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Lou Pierce – Mum Wants Cum HD

Your Mother had planned on doing a bit of topless sunbathing while she had the house to herself… to her disappointment you’ve decided to stay home and chill out in the garden with her! Lou tells you she’d planned on going topless, but can’t now your home…. Unless, of course the idea of seeing your mother turns you on? Lou can’t believe you secretly want to see her naked and soon starts to peel off her skimpy bikini to tease your COCK! It doesn’t take her long to see the effect she’s having on your DICK and then decides to give you some JERK OFF encouragement, while she joins in and plays with her shaven mature PUSSY!

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Her Power Overwhelms You HD

Mommy knows how hard this last month has been for you being away from your new wife. You two have known each other since high school, and I’m sure being away from her after you just married is very difficult. Even if I don’t approve of her; she’s never been good enough for you! While you do your studies, mommy offers to help you with your little problem. It must ache like crazy to be without your wife that long, and it will only be longer until you see her again. Let mommy take care of it. I’ve waited a month to make my move, and I know you’ve secretly lusted after me for a long time now. I don’t understand why my baby boy tries to hide his true feelings from mommy. I can see by the bulge in your pants you need my help.

Baby boy maintains he is just fine, so mommy goes about her housework, picking up laundry and cleaning, all while shoving her breasts in his face with her boobs slipping out of her satin nightie and bending over in front of him with her bare ass showing just enough to drive him to the brink. As she realizes he is losing all self control, she decides to tease him with the idea of making him wait even longer. If he begs, it only means she’s going to make him wait another week, possibly a month!

After her housework, mommy realizes how dry her skin is, so she begins to oil up her neck, her arms, and then her breasts. This is turning her on like crazy, and she peeks over and sees her baby boy is getting very aroused as well so she continues on, eventually moving to her legs and the soles of her feet, gently wiping away baby boy’s drool with her toe. Finally, he gives in to her advances and can’t take anymore…

Baby boy is powerless to resist.

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Category: MILF
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Aunt Wenona Teach U to Jerk Off

Auntie Wenona, brunette, early 30’s with orthodontic braces, has noticed you checking her out earlier so she sneaks into your room while the rest of the family is out getting groceries for holiday dinner. So she sits on your bed & explains that going through puberty is a confusing time & she wants to teach you some stuff. Some stuff being how to jerk off effectively & a few different techniques on stroking it. She teases you with her pantyhose clad legs & there’s some nice upskirt surprises waiting for you too. IT just makes you harder and stroke it faster to your auntie!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone she’s teaching you how to jack off…
Aunt-Nephew Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Dirty Talk, JOI (jerk off instructions), MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, BRACES, VOYEUR, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, ROLE PLAY, FEMDOM POV, MILF

Aunt, MILF, Cheating, Wife, Small Tits, POV, Jerk Off Instruction


Leia’s Panties HD

Official Description: (60fps – MP4) “A dream come true”- My cute, plump ass is shaken in your face for a whole twelve minutes*! I sway back and forth, quietly, sometimes reaching into my panties to play with my pussy and sometimes reaching around for a good grab and a SMACK! I’ve been working my butt out just for you! You will sometimes see some cute ass hairs when I bend over (check Preview), but I never take my panties off. You’re here to be teased. But, really, who could fault you for taking your cock out now.

*20 PAIRS OF PANTIES in this video ~ Email me for a Panty quote!


Abella (2016)

Starring: Abella.
Rated: XXX
Fetish: Celebrity Sex Tapes
Ships: Released 6/29/16
Released: 6/29/2016
By: Hard X
Director: Mason

Featuring her 1st DP and DA, Abella is a showcase movie celebrating an intense and beautiful adult performer at her very best. Directed by the award winning Mason, Abella is full of interviews and high end teases and captures a young starlet coming into her own. Watch her very 1st DP turn into her very first double anal, spontaneously. This movie is a powerful journey into the heart and soul of a passionate budding starlet. Do not miss this incredible release!

