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Cumming On A Slutty Brat HD

Was she actually giving you the time of day? The girl of your dreams, the one you thought of whenever you touched your cock was flirting with you?? She was just asking your opinion on a new necklace… but there was something about the way she flipped her hair or bit her lip, your heart raced. Her heaving bosom made your cock stiffen, and that necklace was the perfect excuse to stare at her juicy cleavage. You felt so… uncontrollably aroused.

Even when she suddenly confronted you about the rumors you spread around school, you could barely keep your cock in your pants. Just hearing her talk about wrapping her perfect lips around your shaft was almost too much, despite her disgusted tone. You were speechless… and completely lustful. And she noticed. Her scowl turned to a wicked smirk as she fingered her necklace. She was taking revenge on you, for ruining her reputation at school. The necklace… it gave anyone who looked upon it an insatiable sexual fever. And she intended to take advantage of that.

Legs spreading, she lifted her skirt to reveal a lacy pair of panties and teased that you’d never get to taste the pussy behind it. She giggled, caressing her milky white thighs. You were to remain tortured in this lustful state, until she was satisfied. You brandished your phone and took a number of pictures before she snatched it from you, and ran upstairs in a huff to delete the evidence.

You followed, and watched her through the crack of the door. She was staring at the phone… at a picture of herself when her hand traveled down between her legs, and up under her skirt. She was masturbating! You took your swollen cock out of your pants and stroked, witnessing the necklace take hold of its next victim. That is, until she saw you behind the door, furiously masturbating.

But instead of chastising you… she breathlessly demanded you come in and masturbate with her! The heavy breathing, weak whimpering, and her extreme sexual desperation were turning you on beyond belief. You wouldn’t last long, so she demanded that you cum on the necklace… it would be the only way to release you both from this spell!

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Hope’s Helpful Hands (2016)

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, Cheating, DVD, Handjob, Footjob, POV, Bathroom, Blowjob, Cum on Feet, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Big Tits, Caught In The Act

This is one girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty!

These Are Hope’s “Helpful” Stores:

I was helping a friend of mine on a construction site the other day and ran into a snag. One of the lights I was working on was way too tight so I needed a hand thankfully you showed up. Of course I knew you’d want something in return so let me stroke that big cock of yours. You like how naughty I can be on a construction site don’t you? Mmm you’re precumming every time my mouth wets your cock. That’s it baby cum all over my hands and then lend me one of yours.

There is never anything to watch on TV and I’m so bored! I hope Uncle Jack is still here, I could really sue some company. Thankfully he was and wasn’t opposed to me playing with his cock.. I love his cock and how hard it is. It feels so good all oiled up between my feet and hands. Slipping and sliding all over. He also didn’t seem to be upset that I started riding his cock nice and slow and deep. It hits the spot every time, making me cum all over him. But I really just wanted to play with his cock with my feet and feels his nice hot cum on my soles.

Sometimes a girl just can’t get enough cock and I found a way to satisfy my cravings. Security guards like you are my favorite. I love when you watch me stumble into the bathrooms looking drunk and come to check on me. You’re exactly what I’m craving with that big cock of yours That’s right I’ll give myself the “breathalyzer” while you watch. There you go officer I feel you throbbing in my mouth ready to explode. Mmm now that’s incocksicating isn’t it?

I’m so happy you came over today Professor. I wanted to talk to you about my grades and if there is anyway I can give you a hand with anything to help my grade out a bit. And I think you know exactly what I am talking about and of course you didn’t object. Your big hard cock feels so good between my hands Professor. I really hope this gives me some extra credit points. I promise I won’t tell anyone about our agreement.

I know you are mad at me for breaking your TV daddy! I told you I would get you a new one as soon as I can. But I know of one thing that I can do to keep you entertained Daddy. I can suck that big hard cock and give you something better to watch. I know how much you enjoy it when I tease your dick and swallow all of your warm cum! Told you I would make up for it Daddy.

While I was out tanning I smelled something amazing coming form the kitchen. I found some yummy brownies but you wouldn’t’ let until I gave you something first. I got down to my knees and started sucking your big hard dick. Stroking and licking you until you blow all over my pretty titties. Thank you for your cum but now about that brownie.


Brittney Blaze – Fucking My Best Friend’s Husband HD

Brittney Blaze bumps into her best friend’s (Kelsey) husband. She’s been wanting a threesome for a while now. But now she has the chance to have him all by herself. She teases his cock in the car. Then she brings him home for a blowjob to start.. After he’s hard, she sets him down and starts riding him standing up. She blows him until she gets a dirty facial.

