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Wanna take a picture of my pussy, daddy? (with Maddy O’Reilly)

Maddy is in her dad’s office on the phone and she has been asked to take some dirty photos of herself to send to her guy friend. She takes several naughty shots and sends them. A little while later, you confront her with the photos. It seems that she accidentally sent the pictures to you. You should be outraged about this, but since she is of legal age, what can you really do? She asks you to delete the photos, but you refuse. At first, Maddy thinks you are a pervert, but on reconsideration, she decides that she is flattered. She asks you to follow her to the bedroom. She tells you that she will do anything for you if you promise not to tell her mother about what you have seen. Now Maddy confesses that she has been fantasizing about you. Will you take your cock out and show Maddy how hard you can get it for her? She promises to keep this a secret. As you begin stroking your cock, Maddy tells you that she often thinks about you sneaking into her bedroom late at night for some secret fun. Do you want to take more photos of Maddy? She will pose for you! You take out your phone and snap a shot for your use later on. Maddy’s perky titties deserve to be captured, so you take another shot and then go back to jacking off. When she reveals her pussy to you, your knees nearly buckle. Her pussy is tight, wet, and pink. She continues to encourage your stroking, but she briefly takes your cock in her hand and works it herself. She says, “Tell your little girl where you want to cum,” and you focus on her small, perky titties.


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Fuck Me Daddy! HD

Ever since you married my mom I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. I decide since mom’s not home to wait on your bed naked for you to get out of the shower. I present my wet pussy for you and beg you to fuck me. You lick my pussy until I cum in your mouth and then you fuck my tight young pussy. Cum inside me Daddy! I want you to fill my tight young pussy up!

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New stepdaughter let’s Daddy cum in her mouth! Avril Hall HD

My new step-daughter tries to be such a tough young woman but I can see she is still quite the little girl at heart. It is cute though how she thinks outlining her eyes in black eyeliner will make her look like a little blonde bad ass. Her mom let’s her do as she pleases which means she takes a few college courses here and there but mainly stays home and away from the world that she claims just doesn’t understand her. Her mom went out for the night so as I retreated to the bedroom for some much anticipated down time I was contemplating ways to get to know my step-daughter better. Seems like she could use a good father figure in her life. Just as I made myself comfortable, she came bursting in my room all shook up from a scary movie she was watching. I wasn’t sure what to do for her so I lay there and listened as she rambled on about the movie, wishing her mom was here right now and then the curiousness of my cock size. She says she has never seen her mom so happy and that she can hear our sexcapades from her room next to ours. She says since I am making her mom so happy she wants to do something for me to make me happy. She tells me she wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps starting right now with my cock. Before I could protest she asks me lie down so she could examine my dick.

She was so eager to get my cock in her grip and her mouth found its way to my shaft like it was attracted by magnetic force. She immediately licked, slurped and sucked my growing shaft as she exclaimed how beautiful it is. I felt slightly guilty for letting my step-daughter blow me on the bed I share with her mother but it was a fleeting feeling as what she was doing to my dick felt to good to stop her. She took off her clothes for me as she displayed her pussy and ass close enough for me to tickle. She moved her pretty lithe body around me as she jacked me off with a steady rhythm and asked for my cum in her mouth. Her mom never lets my cum touch her mouth so this request sent my mind into overdrive and I quickly gave her my hot load to which she lapped up every drop. As soon as she got me off she let her little girl side manifest and asked me to come cuddle her and watch a movie. I don’t know what I am going to do with this new step-daughter but so far I think I’m going to suggest my wife go out for the night more often and make sure to put a scary movie on for my new little girl

Starring: Avril Hall

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Gingerlovex – Two Redheads Fuck Daddy Virtual Sex POV HD

Daddy! You finally get the chance to fuck your two little redhead girls. We’ve been waiting for this moment forever. You can fuck us both but you better make it equal because we both want to be your favorite, Daddy. ; ) This is a POV virtual sex video! There is nudity in this video too. Starring Fiery_Redhead and Gingerlovex you can find us both on twitter and chaturbate!

Two ginger girls (Gingerlovex and Fiery Redhead) have virtual POV sex and lots of daddy talk while one of them holds the other ones ass and talks about what’s happening. Also has some nudity.

