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A sweet, nurturing lesson from the woman you love the most…who you desire even though you shouldn’t. Who better to coach you in becoming a good lover than your own loving MILF. This is a huge cumshot that goes all over the damn place. Not sure what else I can say about it.

It’s a real close up cum shot not to be missed.

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My Mother!

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Alexis Fawx – I Blackmailed My Mom HD

Stunning, hyper-curvy blonde Alexis Fawx gets caught cheating on her husband by son Brad Knight, whose big boner changes her attitude. “You’re making mommy’s pussy so wet!” she declares.

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Liebeskind / Love Child (2005) Father and Daughter Incest!

This is UNCUT and HQ Version with English Subs!

Alma meets her father, Dr. Fred Nice, who had left five years ago, she and her mother, Barbara, to work as a doctor abroad. Alma and Fred try to come closer again, but what is difficult both because of the five-year separation. When the young woman visits the flat of her father, she gently plays with her female charms. In search of affection for her father later Alma organized a vacuum cleaner, but he’d rather go to dinner with his girlfriend Inka. From disappointment Alma doing the next night in the bar, as if her lover Fred.
Alma meets with Wenzel, a truck driver who had been flirting with her recently and on their complaint and lost his job. As Wenzel wants to meet with her, she rejects his advances and goes to her father. Fred says he wants to work again as a doctor abroad. During the evening, it crackles again between the two and finally Alma sleeping with her father. The next morning, both from each other goodbye forever.

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English Subs:


Cherie DeVille – Pose For Me Mommy HD

Cherie DeVille has agreed to be a model for Brad Knight’s photography project. Brad has motives that he’s not too keen on sharing with his mom, meaning she will show her reluctance to most of what he asks her. First he takes a couple shots, but as he keeps asking her to remove articles of clothing, she becomes more and more uncomfortable, eventually the barriers are crossed, and Cherie just decides that she might as well make this more fun, enjoying giving her son a nice massage. One thing leads to the next and soon, Brad whips out his cock and surprises Cherie. Soon, Cherie is convinced to fool around with him, as he coaxes her to touch his penis. Soon she gets carried away and even enjoys the size of her son’s cock stretching her throat. Brad starts playing with his mom’s pussy. Cherie continues the blowjob in order to get Brad finished before his dad gets home, but when that’s not enough, Brad shoves his massive cock inside his mommy’s tight pussy until he cums all over her perfect pretty pink pussy.

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Alexis Deen in Daughter Occupied!

Scene One: Sweet Dreams

Dad enters the darkened bedroom, naked except for his bottoms. Daughter is asleep under the covers, wearing only panties and a pajama top. Dad stands beside the bed, takes his shorts off and stand there looking at her masturbating. He pulls the covers off with one hand while still masturbating. He stares at her for a moment, slides her on her back, opens her top and exposes her breasts. He then slips off her panties and starts getting on top of her. Her eyes suddenly pop open, he jumps on top of her and clamps his hands over her mouth and starts screwing her. She kicks, tries to push him off, and screams into his hand. He screws her until he comes, gets off of her and leaves her balled up crying.

Scene Two: Homework Hurts

Emotionless, Alexis is doing homework at the dining room table when her dad starts rubbing her shoulders. A cold feeling of dread comes over her as her dad talks about her becoming a woman. His hands grope her breasts and she tries to ignore him. Not again daddy please She begs him.

He strips his little girl and touches her all over as she pleads with him. A frozen look of fear and humiliation on her face while her daddy fucks her from behind. His hard cock pushing deep into her pussy. Alexis just stares at her homework, quietly sobbing at being used. Please just let me finish my homework she asks. Her tits bounce and her eyes shut hard, her dad grabbing the back of her head and pulling her close. She feels him cum inside her, feels him fill her with his warm wet cum.

Scene Three: Before mom

She comes home from a long day at school completely dazed. Without saying a word dad grabs her clothes and strips her. She doesnt fight him back but quietly accepts that her dad is going to fuck her. Mom’s going to come in here She tells him. He thrusts into her tight young pussy anyway.

She looks up at the ceiling or down at the floor, expressionless as she’s fucked. She doesnt moan or fuck him back, she just takes it from her dad. He uses her like a toy to fuck getting his pleasure from her. He makes her get on the floor and open her mouth to take his big load all over her face.

Alexis’s mom walks in later and she tries to explain what’s been happening but her mom doesnt believe her…

Scene Four: Woman issues

Dad what are you doing! Alexis shouts coming out of the shower. Dressed in her bathrobe she’s thrown to her bed by her father. Pissed that she told her mother that he’s been fucking her, she’s going to pay. She screams as her father takes off her robe and ties her hands behind her.

He uses her tight little body even as she sobs at the edge of the bed. Dad I thought you loved me! She screams at him. Her breasts bounce up and down, and she looks at the ceiling while she’s fucked harder than she’s ever been before. Her raven black hair cascades around her head and her dad cums into her open mouth. I don’t want to taste that daddy She tells him, disgusted and thoroughly fucked.
Category: TABOO
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Home Alone with Sister JOI HD

This was a custom-made Sister/Brother Jerk Off Instruction vid! It begins with my brother jerking off in MY bed of all places! I come out of my bathroom after a hot shower and catch him in the act. I’m shocked… I ask why on earth he would be in my bed doing such a thing! He had been dreaming of this day for a long time. He not only was horny for me (his big sis) but he also really wanted my help on how to please a girl and properly stroke his cock to completion. Since my boyfriend was already on his way over I was already wearing a naughty school girl outfit under my robe to surprise him, but decided to go for it and help my brother out. Besides….his big dick was driving me insane. I wanted it. I begin instructing him on how I want him to stroke his cock for me and let him examine my body for the first time! I finally decide that I need to cum too and we masturbate together until we both cum hard! This vid contains a lot of dirty talk and ends with a noise that leads us both to assume my boyfriend has arrived, so we rush to make everything look as if nothing ever happened :)


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Dolly Little – Shopping HD

Dolly’s brother wakes her up and starts fingering her and performing cunnilingus. Dolly then has sex with her brother in reverse cowgirl and doggy and then receives a cumshot on her butt and back.

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Mom Makes You Eat Cum In Front Of Sister HD

You’ve done it again, you little bastard! You’ve been peeping on your sister in the shower again! I’ve had it up to here with your perverted antics. You’re not just getting grounded this time. It’s time to make punishment stick!

Don’t you dare lie to me. I’ve been looking at your computer and I’ve read everything you write on those fetish forums – about how much you love “big racks” and how you love to spy on your sister and I when we’re changing. I even saw those pictures of my cleavage you shared with your internet friends. Your breast obsession is disgusting, and it stops right here! Look at me! Watch my nipples. THIS is what breasts are for: to make milk! They are not for your sexual fantasies!

I’m going to show you what it feels like to be humiliated and exposed against your will. Strip off your clothes, son. Put on your sister’s bra and panties. Do you feel like a big man now? You look just like a sissy. Oh, no, you can’t go to your room yet. Your humiliation is far from complete! Before I’m through with you, you’ll be licking your shame right out of your palm!

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Daughter Seduces And Kills Daddy!

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