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Leya Falcon eats her daddy’s cum HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions), Cum Eating, Cum in mouth, Blonde

It is very hot outside and your daughter Leya just finished tanning. She knows you were peeping on her while she was outside. You are a little surprised when she tells you that she wants to watch you jerk off. She licks a popsicle as you jack off. Leya knows you want to see her big tits, so she exposes them to you. She rubs the icy treat against her nipple as she urges you to jack your dick. Clearly turned on by what she sees, she begins to finger her pussy. Do you want to stretch open her pussy with your fat daddy cock? Her finger moves in and out of her pussy. Then she tells you that she would like you to bend her over and spank her ass. Two fingers are buried deep inside of her snatch. She happily displays her huge labia. You have always been a fan of big pussy lips. Leya loves the way you handle yourself and she is not even concerned that her mom might be home at any minute. Stroke it faster, daddy, as Leya plays with her wet pussy. Clearly unsatisfied with the popsicle, she begs you to feed her with your cum and you fill her mouth with your hot seed.
Leya Falcon eats her daddy’s cum HD


Maya – Teeny Fucked For a Coat (1080p)

This guy just got himself new spy camera fucking glasses and he can’t wait to try them on some totally unsuspecting chick. A cute petite teeny he met in a shopping mall doesn’t have enough money for the coat she wants and he’s more than willing to help her out in exchange for a little striptease. Sure enough once this kitten is naked she’s as good as fucked and ends up taking cock in the ass having no idea she is being captured on camera.

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Coat 1080p.part4.rar


[JUFD-369] Sister – Yuna Shiina Wife And Half-dead In The Slut – I Tease Dimensions Stop It Invites Rina 妹 – 楽しいノー妻と半死痴女INのゆな椎名 – 私はティーズ寸法停止それはリナを招待


[DTKM-014] Sister-in-law Started To Be Rubbed Brother-in-law 義弟に揉まれ始めの義姉さん 綾川まどか


[DRC-093]Swimsuit play forced vicious and Hotel Scam Vol.93 bedfellow CATCHEYE! : Mare-nai Rina CATCHEYE Vol.93 不倫相手とラブホで不埒な競泳水着遊戯強行! : 希内りな


[BLG-001] Shemale Explosion Thao Yukino Light Candid Ed With Sakura Yu Deer Not To Glance 竿ありタマありの爆ニューハーフは一見にしかず ゆきのあかり ドッキリ編 with さくら悠


[ARWA-025] Sugawara Mother Naomi Flasher That Fascinate The Open Air 野外で僕を悩殺する露出狂の母 菅原直美


[ABS-076] Killala Sister Clean Tomorrow Flower Next To Seduce Me 僕を誘惑する隣の綺麗なお姉さん 明日花キララ Kirara Asuka



Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Cumshot, Facial, Prostitution, Masturbation, Cuckoldry, Striptease

Scene One: Pay to fuck me
Molly is broke. Getting a text message from an old boyfriend, he will pay her to have sex with him. Just before she leaves to see him her dad asks to borrow her phone. He sees the text message and is furious, his daughter will not be a whore. He makes her strip to show off what’s under her clothes. If she wants money, then he will fuck her and show her what it feels like to be used.
He makes her give him a lap dance before pulling down his pants and sucking his cock. She is so ashamed of herself and so turned on by sucking her dads cock for money, that she rubs her pussy. Dad flips her onto the couch and makes her call her ex-boyfriend to tell him in detail that her dad fucks her better. She moans on the phone to him as her dad fucks her to orgasm. With racking shakes she falls to the couch destroyed and satisfied while her dad throws money on her body.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD

