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Stepdaddys Butthole Buffet (2015)

We broke Gia Storm in on her first porn scene and just to make sure she was nasty enough for the biz we asked her to lick Talon’s butthole!! When Kurt found his step-daughter Jaye’s nude photos on her phone, he promised not to tell her mom after she agreed to bury her tongue in his butt! Lanie’s step dad agreed to co-sign on a new car for her, after she agreed to toss his salad and let him go to town on them titties! Trillium got her step dad to agree to pay for her boob job in exchange for a rim job!

Category: Fetish , Oral , All Sex , Barely LegalDirector: Chucky SleazeStarring: Jaye Summers, Lanie Morgan, Trillium, Gia StormRelease Date: 11/3/2015

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Daddy, I’m Scared of The Storm! Can You Jerk Your Cock Before Bed? HD 1080p

Category: Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Handjob, Cumshot, Cum on tits, Glasses, BBW

Daisy is sitting in her bed during a very bad Storm and she needs her daddy to comfort her. She calls you into the bedroom to tuck her in and while you are there she asks to stroke your cock. Since its been awhile you gladly oblige. Her soft young hands soon milk your cock on her perky breasts making her feel much better.

Can You Jerk Your Before Bed HD


Miranda Miller – Distracting Daddy

Derrick Pierce’s overprotective nature is too much for his daughter Karen to handle. She flees from her father’s captivity with her boyfriend Johnny, and asks her best friend, Miranda Miller to help her out in any way possible. Derrick notices Miranda sitting in his backyard, wondering what she is doing there. Miranda tells him Karen said it was ok for her to chill out while she is gone. Derrick wants to speak to her in the living room to find out the whereabouts of his daughter. Miranda tells Derrick she is away with some girlfriends and he has nothing to worry about. Derrick confesses his disapproval with Karen’s boyfriend, knowing he’s just in it for one thing, and that is sex. This is all too much for Derrick, showing anxiety and stress, so Miranda offers him to relax with a body massage. Thinking nothing of it, Derrick accepts her proposition. He lies down on the couch, shirtless, as Miranda straddles over his upper body, removing all of his stress and tension. Miranda knows she can make Derrick feel a lot better, using more than just her hands on his back and chest. She places her hands over his cock, repeating her invitation for ultimate pleasure. He asserts his disapproval towards her hands over his cock, but it doesn’t matter at this point, with her mouth devouring his erection. Miranda looks to have a little more fun by removing her bikini bottom, pushing Derrick’s slick cock deep inside her tight pussy, busting a huge load over her cute ass.

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Daddys Girl 3

Cast: Aaliyah Jolie, Amber Simpson, Nikki Knox,

Somebody can’t keep their mind off riding a big, stiff one!

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Last Chance For Daddy HD

15:29 video
Dear Diary,

Daddy and I left for the birthing center in what we thought was enough time but with all the breaks I needed we had to stop for the night. Daddy and I started talking and before I knew it I was teasing his cock for the last time until after I deliver. I started sucking his cock and soon I just had to feel him inside me.

As big as I was it was easy to straddle Daddy and slide his cock in my pregnant pussy riding him hard. Daddy let me ride him quite a bit then he took control. Daddy made me cum a few times then got behind me doggy style. He pounded my pregnant pussy til he came all over my ass. It’s gonna be a long 6 weeks.

Xo Sierra (Pregnant, Interracial, Taboo)

Starring Sierra Simmons

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Claire Heart Loves Her Step-Daddy’s Dick

Deary Diary,

Step-Daddy lets me do whatever I want with his tasty cock. Tonight I gently climbed up on the bed and slowly unbuttoned daddy’s pants. I guess my little hand had some effect since his cock sprang to life immediately. I smiled at the sight of it and gently licked the tip. His cock twitched against my tongue as if granting permission so I took his whole cock in my mouth. It was so amazing, cock had never tasted so good. I sucked his cock hard and fast. I pulled off my panties and climbed on top of daddy straddling his throbbing cock. I was so turned on it slid right in my tight pussy and filled me up. I rode his hard cock that way until I came loudly. His cock felt so good I bent backwards and rode it awhile longer before spinning around so I could get every inch of him inside me. I rode him hard and fast hoping he would fill me with a hot load and sure enough he did. He shot such a big load in me some of it dripped out and I rubbed it back in with my fingers hoping my fantasy would cum true. I saw a glimpse of a smile on daddy’s face.

