Cory Chase – A Mother’s Desires HD

Back Story: Mom’s little boy has gone off to college and she misses him dearly. Over the last few months, mom’s love life ceased to exist with dad as he has grown distant; mom confirmed her suspicions that dad was cheating on her with a younger woman when she found pictures of them on his cell phone. Frustrated by the entire incident, mom looks forward to the visit of her loving son and looks to possibly get even with her cheating husband……

Mom has picked up son and they are driving home; Son insisted on driving as he enjoys doing so. Mom looks rather distraught. “What’s wrong mom?” “I have something to tell you…..and I don’t know how you will react.” responds mom. “Ok, what’s going on?” asks Son rather concerned. “I found out about a month after you went off to college that your father has been sleeping behind my back with a younger woman…….we barely even speak anymore. “Says mom as she begins to cry. Son reaches over and gently rubs mom’s leg to comfort her “Don’t worry mom” he begins “It will be ok; dad always was an asshole we both know this…..honestly I thought it would have done something like this sooner.” “Yeah well……this isn’t going to fly……I’ll get my revenge.” Says mom as she dries her tears; she has a slow grin the forms on her face as her son continues to rub her leg. “What do you plan to do?” asks son as he pulls the car into their garage and the engine; mom just smiles and gets out of the car. Son, confused, shuts off the car and mom grabs him and pushes him against the door.

Mother quickly goes down on her knees and pulls son’s jogging pants and under clothing down, exposing his cock. “Mom what are ….” Before son can finish his panicked question, mom has his cock in her mouth and proceeds to give him a deep sloppy blow job. Son grabs his head and begins shaking it, not believe what is going on. “Mom….we…..shouldn’t………be doing……” Son is still unable to finish his sentence as he becomes harder and harder in his mother’s mouth. Mom becomes more aggressive taking the entire length of Son’s shaft into her mouth and moving faster and faster. Mother begins to rubbing her clit faster and faster through her panties as her son moans louder and louder approaching orgasm. “Oh God mom….oh God Mom!” shouts Son before letting out a loud scream, releasing semen down Mom’s throat. Mom cums simultaneously as she can feel her sons warm semen drip rush down her throat. Mom sucks son off a little longer before removing his cock and looking up at him, allowing the hot cum still in her mouth to slowly run down both sides of her chin. Mom wipes her face and smiles up at her son. “This, my dear, is just the begging…..” says mom as she stands and walks away. Son puts his head in his hands and shakes it gently as he collapses back in his seat…

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Son is sitting at the kitchen table, texting on his phone and sipping coffee; mother enters the room in a robe and sits down across from him and smiles. “Good morning sweetheart.” she says; son does not respond. “Are you mad at me for yesterday?” asks mom with a concerned look. Son sips the last of his coffee and puts his mug down “No…..mom I’m not it’s just…..well I feel weird now…..I mean you’re my MOM and you just cheated on dad with…..me!” exclaims son as he puts down the paper and shakes his head. Mom reaches across the table and gently strokes his hair “I’m sorry” she begins “I never meant to hurt you…..it’s just been so long and…” Son raises his hand can cuts her off “I know mom…..I know……just no more ok?” he asks pleadingly; mom nods and smiles however mom has other ideas in mind. “Would you like more coffee?” she asks cheerfully; son nods then goes back to reading his paper. Mom takes his mug over to the counter and pours more coffee into the mug; Son does not see her mix a white powder into the coffee with a devilish smile. Mom brings the coffee back to son who accepts it graciously and takes a few sips. A few moments later, son begins blinking his eyes as his vision is slightly blurred.

