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Zoey Holloway – Have you jerked off to me before?

Mother, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Brunette, JOI (jerk off instruction), Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view)

You have finally confided to your mommie that you think she is hot. She is a little taken by surprise, though it does explain why you stare at her the way you do. She also wonders if you have the same equipment down below that your father has. Mommie wants to watch you jerk off today. You also tell her that you have jerked off thinking about her before. This seems to please her so much that she plays with her titties. Wow! Those are some nice tits for an older woman. When she starts playing with her pussy, you jerk even harder. Mommie wants to see you cum – and quickly – and somehow she knows you like ass. Her ass is high up in the air for your inspiration and you think of her juicy ass as your target and you let loose a huge load of your hot sperm.

Have you jerked off to me before


Simone Sonay – When Dad goes away, Mom and son play HD 720p

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Mommie, Family Fantasies, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Handjob, Cumshot, Blonde

My mom and I have been flirting behind my Dad’s back for a few months. It’s been real hot and heavy lately because we know he is going away for two weeks with his buddies for spring training. What a stupid man to leave his sexy wife with me for two whole weeks! If he only knew the dirty talk and text we have been exchanging, he would probably kick me out of the house before leaving me home with her while he goes away. My dad is a pretty cool guy but sometimes doesn’t give my mom the attention she truly deserves. I know I am just a college aged young one but I can see my mom is a sexual goddess who deserves more than she gets. No sooner had my pops said goodbye and we were in my bedroom for some sexy time. My mom may have even been more excited than I at the prospect of two whole weeks of just us in the house.

I lay down on my bed and she immediately went for my crotch. She unzipped my jeans to free my growing cock. She said we weren’t going to go all the way on the first night alone so tonight I get a hand job. All of her sexual attention focused on me! Soon as she saw the size of my dick she whispered what a lucky girl she is. She then laid a total surprise on me by hinting she would like to have my baseball buddies over for movie night. She wasn’t talking about WATCHING movie night , she was talking about MAKING a movie night. My mom! Wanted to get busy with not only me, but my baseball buddies to! She is more of a slut than I knew! My cock grew rock hard at the thought of my buddies taking turns on my sexy slut mom. She was jacking me off really fast with a good tight grip and painting a picture of what the scenario could be like. I love it when she calls me a naughty boy. Just when I didn’t think her hand job could get any hotter she whipped off her top and pulled her full tits from her bra for my viewing. The raunchiest part of her fantasy with my baseball buddies is that she doesn’t want me to tell them she is my mom, she wants me to tell them she is just some whore in my bed. How fucked up is that? It’s my kind of fucked up for sure. She continued to crank my cock, pumping it up and down so damn tight. I would do anything for this woman so long as she gives me more of these insanely dirty talk hand jobs! I began to tremble and she noticed, saying, “Are you gonna give your cum to Mommie?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer as my spooge spurted from me. What an incredible release she gave me. Now that my cock was satisfied she quickly suggested I call my friends over for a “mom-b-que”. Mom is the menu. Fuck yeah.

When Dad goes away, Mom and son play HD


Lisa Ann – Nurse Booty on Duty

Whenever patients need the kind of special care that only a fat ass and big tits can cure, it’s time to call Lisa Ann, or as her lucky patients call her, Nurse Booty. Today’s patient is Tommy Gunn, who has been suffering from a severe anal deficiency for weeks now. Nurse Booty lies him down on her table, and gives him a nice tease, oiling up her big tits and thick juicy butt until he’s hard as a rock and ready for treatment. After careful observation of his penile response to stimuli, Nurse Booty decides on a treatment plan: take one tight asshole and call her in the morning! Lisa climbs up to ride Tommy and takes his fat cock all the way to the balls. Finally, as she can see the health returning to her patient, she collects her payment in full: one fat load of jizz all over her face and tits!



Before I Get You a New Daddy HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blonde, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease. Cougar


But she should never leave the house sexually frustrated. This could lead to improper decisions, and we wouldn’t want that! After all, Mother needs to make a good impression on any would -be future daddies!

So as you watch her, she it getting ready, then decides to take care of that pent up frustration. But she notices you in sneaking a look from the door way, and to your surprise invites you in!

Is just a quick session of self love going to satisfy Mother, or is she going to need more? And if you are right there, do you think she will ask you?!


But if you want lots of filth Mommy – Son talk and taboo roleplaying, this video is for you. THIS VIDEO IS SHOT P.O.V.

Before I Get You a New Daddy HD


[VENU-414] Rei Aoki Son And Mother Have Sex when Father Go Out 父が出かけて2秒でセックスする母と息子 青木玲


[RCT-601] Parent-child Striptease Turn Cutting Board Incest Show 親子ストリップショー一転 まな板近親相姦ショー


[KTDS-661] 2 Muto Tsugumi Out Imo-kko Sailor Girl Student イモっ子セーラー服女子学生中出し 2 武藤つぐみ


[JUTA-060] Son-in-law Taken Into the Family. Mother-in-law Yuri Shinoda お義母さん~肩身が狭い婿養子~ 篠田有里


[VENU-413] Incest Unscrupulous Shameless Widow 不謹慎相姦 はれんち未亡人 愛実れい

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Brother / Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Sibllings, Busty / Big tits, Handjob, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Brunette

I knew there was something weird about you but I couldn’t put a finger on what it is until just now. You shouldn’t have been snooping in my panty drawer. It looks like you found something you weren’t expecting to be in there among my bra and panty sets. It appears that you don’t mind what you found in my drawer otherwise you would not be holding it in your hand right now. You know I have to teach you a lesson about snooping. Problem is, seems like you’re the kind of brother who is going to enjoy this lesson. A word of warning, if you say anything to mom about what is going to happen I will deny everything and make her believe you are a sick pervert to which then she will make you deal with your dad. You don’t want to have that happen do you? Let’s find out how this big dick strap on looks on your sister.

