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Natalie Wonder – 10 New Mom-Son Taboo Incest POV Vids! Part 2


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Mom Lets You Watch After She Showers

What are you doing?! Sweetie, were you out here the whole time while mommy was showering? You were trying to sneak a peek, weren’t you. You could of just asked me. I would of been okay with you hanging out with me while I showered. Your friends? What about them? Oh, I see. Your friend’s moms aren’t’ okay with them seeing them nude in the shower. Well sweetie, you know our relationship is quite different. So if you still want, you can stay with me here while I dry up & get ready. I won’t mind you seeing my naked body. Mommy is going to take her towel off now. Don’t feel uncomfortable. This is mommy in her natural state. If you find yourself getting turned on while seeing mommy’s nude body, you can touch yourself. It’s okay & natural. I want my boy to feel completely comfortable in every way with me. Even sexually. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’d rather you jerk off to your loving mommy than some strange girl. Go ahead sweetie, loosen your pants up. That’s my boy. You might make mommy want to touch herself too. Let me put some lotion on. It’ll help me slide my hands around my body better. On my tits, in between my ass, around my pussy. Mommy wants to show you how she takes care of her body after showering.

Feel Mommy’s Warm Mouth

I can’t believe you caught me doing that. I’m so embarrassed! You walked in right as I was on my knees pleasuring your father. Sweetie you must of been shocked to see mommy doing such a dirty deed. Wait what? What do you mean you don’t know what it was? Honey, don’t you know what mommy was doing to daddy? Oh come on now, don’t act innocent! Wow, so you really don’t know. Okay well, this is sort of strange for me to talk about with you but we should have an open, honest relationship. I was sucking daddy’s dick. I’m quite good at it you know. Mommy loves having a hard, throbbing dick in her mouth like that and

Oh my gosh, I got carried away sweetie. I must not talk like that in front of you. What’s that? You want to know if mommy’s given head to a lot of other men? Well, don’t tell your father, but yes I have. I love doing it. I can take a dick really deep down my throat. Oh my, I see you’re getting very aroused sweetie. You like hearing mommy talk about this, don’t you.

You want mommy to do what? Wow, sweetie I’m flattered but are you sure you want me to do it to you? Mmmmm okay then. Mommy’s warm mouth won’t disappoint you, trust me.

Son Makes His Deposit Inside Mommy

What is this I find on your bedroom floor again? It’s your cum. I can smell it. Mommy knows what cum smells like. This makes mommy very upset. Sweetie, don’t you realize you are so special. Your cum is even MORE special. You shouldn’t be wasting it and cumming all over the floor or letting it go down the shower drain. I realize you have urges & you need to release them but from now on I want you to come to mommy for your release. Mommy will take your cum. All of it. I won’t have you wasting it away anymore. I want it. No matter what I’m doing I want you to come to me and tell me you need a release. Mommy will be there for you & I will happily take your cum. Anywhere you want, in my mouth, on my body & even inside my pussy. Let mommy be your cum deposit. Don’t waste your special juice. Why don’t you give it to mommy right now. I know you have some & I want you to make your deposit inside my pussy. Look at how mommy spreads it for you. Fill mommy up with your thick load.

Mom’s Scandalous Crave For Your Cock and Cum

You look so warm & relaxed there underneath that cozy blanket, sweetie. What a day I’ve had. I just got back from one of those research centers, where they pay you to basically do ‘experiments’ on you. Mommy was careful though. They gave me a new ‘non-drowsiness pill’. What’s that, sweetie? Side effects? They didn’t mention any serious side effects. We’ll see what happens though. I’m going to sit & relax with you here for a few minutes.

As mom sits there, she starts to feel strange sensations move throughout her body. Tingling. Getting more & more intense. The tingling begins to move down to her pussy. She tries to contain herself. After all, her son is laying right next to her here. Her pussy is throbbing now, aching to be touching, and fucked. Wow this is a crazy feeling she’s never felt before. This pill has side effects after all. She tries to fight this growing urge, but to no avail.

Honey, something is going on with my body right now. I need to be honest with you about something. They did tell me about a particular ‘side effect’. They said this pill may cause extreme increase in sexual libido. I think it’s happening to me. I can’t help it, sweetie. It’s almost uncontrollable, this desperate urge. Mommy needs your cock RIGHT NOW. Please sweetie, I’m begging you. Mommy needs to be filled up with your cock & cum. It’s the only remedy.

Enjoying Mommy’s Pantyhose In More Ways Then One

What do you keep staring at sweetie. Oh, mommy’s nice panty hose. I know it’s not the typical style of pantyhose but you know that your mommy is not the ‘typical’ type of woman. You’ve never seen me wearing these yet, have you. How about mommy gives you the full experience of looking at them, appreciating them, maybe even touching them if you get extra close. Come, come closer to me sweetie.

