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Caught By Hot Auntie HD 720p

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You’ve been caught jerking off in the bushes by your hot Auntie. She teases you & encourages you to continue…coaching you along…


Keira Nicole – He Hurt His Back

Kiera Nicole ends her workout session with Ryan Mclane on a great note. Ryan sees a lot of improvement in and promises that they will keep it up on a weekly basis. As they say their goodbyes and hug, Ryan complains about a back injury. Lucky for Ryan because Kiera is a massage therapist in her spare time. She invites Ryan for a therapeutic rub down in the luxury of her own home. How can he say no to that?

Ryan arrives at Kieras where she shows him the way to her massage studio. She tells him where to change and in the meantime, pushes up her tits to make them look perky. As the conversation grows intense Kiera shows all signs pointing she wants to fuck the hell out of Ryan. She teases Ryan by swooping her breasts right in his face. Ryan being seduced by her tactics confesses that her massage is more than satisfying. Kiera takes this as an opportunity to divulge all the other aspects she’s good at and places her hand over Ryan’s penis. Ryan doesn’t know if this is a good idea since he is her instructor, but Kiera thinks it’s the best way to thank him for all the hard work he’s done. Will he stay professional or have his fantasies become a reality? Watch and find out!

TSPA Keira Nicole May 27 2015.mp4


Karlee Grey – Things Are Getting Out Of Hand

Ike’s wife Jelena has been suspicious of his relationship with his student Karlee Grey ever since she caught them flirting. She doesn’t like leaving them alone, but Ike assures her everything will be fine and then sends her on her way. It’s not that easy to break it off with a cock-hungry slut like Karlee, though! That busty teen takes her natural tits out, teases him until his cock is hard, and then gives him an amazing sloppy blowjob. Once she’s done gagging on his dick, she spreads her legs to let him pound her tight teen pussy and then cum all over her face!

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Lola Luscious – Lazy Daze With Lola

Lola Luscious kicked off her hot scene with an up-close-and-personal tour of the tattoos on her body, showing off her inked figure in all its glory! After pulling aside her bikini to get some sun on her perfect boobs, Lola got on all fours to show you her juicy ass and slipped a fat sex toy in her snatch from behind. When a stud cocksman came by to visit her on set, Lola pulled her panties aside and teased him with glimpses at her pussy, bush, and pierced clit. Show-and-tell got Levi horny for ass worship, and to dive deep inside Lola. Check out the pussy-pounding debauchery Lola got up onto set in this wickedly raunchy hardcore scene!



Jade Indica Sucks Off Her Daddy HD

Daddy is watching TV, and Jade comes in and complains that he’s always watching television and never pays attention to her. Mommy is out, and Jade Indica points out what a good girl she’s been. She goes to school, does her homework, everything! And he thinks that mommy isn’t treating him right, which is why he’s always watching TV and generally avoiding everyone. Jade thinks she can treat him better than mommy, and teases him, showing daddy her ass and her cute panties. It’s not long before Jade is sucking daddy’s big hard cock, and doing a GREAT job, MUCH better than mommy could ever do! She deep throats hard, spitting and drooling all over his dick for a LONG time, until he blows his thick load in her mouth!

Sucks Off Her Daddy HD


Dad Fucks My Tight Young Pussy While You’re Stuck At Home HD

Hey, son. Your dad and I just got back from our honeymoon in Jamaica. What a crazy trip! Mmm, your dad is such a total stud. From the moment we got to the hotel to the moment we left, he had me locked in a non-stop fuck fest. He just couldn’t get enough of my tight, young pussy.

What did you do when we were gone? Did you have any girls over? No? Aww, I feel so bad for you. It must be really tough to have such a stud for a dad when you can’t even get a girl to hold your hand. You poor, poor thing. Oh well, check out this itty bity thong I got at the resort sex shop! Pretty kinky, huh? It barely covers my slit at all. Your father sure as hell loved it. He didn’t even bother to take it off me before pumping my womb full of his cum. I’m probably pregnant now. Won’t it be fun to have a new brother or sister in the house? Your dad and I will need you to babysit a lot, of course. Date night is extremely important to us, and we can’t have a new bundle of joy interrupting our sex life! I’m actually glad you can’t get a girlfriend. You’ll always be available to watch the little one while your dad and I go out and party!

