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Horny Son Cums Hard For My Luscious Tits HD

You’re in big trouble, “son.” I found your cell phone in the kitchen. And what do you think was the top photo in the gallery? A sneaky snapshot of my sideboob! This is pretty pathetic, even for you. I’ve always known that you were attracted to me, but this cell phone photo business is ridiculous.

It must really burn your ass that your dad is about to marry a piece of tail like me when you can’t even get a date. Just think about it – in a few days, you’ll have a hot new “Mom” who’s barely older than you are! While your dear old dad and I are on our honeymoon banging each other’s brains out, you’ll be home alone, spanking your meat to pics of my cleavage. How did the stud gene skip a generation, anyway? You could never score a girl like me.

This sneaky photo taking has to stop now. Tell you what. You accept me as your new Mom and do whatever I say, and I won’t tell your dad about your secret spank bank featuring his fiance. Deal? Excellent. Now remember, I’m your mother now, so you must obey me like a good son.

Now take out your cock for Mommie. No more secret jerk-off sessions. If you’re going to stroke yourself to my tits, you’re going to do it right in front of me. Now stroke that cock!


Horny Son-Hard For My Luscious Tits HD.mp4


The Nymphomaniac’s Dilemma

When Governess Aiden Starr assigns Anal House Slave Veronica Avluv to teach trainee slut Sabrina Banks how to service cock Upper Floor style, Veronica’s nymphomania gets the best of her and she hogs all the cock for herself while Sabrina is tied, teased and denied. Aiden is furious with the senior slave and takes matters into her own hands. Veronica’s punishment is swift and severe while the beautiful trainee Sabrina Banks learns all about sexual service



Noelle Easton – Noelle Joins the Chest Club

Noelle Easton’s a busty midwestern schoolgirl who just moved to a new city. her guidance counselor told her that she needs some more extra-curricular activities, so she’s decided to join the chess club. Getting a little one-on-one lesson from chess master Johnny Sins makes her horny as fuck, so she takes her big titties out to tease him until his cock is nice and hard. She gives him a blowjob and then makes his cock disappear between her big natural tits, jugg-fucking him until her pussy is dripping wet. Johnny fucks that slutty schoolgirl hard and then blows a huge cumshot all over her big naturals!



Devyn Cole – Cheating GF Craves Butt Sex

Too bad this girl’s boyfriend can’t meet her sexual needs. To try anal sex like she’s always wanted, she had to cheat on that sucker with his roommate. Devyn teased that guy at the cafe, then let him dive deep in her tight asshole.



White Trash Black Splash (1988)

Daughter dreams thats she’s a black girl and fucks her father!

Gail Force just isn’t satisfied with the white life her souther daddy (Randy West) wants for her. When she sees black Ray Victory working out outside, she knows she wants things darker, and a trip through the ghetto with her friend Valentina only makes her realize how deeply her dark desires run. The only problem is her Daddy, who wants them to move back to Louisiana.

Scene 1 – Gail Force, Valentina, and Jack Baker

While on a shortcut through the black neighborhood, blonde Gail and brunette Valentina, decked out in their best eighties fashions, are caught by “Grandpa” Jack as he sits in his rocking chair on the porch. They flip on a little “black music” on their boombox and dance around for him. They tease him with their tits and ass, but also let him have a little taste and grope him through his pants. Gail gives him a little handjob before they team up on him orally with Jack talking nice and dark through it all. Finally, Gail strokes Jack into the air as they both watch with enjoyment and laughter.

This is a very fun opening scene. Jack works the colored aspect for some nice humor, and the girls get into their roles as well. It helps the feel of the blowjob out, and the entire scene is nicely drawn out for what it is. This is a pretty simple scene sexually, but it’s also quite enjoyable.
Scene 2 – Jeannie Pepper

When Gail goes to sleep, she dreams that she’s well built black babe Jeannie. She dances around in front of her mirror and strips down to give herself a show before softly playing with her pussy and ass. She even gives her big fat titties a few licks before settling back on the bed to go back to sleep as her hands continue to roam her body.

