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REAL Mexican Brother and Sister


Mikayla Mendez – Deceived (2008)

Director: Michael Raven
Starring: Mikayla Mendez, Barrett Blade, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, Kaylani Lei, Kristina Rose, Randy Spears, Sascha, Scarlett Fay.
Anxious to raise money to save her sick father, Maya (Mikayla Mendez) a young Mexican woman, goes online in search of a wealthy husband. She quickly finds John (Randy Spears) and their brief courtship leads to marriage. Things quickly become complicated when Maya learns her husband isn’t as wealthy as she thought. Desperation takes over and she secretly becomes a high priced escort in order to pay for her father’s care. But something strange happens along the way; she’s compromised her values and fallen in love… with her husband.


Lexxy – Smoking Hot Latina Mom Has An Encounter With Some Florida Black Snak

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Mexican Father Rapes His Little Daughters! (From VIP)


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Brother and sister from a Mexican film!

There are no explicit scenes in this movie, and the scene in the clip is sweet and innocent. There’s only a brief kiss.

Plot description: Three young girls whose existences seem to go to nowhere: One of them has suicidal tendecies, the second one experiments an incestuous attraction to her brother, and the third one longs to be sexually abused, just like she reads in her favorite photonovels.



Quemar las naves (2007) In Spanish with English subtitles.

Mexican family drama with incestuous siblings. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Description: Siblings Helena (Irene Azuela) and Sebastian (Angel Onesimo Nevarez) develop the hots for each other while caring for their dying, cancer-ridden mom, former pop singer Eugenia (Claudette Maille). Add in the family’s snooping maid Chaya (Aida Lopez); the awkward homoerotic impulses Sebastian feels for the new boy at school, Juan (Bernardo Benitez); and the familiar tropes of a sprawling bourgeois manse on the edge of decay and the oppressive atmosphere of Sebastian’s Catholic-run school, and the film would seem awash in cliches and narrative minefields.

Instead, Franco and screenwriter Maria Renee Prudencio find a groove early on that keeps the film hopping with the unexpected, hinging everything on the volatile emotions of a pair of teens on the precipice of major life changes. A fascinating tension results from how 19-year-old Helena, the eldest, must stay at home, while Sebastian, who’s still in school, is free to roam and possibly connect with a companion — even a potentially dangerous character like Juan. Helena stews in the old house (rendered as a perfect place for eavesdropping by Lizette Ponce’s ingenious production design) while he plays, and hidden jealousies between the pair explode in the pic’s second half, after mom dies and the fate of the house is unsure.

At this point, “Burn the Bridges” taps into a new energy source, ushering in a fresh set of problems involving rich kid Ismael (Ramon Valdes) — who also has repressed desires for Sebastian — and young Aurora (Jessica Segura) — who rents a room in the house. Though it never pushes its tone toward overt black comedy, pic carries strong reverberations from the earliest and latest films of Marco Bellocchio — the wild nature of family units, the powerful position held by the youngest male and the urge for freedom in a heavy Catholic atmosphere, all captured with vibrant and brawny cinematic technique. Franco elicits amazing perfs from his generally young cast, with Azuela and Nevarez vividly capturing teen dizziness, creative impulses and sexual indecisiveness. Benitez, Valdes and Segura keep the film operating on a giddy and highly engaging level.



Mexican Daddies and young married daughter!


THE KING (2005)

Description: Elvis, a young Mexican-American on leave from the Navy seeks out his birth father, a fundamentalist preacher. When he refuses to have anything to do with him, Elvis enbarks on seducing his 16-year-old daughter, his step sister.


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