Mother’s Sacrifices HD

Rachel struggled to pay the bills after her husband passed away. Reluctantly she became an escort working from home. One day her son came back earlier than expected and spied on her having sex with a sleazy client. She clearly was not enjoying herself. To make matters worse, the client paid her less than she had asked. Later, Rachel was trying to forget the encounter when her son approached and told her that he had seen everything that took place. The mother had no choice but to come clean. She told her son that she was only being an escort to provide him with the best opportunities in life. Her son was very touched by this. He was also turned on by the sight of his mom in such a revealing dress. Suddenly he wanted to become her man. After declaring that he would take care of her so that she no longer had to be an escort, he lunged forward and kissed her on the mouth. Rachel was startled. But her body reacted favorably. Soon she was opening her dress so that her son could fondle and suckle on her breasts. She then slid her panties off, parted her legs wide, and invited him to lick her exposed pussy. Further foreplay followed in Rachel’s room. There she sucked hungrily on her son’s cock while in the sixty-nine position with him. Hot on the heels of that came a passionate missionary style fuck that ended with Rachel taking her son’s cum inside of her even as she had an orgasm around his plunging cock. Afterwards, the taboo twosome lay cuddling each other in happy exhaustion. Everything was different now. Rachel’s son had shown he could be the man of the house. She knew she could rely him in the future, and never have to work as a prostitute again.

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Sex Ed With Mom HD 1920×1080

You’re absolutely thrilled to have another snow day. You’re off to your best friends house to chill out and play some video games when your mother sternly stops you. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you have another snow day! Well of course you’re happy to have the day off, but, as your mother, I can’t help but worry about your studies. Your heart sinks as she pauses and then announces, “You’ll stay home and do your schoolwork with me today. It’ll be fun – a little snow day homeschooling. What’s your first class today? Health? Ok, we’ll start there!”

You sigh as your mother pulls out diagrams of the reproductive system. She’s telling you about ovulation and fertilization when you notice something strange: you’re getting an erection. You have a boner for your very own mother. Oh god, it must be the way she’s rubbing her breasts through that tight red dress, or how she’s lovingly talking about when she breastfed you. Your cock becomes painfully hard when she giggles sweetly and asks whether you’ve ever ejaculated. It might just be your imagination, but it seems like your mom’s getting aroused, too.

With her face flushed and eyes dilated, your mom suggests a hands-on lesson. “It’s the most effective way to learn”, she whispers. She watches you undress and then, embarrassed, does the same. You look at your mom’s naked body while she teaches you about sexual arousal, her voice silky with her own arousal. She begins touching herself as she instructs you to stroke your cock until the two of you orgasm together. Mom ends the lesson by tasting your cum and shoving her dripping fingers into your mouth. And, you know, she was right. You’ll never forget what you’ve learned today.

Jerk Off Instructions – Mutual Masturbation – Mother/Son Roleplay – POV – Titty Sucking – Sex Ed – Taboo

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Happy Father’s Day HD 1080p

Father-Daughter incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies

Olivia & her father have an odd relationship. He’s desperate for some action, and since Olivia is the only woman in the house, she’s constantly warding off his advances. She’s super annoyed when he interrupts her shower with his stiffy, and even more annoyed when he’s jerking off behind her while she’s trying to brush her teeth. They do have an understanding though: Olivia loves to spend time with her friends, and loves spending lots of money. So daddy approaches her with a huge wad of cash, hoping to bribe her into alleviating his boner. She rolls her eyes, grabs the cash, and allows him to touch her. He proceeds with the ass eating, pussy licking, and then doggystyle, all while she continues to brush her teeth, roll her eyes, spit & insult him.

