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My New White Stepdaddy 15 (2016)


An interracial cumming of age story! Who’s your white step daddy?

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Ivy Snow in My Obsession With Daddy FULL and HD Version!

Scene One: Lust and family

Ivy has gained a strange obsession of wanting to fuck her father. Every video she see’s online only makes her want it more. “Can we have some daddy daughter time? We don’t spend enough time together.” Ivy asks her father, pressing her large breasts against him. “I need to go!” he says at the thought of his daughter hitting on him and rushes out of the room.

Later that day he’s taking a shower when Ivy tries to join him. “Put some clothes on!” He yells at her. He hides in the shower until she leaves. But Ivy is going to fuck him no matter what.

He wakes up to his cock being sucked under the covers. At first he thinks it’s his wife, but when he lifts up the covers he finds his daughter bobbing up and down on his cock. His wife is sleeping soundly next to him as Ivy looks at him with her big eyes, her naked body rubbing against him, her mouth sucking him off until he cums as quietly as he can. Ivy leaves with a smile and a mouth full of her dad’s unwilling cum.

Scene Two: Time on the mats

Dad is just getting ready for a workout when Ivy asks if he can teach her some of his wrestling moves. After the night before he’s hesitant but maybe this can put whatever that was behind them.

Cute and bubbly Ivy teases him as he shows her some defensive moves. “You could do a little better daddy” She says and pulls down his shorts. He tells her to stop. Ivy takes off her clothes and touches him “Didn’t you enjoy last night?” She asks. His cock gets hard and he can’t control himself anymore.

He pushes her against the mat and fucks her. “Oh daddy!” she screams. Her cute little moans echo through the house. “Just like that daddy” She tells him and cums on his cock. She feels his warm cum fill her with hot naughty lust and it makes her squeal. “Did you like it daddy?” She asks and he begs her never to let this happen again.

Scene Three: Coercing passion

Ivy comes to her father’s work the next day and tells him that she should tell her mother or the police about what happened between them. Shocked he turns to his daughter. “Or you could fuck me again.” she whispers touching his shoulder. He doesn’t have a choice but to do what his daughter says.

She makes him stand up and she takes off his pants. “Do you like that daddy?” She asks, sucking on his cock. He gets hard in her mouth and she knows he likes it. He plays with her huge breasts and licks her sweet pussy before fucking her like she wants to be fucked. She screams through the office not caring if she’s caught. He cums inside her and tells her to get home before her mother notices she’s missing.

Scene Four: They slipped

“What are you doing daddy?” Ivy asks, sitting next to him on the couch. With his wife upstairs he tells her to stop as she touches him and begs him to fuck her again. “We wont get caught” Ivy tells him. “Oh my god” he says as her big breast spilling out of her top.

Ivy hikes up her skirt and lets her dad plow her. She tries to keep her moans quiet but just can’t. This thrill fuck is better than anything she’s had before, until she hears her mom come down the stairs. She quickly pulls up her top and softly bounces on him as they talk to her. “It seems like the two of you are finally getting to know each other” the wife says and asks if they want to go out to dinner. Ivy can’t control her giggling as mom doesn’t notice the big cock still inside her.

He keeps fucking her tight pussy slapping her ass and using her. She moans louder than before and creams when he tells her to get to her knees. “Cum all over my face daddy” She begs him and he gives her the facial she always wanted. Ivy basks in the feeling of his cum on her face, never before being so turned on. She doesn’t know if she can ever fuck anyone other than her father again.
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Nora Riley – Big Cock Daddy HD 1080p

Miles gets up and finds his daughter in the bathroom, She is surprised by his big hard cock. She wants a taste and his cock already hard can’t turn her down. She takes her daddy’s big cock in her mouth. It’s hard for her to take his whole cock but she gets it down with help from daddy forcing it down her throat. She has never had a cock in her mouth as good as her daddy’s. He brutally fucks her throat till filling her mouth and back of her throat with his hot sweet cum.

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Alice March – Daddy’s Angel HD 1080p

Little Alice Loves to get her Daddy’s attention. She loves her Daddy so much rolling around in his bed playing with the pillows.Her Daddy catches her in his bed and see’s how much he excites her. Alice wants more then her daddies love, she wants his cock too. She pulls out his cock and gives him the best blowjob of his life. He daddies cock rock hard as she gobbles it down her throat. He tastes her pussy for the first time. Getting it all wet before he slides his cock deep inside her.Fucking her in all the ways to make her feel all his love. She is so excited to have her daddy cover her in cum.

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Any Time You Want… Even When Daddy’s in the Room

Your birthday is coming up soon… you’re turning eighteen. You know what that means… you’re officially an adult, a new adult in the household… new age, new responsibilities… new privileges.
I hope you’re as excited as I am… gee, so many new possibilities – opportunities – for you. I just want you to know… that, as an adult, now that you’re eighteen, you can fuck me any time you want.
Yes, you can fuck your mother now… it’s perfectly natural… even if daddy’s in the room. In this house, fucking your mother is as natural as… saying “hello!”

