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Robot and Limp Videos – Cory Chase in Dolled Step Mom HD

Scene One:
Son is working in his room on his new chemical spray that can put people in suspended animation. He looks at his spray bottle and comments that he finally finished it and now needs to test it.

In walks Mom. Hey did you take the trash out! You are working on another experiment again. (eye rolls) Son – Yes and I will finally make some money to get out of here. Well as long as you are here, Im in charge. Your father will be out of town for months so your experiments are over! Son Screw you Cory, you arent touching my inventions! You know what- Son pulls out the spray and sprays Cory in the face and chest.

Mom what are you doing you freak! cough cough. Mom backs away and slows downdownand freezes up with a shocked face. Son Mom?……..Mom you there? Son walks up to Cory frozen stiff and waves his hand in front of her face. No reaction. He pokes her cheek and leans in close to her face and still sees no response.

I cant believe it worked! Son looks over her frozen form then reaches over and grabs her tit to see if she reacts…….Nothing! Holy it really worked! Son grabs both tits and squeezes them. He then pushes her down by her head and forces Mom to give him a blowjob. He finishes in Mom’s mouth, cleans her up and drags her to the living room for more testing.

Scene Two: Well Oiled Machine

Mom is naked and posed standing up with her arms up and out like she’s on a cross. Son is apply the solution to make her transformation into a mannequin. He stands back and admires his work.
Son – “Wow! you turned out nicely Mom!”. As he looks on at his mannequinized mother. “hmmm let’s see if you can be used for other purposes.” Son reaches down and feels her pussy. He looks up to see a reaction but her stares ahead unaware of anything.

He poses her in different poses, he moves her arms, makes her smile or have an O face, he then poses her on all fours on the couch. He then slaps her ass and undresses himself. He get behind her and starts to fuck her. Mom is jerked forward and backwards with every trust but gives no reaction.

He poses her laying back on the couch with her legs spread eagle and her arms posed as holding her wide legs open. He leaves her face posed with a slight smile. He mounts her again and at moments leans in to taunt her predicament. How she can’t move or how she’s nothing but a sex doll now.

Mom – “You know all those times you make fun of me and boss me around, well I always thought about doing you, well now I get to you bitch!” He opens her mouth and grabs her head and pulls her forward and backwards on his junk. He finally blows his load and he closes her mouth and massages the cum down her throat.

Son calls up his business associate and says that he tested the chemical and it works! Son looks on at his mannequinized stepmom as he talks. Once he hangs up from his brief phone conversation, he cuddles up with his new sex doll to settle for an afternoon nap. He is posed like a sex doll staring at the ceiling while Son gets under her right arm and lays his head on his new favorite pillow, his mannequinized stepmom’s tit.

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Brooklyn Chase – Mom, You Belong to Me Now HD

Brooklyn’s son sees her getting ready to go out somewhere, with too much make up and dressed way too sexy. He follows her to a hotel. When she answers the door, she is shocked to see her son. He forces his way in and demands an explanation.

Brooklyn can’t up make a good excuse and her son gets angrier. He looks at her phone, she was going to meet some asshole named Roger. She belongs to the family, and if dad is too old to keep her in line, then he will do it…

Brooklyn is working late and comes into her boss’s office, Instead of her boss though, her son is waiting for her. He figured out that Roger is her boss and he had a little talk with Roger. It seems the son-of-a-bitch was dangling a raise in front of Brooklyn, and she was willing to do almost anything in order to get it to help support her family. Well, her son fixed that.

She got the raise, and Roger won’t be looking for special favors or even looking at her wrong anymore. But she forgot the rule about how she, her body, and her pussy belonging to the family and he is the man of the family now; so she belongs to him. He has to punish her, but when he is done Brooklyn accepts that her son is the man now and she belongs to only him!
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Escort Stepdaughter Fucks Daddy To Revenge Mom

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Real Father And Daughter While Mom At Work

Low quality, but real and with sound!

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Mom’s Tipsy Bath HD

Mom is taking a bath, but you need to use the bathroom, and seeing as there is only one bathroom in the house, she lets you in. She’s not exactly completely covered, and you can see her naked, wet body so clearly that it’s hard not to get an erection right in front of her. She shyly says she should probably close the curtain, but it’s OK because you are her son and she’s mostly covered.

She then begins to confide in you that your father has been ignoring her a lot lately, and she, too, has needs. It makes her feel unattractive, unwanted and unappreciated when he does this. She knows it’s probably just because they’ve been together for so long, and he’s probably bored with her now that she’s older, but you reassure her that any man would be lucky to have her. This sparks something inside of her, and the coy and shy mom she was when you walked in has now begun to open up (literally) and seems to want to do “things” with you! She says she would never cheat on your father since he’s the only man she’s ever wanted, but you look just like him, and maybe since it’s you, it would be OK.

She practically begs you to let her put her mouth on your cock, and you oblige. This has been a dream of yours since you hit puberty and you’re not about to pass up the opportunity now! Yes, she’s a bit tipsy from drinking beer, but you know this is what she really wants. As she sucks on your cock and gently licks and caresses it, she also begins to finger her pussy, making herself cum hard. She has to be rather quiet since your father is in the next room watching TV, but once she comes, she finishes you off and begs you to cum in her mouth. She wants to taste your cum, and oh my, she exclaims you taste just like your father! You cum in her mouth a second time, and now that you’ve both satisfied your needs, she shyly tells you to make sure you tell NO ONE!

