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Lyra Louvel – Beautiful Girl Punished by BBC

Lyra is a sweet girl who happens to live across the street from famous actor, Rob. Her friends are big fans, and when they come up with a plan to break into his house while he is away on business to steal some celebrity memorabilia, they are shocked when he comes home unexpectedly. With the threat of the cops at her doorstep, Lyra decides there is only one thing that will save their skin. As she slips out of her shirt to show him her hot young body, he thinks there may just be another way to put this right – and Lyra will make sure that his every sexual wish is granted. Is she ready to take what’s on the cards?

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Daddy Catches Daughter With Boyfriend And Punishes Her HD

Daddy Catches Daughter With Boyfriend And Punishes Her HD.mp4


Holly – Sisters Punishment HD

Sister Holly catches you WANKING in her panties and decides to punish you with a kinky show!

Sisters Punishment HD.mp4


Punish Me Daddy (2016)

Every Girl Needs A Little Discipline.

Annellese Snow. Dear Diary The other day I was home alone and started snooping in Daddy’s dresser. I found one of mommies sex toys and I I couldn’t help but feel a little naughty. My stepdad Russel walked in and caught me before it got to far but then he started punishing me. The more he spanked me the more turned on I got until I just lost controll seduced my stepdad right there in mommies bed. He was a bit resistant but soon we were making love all over the room. I can’t wait for dad to punish me again. X0 Annellese
Amelia Dire: After my folks divorced I lived with mom but she couldn’t handle me. I flirted with her boyfriend and so soon she sent me to dad’s. Over the first few weeks I stayed out later and later really pushing his but-tons. I had the perfect plan going as always cause I caught Daddy sneaking peeks at me. I knew he would be waiting up one night to punish me and I sure enough he was. Daddy started spanking me hard and I made my move and teased his cock Daddy hadn’t been laid in so long it was easy to seduce him. He fucked me pretty good and even came inside me.
Hope Harper: Things have been great with Daddy for awhile but lately he hasn’t been rough enough with me. I think I have the perfect plan to spice things up though. Tonight I’m going to stay out late and pretend to come home tipsy. Maybe that will get Daddy to punish me. Sure enough it worked like a charm. I came in looking pretty rough and he was waiting. Daddy spanked me and punished me on the couch then carried me to my room to have his way with me. What a great night especially when daddy spanked me as he came inside me.

Category: Teens, Domination, Family Roleplay, Fetish, Older Men, Spanking
Starring: Amelia Dire, Hope Harper, Annelise Snow, JW Ties

Punish Me Daddy 1.mp4

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Jess West – Sister’s Punishment HD

Your sister Jess is out in the garden, and isn’t impressed when you come out to disturb her gardening, especially when she catches you WANKING over her PERFECT ASS! It’s her bending over the flower bed that really turns you on as you can see right up her little dress at her mouth-watering arse cheeks and little thong…Jess says that if mum catches you, you’ll be in so much trouble but you don’t care, all you want to do is JIZZ all over your sister’s butt! Realising she’s not going to get rid of you, Jess starts to tease you, calling you a dirty pervert for RUBBING YOUR PRICK over your sister. She tells you to carry on wanking and instructs how she wants you to fap…she pulls down her panties and shows you her TIGHT TWAT, shaved but for a narrow landing-strip…she jiggles her naked butt and FLASHES HER FANNY until you shoot your sticky seed all over mum’s flowers!

4k Ass Brunette Dirty Talk Garden Jerk Off Instruction Masturbation Instruction Sister Tanned Thong Upskirt

Sister’s Punishment HD.mp4


Daughter’s Punishment HD

Daughter’s Punishment HD.mp4


Punished By Mother HD

Punished By Mother HD.mp4


Jerk Addicts Punishment

Jerk Addicts Punishment


Duration: 00:15:54
File size: 466 Mb
Format: mp4

CATEGORY: Female Domination

Chronic masturbators need to be disciplined. They need to learn self control. Heavy bondage in a leather sack…CBT & a rough hand job…stern verbals…cruel, strict, powerful FemDom.


Aspen Ora – Babysitter Punished and Sodomized

Aspen has found herself broke since her parents have cut off her allowance so she has found some babysitting to give her a little extra cash. She finds it so boring, so each time her boss leaves, she calls her boyfriend to come over and they have hot sex on his couch. One day, he comes back early and catches them. She tells him how hot he looks when he is angry and offers to get down and dirty right there to say sorry. He can’t resist her hot little body and gets busy on her sweet little pussy before getting her gagging on his hard cock. He starts pumping her pussy first, as she plays with her clit until she cums. Then her tells her what he really wants, and that is to fuck her ass. He takes it slow, pushing gently into her tight butthole inch by inch. Pushing it upwards until it makes her pussyhole bulge. He fucks her from every angle, pleasing her ass in a way she has never felt before! When she rides him in reverse she toys her clit again which makes her orgasm once more and gets her ass gaping wide. Lastly he fucks her from behind, and pulls out his throbbing cock to shoot his load all over her face.

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Aria Alexander’s BaRS show continues with handcuffed rough sex and punishing drooling deepthroat!

Dec 14, 2015

We have been stuffing this cum slut full of dick at a furious pace, and by now most would tap out from the cock overload. Not Aria Alexander. This pale pretty fashion model simply can not get enough. No matter how hard we dish it out, she keeps asking us for more. Good thing for her that we are the generous sort.

The handcuffs that Aria is in allows us to adapt and shift her bondage. We flip her over, fling her back down upon the fuck table and then cuff her down and get to work. The fuck table keeps her perfectly positioned for the dick and we quickly sandwich her. The look on her face as we attempt to shake hands in the middle is delightful and only encourages us to go harder.

We show no mercy, we do not let up, we do not let Aria get on top of the dick. Can she last the whole show? Or will she tap out? We do not plan on making it easy for her. Aria cums and drools and cums some more. The bondage and cock are relentless. We are having fun and are not quite done let. Let’s push this one just a little further, shall we?

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: Aria Alexander | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Runtime: 8 mins
Size: 453 mb
Video: MP4 AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Dec 14, 2015.mp4

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