Thank You Step-Daddy, Claire Heart

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She wants to be sure he doesn’t play with himself. She likes to laugh at Daddy’s cock and balls, especially when they are in pain. She likes to play with them, like playing house with Step-Daddy, and seeing how close she can put them to her tight little young pussy. “You cock is a bad cock, because it wants to get inside this pussy.”



I Have A Surprise For You Daddy

I Have A Surprice For You Daddy.mp4


Hope Harper – Daddy Girl and Cheating Whore HD 1920×1080

When Mom Falls Asleep HD 1280×720

Daddy and I fuck!

Dear Diary,

Last night when mom fell asleep daddy and I went outside to smoke a cigarette together. Things got hot really quickly and daddy and I were groping one another! We started fucking right there on the back porch! I couldn’t hide my moans! Daddy’s cock felt so good inside me! Daddy even came on my ass!

I hope mom or the neighbors didn’t hear us!Category: TABOO Related Categories: OUTDOORS, DADDY’S GIRL, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, SMOKING, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER MAN Keywords: hope harper, jw ties, outside, smoking, fucking, taboo, daddy, father, daughter, young, 18, 19, cumshot, daddys girl, older man

When Mom Falls Asleep HD.mp4

Blackmailing Hope HD 1920×1080

Hope gives up her sweet little pussy when her boyfriend’s buddy blackmails her.


Blackmailing Hope HD.mp4


Danielle Rider – Daddy My Husband is Firing Blanks So Please Fuck Me and Make Me Pregnant HD

I am your D@UGHTER and cum over to see you quickly, I am on my way to a date with my husband so I am dressed super sexy…..short dress, stockings with heels and sexy lingerie…..I have cum over to ask a favour of you Daddy……you know I am trying to get pregnant but it seems like my Husband is firing blanks so would you please fuck me your D@UGHTER and make me pregnant…… are shocked Daddy……please I know you don’t fire blanks so if you fuck me I will fall pregnant and it will be our little secret………You are reluctant but I know how to persuade you Daddy……..I convince you what a good idea it is and then lead you to the bedroom…….we must not be too long Daddy as I do have a datre with my husband after you have fucked me……In the bedroom I tease you super seductively and can see your cock growing in your pants……Daddy I want your cock inside me………..I strip for you and then undress you……your cock is rock hard knowing that you are going to be fucking me now and making me pregnant………I lay on the bed with my legs wide open and guide your cock into m y pussy….Daddy your cock feels so good inside me……..I talk dirty to you telling you to fuck me heard and deep….to fill my pussy up and make me pregnant… love the feel of my tight pussy round your cock……and pump hard and deep into me……..I tell you to fuck me harder…..pound my pussy Daddy….make me pregnant……..What happens next is a super hot taboo sex session with me your D@UGHTER till you fill my tight fertile pussy with your seed Daddy….fuck it was good and I want more….You fuck me better than my husband Daddy….I want to fuck you as often as possible now and even when I am pregnant I will still fuck you….it will be our secret Daddy… pull out and some cum leaks out of my filled pussy, I scoop it up with my fingers and rub it into my neatly trimmed pussy hair….do you like watching me rub your cum into my pussy hair Daddy…..well I must go now as I do have a date with my husband……I am not going to clean up, I pull my panties on over my wet pussy and pussy hair….you know that I will be on my date with your cum inside and all over my pussy and when I get home I will fuck my husband with your cum inside Daddy…….he will think because I am so wet that I am super horny for him….but you and I know it is because of your cum inside me that is making me wet……I will even get him to go down on me and lick my cum filled and covered pussy.

Daddy My Husband is Firing Blanks HD.mp4

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