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Old Daddy fuck teen in woods in the ass

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The “Father Figure” Compilation Daddy-Daughter Dirty Talk & Roleplay HD

This is a compilation celebrating girls talking dirty and submitting to their “daddies”! obviously its all roleplay, but a big turn on for many. Video starts out with solo dirty talk, then during sex acts, finishing with cumshots on bodies, in mouths and over faces. There brief post-cum dirty talk as well.

There are solo clips, handjob, blowjob and vaginal sex scenes all combined and edited for dirty talk maximization.


Piper Perri – Daddy Loves Panties HD

Piper catch his father sniffing her panties in her room. She asks explanations why is doing that and if he prefers to do better things she can teach. She starts playing with him, handing him her panties all over his cock, moving her body over him until she decides it’s time to show what his daughter knows. Starts making a blowjob where she plays and teases him with his sweet tongue for some minutes driving him crazy. Cowgirl, doggystyle and a final 69 position where she will make him cum on his mouth and swallowing all of it.

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Angel Of Daddy and My Mom Is A Slut (2016)

Genre: Blowjob, POV, Hardcore
Cast: Cadence Lux, Cory Chase, Luke Longley

Cadence Luxx in Angel of Daddy (HD)

Scene One: Innocence Taken

Dad comes into daughter’s bedroom. He sits on her bed, moving the covers so he doesn’t sit on them. He begins to stroke her hair and face. His hands move down to her boobs, unbuttoning her top exposing and feeling up her boobs. Her eyes open and tears run down her cheeks. He takes her hand and puts it around his dick and has her jerk him off. She fearfully asks what he wants.

He has her give him a blowjob, again while she cries silently with her eyes closed.

Scene Two: First Time

The next night, he undresses her completely and has missionary position sex with her. She cries out in pain when he enters her because she is losing her virginity. He finishes inside of her. Afterwards she rolls up into a ball sobbing.

Scene Three: Blackmailed

Daughter comes homes from school and sits on the couch by Daddy. Dad is explaining her report card is full of bad grades and there is no way she will be accepted to any of the colleges on her wishlist.

Daughter explains sobbing that she really needs an excellent college and will do anything to improve her grades. Dad tells Daughter he knows the Dean of Students and tells her they can work something out. She gets very tense and uncomfortable.

Dad tell Daughter she has to earn the grades and orders her to strip nude and then points at his cock. When he is finished he zips his pants up and says he will talk to the Dean in the morning. She picks her panties and leaves the room.

Scene Four: Punishment

Starts in mid-action with Dad and Daughter struggling on couch. Dad rips daughter’s blouse open and panties down and slides his cock into her unwilling wet cunt. With her hands bound he finishes fucking her, he grabs her by the throat, her eyes bug out, face turns red, she hits his arms and tries to pull them apart. He squeezes her cheeks, opens her mouth and fills it full of his seed.

Daughter promises to never get bad grades again and is left in a sobbing ball on the floor…

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Dirty Daddy And Sweet Sonia HD

Dirty Daddy And Sweet Sonia HD 1.mp4

Dirty Daddy And Sweet Sonia HD 2.mp4


Getting Dirty With Daddy HD

I was enjoying my shower when daddy surprised me and joined me. I love when he gets in the shower with me and lets me suck his dick. I love pleasing my daddy, especially when he bends me over and starts to fuck me really hard. Daddy knpws exactly how to fuck me so I’m screaming for more. I’m surprised nobody has caught us yet!

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Seducing Daddy For His DNA HD

I went to go watch tv naked in the living room cause I knew daddy would be in there. I noticed something bulging out of his pants so i knew it was the right time to start. I wanted his cum, I NEEDED HIS CUM! I took his cock out and did my job. I blew him so hard, rode him cowgirl grinding all over his cock then I made him explode all over my tiny little hands and ran out the room. Little does daddy know I am cloning him so none of my sissy’s can have my daddys cock no MORE!!!!

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Just For You Daddy Hope Harper POV (2016)

Cast: Hope Harper, Akira Shell
Genres: 18+ Teens, Big Boobs, Blondes, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Naturally Busty, Older Men, Point Of View, Star showcase
Video language: English

With A Daughter Like Hope, Every Day Is Father’s Day!

Daddy! I was just coming to wake you up because there is something I REALLY want and kind of noticed there was a bulge under your blanket! I hope you don’t mind me waking you up with my mouth around your hard cock. I don’t think you will but I really want to swallow your load. I’ve never swallowed cum before daddy and I am super curious! Please daddy! Your little princess really wants it!

Daddy! Do you remember when I came and woke you up, a couple of weeks ago? Let’s do something like that again! I’ve been really horny since then I’ve found out, you’ve been fucking my other sisters too! Don’t worry daddy, I’m not jealous. I think it really hot and want to share you with all of them! Oh and daddy, I want to show you I love you the most, so I really want you to creampie me, and get me pregnant! Please daddy? It’ll be fun!

Daddy… daddy wake up! I’m like really really super horny right now and all I can think about is fucking you! Daddy, can we please fuck again?! I really want to fuck you! You know I can’t ever get enough of your love or your hot cum! Oh and daddy, don’t pull out I want you to fill me up just like you did last time!

I was just coming to wake you up because there is something I REALLY want and kind of noticed there was a bulge under your blanket! I hope you don’t mind me waking you up with my mouth around your hard cock. I don’t think you will but I really want to swallow your load. I’ve never swallowed cum before daddy and I am super curious! Please daddy! Your little princess really wants it!

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Daddys Video Virgins 3 (2016)

Release Year: 2016
Cast: Penny Nichols, Ami Mercury, Annelise Snow
Genres: 18+ Teens, Amateur, Family Roleplay, First Boy/Girl, Gonzo, Older Men, Virgin
Video language: English

The young and sexy blonde Annelisa Snow is in her first scene ever! Nineteen year old petite Penny Nichols is a video first-timer! Insanely hot MILF Ami Mercury in her first scene ever for us!

Annelise Snow in HER 1ST SCENE EVER! Young and sexy blonde Annelise came to us for her very first time on film. Although she has a pretty kinky personal life and is very sexual Anne was still a bit nervous. After learning what gets her off, we had her masturbate for us. This hottie fucked her pussy with a glass toy until she came. Next, she swallowed my cock and then loved riding my hard cock for the camera but I think her favorite was doggystyle with a bit of fish-hooking. She may be back for her first anal soon!

Penny Nichols in HER 1ST SCENE EVER! 19 year old Penny Nichols came in yesterday for her very first scene. This cute 4’9″ Colorado girl was a bit on the apprehensive side at first but after a warm up with the Hitachi she really loosened up. Not only is Penny cute and tiny she’s also a cheerleader – meaning that is one super-tight, very flexible body. Needless to say, this sexy, little brown skinned beauty was one of the the wildest first timers we’ve ever had… and hope to have again and again!

Ami Mercury in HER 1ST SCENE EVER for us! This insanely hot MILF, decided to do her first scene for us during Fetishcon 2015 (imagine the type of naughty beauties that you’d find at Fetishcon) in a very special way. We got her a vendor from the convention to show her the ropes. Wait til you see this MILF get “broken in.”

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