This is a nice little masturbation scene. That’s no surprise with Jeannie’s ass and Stagliano’s love for the female form, but here it’s kept pretty simple. There’s a lot more tease than masturbation, and the anal fingering actually ended up a bit of a surprise with how tame most of the scene is. This is a decent masturbation scene.
Scene 3 – Fallon and Ray Victory

Brunette Fallon joins black Ray for his workout as they lift some weights outside. She moves on from his barbell to something a little more fluid as she gives him a kiss and has him whip out his cock. She strokes it a little and kisses his nipples as she works down to suck his cock before stripping off her clothes so he can give her a little oral reciprocation. Ray spanks Fallon’s ass while licking her pussy and then moves around to fuck her missionary style. He moves around to spoon her before letting her buck against his cock doggie style. Finally, Ray lets go with a decent dribbly pop on her ass with the camera quickly panning away to show each of their faces.

This is a pretty good scene. There’s some nice chemistry to start the scene off with, and I really like the added touch of having Gail watching from a little ways away. They put out some nice energy and vocals, and the scene never really felt forced. This is a good scene.
Scene 4 – Jeannie Pepper and Randy West

When Gail falls back asleep, she dreams of being black again with her cop daddy Randy catching herself diddling herself. He has her get on all fours and runs his nightstick around her pussy before fingering her ass and rubbing her pussy a little more. Jeannie turns around to suck and stroke Randy’s cock before getting back on all fours for Randy to fuck her. She climbs up to ride him reverse cowgirl style next before lying back for some spooning. Jeannie sucks Randy a bit more before climbing back on for a cowgirl ride, and hops off to stroke him to a nice pop on his stomach.

This is another nicely done scene. I really like how the incest theme was twisted here by having Gail’s black dream-self take on Randy, and it fits well for both characters. I’ll admit that it’s odd to see Randy with a mustache, straight hair, and skin that doesn’t glow, but he turns out a solid scene that makes it easy to see why it was hard to pick up a porno without him in the late eighties and early nineties. This is a well done scene.
Scene 5 – Valentina and Randy West

When slutty heathen brunette Valentina comes over to pay Randy a late-night visit, she finds him cradling his gun in his lap. They work the pistol into a little play complete with Valentina sucking the barrel before she breaks out his other gun. She eagerly sucks Randy’s cock as he pulls her head down and encourages her before letting him rip off her pants and bend her over so he can eat her. Randy has her suck his cock again before they both play with her holes and he fucks her doggie style. He spoons her next before letting Valentina climb up and bounce on him in both cowgirls. Finally, Valentina sucks and strokes Randy until he pops on his stomach and her tits.

This scene started off rough for me. As somebody who’s spent their entire life around firearms and who’s been taught that every gun should always be treated as if it’s loaded, this scene did not have a good start for me. Thankfully the scene moved past that, and it quickly picked up as Valentina sucked Randy’s cock. Both Valentina and Randy put out some very good energy as well, and stayed in character nicely with some nice trash talking between them and plenty of chemistry. This scene could have been done a little different to make things much better for me, but it nicely picked up and ended up pretty hot.
Scene 6 – Gail Force, Valentina, Jack Baker, and F. M. Bradlee

After waking up a sleeping Grandpa Jack outside with a quick hummer, Gail heads inside to take on F.M. They kiss playfully before he lays Gail back to strip off her panties and kiss his way from the outside of her thighs to the inside. He doesn’t have to lick her much before she wants to change things around so she can suck his cock and titty fuck it. F.M. fucks her from behind until they’re joined by Valentina, who they strip down and put in the middle for Gail to lick as she sucks F.M.’s cock. The girls team up on him orally so they can see who can take more of him down their throat before bending over so he can finger Gail while fucking Valentina. He spoons Gail a bit before going back to fucking Valentina from behind as she lies on Gail. Finally, F. M. pops on Valentina’s ass and Gail’s stomach.

