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FEAST ON YOUR JIZZ feat AstroDomina HD

The sight of my ass gets your cock hard. How about you jerk off for it and then eat all your cum off my ass?

Did you prepare for the Goddess today? What does that mean? Are you ready to eat your own cum for the Goddess? You’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about this moment haven’t you? You’ve been turning yourself on thinking about eating your cum off the Goddess’s ass, isn’t that right? Well today is the day that you’ll get to taste your sweet cum for the Goddess. You’re going to be feasting on your jizz. But before you can do that, you better start begging to see Sydney’s ass. Go ahead, squeeze your cock nice and slow to get started. Sydney has grand plans for you today so long as you follow her instructions.

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Ashley Alban – ‘You’re Not Worthy’ – Goddess Humiliates Losers HD Femdom JOI POV

Ashley is a goddess and you are just a pathetic loser. Why are you so obsessed with her. She hates wasting her time on you, but she honestly pities you. Do you want to worship her and stroke your dick while she talks to you. Of course you do. Ashley tells you how perfect she is. She is absolutely out of your league. She has big boobs, a big ass, pretty face, sexy legs, and cute feet. Why would she ever want a guy like you?

Do you want to see her beautiful pussy? Beg for it. Ashley does show you, but only for a second. Did you really think you would get more than that? Silly boy. Ashley continues to talk you through stroking your dick, giving you brief glimpses at her perfect body while she humiliates you. Once you finish, she tells to leave quickly so she can do something much more fun.

Fetish Princess Ashley Alban mindfucks you to do her bidding in her Femdom POV JOI humiliation clips. This brunette goddess is always gorgeous as she wears sexy revealing roman toga type costume that shows off her ample cleavage, large tits, perfect legs, and her sexy round firm ass. Her sweet voice instructs you to follow her orders. Her teasing and domineering manner will mesmerize you until you are on your knees jerking off and worshiping this young sexy Domme. No Sex. No nudity.

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MILF 370 – Jerking the Pool Boy – MP4

MP4 VERSION. Rachel and Arianna are adult porn stars. They have a beautiful house that requires a lot of maintenance. The women called the pool boy, they were not satisfied with his work. Rachel led him to the bedroom where they both attacked him throwing him on the bed. Arianna straddled his chest yelling at how lazy he was. Rachel pulled his shorts off and began sucking his cock. She told Arianna to be nice to him so they could have some fun. Both women sucked and jerked him. Arianna sat on his face as he ate her pussy. She came on him. Rachel wiped her cum off his face and tasted it. They kissed each other to tease him. Then they finished him off in Rachel’s mouth. When they were done they cuffed him to the bed for later.

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Ashley Alban – Cheerleader Sucks You off in Dressing Room HD

Ashley went to the mall with her friends after a football game. She is still wearing her cheerleader uniform. She wanders away from her friends and stands over by a dressing room. She sees you and smiles coyly. She tells you that youre cute and says shes never been with an older guy. She assures you that she is eighteen. She says that she wants to be bad today, and asks if you want to come into the dressing room with her. Ashley giggles and beckons you into the dressing room with her. Its cramped inside so you sit down on the stool. Ashley starts to strip for you. She has perfect perky breasts and a nice round ass. She asks if you want a blow job. You say yes, so she sinks down to her knees.

Ashley pulls out your dick. She says shes excited because she has never sucked an older guy before. She says shes never even done something like this in public before. She sucks your cock, getting you rock hard. She says she kind of wants you to cum all over her face and then she could walk around the mall with a facial. She chickens out though and tells you to jack off all over her tits. You cant believe you met such a slutty little cheerleader in the mall.

Fetish Princess Ashley Alban gives you a virtual POV blowjob in this Cheerleader fantasy clip. This brunette goddess is always gorgeous as she wears sexy revealing cheerleader outfit that shows off her ample cleavage, large tits, and her sexy round firm ass. She swings her ponytails at you as she teases you, and her sweet voice seduces you and you give in to this dirty talking schoolgirl whore and let her blow your dick POV style.

