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Love Me Daddy HD

All I ever wanted was your love, Dad. Ever since that week Mom was gone… that week you saw me as a woman and not just your little girl anymore, I’ve wanted you. It started so innocently, when I laid my head on your lap and… felt you get excited. But you could barely talk to me, let alone look at me when you found out I was pregnant with your son.

Dad, I’m glad it happened. Just show me that you still love me… and touch me. My breasts are full of milk because of you. They’re so tender, bigger than when you last saw them. Mom’s not here, it’s just us again for the whole weekend… Put your hands all over me, make me feel wanted Dad. Mmm…Oh yes… My shirt is going to soak through with milk if you keep squeezing… They feel like they’re about to burst, you’ll have to suck the milk out. Put your mouth on my nipples and suc-Ohh! You’re so gentle, please keep going…

Dad? You’re… hard. Why not? Why couldn’t we just… do it again. Love me like you did, Dad. Even if it’s just this once.

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Renee roulette – Renee Learns to be Daddy’s Special Girl HD

Movie Night with Daddy HD

Renee wants to give daddy a kiss goodnight before she gets ready for bed, but she interrupts him watching “movies’ on his computer. “Those girls look like their may age daddy!” Renee exclaims. Daddy explains the girls are old enough to do what they are doing, and Renee asks if he likes what the girls are doing. Daddy explains that he likes it and the girls are having a lot of fun too, and starts showing her how to do what the girls are doing. “Is this ok daddy?” Renee asks nervously. She is excited but she really wants to make her daddy happy

Daddy Don’t Leave! HD

Renee’s daddy is leaving. He explains that her mom just doesn’t do the things he needs, but Renee refuses to let him go, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her daddy to stay. Things even her mom won’t do

Natural Curiosity HD

Things have happened that have made Renee so curious and she sneaks in to watch her daddy in the shower, watching him makes her want to touch herself. Dad sees her, and first he is shocked, but he calls her in and explains her curiosity is totally natural.
Category: TABOO
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Lucy Marie – Mommy fucks you while on the phone to Daddy HD

Daddy is out for the afternoon, so you immediately go to Mommy’s room and sit on the end of her bed, she has been waiting for you. the moment daddy is gone, your special time can begin. In fact the moment you hear his car leave the drive your penis swells in you pants and you start fantasising of all the filthy possibilities. Your young mind is beginning to be full of dirty hot thoughts about your Mommy and the experiences you are sharing together. The moment you sit on the bed she begins to speak in her soft sensual voice, whispering sexy things into your ear.. making your cock so hard… she knows just how to make you almost cum in your pants. Soon Mommy is spreading her legs wide, rubbing her gorgeous pussy, jerking you off and playing with her wonderful tits in front of you. The inevitable happens and she starts to fuck you, neither have you can contain your insatiable desire for one another… you love to see mommy grinding on your cock…moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Even when Daddy calls her mobile she still answers the phone!!! that’s right she is fucking you whilst talking to daddy about his day, she is close to an exploding orgasm and pretending to daddy she is in pain over something else. Mommy loves you that much, she wont even stop fucking you to talk to Daddy….

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Meet my Black Step Daddy Part 1 & 2 HD


Hello Hubby, let me introduce you to Mom’s New Boyfriend. Yes he’s like my stepdaddy, when you aren’t at home he takes care of me in a very nice way. We do a lot of things, some of them that you and me have never done. Like make me squirt, deep-throat his daddy BBC even get fucked and creampied in the ass. Today you will see how much fun I have with my Black Step Daddy.

PART 2 check how my new black step daddy, fucks my ass, make me quirt and finish breeding my ass and cumming in my cute young slut face.

“Hello Hubby, let me introduce you to Mom’s New Boyfriend. Yes he’s like my stepdaddy, when you aren’t at home he takes care of me in a very nice way. We do a lot of things, some of them that you and me have never done. Like make me squirt, deep-throat his daddy BBC even get fucked and creampied in the ass. Today you will see how much fun I have with my Black Step Daddy”.


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Sexy Girl Next Door Giving Handjob While On The Phone With Daddy HD

The girl next door is pulling down your boxers, as she reassures you that her daddy thinks she is at a friend’s house. “Don’t worry–my dad thinks I’m at Sarah’s house. He thinks I’m such a good, little girl. I’m his good little girl–he’ll never suspect anything. So, just relax, and let me take care of you.” She lays down, in her gray thongs and knee-high socks, as she begins to take your cock into her hand. “He’s busy at work, so we don’t even have to worry about him. We have all the time in the world.” She takes her fingertips and runs them up the head of your cock, and looks at you her big, blue eyes. Her fingertips begin to run up and down the shaft, and she lays your cock onto your stomach–pushing the heel of her hand from the bottom to the top. The girl continues to play with the head, sensually, and then begins rolling your cock between her hands. She puts both of her hands on the shaft, twisting them both, and jerking them up and down. She blows lightly on your cock, teasing it, and continues to use her fingers and hands to pleasure you.

