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Daddy I Swallowed It HD

11:13 video

Daddy I’ve been waiting for you all day, I can’t wait to taste your precum as I tease and lick your cock. It gets so hard in my mouth I can barely fit it all. You throb and twitch when I lick your shaft slowly but I can only wait so long. Faster ans faster I suck waiting for your warm cum in my mouth. There you go daddy cum right in my mouth. You came so hard I swallowed it, Thank you daddy!! (Taboo roleplay, POV, Blowjob)
Starring Anneliese Snow

Daddy I Swallowed It HD.mp4


Sexy MILF Mother 4 HD Vids!

Fucked Up Mom Breastfeeds Son HD

Okay, I’ll admit that I stayed too long at the party. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have more fun when I get back to my own home. My son is such a worrywart. All I want in life is to have a good time. Suddenly, the room is spinning. I can’t really think anymore. One thing is for certain though, this dress is getting really uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll just take my tits out for a second. Mmm, yeah that feels better. That dress was way too tight. My son can’t stop staring at my boobs. Just to tease him I put his hand on my cleavage. To my surprise, my shy son gives my titty a firm squeeze. His hands are so strong! And it feels . . . amazing. He squeezes them again, with both hands this time. He can’t help himself. He’s completely transfixed by my huge soft boobs. “You know,” I slur, “I’m still lactating, if you can believe it.” I’m not thinking clearly, but I really don’t care. His hands feel so good, I just have to feel his mouth on my nipples. I can see the erection in his pants. He can’t hide his arousal. My son is hesitant at first, but once he tastes my milk he swiftly forgets his embarrassment and begins to suck on my tits and drink from me. I’m way too fucked up to wonder if what we’re doing is wrong or right. All I know is that I’m so horny. It feels so good, I think I might cum from this alone…

Fucked Up Mom Breastfeeds Son HD.mp4

Bound By Mom Part 1 of 2

I’ve been a pretty bad girl lately. I don’t do my homework and sneak out late at night to party with my friends. My mom, Randy, tries to confront me in the bathroom while I’m getting ready for a shower. How dare she try to tell me what to do? She’s not even my real mom! Without a second thought, I get in her face and tell her to fuck off!That does it for my mom’s patience. All my swearing and sass mouthing has pushed her over the edge. First, she smothers my face with a towel, then makes me suck on a bar of soap to clean out my filthy mouth. Then, to really teach me a lesson, she takes me to the bedroom, where she produces a long, thick pink rope. I beg and plead with my mom to let me go, but she’s serious about disciplining me this time. She binds my body tightly from head to foot. Then to drown out my protests, she gags me with duct tape. Once I’m completely helpless, my mom leaves me there to think about my misbehavior. I struggle and strain against the rope to no avail. (Contains the following erotic elements :TABOO – DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – ROPE BONDAGE – LESBIAN DOMINATION – TOWEL FETISH – STRUGGLING IN BONDAGE – GAGGED WITH TAPE – HOGTIED – SOAP IN MOUTH – MOM/DAUGHTER FANTASIES – BIG
Category: TABOO

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Bound By Mom Part 2 HD.mp4

Deepthroat My Tongue

My new lover, Hans, and I went on vacation. I promised myself I wouldn’t even think about filming, but once I saw the beautiful natural light on our hotel balcony, I couldn’t stay away from my precious video camera. Hans is the first guy I’ve ever kissed who can take my entire tongue in his mouth without choking. I’m absolutely impressed by the control he has over his gag reflex. I penetrated his mouth so deeply that I could feel his uvula and tonsils with every kiss! Sometimes I tease his lips and teeth with the very tip of my serpentine oral appendage, then plunge it all the way to the back of his throat in a single gliding motion. When I pull away, long strings of saliva connect our mouths. Without a doubt, I have the longest tongue that he has ever kissed. TONGUE FETISH – KISSING – MOUTH FETISH – SPIT FETISH – FRENCH KISSING – TONGUE SUCKING – CANDID – OUTDOORS
Keywords: Larkin Love, hans everhart, makeout, making out, frenching, long tongue, wet, sexy, lips, gfe, amateur

Deepthroat My Tongue HD.mp4

Ride and Pop Inflatable Horses

It’s a beautiful summer afternoon and time to take my inflatable horses out for a ride. They’re blown up to max capacity and are stretched to the limit. Even if they survive my bouncing abuse, they won’t last long with this cigarette in my hand . . . POP!