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Mom’s Car Blowjob HD

What the hell! Is that my mom? I pulled over to stop and see, and sure enough it was her. What are you doing out here all alone? I asked. Youre upset? Why? My dad is cheating on you? You were supposed to meet up with another man? You chickened out? Im sorry my dad is screwing around on you.
I just broke up with my girlfriend too. You want to cheat on my dad with me? She started stroking my cock and it felt really good. How was I supposed to say no, I mean she is hot as hell, she is a total Milf! It would be the ultimate revenge. What the hell, I thought, you can suck my cock right here in my car! She pulled my pants down and started sucking, I almost ran off the road. It felt so good. She sucked my cock until I came in her mouth and she sucked it all up and swallowed it. Wow! That was amazing mom!

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Mom Catches Son & Daughter Filming Homemade Porno HD

BiBi Miami (aka Marsha May) and her brother just woke up from a nap together, but now she needs to get dressed to go shopping. BiBi’s brother pulls out his brand new camera and asks her to play with him before she goes. He wants to film a homemade porno with his sister! BiBi happily plays along and begins to lick her brother’s cock on camera. She teases him and removes her top to reveal her massive breasts. BiBi doesn’t stop there! After stripping down and sucking on her brother’s dick for a while, she spreads her legs and opens up her tight wet pussy for her big brother to slide his cock in! BiBi’s lucky brother fucks her missionary and doggy style before their mom comes barging into the room extremely pissed off!

MILF Madisin Lee has come home from hard day at work to find that her daughter and son are fucking under her roof! She demands that they show her exactly what sexual acts they were doing before she opened the door. Madisin sees their flaws and offers to show her daughter and son how to properly suck and fuck! What mommy Madisin neglected to tell her son was not to cum in herself or her daughter! Well, it’s too late for that because BiBi’s brother has busted a huge load deep inside his sister’s pussy! Mommy’s mad, but her son still makes sure to get a close-up of the messy creampie he left inside his younger sister as it drips out of her tight pussy! Be sure to check out this super hot taboo threesome as mom, daughter, and son take turns holding his new portable camera for unique angles that put the viewer right in the action!

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GFE With Mom HD

My girlfriend was ready to move our relationship to the next level, but I was nervous. What if I disappoint her? I am still a virgin. My mom is real cool and a good listener so I went to her for advice. She told me we should practice together. We could have a GFE experience just like they do in porn. I was freaked out at first but my mom is such a hot MILF that I quickly got over it. We began by exploring her pussy. She told me how to pleasure a woman with my fingers and then my mouth. She got on top of me in the 69 position and then we started fucking. Her big ass and wet pussy drove me wild. I got so excited that I exploded and cum all over her blouse and face. Wow! That was better than porn! I love my mom!

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Vanessa Vixon – Mom is Tricked Son is Treated First Date & Mom is Tricked Son is Treated After The Party HD

Mom is Tricked Son is Treated After The Party HD
Recently divorced Vanessa Vixon was invited by her BBF to a Halloween party. Costumes were required…This was no ordinary party, this was a swinger party…Vanessa was in a horrible marriage…Her Husband cheated on her all the time and she was ready to let lose and score with a random hot guy at the party… Vanessa was the second to arrive…Dressed in a hot Cat Wuman costume she was greeted by a sexy Special Forces Soldier…Vanessa was impressed with the man in uniform and wanted to get started early…She asked if anyone else was in the house and the soldier nodded “No.” Before He could offer his name, Vanessa pulled down his pants and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life…She could tell he was into her as she stripped down…Vanessa let him play with her pussy and let him fondle her breasts…Vanessa could hear additional guests coming and wanted to finish him off…Just as he was about to cum, Vanessa pulled off her mask…”Oh no” he shouted!!! “MOM!!!” Vanessa could not believe she just blew her son and was about to swallow his load…Vanessa gave a reluctant gulp and swallowed…On second thought, this was all new and exciting to Vanessa…She asked her son if he wanted some more later and greeted the new guests as they walked in…

Mom is Tricked Son is Treated First Date HD
Later that night as the guests left the party, Mom and Son decided to have one last go…Mom gave him glass after glass of water to recharge him…Vanessa wanted a jizz blast before heading home. Mom is a secret jizz lover and now is in love with his cum… Vanessa finds a comfortable couch and lays her Son down…Mom strips out of her Halloween costume, licks her lips, shows of her tight pussy and goes to work on him…Mom begs for his jizz as she bobs up and down on his cock…Vanessa wants that cum on her face and stands him up to take the blast… One last stroke and he unloads on Mom…Mom is happy, Son is drained and the night is complete…

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Watching My Mom Go Black – Alyssa Lynn HD

Alyssa Lynn is unhappily married. Her husband, Mr. Lynn, is a businessman who spends a lot of time working, and her son, Robby, is a community college freshman. She loves her son very much, but she loves her son’s friends even more…if you know what I mean. Especially his black friends! So, when Robby gets home early from school, even though he may seem “surprised” at his discovery, he’s really not surprised at all. Robby’s watched his mom flirt with all his friends, and he knows his mom and dad don’t even sleep in the same room anymore. What surprises Robby is something terribly taboo and hard to admit: he became aroused and achieved an erection witnessing his mom in The Act!! And when his mom made her discovery — that Robby was spying on her having sex like a common Peeping Tom — she did what some would consider the Unthinkable. Warning: this scene may shock you!

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