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Naughty Schoolgirl Caught and Punished by Daddy HD

Ugh! Alright fine, so you caught me! It’s none of your business where I’ve been all night! I’ve been OUT! What do you mean, out where? It’s none of your business! Get your own life! I was just having fun! So what if you didn’t get any sleep, how is that my problem? Ugh! I don’t care! I don’t care that you have no life and decided to wait up till 6 am for me! It’s not my fault! You’re just a loser, get your own life! Ugh! Blah blah blah blah, that’s all I hear when you talk! Seriously! Now I’m like, really tired now, since I’ve had so much fun all night, so could you just shush? Just leave me alone! Ugh! Yeah, so what if I was fucking a bunch of guys? So what? You think you can control me? You’re just some lame old loser daddy! Yeah, I did like fucking all those guys, are you jealous? You’re so lame! You can’t punish me, what do you mean by punish me! What are you gonna do, ground me? What are you doing!? What the hell!? What are you doing!? *SPANK!* Ow! What the fuck dad! Spanking your daughter!? *SPANK!* What the fuck! Ow! *SPANK* SPANK* SPANK* Why are you pulling down my panties!? What, are you gonna fuck me just like all those guys did? Go ahead Daddy, fuck your naughty daughter, I know how much you’ve missed this pussy! In this virtual sex video I play your young naughty daughter who just likes to stay out late fucking random guys, so I need a lesson from my Daddy! After some hard spanking, you pull down my panties and fuck me hard, harder than all those silly boys, then you flip me over and fuck me so you can see my young tits bouncing with each thrust!*

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Nikita Bellucci (Foreign Exchange Slave: French Student Suffers in Sexual Punishment!)

[BDSM, Anal, Submission, Domination, Hardcore]

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Duration: 01:05:21
Format: 1280×720 / wmv
Size: 783 MB

28831_Nikita Bellucci_720.wmv


Gamer Daughter Gets Punished By Dad FULL

Ugh my dad can be so fucking lame! Why does he care if I spend all my free time playing video games, its not like its hurting him. So yeah, of course I call him out on it. Now, he’s calling mom?! He’s a worse tattle tale than my brother. Wait, what the fuck? He’s throwing me over his knee and spanking my sweet little ass. I’m in the middle of a game but I can’t help but feel turned on. I don’t wanna fail my team mates but the way he’s touching …mmmmm…how can a girl concentrate. Now he’s gonna stick his dick inside my tight little pussy?! I wanna be mad but it still feels so good. Looks like I’ve lost this one.
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Pixiee Little – Punished Sister HD

You’ve heard a rumour around College that your Sister has been caught with a vibrator in class! You’ve gone to the detention room after College to see for yourself what Pixiee has to say about the situation… She soon admits the rumours are true and she tells you that she’s lied to Mum & Dad about why she’s been getting home late. You tell Pixiee you want to see exactly what she was doing with the vibrator in order for you to keep her classroom antics a secret! She’s a bit reluctant to show you at first… But, soon agrees to giving you a private show… You’ve got to promise you’ll keep her sex toy games a secret! You know how much trouble she’ll be in if anyone at home finds out!

4K Age (30-39) Bra Bra (Grey) Cardigan Cardigan (Red) Classroom Cleavage Dildo Hair (Brunette) Heels Heels (Black) Insertion Jerk Off Instruction Lipstick (Pink) Masturbation Masturbation Encouragement Mini Skirt Nipples (Erect) Nude Open Leg Outfit (College Uniform) Piercings Pussy (Shaved) Shirt Shirt (White) Sister Socks Socks (Knee High) Tattoos Thong Thong (Black) Thong (White) Tie Tits (Natural) Tits (Small)

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Uptight Babe Submits to Punishment and Squirts Everywhere

Title: Nov 15, 2016 – Ramon Nomar, Karlee Grey, Penny Pax

Type: MP4
Duration: 01:07:28
Resolution: 1280×720
File Size: 2472 MB

Karlee Grey is a gorgeous, uptight perfectionist that arrives on The Upper Floor to restore some rare artifacts, but instead finds herself restoring a sense of sexual release, hot squirting sex, and punishing bondage. Penny Pax returns as our mischievous head slave slut, craftily positioning her perfect ass to be beat and fucked and seducing the new meat. Penny Pax tries something new with a shibari torment suspension tie that take her breath away and leave her writhing in the air in pain and pleasure. This update is a hot afternoon romp including tight bondage, suspension, clamps, electro play, spanking, hardcore anal, and tons of hot squirting sex.




