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Danica Collins – Auntie’s pantyhose

I find that my favourite nephew has taken a pair of my pantyhose so I need to ask him what on earth he thinks he’s doing with them? Well, I can see that he likes the thought of a mature woman wearing pantyhose as I can see that he’s looking at my legs while I’m telling him off and, even though I’m a little angry with him, I soften and decide to show him exactly what a real mature woman looks like in tan pantyhose. I might even slip them off for him, so that he has a pair of worn and warm pantyhose to keep.

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Mom caught me jerking off to her panties and told my aunt about this HD

Rachel and Stacie raised Brian together. Rachel was such a dominating woman that her husband left when Brian was young. Rachel refused to share her wealth with another man. Brian was used to her humiliating him daily. However he was obsessed with the mature women in his life. He would slip into the laundry room and fondle their panties when he was supposed to be doing their laundry. His mother caught him jerking off to her panties and shoes one night. He was holding her shoe like he was ready to cum in it. Rachel was furious and lectured him on how filthy minded he was. She scolded and humiliated him for the last time! He was going to change the dynamics of this household. He made a device to change his mother and aunt.

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Aunt Julia’s Favorite Nephew

Entices you with; Taboo, MILF, Aunt/Nephew Incest, Big Tits, Stockings, Jerk Off Encouragement, Virtual Tit Fuck and Cum Encouragement, POV, COUGAR, Dirty Talk

You and your sexy Aunt Julia live all alone. Of late she has been feeling very lonely and horny. Then she went and saw you in the shower. That big cock of yours has gotten her all stirred up and filled with taboo thoughts. Now, dressed in skimpy lingerie that shows off her magnificent cleavage, she invites you in for a talk. But what she really wants is for you to take out your cock so she can look at it again. Somehow you find yourself obeying her every wish. After you have dropped your pants, you let Aunt Julia have her fun. Excited at seeing what you have got, she pulls her tits out and plays with them while licking her lips. Then she really gets down to business. While encouraging you to jerk off, she lends some assistance of her own. Sometimes she excites you with displays of her body. Other times she strokes you off herself – both with her hands and with her silky stocking-clad feet. Finally, she gets you to shoot your load all over her naked tits. Aunt Julia cannot thank you enough for that.

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Aunt nephew jerk off encouragement HD

It must be great to have an aunt like Coyote–and it is. Our lovely Native American comes into her bedroom to find her nephew going through her panty drawer, so she sits him down for a little…talk. It seems that she has also seen him looking at some videos on the internet, and playing with his huge cock, and…well, she wants a better look.

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Selfish Aunt Rachel HD

Auntie-Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies

Entices you with; taboo, older woman/younger man, daydreams, blowjobs, facials, forbidden behavior and fantasy fulfillment.