Mom pushes her chair back from the table and watches son blink and move his hand in front of his face as if trying to focus. Mom can see the effect of the compound taking immediate affect; the control she now has over her son has her pussy moist and hot; Mom begins to rub her breasts and finger herself slowly. Son leans back in his chair and stairs at the ceiling, his body becomes hot as the drug takes effect. “Mom…..I feel hot……flushed…..” says son slowly as he glances across at mom. Mom has her robe spread open wide so that son can see her massage her breasts and massage her pussy; mom moans and licks her lips as she notices son staring at her. “Don’t feel good sweetheart? Would you like mother to give you something to help you feel better?” Mom continues to moan as son nods slowly and pushes his chair closer to the table. Mom suddenly rises from her chair and climbs on top of the table and spreads her legs so that her moist pussy is close to son’s face. “Here lick this, it will make you feel better.” says mom with a smile as she carefully guides her son’s mouth to her pussy. Son is unable to resist as the drugs are taking their fully effect; he slowly begins to kiss and lick mom’s thighs before giving her pussy proper attention. Son moves slowly at first but then faster and faster as his cock becomes harder and harder; he grabs mom’s hips and begins thrusting his tongue in and out of her body, mom moans loudly as she is finally getting what she has always wanted from her little boy and getting revenge on her husband. Mom wraps her legs around son’s head and screams loudly as she orgasms on his tongue; son his jerking his cock as he is rock hard.

Mom breathes heavily for a moment before removing her legs from her son’s head and pushing him away. “Fuck me from behind son, please fuck me like a rabid !” She commands and she bends herself over the table. Son, unable to fight the sensation rams his cock into mother’s dripping pussy and proceeds to fuck her like a beast. Son grabs mom’s hair thrusts harder and harder; mom moans as she can barely hang onto the table from her son’s violent thrusts. Mom suddenly hears her son’s breathing become heavier and heavier as he approaches orgasm. “I want your hot come all over my ass, oh please explode on mommy’s ass for her!” moans mom. Son suddenly removes his cock from his mother and sprays her ass with stream after stream of hot semen; he moans and breathes heavily as he uses his cock to wipe it all over her lovely ass. Son collapses in his chair, his head spinning as he sees mom get off the table and put her robe back on. “What’s……” mom places a finger to his mouth. “Shhhhh……it’s ok, you’ll feel better when you wake up.” Smiles mom as she watches her son dose off to sleep in the chair.

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Son is sleeping in his room on his back, snoring lowly. Mom gently nudges the door open and stands there staring at him lovingly. Mom gently rubs her clit through her panties and her breasts as her son moans; she can tell he is having a sexual dream. She opens her mouth to moan however does not make a sound as she does not want to wake him and miss the opportunity to once against satisfy her lust for him and get further revenge on her husband. Mom quietly walks over to her son’s desk and opens the draw; she removes a blind fold she has hidden there for just such an occasion. She quietly makes her way over to the bed and gently ties the blind fold around her son’s eyes, careful not to wake him; she can hear him moan lightly as she pulls back the covers to discover a his partially erect cock.

Mother proceeds to give her son a slow, deep blow job; fingering herself simultaneously as she is turned on from the moans of his dreams. “Oh God…..yes Jessica, suck it faster.” Moans son. Mom smiles and proceeds to suck his cock faster and faster, listening carefully to mimic anything he may request in his dream as he speaks. “Oh fuck baby…….yeah……..suck that cock.” Moans son as his cock becomes rock hard in his mother’s mouth; mom begins to moan lowly and then louder and louder as she approaches orgasm. “Oh God…..please……let me taste your sweet pussy” son begs. Mom smiles devilishly as she complies; mom climbs on top of son and mounts his face to let him eat her pussy but carefully so as to not smother him. Mom screams as her son’s tongue brings her to an intense orgasm; she breathes heavily for a moment before gently sitting on his chest in a 69 position and sticks her pussy back up to his face. Son continues to eat mother’s pussy as he becomes more aggressive; mom now has her son’s cock in her mouth and his giving him a viscous fast, sloppy blow job to match the rhythm of his tongue on her moist pussy. Mom can hear her son breathing deeply and moaning loudly on her pussy as he approaches orgasm; “On my face…..cum on your mother’s face!” she turns and orders before continuing his blow job. Son lets out a loud moan as is stiff cock sprays stream after stream of hot cum onto his mother’s face. Mom flicks, clicks and sucks his cock a little longer before using it to wipe is cum all over her face. Mom waits a moment for her son to stop moving before she gets off of him; she smiles as she looks down to see her son lightly snoring again, completely unaware of anything that just happened. She carefully removes the blind fold from his eyes and places it back in the draw before quietly leaving the room.