Abella 1_Abella_Danger.mp4

Abella 2_Abella_Danger.mp4

Abella 3_Abella_Danger_Kristina_Rose.mp4

Abella 4_Abella_Danger.mp4

Fuckgirls AbellaYhivi.mp4

My Dirty Maid Isabella_Taylor.mp4


MissReinaT – Daddy Fuck Me HD

Note 1: This video is definitely a KEEPER for those with a father-daughter incest fetish. Seriously, the taboo nature (and the dirty talk) of this video is what makes this video so appealing.

This is a custom video requested by one of MissReinaT’s fans. Reina went clubbing one night. She comes home drunk. Her “daddy” is home so she starts starts to tease him, POV style by dancing and flashing her tits and pussy. Reina passes out then wakes up, with her ass up as her daddy looks at her. She pleads him not to fuck her but reluctantly does so.
Note 2: No male performer, she uses a dildo!

MissReinaT starts in a missionary position as she thrusts the dildo into her vagina. She then changes position to reverse cowgirl. She sticks the dildo onto a mirror and starts fucking it doggy style. The video then cuts to missionary position on the couch, where she begs you to impregnate her.

The final scene, Reina goes to the bathroom, telling her daddy “not to follow her.” She sticks a dildo on the toilet lid and starts riding it. Unfortunately the video abruptly ends with no ‘ending orgasm’ or what have you. Nonetheless, you will definitely cum before the end of the video.

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Aria Alexander – Craving Dad’s Cock More and More HD

Aria Takes Care of Dad HD

Aria has always been “daddy’s” girl. Now dad is home late after having a few and he is pretty much out on the couch. Something comes over Aria, she finds herself thinking about dong what she has only fantasized about. It is the best experience of her life. She has always know she could take care of her dad better than her stupid bitch of a mother ever could. Aria doesn’t even know why her mom married him if she isn’t going to take advantage of what a real man her dad is.

Aria’s College disappointment HD

Aria went away to college thinking finally she would bet to fuck lot’s of real men instead of the boys she left behind. She waits for her dad, wearing just one of his shirts, and explains exactly what she has been needing and why he has to be the one to give it to her.

Category: TABOO
Keywords: aria alexander, blowjobs, handjobs, daddy daughter, fucking

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Сoed Sierra Sanders Expert Blowjob & Big Facial – 1080P HD

The beautiful Sierra Sanders stops by to suck some cock for cash. She takes it deep and makes it sloppy and then jerks him off all over her face!Coed Sierra Sanders Expert Blowjob & Big Facial – 1080P HD (MP4)
Category: BLOW JOBS
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Britney Amber & Kagney Linn Karter – Family Nuru HD

Britney Amber, Kagney Linn Karter & Tommy Gunn

Sisters Kagney Linn Karter and Britney Amber are tag teaming a mystery client today and both feel awkward seeing each other naked at the Nuru Massage. But, when their 2:30 arrives and they see it’s their step father Tommy Gunn, they know the kinkiness has reached a whole other level. Kagney Linn and Britney take turns soaping their father’s bare chest while Britney gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock. They tease Tommy by rubbing their chests together with their big fake boobs, then escort him to the bathtub and suck his cock simultaneously. Tommy’s cock is now ready for some Nuru gel which his daughters lather over his body. Kagney Linn jumps on his huge cock and rides his dick with her tight pussy then giving Britney the chance to feel her father’s cock inside of her until he can’t hold his load any longer and busts his hot jizz inside his daughter’s mouth!

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Sexy MILF Cuckold Wife Rio – Only New HD Vids

Cuckold Talk 13

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I went on two dates tonight and had a lot of fun making these guys cum. I was still super horny when I got home so I undressed and just had on the black body stocking that I wore for my date. I went into the bedroom to tell my hubby all about the fun I had and to make him cum for me as well. My pussy was still wet from the evening and I was anxious to get my hubby’s big cock inside me. I always want to fuck my hubby after I have fun with other guys! We started out by making out and then slowly undressing as I stroked his cock. He got so hard for me while I told him about all the cum I got inside me tonight. It makes him jealous but also super hard for me! I love fucking other guys while my hubby waits for me to get home so I can fuck him. He then licked my pussy really good and then stuck his cock inside me. I rubbed my clit and came so good! I then laid next to him and made out with him again while I jerked his cock off. He had a huge load waiting for me tonight! I licked it all up too!