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Fill Me Up Daddy HD

Mmm Daddy, do you like my outfit? I wore it just for you. :)I see your bulge in your pants. My pussy’s already sooo wet for you! I want to feel your hard cock inside my tight wet little pussy. Yeah, fuck me hard Daddy!!! I want you to fill my little pussy up Daddy. Cum inside me Daddy!! Mmmm, I love watching your cum drip out of my little pussy Daddy!

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First Time With Daddy HD

Daddy comes into the dining room and points out how Mom’s working late and we’re all alone in the house. Daddy must be pretty lonely. Then he tell me he wants me to give him a blow job. I think that might be taking it a little far. That’s way different than Daddy making his little girl cum! Daddy seems pretty insistent and I just want to be a good little girl for Daddy. I start sucking my Daddy’s big hard cock and I can tell I’m doing good by how hard his cock is getting. Then Daddy explodes in my mouth! I was so surprised Daddy came in my mouth, I ended up drooling his cum onto my Tits!

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You’re Going to Have to Satisfy Mommy while Daddy Is Away!

Little did I know my own husband would slip a Spanish fly right into the cocktail he mixed for me. I knew I was getting turned on, hot for it, and oh-so hungry for cock EVEN more than I usually do. And then… THEN… he had the audacity to take a business call and had to LEAVE that minute! There I was… alone, horny as hell, and without a man to satisfy my ever-urgent needs! Then… well, then our little boy came in. And I was so terribly horny. And he was there… and I really needed cock. And he loves his mommy so much… and I needed someone to take my husband’s place so badly…
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Kiki Vidis – Turned on by my daddy HD

Your daughter Kiki really needs some good advice, but she looks to you instead of her mother. She is having boy problems and you are doing your very best to listen, but you are distracted by how cute she is. She does not put out and this is causing problems with her latest boyfriend. Again you are distracted by her sexy Australian accent. You perk up when you hear her ask you to take some pictures of her. You run out of the room to grab your camera and you start shooting some cute shots of her. Kiki thinks that she should do a wardrobe change into something sexier so that she can more easily gain the attention of the boy she wants back. She scurries back into the room in a very tight dress and you begin to shoot her again. As she bends over, you catch a look of her little ass. She feels emboldened and she pulls up her dress to reveal her panties. Things are getting interesting and you feel your groin tingling. Do you think that her small boobs could be the reason that she cannot keep a boy? Her ass is fantastic and she photographs well. Kiki points out that she sees the bulge in your pants. You are mildly embarrassed, but Kiki puts you at ease. She removes her bra and you continue taking photos. Before you know what is happening, she reaches over and begins to suck your dick. After a bit, she asks you to jack off for her. You see that she is getting turned on by just watching you work your meat. Now free of her panties, you see her pink pussy lips with a little bush above. Kiki is a cock tease like no other. She spreads her pussy lips as she continues to encourage your stroke session until you blow a big load for your daughter Kiki.

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Daddy’s Inside My Ass (2016)

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Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, Anal, Older Men, Family Roleplay
Studio: Zero Tolerance
Starring: Mark Wood, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London, Tommy Gunn, Layla Price, Alexa Nova, Harley Jade, Lyra Law
Duration: 01:57:56

My daddy and I are super close and always love spending time together. He takes care of me in every way possible and I always feel safe with him. Lately daddy has been explaining to me it’s okay for us to have intimate relations with each other and that there is nothing taboo about it. I trust daddy so we have beening with each other for some time now and I can’t get enough of his hard cock. He is going to fuck my ass next and I cannot wait!

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Melissa Moore – Daddy’s Girl HD

Melissa has been spending a lot of time alone and is beginning to feel kind of lonely. She’s always had a thing for her dad, and today she came up with a plan to tamper with his morning coffee. When he comes down to drink it, he notices her cleaning the kitchen in skin tight yoga pants. He can’t help but look at her sexy figure. After he drinks his coffee, he decides to watch some TV on the couch- that’s when his “special coffee” starts to have an effect on him. Melissa comes over to curl up next to him and he tries to conceal it, but she knows he has a raging hard on, and she’s going to take advantage of him.

Melissa and her Dad go away for a little while, but to his surprise, the hotel room he got them has only one small twin bed. He calls the front desk and it seems that is the only room available. As he’s trying to fall asleep, Melissa cannot keep herself from laying up next to him and rubbing his body. She asks if he’s having trouble sleeping and if he had any of the coffee she made him. He’s says he had 3 cups and she chuckles, knowing that it’s her “special” concoction. She comes onto him strong, and as he tries to push away, he cannot control his urges. She knows she can and will have him in every way she wants him.

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