This is a hot scene. Gail and F.M. start have some very nice chemistry right from the start, and Valentina fits into it very well. I’ll admit that her joining them seemed a touch clunky, but the scene quickly picked right back up as Gail and F.M. welcomed her between them. I wish the fucking would have lasted a bit longer here, but it’s still a nice scene.
Scene 7 – Tiffany Storm and F. M. Bradlee

After having F.M. Help her move a few things into the house, hot Latino Tiffany has him take care of a few other things. He takes off her shoes and worships her feet before moving up to work on her pussy with his tongue. Tiffany rewards him with a little oral action and some titty fucking before letting him take her from behind as they stand on a table and one of the chairs. They move on with a cowgirl ride that takes to the air before Tiffany’s laid back for some missionary work. Finally, Tiffany sucks and strokes F.M. To a nice pop on her great natural tits.

This is a great final scene. Tiffany and F.M. Have great chemistry together and move through the positions very well. There’s some nice racial humor to the scene as well as a nice twist with the story behind the scene. This scene finishes things up quite nicely sexually.

White Trash Black Splash is a fun little interracial movie. It’s not too deep, but it also doesn’t take itself too seriously. It plays with racial stereotypes quite a bit, and sadly, I have a feeling it would have plenty of people whining if it were made in today’s “tolerant” and “advanced” society even though nobody is too safe here. Gail and Valentina do a very nice job leading the female cast, while the black cast is nicely led by Jack Baker and FM Bradlee. Yes, the sex is fairly simple, but I really like the variety to the movie and some of the chances they take. There’s no anal outside of a few fingers, but there’s some borderline incest in the movie, age play, and plenty of checking things out on the dark side of town. The biggest problem with the entire movie is the lighting, which is on the dark side. It made a fair amount of the action hard to see, and held back the movie even with some very nice chemistry throughout it. There also aren’t a lot of position changes shown, but that didn’t bother me nearly as much here as it normally does due to some of Stagliano’s camera work and how he cut to different things during the sex. White Trash Black Splash isn’t anything overly special or like one would normally think of with John Stagliano, but it’s still a fun little porno with some nice chemistry.

Directed by
Ethan Marks
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
John Stagliano


Gail Force … April
Valentina … Angie
Ray Victory … Black Neighbor
Robin Lee … White Neighbor (as Fallon)
Jack Baker … Grandpa
F.M. Bradley … Cousin (as F.M. Bradlee)
Randy West … Billy Joe Johnson
Tiffany Storm … Mrs. Johnson
Jeannie Pepper … Angie’s Dream

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Gail Force, Valentina, Jack Baker
Scene 2. Jeannie Pepper
Scene 3. Fallon, Ray Victory
Scene 4. Jeannie Pepper, Randy West
Scene 5. Valentina, Randy West
Scene 6. Gail Force, Valentina, F.M. Bradley
Scene 7. Tiffany Storm, F.M. Bradley

White Trash Black Splash (1988)


