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Tori Black – Fucking My Black Step-Dad

Step-Father / Step-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Interracial, Mom’s Husband, Wife’s Daughter, Mixed Races, Family Fantasies

Busted! My stepdad found out I’m horny for some black cock! I’ve been craving his big black cock in my mouth and puss. OMG! My stepdad is so huge! I hope mom doesn’t catch us fucking. Is my pussy better than moms?

Fucking My Black Step-Dad


Darryl Hanah Sucks, Fucks And Gets Facialized By Hung Lo

Step-Mother / Step-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Wives, Dad’s Wife, Husband’s Son, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Cumshot, Interracial, Asian Male / Caucasian Female, Mixed Races

Willy is an Asian boy who was adopted by a white couple at birth. He grew up with them, but then he noticed as he got older, he started to develop forbidden feelings for his stepmom. After he turned 18 years old, he was cleaning the pool one day and his stepmom seduced him into touching her boobs. That day started this forbidden romance that they have been continuing till this day as they fuck a couple times a week. She loves to taste Willy’s Asian cock in her mouth as much as he loves to lap up her white pussy. The forbidden lovers have a secret that they are keeping from his dad as they engage in taboo sex nearly every day.

Fucks And Gets Facialized By Hung Lo HD


Sara Jay, Carter Cruise

You ever fantasize about your girlfriend’s step-mom sucking your dick. Especially when she’s sexy like Sara Jay. I have! Carter Cruise and Peter are doing some home-work until Big Tit Sara Jay needed his help. Peter was helping change a light bulb when Sara grabbed his dick and shoved in her mouth. Carter walked in pissed catching them in action, but decided to join in on the fucn. Peter is one lucky boy-friend. He ended up fucking both of them. Come and watch this sweet update. Enjoy!



Mom’s Daily Supplement HD

Scene 1 – Morning supplement…

Son enters the kitchen while jerking off.
Mother turns around and sees him, smiles and praises him for being a good son, getting ready to help mom every morning.
She grabs his cock and starts jerking him off, and pulling him by his cock towards the breakfast table.
She keeps telling him how much of a good son/boy he is, and how it is both beneficial for them.
Mom starts to suck her son’s cock.
She continues until she hears her husband coming down stairs.
She gets up, drags her son by his cock into the first floor bathroom.
She locks the door and goes back to sucking.
She tells him to always remember this is between only two of them and other people wouldn’t understand.
She keeps at it with encouraging, endearing dirty talk, until he blows his load inside her mouth.
She swallows the load, sucks his cock to clean it and quietly exits the bathroom.
-fade out-

Mom’s Daily Supplement HD 1

Scene 2 – Nightly supplement…

At night mom enters her son’s room.
She locks the door behind her, and tells her son that dad is taking a shower, and they have to hurry up.
She jumps right down on her knees and starts sucking her son’s cock.
She dirty talks to him and teases him about how much he seems to enjoy himself now.
She takes off her clothes, and starts to rub his cock on her tits and then her pussy.
She continues, hinting about letting him fuck her one of these days.
She goes back to sucking him off, as she encourages him to feed her.
He blows his load in her mouth, she swallows and goes on sucking.
In between sucks, she tells him he should prepare himself for tomorrow as well, and that she’ll be waiting in her bathroom.
She comes off his cock, kisses it endearingly and wishes him good night.

Mom’s Daily Supplement HD 2


My Son Comes Home

Mother knows it’s bad news when her son calls and tells her he lost his job and needs a place to stay for a while. She knows that they can’t fall back into the forbidden tryst they were in before he left. “Things are going to have to be different this time” she tells him on the phone. The house key is where it always is, so he can let himself in. She heads off to work with a heavy heart… she knows she has made a poor decision allowing him under the same roof as her and his father.

When he arrives at the end of the day, she lays down the law to her son. Things WILL be different! But he Son is having nothing of it. From the first time he sees his Mother, his seductive ways begin again. She insists on them NOT going back into their affair. “We almost ripped this family apart!”