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Kendra Sunderland – My Friend’s Daughter

Naughty little Kendra. She loves to tease. when her father has his hot European friend over to stay for the weekend, she knows he is the perfect target for her affections. He hasn’t seen her for a long time, and she has evolved from a young girl to a beautiful woman, and he can’t believe it when he sees her getting out of their swimming pool. When her father has to leave to carry out an errand, it leaves Kendra and Mick all alone in the house together. With her heart racing, she walks into the living room where he is relaxing reading the newspaper. As she exposes her sensational body, there is nothing he can do to resist.

mp4 | 2.13 GiB | 36 min | 1280×720

VIX Kendra Sunderland August 02 2016.part1.rar

VIX Kendra Sunderland August 02 2016.part2.rar

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Youthful Indiscretions (2016)

YOUTHFUL INDISCRETIONS. Hot newcomer Mikki Galante is a slender blonde that exudes sensuality. She’s beautiful, all natural, and she’s feeling naughty this morning! Liz is all done with the dishes and feels like she deserves a break. Her man feels like there is one more item she needs to polish off his cock! She gets down to it and lets him have his way with her perfect body. After having some fun in the snow, Nesty wants to get warm. Her boyfriend brings her inside to warm her up and release some sexual energy. He pounds her juicy wet pussy making her moan with pleasure before warming her face with his cum. Gorgeous Taissia Shanti teases her busy boyfriend, then walks away after making him horny enough to want her. Taissia doesnt make him wait too long she proceeds to sucking him off before riding his stiff cock with her tight pussy. Lika Saander gets a wonderful surprise for her lover who drops in: her perfect pussy that is dripping wet and ready for his hard cock. Youre sure to love these All natural beauties enjoying some seriously hot action.

Genre: All Sex, Russian Girls
Starring: Lika Saander, Liz Heaven, Mikki Galante, Nesty, Taissia Shanti
Duration: 1 hrs. 53 mins

Youthful Indiscretions Lika_Saander.mp4

Youthful Indiscretions Liz_Heaven.mp4

Youthful Indiscretions Mikki_Galante.mp4

Youthful Indiscretions Nesty.mp4

Youthful Indiscretions Taissia_Shanti.mp4


Anikka Albrite – Massive Anal Ass

Anikka Albrite is back with her massive anal ass, in an ALL ANAL extravaganza. Anikka works her epic posterior in a sexy poolside tease, before getting a deep anal pounding, making her orgasm over and over. Jam packed with lots of face sitting, ass worshipping, and booty flattering anal positions, this is an ass lover’s dream come true.

mp4 | 1.07 GiB | 30 min | 1280×720

HX Anikka Albrite July 29 2016.mp4



Dom Milf Goldie gets home from a session to raise her son as she undresses in front of her mirror she doesn’t notice at first her POV son watching her slowly strip her leather dress until naked except stockings and boots when she realizes she decides to play up to your hungry look and hard on for her!..With jerk off instruction as she dirty talk cock teases you and rubs her pussy and big tits instructing you to cum over your Mother’s hot body.!…..
Category: TABOO
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Father/Daughter Sex Tape HD

pt.1 Something New

It’s a camera silly. You don’t think it’s cool? Yeah I just got it. I thought it would be fun baby… Well, to record us, together… It’s just for us, nobody else will ever see it sweetie, I promise… Okay I’ll turn it off for now, but just think about it, I think it could be fun….

pt.2 The Tease

Dad… We talked about this. I thought we decided not to use the camera for now… I just think it’s weird, I don’t know. And anyway, I’m about to hang out with Sarah, she’s picking me up pretty soon… Okay fine Dad, we can mess around for a little bit if you really want to…

pt.3 Showing Daddy

Baby, come out here, let me see how you look… Baby you look beautiful… Sit on the bed for Daddy. Baby I’m so glad you decided to do this for me… You look so pretty, I know we’re going to make a very special video….

***Starring Molly Mae & a REAL creampie from her Dad***
Category: TABOO
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Renee Roulette in To Help a Daughter HD

Scene 1: Tease
Renee wearing her Sexy School Outfit asks her Daddy how to meet and talk with Boys at school. Daddy shows Renee how to flash her boobies, lift her skirt to get the guys attention. He then teaches her how to do a naughty striptease and lap dance.

Daddy show’s Renee how the guys like to feel and squeeze her boobs, roll her nipples and how they like when a girl shoves her boobs in their face. The boys also like when a girl bends all the way over in front of them. The lesson ends with some naughty over the knee spanking to get her all warmed up.

Scene 2: How to Deep Throat
The next day Renee returns to Daddy begging him for more. Daddy is reluctant at first but wants to do what is best for her and continues the lesson. Daddy teaches her how to tug, deep throat with no hands and swallow cum.

Scene 3: No Hands
Next Daddy teaches implements what she learned prior and teaches her how to deep throat with no hands and get fucked in her sweet little pussy.

Scene 4: Swallowing Daddy
A week later, Daddy is sleeping late. Renee wants to learn how to swallow cum and to please a man. Daddy fucks his daughter in several positions and gives her 2 large blasts of Daddy’s cum in her cute little mouth.
Category: TABOO
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