Mmmmmm there you go. Touch them. Uh oh, and I’m not wearing any panties either. You’re getting an extra naughty view of mommy’s sexy parts, but I think you’re enjoying it. I think you may be enjoying it so much that you’re even curious to find out what it feels like to wear mommy’s panty hose yourself. It’s normal to be curious about it. I think you should try my pantyhose on right now. You can feel the soft and silky material against your own body, and other certain special parts on you. You’re going to love how it feels, sweetie. Especially with mommy’s help.


Mommy Encourages son to cum inside her HD

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So Mommy encouraged him to suck and fuck my tits, ride his hard, young cock and encourage him to cum inside me!


Taboo MOM -SON With English Subtitles

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I Blackmailed My Stepmoms Ass (2016)

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Cherie DeVille

Dana DeArmond

Juelz Ventura

Jasmine Jae, Angel Smalls



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Poor Brad just got dumped by his girlfriend because he couldn’t satisfy her. Luckily, his sexy stepmom Sarah Jessie was around to console him and give him a few tips on how to satisfy a woman! Mature women know how to appreciate a big cock like Brad’s and give him the blowjob that he deserves.

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Daddy Made Me A Mommy

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“Interesting premise – a compilation of scenes, all starring young ebony beauty Sierra Simmons, as she progresses through pregnancy. The plot has her being accidentally impregnated by her dad, with all but one subsequent scene being between those two (the exception is a scene between Sierra and her ”cousin”). Definitely … those consumers who like hot black girls, interracial, and/or ”daddy” porn. The scenes are somewhat diverse, with creampie, butt, and belly shots. Would have been nice to see a facial with her sexy dark skin, but there is a lengthy pov blowjob scene at the end.”

Sierra Simmons

Dear Diary, After mom passed away I was pretty upset and ended up growing closer to my dad… a lot closer! One night I snuggled up against him and he put his arm around me. In his he began to rub my breast. It kind of felt good but weird too. Next thing I knew daddy’s other hand was rubbing my pussy. He was still dreaming when he pulled my panties off. He must have thought I was mommy or something because he went down on me. I got so hot I needed his cock inside me. When I straddled him he realized it was me. He was shocked but he still fucked me all over the bed then he came inside me a whole lot and I’m not on the pill. This could be bad.

Dear Diary, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I told daddy he was pretty shocked but excited at the same time. He pulled me close and hugged me. I was so relieved at his reaction I started sucking his cock…

Dear Diary, The bigger I get the hornier I seem to become and daddy really seems to enjoy it too. In fact he’s actually moved me into his bedroom on a permanent basis. Now I can satisfy my sexual cravings all night long.


My Mom Is A Pornstar With Big Fake Tits HD

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Mom Breaks Her Foot HD

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When Margo broke her foot, her son Brycen came to take care of her, and to tease her for requesting the high heel cast! Once he got her settled in bed, he gave her a sponge bath, then a good fucking to take her mind off of her foot!

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Schooled by Mom HD

Dava is a sexy mom who’s catches her son at home and schools him in a way he never expected..
Junior decides to skip class and come home to watch TV. He’s surprised when his mom Dava walks in asking why he isn’t at school. “I’m tired of anatomy class and needed a break” he tells her never looking away from the television. Dava asks him if he has any idea how much his dad is spending for his college. “Junior you’ll never be a doctor if you don’t go to class and you need to stop wasting money your dad could be spending on me” she says sternly. Sean looks away from the TV and says “I knew you only married dad for his money. Why don’t you leave me alone and do what you do- spend my dad’s money”!

Dava walks away and goes into her closet for something. She changes into the schoolgirl outfit her husband bought her and heads back to the living room. “What the hell is that?” Junior asks staring at his mom’s outfit. Dava tells him if he doesn’t want to go to class, she was going to take him to school. As she strips off her outfit slowly she notices the large bulge in her son’s pants. She sits next to him and puts her hand on his cock. “Do you want to fuck your mom Junior?” she asks with a horny smile.
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Nikki Lee – Mom’s Panties HD

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Sultry mum Nikki is shocked to find you WANKING into her dirty knickers. She offers you a choice, either continue pumping your prick and get kicked out of the house, or stop and she’ll forget all about it and won’t tell your dad…of course you are caught in the moment and you can’t stop stroking your hard fuck-rod…Nikki has been trying to get shut of you for ages and this is her opportunity to get you out for good, so she teases you with her big TITS and hot body…The temptation to WANK is too much, despite the consequences and your mum is too filthy to resist shooting your creamy spunk over…guess you’ll be looking for somewhere else to live!

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