She makes him pull out before he cums inside her, and she gives him a blowjob. But dear old dad forgets to warn Olivia when he’s going to cum & cums into her mouth. She gags on his cock, glares at him, then spits his huge load all over his dick. Yuck! That will be the LAST blowjob father ever gets. Lady Fyre 9:39

Includes: Ass Eating, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Doggystyle, Financial Domination, Fucking, Gagging, PigtailsPussy Eating / Licking, Shower, Spitting, Toothbrushing, Verbal Humiliation

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Mother won’t let me fuck her ass, but Aunt will HD

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Piper Perri – Daddy Likes Watching HD

Almost As Much As Joining In

Dear Diary,
I’m just a normal young girl I suppose, even though my hormones seem to be excessive. Most of the time when I’m home alone I can’t help but please myself. About a week ago I got the feeling someone was watching me and it turned me on a lot more than normal. I played with my pussy harder than ever before and it was so intense. The next time I played with myself I got the same feeling and I’m pretty sure I caught Daddy peeping.Yesterday I was in my room masturbating again and I knew I was being watched so I really put on a show. I began to fantasize that it was Daddys cock making me cum and soon I was blissfully calling his name. Before I knew it Daddy was in my room making my every fantasy cum true. Everything was better than I had ever imagined until Daddy got to excited and lost it inside me. I hope I can get a morning after pill or something, I just can’t get pregnant at my age.
Xo Piper

Dear Diary
It’s getting so overwhelming lately, I’m even skipping school to spend time with Daddy. The other day after breakfast I couldn’t contain myself any longer and as soon as mom was gone I dropped to my knees. Daddy and I got so intense we were all over the kitchen, He even picked me up and held me for a hot 69. After Daddy made me cum a few times I dropped to my knees again and finished him off all over my tits. At least I can’t get pregnant that way.

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I Can’t Believe How My Son Grown Up

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Fantasy Incezt Collection 1

25 pics and GIFs

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Daughter Pocahontas Jones Makes Daddy Late For Work With a Blowjob

Father-Daughter incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, POV, Dirty Talk, Blowjob, Cumshot

Daddy has to go to work, but his daughter Pocahontas teasingly steals his tie – she misses him SO much when he’s at work! It’s just no fun without daddy at home to play with…she playfully taunts him a little bit, then gives him his tie back. “But Daddy,” she pouts. “Can’t we do something before you have to go to work?”

Cutie big boobed Pocahontas (showing off her awesome cleavage) has an idea on how to get Daddy to stay for a little longer (even if it means he miiiight be a bit late for work). She promises she won’t tell Mommy…and starts taking off his pants! Daddy can’t resist, and lets Poca pull out his big, fat cock. She talks sweetly about how much fun she has having fun with Daddy, and then enthusiastically starts giving Daddy a blowjob! She loves having Daddy’s huge dick in her mouth. She sucks deep, and even licks his balls like a good little girl!

Eventually Daddy can’t help but cum, and gets Poca all messy! She’s going to need a bath and they’re going to need to change the sheets! But before Daddy goes off to work, Poca gets him to agree to do it again tomorrow Smile

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Painful Anal For Bratty Sister HD

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Impregnating Mother HD 1080p

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Dirty Talk

Remake of Impregnating Mother Mindfuck

Sequel to: Mesmerized by Mother’s Pantyhose, Mother’s Blackmail Trick, Mother Ruins Your Wedding Night

This is a mindfuck clip. There is “flashback footage” in the middle & a “mind fuck layer” of mesmerizing voice.

You’re a married man now, & I’m afraid you’re slipping out of My grasp. I must regain control of you in order to control My husband’s (your father’s) fortune. You come over to have your father sign some papers, but I’m waiting for you, ready to mesmerize you again. You can’t help but stare at My thighs covered in black pantyhose, and you fall under My spell. While you’re under, I reveal to you that I’m pregnant & I lie to you & tell you that it’s yours. I implant the memory of you having sex with Me.

(The tension builds until it’s too much. You rip my pantyhose & shove your big cock inside me. I tell you to fuck mommy & you drill me until I cum hard. But then… the worst thing happens… and you cum inside me! Oh no! I’m pregnant. What are we going to do?)

Once you’re awake, your subconscious will recall this information, and you will feel your paternal instinct calling to you to protect Me & My unborn son at all costs– even if it means ruining your marriage. Lady Fyre 11:50

Includes: Big Dick, Financial Domination, Fucking,Home Wrecker, Impregnation Fantasy, Legs, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Pantyhose/Stockings, POV Sex,Taboo

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