Always Want It In My Ass Son HD

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Soldiers raped girl in front of her boyfriend

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Tiffany Cane in Daddys Stripper Slut HD

Scene One: Dad finds out

Dad went to a strip club with his friends only to find that one of the dancers was his daughter Tiffany. He rushed his friends out of the club and decides to confront her when she gets home. Tiffany walks into the house and dad asks how “baby sitting” went. He tells her that he knows about the stripping. “Do you like men whacking off to your tight body?” He asks. “I think that if you’re going to be a slut you should be your daddy’s little slut” He says and makes her give him a private show in the living room.

He jerks his cock as his daughter reluctantly strips begging him to let her stop. As she dances her pussy gets wet and she tells her daddy what a slut she is and how she loves making men cum. Grinding on his lap Tiffany can’t take it any more and turns around to suck his cock. She wraps her lipstick covered lips around him and sucks him until he cums in her mouth. “Oh daddy your cum is so good” she moans. So begins Tiffany’s new life as her daddy’s little stripper.

Cane in Daddys Stripper-HD 1 incezt.net.avi

Scene Two: Waking mom with my performance

Mom is asleep in bed and dad has his daughter give him a bedtime strip on the couch. She pulls off her PJ’s to reveal lingerie underneath. She strips and grinds on her dad until he pushes her down onto the couch. He licks her pussy making Tiffany moan and cry out for her daddy. He makes her cum loudly. With complete lust in her eyes she turns around and fucks him.

Ridding her daddy makes Tiffany feel so naughty. She screams out for him to fuck her until she hears footsteps from moms bedroom. Dad tries to push her off but she keeps ridding him. When Cory steps into the room Tiffany tells her that she loves fucking her daddy’s hard cock. Cory tells her that this is one odd dream and goes back to bed. They both cum from the excitement.

Cane in Daddys Stripper-HD 2 incezt.net.avi

Scene Three: Moms stripper revenge

Dressed in lingerie and stockings Cory drags her daughter by a leash and collar to her bedroom door. Tiffany was waiting for her daddy to get home to give him the leash but mom caught her first. Tying her to the door Cory gives her daughter a long slow kiss. “Mom I’m not a lesbian” she tells her but Cory shuts her up with another kiss. Taking out a whip Cory smacks her bad girls bottom pulling down her panties and unhooking her bra.

Cory licks her slutty daughter’s body all over. She takes a dildo and puts it in Tiffany’s mouth, telling her to keep it there. Taking a vibrator she rubs her daughter’s pussy until Tiffany cums with her mouth full of dildo. She gives her daughter a kiss and leaves her tied up for daddy to find, cock still held in her mouth.

Cane in Daddys Stripper-HD 3 incezt.net.avi

Scene Four: Making money with my daughters talents

Daddy has hired a camera crew for Tiffany and him to make a porno. Dad is going to sell it to everyone Tiffany knows. If she does a good job, she may have a lot of private stripping performances in the neighborhood. Knowing she’s on film Tiffany looks at the camera and talks dirty the entire time she sucks and fucks her daddy’s cock.

She cums as she talks about her daddy shooting his hot cum over her face. Getting to her knees she sucks her dad until he explodes, sending streams of cum over her. She looks at the camera with a smile and tells everyone that she is daddy’s little stripper slut who loves cum.

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Uncle-Niece ANAL Rape

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Mother Seduces Son HD

Mother Seduces Son HD incezt.net.avi


Forbidden Affairs 3 : The Stepdaughter (2014)

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Cast: Carter Cruise, Marcus London, Scarlet Red, Dana Vespoli, Logan Pierce, Erik Everhard, Gavin
Genres: All Sex, HD – Shot In High Def, Fetish, Feature
Video language: English

“Nigel is a writer and his muse has left him. Even his gorgeous nymphomaniac wife can’t get his mojo going. And then his young, naughty stepdaughter arrives. Boing! His mojo is up along with lots of other things! Starring luscious Carter Cruise as the stepdaughter, exotic Dana Vespoli as the wife, scintillating Scarlet Red as the stepdaughter’s randy friend with Marcus London, Erik Everhard, Logan Pierce and Gavin Kane.”

Forbidden Affairs 3 (2014).part1.rar
Forbidden Affairs 3 (2014).part2.rar
Forbidden Affairs 3 (2014).part3.rar


Knock Me Up Now HD

My mom Wants A Baby

Dear Kendra,

A few weeks after my affair with my dad began, my Daddy wanted me to visit for a few weeks. Some pretty crazy stuff happened on the way there and I’ll tell you about it soon. What happened at Daddys almost blew my mind. I didn’t know it at the time but my mom wanted to get pregnant and you’ll never believe by who.
Her insatiable desires began a few weeks before I got there. Lexi, my mon, found out Daddy was shooting blanks so she had to find a sperm donor. One afternoon she seduced her sisters husband, my Uncle Bill, and he fucked her pretty hard on the couch. She confided in me later that he blew the biggest load in her ever so apparently they fucked for quite awhile. I’ll tell you more soon.
Your BFF Scarlette

Knock Me Up Now HD incezt.net.avi


Horny Mon In Dark Chocolate Club 1&2!