Are you nervous? Oh how cute. Lie down and take a load off. The good thing is that even though I fuck loser guys like you with this big dick, I also jack em off while they’re getting fucked. I know what you perverts like. You must have wanted something to happen since you let yourself get caught in my room. Don’t worry, this is a great starter cock for you. Once you get used to this I’ll get a super size one to really stretch out that ass of yours. I’m going to make you feel so good you’ll be begging for my cock lil’ brother. I mean you are in college now and it’s the perfect time for experimenting sexually. I should be the one to take your virgin pucker hole instead of some stupid college girl who doesn’t know how to fuck yet. Sharing is caring right brother? Keep it in the family where it’s all about sharing the love. All it takes is one little push to deflower that cute little ass of yours.

Each push I make your cock gets even harder. You’re such a naughty brother. I’ll massage that prostrate of yours until I pull every last drop from your balls. Oh I can feel your ball sack tighten, you must be close to giving me your sticky load. Does it turn you on to have your sister help you blow your load? You know now that your virgin ass is mine we can do this more often. I had fun being the one to stick my big dick inside your dirty hole. I’m sure you’re going to want more of this kind of hand job aren’t you?



Mom Knows HD

Mother-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Caught, Lesbian, Girl on girl

Scene Four: Mom Knows

Cory finds out her daughter has been fucking her husband. Tying Molly up to the bed she decides to have some fun as well. She licks and teases her daughter making her moan. “no this isn’t right” Molly pleads with her mom. Cory just continues making her struggle against the pleasure.

Finally untying her Molly is incredibly turned on and passionately kisses her mom. She licks Cory’s pussy and fingers her fast making Cory cum hard. “that’s my good little girl” Cory says and with a kiss they leave the room.

Mom Knows HD


Maddy O’Reilly – Daddy, its better if I show you HD

Father / Faughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Handjob, Cumshot, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease

Daughter acccidently sexts naked pic of herself to her Dad’s phone! When confronted she does the only logical thing… rubs a load out of Dad’s dick!

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to send seductive pictures to my boyfriend but we’ve been apart for over a week and he misses me. We aren’t supposed to be having sex either. I’m nineteen and certainly old enough to use my body for pleasure if I want to. My mom freaks out about anything sex related which made me hesitate to send sexy pix to my boyfriend, but then, how would my mom ever know? I accidently sent the pix to my dad, that’s how my mom might know. My dad didn’t respond to the pix so I was hoping he really didn’t get them, like they were lost in cyberspace somewhere. When my dad got home from work he called me into his room right away and showed me what I was hoping to be forgotten. I didn’t know what to do except make him an offer, a sexual offer if he wouldn’t tell my mom what I did.

I know what a prude my mom is so figured anything sexually I could do for my dad was going to seal the deal of silence for me. I told him it was better if I showed him what I would do. He followed me to the bed and got comfortable. As I rubbed his groin I asked if it turned him on knowing I was in his office taking sexy pictures of myself. I could tell by the growing bulge in his trousers that he was very excited to be laying down for me. I’ll bet there are lots of dads who fantasize about their daughters. I know I have stayed awake later than I should just so I could hear my parents having sex in their room next to mine. It’s a natural desire to be aroused by the sounds and sights of something sexy. As I removed my dads pants and caressed his cock I told him if he wanted, we could have lots of secrets from my mom. I told him I wanted him to sneak into my bedroom at night from now on so he can fill my little body with his hot cum. He can pretend he doesn’t want sex with my mom so he can save his load for me. His cock is such a perfect size it made me think about how good it would feel in my ass. I told my dad I wanted him to be the first to stretch out my tight little asshole. It had probably been years since he saw a sweet little body naked so I stripped naked as I stroked him off. I kept saying how much I hope he will start sneaking in my room as I asked for his cum in my hands.

As he stared at my small tits and started breathing heavy I could tell he would soon give me his hot load. His cum felt so warm as it frosted my little hand. The thought of my dad giving me his big dick made me forget all about my boyfriend. Maybe I will break up with my boyfriend and consider my dad my new one. His dick is so much bigger anyway. Oh, we have a mess to clean before mom gets home!

Daddy its better if I show you HD


Bust Your Balls For Boss HD

CATEGORY: Masturbation Instruction

You’ve been invited to your hot boss’s house thinking that you might get a little action. She has slightly different plans for you though. After reminding you how lucky you are to be employed & telling you that you’ll have to follow orders to keep your job…she makes you strip & expose yourself in front of her…she then teases you, telling you to get your dick hard for her…she has you stroke your dick while also punching & slapping your own balls for her amusement. Eventually you’re instructed & seduced into cumming even with your poor balls aching…



Be A Sissy Slut For Us

This is a custom vid, no name mentioned. Sasha & I humiliate you for having such a small penis. We decide you should be a sissy slut for us & instruct you to dress up in women’s cloths, to practice sucking dick with a toy & to fuck yourself in the ass with that toy. We tease you with our asses as we instruct you to jerk off but you can only cum by ejaculating ON the toy that’s just been in your ass & then sucking it clean, eating your spunk & ass juices at the same time as if you’re cleaning off a real cock that has just cum in your ass!


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