Scene Two: Pay to watch me masturbate
Molly calls her dad into her bedroom. Dressed in a short skirt, tight top and long socks, Molly spreads her legs wide to show she isn’t wearing panties. \u201cIf you pay me you can watch me masturbate dad\u201d she moans and rubs her pussy for him.
It’s not long before she begs him for his cock sucking him deep. Flipping up her skirt dad gives her something new. \u201cMy ass\u201d she moans as her dad fucks her tight hole. He fucks her until he cums inside her. He leaves without paying and Molly yells at him.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 2

Scene Three: Dressing naughty to get paid
Dressed in lingerie and stockings Molly is in the kitchen making food. Dad can’t believe this, what if mom comes downstairs. Molly tells him that he could always pay her to go change. A smile crosses his face and he drops to his knees. Pulling her panties out of the way he licks her making her moan and shake with waves of emotion.
Dad pushes her over the counter and fucks her. They fall to the floor in a heap and fuck on the floor. Molly cums and forgets about everything else. \u201cGo change\u201d he tells her, and leaves without paying again.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 3

Scene Four: Poor girl revenge
Dressed in sexy clothes again Molly walks into the living room. Dad tells her that mom is out so she can’t blackmail him. Molly takes out her phone and calls mom. As she does she pulls off her dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She tells mom exactly what she is doing and how she is doing it better.
Her mom listens in to her daughter sucking and fucking her husband. She begs him to put it in her ass and he fucks her until she cums. He shoots his hot load onto her face and she tells her mom how creamy and delicious it is. With her parents marriage ruined Molly smiles. Next time pay up.

Molly Jane in a Daughter has to get paid HD 4


Brooklyn Daniels in Daughters Little Secret – Football Wrestling HD

Scene Two: Football Wrestling

Dad and daughter are watching the game when they get into an argument over which football team is better. “I can still take you dad” she says as she jumps on him and puts him in a headlock. They wrestle on the ground dad toying with his daughter just like when she was little. This time the daughter has a secret weapon. Reaching down his pants she jerks his cock.

“What are you doing” he cries but quickly gives into his daughters soft hands. She teases him about giving up and tells him to admit her team is better. He refuses so she pulls her shorts to the side and guides his cock into her. She fucks on top of him until she sees her mom walk into the room. Hiding her pussy with her hands she tells Cory that they are just wrestling over a sports team.

Cory asks who is winning and the daughter gets a naughty look on her face and says “I am” and bounces on her dad’s cock while Cory remains oblivious. Cory leaves to go shopping and they both rip off their clothes and fuck like the naughty dad and daughter they are.

Football Wrestling HD


Zoey Foxx and Chloe Addison – These Two Girls Cant Get Enough HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Teen, Threesome, Daughter’s Friend, Friend’s Dad, Handjob, Cumshot, Blonde, Brunette, POV (Point of view), Dirty Talk. Cock Tease, Family Fantasies

Chloe and Zoey are at it again, on the hunt for older cock. Zoey’s dad was the first to get his mature dick fondled and his balls drained by these young besties. Now its Chloe’s dad’s turn for some fun. Zoey can hardly contain herself when she learns that Chloe’s mom is out of the house and the dad is just downstairs. It’s their perfect opportunity to get hold of another mature cock and play as only horny college girls do. They know it would be too great a scandal if they were to go all the way with either dad but what’s wrong with a little jerk session? No harm in getting their pretty little hands wrapped around a married man’s penis and providing him with some unforeseen pleasure. These two girls know exactly what they’re doing with each smile and giggle. They love nothing more than to make an older married man squirm and cum.

These Two Girls Cant Get Enough HD


Sister Strokes You Under The Covers HD

Brother-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, Virtual Handjob, Family Fantasy, MILF, Cougar, Dirty talk, Cock Tease, Busty / Big tits

“Pssst. Wake up, bro. But stay quiet. I don’t want to wake up Mom and Dad yet. I have a question for you. Yesterday, in health class, we learned about boy’s anatomy. My teacher said that boys usually wake up with something called “morning wood.” Is that true? I just barely woke you up, so do you have a boner right now? Let me see . . . pull back those covers . . . don’t be weird about it, I’m just your sister.