Ride and Pop Inflatable Horses HD.mp4


Teaching Mom To Behave HD

My Son knows how to handle his Mother… PUNISH ME AND MAKE ME BEHAVE around men! This is the full version Wink

My Son Edward is tired of me being a bitch to him and all my boy toys… he decided to teach me a lesson and shocked me by putting a collar and leash on me then pulling me out to the stairs and handcuffing and gagging me! His yelling startled me… I needed to learn how to treat a man! This is my Son speaking to me this way… and making MOM his bondage bitch!

Within minutes he puts NIPPLE CLAMPS on me and uses scissors to cut open my pantyhose, teases my clit with a butt plug and wastes no time and bends me over, lubes up my anal hole with a finger and works the plug up my ass and tells me to like it and learn to be subservient to him and all men! “Why? I don’t like it…” “Too bad, men do!” He puts me sitting back up and grabs a vibrator and forces it in and out of my pussy and rubs my clit with it till I violently cum several times!! OMG I am dripping wet and he bends his Mother over again to fuck my ass with the plug… making me moan and cum again! With my mouth free from the gag I grunt out “I WANT IT! Fuck my ASS!” I rub my own pussy and then use a vibrator and CUM HARD several times! With the dildo filling my ass up I shove the vibrator up my wet cunt! “I am getting DPd!” by my Son! To finish MOM’s training, my Son takes off his clothing and jerks off while I use 2 fingers to fuck my own ass and then he gives Mom a special gift; HOT SON SPERM in my gaping ass!
In the end he tells Mother to cleanup my own ass juices and his hot sperm he just dumped on my gaping hole!! I get an Ass To Mouth treat; 3 Times!! My Son FEEDS me the cum dripping from my butthole… and it tastes sooo good!!!

WOW I love be obedient to men and getting awesome, gaping ANAL!! We will practice more so the guys will like me!

Angie Noir inTeaching Mom To Behave HD.mp4


Desirae Spencer – Caught my sons friend watching porn in my house HD

I was out running some errands yesterday. When I got home I caught my sons friend watching porn in my living room. At first I was a little pissed off, but then I got super horny and just seduced him on the couch. I got down between his legs and exposed his beautiful young man meat. The I teased and licked…until he was begging me to deep throat him. I got so hot and wet, I just had to fuck that young cock.

Caught my sons friend watching porn in my house HD.mp4


Natalia Forrest – Cock Hungry Housewife HD

Natalia is a bored housewife, her husband is never home and she gets very lonely. Luckily for her you are her new gardener and you are more than happy to keep her company! Natalia teases you with her short skirt giving you flashes of her panties before pointing out that you have a bulge in your trousers, she tells you to get your throbbing dick out and start wanking while she fucks herself with her dildo and has a mind blowing orgasm just as you release your load!

4k Brunette Dirty Talk High Heels Jerk Off Instruction Masturbation Masturbation Encouragement MILF Mini Skirt No Panties Shaved Pussy Thong Upskirt

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Interracial Family Affairs 3 (2016)

3 Teenage Ebony Beauties. One Naughty Uncle. Guess What Happens.
Ava Sanchez
Mom had to go out of the country on business and sent me to stay with my Uncle Jay. He was always nice to me. Needless to say I got comfortable right away. So comfortable I started having sexual dreams about my Uncle. I confided in my cousin Akira about my fantasies and she encouraged me to with her dad. I went to Uncle Jays room and waited for him to come home. He was shocked to find me in his bed and even more shocked when I started sucking his cock. Uncle Jay was a passionate and gentle lover that knew just when to pound my pussy.
Jenna Foxx
Mom suggested I go spend some time at Uncle Jays to get away from my troubles and Uncle Jay was happy to take me in. After a few nights I started dreaming about sucking and fucking my Uncle til I soaked the bed. One afternoon I caught Uncle Jay staring at my tits and soon my top was off and Uncle Jay was sucking my nipples. It felt so good I couldn’t help myself and I started sucking his cock. I straddled his face and came really hard in just a few minutes. We made love and I completely lost my senses until Uncle Jay exploded inside me… I’m not on the pill damnit.
Ocean Pearl
After hearing so much about Uncle Jay from my aunt I had to spend some time with him over the summer. He was just as nice as everyone said but I could tell there was more to him. After fantasizing about him a for a few nights I decided to tempt fate and prove my theory. I used an approaching storm as an excuse to lay with him and just like I though he couldn’t resist a young girls body laying next to him. He teased me bit and then we made love like there was no tomorrow. I can’t wait til tomorrow morning when we wake up together, that will be even hotter.