The next day, as mom is getting ready for a night out with her friends, she needs her sons help reaching something in the kitchen. When she slips, and falls into his arms, she becomes weak to his advances. Soon, they are both loosing what little discretion they had left.

The twisted tale continues as the Mother – Son relationship moves to a taboo love making session. The seduction is overpowering as they fall for both of their advances. The passion is great, no one can tell who really is the hunter and who is the prey in this forbidden taboo story

My Son Comes


Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Blonde, Enslavement, Male Domination / MaleDom, POV (point of view), Blowjob, Cumshot, Glasses, Bathroom, Oral, Dirty Talk

She met her husband during highschool.
He dropped out, and became a self-taught programmer.
However, not having a college degree in the field deterred him from ever finding a stable, well paying job.
When she couldn’t take the low end life style anymore , she left and divorced him; leaving with him, her new born son.
Years later, her husband finally hit big and sold ownership of his app development company to a larger conglomerate for millions.
Soon after Mom reconciled with her husband and came back to live with the family; nevertheless not remarried.
However, the son had always held a grudge and distaste against his mother, who he considered to be a gold digging whore.
Just before the reconciliation, the husband found out he had stage 4 thyroid cancer.
He kept this a secret to everyone, and passed away within a year.

Scene 1:
It’s been weeks after dad’s , and the son has been begrudgingly living with his whore of a Mom.
The attorneys have been going mental during those weeks, due to the lack of an official will.
The son receives a phone call:
“due to the circumstances of the dissolved marriage and all the drafts pertaining to a will only naming
you as the sole beneficiary, we’d like to inform you that you will inherit everything.”
This will effectively gives the son the rights to everything in the household and the family bank account,
essentially leaving the Mom penniless.
The son tells the attorneys to hold on, and calls in his mum.
He tells the attorney to “Tell her what you told me” and passes the phone to his Mom.
She picks up and hears the outcome, and is dumbfounded by her current situation.
The son takes back the phone, thanks the attorneys and asks them to send over the paper work asap.
He turns to his Mom and tells her, “Now, here is how it’s going to be. You do whatever I tell you to do, and I won’t kick
your ass out. I’ll also be generous and let you have reasonable access to the expense account”
Mom asks “What are you going to ask me to do?”
Son says “I’ll show you”
He grasps her close and starts groping her all over.
Mom meekly resists and says things like they are and such an act is wrong.
Son ignores her comments and tells her “I’m going to treat you like how dad should have treated you, like the whore you are”
He fondles her tits, her ass, forcing her to kiss him etc.
Then he makes her kneel down, and takes off his pants.
He then starts to face fuck her aggressively.
During a deep throat, Mom chokes, comes off the cock and pleads “please son, this is wrong”
In between sucks the son asks/dirty talks to mum asking her questions along the lines of
“what are you?” where the mum replies and acknowledges “I’m your cum dumpster”
The BJ continues until he finishes in her mouth.
She goes to spit out his cum, but the son grabs her and tell her, “You won’t waste a drop of my cum”
She nods and swallows his cum.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 1

Bring My Lunch
Son is at work sitting in his office.
He picks up the phone and calls home.
He tells his Mom to bring his usb flash drive with work files, as well as his lunch.
She arrives to his work place soon after with his flash drive and lunch.
He tells her to close the door to the office.
He orders her to strip and suck his cock
She pleads with him saying that someone might see or hear them.
He ignores her and continues to the forced blowjob “That’s enough out of you”…
He asks “who’s your daddy”,
Mom: “you’re my daddy”
Son: “you like your own son being your daddy, right?!”
Mom: “Yes, I love sucking off my Son and punishing me as my daddy”
Various dirty talk such as “who owns this pussy”, “what are you”, etc.
in which the Mom replies “it’s your pussy daddy”, “I’m your cum dumpster mother”, etc.
When the son can’t hold it any longer, he tells her “Remember what I told you?”
She replies “I won’t waste a single drop of your cum”
To this the son replies, “You better not, because I’m going to cum inside your mouth”
Mom looks worried, but he son demands that she beg for him to cum deep inside her mouth, which she says as told.
He cums inside her mouth, and she cleans off his cock.
After, his son takes out a Credit card and hands it over to his mum.
“Here, I told you, you’ll have reasonable access to the expense account. Here’s my end of the deal.
Now clean yourself up and get out of the office”
The Mom leaves with mixed feelings of what just happened.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 2

