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Daddy Can’t Resist My Sweet Ass HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasy, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Virtual Anal Sex, Brunette, Cheerleader

I come home in a sexy cheerleading outfit and pigtails. You are home alone and I can tell how hot you are for me. “your little girl wants to play” I continue to strip tease for you, my daddy and begin to play with my pussy in front of you. I talk about how I have been experimenting with masturbating and that I have been liking to play with my ass (while fingering and licking my fingers) “daddy come lick your little girls asshole” The camera moves in so you can lick me POV while I continue to pleasure myself. We are both hot and horny and I want you to be my first and take me doggystyle. In the ass! “fuck me daddy” “pull my hair” “cum in me daddy”.

Daddy Can’t Resist My Sweet Ass HD


Dillion Carter in Daddys Prison Bitch HD

Scene One: Return from Prison

It’s been a few days since Dillion has been released from prison. She does not seem like daddy’s little girl anymore. She snaps at everything and always gets her own way. Dad sits down with her and tells her that it’s time she looked for a job. Dillon replies that she has a job.

Pulling off her dads shorts she jerks his cock. He tries to push her away but she grabs him by the neck and tells him that he is now her bitch and that she owns his cock. He is going to cum for her and there is nothing he can do about it.

She sucks his cock holding on to him tightly until he cums in her mouth. With a swallow she leaves the room. Her dad is terrified.

Daddys Prison Bitch HD 1
Scene Two: Hers to do with as she pleases.

Cory wakes up and leaves the bedroom giving her husband a kiss. No sooner after she leaves does Dillion walk in. Holding him to the bed she tells him that it’s time for her to cum.

She places her pussy on his face and makes him lick her while she jerks his cock. When she is good and wet she rides his cock with her hands around his neck. She cums hard. She tells him that he is hers to do with as she pleases.

Daddys Prison Bitch HD 2

Scene Three and Scene Four: Taking Control, Thinking of Dillion

The Dad is fucking his wife Cory on the bed. (fade through black)

He opens his eyes to see his daughter in front of him. “I own your cock” she says and he fucks her. She moans “oh daddy” as his cock slams her from all sides. He cums inside her and they fall to the bed (fade through black)

Cory rolls over to him and tells him he hasn’t fucked her that hard in years and gives him a kiss.

Dillion wakes up to find herself tied up. Her dad walks in and tells her she has been a bad girl. No longer her bitch he fucks the helpless girl taking back control of the house. Dillon tries to fight back but he is too strong and takes her. He cums over her face and she smiles. Her dad now owns her.

Daddys Prison Bitch HD 3
Daddys Prison Bitch HD 4


Christy Stevens – Cuck Daddy’s New Life HD 720p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Caught in the act, Family Fantasies, FemDom / Female Domination, Panty / Underwear Fetish, Panty Sniffing, Blonde, Face-Sitting, Blackmail

Christy Stevens has been suspicious of her father for a while now. She knows that he has been taking her dirty underwear and spying on her with the boyfriends. Today she catches him red handed! Oh, she so owns him now. Christy decides to make her daddy into her cuck daddy. She will force him to do anything that she wants or else she’ll tell mom.

Cuck Daddy’s New Life HD





She puts her panties over his face and stuffs them in his mouth, and hooks Daddy up to the Milking Machine. IT MAKES STEP-DADDY’S COCK HURT. She teases him with her beautiful tits and humiliates him about his wanking habits. She is going to take advantage of him now – getting her perverted Step-Daddy to buy her a new car. Otherwise SHE’LL TELL M0MMIE. – BRAT STEP-DAUGHTER ALLISON TYLER



Daddys Hard At Work HD

And At Home Too

Dear Diary
Ever since I can remember I would spend my Saturdays going with Daddy to the construction jobs he supervised. Last Saturday was no different until Daddy was under a sink and a very strange feeling came over me. As I handed him a tool my hand daringly touched his cock as if it had a mind of its own. Daddy must have thought it was an accident because he kept on working. I noticed his jeans did begin to bulge and that was all the encouragement I needed.
Knowing Daddy wouldn’t be able to resist I began to live out my darkest fantasy. I ripped open his pants and before he could protest I started sucking his cock. Shocked and bewildered Daddy feebly asked me to stop but it was too late, my hormones were in complete control now. After I got him nice and hard I rode him til I came then begged him to really fuck me. Daddy pounded my pussy all over the sink then exploded deep in my womb. I was soo shocked I almost forgot I wasn’t on the pill.
Wish Me Luck

