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Cherie DeVille – Mom’s the Only MILF for Me HD

Part One:

My mom is carrying my laptop and confronts me about the shocking discovery she found on it while trying to check her email. She cannot believe how much MILF porn I have been looking at. She wants to know if that is how I see her- as a sexy, mature woman who knows exactly what she is doing. She strips down to her sexy, black lingerie and asks me if this is what I want- a slutty older woman with big tits and a firm ass. She warns me that if I’m thinking about dating an older woman, then I better think again! She notices how large my erection is and demands that I take it out and stroke it like I do when I watch those filthy films. After watching me stroke my cock, she is surprisingly turned on. She insists that she help me as she gets excited but warns me that she better never catch me watching that smut again. She gets my cock wet with her mouth- she knows what they do in those smutty videos, she’s not that naive. She knows that I love MILFs with large tits, so she takes her beautiful, big breasts out for me and slides my cock in between them. She makes me promise that I will never watch those videos again. She wants me to experience how an adult has a real orgasm, so she turns around and slides my rock hard cock in her hot pussy from behind. She wouldn’t be the best mom if she didn’t do the best that she could for me. My mom tells me that real men have to take charge sometimes so I take her while she’s on her back, fucking her as she moans and her big tits bounce up and down. When I can’t hold back anymore, I blow my huge load all over my mom’s tits and chest. She is so very proud of me.

Part Two:

My hot mom is outside laying by the pool when she catches me watching her. She thinks that we need to talk about what’s been going on between us- it’s just not right. We’re family and that’s what family members are supposed to do. She understands that I have my needs, but we can’t fuck anymore. She wants to just “help” me so that I don’t watch that smutty MILF porn anymore. It has been a few days and she knows how badly that I need to cum again in order to get back to clear my mind and get back to my studies. Besides, a handjob is harmless, right? As she strokes my hard cock, she can’t resist but be an even better mother and lets me fuck her face. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fuck, it’s that it’s so wrong. But since we’ve already done it before, what’s one more time in mommy’s pussy before we call it quits? My dad hasn’t really been around lately and my mom really needs it too. I fuck her wet, ready pussy from behind and she loves it. She sucks my cock some more, deep throating it until I cum so hard in her mouth. She wants to savor it and lick it all up for me- she doesn’t want to miss a single drop of my precious cum.

Cherie DeVille – Mom Wants Me to Be the Man of the House
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Blackmailing Mommy For Her Big Ass & Being Inside Mommy’s Mouth HD

Blackmailing Mommy For Her Big Ass HD

You saw it all happen… in Mommy’s bedroom with that other man. She didn’t know you were watching through the door, you were supposed to be up in your room. But she’d been acting strangely, wearing slutty clothes around the house… skirts so short that you couldn’t help but stare at her big ass peaking out. All for the neighbor who was doing dirty things to your mother in that room.

You’ve never seen her move like that before, hips undulating rhythmically… her body squirming erotically on the bed while she moaned and gasped. No son should see his mother this way, but you needed to. The more you witnessed, the more you needed her… to take your mother for yourself. Use her. Fuck her.

This was your chance… she was asleep on the bed, red stockings clinging to her thick thighs, a tight little dress hitched up past her ample ass. You had to get closer, in bed with her to finally touch those big buns. They were so soft, so jiggly. Every time you squeezed, your mother moaned sleepily and your cock got harder. Until she woke up.

Your mother was so innocently oblivious of how much she turned you on… and how far her own son would go to defile her body. There wasn’t a line you wouldn’t cross for that ass and as much as she’d try to maintain her maternal authority, Mommy would be forced to give in and bend over for you. After all, you saw her spread those beautiful legs for another man… she would do anything to keep it a secret from your father.

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Being Inside Mommy’s Mouth HD

My sweet son, touching himself in my room when he thought I had left for yoga. What a naughty boy. But he wasn’t a boy anymore, growing up so fast… exploring himself every day in his mother’s bed. He wanted what he couldn’t say, what no boy can admit, to be close to Mommy. He doesn’t need to say it, I’ll give my son exactly what he needs… right now.

Even if it takes a little pushing to keep him from hiding his erect penis in his shorts, to tell me what he imagines when he strokes himself… to admit his mother is pretty like the girls he thinks about. Especially Mommy’s big breasts… I playfully unbutton the shirt and let my boy touch and bounce my hefty bosom. His eager penis stiffens. Mommy wants to know what else makes him feel good.

He misses all of those sweet, loving kisses his mother used to shower him with. My lips meet his gently as I lay ontop of him, his erection pushing into me. He desperately wants to touch himself, but Mommy’s here to help… to show him how good these lips can feel on his penis.

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My Daughter Is A Young Mom HD

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Sexy Samia Durante falls for her new step-son, the pool boy. Lounging around on a summer day, things get hot when Samia makes the moves on her new squeeze. After exploding from her sweet lips, everyone learns that mommy blows best.

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Croc – Los Simpsons 6 – Learning with Mom

Croc – Los Simpsons 6 – Learning with Mom
29 pages

Croc – Los Simpsons 6 – Learning with Mom.rar


Ashley Mason’s Play House – Mommy’s Helping Hand HD

So I was getting ready to go out with the girls for happy hour when my son walked into my room to ask me if he could play football this year. I was really in a hurry and I was right in the middle of getting dressed, I was in such a hurry that I didnt bother me that he was in the room. As I was changing I noticed he began to masturbate. I was very pressed for time so I encouraged my son to finish up but NOT to come on my bed. I was all dressed and ready but my son had not come yet. I offered my hands and mouth to finish him off and he gladly accepted mommy’s help. I sucked and jerked him off in my mouth so that he did not ruin my bed linen. I had a blast with my girlfriends afterwards.

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Butt3rflyforu – Its Just You And Mommy Now HD

You come out to the kitchen to find mommy cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen. Your step father is leaving us and I can’t afford this place. So we need to find a one bedroom apartment together, but don’t worry honey, we can make it! You can’t stop staring at me because I simply put on a sundress without panties and when I was on my step stool, you can’t a glimpse of my bare pussy. You instantly starting getting an erection. You have always looked at me with lust. You know you shouldn’t but now that loser step dad is moving out, this is great! I catch you looking up my skirt and had a confession….your heart was pumping and your cock was throbbing…you know I haven’t had sex in months….dad was a loser and didn’t know how to treat me…god….if the confession was just what you are hoping things would be amazing!!!!!! Are you ready honey to hear it? ENJOY!

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Dirty Dolly – Mommy catches you jerking off with her panties HD

Dirty Dolly plays a mother who catches her son jerking off with her panties. at first she is disgusted but then she strips off and gives her son jerk off instructions.
there is lots of mommy son talk in this video. pretty hot
ends with a cum countdown.

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Sophia Sylvan – Mommy’s Naughty Dream

You sneak in to your Mommies bedroom when you hear some strange sounds.You see your Mommie taking a nap, sprawled on the bed, having some sort of naughty dream. I’m moaning and touching myself. After a bit I wake up and I ask you to sit on the bed.

I was dreaming of when Daddy comes home and we’re going to make love…I tell you that you’re a big boy now and you can know these things. It won’t hurt you to see a woman’s body–why not your own mother’s? I show you my breasts and panties, talking dirty and teasing you. I peel off my panties and jerk you off with them..Mommie knows best.

Category: Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Cock Tease

Mother, MILF, Big Ass, Small Tits, Cheating, Wife, POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Passed Out, Spying

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