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Claire Heart – Be My Daddy? HD 1080p

Daddy Fantasies, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Blowjob, Cumshot

Claire Heart has “daddy issues”. You know what I mean. Claire needs some authority in her life. Someone to look up to. A protector. She loves calling her man “daddy”, even though there’s no blood relation whatsoever. And right now Claire is desperately seeking a new man in her life. A new guardian. Someone who will reward her when she’s good…and punish her when she’s bad. Here’s the fun part — don’t be surprised if, out of nowhere, Claire starts behaving badly…cause the only thing better than a reward for Claire is her punishment.

Be My Daddy HD


Incesti Italiani 1 – In Nome Del Padre (2002)

Director: Andy Casanova
Starring: Stefania Ponte, Soriana Canali, Luisa Savignon.
Scene 1 – In Nome Del Padre (In the name of the father)
Brother is angry because sister is so messy around the house since their mother passed away. Father tells her to clean up around he house, even though she was planning to go dancing. Brother tells her it is her responsibility to do everything in the house, including taking care of his sexual needs. She is worried their father will catch them, and he assures not to worry. When father sees them, he decides to help teach her daughter to be a slut just like their mother was.
Scene 2 – La moglie di mio fratello (My brother’s wife)
A man finds it strange that his brother’s wife is paying him a visit alone. She explains that although everything is fine between her and her husband, she wants to have sex with him because her husband hadn’t had sex with her in six months. He says he can’t because he respects his brother but eventually gives in to her.
Scene 3 – Grazie nonno (Thanks Grampa)
Grandpa gets a letter from her daughter asking him to let her own daughter, his granddaughter, stay with him. Grandpa barely even knows his granddaughter, and tells his butler Gustavo that if it wasn’t for the fact that she was family, she wouldn’t allow her to stay. Gustavo convinces his master that her Granddaughter isn’t so bad, and that they should get to know each other better. After getting angry at her because he found she was smoking earlier, he decides to punish her by forcing her to have sex with him and his butler.
Incesti Italiani 1 – In Nome Del Padre (2002).avi


Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Blonde, Enslavement, Male Domination / MaleDom, POV (point of view), Blowjob, Cumshot, Glasses, Bathroom, Oral, Dirty Talk

She met her husband during highschool.
He dropped out, and became a self-taught programmer.
However, not having a college degree in the field deterred him from ever finding a stable, well paying job.
When she couldn’t take the low end life style anymore , she left and divorced him; leaving with him, her new born son.
Years later, her husband finally hit big and sold ownership of his app development company to a larger conglomerate for millions.
Soon after Mom reconciled with her husband and came back to live with the family; nevertheless not remarried.
However, the son had always held a grudge and distaste against his mother, who he considered to be a gold digging whore.
Just before the reconciliation, the husband found out he had stage 4 thyroid cancer.
He kept this a secret to everyone, and passed away within a year.

Scene 1:
It’s been weeks after dad’s , and the son has been begrudgingly living with his whore of a Mom.
The attorneys have been going mental during those weeks, due to the lack of an official will.
The son receives a phone call:
“due to the circumstances of the dissolved marriage and all the drafts pertaining to a will only naming
you as the sole beneficiary, we’d like to inform you that you will inherit everything.”
This will effectively gives the son the rights to everything in the household and the family bank account,
essentially leaving the Mom penniless.
The son tells the attorneys to hold on, and calls in his mum.
He tells the attorney to “Tell her what you told me” and passes the phone to his Mom.
She picks up and hears the outcome, and is dumbfounded by her current situation.
The son takes back the phone, thanks the attorneys and asks them to send over the paper work asap.
He turns to his Mom and tells her, “Now, here is how it’s going to be. You do whatever I tell you to do, and I won’t kick
your ass out. I’ll also be generous and let you have reasonable access to the expense account”
Mom asks “What are you going to ask me to do?”
Son says “I’ll show you”
He grasps her close and starts groping her all over.
Mom meekly resists and says things like they are and such an act is wrong.
Son ignores her comments and tells her “I’m going to treat you like how dad should have treated you, like the whore you are”
He fondles her tits, her ass, forcing her to kiss him etc.
Then he makes her kneel down, and takes off his pants.
He then starts to face fuck her aggressively.
During a deep throat, Mom chokes, comes off the cock and pleads “please son, this is wrong”
In between sucks the son asks/dirty talks to mum asking her questions along the lines of
“what are you?” where the mum replies and acknowledges “I’m your cum dumpster”
The BJ continues until he finishes in her mouth.
She goes to spit out his cum, but the son grabs her and tell her, “You won’t waste a drop of my cum”
She nods and swallows his cum.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 1