Various scenes within the house hold where mum is acting as son’s sex slave.
1) Mom is in kitchen washing dishes, Son walks behind, grabs her tits and forces her to suck him off.
2) Mom is Sunning by the pool, Son walks up and slaps Mom with his cock. Mom suck Son off till he cums in her mouth.
3) Mum is finishing up taking a piss, son walks into the wash room and sticks his cock in her mouth for a forced bj.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 3

Mom is now fully involved with her Son. The Stockholm Syndrome has taken over and mom wanted to spice up the blowjobs and do something new…Today will be Son’s first ever footjob and Mom has been practicing all night for over a week…
Mom invites Son to sit on the couch…He is wearing only boxers and Mom can see a bulge begin to form…She reaches over with her foot and begins to stroke…Son instantly becomes erect and Mom wastes no time at all…She pulls down his boxers, wraps her feet around his cock and begins to stroke…Mom strokes his feet from the front and on her knees…Son is loving and already thinking of raising her allowance for this week…
Mom can see the Son is about to explode in her feet…She curls her toes around the shaft and milks every last drop from his cock…Son is so happy with the experience and Mom promises more to come in the future weeks…

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 4


Quick, Before your father catches us!

A mother and son having an affair right behind his father’s back! This time dad is in the shower; And mom and son decide to have a quicky.

“Hurry up, You are going to be late for work” mom said to her husband, then slid the bathroom door shut when the water started to run. She proceeded to straighten her dress out for work in the mirror and makes sure she is presentable. As she turns to check out her backside, she feels a familiar hand on her rump.

“Oh! What are you doing!” She exclaims, as her son sneaks up behind her and wraps his arms around her.

“Your father is right there in the shower!” she says that this is not appropriate behavior. To think, her own son touching her like that while his father is in the shower. What if he were to walk out right now and find this going on!

“Don’t worry, you know he takes a long time in the shower” Her son guides her to the bed. Could they actually get away with this in just the few minutes that the shower is running? You would think that a mother would have the sense to stop this type of behavior immediately! That she would send her son directly out of her bedroom… but she doesn’t! Instead she falls to the bed with her son and starts to kiss him deeply! As long as the water keeps running, they are safe.

“I heard you and dad last night fucking. Did you get fucked well?” Her son asks, as he hikes her dress up and squeezes his mother’s ass. His other hand finds the neck line of her dress and pulls it down to expose her full bosom.

“You father did fuck me well last night, but not as good as you do!” she tells her son, as she helps him gain access to her pussy by spreading her legs. She knows these kind of rendezvous are wrong, and it is only time until they get caught, but the danger and excitement gets her son and her turned on even more! Her vagina is soaking wet to her son’s touch as she pulls her panties down just to her knees!

“Don’t take them all the way off, just get inside me and hurry up.” His mother says to him as she guides his mouth to her pussy and he sucks in the soaking wet juices. Before her son can even get off his shorts, his cock is screaming hard with anticipation for him mother’s dripping hole. Mother and son gasp as his long, hard cock slides deep into his mother’s waiting cunt. The fact that this is so wrong doesn’t even come to mind to these insatiable lovers.

She flips over so her son can drive her deeply from behind. The sight of his mother’s bottom and ass hole staring him in the face, the bottom he has always dreamed of growing up, drives him even more insane. He grasps onto his mothers ass and drives hard as she keeps telling him to cum, for his mother! He finally can’t hold out any longer. He pulls his cock from his mother’s pussy and shoots thick streams of cum on her bottom. A look of satisfaction comes over his mother’s face as she knows she has pleased her son like only a mother can.

