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Haunted Passions (1990)

Director: Loretta Sterling
Starring: Bionca, Heather Torrance, Rachel Ryan, Raven Richards, Stephanie Rage, Susan Vegas, Tamara Lee, Eric Price, Jon Dough, Peter North, Ray Victory, Steve Vegas.
The setting of a haunted garden where couples expired while en flagrante delecto and return to Earth for some supernatural nookie provides the minimal background for a series of well-handled encounters, from the opening segment of Ray Victory and Rachel Ryan to my personal favorite, featuring North and Heather Torrance. The cast performs universally well, and while each only graces the screen for one time, the sizzling pace of Haunted Passions makes it a feature that viewers shouldn?t be scared of trying.

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My Milf Aunt

20 pages My Milf Aunt.rar


The Sexiest Aunt in the World!

All 3 parts in Full HD.

The Sexiest Aunt in the world 1 HD

The Sexiest Aunt in the world 2 HD

The Sexiest Aunt in the world 3 HD

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Horny Aunt Dee Does Twin Brothers

MILF, Mature, Twin Brothers, Siblings, Taboo, Threesome

Horny Aunt Dee Does Twin Brothers HD


Mom and Aunt – Incest Comics

24 pages Mom and Aunt.rar


Dominant Masseuse Taunts Frustrated Young Stud (2013)

Nikita Denise, Danny Wylde

Nikita Denise/Danny Wylde – Wild Dominatrix and the Young Stud – Shy Danny Wylde has trouble connecting with women, so when the urge for sex hits him, he decides to visit an “erotic masseuse.” Little does he know that Russian beauty Nikita Denise will be far more intimidating than he ever imagined. Will the brutal sex goddess make a man out of the timid stud?



Aunt catches nephew with panties – JOI

Aunt catches nepheu with panties –




Young Justin has gone to visit his Aunt Shannon. His Mom and her Sister don’t get along….so when Aunt Shannon comes to town….she refuses to stay at Justin’s house….she stays in a Hotel. Shannon is going to take her Nephew out to Dinner….and when he comes to her Hotel….Shannon is not dressed yet. As they discuss which Restaurant they should go to…Shannon begins to get dressed. She removes her towel….and the naked Shannon begins to put on some Black Thigh High Stockings, as she discusses possible Restaurants with her Nephew. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the young boy is “distracted” by the sight of his Aunt with no clothes on. Shannon apologizes to her Nephew, for getting dressed in front of him…but she notices that the impressionable young boy has an erection. Shannon asks her Nephew if he has ever had sex with a girl before….and it turns out….he is a Virgin!!! Shannon asks the embarrassed young boy if he would like to “try it out”….on her. Justin is very shy….and confused by the “odd” offer from his Aunt. Shannon convinces Justin that learning how to have sex, might be better to do with somebody he knows and trusts….like his Aunt….rather than learn it…”on the streets”. The frightened youngster lets his Aunt Shannon “deflower” him!!! Shannon sucks her Nephew’s cock to get him hard…then invites her Nephew to climb on top of her and insert his excited penis inside her. Justin follows his aunt’s lead…and he inserts his cock into his Aunt Shannon’s Vagina…and begins to pump her. Like most boys do their very first time……Justin ejaculates VERY quickly!!! Shannon gives her Nephew a High Five…she has just taken his Virginity!!!



Stacie Starr – Jimmy Visits Aunt Stacie

Stacie Starr – Jimmy Visits Aunt Stacie


Caroline Pierce – Auntie gets frisky HD

I tried to convince my mom I don’t need a ‘babysitter”. I am 19 for fucks sake, why do I need her sister to watch over me while my parents go on vacation? The thing I would be most likely to do while they’re gone is try to get laid in the comfort of my own home instead of a parked car somewhere. Instead of freedom for a week from parental supervision, I have the next worse thing, my Aunt, or is it? She called me in her bedroom to give me the run down of what to expect for the next week together. It seems we are going to be together much more than I thought. After several compliments on what a good looking young man I have grown up to be, she comes right out and tells me she wants to get frisky with me! I mean, its not like she is unattractive but she is much older than me and is my moms sister which makes her advance toward me quite weird! On the other hand, if there is no chance bringing a girl back here to fuck this next week then what ever my Aunt has in mind for my cock, I will accept, gladly. This means I won’t have to be trying to find some quiet secluded place to get my nut. From the way it sounds, my Aunt is severely neglected sexually by my Uncle. She is now one horny broad who needs to make sure she still has it going on to please a man.

Before her offer for a hand job could really sink in she asked me to lie down and had my pants completely off. Her warm hand was wrapped around my erection and with a big smile she was happily stroking my stiffy and talking dirtier to me than any girl my age ever has. Oh god her hands felt good on my dick. I could relax knowing my dick was in an experienced grip. She even removed her dress and bra so I could see her beautiful natural breasts. When I saw both her nipples are pierced it made me thing my Aunt is not as wholesome as she dresses and she really was a horny old broad with a little freak in her, fucken hot! Oh yea, she stroked and stroked, up and down, one hand then two hands sometimes. She was saying she could give me hand job pleasure for hours and that we would have plenty more time to be together this next week. Her stroking was making me shake with anticipation of ejaculation. When she started asking for my cum I could hardly hold my nut back. I kept my focus on her sexy dangling nipple jewelry until my hot load spewed on her perfect manicured hands. She was going to make the week with her one of the best weeks of my life, I just know it.

Auntie Gets

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