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Tina Kay – Dealing With Mom HD

Having a Step-Mom who’s practically the same age as you isn’t always easy… Especially when you catch her stumbling across the garden after a wild night out. You tell Tina that you know she’s been seeing other guys behind your Dad’s back and make her a deal! You’ll keep her affairs a secret as long as she lets you enjoy her PUSSY too. Tina is a bit shocked at first, but quickly starts to tease you with her awesome body while giving you instructions to JERK your COCK!

4K Age (21-29) Cleavage Dress Dress (Black) Garden Hair (Brunette) Heels Heels (Black) Jerk Off Instruction Lipstick (Red) Masturbation Masturbation Encouragement Milf Nipples (Erect) Nude Open Leg Pussy (Shaved) Thong Thong (Black) Tits (Medium) Tits (Natural)

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Your Third Road Trip Together Tempts You Beyond Control

This is truly unbelievable. Even when I reserve a room in an upscale hotel for a guaranteed double room, I get just ONE bed! Now, how am I supposed to share a bed with my own son?!? I just… I’m just not going to worry about it right now. We’re both exhausted. It’s been a very long drive this time. I don’t know why I even try, but even stressing the situation to the desk clerk downstairs doesn’t result in any solution. The hotel’s fully booked. I’m sure it will be all right. We’re going to take a swim at the hotel pool and just relax… right after I change into my bikini quickly. Oh, I can’t wait to just rest! When we returned to the room, my son was acting a bit strange… fiddling with his wet swim trunks… I guess they just must be uncomfortable for a boy after a hard… swim. He seems a bit out of sorts, but I’ll do what I can to just convince him to take a nap. I’m going to after all. I’m just so tired. If I could just get him to lie still and actually be quiet so I can drift off… I can’t even remember what I dreamed about… but for some reason, my swimsuit’s almost completely off my body as I wake up next to my sleeping son!
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Princess Rene – Bad Dad HD

Thanks for returning my laptop, Daddy. When yours broke I was so happy to help you out and lend you mine. I really didn’t mind, not a bit. I was interested in what you were doing for work and I looked through my computer and discovered something very interesting. Are you OK? You look a little flushed. Well, I looked through the internet history and found this website with all these young female dommes. Did you go there? You did? All those girls on that website being brats and getting all they want from weak men like you. Well, I’m like that. Why pay some girl on the internet all that money when you can pay ME to humiliate you. LOL! You don’t want me to tell mom, right? So be a good boy, Daddy, and do as I say. You’re my little bitch.
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Jizzing on Addie Juniper’s ass HD

You helped to fix Addie’s pipes in the bathroom and she is thankful. She tried to fix them herself, but she needed a little help this time. Maybe she can help you now. Since neither of you have any condoms, she thinks that instead she could help you to masturbate. She strips down and shows you her sexy body as you stroke off. Addie likes what she sees. Can you move your hand a little faster? Yes, that is perfect – use both hands. You do everything that she tells you to do. When she asks you to slap your cock against her ass, you do it. It is hard to keep yourself under control, but you want to be able to come back to see Addie again. She happily spreads apart her ass cheeks for you while you stroke. Before too much longer she is begging you to jizz on her ass.

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Your Second Road Trip Together Reinforces Your Special Relationship

Oh, now, we will not have a repeat of last time. Will we, my sweet son? I’m glad that’s understood. In fact, we’re going to forget ALL about that. It’s been a while now since we’ve taken a little road trip together. Once again, we’re staying overnight, just the two of us, in this nice room… which is missing the second bed AGAIN!! Oh no. No no no. We can’t. No, I will not let this… Okay, I’m going to call down to the front desk. Oh. Oh, they said you should be able to sleep on the couch. I guess… that’s… okay… You’re fine with that, aren’t you, honey? Yes, you’re such a sweetie. Now, mum’s going to hop in the shower and wash off this long day. Will you be okay in the room alone. Can you entertain yourself? I’ll just slip out of these clothes from the car, rinse off the day under the hot water, and slip into my nightie… Did I just hear something while in the shower? No, can’t be… now, honey, let’s watch a movie together! It’ll be fun! Then, all ready for bed? Good. You get all cuddled up on the couch, I’ll make a nice bed of it for you, and… what? You’re scared? I’ll leave a light on, okay? Now, you mustn’t rustle around so much in the sheets. Honey, I can’t sleep with all that noise. Oh, just come into the big bed with me. But you better promise to SLEEP. I’m sure it’ll be fine; there’s plenty of room for both of us. You don’t mind if I warm my chilly bare feet on you, do you? Now, what’s that?!? A… honey! No, no, no, now why did that happen? Why is your penis so erect?! I told you… we CANNOT… it’s not… oh, but your body’s so nice and warm…
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Jillian Janson Gets Knocked Out By Mandingo’s Big Black Cock

