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Daddys Little Girl 3 Rain DeGrey Alani Pi

Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination
Duration: 00:45:08


Daddys Girl HD

Daddys Girl HD


18 and Fucking Daddy’s Friends 4 (2013)

Title: 18 and Fucking Daddy’s Friends 4
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Studio: Young Fun (Mile High Media)
Genre: Straight, Oral, Teens
Duration: 01:32:03

Cast: Riley Reid, Brooklyn Joleigh, Kenna Kane, Katie Gold, J.J.

Quality: WEBRip/FullHD
Format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1920×1080, 25.000 fps, 6800 Kbps
Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 KHz, 152 Kbps
File Size: 4,49 GB

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18 And Fu.cking Daddy’s Friends 4 (2014).part4.rar
18 And Fu.cking Daddy’s Friends 4 (2014).part5.rar
18 And Fu.cking Daddy’s Friends 4 (2014).part6.rar


Who’s Your Daddy 16 (2014)

Calling all sugar daddies! These young hotties are ready to suck, fuck and ride hardcore, as long as you’ve also got the cold hard cash! Trade bucks for fucks in this next installment of the free enterprise frenzy that gets you balls-deep inside the hottest chicks you’ve ever seen, yelling, “Who’s your daddy~”

Category: 18+ Teens, Gonzo, Older Men
Starring: Mark Wood, John Strong, Tommy Pistol, Anthony Rosano, Riley Reid, Jessie Parker, Janice Griffith, Willow Hayes
Language: English

Who’s Your Daddy 16 (2014).part1.rar
Who’s Your Daddy 16 (2014).part2.rar


Pervert ass fuck! Daddy you strangle me? HD 720p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, German, POV Anal, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Shower, Strangulation, Bathroom, Cumshot

Why I got this perverse desire? to be strangled? Shortly after my holidays I visited my mum and my father. We had not seen each other for so long. When I was in the shower, I suddenly reminds me of the last time I saw him! How bad he had treated and used me! Oh God, I suddenly felt the need to strangle myself and to stroke my little pussy! I could not classify the thoughts and suddenly he was standing in the shower in front of me and began to strangle me! Oh man, as he then plays with his big cock around my little ass, I could barely think straight. What’s wrong with me?

Pervert ass fuck Daddy you strangle me HD


Briella Jaden – Daddy’s Girl HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Dirty Talk, Daddy’s Girl, Older Male / Younger Female, Blonde, Small Tits

Her older boyfriend had enough…He could not relate to her…The sex was amazing but that was the only thing they had…Sex three times a day was not enough for Briella’s boyfriend…There was nothing left that Briella could do and he left…Briella really did not care for her boyfriend, she liked older guys…She thought to herself, who could take the place of my boyfriend??? Daddy Can!!!

Briella came home and found Daddy on the couch…Dad was watching TV not noticing Briella, but she wanted Daddy’s cock…She started on his leg first and then worked her way up his leg…Briella could see his cock growing and Dad was not putting up much resistance and before Daddy could say no, his cock was in her mouth…

Daddy’s Girl HD 1

Briella found her new older man but first she wants Daddy to cum in her mouth…

Briella and Daddy are spending some quality time on the couch…Briella is practically sitting on Daddy’s lap when Mom walks in…Mom is not stupid, she knows something is going on and she is disgusted at that image…

Daddy’s Girl HD 2

Nothing is going on yet, but Mom decides to leave the room..Briella waits for Mom to leave and then reaches over for Daddy’s cock…Daddy is hard and ready to go…Briella lifts her dress up and sits on Daddy’s cock..She rides Daddy but keeps the noise down, she does not want Mom to hear…Just as Briella has a huge orgasm off Daddy’s cock, Mom walks back in…Mom is holding a robe and demands Briella cover up…Cory asks why Briella is sitting on Daddy’s lap and luckily the dress was down and covering Daddy’s cock inside her tight cunt…Mom storms off…She left for her sister and did not say when she will return…

Briella waits for the door to close and finishes off Daddy…He bends her over the couch and continues fucking her tight pussy…Briella begs her Daddy to cum inside her…Daddy grabs her hair and fucks Briella harder and harder…Briella loves it and begs for more…Daddy then unloads inside her, Briella’s tight pussy locks around Daddy’s cock and keeps every ounce of seed inside…

Briella promises more later that night…

Mom could not sleep, she now knows her Husband and Daughter are having an affair…She collects her thoughts and works up the courage to leave…Mom walks out and promises to never return…Briella was waiting just outside for mom to leave…Now that Mom is gone, she can have Daddy all to herself…That was the plan all along…Now she must convince Daddy to give her a baby…

Daddy’s Girl HD 3


Daddys Blackmail Wank HD

Father-Daughter Incest, taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Cock Tease, Dirty Talk, POV (point of view), Masturbation Encouragement, JOI (jerk off instructions)

I know you perv out on younger women, short skirts, pink panties, pig tails, bratty-bossy girls who would NEVER let you touch them. I know you’re ashamed but you can’t help it. That forbidden fruit. You can LOOK at me but don’t touch, I’ll even let you wank and give you a little tease show…but it’s going to cost you: big time.

Daddys Blackmail Wank HD


Kaylee Haze – Daddys Girl Gets Filled

Kaylee was visiting friends and family in L.A. and on a recent trip to the coffee shop she got her dads car towed – a Benz! She told her buddy about the situation and let him know its gonna take $500 to get the car out of impound. A friend of hers told her she would lend her the cash and pick her up but she sold her out and her pal offered her the cash for her car in exchange for busting his nut inside of her tight teen pussy! Since she didnt want to get in trouble with her pops she agreed to get filled up – SCORE! Kaylee was kinda reluctant to get it on with one of her best friends but once she saw his massive cock she opened up wide and rammed it down her throat. She never knew he could slang his rod like that and she was happy to take all of his man meat deep inside her young snatch and was upset it took her so long to get properly fucked. Little Kaylees first creampie was a thick and creamy one and our bet is that it wont be her last!



My Daughter Is Sleepwalking – Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy Fantasies, Older Male / Younger Female, Sleeping / Sleepwalking, Blonde, Cum in pussy

Dear Diary,
The past few months at home have been a bit odd. I started sleepwalking a lot and sometimes I would start dreaming of my Daddy. My fantasies got increasingly more intense until one night when mommie was away. Daddy was watching TV late at night and I pretended to be sleepwalking again. I laid my head on his lap and pretended to sleep for a bit then I made my move. Daddy inhaled deeply when I unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. As it got hard in my hand I could hear him wrestling with himself over what to do and finally he couldn’t resist. I sucked and stroked his cock then straddled him, impaling myself on his throbbing cock. Through slitted eyelids I watched Daddy’s face get more and more relaxed as his daughter rode his cock. I sleep-fucked him for what seemed like hours and tried to keep my orgasms quiet. Apparently I clench quite a bit during orgasm because I made Daddy spurt deep inside me just like I planned. I got off him and left the room still sleepwalking so he was none the wiser.

Xo Renee

Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking HD


Daddys Bound To Cum HD

Im Gonna Have Daddys Baby

Dear Diary,
I decided to take things to the extreme and get as many creampies in me as possible. Daddy was napping so I snuck in and tied him to the bed. He woke up to my mouth on his cock and began to protest so I sat on his face to shut him up while I explained the situation.
Daddy tried to resist my charms but his cock sprangto life so quickly I knew it turned him on. I forcefucked Daddy making him suck my tits and lick my pussy til I came a bunch of times. Once I was satisfied my pussy milked his cock til e shot a huge load in my pussy. I’m going to get pregnant for sure.

Daddys Bound To Cum HD

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