Rachel was a busty, sexily dressed cougar. One day she got a call a from her uptight sister Julia. The woman’s husband had fallen ill and needed to spend some time in hospital. Since this would keep Julia busy, she wanted to know if Rachel would take her son Max off her hands for a while. Rachel agreed, but she was a little surprised at Julia. Max was a grown man – 22 years old. Surely he was capable of being by himself and did not need anyone to look out for him. Nevertheless, Julia insisted. She was a fretful, possessive woman, and did not want Max to be left alone at such a stressful time. Wary of Rachel’s notorious wild-side, she begged her to behave around the young man and not corrupt his morals. Rachel assured her straight-laced sibling that she would be the model of a responsible aunt. But then Max arrived. Seeing him for the first time in years, she was surprised and impressed. He was a tall, bespectacled youth – somewhat nerdy thanks to a sheltered upbringing. Beneath that veneer, however, she could see he had all the appealing traits of any typical young man. For his own part, Max felt a sense of awe in his aunt’s company. She seemed to exude sexual charisma from every pore. Though he stood politely nodding to what she was saying to him, he could think of nothing but how hot she looked in her tight, low-cut dress. He felt his gaze drawn to her deep cleavage, and could not pull it away. Suddenly, he had a fantasy of seeing her strip out of a robe to reveal herself in lingerie and stockings. The image was powerfully vivid. There she was – his own aunt – giving him a sultry look and a coy smile as she assumed a sexy, sensual pose for his benefit. Never had Max seen such a wonderfully built woman – even in his dreams. He had been with her for less than an hour, and already she was effecting him in ways he had never known before. Rachel guessed as much from the tell-tale look in his eyes. The fact was pleasing to her. Nephew or not, Max was virile and good-looking. All he needed was an understanding, open-minded woman to show him the ways of the world and turn him into a real man. Rachel was perfectly willing to take on that role. Thus, by the end of her first brief talk with Max, she was already thinking up a scheme to seduce and fuck him. Julia’s request that she behave herself was soon forgotten. For the rest of the day, Rachel strove to become more intimate with Max. She found opportunities to talk and flirt with him and bring him out his shell. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy task. Max had been well conditioned by his mother. He did not drink, did not go out much, and did not have a girlfriend. His big ambition was to be an account manager. To Rachel, this was as bad as becoming a monk. Through sheer persistence, however, she managed to get Max to accompany her to a movie. The pair had a lot of fun and returned home in high spirits. Rachel herself was a little tipsy after having a few martinis at a bar. But she had no desire to turn in for the night. Instead, she called Max into the games room to shoot some pool. There she made sure to give him some sexy views of her butt as she bent over the table with her cue. Under the guise of merriness, she occasionally came up and put her arm around him. Max showed outward shyness, but inwardly he was getting deeply turned at the sensation of his aunt’s soft, shapely and warm body pressed against his. Presently, he experienced a variation on his earlier fantasy involving her. Again he saw her in her sexy lingerie and stockings. This time she was stood beside the table, caressing her cue and pressing it into the valley of her big breasts. Her head was tilted back and she seemed to be panting with sexual need. There was a shift in Max’s vision, and he next saw Rachel lying back on the pool table. She opened her long legs, raised them slightly, and extended them to their full length. Clad as they were in silk, they looked especially sleek and lovely. Then Max saw himself stood over her. He touched her breast, ran his hand down her stomach, and slipped it between her legs. Eagerly he began to the massage her pussy mound through the crotch of her panties. Moments after that the fantasy dissolved, and he was back with his fully-clothed aunt. The martinis had finally effected Rachel and made her so tired the she excused herself and went up to bed. However, no sooner had she changed into her nightclothes than she felt wide awake again. More to the point, she felt immensely horny. Max was so near right then – so available. Yet he had proved to be incredibly reserved so far. She did not know whether it was the right time to make her move, but she knew she wasn’t going to put it off any longer. Max was in a sad way. He needed what Rachel had to offer him. He needed to be turned into a confident and independent young man – instead of a 22 year old boy dominated by an uptight mother. Motivated to action, Rachel went into her bathroom and put on her favorite and most seductive lingerie. By a curious coincidence, it was identical to that which Max had seen in his fantasies. Having put on her stockings and shoes in a sexy, ritualistic manner, she stood for a moment, trying out some poses. Then she put on her robe and headed to Max’s room. She was ready to change his world. He was asleep when she got there, but he woke easily at her gentle urging. Rachel then asked him to come to her room because she really needed to have a talk with him. Max agreed, and he was soon sat facing his aunt on her big double-bed. Rachel did not hold back in what she had to say. She questioned Max and got him to admit that he was sexually inhibited. He confessed, too, that it was due to the influence of his overprotective mother. Rachel said it was big shame that such an attractive young man as himself should be denying himself a full, fun life. This gave her all the opening she needed. Drawing close, she told him that things could change – and that she could be the one to make it happen. With that, she opened her robe and showed him her cleavage. The effect on Max was total. One glimpse of his hot aunt in the fantasy lingerie was enough to wipe away years of his mother’s moralizing. From that moment on, despite some nervousness, he followed his aunt into the world of sex and passion and self-realization. First, Rachel gave him a long and loving French kiss. Then she removed her bra, squeezed her naked breasts together before his face, and invited him to suckle on them to his heart’s content. Next she took off her panties, lay back on the bed, and opened her legs so that he could lay between them and feast himself on her hot, wet pussy. Max was a virgin, but he was clearly a natural as well. He soon had Rachel gasping and panting and caressing her breasts as spasms of pleasure rocked her body. With every second he became more and more of a man and a lover. There was no let up in his licking. After he had done it to his aunt while she lay on her back, he went on to give her more of it on her hands and knees – his face buried into her pussy from behind, his tongue instinctively finding her sweet spot and driving her wild. Eventually, the action switched to Rachel stroking and sucking on her nephew’s hard cock. The motions of her hands were expertly tactile, and the fucking of her lips up and down his length was exquisitely graceful and sensual. Following this highly erotic foreplay, aunt and nephew were ready to fuck each other’s brains out. Back on her hands and knees, Rachel invited Max to assert him and dominate her from behind. His hands on her hips, the young man proceeded to pound his cock into his aunt with such vigour that her big breasts shook and her voice rose up in ecstasy. Even after that, he still had the stamina to fuck her while she lay on her side – her long leg draped against her shoulder. As for Rachel, she got every last bit of enjoyment from her nephew that she could. For a final, mutual treat, she stroked the cum out of his cock and into her open, smiling mouth. Nothing tasted better to her than the juice of a horny young man. Afterwards, Rachel hugged Max and gave him some words of advice on how to live his life. Yet, to her own surprise, she found herself telling him not to get involved with any other women for the time being. This was not a moral request. She simply wanted Max to save all his sexual energies for her alone. She deserved this preferential treatment from her nephew after being such a wonderful aunt to him.

