ithiki Greece (video title)
Casta e Pura Portugal (imdb display title)
Casta y pura Spain
Chaste and Pure (undefined)
Oi fantasioseis mias parthenas Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Rosa Italy (alternative title)
Rosa chaste et pure France (video title)
Director: Salvatore Samperi
Starring: Laura Antonelli, Fernando Rey, Christian De Sica, Enzo Cannavale, Gabrielle Lazure, Jean-Marc Bory, Vincenzo Crocitti, Valeria Fabrizi, Elsa Vazzoler, Riccardo Billi, Diego Cappuccio, Adriana Giuffrè, Sergio Di Pinto, Graziella Polesinanti, Massimo Ranieri.
Salvatore Samperi may have been bitter when he shot this “sexy comedy”, because apart from the lovely virgin Rosa – played by the still bombastic Laura Antonelli – no one is likeable here !
The movie is about a rich girl that everybody’s interested in only to get a hand on the loads of cash she inherited. Between her tyranic father (Fernando Rey, getting old and less picky with scripts, it would seem) and some pimpin’ playboy (Massimo Ranieri, looking sleazy and dubious), her doctor wants her to get laid, and apparently so does the village priest !
But daddy doesn’t want Rosa to get married, because this would mean the end of his reign on the girl’s money…
Conventionally shot, with a humor that the french dubbing probably obliterates, this one’s fine but it’s not highly entertaining or innovative. There are a few glimpses of flesh here and there, lots of suggested incest, a collective rape during a medieval party which is very confusingly shot, and a small role given to the lovely Gabrielle Lazure.
If this is an attempt to mock the modern bourgeois family, it is half obtained, everybody being so morally corrupt that it is almost banalised ! We’ve seen it all before; the father being more interested in money than family, the wild virgin looking to burst out of her shell… It would have appeared daring during the 70′s but in 1984, I will have to say that this is average filmmaking and that it’s sadly forgottable.
incezt.net_Casta E Pura (1981).part1.rar
incezt.net_Casta E Pura (1981).part2.rar


Daddy’s Little Girls (1983)

Director: John Christopher
Starring: Anna Ventura, Brooke Bennett, Tigr, Sharon Kane, Ashley Moore, Carter Tweasdale, Dan Stephens, Dave Ambrose, Kenny Dee, Michael Bruce.
A shit kicking look at the backwoods boffing of a family of horny hillbillies. If you like women down and dirty, this one’s for you! They all get down and dirty! Daddy’s little girls are positively filthy. Sharon Kane is so awesome. When they mud wrestle you get drawn into the action!
incezt.net_Daddy’s Little Girls (1983).avi


Carter Cruise in Daughters Job – Total HD

Daughters Job & Naughty Fuck
Mom and her husband are at a convention for Mom’s work. Leaving their daughter Carter home alone, and her husband alone in the hotel room. Mother is at the convention when her husband has an idea. He decides to call an escort service to have some fun while Mommy is away. About an hour later a knock at the door and he is shocked to see his daughter Carter walk in the hotel room. She quickly tries to leave but dad will have none of it and makes her stay. He wants to know what she has been doing working as an escort and makes his daughter show him. She strips away her clothes reveling lingerie and a ashamed face. She dances for him then sits in a chair. She spreads her legs wide pulling down her top and rubbing her pussy. She looks deep into his eyes caught up in her own pleasure as she masturbates on the chair. She crawls on the floor to her daddy, talking about what it must be like to fuck your own daughter. Carter pulls down his pants licking and stroking his now hard cock. When he tells her that it’s wrong she begs him to let her do this, that she is good at giving pleasure.
Carter rubs her pierced tits against his cock teasing him with her young tight body. She bends her legs and give him a foot job stroking his cock against her painted toes. She sucks him hard giving him the hottest and naughtiest blow-job he has ever received. There time is up and the daughter thanks him for letting her suck his cock. But the dad says she is not done. He pulls her onto the couch and fucks her.

Daughters Job – Total 1 HD

Cleaning up
Mom will be home soon and he needs to get cleaned up before she does. They hop into the shower and he lathers her tits in soap. As they wash he bends her over in the shower and fucks her again letting the water wash over her hot slippery body. Out of the shower they towel off and she drops to her knees sucking on his cock until he cannot take it any longer and then fucks Carter on the Vanity. Just then the door opens. Mom is home early!

Daughters Job – Total 2 HD

Daddy Fucks Back
He continues fucking her hot tight body on the bed, stuffing her panties into her mouth to muffle the screams of pleasure. He takes control of the fucking hammering into her like she has never been fucked before. He pulls the panties out of her mouth and fucks her face. She pleads with him to give her his cum and he jerks his orgasm over her face. She smiles at her daddy, cum dripping down her face, as the door opens and Mom walks in seeing her daughter covered in her husbands cum.

Daughters Job – Total 3 HD

Mother Finds Out
Carter explains everything to her mother as the exhausted and frightened husband leaves to go get a drink at the bar. Mother says she understands and asks more about her daughters work. She asks if she has ever done a woman client before? When she says no Mommy decides to teach her how to please a woman. She instructs her daughter on how to make-out with a woman, and how to worship a woman?s body. Licking her mom’s tits and legs, working her way to licking her mom’s pussy. The mom brings her onto the bed where they begin to eat each other out. Mum orgasms with a face full of her daughters pussy. Mother then props up her daughter to the headboard and licks her to a amazing orgasm. Mom tells her that she will now work exclusively for them as their personal escort.

Daughters Job – Total 4 HD


Daisy Gets A Taste HD

Daisys Daddy Desires

Dear Diary

Daisy Summers
After that special night with Daddy I really started craving his special attention even more. Last night Daddy was in the shower and I stripped naked and joined him. His hands on my body made me shiver and his cock got really hard. I knelt down and sucked it for a bit then Daddy pulled me to my feet.
He bent me over against the glass wall and entered me from behind. My pussy was still really tight but he managed to get inside me. He slowly fucked me til my first orgasm then he started going faster. Between the hot water and Daddys cock I was cumming like crazy. After cumming several I asked Daddy if I could taste his cum and he blew a huge load in my mouth. Surprisingly it tasted pretty good too.

Daisy Gets A Taste HD

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