She looks over at her phone, and sees that her dad is calling her. “Oh my God, oh my God. My dad’s calling me right now! Just stay quiet. Just be quiet. Stay quiet.” She answers the phone, as she continues to stroke your cock with her other hand. “Hello. Oh, hi Daddy! Your little girl is doing just fine. Yeah, I’m at Sarah’s house right now. Oh, we’re just videos on the computer. What? Your boss let you have a half day? That’s great, Daddy! And you’re headed home now?” Her dad continues to tell her that he wants to spend the rest of the day with her, and she tells him that she is on her way home–walking to meet him there. “You want to stay on the phone with me? Why, Daddy? You just want to make sure your little girl is safe. I understand.” She continues to stroke you, teasing you with her fingers and hands, as she whispers for you to hurry up. As she strokes you in different ways, and using both hands, she continues to keep her daddy occupied with any sort of conversation that she can–she talks about his work, her classes, the movies, anything. The girl smiles at you, as she continues to stroke you and tease you, rubbing every part of her hand on your cock. She continues to whisper for you to hurry up, or that her dad will her. She spits on your cock, as she strokes it, and rubs her thumb against the head. “I’m so excited to spend the day with you, Daddy.” She finally makes you cum, as she rubs her thumb across the head of your cock. Your load spills down her fingers, and she admires how big it is. “You’re so lucky that I live next door.”

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Kelly Kitty – Daddy’s Innocent Horny Daughter HD

Kelly Asks Daddy About Her Dream HD

Dad is laying down half asleep on the couch when his sweet little Kelly bounces in and sits next to him. She begins to explain this dream she had about well about a boy and putting his thing in her mouth and she loved it so much it gave her feelings she is curious about how to use her mouth.

Kelly Gets Tucked In HD

Kelly’s daddy wants to make sure that from now on Kelly talks to her mom about certain things. But, she starts to talk about another dream she has had, another dream that made her feel things

Kelly Comes in to Say Good Night HD

Daddy is sleeping, and Kelly, well she cant stop wanting it now, she slips into bed, she is so sweet and innocent and desperately needs Daddy’s dick.
Category: TABOO
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Daddy’s Girl Loves BBC Now HD

Daughter, Teen, POV, Interracial, Cheating, Cuckold

Your daughter needs to tell you something, she’s gone black and it’s all your fault! That’s right, she found your stash of interracial porn and cucked her white boyfriend. She wants you to watch her fuck her black boyfriend. Ellie fondles her breasts and pussy throughout the video to demonstrate how aroused she is.

You ask me where I’m going with my bf Billy all dressed up like that. I tell you Daddy, that Billy and I broke up. I’m seeing Tyrone from the football team now! Ever since I found your stash of interracial porn, I’ve been intrigued by BBC. I can’t get them out of my head. One day after school, I invited the mail man inside. It hurt at first when he stretched me, but I had a full body orgasm. It was like a high! I had to have more. I only wanted BIG BLACK COCK. Watching those clips of yours, I had noticed the girls came harder when their bfs were watching. So I cuckolded Billy. I made him watch me get fucked by BBC. I DID cum harder. Billy just couldn’t handle being tossed aside for dark meat, so we broke up. I notice you getting an erection. Say…how about you watch me fuck Tyrone d4ddy? If it weren’t for you, I would have never known the joys of BBC.


My Tits Left Daddy Speechless HD

And Turned Him On Too Dear Diary,The other day I was taking a shower and after I stepped out I started toweling myself off. Daddy walked in on me and couldn’t stop staring at my tits, I mean they are JJ’s after all but still. I finally had to shout to snap him out of it and he stumbled back towards his room mumbling about needing a shower.

A few minutes later I went to check on him and there weere sounds coming from his room. I cracked the door and Daddy was in his bed with his eyes closed touching himself. When I figured out he was masturbating to my tits something inside me started tingling and I walked into his room.Daddy was a bit embarrassed being caught like that but when I pulled out my tits he was completely speechless. I’m not sure why but I encouraged him to touch them and before long we were making love in Daddys bed. Daddy did things to me that drove me so crazy I couldn’t tell you how many times I came. Daddy really enjoyed himself too, so much that he came inside me and I’m not on the pill. More Later Rachel
Category: TABOO
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Daddy is My Big Round Belly and Leaking Brown Nipples Turning you On HD

Kristalia is home from college and is not sure why her belly has gotten so big and round and her nipples so big and brown with stuff leaking from them. She waits for you her daddy to come home from work and shows you her belly by cutting through the dress. She rubs it and shows her dark brown nipples and what is coming out of them, She sees that you are getting a really big hard on in your pants and realizes that her new big round belly is turning you on. She has you bring out your great big cock and jack off for her all over her new big round belly. She squeeses milk out from her breasts as you shoot your hot load all over her belly mixed with her hot breast milk.

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Rimjob Exchange With Daddy

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