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Cuckolded By Your Best Man HD

I call you (my soon to be husband) into the back room before the wedding ceremony. I am having second thoughts and I need to sit down and express what I am feeling. You listen as I tell you how I can not only have one man, that you could never be enough, how your cock has not satisfied me fully. You are shocked but know you can not call off the wedding to your beautiful bride. I tell you I am really into one man in particular and want him to be a constant in our married life. He is your best man, your best friend, the man you are secretly jealous of. I have been fucking him for months now, in fact I already married him. I plan on marrying you too. I will have two husbands, one that satisfies me and the other that is a complete cuckold for us. I want you to pay all the bills, go to work, sleep in the other room, do chores, eat cum. The list goes on and on. You agree that my wishes are what is best. You also agree that this future is all you are worthy of, all you truly want out of this marriage. I begin fucking your best man right in front of you. We laugh at you, mock you, all while he makes me cum over and over. Fingering me soon turns to rough fucking. We are both moaning so loud the entire wedding can hear us through the walls. When it comes time for your best man to cum he cum’s all over the naked chest of your bride. I call you over to lick up the cum which consulates your cuckold agreement. You lick it off my chest, sucking it out of my belly button. You are now owned by your two alphas for the rest of your life, in holy matrimony.



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Uncle Jay I’m Scared HD MP4

Can I Sleep In Your Bed Tonight?

Dear Diary,
After hearing so much about Uncle Jay from my aunt I had to spend some time with him over the Summer. He was just as nice as everyone said but I could tell there was more to him than just that. After fantasizing about him for a few nights I decided to tempt fate and prove my theory.
I used an approaching storm as an excuse to lay with him and just like I thought he couldn’t resist a young girls body laying next to him. He teased me a bit and then we made love like there was no tomorrow. I can’t wait til tomorrow morning when we wake up together, that will be even hotter.
Xo Ocean
Full HD: Uncle Jay I’m Scared HD

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Let’s Spank Each Other!

Oh, my gosh!! Did you just watch me changing clothes?! Did you see me get out of my bikini?? And just stood there while I got dressed?! You’re such a terrible little brother!! I can’t believe you. I’m telling mom and dad! ….UNLESS I get to punish you myself. Yes, I have something in mind. I bet we can make a deal. I’m guessing you haven’t seen a girl yet… that you’re wondering what we look like. Hmmmm? What if I show you… then spank you for it? You owe me… Now, bend over my knee… AFTER you take off your pants and underwear. Yep. Naked. And if you get a stiffy, then you’re just going to have to take care of it… in front of me. I’ll tell you how. But, gee, that make me feel like I was being naughty. I guess you’ll just have to spank me too, brother.

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Candy Monroe BBC Cuckold Queen SiteRip 23.72 GiB!

Candy Monroe is the Cuckold Queen, and there’s nothing she likes more than humiliating a sissy white boy by making him watch her fuck a horse-hung black stud. Her site is part of the Dogfart Network, a collection known for its entertaining interracial action, and it fits in perfectly with that theme.

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Raven Bay – My step brother jerks off to me in the bathroom HD

Raven is about to get into the bath, but she sees you creeping on her. What is your problem, step brother? Have you never seen a girl naked before? Fine. She drops her towel to the floor and spins around for you so that you see all of her. She sees you have gotten a hard-on and she tells you to take off your pants. She tells you to stroke yourself. You take your dick in your hand and get to it. You love her long, dark hair and her bubble butt. Clearly she enjoys teasing you. She tells you that she wants a fat load and you squeeze out every drop you can, but she informs you that it is small. You leave so that she can bathe and so that you might try to find some dignity.

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The Art Of Lesbian Anal – Adriana Chechik, Lyra Law HD

Topless Adriana Chechik is getting ready for game time with Lyra Law. The lesbian ladies have a bet going on, and they’ve both been working out in preparation. If Lyra wins she can do whatever she wants to Adriana. Lyra comes over in a white sports bra and yoga pants. She shows her the big black strapon that will be the prize and the punishment if Adriana loses the bet.

The challenge begins with an order decreed by Lyra for Adriana to take her top off. Adriana leans back on the sofa and Lyra nibbles her nipples. She pulls Adriana’s panties off and teases her bush. Then she eats Adriana’s pussy making her wet and horny for more. Adriana parts her legs and holds them above her head while Lyra sticks her tongue in her asshole. Lyra slips out of her pants and tells her little sex slave Adriana to make her cum. The lesbian brunette licks Lyra’s pussy and sucks her clit till she bounces like a rubber ball.

Lyra turns around and feeds Adriana her ass while Adriana fingers herself as per Lyra’s orders. Then Adriana rubs Lyra’s pussy as she gyrates her hips till she cums. Lyra rubs Adriana’s pussy in retaliation and pushes her over the edge to squirt all over the sofa. After Lyra rides Adriana’s face, she shoves the strapon in her mouth and makes her squirt again with her expert fingers. Then Lyra straps herself into the big black strapon and fingers Adriana’s asshole before fucking her ass with the plastic cock.