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Norah Nova – Daddy’s Bad Girl HD 1080p

Max’s little girl, Norah, is in trouble again, wrecking his car through sheer carelessness, but she has a way of saying “Daddy” that makes a man’s pants feel tight. He been noticing her acting out since she turned eighteen, thinking that her age made her an adult, but still demonstrating her immaturity on a daily basis. What’s a daddy to do with a brat like that. Bend her over your knee, that’s what. Ordering her to assume the position, he flips her tiny skirt up to expose her pure white, cotton, little girl panties, barely covering her round and sexy ass. She squirms in his lap, as his hand slaps her cheeks painfully. “Isn’t there anything else I can do?”, she pleads, though perhaps more from the desire her punishment is inspiring, rather than the pain. Max notices his little girl’s panties getting wet and his spanks turn into caresses. Pulling her panties to the side, her spreads her young ass cheeks open wide, stretching her soaked and puffy labia, rubbing her growing clit. Is that a clitoral piercing? She really is a bad girl. Standing her up, he opens her shirt to examine and squeeze her perfect tits. His suspicions were correct, her stiff, young nipples are pierced, too; his little girl is growing up so fast. If she wants to be treated like an adult, Max is eager to oblige. Bending her over the dinner table, he pulls her panties down and shoves his daddy cock inside her tight cunt, railing her like a common slut. He’s so big! She is overwhelmed by being fucked by the man of the house and her head thrashes around, mouth agape, moaning, each thrust stretching her out a little more. Brats are rumored to have the tightest pussies, so it isn’t long before Max grips her hips and unleashes a tidal wave of sperm while deep inside his little girl, the spasms of her own snatch milking him hungrily. She’s so proud that she was able to make her daddy feel so good. Maybe he’ll call her his good little girl, now.

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Horny Japan Wife With A Dirty Daddy HD Uncensored

Horny Japan Wife With A Dirty Daddy HD.wmv


Black Ribbon (2007) – Daughter Screws Daddy to Death!

Interesting film! I heard that a new film was being released by the guy who made Requiem for a Vampire. I think I either read it on or in Fango. Anyway, I noticed it was coming out on August 5th so I found it on and pre-ordered it. I must say that it was a little shocking to see what that poor girl Emily, played by Debbie D goes through. I love the guy who plays Willie in the film (S. Feddor) I’ve seen him on TV, I believe in the HBO series OZ. What a hunk. I watched it with a few friends and I think it was the first movie in a long time that no one got up and went to the bathroom or to get something to eat. It kept us glued to the screen because you never knew what was coming up next. Very cool movie. I see that he’s working on a film now about a strange town called Process. Can’t wait. Looks like a few of the same actors are involved. Buy it or rent it. There is a lot of nudity (full frontal) and some weird bondage stuff, so just be aware it’s for a mature audience. Like I said, It’s very interesting. Cool ending.

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Princess Bambie – Daddy’s Present HD

Daddy’s Present Part 1 HD

My very first HD Daddy video, just in time for the holidays! Many of you have been a part of the long journey involved with training my tight little booty since I joined ManyVids; it’s been a long road but I can finally take it in the ass like any good girl should. I am super happy to announce that this year for Christmas I want to be Daddy’s little anal slut!!!!! In part one I show off my cute tight little body for Daddy, dancing and stretching–I left in the part where I fell down in my heels as requested by many of Snapchatters requested LOL. After I’m warmed up from stretching and dancing for Daddy I want to show off my cute tight little ass and all the training I’ve been doing. I get myself ready with my fingers before slowly sliding in my booty plug, talking dirty for Daddy, asking to suck his dick and begging him to fuck my ass for the very first time

Daddy’s Present Part 2 HD

I just wanted to give everyone a chance to get my cute Daddy anal cum video hehe))) Part Two of Daddy’s Present! Daddy’s good little anal slut is plugged and ready to be fucked, but not before getting your big cock nice and hard with sloppy wet deep throat. I gag on Daddy’s cock, telling you how good you taste and begging you to fuck me. You tease me, sliding you cock up and down my tight pussy before finally sliding inside. I ride you harder and harder until I cum hard on your cock. I let you watch as I take out my plug and show you my cute little booty gape before finally letting Daddy put his hard cock in my ass for the first time. It takes some maneuvering but once Daddy is inside it starts to feel really good. I talk dirty and ride Daddy’s cock in my ass, needing your cum deep in my ass. Finally you pull out and we watch the big hot load drip out of my ass and all over my cute little pussy. Best Christmas present ever

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Daddy Plucked My Rosebud – Zoey Carter 1st Anal HD

Just Like My Fantasy

Dear Diary,
So the day I was waiting for finally came. I had been masturbating and using toys in my rosebud long enough to where I felt ready to give Daddy his surprise. I called him in and showed him my shiny butt plug. You should have seen the look on his face.
Daddy was so excited and nervous at the same time so he gently stretched my virgin butthole then licked it to lube me up. Daddy eased his big cock into my rosebud and it felt great.
Daddy fucked my ass slowly until I encouraged him to go faster. He fucked my ass like I dreamed and soon I was cumming like crazy. Daddy made me cum several times by fucking my ass then finished me off with a big creampie in my pussy. Mmm I can’t wait to do that again.
Xo Zoey

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