Category: Teens, All Sex, Family Roleplay, Interracial, Older Men
Starring: Jenna Foxx, Ava Sanchez, Ocean Pearl
Language: English
Size: 1.36 GB
Length: 01:32:43
Format: MKV
Video: 852×480

Interracial Family Affairs 3.mkv


Babysitter Tucks You In HD 1080p

I just wanted to come and tuck you in, even though you might be too old for that. See, it’s comforting to have someone come over and push the blankets around you nice and–what’s that? Are you…hard? Were you masturbating before I burst in? Oh…I’m so sorry, I should have left when you asked me to.

Don’t be embarrassed, all boys do this. But I did notice that you didn’t have any dirty magazines…were you masturbating to me? Don’t worry, it’s ok – I have that affect on men. You *are* a man, here let me pull back these sheets and take a look. Wow…you are big, which is a good thing!

You know, I think it’s best that we do this right now, together. Yeah, c’mon it’ll be fun! You do what I say, and I’ll take off a piece of clothing every time, sound good? Then grab your cock for me.

Fantasy includes: Masturbation instruction, JOI games, masturbation games, jerk off instruction, female domination, strip tease, babysitter, role play, simulated handjob, pov
Babysitter Tucks You In HD.mp4


Tara Tied – Sister teaches U to jack off taboo HD

Brother-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, Family Fantasies, Caught in the act, Dirty Talk, Voyeurism, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions)

Sexy & innocent looking Tara Tied has quite the job for herself when she busts her brother, YOU from YOUR POV, spying & jacking off to her. Well she’s sly and is going to not only watch you with interest BUT give you some JO instructions and lots of hot sexy JO encouragement! What a naughty sister she is as she works you FASTER & FASTER until you cum all over your hands & the bed!! Well… her tone changes because she knows you did a very taboo thing & she’s going to BLACKMAIL you into being her cleaning bitch for awhile!!

Sister teaches U to jack off taboo HD


I am my sister’s cuckold HD

Blondes, Blowjob, Cuckold, Cum Eating, Sister

My sister is a small town girl with a cute southern accent. My Dad married her mom about 5 years ago, and she’s always been a tease around me. One day I was out in the garage cleaning (as punishment for cutting classes) when my sister walked in to give me a hard time. She told me that she was going out with my best friend later that night! I can’t believe my boy is going to go out with my sister. She’s always such a flirt with my friends, I think she does it just to annoy me. She told me that she was going to fuck my friend tonight, and that she’s actually fucked all of my friends and tonight she was going to do my best friend. She walked over to an old box-spring that was being stored in the garage, and tipped it over onto the floor. Climbing up onto the makeshift bed, she began to take off her top and teased me about the fact that I was jealous that my best friend was going to be fucking my sister tonight. The truth is, it did make me a little jealous… imagining her with her legs spread and opening her pussy for my friend. She told me to lay down and that she wanted to take care of me before she left on her date.

She opened my pants and pulled them down around my ankles and took my cock in her hand. She began to suck my dick, telling me to picture her being fucked by all of my buddies. It did make me hard to think about her being passed around and used by the same guys I play football with. I just hoped that my mom & dad wouldn’t walk in and catch us. I don’t know how I would explain my sister’s mouth on my rod and her hand around my shaft. She sucked me until I was totally hard, and just kept stroking me. She then told me that she was going to invite them over for a tag team so they could pound all of her holes. I can’t believe it, but I think I was totally turned on by the idea of them fucking her while I couldn’t. Does that make me my sister’s cuckold?

She stroked and stroked and kept teasing me until I felt a huge load about ready to burst. She told me to cum all over her pretty little face, so I shot a huge load that she licked and sucked from my cock hole. She swallowed most of it, but there was still a mess to clean up. I guess I’ll be waiting for her to come home tonight so she can tease me some more about how my friends are all using her holes.

I am my sister’s cuckold HD.mp4


Cum On Akiras Feet HD

7:47 video

You know how much you love her sexy soles wrapped around your cock and so does she. Her sexy size 9 feet caress and tease your cock gripping it tightly then playfully. He feet pump your shaft getting you harder and harder until you explode all over them.(POV, Footjob, Cumshot)

Starring Akira Shell

Cum On Akiras Feet HD.mp4

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