503mb | 32:43 min | 854×480 | mp4

Sweet, sultry Jillian Janson has some beautiful moves. She teases in her garterbelt and heels, looking sexy and horny as hell. She’s in luck, in walks the one and only Mandingo. She grins her beautiful behind against his tree trunk and he tastes that sweet ass until his cock is about to break off. She’s happy to drop down and return the oral favor, taking a smack to the face from his big, black cock, and smiling from the thrill of it. “It’s fucking huge,” she whispers, but doesn’t let that stop her from gobbling as much as she possibly can with her pretty mouth and throat. Mandingo’s loving this spit-heavy suck job, obviously, as she begs for him to put it in her pussy. As she stretches her long leg up and spreads her mouth lube all over his cock and her pussy, he fucks her nice and slow so she can get used to it – but it’s not enough for her and she bounces her pussy fast and hard on that massive cock. Jillian can’t believe she can fit it inside her tight pussy, and feels it in her stomach and she gushes all over him, gripping his cock with it, and he fucks her more on her back, from behind, and she cleans her juices off of him with enthusiasm. Mandingo and Jillian make quite a team, and she climbs on top to take him all, and her sweet asshole quivers with each inch she takes, finally receiving a yummy mouthful of his load, well worth the wait…



Young Gold Diggers 2 (2016)

Starring: Jack Venice, Eric John, Alessandra Noir, Erin Rodgers, Autumn Gram, Leana Star
These young coeds are broke and need some money to pay their bills. What will they do? Use their young bodies and tight pussy to land a sugar daddy? These sugar daddies are in for a huge surprise when they pick up and leave. These young girls will tease, suck and fuck until they run out of money!
File Name : Young Gold Diggers 2.mp4
File Size : 1768.44 MB
Resolution : 852×480
Duration : 01:55:53
Video : AVC (AVC), 1 998 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 128 Kbps (CBR), 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Young Gold Diggers 2.mp4


AJ Applegate (Butt-Blessed AJ Loves Sodomy)

757mb | 53:03 min | 960×544 | mp4

Fleshy blonde beauty AJ Applegate loves having guys gawk at her rear in front of their wives, and gorgeous tease footage shows why everybody stares. AJ gives Mr. Pete a wet blow job and he worships her big backside. That butt bounces as she rides Pete’s prick, cumming and blushing as he chokes her. His balls bounce on her clit in a doggie-style fuck, and when his meat goes up her ass, she gasps and groans. He spanks her big cheeks hard as he porks her bunghole. Orgasmic sodomy makes AJ finger her bald gash and suck dick ass-to-mouth. She jacks his jism into her throat and gargles!



Violet Starr (A Super Starr Is Born)

389mb | 27:19 min | 960×544 | mp4

Violet Starr has only been shooting porn for a few months, but she’s already destined for greatness. This voluptuous 19 year old has curves in all the right places (34D breasts and one hell of a booty to match) and an insatiable desire for sex. Watch her magnificent body on full display in a sultry sunlit tease, before heading inside for intense gonzo style sex. Do not miss this latest Hard X discovery.



Cherie DeVille – The Special Birthday Present HD

Cherie wants to surprise her son for his birthday with something special.
She knows he’s becoming a man, and she wants to do everything she can to help his growth. After she sings happy birthday to him, she has something other than candles to blow, and a special present to give him.

Cherie is in the kitchen when her son comes in.
He starts groping her and becomes aggressive and dominate almost immediately. It seems his birthday present got the best of him, and he wants more from his mom, and he is going to get it- even if he has to force her.

Category: TABOO
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