Daddys Hard At Work HD 1

Dear Diary
Daddy and I kept our secret well and soon we were stealing moments daringly. One afternoon while mom ran to the store I was really in a wild mood. I started riding Daddy on the couch after a nice long blowjob and a sudden urge came over me. I had been playing with anal toys and finally wanted Daddy to take my rosebud.
He asked if I was sure and I practically begged him to finger fuck my little hole while I rode him. After he loosened me up he eased his cock into my virgin ass and played with my pussy making me cum hard. Once his cock was snug in my ass Daddy fucked me gently until finally I begged him to “Hammer My Ass” and he did. It felt so good I came several times before Daddy finally did. At least you can’t get pregnant from anal.

More Later
Dear Diary
Just as I suspected all the time I’m spending with Daddy caught up to me. The doctor just told me I’m pregnant and I’m not sure what to do. Since it’s my stepdads baby maybe he’ll get a divorce and stay with me. I’ll just have to make sure he does.
This scene contains both Roses 1st creampie and her 1st anal scene so it is very unique.

Daddys Hard At Work HD 2


Molly Jane – Daddy Thinks I am Mom HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Cumshot, Facial

Dad thinks I’m mom!

Scene One: Daddy, I’m not mom!

Molly is in her room reading and catching up on school work. Her dad walks into the room and tells her they’re alone, and that Molly is at school. A confused look moves to shock when dad takes off his pants. Molly tries to explain but his cock shuts her up sliding into her mouth. Molly not knowing what to do sucks her dad’s cock and lets him face fuck her.

Dad strips off Molly’s cute panties and fucks her. Waves of ecstasy flow through her and she cries ?oh daddy fuck your little girl?. She has always dreamed of her daddy fucking her, and now with his cock inside her she gets close to cumming. Just then a knock at the door and Molly grabs the blanket and covers up her dad. ?Just a minute? she tells her mom trying to get off the top of her dad. He just pulls her back onto him and Cory opens the door. Cory asks what Molly is doing and figures out that Molly is just having some personal time. Molly can barely keep a conversation with her mom moaning as she speaks. Cory leaves her daughter to it and dad keeps fucking her until they both cum.

Daddy Thinks I am Mom 1 HD

Scene Two: Daddy, I need to get ready for school!

Molly is getting ready for school in the bathroom when her dad comes in and slides his hand down his daughter’s panties. ?Daddy stop? Molly moans but her resistance fades, moaning from his hands on her body. Setting her on the counter he fucks her stripping her of the last of her clothes. He bends her over the counter and fucks her tight ass. ?Not in their daddy, I’ve never been fucked in my ass? she pleads with him. Her moans get louder and louder until she is almost screaming for her daddy.

Cory knocks on the door to see if everything is all right. Dad quickly hides in the shower and Cory walks in to see her daughter naked, sprawled against the counter with her fingers rubbing her pussy. ?We are going to have a talk about this later? she tells her daughter. ?now hurry up, you’re going to be late for school? Cory leaves and dad goes back to fucking his daughter until he cums. Pulling up her panties, Molly is going to have to go to school with her ass full of her dad’s cum all day… and she loves it.

Daddy Thinks I am Mom 2 HD

Scene Three: Masturbating on the couch with daddy

(Cory is trying to ignore her daughter ?masturbating? on the couch)

Molly has just come home from school and sits on the couch to watch some TV. Her dad comes in and watches TV next to her. ?I want your cock daddy? Molly says to him and pulls his cock out with her free hand while still watching the TV. She takes off the panties from under her skirt and spreads her legs wide rubbing her pussy while she jerks her dad’s cock. When he is hard, Molly places her wet pussy on top of him and fucks him sliding up and down.