Cory Chase in Summer Time with Mother or Cory Chase In Punishing Mother HD

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Incest, MILF, Mom, Son, Taboo, Anal, Bondage, Double Penetration, Creampie
Duration: 1:23:57
English language
Starring: Cory Chase

Hot blonde MILF Cory Chase gets double penetrated and takes creampies, and loves every minute of it!

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Cory Chase in MILF DP HD

“Don’t cum too quick” Mom whispers, sucking her sons cock. They invited the younger brother over to give Cory the ride of her life and she keeps her oldest son happy while they wait, thinking about getting double stuffed like a porn star whore.

Mom sucks on the new cock while begging and moaning to be fucked. She has two hard cocks to play with and lets them do whatever they want to her tight body. Fucking her mouth, fucking her pussy and drilling her tight little ass. She is the perfect slut in every way. Two dicks fuck her at the same time, DPing her until she’s a cumming moaning mess. “What good boys” She whispers .They take turns fucking her tight ass and cumming deep inside of her humiliating hole. Cum oozes out of her and she’s in heaven after being fucked silly. A must watch for Cory fans, it shows off all her skills.

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Cory Chase in Punishing Mother HD

Scene One: Thief

Do not drink The bottle says in the fridge. But it’s hot and there’s nothing else Cory wants to drink so she gives it a try. It’s delicious. Drinking more, she feels the heat of the day coming back to her, making her sleepy. She looks at the drink one last time before passing out.

Why am I tied to my chair!… wait what are you doing! What is that! Cory screams her son slowly sliding a cold hard metal butt plug into her tight ass. Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens in shock from her son’s violation of her body. Why is he doing this! She thinks. He unzips in front of her. She tries to keep her lips closed but he pushes his hard cock into her mouth and makes her gag on it.

He spins the chair around and continues to punish her, fucking her ass. Not even her husband fucks her ass and now her son is using her. Baby please, how could you do this? She says to him moaning from his cock. He spins her back around to suck on his dirty cock before fucking her ass again.

After using her body, he shoots his big load all over her pleading face. Is this all because I drank your juice? She asks. He makes her drink more of the knock out juice mixed with the cum on her lips and she again, shame all over her face.

Scene Two: Breeding mom

Cory wakes up tied up on her bed. She opens her eyes to her son’s cock in her face. What are you doing? She manages to get out before the dick goes in. Her large breasts heave up and down, the cock drilling into her throat.

His cock soaking wet and hard slides into Cory’s pussy. Helpless and powerless Cory can only moan at the best fuck she’s ever gotten. Please haven’t you already cum today She says trying not to enjoy her son’s dick. He slaps her ass and fucks her pussy raw before giving her a huge cream pie. Please untie me, I can’t have your baby, you’re my son! She screams before he funnels more juice into her mouth knocking her out until her son wants her again.

***Authentic Creampie***

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Cory Chase in Your First Escort HD

Scene One: All weekend

I’m very happy you and I get to finally meet. We’ve been talking for so long on the phone that it’s nice you can drive all this way to see me. Do you like what you see? I wore something that I thought you would like. I talk about my latest movie, did you get a chance to watch it? Getting gang banged by 10 men. It turns me on just thinking about it. Having so many cocks filling me and cumming on me, one after another after another. Cumming on my face and feeling the warm cum glazing my face. Tasting and swallowing all the cum.

I want you to give me all your cum. We can have the entire weekend together, just you and me. Just sit on the bed and let me give you a strip tease. I want you to fuck me all weekend and cum where ever you want on me. I unzip you and release your cock while I strip. I’m going to give you the whole porn star experience. Pressing my big breasts against your face, letting you lick my perfect sensitive pussy. That feels so good.

