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Brooklyn Chase – Daughter’s First Sex Toy Gift HD 720p

Daughter / Father Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Handjob, Cumshot, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Family Fantasies

“I have to admit, my dad is quite a sexy older man. Now that I am 18 and grown up with such a womanly body it is going to be hard not to look at him in the way a daughter shouldn’t. Guys my age are so immature and seriously dumb. My Dad is refined and knows just how to make a girl feel special. I wondered what he was going to give me for my birthday present. He usually gives me a separate gift from the one he and my Mom give. Last year he gave me a gift card for a full day shopping spree at my favorite clothing store. I was sure he would give me an even better present this year since I am now legally an adult. He had me close my eyes and led me into the master bedroom. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at when I opened my eyes. He said it was a sex toy. I had not ever seen anything like this before! He said I climb on and straddle it like I would a bike. He said the knobs control what kind of ride I would have on the toy. I could hardly wait to try it! I lifted my little jean skirt and spread my legs to carefully lower myself down. I turned on the vibration knob and Oh my gosh… my little pussy instantly became swollen and wet. This toy was the most powerful vibration I have ever felt in between my legs. My mom bought me some dildos and little pocket rocket toys which she gave me this morning before she left for work but none of them even came close to what this feels like. My Dad is the best. He knows exactly how to take care of a young sexually budding girl like me. I should give him a thank you that is equally as great as my new toy. I know I can’t fuck him but I am going to make his cock feel better than it has in years.”

Daughter’s First Sex Toy Gift HD


Angelina Valentine, Lyla Storm (Oral Overdose)

Big-boobed, big-lipped, tattooed whore Angelina Valentine and slender, all-natural beauty Lyla Storm are jonesing to give some head. Fortunately, horny director Mike Adriano is ready with his big cock and his trusty camera! The girls tease him by drooling into each other’s puckered butthole. Then they work their hungry lips over his hard shaft and dangling balls while he shoots POV-style. Deep-throating Mike’s pole, these messy sluts slobber and gag while mascara runs down their cheeks. They tongue the director’s anus and swap spit until Mike shoots his load into Lyla’s mouth… then they snowball his creamy jism. Teamwork!



Cruel Chastity Torment HD

CATEGORY: Female Domination

Look at THAT! Who does that?! Who locks a fella’s junk up in a steel cage & then teases him mercilessly? Look at that mouth & tongue! Christ, it would make most men bust out of that cage like the Hulk….but that’s not all: pussy too? Now that’s taking it too far. The sensitive, swollen bits of cock flesh pushing past the bars of the cage rub against hot, wet pussy. PUSSY?!



[OKSN-200] Fascinated By Chest Sweat Of Every Mother-in-law 義母の汗ばむ胸元に魅せられて 青山菜々


[OKSN-201] Mizuno Chaoyang Date Of Decided To Make A Mother 母を犯すと決めた日 水野朝陽


[PPPD-297] Big Undercover JULIA 巨乳潜入捜査官 JULIA


[PPPD-298] Big Reverse Molester Tour Coming In Teased The Pies 中出しをせがんでくる巨乳逆痴漢 めぐり


[PPPD-299] Big Naked Housekeeper Hatano Yui 全裸巨乳家政婦 波多野結衣


[PPPD-300] A Man In Active College Student Dormitory 現役女子大生 学生寮に男を連れ込み中出しヤリ放題 原千草


[PPPD-301] Breaking Tits! !03 Mizusaki Akane おっぱい速報!!03 水咲あかね



Rio Lee – Naughty Vision During Incision

When Bill Bailey woke up on a hospital stretcher without any memories of how he got there, he was pretty worried. But Dr. Ho and the lovely nurse Rio Lee reassured him that they would take good care of him, and as he drifted off, he kept Rio’s gorgeous smiling face in his mind’s eye. He fantasized about the busty brunette performing a sultry striptease, slowly slipping out of all her clothes and then getting him rock hard with a sexy lapdance. Afterwards, she cut off his hospital gown so she could give him a nice handjob with her silky gloves on. She oiled up her big tits, sucked on his balls, and then spread her pretty ass cheeks for a nice deep anal dicking. Bill fucked her ass hard and then busted a big nut all over her tight asshole, emerging from his stupor with a big grin.