Lyra’s strap-on assthletics makes Adriana have a sopping wet orgasm. But Lyra keeps pounding Adriana’s ass, showing her prowess in the art of lesbian anal. She lets Adriana take a break and suck the strapon before she gets back onboard in reverse cowgirl. Lyra rubs Adriana’s clit at the same time till she quivers and squirts more of her juices. Then Adriana needs a mouthful of Lyra’s bushy pussy. She pays her back for all those orgasm, sucking her clit till she makes Lyra cum. Enjoy!

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Ludella Hahn triple pack – Smother Compilation HD

1. Smothering Brother to Get What I Want
“I know how to get what I want, so when my brother tells me he can’t bring me to my 6am practice because he has to work…I present a very convincing argument: my BIG BUTT on his face. Haha. It’s funny, too, because I think he actually likes it, even though he begs me not to do it. And that’s why I come in wearing just my bra and THONG. I figure how can he say no to that? I start teasing him about how I know he likes it, being shoved between my butt cheeks. He denies it, but I know that he always says “no” to me at first just so I’ll sit on his face and smother him to get him to say yes. So I bounce my big butt on his face, laughing at him, and smothering him beneath my big butt and between my cheeks. He pretty much agreed to do it after just a couple of minutes…but I still want some fun, so I keep sitting on his face for a while, make him kiss my ass, and when I’m finally bored because I have better things to do, I make him pinky swear that he’ll take me, and then I tell him it’s time for my favorite part…putting him to sleep. Haha. He begs me not to, but I put him to sleep anyway. I’m such a brat, and I always get what I want…or I’ll sit on some faces until I do. My poor brother never has a chance.”

2. Skipping School Brother Smother
Jason sneaks into his little sister’s room while she’s at school so he can read her diary. But because Nessie has cut class, she catches him in the act. He threatens to divulge her naughty secrets to their mother if she rats on him…so she needs to do something to keep his mouth shut. She’ll put him in his place…BENEATH HER BIG BUTT! She throws him down on her bed and jumps on it, lifting up her skirt and dropping her big butt on his face. Now he can’t talk. Everything is muffled moans and whimpers. After a while she asks him if he’ll still tell their mom. If he hesitates to answer or gives the wrong answer, she sits back on his face, bouncing her big butt on him with his nose wedged inside. And then…she gets the idea to take it further… Not only will he not tell on her, but he’ll be her personal chauffeur. He’ll drive her around all day…actually…all month! She’ll keep cutting class and bring him into her scheme. “I’ll get in big trouble if Mom finds out…” He whimpers. “You think she’ll be mad? Hmm..well, it’s either that or you will have THIS all over your face every day!” She says bouncing hard on his face full force. “You’ll be kissing my ass…LITERALLY.” She muffles him completely before giving him a chance to respond. “If you don’t do what I want, then every morning…I’ll just come into your room and surprise smother you on your bed.” “No, please, don’t.” He begs. “It’s funny how the tables have turned, huh? You come snooping in my room for materials to blackmail me, and you end up being blackmailed yourself. Karma’s a BITCH,” she says, dropping her big ass on his face. Then, in spite of his begging, she decides to put him to sleep to guarantee his silence about her skipping class…and her naughty diary secrets…

3. Ass Addiction: Your Face is MY Cushion – POV Facesitting
Get addicted to my ass (or feed your addiction) by watching this POV ASS WORSHIP and SMOTHER clip. Your face is just a seat cushion for my BIG WHITE BOOTY and I’ll treat it as such, with your nose crammed into my perfect butt crack. I taunt and tease you with my perfect ass, knowing right where you want to be…then I twerk right on your face. Haha.

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Fifi Foxx – The Girl from the Bar Virtual Sex HD

This clip offers a very slow, sensual, virtual sex experience with a sweet girl you met at the bar. It contains a striptease, virtual sex, missionary, doggy-style, riding/bouncing, dirty talk**

Well, you know…I never really do this. You’re the first guy I’ve done this with. I just had such a nice time with you at the bar. I felt like we really clicked… like, you really liked me. Did I mention that I never do this? I thought we could, maybe…mess around. We could take it slow…it’s been a while. Do you want me to get naked for you?…

Striptease and virtual sex with dirty talk through-ought. Positions include missionary, doggy, cowgirl. Ends with pretend cumshot.

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Chloe Couture ~ Young and Curious about IR Anal

With doe eyes and budding breasts, this young teen is craving to learn the ways of BBC. Watch as this blonde cutie shows off her full bottom and growing curves in a sensual tease, before being schooled in interracial sex. This young teen also learns how her body responds to multiple anal positions, having numerous climaxes as well. Do not miss this latest Dark X anal sex scene.

mp4 | 1.20 GiB | 34 min | 1280×720

DX Chloe Couture Feb 03 2017.mp4


Naughty (2017)

Genevive is putting on her sexy lingerie and getting ready for action. Emily visits her boyfriend who is just out of the shower. Emily teases and seduces in tight dress and sexy lingerie. This girl looks very classy but she is very naught as well, starting with a slow blowjob and then straight to anal to end with a facial.

Category: RUSSIAN, Teens, Lingerie, Stockings, Creampie, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Blowjob, Brunette
Starring: Sofi Goldfinger, Emily Thorne, Genevieve Venom
Language: RUSSIAN
Size: 1.18 GB
Length: 01:59:01
Format: MP4
Video: 720×404

Naughty 2017.mp4

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