Cousins Losing Bets HD

33:08 video

Kyle and Nicole were cousins who often teased each other good-naturedly. One weekend their families arranged a get-together at a swanky mansion. Kyle and Nicole were the first to arrive, and they had the place to themselves for a while. Looking to pass the time, Kyle sought out Nicole and tried to start a conversation with her. The slender brunette barely acknowledged him. She was more interested in her phone. Nevertheless, Kyle politely persisted and finally convinced her to join him for a game of cards. At first, Nicole found it boring and silly. But then Kyle decided to up the stakes. Playfully he told Nicole that she would have to change into a sexy outfit if she lost the next hand. Nicole agreed out of sheer competitiveness. However, she did not reckon on the fact that Kyle was cheating. In due course she lost the hand and ended up stripped down to her bra and panties. Yet still she would not back out of the game. More hands were dealt, and she suffered a couple more losses. To make them up she had to take off her high heels, then her bra. At last, shyly displaying her naked breasts to her cousin, she conceded defeat. But the games did not stop there. Later, they shot some pool, and Kyle introduced the same high stakes. This time, Nicole felt sure she could beat her cousin. Again she was wrong. First she lost her pretty summer dress so that she had to play a few games in nothing but her cute polka-dot underwear. Then the bra came off, followed by the panties. Nicole could not believe her bad luck. Standing stark naked before her cousin, she pouted and complained. But she still played one more game. She lost this one, too. Her problem now was that she did not have any more clothes to forfeit. Presently, Kyle stunned her by hinting that she could solve the problem by sucking his cock. At first Nicole protested. She could not believe what she had heard. Such an act between cousins seemed wrong to her. Yet, somehow, she came round to the idea. All of sudden she was down on her knees, taking Kyle’s big hard cock into her mouth. She began tentatively, then grew at ease until she was passionately deep-throating him. Kyle’s hand at the back of her head made sure that she did not stint. It also meant Nicole could not pull away when he came. Grimacing, she took it all into her mouth, and afterwards knelt with it spilling out over her lips and onto her naked breasts. In the aftermath of her rash, taboo act, Nicole sobbed with shame. That night, still without any of their family present, Nicole lay in bed tossing and turning from hot and troublesome dreams. They became so intense that she abruptly awoke and got up. Her body felt afire with horniness. Her pussy was saturated. In her sleep, her mind seemed to have resolved what had happened earlier. Now she felt okay about it. As a matter of fact, she wanted to take things further with her cousin. Decisively, she went to his room, climbed onto his bed, and woke him. When Kyle asked what she wanted, Nicole replied that she’d like him to lick her pussy in return for the cock-sucking she’d given him earlier. Her cousin obliged. Although things were moving very quickly for him and Nicole, neither of them felt nervous or awkward. They were both young, horny, and open-minded. And so Kyle was soon lying between Nicole’s legs, his face buried in her snatch, his tongue and his fingers working expertly to bring her to orgasm. For Nicole it was a wonderful experience. She moaned and panted and writhed and sighed at everything her cousin did. Before long she was so worked up that she could not wait a moment longer to have his cock inside of her. Quickly Kyle stripped her out of her sexy night clothes so that she was naked. Then he parted her legs and gave her exactly the passionate fucking that she craved. Over and over he pounded his cock deep and hard into his eager cousin’s tight pussy, taking her to new heights of pleasure. After a while, he lifted her legs up onto his shoulder so as to penetrate her all the better. There was no let up between the pair as Nicole presently got on all-fours and was taken from behind by Kyle. The thrilling domination caused her cheeks to flush. The power of Kyle’s deep-hitting fuck-strokes made her little butt shake and her pert breasts sway. Gasping and moaning sweetly, she pushed herself back on to her forbidden lover’s cock – willing every last bit of it into her depths. After taking all their pleasure that way, Kyle lay on his back and Nicole got on top him. In true cowgirl fashion she rode him with gusto. She arched her back, pushed out her perky breasts, ran her hands sensually through her hair, and bounced and ground her pussy on his length until she was crying out in delight and he was poised to come. But there Kyle went further than even she’d intended. Holding on to her hips so that she could not dismount, he suddenly tensed and shot all his potent load into her fertile, unprotected pussy. Nicole called out NO! but it was too late. When she finally got to her feet, she could feel her cousin’s come inside of her and dripping out down her naked thighs. In spite of her fears that she might have been impregnated, she was not angry with Kyle. Sex with had him been wonderful – worth any risk. Nevertheless, she thought it best to take a morning-after pill right. Kyle showed no concern about the incident. He was contentedly fucked-out. By the looks of things, he and Nicole would be alone in the mansion for a while longer yet. If it turned out she really was pregnant, they’d have plenty of time and privacy to make plans about it. More important from Kyle’s point of view was that he’d have many further opportunities to enjoy intense, forbidden fucks with his hot cousin.

Cousins Losing Bets HD


Nikki Delano – Naughty Nikki

Nikki Delano is back with her Monster Curves. Nikki’s been working out and it shows, her ass and tits have more bounce and look great against her smooth flat body. Nikki teases us as she twerks her ass. Chris was just outside and quickly came in when he saw what awaited. Nikki takes charge and sits on Chris’s face while he eats her ass and pussy. Then Chris puts those curves to good use as he keeps his hands full and pounds away. After a good long fucking he gives Nikki and huge facial that fills her mouth and covers her face and tits.