Payton Simmons – Paytons Pussy

Payton might be young, but she definitely knew what she wanted and what really turned her on. She mentioned how sensitive her nipples were and how much she loves for someone to nibble and gently tug at them with their teeth. Payton was an amazingly, vibrant, curvaceous woman, and she rewarded us with a sexy little striptease before she went all the way and bounced her juicy booty up and down some hard cock.



Alex Chance in Boring Vacation HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Blowjob, Oral, Cum in mouth, Swallowing, Cheating Girlfriend. Spanking, Gagging, Cumshot, Facial

Scene One: Boyfriend Stand In

Alex’s dad was sent to Vegas for a work conference. She begged and begged to go with him. He told her that she would be bored, and that it was just a work trip, but she insisted. Now Alex is sitting in the hotel room with no money and nothing to do.

Alex misses her boyfriend so much that she calls him to have phone sex. She puts the boyfriend on speaker phone and sets the phone on the floor. Alex tells him to jerk his cock for her. She describes to him what she is wearing. Alex moans and rubs her pussy pulling down her cute panties. Taking off her top, she describes to her boyfriend how she plays with her tits.

Her dad walks in and sees his daughter on the phone. She calls him over and puts one hand over his mouth and one hand on his crotch. She moans on the phone that his dick is so big. Going to her knees she pulls down her dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She teases and licks his balls before taking his cock into her mouth. She describes every detail of what she is doing and moans while loudly sucking cock. She rubs her pussy and jerks her dad’s cum into her mouth. Swallowing it all down she tells her boyfriend how good he tastes.

Boring Vacation 1 HD

Scene Two: Tipsy Daughter

He rushes out of the room the next morning bothered about what happened between him and his daughter. Left alone in the room again Alex raids the mini bar. Chocolates and alcohol make a great combination and she is surprised at getting hammered so quickly on the tiny drinks.

He comes back to the hotel room to take her out to lunch and have a talk. Alex drunkenly tells him that she is sorry but she is so bored and so horny. It’s no fun without any money in Vegas. Alex tells him how much she loves his big cock and places his hands on her breasts. She kisses him, and tells him how much she wants him to fuck her. Clothes fly off as Alex strips herself and her dad. Getting on the bed she sucks his cock. a?ooh fuck me daddya?? she screams guiding his cock inside her. She cums hard and keeps fucking him until he explodes inside of her.

Spent the dad lays on the bed and closes his eyes. Alex goes into his pants and takes his credit card.

Boring Vacation 2 HD

Scene Three: Look What I Bought

Alex has been out shopping with her dad’s credit card. She takes out her purchases, sexy lingerie with nylons. Striping naked she puts on the items and lays seductively in bed waiting for him to get back to the hotel.

He can hardly believe his eyes when he walks in. His daughter is the sexiest thing he has ever seen. She asks him seductively if he likes what she bought today. She sits him on the edge of the bed and gives him a Vegas lap dance. Shoving his face into her pussy she moans a?olick my pussy daddya??

She strips her dad naked and sucks on his hard cock. Pushing him to the bed, Alex pulls her panties to the side and rides on top of him. He touches her tight young body while she rides him like a sex starved daughter. She closes her eyes tight and has a quivering orgasm on his cock. Thank you for buying this for me.

Boring Vacation 3 HD

Scene Four: Hotel Bill

After a great vacation Alex and her dad are ready to check out. When he calls down to the hotel lobby he finds out that she has been buying, room service, liquor from the fridge, and movies on demand to the hotel room. Thousands of dollars have been charged alone in the last few days. Alex tells him that she is sorry but that she was really bored.

He is so mad that he flips her over and spanks her. Pulling down her pants and panties he tells her that she is going to earn every penny of that money back and gives her a few more spanks. He pulls off her shirt and bra and fucks her mouth.

He throws her to the bed and when she pleads with him that she is sorry he takes her panties from the ground and gags her. He fucks her furiously holding her down on on the bed.

Pulling the panties out of her mouth he tells her to open wide and shoots his load onto her waiting face. She is going to fuck him every day until that bill is paid, and she loves every minute of it.