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We Have So Much to Be Thankful for

Isn’t it sad? Daddy’s away for Thanksgiving… and it’s supposed to be a family holiday. I want it to be special for you – still – and I want you to remember what the Thanksgiving Day holiday is for… what we’re supposed to think about and do… I want you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, even without your father here, and just as family-oriented! So, let’s exchange what we’re both thankful for… anything at all… anything you can think of. It’s a good way to concentrate on… all the things that make you… happy.. maybe even the things you haven’t quite experienced yet. Mommy can help you think of all the things to be thankful for… things, maybe, right in front of you? Things, maybe, just under your nose…

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Kitty Catherine – Ripping Kittys Yoga Pants to free that Big Bootie

Kitty was in the bedroom getting ready for her Pilates class when I snuck on her with my camera. She was already naked and getting dressed. She was looking good! But then she started putting on her clothes and all I wanted was to rip them off. Kitty’s booty was looking real good in her Yoga pants, it was amazing how those pants can contain all that ass. I asked her to tease me a bit with it and she did. It was amazing. After a while I had enough and ripped up her yoga pants, Kitty was surprised and instantly got horny. Kitty completely forgot about her Pilates class and thought of another workout she wanted to get into. Kamasutra fitness.

Size: 391471362 bytes (373.34 MiB), duration: 00:33:25, avg.bitrate: 1562 kb/s
Audio: aac, 32000 Hz, stereo (eng)
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AVOP-011 The Sister Incest Travel Tin 1 ● Old Secret To Parent

Scene 1:
Suzu hugs a guy, then rubs and sucks his dick until he cums in her mouth

Scene 2:
Suzu is dipping her legs in a pool, then is convinced to strip by a man as they both engage in oral sex. Eventually they fuck next to the pool and he cums inside her.

Scene 3:
Suzu is standing on a bridge, the man pulls her panties down and makes her stand there until she pisses herself. They then move inside, where she rubs her pussy with sporadic help from the man until she cums

Scene 4:
Suzu is asleep, the man undoes her robe and licks her breasts and pussy until she eventually wakes up. He leaves, and she follows, returning the favor, then they fuck until he cums in her again.

Cast:Suzu Ichinose


[IDBD-747] surprise! Momogataki 8 hours BEST 8 title! Withdrawal! Good point! Carefully selected! The first best of surprise!(Momonogi Kana movie compilation)

Debut 1 year anniversary! Finally the best! 8 luxury titles included! 480 minutes! Ascending from the first debut work! Ecchi in JK uniform! Morning Musume SEX! Mandarin lady who will let him perform! Make a big purchase to a beautiful face! Staring at you only Onashapo! I am tossed and insult! I have included various Momo-chans! It is! surprise! Momogataki This is a tinny babe of the 21st century girl! Withdrawal! The first best carefully selected a cousin! It is a permanent preservation version!

This is an 8 hour Full-HD anthology compiling the best moments of all of Kana Momonogi’s works for Ideapocket into one. Split in two, four hour long parts. Release Date: 11/3/2016

The first disc, if you will, starts off with her wearing a cute blue shirt, beige shorts and heels that she gradually loses while talking to the camera man, revealing blue lace underwear. She poses a bit, cut to the the next scene.
Some rather romantic and gentle making out with some guy in jeans and checkered shirt, including her (as typical for JAV) censored and hairy pussy to get fingered and eaten until she squirts (not visibly, but audible), leading into some blowing and mutual fingering and stroking until they finally fuck. The scene ends with a cumshot on her tits
Following scene she’s licking some bald guys nipples, followed by titfuck, stroking and sucking, which ends in a nice facial
Then we’re down to some POVy fisheye lense sucking and fucking with two guys, where she’s getting spitroasted, and facialized.
Cuffed on ankles and wrists, subjected to some vibrator torture with a stick vibrator in her pussy and a magic wand, showing off her wet asshole. until she cums and sucks the stick vibrator clean.
This segues into Kana kneeling on a mattres, her hands now cuffed behind her back and she delivers a hands free bj while kneeling, until her panties are pushed aside and she gets boned. Cut to her being fully undressed and riding her fucker, changing positions until she’s a cummy, sweaty mess and gets facialized.
Next: Maid action! She gets her pussy eaten, fingered and made to squirt, sucks and gets fucked on a couch.
Now she’s a student wearing school gym clothes and plays with some guys dick in a medical exam room. Hj, sucking, 69
Swimming time! Kana’s wearing a bathing suit, goggles. Gets molested and played with by us (in POV) and her holes explored. Her swimsuit gets wet from pussy juice, she gets boned, stripped and a vibrating egg used on her.
Bathtub-POV action! She sucks our cock, we get to wash her hair and she sucks us some more while we wash it. Facial
POV rimming and sucking! Including a rather curious position where she’s supporting herself with her feet on the edge of the table and her hands on the edge of the couch and we (the viewer) are fucking her in a bridged position. Cumshot