Steele Spa for Men HD

Sexy Rachel Steele owned The House Of Pampering Men. This was a massage parlor with an excellent reputation. One of her many assistants was a young lady named Stephanie. In reality, neither of them had the welfare of the male species at heart. They much preferred using the parlor to take advantage of them both physically and financially. Such was the case with one Mr Chaos. He came trustingly to Rachel – seeking a massage and some pampering to ease his persistent back ache. His meeting with Rachel went very well. She was attractive and friendly and very thorough in explaining to him the sort of treatments he would be getting. She also displayed a lot of ample cleavage – which Mr Chaos certainly did not object to. He could never have guessed what wicked and devious intentions lurked behind that fair facade of hers. Indeed, everything seemed perfectly rosy as he sat in the parlor’s foyer waiting to be summoned for his massage session. For refreshment Rachel had given him an unusual but delicious drink which he sipped eagerly. No sooner had he finished it than Stephanie came to see him. Mr Chaos again received a favorable impression. The bespectacled Stephanie was polite and very appealing. All seemed right with the world as he followed her to his room. One the way he took pleasure in the sight of her legs clad in knee-high boots. Shortly after, naked except for a towel around his waist, he lay back on a table in expectation of a perfectly conventional massage. Rachel had rejoined him by this point, and the combination of hers and Stephanie’s sweet and reassuring manner put him in an almost Zen-like state of relaxation. Although Mr Chaos did not know it, the drink that Rachel had given him was a contributing factor. Slyly she had spiked it with a special pill that would to make Mr Chaos weak and drowsy. As soon as she knew it had taken effect, she and Stephanie switched from being nice masseuses to no-nonsense dominas with startling suddenness. Mr Chaos did not know what hit him, and never would. One moment Rachel had been patting his shoulder; the next she had clamped her hand over his mouth ordered Stephanie to cuff his ankles wrists to the table and fit him with a ball-gag so that he did not become noisy and bothersome. Meanwhile, Rachel noticed her pet slave spying on them from across the room. He was a former client over whom she had come to dominate entirely. He even lived at the parlor. Rachel thought so little of him that she often forgot he was there. Now, however, she decided to bring him into the fun she and Stephanie were having with Mr Chaos. What followed was a merciless display of teasing and mockery on both women’s part. Having changed her top for a tight pvc corset and elbow-length gloves, Stephanie began rubbing her hands over Mr Chaos’ chest and stomach. Sometimes she took hold of his cock and gave a few rough, playful tugs. Through his ball-gag he groaned in a constant mixture of confusion and distress. Rachel, on the other hand, was focused on her pathetic voyeur slave. She knew that he had a thing for her silky pantyhose, so she lifted the hem of her outfit and gave him a good long look at them. Running her hands sensually across their smooth surface, she told him how she had been sat down in them for eight long hours – until they acquired the scent of her leather office chair. Although Rachel turned him on with such evocative details, she also strove to torment and frustrate him as much as possible. He had to understand that she was his superior and that he must obey her at all times. To that end she climbed on to the table with Mr Chaos and straddled her face with her hose-clad crotch. The slave yearned to be in his place, but was forbidden any direct involvement. Aside from toying with Mr Chaos for their own amusement, Rachel and Stephanie subjected him to various other of the slave’s fantasies. Thus, in their own way, each man suffered. One was being used against his will; the other was being deprived of something he desperately wanted. Rachel pulled out all the stops in tease and denial. At the same time as ordering the slave to jerk himself off, she set Stephanie to work stroking her pvc-gloved hand up and down Mr Chaos’s cock. Everything Stephanie did to him, the slave was to imagine being done to itself. However, Rachel refused him permission to come. Always she was in charge. As the session went on, it grew increasingly intense and sensual. Rachel showed off her cleavage and plenty more of her legs and butt. Stephanie did likewise. Instead of hose, she wore fishnet stockings and lacy panties. Mr Chaos got to feel the latter as she sat over his cock, deftly brushing her crotch back and forth along its hard length. Later still, the two women really get down to business. While Stephanie took off her knee-high boots and used her bare feet to give the dazed Mr Chaos a foot-job, Rachel stripped down to her lingerie and presented him with a face-full of her heaving breasts. Being jerked-off and smothered at the same time caused him to moan more loudly than ever. All the while the slave looked on, filled with envy, needing to cum but afraid to incur his mistress’s displeasure. For extra teasing, Rachel took an occasional lick and suck of Mr Chaos’s cock. She even nipped the tip of it with her teeth. Finally, straddling Mr Chaos’s face once more, she leaned forward and wrapped her palm around his cock. Stephanie did the same from her position sitting between his legs. Together, the two women gave him the mother of all handjobs. They varied their pace from oozingly slow to furiously fast, and stimulated his most subtle nerve endings through deftly brushing them with their nails. For a moment, it seemed as if they were going to bring Mr Chaos straight off. But that was a deliberate a lead on. First, they wanted him – and the slave – to give them the pin numbers to their bank accounts. It took some serious edging to instill in the men such a desperate need to cum that they were prepared to give such up details. In the end, however, Rachel and Stephanie succeeded. The result was Mr Chaos’s erupting his creamy load all over their united hands – one clad in pvc, the other bare. With the go-ahead from Rachel, the slave was finally free to jerk himself to release at the same time. Afterwards, Rachel and Stephanie looked disdainfully upon their latest male victim. Mr Chaos was still in world of his own. The slave was as pathetic as ever. Nevertheless, they had better get their breath back soon. After all, Rachel had a lot more sexy assistants ready to and milk them of their cum – and their money.