Boring Vacation 4 HD


Sapphire – Blackmailed Sister HD 1080p

Brother / Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, JOI (jerk off instructions), Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Dildos & Toys, Solo Masturbation, Blonde

Sister Sapphire needs you to keep a secret…She lets you WANK your COCK and watch her play!

SAPPHIRE Blackmailed Sister HD


Brookelynne Briar – Naughty sister watches you jack!

Brother-sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, JOI (jerk off instructions), Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, POV (point of view), Caught, Canadian, Brunette

Your hot sexy relative Brookelynne Briar waltzes into your room while you’re in bed & stroking your hardon under covers! You have the blanket over but she realize somethings up & starts questioning you… eventually pulling back the blankets to see your raging boner. She thinks it’s hot, seeing her relative jacking his dick so she jumps on your bed & acts all flirty, coy & cute, in her tiny jean cutoff shorts & halter top! She tells you to keep going, giving you hot bad girl talk to egg you on, hand motions to follow & even some different techniques to do to your hard cock & balls. She gets turned & into it that she pulls down her halter top & shows her milky white breasts & sexy nipples for her brother!! Brookelynne even reaches over and grabs your dick & tugs it a bit!! How perverted is that? Her sexy encouragement really gets you going & seeing her milky white skin & lil perky boobs sets you off & you cum so hard!! She’s SO turned on while you’re cumming & loves watching her bro milk his dick for her!

Naughty sister watches you jack


Daughter takes one for the team HD

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Cock Tease, Handjob, Cumshot, Family Fantasies, Busty / Big tits

daughter jacks off her old man so she can borrow his car!

I can’t believe my favorite band is playing a concert tonight and I may not get to go see them perform! I love this band and bought my ticket months ago with my best girlfriend. Problem is my car is in the shop and she doesn’t want to drive her new car downtown for the show. If she doesn’t drive, then there is no way I can go or at least I thought such was the case. While I am practically begging her to drive tonight she suggests I ask my dad if I can use his car and in exchange I “take one for the team.” I had no idea what she was talking about and when she told me I was completely disgusted at her suggestion. What kind of girl offers to give her dad a handjob just so she can use his car? I’ll tell you, a desperate one. I swallowed my pride and walked into my mom and dads bedroom.

With the most enthusiasm I could muster, I offered to clean the house, cook dinner, anything in exchange for use of his car. He gave me that keep trying and maybe we can work something out look, yet again, maybe not. Since I saw a glimmer of hope for my cause, I offered the last resort, a hand job. My mom wasn’t home, it was just us so now was the time to make my move. I threw it out there like my girl friend said to and he totally took it. I didn’t know a hand job was so important to an older guy but I’m glad it is! He quickly laid down and made himself comfortable so I could perform my end of the deal. It helped knowing he has discreetly checked me out more than a few times recently. I think this arrangement is a win -win situation for us both. He was already hard when I pulled his sweatpants down. I had no idea my dad had such a nice big dick, no wonder my mom is super jealous of him around other women. My mom would probably throw me out of the house if she knew I had my hands wrapped around my daddy’s dick right now. He agreed this would be our secret arrangement. Now that I’ve seen the size of his cock I wish I would have thought of something sooner to get my hands on it.

I was originally grossed out at the thought of stroking off my dad but now I want more than just my hands on it. I wanted to make him cum harder than my mom could ever make him. I bet she doesn’t even give him hand jobs anymore. Now he feels what a tight grip I have with my hand wrapped around his cock, it won’t be long before he will feel how tight my pussy is. I’m sure I can get more out of him than just a borrowed car for the night. If a hand job gets me his car for a night, imagine what my tight young pussy will get me. I can hardly wait to find out but for now I have to focus on helping him cum so I can get going to the concert. I lubed his shaft until it was super slippery and stroked him with such a tight grip, up and down in anticipation of his big hot load. It didn’t take long after I called him daddy and asked how he likes his cock stroked that he blew his load all over my hand. I held up my end of the deal. As he looked at me with half dizzy eyes he nodded his head yes, that I could use his car for the night. I like this new found arrangement. I could hardly wait to call my girlfriend and thank her for the suggestion. It doesn’t feel like I had to “take one for the team” at all.

Daughter takes one for the team HD

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