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Son is on his cell phone sitting on the bed in his room; mother is cautiously listening to his conversation outside his door. “Yeah dude, I don’t know what it is……ever since I came home I’ve been having strange dreams about having sex with my mom can you believe that?!” Son exclaims; mom smiles and tries not to laugh as she continues to listen. “What? Well yeah……mom is kind of hot now that you mention it but…..dude that’s my mom! What? Whatever dude, you’re sick!” Shouts son it the phone before hanging it up; mom his holding her mouth doing her best not to laugh. “What the fuck is wrong with him?” asks son to no one. “I need a shower.” says son as he pulls some clothing from this dresser. Mom quickly, but quietly makes her way down the hallway to her bed room and hides; she has been wanting to see what her handsome son’s body looks like all wet.

Mom is sitting on the edge of the bed in her sexy lingerie, smiling up at him. “Mom what the hell are you doing?!” asks son in an authoritative tone. “Oh, I love hearing your commanding voice my baby; you’ve grown up to be such a fine man.” moans mom as she gently touches her breasts. “Your father hurt me, hurt us with his deceit; I only want to make you happy by love.” Says mom seductively rising from the bed and walking over to son. “Mom…..don’t get me wrong, you’re attractive but…..this is wron…..” son is stops speaking when mom reaches underneath his towel and begins to jerk him off. “I’ve been hurt so much….do you want to make your mother happy?” she asks as she continues jerking his cock and kissing his lips gently. “Mom…” begins son when he pulls her closer and proceeds to give her a passionate kiss, sticking his tongue down her throat. “I’ve been fighting it but I can’t any longer; I want you, badly, now!” says son as he picks her up and lays her on the bed; mom giggles as she is FINALLY getting her son of his own free will and better yet, she will have evidence in case he ever decides to try and tell his father!

Mother and son make out for a few moments before mother climbs on top of him and the two begin a hot and heavy 69; the two make various noises as their tongues and lips pleasure each other’s most sensitive areas. Mom can feel her son grab her ass and breathe heavier as he gets close to orgasm; she quickly stops blowing her son and pulls away. “NO” she commands “not yet, I want you to come inside of me.” Says mom as she turns and begins to guide her son’s cock into her body. “Mom are you” son suddenly stops talking as he moans; he can feel his clock slide inside his mother’s moist pussy. “Oh fuck it!” he shouts as he grabs mom’s hips and begins to fuck her , thrusting his cock harder and harder into her body. Mom arches her back and head back and moans loudly as her sons viscous thrusts drive her closer and closer to orgasm. “Oh mom…….ok God mother……” gasps her son “Fuck me son, fuck my pussy and give me all your hot cum!” screams mother. Mother and son scream loudly as they orgasm simultaneously; Mom then wants more cum and begs him for all that he has left…Son reaches deep within and drops one final load in his mothers mouth…Mom Sucks him clean and says she no longer needs her husband, Son is all she needs now…

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Blackmailing my Sister HD

Blackmailing my Sister HD incezt.net.avi


Alcohol ruins relation between brother and sister

Alcohol ruins relation between brother and sister incezt.net.avi


Your mom has missed your cock HD

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Virtual Sex, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Busty / Big tits, Mature, Older Woman / Younger Man Fantasy, Cum in pussy

You are back home from College for the holidays & as soon as you walk through the door your mom drags you upstairs to your room.

She has missed you around the house, always being on call whenever your Dad is away to give her a good hard fucking, and she wastes no time in making up for your absence.

She begs you to get out your young cock & goes straight to work on it, sucking & deep throating you as only your mom can. Then she unleashes her huge tits, gets on her back, throws her legs around your shoulders & begs for the fucking of a lifetime.

As you pound away in your moms wet cunt, she pleads for you to fill her snatch with your young cum, she has missed it so much & you needs you to explode inside her.

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Alaina Kristar in Promise Ring HD

Scene One: Promise to stop masturbating
Alaina and her dad have just come back from church where she has received her promise ring. She recites to her dad that she will not do anything sexual until she is married. Asking if she can go to her bedroom she gives her dad a kiss and leaves.
In her bedroom she starts to masturbate, releasing her sexual tension. Her dad walks in to find her with her legs spread and yells at her. Alaina tells him she can’t help it and doesn’t know if she will be able to last until marriage. Grabbing her fathers crotch she asks if he can help her. In control of her daddy she takes off his pants and rides on top of him until she cums. ?Thank you for helping me cum daddy? she says.

