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Aaliyah’s Messy Banana Punishment FULL HQ

Aaliah has been a brat, and got a few suppositories placed inside of her, and diapered. She was supposed to mess herself, but she was able to hold them in. Kyle come in to check in on Aaliyah to find she has held it in and she is clean. Kyle has a idea, and takes Aaliyah into the bedroom for her next punishment. Kyle comes back with some frozen bananas, and he plans on shoving them in her ass hole so she has to mess herself. Once he inserts the bananas, he quickly diapers her back up, and sends her on her way. Aaliyah figures she can hold it, and decides to make a sandwich, but its only a matter of time that the banana wants out. She trys to hold it but it is coming out, she squats to the floor to let the banana out, and the entire time Aaliyah is not liking her new squishy bananas in her diapers. Once she has gotten them all out, she goes to find Kyle to get changed. Kyle askes is she has learned her lesson, and puts her over his knee and mashes the bananas in even more. Instead of a change, Aaliyah is forced to get dressed to go out, she is horrified at going out with a messy diaper, but Kyle insists, and she is forced to go out in her diaper.

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Ballbusting Punishment From MILF Mother HD

MILF catches her boy masturbating with her panties again & punishment is harsh. Lots of different kinds of ball abuse, kicking, kneeing, slapping, pulling, a cock board…but this vid is perhaps even more cruel in the tease & denial aspect. He is clearly aroused by his own MILF & she exploits that weakness, making him admit he wants to fuck her, even letting him think it might happen before denying him and dishing out more punishment… (Custom vid, no name mentioned)

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Family Punishment – Apolonia Lapiedra – Translated HD

41:11 min

The black sheep of her family, the wayward daughter, a young girl who’s been doing whatever she pleases the whole year. Skipping class and fucking everyone around her. She loves sucking cock and she shows it defying her mother by playing playing with a lollipop with her tongue in front of her while she reprimands her for her low grades. She will end up getting a fair punishment she was actually looking for. But said punishment is gonna be a lot strict and family-related than she expected.

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Punish Me Daddy 2 (2016)

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Starring: Zoey Carter, JW Ties, Zelda Morrison, Mickey Tyler
Some girls love to be punished!
Zelda Morrison: Last week I snuck out to go to a party. When I got home I fell into bed and daddy sprang out from under the covers mad as hell. He started to spank me when he saw I wasn’t wearing panties he got a bit flustered. I’m not sure if it was the party favors or what but Daddy spanking my ass really turned me on. In my haze state I grabbed his cock and soon had it in my mouth. I fucked Daddy like a crazy nympho, then he threw me on the bed and fucked me from behind. Daddy’s cock was so much bigger than my boyfriend’s – it really filled me up until he exploded all over my ass.
Mickey Tyler: After a late night of partying, I thought I was in the clear, until daddy walked in my room! Fuck! I was busted! Grounded for life with my luck. Daddy started spanking me but all it did was get me hot. Soon Daddy was behind me fucking my brains out. When I came so hard on his cock I flopped over. Apparently I’m not the only person who came though! Daddy said he came inside me! Even though I thought it was super hot he shot his warm load on me. I’m not on the pill.
Zoey Carter: I was going to grab one of daddy’s beers and slip off to my bedroom before anyone got up. No sooner did I open the fridge and daddy was standing right behind me. Daddy started lecturing me around and I made the mistake of back talking to him. Daddy spun me around and started spanking my ass. He bent me over the sink, pulled up my dress and started spanking my ass even harder. OMG, it felt so good! In my state of mind I started getting turned on. After a few minutes I couldn’t take anymore, I had to have a hard cock. I hope he punishes me even more!


Aspen Ora – Anal Punishment

Size: 1077404448 bytes (1.00 GiB), duration: 00:35:40, avg.bitrate: 4028 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 852×480, 59.94 fps(r) (und)



Super Gurl vs Lady Deadpool vs The Punisher HD

Scene One: Lady Deadpool vs. Super Gurl

Lady Deadpool wakes up tied to a table and completely helpless. “Ah fuck it’s super cunt. Just fucking untie me” She says as Super Gurl walks into the room and mounts on top of her. “Couldn’t they have sent someone else to save me?”

No reason SuperGurl can’t have a little fun with the tied up hottie. She pulls out Deadpool’s big breasts and plays with them as Deadpool taunts her. SuperGurl sits on her face and smother her with her big titties enjoying Deadpools situation.