Cory comes in and watches TV with them. Molly moans and fucks her dad under her skirt, daring her mom to say anything. She touches her breasts under her thin shirt while ridding her daddy’s cock. Cumming like she has never cum before. Cory tells her that masturbating on the couch is not appropriate. Molly slides off her dad and apologies to her mom, going upstairs to clean up.

Daddy Thinks I am Mom 3 HD

Scene Four: What the hell is going on!

Her parents are sleeping and Molly walks into their bedroom quietly. She bought some special lingerie for her daddy and can’t wait to show him. She wakes her dad and asks him what he thinks of it, showing him how it fits her body. Not caring if she wakes her mom Molly sucks his cock. She then guides his cock inside her pussy and fucks him like she has never had sex before.

Molly wants to wake up her mom and screams for daddy to fuck her in her ass. Cory is a heavy sleeper and sleeps right through her daughter’s loud orgasm. ?I need your cum on my face daddy? Molly demands. He jerks his load onto her face and she smiles satisfied. Cory wakes up and yells ?What the hell is going on!? Molly tells her that daddy just gave her a facial and she loves it.

Daddy Thinks I am Mom 4 HD


Marie McCray – Daddy Gets Lucky!

My Son’s Girlfriend

This is one hot and horny redhead Daughter. She bends over and gets her pussy stuffed by a huge Dad’s cock.
Taboo, All Sex, Old and Young, Daughter, Father, Redhead

Daddy Gets Lucky HD


Shes Fucking My Daddy HD

The Nympho Exchange Student (Banging in the bathroom)

Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy Fantasies, Voyeurism, Spying, Peeping, Cum in mouth, Cumshot, Doggy-style, OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, Blowjob, Bathroom
Dear Diary:
A few days later I came home from school and watched daddy walk in the bathroom. A few minutes later Gabbi pushed open the
door catching daddy peeing. Next thing you know that horny little nympho had my daddys cock in her mouth and for some
reason I was turned on. I watched in awe as my Daddy fucked Gabbi on the counter hard and made her cum. When he turned her
around and started fucking her from behind my panties got soaked. He fucked her hard and fast making her big ass shake then
pulled out at the last minute and blew his load in her mouth. Seeing her savor the taste of daddys cum and swallow his huge
load made me cum again. I quickly snuck off to my room so they wouldn’t know I watched.

Shes Fucking My Daddy HD


Deflower Me Daddy (2014)

That just shouldn’t happen. Dancer and webcam model Daisy Summers had never been with a man and made the very unique decision to give up her virginity on film. Somehow or another we managed to get this beautiful Korean and Russian beauty to do it for us. This is a look at the moments before she loses her virginity to JW including getting her make-up ready and a glamour style photo shoot to capture her innocence one final time. Daisy was pretty nervous and unsure of herself at times during the shoot but when the moment finally happened: I believe she truly enjoyed herself quite a bit. Watch this one-of-a-kind movie and see for yourself.

Category: All Sex Movies, Legal Teen
Starring: Daisy Summers, Jenni Bliss
Language: English
Deflower Me Daddy (2014).part1.rar
Deflower Me Daddy (2014).part2.rar


Leya Falcon eats her daddy’s cum HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions), Cum Eating, Cum in mouth, Blonde

It is very hot outside and your daughter Leya just finished tanning. She knows you were peeping on her while she was outside. You are a little surprised when she tells you that she wants to watch you jerk off. She licks a popsicle as you jack off. Leya knows you want to see her big tits, so she exposes them to you. She rubs the icy treat against her nipple as she urges you to jack your dick. Clearly turned on by what she sees, she begins to finger her pussy. Do you want to stretch open her pussy with your fat daddy cock? Her finger moves in and out of her pussy. Then she tells you that she would like you to bend her over and spank her ass. Two fingers are buried deep inside of her snatch. She happily displays her huge labia. You have always been a fan of big pussy lips. Leya loves the way you handle yourself and she is not even concerned that her mom might be home at any minute. Stroke it faster, daddy, as Leya plays with her wet pussy. Clearly unsatisfied with the popsicle, she begs you to feed her with your cum and you fill her mouth with your hot seed.
Leya Falcon eats her daddy’s cum HD

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