Category: MILF

Cuckold Talk 12

My hubby was sitting on the couch waiting for me to finish getting ready so we could go out to dinner. I had something important to talk to him about and I knew I would have to get him turned on before he would be open to the idea. I pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock and told him I had something I wanted to talk to him about. Once I had his cock in my hand I started telling him about my phone conversation that I had with Rico. I told him I really wanted to fly out to Vegas to have sex with Rico and all his friends. My hubby’s interest really perked up as I began telling him about all the black guys I wanted to fuck bare back again. I loved all the cream pies they gave me too! I told him my break from other guys was over and that I was anxious to begin fucking other guys in front of him. I really want to make him watch this time and I want him to stroke his cock for me while he watches me take all those big black cocks inside my little pussy. I then want him to shoot a big load on me while I’m getting fucked. Well, after hearing all that my hubby’s cock was so hard and dripping with pre-cum. It didn’t take me long to get all his creamy cum on me! I made him shoot cum on me today and then again the next morning!

Category: MILF

Cuckold Talk 11

I was going through my closet to look for something sexy to wear to a swinger party tonight and I found this sexy dress I use to wear at the strip club. It had a few more holes in it then when I first bought it because one of my customers from the club got carried away one evening when I was there. I was sitting at the bar with a girlfriend from work when Scott my friend comes up behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders, then back and gradually he has my dress up and he’s now massaging my ass. I’m getting very turned on and I’m hanging my ass over the stool so he could rub my pussy as well. The next thing I know he’s up against me with his long dick out and has slid it inside me. He’s wearing a long suit coat so no one can really see and we are sitting in the far dark corner. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load inside me (which surprised the out of me!) and me having to run to the bathroom with cum dripping down the inside of my stocking. I was so turned on thinking of what happened that day I just had to tell my hubby all about it. This of course turned him on and we recreated the scene in our kitchen. Instead of cumming inside me he shot his load on my face so he could watch me eat it!

Category: MILF

Car Jacking 2

Today I was running around doing errands with Tommy and we also had lunch together. I was wearing a sexy top and mini skirt with no panties underneath. I felt the cool breeze between my legs all day and the moistness from my pussy sticking to the inside of my thighs. It was making me so horny. I wanted to finger myself right at the restaurant but thought I better wait until I was back in the car. When I got in the front seat of the car I touched my pussy while Tommy was driving. I noticed a side street and asked him to pull over and so he did. I then hopped over to the back seat. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was really horny and wanted to give him a blow job. He acted nervous but I was fine and didn’t worry about any passing cars. He got in the back with me then and we were making out as I was stroking his cock. He was fingering my pussy and playing with my tits while I sucked and stroked on his cock until he unloaded his cum into my mouth. It was so big and creamy!

Category: MILF

Cover My Ass with Cum

Today I’m having one of my regular clients come over for a private date. I put on some a sexy pink mini skirt and revealing top with some fishnet pantyhose stockings. When he came over I greeted him with a big hug and kiss and then showed him my sexy outfit. He loves it when I wear short mini’s and stockings! I then told him I had a surprise for him today. He’s always wanting to lick, finger and play with my ass so today I told him about the new anal toy that I bought just for this date. But first I did a strip tease and played with my pussy. I talked real dirty like the naughty girlfriend that I am and fingered my pussy and then ass. I got him so worked up today that his pre-cum was soaking his boxers! I then told him I wanted to taste it and suck on his dick. I put it in my mouth and got him super hard! I love it when a man’s dick is so hard it stands at attention for me! I told him he wasn’t allowed to cum yet and continued to play with his dick by stroking and sucking on it. I then fingered my ass, put the glass butt plug in and then finally my new anal toy. By then my ass was nice and stretched and could accommodate the dick in my ass. Hmm, it felt so good and the look on my clients face told me he was building a huge load for me. After I came I told him to stroke his dick off on my ass. His load was so big today! I loved getting my ass soaking wet with all that creamy cum!

Category: MILF

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