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Scene Two: Promise to never suck cock
Cory finds her daughter on the couch sucking a dildo. She is shocked and yells at her about the promise she made. Cory tells her husband about the dildo and storms off leaving dad to punish her. He pulls Alaina over his lap and takes off her pants and panties spanking her. He takes the dildo and puts it inside her fucking her with it as punishment.
Cory walks in as dad spanks and dildos her and make her promise to never suck cock. Alaina promises but as soon as Cory leaves gets to her hands and knees and sucks her dads cock. I promise to never suck cock ? unless it’s my daddy’s. He cums in her mouth and it dribbles out onto her shirt as she shows her dad how much she loves cum.

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Scene Three: Promise to never tell mom
Mom is making lunch for Alaina and her father. She asks what they want, then goes into the kitchen. With mom gone Alaina pulls up her skirt and shows her vagina and bra. Do you like them daddy? She asks. I promise only to wear nothing under my clothes from now on.
She slides her dads big cock in her mouth and sucks him. With his cock hard she gets on top of him and fucks him bouncing and moaning like she has never been fucked before. Cory comes in to asks what they want on their sandwiches. Alaina hides what they are doing with her skirt, unwilling to let her daddy’s cock go. When he gets ready to cum she gets to her knees and lets him cum in her mouth again. She plays with it, savoring the flavor before swallowing it down. Cory serves lunch and Alaina says ?Thanks mom but im already full?

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Scene Four: Promise to only fuck your daughter
Mom is in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Alaina comes into her parents room. Dressing in lingerie and stockings she pushes her dad on the bed and tells him that he must promise to only fuck his daughter from now on. She sucks and fucks her dad like a professional. Her young tight body doing things to him that his wife never did.
Alaina sucks her dad off making him cum over her perfect face. With a smile she leaves as Cory comes out of the shower. Alaina gives her confused mom a kiss and leaves the room. ?Why was she dressed like that? And what’s that odd taste in my mouth? Cory asks

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Father Blackmails Katie Cummings Into Virtual Sex HD 1080i

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Blackmail, Family Fantasies, Wife’s Daughter, Mother’s Husband, Caught, Virtual Sex, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Busty / Big tits, Cum in pussy

Katie’s dad found out she was making out with a girl. She threatens to tell her mom. Katie is scared. You agree not to tell her mom as long as you can fuck her. She says no. She agrees to get topless. But that’s not enough and soon she is naked. She agrees to touch herself, but no fucking. Soon enough, you are sliding your cock into your daughter’s tight pussy. You pound away missionary as she begs you not to continue. You keep fucking her until you shoot your load deep inside.

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Family Boning Time HD

Everybodys Cumming Tonight

Ashlynns friend Jessica was over one evening when Ashlynns brother came in. At first Jessica was a bit shocked when they started kissing but she was oddly turned on too. She was turned on so much she asked Ashlynn to call her dad in to join them.
Ashlynn was sucking her brothers cock while her dad fingered Jessica to orgasm and soon it became a family fucking frenzy. Ashlynns stepdad pounded away at Jessicas pussy while her step brother fucked her pregnant pussy doggystyle. The girls began kissing and soon father and son exploded all over Ashlynn and Jessica making Family Boning Night a messy success.

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My Sisters Workout HD

My Sisters Workout HD incezt.net.avi


Japan Family Drama HD Uncensored

WIFE CLUB 5195.part1.rar
WIFE CLUB 5195.part2.rar

WIFE CLUB 5186.part1.rar
WIFE CLUB 5186.part2.rar


Pervert ass fuck! Daddy you strangle me? HD 720p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, German, POV Anal, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Shower, Strangulation, Bathroom, Cumshot

Why I got this perverse desire? to be strangled? Shortly after my holidays I visited my mum and my father. We had not seen each other for so long. When I was in the shower, I suddenly reminds me of the last time I saw him! How bad he had treated and used me! Oh God, I suddenly felt the need to strangle myself and to stroke my little pussy! I could not classify the thoughts and suddenly he was standing in the shower in front of me and began to strangle me! Oh man, as he then plays with his big cock around my little ass, I could barely think straight. What’s wrong with me?

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