“Just one kiss” Deadpool asks after Super Gurl is done with her fun. A toxin sprays into SuperGurl’s mouth and she puts her head to the sky and screams. She feels weak and asks why Deadpool would do this to her.

Deadpool slides Kryptonite panties on SuperGurl’s powerless body and plays with her, licking her helpless pussy and grinding against her body, enjoying her revenge. She makes SuperGurl call Punisher to come save her and be Deadpool’s unsuspecting next victim.

Scene Two: Do You Have an Off Switch

Punisher walks in looking for SuperGurl. “Cue the music” Deadpool says and they begin to fight. He takes control of her and punishes her for jumping him like a bitch. Holding her tight while he touches her pussy and fucks her from behind. Deadpool taunts him and cracks jokes as he tosses her around the room and fucks her up. “How about just a kiss” Deadpool says and sprays him with the toxin.

He lays on the floor in pain but she’s not done with him. She jerks his cock hard and slides it into her while he moans in pain on the floor. “Get off me!” He yells in agony. “Fucking pussy” She says punishing him.

Scene Three:Punisher Serving Lady Deadpool

He’s tied to a chair unable to stop her from doing what she wants to him. She jerks his cock in her strong hands, making him get hard against his will. She then slides it inside her and fucks him while taunting him and telling jokes. One more kiss and he becomes her willing slave.

“Make sure you fuck my pussy right” Deadpool says spreading her legs and letting him lick her hot slit. “Supergurl who?” He asks fucking her like an obedient fuck boy. “Oh yeah!” She screams cumming and forcing him to shoot his hot load all over her pussy.

But there’s one more surprise for Punisher.

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Cory Chase in Punishing Mother HD

Scene One: Thief

Do not drink The bottle says in the fridge. But it’s hot and there’s nothing else Cory wants to drink so she gives it a try. It’s delicious. Drinking more, she feels the heat of the day coming back to her, making her sleepy. She looks at the drink one last time before passing out.

Why am I tied to my chair!… wait what are you doing! What is that! Cory screams her son slowly sliding a cold hard metal butt plug into her tight ass. Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens in shock from her son’s violation of her body. Why is he doing this! She thinks. He unzips in front of her. She tries to keep her lips closed but he pushes his hard cock into her mouth and makes her gag on it.

He spins the chair around and continues to punish her, fucking her ass. Not even her husband fucks her ass and now her son is using her. Baby please, how could you do this? She says to him moaning from his cock. He spins her back around to suck on his dirty cock before fucking her ass again.

After using her body, he shoots his big load all over her pleading face. Is this all because I drank your juice? She asks. He makes her drink more of the knock out juice mixed with the cum on her lips and she again, shame all over her face.

Scene Two: Breeding mom

Cory wakes up tied up on her bed. She opens her eyes to her son’s cock in her face. What are you doing? She manages to get out before the dick goes in. Her large breasts heave up and down, the cock drilling into her throat.

His cock soaking wet and hard slides into Cory’s pussy. Helpless and powerless Cory can only moan at the best fuck she’s ever gotten. Please haven’t you already cum today She says trying not to enjoy her son’s dick. He slaps her ass and fucks her pussy raw before giving her a huge cream pie. Please untie me, I can’t have your baby, you’re my son! She screams before he funnels more juice into her mouth knocking her out until her son wants her again.

***Authentic Creampie***

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Bad Daughters Trade Punishment For Sex FULL VERSION!

So DAUGHTERS MUCH Sex Very Trouble WOW! OH, MY FUCKING CHRIST ON A POGO, my slutty daughters are on the prowl again! I told them they could live with me instead of the dorm but I HAVE RULES, GODDAMN IT!!! I ground the younger daughter and send her straight to her room, but I take my oldest and make her choose like I always do. She obviously chooses my cock over losing her car for a month. I love watching her play with her pussy and stroke my cock! She sucks it just like her mom, and I have to fuck her from behind! WHAT? Her little sister sees us!!! She wants in on the action???? OKAY, No one is going to get punished tonight! I need to fuck my daughters and cum hard on my youngest’s ass!!!! I LOVE MY SLUTTY DAUGHTERS!!!
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Punish Teens – Martini Bows

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Punish Teens – Evie Olson

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PT Evie Olson September 12 2016.mp4

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