Bring My Lunch
Son is at work sitting in his office.
He picks up the phone and calls home.
He tells his Mom to bring his usb flash drive with work files, as well as his lunch.
She arrives to his work place soon after with his flash drive and lunch.
He tells her to close the door to the office.
He orders her to strip and suck his cock
She pleads with him saying that someone might see or hear them.
He ignores her and continues to the forced blowjob “That’s enough out of you”…
He asks “who’s your daddy”,
Mom: “you’re my daddy”
Son: “you like your own son being your daddy, right?!”
Mom: “Yes, I love sucking off my Son and punishing me as my daddy”
Various dirty talk such as “who owns this pussy”, “what are you”, etc.
in which the Mom replies “it’s your pussy daddy”, “I’m your cum dumpster mother”, etc.
When the son can’t hold it any longer, he tells her “Remember what I told you?”
She replies “I won’t waste a single drop of your cum”
To this the son replies, “You better not, because I’m going to cum inside your mouth”
Mom looks worried, but he son demands that she beg for him to cum deep inside her mouth, which she says as told.
He cums inside her mouth, and she cleans off his cock.
After, his son takes out a Credit card and hands it over to his mum.
“Here, I told you, you’ll have reasonable access to the expense account. Here’s my end of the deal.
Now clean yourself up and get out of the office”
The Mom leaves with mixed feelings of what just happened.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 2

Various scenes within the house hold where mum is acting as son’s sex slave.
1) Mom is in kitchen washing dishes, Son walks behind, grabs her tits and forces her to suck him off.
2) Mom is Sunning by the pool, Son walks up and slaps Mom with his cock. Mom suck Son off till he cums in her mouth.
3) Mum is finishing up taking a piss, son walks into the wash room and sticks his cock in her mouth for a forced bj.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 3

Mom is now fully involved with her Son. The Stockholm Syndrome has taken over and mom wanted to spice up the blowjobs and do something new…Today will be Son’s first ever footjob and Mom has been practicing all night for over a week…
Mom invites Son to sit on the couch…He is wearing only boxers and Mom can see a bulge begin to form…She reaches over with her foot and begins to stroke…Son instantly becomes erect and Mom wastes no time at all…She pulls down his boxers, wraps her feet around his cock and begins to stroke…Mom strokes his feet from the front and on her knees…Son is loving and already thinking of raising her allowance for this week…
Mom can see the Son is about to explode in her feet…She curls her toes around the shaft and milks every last drop from his cock…Son is so happy with the experience and Mom promises more to come in the future weeks…

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 4


Emma Haize (Lover’s Carousel Dirty Cheating Slut Emma Haize get’s Caught)

Emma Haize has been one sneaky slut; cheating on her beloved boyfriend Xander and hoping to get caught! Confiding in Princess Donna, Emma lets her know how much she is tired of vanilla sex and is thirsty for punishment, more cocks, and a real good rough time. Be careful what you wish for, the Princess can make any naughty fantasy come true! Watch as this torrid affair unfolds with a brutal punishment of Miss Emma Haize…this slut gets busted making out with her boy toy at the park, and Xander takes her on a ride on the lover’s carousel that she will never forget. Face fucking, bondage, double penetration, brutal anal, rough sex and a good little cum dumpster.



[MIDD-597] Give Her Gentle Healing Momono Nagomi 優しい彼女が癒してあげる 桃野なごみ Nagomi Momono


[MIAD-358] Tokyo Telecommunications. Anal Cum Eating Contest In Your Mouth And Cave Dreams Playoff Champion Hokkaido King Gluttony!! 東京テレコミュニケーション。口や洞窟夢プレーオフチャンピオン北海道キング大食いでアナル口内射精コンテスト!