Oh my gosh, you DO have morning wood! It does exist! Haha! So what do you do when you wake up with a boner like that? Rub one, out? Huh? What’s that? Show me what you mean. Ooh, that looks like fun. Can I try? Let me rubbing your dick for you. How does that feel? Am I doing it right? I bet I can make you cum like this, right under the covers. . . .

Sister Strokes You Under The Covers HD


Raylene – Jacking my dick with mommies spit HD

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, JOI (jerk off instructions), POV (point of view), Masturbation Encouragement, Cock Tease. Dirty Talk, Family Fantasies, Toys, Virtual Handjob, Big Tits, Brunettes, Busty, Pantyhose

You find a Hitachi Magic Wand on the floor of your mother’s bedroom. Raylene calls out to see if anyone is home, but you hide behind the chair, since you are not supposed to be in her room. She decides to relax on the bed and have some fun with the Hitachi. Unfortunately you are quickly discovered and now it is your turn to be exposed. Your angry mother threatens you. If you don’t do as you are told, she will tell your father. Since you cannot risk getting kicked out of the house, you know you will have to do as you are told. Mommie Raylene tells you to jerk off to her big tits and you follow her order. She leans over to spit on your dick. Now she points out that she is wearing nude pantyhose and you wonder if she did so because she knows that it is your fetish. Raylene is eager to watch you have an orgasm and when your fat load spews forth, she seems quite pleased with herself.

Jacking my dick with mommies spit HD


Mommy takes a break from her cleaning duties HD

Sexy taboo Intimate Mommy/son clip: Mommy gives her son a lot more love and affection than he could ever ask for

Mommy is dusting in the lounge wearing a baggy jumper, no bra and just some stockings and black lacy panties, she likes to dress like this in case Dad comes home early. There is a noise behind her and she notices her son has been watching her, he always watches her and has developed quite a taste for her big round ass, and large milky tits. Mom goes to give her son a kiss and ask him what he is up too and does he have anything he wants to speak to her about, he is acting pretty strange. The truth is revealed, he saw his sexy Mom fucking dad last night, and he wants to know what she was doing, Mom try’s to explain they were just ‘playing’ and of course has to go into a little more detail which secretly she finds a turn on, especially as she notices her son’s young cock growing as he looks down her top. Mommy turns around and teases her son with her ass, then starts stroking his cock, she tells him she is getting horny and she wants to ease her pussy onto his hard cock. Mom tells her special boy to sit back and she rides him, asking him how it feels to be inside his mother, and how good it feels. Once Mom has cum hard all over her son’s cock, he is sworn to secrecy and they go on like nothing has happened

clip contains: Mommy/son taboo, milf, virtual handjob, virtual sex, cleavage, topless, stockings, ass fetish, POV, moaning, dirty talk

Mommy takes a break from her cleaning duties HD


Charley Chase – Charley’s special thank you

Category: Son’s Girlfriend, Boyfriend’s Dad, Taboo, Roleplay, JOI (jerk off instructions), Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, POV (point of view), Cock Tease, Big tits, Busty, Brunette

You have allowed Charley to stay in your home for the last year and she is grateful. Your son is dating Charley, so you do not consider it to be an imposition at all. Charley confesses to you that she has urges when she is near you, and this takes you by surprise. She wants to see your dick and see how big it is. Maybe you can stroke it for her and Charley can show you a little something. She cannot control herself any longer and she wants to show off her body to you. Her big tits are no surprise, since you have previously seen her in a bikini at the pool. It is clear that Charley wants you as she removes her shorts and panties. You see a little bush as she tells you that her pussy is very wet. Next she tells you that she wants to see what you look like when you cum. Please will you make it cum just for Charley? Just this once? She wants to see the look of satisfaction on your face and when you finally do cum, she promises to keep your time together a secret.

Charley’s special thank you

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