Dark Chocolate Club (2014)

Angie discovered a new dating club and it is ONLY for White women who want Interracial cock – the DARK CHOCOLATE CLUB! Members order BBC from a book! Angie and Carey are making a promo video for the club and they tag team 18 year old Niko’s Big Black Cock, sucking, fucking, squirting, sharing and eating his HUGE creamy load! Angie and Jade get Danny; He knows how to handle these white whores! He lays back and enjoys deepthroat BJ’s, then he fucks them every way! Jade rides him and gets a Creampie reward then Angie cleans his BBC off!

Category: Straight, Oral, Big Tits, Threesomes, Interracial
Starring: Angie Noir, Carey Riley, Niko, Jade Jamison, Danny Ocean
Language: English

Dar Chocolate Club (2014).part1.rar
Dar Chocolate Club (2014).part2.rar

Dark Chocolate Club 2 (2014)

The DARK CHOCOLATE CLUB! Slutty White Members order BBC from a book! In Scene 1, Angie has arranged for Danny to CUM and service her pussy till he fills it up with hot SEED! Danny gets a deepthroat BJ, and then he fucks her every way possible! Wow does he fill her cunt up! Angie has special plans for a younger neighbor… Seduce him and then later bribe him into the CLUB for the girls to use! Well Niko has his own plans and they involve his 10″ BBC pounding a MILF pussy then cum in her mouth! He does and she licks it all up! But Angie’s friend catches them… Oh Niko!

Category: Straight, Oral, Big Tits, Threesomes, Interracial
Starring: Angie Noir, Niko, Danny Ocean, Carey Riley
Language: English

Dark Chocolate Club 2 (2014).rar


Diane Andrews – Cool Mom HD

Your mom is laying on the bed just reading a book, and you are next to her doing your homework on the laptop. Or, at least that’s what she thinks you are doing.

She decides it doesn’t seem like you are doing homework after all, so she asks you. You tell her you are, but a little bit later she says again that it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much typing for that to be homework. You reluctantly turn the screen towards her and she sees you are in fact looking at internet porn. She is somewhat shocked at first, but then tells you that she’s a cool mom, and she understands, but wow are things different than when she was a young girl. All that cum flying everywhere, and all the oiled up boobs and butts.

“Is that what you’re into? All that cum flying and all those oiled up boobs and butts and all that titty fucking? Have you…. ever fucked a woman’s tits before? No. Well, would you like to try it? I mean, we could maybe try it. It would be OK if all I was doing was holding them for you while you moved your cock in and out of them, right? I would just be doing a motherly duty by teaching you the proper way! I have ample cleavage for you, and judging by how large your cock looks from that erection I can see in your pants, it’s a good thing I do!”

Mom takes off her shirt and lays down on the bed, oiling up her cleavage for you to mount her and stick your cock between her massive tits. She removes her top, and then her bra, and encourages you to stick your erection in between her soft, oiled up breasts. You do as your told, and it feels incredible.

“Wow, your cock is so big that I can stick my tongue out each time you come up and touch the tip. I like doing that, but I’m not sure that I should since it seems wrong. You just keep moving in and out of my cleavage honey, and I’ll try not to stick my tongue out and on to the tip of your cock as you do, but if I stick my tongue out when you’re going to cum, then I’m just sitting here with my tongue out, right? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Ok, well you just let me know when you’re about to cum and I will stick it out and you can cum… wherever. If it just happens to get in my mouth well then it does.

Mom sees you are getting close and does just that. She sticks out her tongue and you blow a huge load all over her mouth and face. That was incredible learning how to properly fuck a real woman’s tits!

Don’t forget, we didn’t do anything wrong Wink

Cool Mom HD incezt.net.avi


Lesbian Family Affair (2014)

Sex is better when family cums first! Creamy teen Zoey Monroe’s sleepwalking problem often lands her in bed nuzzling mommy Tanya Tate’s luscious big breasts. When Zoey wakes up face first in mommy cleavage, sister Aaliyah Love is there to help bring mommy to a toe-curling climax. Vicki Chase and mom Holly West console her younger sister Sara Luvv who was just ditched on prom night. Boy troubles are soon forgotten as mom and daughters spend a hot and horny night of passion. Barely legal beauty Lilly Banks is shocked to find out her mom, Nina Elle, is actually her aunt as her real mother, Tanya Tate shows up! Family fighting turns to frisky fun as a turned on teen and two lusty MILFs explore each other’s wet, willing bodies. Family secrets are revealed as Gianna Nicole finds out the mom Bianca Breeze and auntie Tiffany Cane have each had lesbian affairs. Already interested in girl-on-girl sex, she opens herself to them in an all-in-the-family 3-way. Enjoy a taste of the taboo in Lesbian Family Affair.

Category: All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Family Roleplay
Starring: Aaliyah Love, Nina Elle, Gianna Nicole, Sara Luvv, Zoey Monroe, Holly West, Vicki Chase, Bianca Breeze, Lilly Banks, Tiffany Cane, Tanya Tate
Language: English

Lesbian Family Affair (2014).part1.rar Lesbian Family Affair (2014).part2.rar

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