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Focus Coaching From Auntie HD 720p

You’re hot Aunt is visiting & finds out your marks have recently dropped in school. She figures out that you have a crush on your busty teacher making you so horny in class you can’t focus. She takes matters in hand & shows you how to ‘release the pressure’. She demonstrates various ways to masturbate, talks about lube, explains how to control your orgasm, etc. She tells you to look at her cleavage & that it’s okay to fantasize about her breasts or your teachers breasts while masturbating. This will be our little secret.


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Rachel Steele – Summer at Aunt Rachel’s HD


Rachel is the perfect wife. Her nephew Timmy was staying the summer. Her husband Jack traveled for his business. Rachel was beginning to feel her sexual peak and was frustrated with the long lonely nights. Jack was an old fashioned man, sex was predictable and always in missionary. He insisted Rachel wear dresses he bought for her that where practictly from the 50’s. Rachel did what he wanted to keep her marriage going but she secretly resented it and him. One afternoon, Jack headed off for 2 weeks on business. Timmy and Rachel were alone. The company car was pulling out of the drive when Rachel squealed with joy. Timmy was shocked at the change in her; she gulped down a martini and headed to her bedroom. Rachel changed out of the goofy dress that Jack made her wear and into a low cut number. She put some porn on the TV and settled in with another martini. After watching the porn she called Timmy in so he could let loose too. Timmy was a book worm and did not have a girlfriend. He did not know what to do with Aunt Rachel. She laughed when she realized that he really was a nerd and she decided to have some adult fun with her innocent nephew. Rachel changed into sexy lingerie she purchased at the naughty store for nights when Jack was away. Rachel would masturbate and watch porn. Something Jack would never allow. Timmy sat and watched his Aunt as she spread her legs and used a vibrator; she moaned and thrust her hips with pleasure. Timmy felt his cock in his pants grow. Rachel told him to strip naked and get on the bed. Timmy did what she said. Rachel took a hold of his hard on and stroked it while burying his face in her tits. He sucked her like a bay-bee. Aunt Rachel was having too much fun with him. She opened her legs and pushed his face between her hot thighs. Timmy licked his aunt’s juicy wet pussy. Rachel rolled a condom on him the sat on his cock. Timmy never had been fucked. He loved it. Aunt Rachel used his young cock to satisfy herself. She had him fuck her doggy then she jerked him off until he shot his load. He did without warning Aunt Rachel put his cock in between her tits to catch the cum. She made Timmy promise to keep it a secret. This would be the summer Timmy would never forget.



Kristy Black – Haunted Humiliation: Two Studs Educate Teenager In The Attic

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Fucking His Aunt Then Her Husband Calls!

But hes going to finish this anyway…

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Auntie gives you your first time HD

Cant you sleep? neither can I. Your Mom is going to be home soon, but its been really nice to come and visit you, your such a big boy now. I couldn’t believe when I saw you with your Mother in town, so tall and hansom. I have to tell you your Mom tells me everything and she said on the phone the other day that you seem quite sexually frustrated… actually she caught you jerking off. Its ok! don’t blush… she also said she doesn’t think you have had a girlfriend yet. hmmmm must be so hard to have never groped a real set of tits, never felt your fingers sliding against a wet pussy, never felt soft feminine hands gripping your hard cock. You find me attractive don’t you? you used to tell me when you were younger and you didn’t know any better, do you want to feel my tits? go on its ok, squeeze my nipples really hard. I want to give you pleasure, I want to make you feel really good. In fact I want to give you your first time, but it must be our little secret…now don’t be shy I am just going to stroke that dick for a while… it is so rock hard.

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I Wanna Bang My Aunt (2015)

Sarah Jessie, Rayveness, Aaliyah Love, Kiki D’Aire, Chad Alva, Seth Gamble, Will Powers, Brad Knight

Family gatherings have never been this hardcore! She’s been looking so hot lately and his imagination has gone wild – but can he make this fantasy cum true? It all depends on whether she feels the same way… and it is forbidden fruit…which always tastes sweeter! Watch the daydreams become reality in I Wanna Bang My Aunt!

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Aunt Helena HD

Loki was spending the weekend at his uncles house when his Aunt Helena walks in. She aggressively seduces him into letting her stroke his cock like his cousins have. Her experienced hands have his young cock rock hard in no time. Soon Loki can’t control himself and he explodes all over the place. Aunt Helena smiles as she sees her impressive handiwork and promises him more to cum. (Handjob, Taboo, Roleplay)

Starring Helena Price

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Tracy – Aunt Tracy Milks Billy HD

Every man knows that the only way to stay focused on a date is if you knock out one before heading out of the door and every woman knows that the only thing men have on their mind is sex so if you want them to focus you during your date, you need to make sure their other needs are taken care of which explains why Tracy offers to kick off her blind date with Billy by jerking his cock.

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Wendy Taylor – Aunt Wendy’s cleavage HD

Wendy has been a family friend for years and John always knew her as Aunty. As a result he wasn’t expecting her to be spying on him while he took a shower. Wendy stands at the door admiring what a big boy he has become especially as he starts playing with himself.

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Secret bathroom wank with auntie HD

You run into your Auntie on the way to the bathroom. She tells you she has to go first & lets you watch. She teases you about your shyness then tells you to go ahead while she washes her hands. She then decides to have fun holding your penis while you go & then teases you about starting to get a boner. Auntie then guides you in a sexy MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION to get rid of your boner.

Secret Bathroom Wank HD.mp4

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