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Auntie Teaches HD

How embarrassing! Getting caught jerking off by your hot Aunt. What’s worse is that she notices your poor technique: fast and hard. She doesn’t want you to grow up to be a bad lover so she decides to show you a thing or two. She teaches you about a lighter touch (slow & teasing) and explains that you need to learn a gentle touch to please a woman. She teaches you about self control so you can hold off cumming until the woman is satisfied (no one likes a premature ejaculator!) bringing you right to the edge and then easing off. Her french manicured nails and sexy cleavage drive you crazy but you try very hard to learn everything she’s teaching you. Finally when release is permitted she shows you how to slow down as you’re starting to cum to prolong your orgasm. You’re lucky to have such a smart and caring Auntie and you wonder if the future will hold more ‘lessons’?

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Danica Collins – Aunt Nephew Dirty talk

I hadn’t seen my nephew for many years so when he paid me a visit I was quite shocked to see what a fine 18 year old man he had become and I could see that we were going to get on very well. He used to be such an innocent young thing but I could see from his admiring and roaming eye that those days were long gone.

His eyes almost popped out when the buttons on my blouse accidently opened and when the opportunity arose to glimpse my stocking tops as I bent over, he didn’t hesitate to make the most of the view and barely hid his lingering gaze. I can see that I’m going to have a few problems with this young man but I’m rather looking forward to his next visit.

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Auntie and Mums Groin Relief

MILF’s boy seems to have slightly hurt his groin muscle. Auntie & MILF insist on examining the area & applying the appropriate salve. The next problem that ‘pops’ up Auntie & MILF also know how to deal with…they’ll get the swelling down & have junior sorted out in short order. (Firm but loving sensual HJ with fam FANTASY)

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Aunties Dirty Panties (2015)

Country: USA Genre: Hardcore, MILFs, Mature, Toys Studios: Vivid Starring: Cherry Lee, Leilani Lei, Payton Hall, Sally D’AngeloDuration: 01:21:04

Real and raunchy amateur action is off the hook when a college dude gets set up with a 50-plus auntie hungry for some hot shaft. You have to see his face when she opens her holes for his throbbing rod. Watch him as he goes balls deep in this MILF!

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Mom, Son, Aunt Love Triangle HD

I never thought I could feel this way towards my son. He makes me so happy! He has really stepped up to be the man of the house since his father left, and I have to say, he takes way better care of me than my husband ever did. My son makes me feel ways, I never felt before and I cant get enough of his cock! I cannot think about anyone else but him. I am totally in love with my son! Wake up darling, I missed you, I missed your sweet, soft lips kissing me, mmm just like that! I know we made love all night last night, but I had to come home and have more! Oh, wait, your Aunt is coming over, she has some news to tell us. What! Your husband is divorcing you! You, poor thing! He does not deserve you anyways! You know about my son and I relationship? You want to be a part of it? What do you think baby? Do you think you can make your aunt happy, like you make me happy? Come here, your aunt needs love to. Kiss her, now kiss me, and make your aunt cum hard! I have always been attracted to my sister, but I was too embarrassed to tell her, now we can be one happy family! Enjoy this Virtual Sex/ POV clip in HD.

Themes: Taboo, Virtual Sex, MILF, Threesomes, POV, Mommas Boy

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