Steele Spa for Men HD


Mommy’s Bundle Pack (3 Clips)

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy’s Boy, POV, Dirty talk, Cock tease, Brunette

Relax & Feel Mommy’s Warmth
Why are you upset, honey? Oh no?you’re father grounded you for a whole month for coming home late last night..? I’m so sorry, honey. I know you have that trip coming up next week. You were really looking forward to that. I’ll try talking to your father. In the meantime, if there’s anything mommy can do for you to make you feel better, just let me know. Okay, honey..? Anything?I hate seeing my son so upset like this. Honey! You naughty boy..I’m trying to comfort you and you’re looking down your mother’s shirt. Did you like what you got to see..? Oh?what’s this I feel underneath the blanket?I see you’re feeling better already. Your dick is hard?do you want to play with mommy for a bit, honey. Mmmm, good boy?mommy wants to play with you, too. Guess what, mommy’s isn’t wearing any panties. So naughty?.let me take these pants off. Ahhh much better?how about if mommy sits on her big boy’s lap?Mmmmm?and how about I move my hips around like this?mommy’s getting horny now. Can I take your dick out from under those blankets? Now just relax, honey. Mommy just wants to make you feel good. Don’t you want to feel mommy’s warmth..? Mmmm, this is going to feel so good and make our relationship even stronger…

Mommy Likes To Drink & Ride
Mommy walks into son’s bedroom after a night out on the town with daddy.
Oh my sweet boy, you look so good laying there?Shhhh, mommy wants to climb on top of you. What’s that..? I smell like alcohol..? Well yes, I had a few drinks when I went out with your father before. It’s okay though, he drank too?but he drank a little too much so he is on the bed. He won’t hear us, it’s okay. Mommy gets really horny when she is a bit drunk, and as always your father isn’t pleasing me right now. I would rather have you though, honey. I am probably going to say and do some things I would not normally say sober?.but mommy needs her handsome son right now. Just relax baby, mommy will do all the work. I know how much you love it when mommy takes care of you. Mommy just wants to please you, honey. Mmmmmm, I feel your hard cock pressing against my pussy. Guess what? Mommy isn’t wearing any panties underneath my dress. You want to see?? Mmmm I know how much you love it when mommy lifts her skirt up for you?teases you. Let me take my tits out and grind my hips against you?Mmmmm. Do you feel mommy’s warm pussy on your skin? Feel the warm wetness? Okay honey, now relax so I can slide your cock inside me. I am going to ride you so good, nice and slow?play with my pussy?I might even give you a treat and turn around so you can play with mommy’s ass while I ride you & fuck you. Mmmm feels so good?do you know how bad I want to feel your warm cum shoot deep inside of me while I’m on top? I would love that, honey?please? for mommy?will you..?