POV fullbody massage into sucking, 69, fingering her poon and a facial.
Now we’re in a club with blue neon lights and she teases our dick while wearing a white dress, titfuck, sucking, cumshot which gets spit into a towel for some reason.
Classic whoring action: She meets some guy wearing just a towel, chitchats, gets undressed revealing her see-thru underwear, fucked in missionary, reverse cowgirl.
She’s showing off her skills by kissing a glass pane and licking it, while telling something in japanese that I don’t understand, and sucks on a strapon, worn by some guy. Gives the dildo a titjob but it soon disappears for proper meaty dick, which she fellates, more fucking ensues, and cum on her titties.
Kana masturbates a guy with an onahole, turns into a handjob with a lot of lube and swallowing the guy’s jizz
She gets masturbated while wearing shiny panties, squirting all over the floor of an industrial set, sucks, gets fucked, fingered and squirts some more.
Bukkake Gangbang Action! Naked with a bunch of guys, she gets teased with a magic wand after getting lift up, which causes her to leak like a faucet :laugh:. Soon she’s on the floor again, getting her pussy eaten, teased more with vibrators, while sucking and stroking dicks on her back. Those mean vibrators torture her quite a bit, until the first guy comes along and the bukkake fun begins. Soon her face and tits are glazed, and she cums from the magic wand.
University or School mock rape, her pantyhose gets ripped off by some horny fucker, and she gets “violated”, cumemd on face and left to suffer
Even more rape! 3 guys molest her and make her suck their cocks to completion
Kana’s bf is tied up on the ground, and she gets molested by two dudes. Her BF wakes up during the action, and pleads for them to stop, but they only continue fucking her and teasing the poor sob. Ends with cum on her titties and face.



PPPD-527 – I Have A Pregnancy Fetish For My Son’s Big Tits Wife

Hitomi Tanaka
Two slick dirty old jav bastards

I Have A Pregnancy Fetish For My Son’s Big Tits Wife

My husband’s father, Mr. Father, felt frustration to a couple who could not have children.
I hope to see the face of my grandchild as soon as possible, but my son is a sexually
incompetent person. In this situation, my father-in-law will rise! Fucking tits with
pregnant massage, compulsive fucking to a bride who dislikes. I can not hide the excitement
of my son’s bride’s big tits, my father – in – law escalates and I forcibly start vaginal
cum shot! Continuously vaginal cum shot to the bride who became a trout with aphrodisiac!
This guy is seriously trying to impregnate his son’s wife.

Hitomi looks absolutely stunning in her new movie. Her bOObs have grown bigger, fuller and
firmer while she’s managed to keep her incredible hourglass figure. Her crazy father-in-law
is obsessed with her ginormous mammaries and quite convinced that his son won’t be able to
make her pregnant. He starts to seduce her in different ways and soon creampies her on a
daily basis, preferrably in the piledriver position. He also lets his best friend in on a
3some with spitroast, a sleazy old masseur who provides him with a special aphrodisiac oil.
So does she get pregnant? Well in the end…


[NASS-516] 4 hours of Japanese MILFs & Mature and their son (incl. An Mitsuki and Shiratori Sumire)

This is a 4 hours movie of multiple Japanese MILFs with their son.

The actresses featured are Oota Yurika, Asagiri Ichika, Yamaoka Shinri, Kido Masae, Mori Yasuko, Shiratori Sumire, An Mitsuki. And the tits of the last two were enough for me to download and share this movie! :gjob:

The movie itself is relatively common: the son tries his way with his mother, she says no at first, then gives in and they have wonderful sex. But since I don’t speak Japanese, there may have subtlety to the plot, who knows. :tongue:

You’ll find in those many scenes everything you’d like to do to your mother, if that’s your kind of fantasy: tits grabbing and sucking (lots of it!), kissing, pounding in doggy, in missionary or while she’s riding you, blowjobs (note: the movie is censored) and cum on face or body.


[NPS-304] Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction 105 Forbidden Pleasures!? A Big Sister And Little Sister In Pussy Grinding Action!

Female Director Haruna Amateur Lesbian Seduction 105 Forbidden Pleasures!? A Big Sister And Little Sister In Pussy Grinding Action! They Don’t Need Sex Toys, They Have Their Pussies To Grind Together In Their First Ever Lesbian Orgasmic Experience!

Hey peeps !

First upload, so pardon me if I make any mistakes, I’ll try my best !

Video description is as it follows

The usual NPS drill, 4 scenes, all lesbian threesomes nampa (AKA pickups), an actress goes on the streets and picks up two other girls, in this case the girls are supposedly sisters. The actress seduces the girls and slowly convince them into having a threeesome. Lots of kissing, licking, touching and tribbing.

