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I Love You Daddy HD

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Dreaming of Daddy HD 720p

Dear Diary,

Lately I’ve been having these really weird dreams about my Dad. I don’t know what going on with me or if these fantasies are even normal but I really seem to enjoy them. Like last night while I was sleeping I had a dream my Dad gave me the opportunity to act on my desires! He called me into his office and it was like he already knew what I had been dreaming about! He asked me to fuck him, it felt so real! Almost like I was actually having sex! We fucked all over his office and then later that day he called me into his bedroom where we continued to fuck! In my dream Daddy even came inside me, it was so warm and I could feel it leaking out I got so excited I woke myself up and then something weird happened. I was laying there naked with cum leaking out of me and my Uncle J was walking away laughing. Maybe that was just a weird dream too? Maybe I was fantasizing about fucking Uncle J too, but then this creampie felt so real. Well back to bed. Night Diary!


Riley Reid And A Very Lucky Daddy HD

Riley Reid And A Very Lucky Daddy HD.mp4


Kelle Martina – Daddy Sucks Dick HD

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Does Daddy like my big strap-on cock? You love getting on your knees in front of your little girl’s big dick, don’t you Daddy? You stroking your dick for me? Come and wrap your lips around my big fat cock. You want to jerk so hard for me. You want to taste my hot cream shooting out of my big dick. Jerk yourself, Daddy. Stroke with me. You can’t resist my innocent looks and filthy mouth.Young but not-so-innocent.POV strap-on | taboo | Daddy’s girl | dirty talk | masturbation encouragement | masturbation instruction | FemDom POV |


Impregnate Me Again Daddy HD

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8:33 video

Dear Diary,

Since giving birth I’ve been feeling a little empty inside and I figured out what it is. I really love being pregnant. Needless to say I went and told Daddy about it. He was a bit hesitant due to the cost of another mouth but I always get my way.

Every night now I go to bed with Daddy and we make love for hours most nights. Ever since I asked him to impregnate me he’s not lasting as long. It’s a good thing though cause I’m getting lots of massive creampies. I should be pregnant again soon!!!

Xo Sierra

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Katie Banks – Daddy’s Girl HD

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Daddy’s Confession HD

(60fps) Daddy, do you remember what you said to me last night? I didn’t think so.. you were pretty out of it. Well, you said… Daddy, you said… you want me to have a baby! But Daddy, I think we both know you don’t want me to have a baby with just anyone. The guys I’ve dated are clearly not up to your standards. So… I don’t know if you really want to do this, but I definitely do! You’re the one who confessed, after all.

Daddy, I know it’s such a wrong thing to do. It would be awful if someone found out! But, I mean, do they have to know? Please Daddy, this is what I’ve always wanted. You and I used to play house all the time when I was younger, and you were Daddy and I was Mommy… Let me show you. I want to play real House, Daddy! I want you to give me a baby. Won’t you make your little girl pregnant? Fill my womb? Watch my breasts and belly begin to swell? Make me pregnant!

* Heavily Impregnation Fantasy *

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Daddy Will Clean You Up!


Alora James – Let Me Get You Ready Daddy HD 720p

Category: Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Blowjob, Dirty Talk, Oral, Cumshot, Bathroom, Daddy’s Girl

– Back Story
Dad raised his daughter as a single parent. He had a none existent social life as he tried to make ends meet and also raise his daughter. Finally now that shes been accepted into College, and her tuition is supported by the Education fund he had set up, dad is Ready to finally find a girlfriend for himself

Scene 1 Let me help You Get Ready

Dad is Getting Ready for his first date in ages.
He is in the washroom, and just came out of the shower.
His daughter enters the bathroom, and dad covers up immediately.
He asks what shes doing in here, and she says she wanted to ask him if his excited about his date.
Dad tells her he is, and he’s quite anxious since he hasn’t been on a date for years.
Alora replies by saying that she understands, and is thankful that he sacrificed his social life to raise her.
She also tells him how appreciative she is that he even sacrificed having a sex life.
Dad, goes silent as his daughter mentions his sex life.
Alora tells him that she has an idea to help him Get less anxious, and to show appreciation for his forgone sex life.
She starts taking her clothes off and dad asks in surprise what shes doing.
She tells dad to keep quiet and just enjoy what his little girl has in store for him.
She undresses then uncovers dads cock.
As she strokes it, she tells him that its alright, since she’s his daughter and all.
She continues to tell him that she believes that this act is right and fine, and she really wants to do it.
She starts sucking on his cock.
She dirty talks to him mentioning how every time she mentions daughter or little girl his cock Gets harder.
She tells him she knows that he likes this as much as she does.
Dirty talk and bj continues until dad is about to cum.
Alora tells her dad to give her his cum, telling him when she drains him, she’ll also drain away his anxiety.
Dad explodes in her mouth.
Alora shows dad what his done then swallows the load.
She goes back to suck his cock, and in between sucks she asks how he feels, and if it has helped.
He tells him it actually has and thanks her for it.
She kisses her dads cock, and wishes him good luck.

Let Me Get You Ready Daddy HD


Party Girl Had Daddy Impregnate Her! HD

Ooh Daddy, stop looking! You’re not supposed to be in here, gosh! … I’m just getting ready for a party. You know I want to go and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You know what I want to do there… Daddy, stop looking! It’s so naughty. What would Mommy say?…
Okay, Daddy, I know what you want. I know what you really need. Mommy hasn’t been taking care of you since I left for college. You really want me around, don’t you? Well, there’s only one thing that will keep me away from all the fun! Daddy needs to impregnate me to keep me home and away from all the boys I see at my parties. That’s what we both want, right Daddy? I’ve told you before, but… I really mean it. We can watch my breasts swell and my belly grow, together! With our baby… Oh Daddy, that would guarantee I’m home all the time. All you need to do is cum in my unprotected pussy… Ready?

Disclaimer: Daddy, unfortunately my mic picked up the auto focus sound (only slightly audible–See Preview) from my camera. My sound is all in sync and my voice is sexy, and Daddy’s sure to cum in me deep! But rest assured, I’m working to fix it for future videos. Thank you for your support!

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Party Girl Had Daddy Impregnate Her HD.mp4

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