[MBD-086] Mr. Juri Wife Wanted Sell Itself 氏樹里妻は身売り募集


[MBD-067] Yuri’s Wife Wanted Sell Itself ユーリの妻は身売り募集


[MAN-023] Game Prize Or Punishment Immediately H ゲーム賞や処罰すぐH


[JUC-107] Arisawa Real Female Writer Inn Hot Water イン湯の有沢リアルガーゼ女性ライター


[JUC-066] Arisawa’s Real Mother Gauze 有沢の本当の母親ガーゼ



[ASW-076] Ran The Sperm Hungrily Tongue Woman 23 精子貪るように舌の女性23を走った


[SHK-185] Minami Asaoka the hammer to humiliation marriage fraud woman punishment’s Episode 2 – 凌辱仕置人 第2話~結婚詐欺女に鉄槌を~ 朝丘南


[ONSD-789] 4 Hours High-quality Sperm Charged 高画質 精子ちょうだい 4時間


[KISD-080] Gangbang-out Kira ★ Kira BLACK GAL SPECIAL Lori GAL4 Black Sisters kira★kira BLACK GAL SPECIAL ロリ黒GAL4姉妹中出し壮絶大乱交 ~突然僕にスケベな妹が出来ちゃった~ 湊莉久 鈴村みゆう ほのかまゆ 菊地亜矢


[HUNT-821] Cute Sisters Of Six Who Always Worried Me Of “historical = Age, Must Have Her” Without Mote Too! あまりにもモテなくて「彼女いない歴=年齢」の僕をいつも心配してくれる6人の可愛い妹たち!そんな僕にも奇跡的に彼女ができた!妹たちも喜ぶと思いきやなにやら険悪な雰囲気に…。2


[AMBI-029] Selling Business Greedy Girl In Uniform @ Video Letter Of 01 制服少女@ビデオレター01 性に貪欲なウリ営業 あみる



Step-Dad is My Toilet Paper HD

Category: Step-Father / Step-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Ass Licking, Rimming, Daddy’s Girl, Female Domination / FemDom, Humiliation, Male Submission, Wife’s Daughter, Mother’s Husband, Punishment, Brunette, Long Hair, Face Sitting

Sasha Mizaree doesn’t ask a lot from her step-dad. Just full access to his wallet, credit cards and total obedience in serving her. She told him to get some toilet paper when he was out getting the groceries and the stupid fool forgot. Now Sasha is using the toilet and she doesn’t have any toilet paper to clean her soiled ass. She comes into the room and gives step-dad a piece of her mind. She orders him on his back and proceeds to sit on his face. Since he forgot to buy toilet paper, he can now BECOME her toilet paper. She sits on his face in various positions to make sure he cleans her ass properly. Every nook and crevice must be cleaned perfectly or he will find himself strung up for some hardcore punishment.

Step-Dad is My Toilet Paper HD


My Friend’s Hot Mom – Destiny Dixon

Destiny Dixon catches her son’s friend in her bed, completely naked and jacking off to her bra and panties. She can’t believe that he doesn’t have better things to jerk off to, like porn. She decides to teach him a lesson, by fucking his brains out! They say no good deed goes unpunished, but in this case it’s more like no naughty deed goes unrewarded.



Legs & Shoes HD

CATEGORY: Masturbation Instruction
Custom: I’m your boss & I’ve figured out you have a fetish for shoes & legs. You’re always staring at my legs & shoes…& I noticed that the shoes I keep in my office have been moved. I assume you’ve been perrving them. I punish you by making you jerk off in front of me while I show off my shoe collection. I keep counting down making you think I’ll let you cum & then stopping & starting over…telling you that if you cum without permission you’ll be fired. I eventually let you cum but only if you cum on my legs & shoes & lick them clean…


Jennifer Dark – Spied On By Horny Son HD

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Panties / Underwear Sniffing, Panty Fetish, Voyeurism, Peeping, Spying, Caught in the act, Family Fantasies, Older Woman / Younger Man, Brunette

Crazy hot MILF Jennifer Dark is one of those perfect, long-legged hotties that just gets better with age. After leaving her bedroom to take care of some errands, her horny son, Jackson Ford sneaks inside and digs her panties out of her drawer and deeply sniffs them. Suddenly, his special taboo moment is ruined when he hears his mom coming down the hall! With no time to waste, he hides behind a closet and jerks off to his own mom! Who couldn’t resist this piece of super fine MILF ass? Watch him get caught and punished with hot cougar sex!

Spied On By Horny Son HD

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