PTS-374 Schoolgirl Sisters & Their Senpai – Lesbian Love Triangle

Cast: Ruru Aizawa, Aya Miyazaki, Ichika Ayamori

A couple of sisters and their senior from school find themselves in a love/jealousy triangle. Getting naughty in school grounds Movie looked interesting because they cast 2 great girls in Ruru and Aya. The other I’m not too familiar with. Anyway, it appears Ruru and Ichika are the sisters, having sex at home in scene 1. Then Aya, their upperclassman, seduces each at school. In the end they meet up at the sisters’ house, pour out their feelings, get an OK from the senpai and have a threesome. Plenty of kissing, pussy licking and fingering, some 69ing as far as naughty acts go and not much else.

For DAILY UPDATED JAV, please, visit!


Princess Bambie – Daddy’s Present HD

Daddy’s Present Part 1 HD

My very first HD Daddy video, just in time for the holidays! Many of you have been a part of the long journey involved with training my tight little booty since I joined ManyVids; it’s been a long road but I can finally take it in the ass like any good girl should. I am super happy to announce that this year for Christmas I want to be Daddy’s little anal slut!!!!! In part one I show off my cute tight little body for Daddy, dancing and stretching–I left in the part where I fell down in my heels as requested by many of Snapchatters requested LOL. After I’m warmed up from stretching and dancing for Daddy I want to show off my cute tight little ass and all the training I’ve been doing. I get myself ready with my fingers before slowly sliding in my booty plug, talking dirty for Daddy, asking to suck his dick and begging him to fuck my ass for the very first time

Daddy’s Present Part 2 HD

I just wanted to give everyone a chance to get my cute Daddy anal cum video hehe))) Part Two of Daddy’s Present! Daddy’s good little anal slut is plugged and ready to be fucked, but not before getting your big cock nice and hard with sloppy wet deep throat. I gag on Daddy’s cock, telling you how good you taste and begging you to fuck me. You tease me, sliding you cock up and down my tight pussy before finally sliding inside. I ride you harder and harder until I cum hard on your cock. I let you watch as I take out my plug and show you my cute little booty gape before finally letting Daddy put his hard cock in my ass for the first time. It takes some maneuvering but once Daddy is inside it starts to feel really good. I talk dirty and ride Daddy’s cock in my ass, needing your cum deep in my ass. Finally you pull out and we watch the big hot load drip out of my ass and all over my cute little pussy. Best Christmas present ever

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Heel and foot bitch : Cuckold : Mandy Flores HD

My boyfriends best friend is in love with me, hes been peaking in and jerking off to me while we fuck so I amuse him by turning him to my personal foot and heel bitch to lick all his best friends cum off them and forcing him to agree to be my personal cum eating cuckold from now on.

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Mother Gives Me Blue Balls Full HD

Dallas had always taken great pleasure in mothering her son, Joe. Now that he had grown into a virile young man, her love for him had taken a taboo turn. Having already taught and guided him in a great many things, she had started to fantasize about initiating him into the world of sex and loving. She could see Joe was inexperienced when it came to women, and she did not want him to be hurt or taken advantage of. Despite the kinkiness of her intentions, she never felt a shred of guilt. Hers was an incredibly horny and open-minded nature. And it was not long before she got the chance to act. It began one afternoon when Joe came home from school and went straight up to his room. Dallas sensed something was wrong and decided to follow him and find out the cause. After knocking on his door, she stepped inside. She was clad in a pretty summer dress with a plunging neckline that showed off plenty of skin and cleavage. Joe lay on his bed, looking very sad. Dallas came over and sat at his side. Using all her motherly sweetness, she asked her son to tell her what was wrong. Joe duly did so – explaining that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. Dallas showed her son plenty of sympathy and support. She told him he was special, and insisted he put his foolish ex-girlfriend out of mind. She was clearly a fool, and not worth thinking about. Joe agreed to follow his mother’s advice. He practically worshipped her. Dallas then suggested she give him a massage and to ease his obvious tension. Before long she had gone from innocently rubbing his feet and stomach to pulling down his pants to expose his cock. Joe grew nervous and confused, but he did not resist his mother. She had a psychological hold over him, and the attention she paid him was very pleasant. In any case, Dallas herself would not be stopped. She got one look at her son’s big hard cock, and took it eagerly in hand. Nothing was going to get in the way of her enjoying it. Expertly she stroked up and down its long, thick length. All the while Joe groaned, and his body strained. He could not believe what his mother was doing to him. From her once-innocent lips came endless dirty comments about what a naughty mommie she was. Joe had never even gotten to first base with his ex-girlfriend. Now he was experiencing something beyond his wildest imaginings. Dallas was only too pleased to see how she was effecting her son. Dipping her head down, she opened her mouth and started sucking him off.

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