Mommy Can’t Sleep
Wake up, baby?I’m sorry, Mommy didn’t mean to scare you, everything’s okay. I couldn’t sleep because your father called and said he would be home late. I was lonely so I thought I would come here to your room and lay down with you for a bit. Awww it’s like old times baby. Remember when you couldn’t sleep at night and you would come into the bedroom. I miss those days. You’re growing up now. You’re mommy’s big boy. So how was your day today? We didn’t get to talk much earlier, I was running around all day. I got home, made some dinner and then had to run out again to do some errands. Did you finish all your homework? Good boy. You really are so special and you know mommy loves you very much. We have such a special relationship too. I love daddy but you are my number one boy. We are so close. You can tell me anything, I can tell you anything. I can show you anything and touch you anywhere I want because I’m your mommy. Your mommy who loves you very much. I want you to feel good baby. You want to play a little bit? Before daddy gets home. Come on, it’ll be fun. Good boy. Now go ahead, take your pants off so I can watch you and you can watch me. Feels good doesn’t it? It feels good for me too. Mommy is so wet right now. Look, I’ll show you. Now open your mouth and taste it. Very good baby. Now start touching yourself, I want you to get rock hard for me. That’s so hot baby. I’m going to take my tits out for you. I want you to suck on them for me, like you did when you were a baby. That feels good. Let me touch your cock for a bit. Does that feel good? I know you love how mommy strokes your cock for you. Oh my gosh, Mommy is getting so horny. I’m going to take my panties off so you can watch?and I am going to spread my legs close to your face and rub my pussy. Mommy is going to cum so hard for you…

Mommy’s Bundle Pack.avi


Sister Gives Surprise Facial

Brother-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Blonde, Siblings, Dirty Talk, Family Fantasies, Cock Tease, JOI (jerk off instructions), Masturbation Encouragement, POV

Request: Now, that your big sis gave you lesson’s on jerking off, you can’t stop doing it. You called me into your room while I am trying to get ready for a party, an as soon as I walk you, your watching porn. What’s that all about? I know I told you, I would help my little brother out, but there is a time an a place for everything. What do you want? YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? I am NOT going to give you a blowjob, no way! I don’t care if you never got a bj before. Showing you and demonstrating sex techniques is one thing but actually doing them is another thing. Besides, I don’t even give blowjobs to my boyfriends. You can beg and plead all you want, but your wasting my time, I have to get ready to go out. You will do my chores, you said? Good offer, but no. You will give me your allowance money? I am your fucking sister, not a whore! You won’t back down will you? Okay, I will make a compromise then. You do my chores for a month, an you give me your saved up allowance I know you hide in your sock drawer and your allowance for the next month. But, you got to start yourself off. Start jerking off your cock. Do it the right way, that’s not how I taught you. Need some jerk off visuals to get you there quicker? Okay, here take a look at my bare pussy. Once you get close to cumming, let me know, then I will finish you off with my mouth, okay? Getting there? Here are my huge tits, is that helping? Okay, I am going to open my mouth wide and when you’re about to cum put it in my mouth. You cumming? HAHAHA! Too slow, I moved away from your cock and you idiot shot your own load in your face and mouth. I told you, I don’t give head, sorry. I am your big sis, I am not going to be nice all the time, I have to pick on you and pull pranks your my little brother. Eww, you just came on your face. You got a little on your mouth too, how’s that cum taste?

Sister Gives

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