Just then the water stops running! The two scramble for their clothes! “Yes dear, I’ll get you a towel” Mother says to her husband through the door, as she tries to straighten herself up. There is only one towel out there, and she has just wiped her son’s seamen of her bottom on it! She straightens it out, opens the door, and hands her husband the towel soaked in his son’s semen.

Quick, Before your father catches


Brother Luke Help Their Mom Get Pregnant HD

STORYLINE:: I am in heaven because my Daughter and my Son Luke proved their love for Mother by happily insisting on helping me get impregnated! Just like me, they want a new member in the family and my Naughty Luke agreed to fill my pussy up with his seed!

Father cannot get me pregnant and I am very upset… As I opened my daughters door I saw something that would upset me even more… daughter was sucking on Lukes big, hard, cock! The scandalous behavior of brother and sister shocked me and yet; I came further into the room and closed the door! They asked me… no, insisted that I join them and she came over and pulled me onto the bed and explained that they knew of my desire to get knocked up and they wanted to help keep it in the family so Father would never know! My pussy became wet and ached for Lukes cock! I wanted to feel those sperm swimming in my pussy! Lukes seed needed to be with my eggs and make our family bigger! Before I had time to come to my senses, Luke laid me down and shoved his dick into my wet birthing hole! We fucked in every position while daughter played with my clit and tits and kissed Mother! Luke even stuck a finger up my ASS while I was riding him!! Oh – My – God, I was having the BEST FUCK OF MY LIFE! Luke neared his climax… his manly dick grew bigger and his balls burst with a loving release of my Sons Seed and filled my wet hole up and daughter  even inspected the creamy white cum and pushed it DEEPER with her fingers!

WOW! My family loves me and made me feel so good with their beautiful, thoughtful gift! SEE YOU IN 9 MONTHS!

Brother Luke Help Their Mom Get Pregnant HD


[NTRD-008] Netorareze [shock] Favorite Child Is Eaten [experience] Erika Profit Youth ネトラレーゼ 【ショック】大好きな子が喰われた【体験】 益若エリカ


[NHDTA-510] The Raw Immediately Fuck Cum Moment Ask You To Blindfold Masturbation Customs Daughter Of Production NG! 本番NGの風俗娘に目隠しオナニーをお願いしてイク瞬間に生即ハメ!そのまま同時に昇りつめる理想の中出し


[NHDTA-509] DX 7 Out Two Holes In The Same Time Limit Molester 極限2穴痴漢 同時中出しDX 7


[NHDTA-507] Naked Shame Molester 全裸羞恥痴漢


[NHDT-972] Serious Favorite Female Employees While Wetting The Pants To My Father Endure Sexual Harassment Of Boss 深刻好きな女性社員ボスセクハラを我慢マイ父にパンツを濡らしながら


[NATR-372] Married Reality! ! Cream Pie 9 人妻ナンパ!!『奥さ~ん!だいぶ欲求不満じゃないですか?』 9 中出し



[AVKH-006] Lecher Moody With Cool Face!!Young Wife Dramatic Before-after Of That Sucker Was Allowed To Estrus During Shopping 涼しい顔してむっつりド助平!! 買い物中に発情させられたお人好しの若奥さん劇的ビフォーアフター


[ATGO-090] Maki Hojo crazy black Megachi 北条麻妃は黒人メガチ○ポに夢中


[ASFB-077] Twice Pulling It Sucked Him Dead Language Is Continuous Ejaculation 連続射精イズム しゃぶられシゴかれ2回抜き


[ABP-124] Latest Super Addictive Este Yuzuhara Aya Ends Up Your Service 柚原綾がご奉仕しちゃう◆超最新やみつきエステ


[ABP-123] Sakai Momoka, Satisfaction Perfect Score Rookie Soap DX 酒井ももか、満足度満点新人ソープ DX


[ABP-122] The Best Sex. Ryo Hashimoto 最高のセックス。 天然ドエロな専属美女 橋本涼


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