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Dreaming of Daddy’s Girls – Xev Bellringer & Princess Leia HD

Daddy hears his two daughters come in the house just as he was heading for a nap. They’re dressed in such a way that he can’t help but want to spy a little. Did they really wear those clothes to school? What are they talking about?…

Wow, can you believe Daddy’s new girlfriend? What a mess! She’s so undeserving of him. Daddy works too hard to deal with this woman’s disgusting living habits. Dirty underwear on the floor! I can’t believe this. Let’s clean up for Daddy, at least. We can’t let him see this!

Daddy goes to take his nap. He falls asleep thinking about his girls, what they said, and what they were wearing… He’d never say it out loud, but he secretly wishes to see more. Daddy has a wet dream…

Oh Daddy, you only need us! Your little girls are here to take good care of you. We’ll give you the best treatment. Relax, Daddy! We’re much better than your “girlfriend”. She needs to go. We’ll be Daddy’s girlfriends now!

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Daddy’s Little Girl: Amarna Miller HD

Amarna Miller & Laz Fyre

Amarna and her daddy are on their way to reunite with Amarna’s mother in Spain and they have a 10 hour lay over. Amarna’s father, Laz is tired from all the traveling and decides that he and Amarna should get a hotel room before they continue their journey. Laz tells Amarna that he is going to take a nap and that she can go do some shopping or hang around in the lobby but she tells him that she is tired and would like to take a nap with him. Laz is reluctant to allow his wife’s daughter to sleep in the same bed with him but he’s too tried to argue. Laz crashes within seconds, leaving Amarna in her underwear lying next to him. Amarna decides she wants to toy with Laz and see if she can get him aroused while he sleeps. She lightly touches him and rubs her young body on his but her advances are met by Laz’s deep grumbling snores. Disappointed, Amarna heads to the bathroom where she finds Laz’s toiletry bag. She rifles through it and finds a bottle labelled “Spanish Fly”. Oh she knows what this stuff is! She prepares a glass of water and then squirts a little of the Spanish Fly into the glass. Unsure of how much it will take to render her father powerless against her sexual prowess she pours the entire bottle of Spanish Fly into the glass. Amarna wakes Laz and offers him the concoction saying that the water will calm his breathing so he can sleep more soundly. Laz doesn’t think twice and drinks the water and falls back to sleep. Amarna continues where she left off, lightly groping and caressing Laz. Noticing the rock hard bulge in his pants, Amarna takes it a step or two further by pulling out Laz’s juicy cock and starts sucking it. There’s no way he is going to resist this Spanish Vixen now! Laz awakens to find Amarna milking his cock with her soft wet mouth. He jumps up, pushes her off and realizes that his heart is pounding and that his urges and desires have become uncontrollable. He has no choice. He must take Amarna and her young body. He must feel the inside of her now! Amarna giggles and savors the pounding. She loves taunting him by calling him Daddy…. “Fuck my pussy Daddy, Fuck my pussy Daddy!” And he does, very well, until he cums all over his pretty daughter’s face. You’ll Also Love: …..American Taboo…….Daddy’s Little Girl: Adrian Maya……Our Slutty Daughter ……….

Category: TABOO
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Part II Fuck Me Daddy & Cum On My Face HD

Part 2 to Part 1: Fucking My Holes For Daddy. While Daddy was at work, I decided to play with the new toys he got me and record it. I wanted to show him as soon as he got home. Daddy comes home and gets hard from watching me play with myself. I take his pants off, suck his hard cock and fuck him. He’s been such a good Daddy. I need to thank him for everything he does for his little princess. Daddy gives me a nice little treat by cumming all over my face. Thank you Daddy… Video does not show the males face. Involves blowjob, peach licking and fingering, riding him, a facial, and more.

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Daddy Is Sooo Druuuunk and Horny!

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Daddy Shows Me What To Do 4 (2016)

Emma Mae, Rochelle Ryder, Rilynn Rae

She’s learning from the best. Daddy’s little girl is going to be a pro after he’s done with her.

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Daddy, I’m a Big Girl Now 2 (2016)

Starring: Ivy Lace,Sydney Screams,Layla Moore

Taboo tales featuring plus-size girls! They will do anything to please daddy! XXX that just shouldn’t happen!
Layla Moore
The other day I was bathing and started to turn me on. I couldn’t help but touch myself. I began to fantasize about Daddy’s cock. Within minutes I was cumming like crazy and craving the real thing. I got out of the bath and went to Daddys room. He was napping and I started to suck his cock. Daddy woke up and tried to resist but I overpowered him. I got on top and rode Daddy hard until I came enough to satisfy myself. I kept Daddy pinned to the bed making him cum all over my face and in my mouth then went to take pics of it to show mom. Daddys gonna be all mine soon.
Ivy Lace
After mom died, dad was so depressed he was pretty much comatosed so I had to take care of him. I was giving Daddy a sponge bath one morning and some of my big tits popped out and feel right in Daddys mouth. He started sucking it for a minute. It was weird but it kind of turned me on. I wonder if nursing him will snap him out of it? The next morning I went in to wash Daddy and I put my full tits in his mouth to see what would happen. Daddy began sucking them even more than before and his cock began to grow. Now I have to see what else I can do to snap daddy out of his funk.
Sydney Screams
The other night I was soo drunk and horny. I stumbled to the couch and my head fell in Daddys lap. I was so out of control, I stripped off his pants and stroked his cock before sliding it into my wet pussy. I rode it to several orgasms when suddenly daddy came inside me too. Apparently his meds don’t’ stop that when he’sy. My daddy urges have gotten even worse. I ripped off his pants again and rubbed his cock on my tits before fucking him hard. I don’t think he’s not totally gone though because he creampied me again. I hope I don’t get pregnant.

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Daughter sucks daddy’s dick after losing a be HD

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DILF – Daddy I Like to Fuck (2016)

Starring: John E. Depth, Sarah Jessie, Jayla Starr, Tila Flame, Marica Hase, Amiliah Kush
Five hot chicks who love fucking big black cock. They may be small in size, but they love it long and deep in their pussy. DILF – Daddy I Like to Fuck is filled with orgasms and extremely hot sex. Enjoy!
DILF…. Daddy I Like to Fuck consist of five hot chicks who love fucking big black cock. They may be small in size, but hey love it long and deep in their pussy. First, we have new cummer Amilian Kush who is a freak for big cock. Watch her pussy get stretched as she orgasms from deep penetration. Next, we have Jayla Starr the Black Asian lil mama who loves it hard and deep. Check out how she goes crazy for John E’s large member as she screams from pleasure. Thirdly, we have the tiny Asian sensation Marica Hase who cums so hard from penetration that she shakes uncontrollably. Next, we have fan favorite Sarah Jessie who loves big cocks, but can she handle Anaconda. Watch Sarah scream from joy or pain, you decide. Lastly, we have the sexy Tila Flame who comes from an exercise workout, but instead gets her pussy overworked by John E’s massive cock. DILF is filled with orgasms and extremely hot sex. Enjoy.
File Name : DILF – Daddy I Like to Fuck .mkv
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Resolution : 852×480
Duration : 02:00:32
Video : AVC (AVC)
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

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