God, we must have fucked in every pool, hot tub, and beach at that resort! I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out of our room for all the noise we made on a daily basis. Let me tell you all about it . . .


Dad s My Tight Young While You’re Stuck At Home HD


Pervert Little Brother gets a Footjob HD

Custom request. You lie down on the couch and put your feet up next to my lap. You ask me what I’m watching and make some small talk like we are just hanging out. You catch me a couple of time looking down and catching glimpses of your feet. You’re not sure if that’s what I’m doing so you decide to wriggle your toes to see if that gets my attention. It works so you start to slowly tease me with them. You slowly move your feet on my lap. You eventually get to my crotch and rest feet your there. I’m trying to hold my erection but can’t. You can feel my erection on your feet and call me out. You ask me why I have an erection while watching TV with my sister. You make fun of me for getting hard for my sister’s feet. The whole time you’re humiliating me you’re rubbing my erection through my jeans with your feet.

Pervert Little Brother gets a Footjob HD


Sloppy Seconds For My Boyfriend HD 720p

Mmm, oh yeah, fuck me baby! I love fucking you while my loser boyfriend, Eric, is out running errands. That’s it, David, you’re going to make me cum again! Oooh god! Your cock feels so good!

Hey, what was that noise? Oh, look who’s home. Hi, Eric. Looks like you caught David and I in the act. Oh well. Don’t act surprised. You know you aren’t enough man to keep my voracious sexual appetite satisfied. We aren’t going to stop having our fun just because you came home early. David hasn’t cum yet. I promised him a creampie this time, so you’ll just have to sit quietly at the end of the bed while I ride his cock until it explodes inside me.

Wow, that load was enormous. My pussy is creamy beyond belief and absolutely dripping with cum. What’s the matter, Eric, feeling left out? I can see your throbbing boner right through your pants. Aww, does my poor boyfriend want to cum too? Tell you what. You can have some sloppy seconds. My pussy is super slick and wet. You can stick the tip of your cock in it – if you don’t mind plowing through another man’s love juice!

Hey, what are you trying to do, nut inside me? Not for you, dickhead. I’ll finish you off with my hand and let you bust on my stomach. *Yawn* God, are you done yet? I’m getting bored.


Sloppy Seconds For My Boyfriend HD


VIP Stripper Sex 2 (2015)

These sexy pretty pole pros, know just how to work the stage and then work your pole even fucking better! Stripping down, shakin’ their asses and playin’ with their warm wet snatches, these sexy strippers will fucking tease you with all the right moves! Cum inside and open up the “VIP Stripper Sex.”

Category: All Sex, Tease, StrippingStarring: Natalia Starr, Rikki Six, Karen Fisher, Claudia Valentine, Anya IvyLanguage: English

VIP Stripper Sex 2.part1.rar

VIP Stripper Sex 2.part2.rar


Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little Whore HD

Norah Caught Sneaking in Late
It is way past curfew, Norah tries sneaking in but dad is waiting for her. She seems like she may have had a few, and dad is PISSED. IF she is going to be out late, dressed like that, not just drinking soft drinks, then she is just asking to get used as some random guys little slut. Dad shows her what happens to bad girls that stay out late

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 1

Norah Punished for Dressing Like a Cock Tease
Norah thinks she is gong to the gym, dressed in almost nothing. She tries to talk her way past daddy, but he isn’t having any of it. If she wants that kind of attention she can get it at home

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 2

Norah Caught Stealing Daddy’s Credit Card
Norah thinks she can sneak in and swipe daddy’s credit card, but he catches her red handed, and then makes her red assed, and teaches her a lesson in a few other ways too.

Norah Made Into Daddy’s Little HD 3

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