Can I suck you now? I want to suck that big hard cock. I lay you down on the bed and worship your cock. We have all weekend, so I slowly and lovingly tease you. We’re going to do it all, all weekend long. I’m going to milk these balls dry. Can you handle me?

Scene Two: Rinse and repeat

Stick that hard cock inside of me. I’m so wet and horny from sucking you and stripping for you. I want to be the best escort for you. Oh fuck that feels so good, I want you to fuck me good and hard. I love having your cock inside of me. Your dream come true, fucking me and making me moan.

Now just relax and let me ride you. That’s it, lay down and let me get on top of you. I will do all the work, you just enjoy the feeling of my pussy sliding up and down you. Do you like watching my beautiful tight body fucking you? I moan and grind away on you.

Do you want to fuck my beautiful ass? I spread my legs for you and let you plow my ass. Fuck that feels amazing, so deep in my ass. I rub my pussy and cum while you fuck me. Oh god I want to taste that cum so bad, I want to taste that cum from your cock. Pour your cum all over my face and open mouth. That’s it I know you’ll do it for me. A huge creamy cum shot shooting all over me. Look at all that cum, it feels so good on my face. You taste so good baby. I’m going to be your little cum dumpster this weekend and milk you dry. Let’s go downstairs and have a drink before doing it all over again.

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Punish Teens Siterip!

A lot of daughter, and sister abuse videos!

Content Description :

Punish teens content involves hardcore porn with teen girls getting fucked rough, often with bondage involved in their ass and pussy. The scenes involve 1on1, threesome, DPs, lesbian and gangbang. The girls get humilated and treated like the little fuck toys they are- involving slapping, choking, spitting, gaping, squirting, hair-pulling, forced cum licking, panty-gagging, feet-kissing and all such epic nastiness!

Site Description :

Official Home of PunishTeens! Welcome to the most Extreme, Hardcore, even borderline abusive site on the internet. These barely 18 year old girls will experience their first huge monster cock in ways they never imagined.There is no time and place to play romance with them and instead we use them and abuse them the harsh way. All these exclusive scenes feature teens punished, abused, face-fucked, analized till their fresh pussies are fully used. Best source of Extreme Teen PORN!

1. Nikki Kay- Abusing The Time Waster

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When it comes to wasting time, Nikki Kay is the queen. Too bad that is Brunos number one pet peeve. He will now be forced to demoralize and force fuck her until she feels the remorse. This scene is a must watch. The details wont be spoiled, but you are in for a shit load of spitting, demoralization, face fucking, slapping, fish hooking, and demon fucking. And dont forget the do not spill the water while I ravage your pussy challenge. Bruno knows how set off the finale with an intense combo of the pull out straight to jizz facial. Great work you sick bastard!

2. Layla- Do Your Worst

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Layla has been a good girl, reading and studying all day long. SHE CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Luckily, her boyfriend Bruno gets home and is there to rescue her! He asks her what she needs and she replies with the best answer you could ever hear. I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME HARD. She wants her hair pulled and face slapped like the dirty little whore she is. I guess when you nerd out all day, thats the only thing that can set you back to normal. Bruno being the stand up guy he is obliges of course. He begins by choking her and voraciously rubbing her pussy with his entire hand. Her shrieks and screams let us know he was off to a good start. From there, hard cock slaps to the face while simultaneously shoving it down her throat with no remorse was the next step. It seems to be getting rougher and rougher with every minute. Finally, as Bruno owns that pussy with his fat dick, he makes sure to spit in Laylas mouth, squeeze her tits, and pull her jaw for that extra added pleasure. Layla receives one hell of fat nut on her face, the nut was so powerful that some of it bounced off her face onto the couch. You know that sick motherfucker Bruno made her lick it all up. You definitely need to see this video ASAP.

3. Trisha and Chloe- All Tied Up

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Trisha finds yards on yards of rope in her moms pantie drawer. She shows it to Chloe, who is also very intrigued by it. She suggests that maybe Trishas parents are into kink, and she might be right. After gazing at the rope for a few minutes, they both decide that maybe this is something they should try, but they have no idea how its done. They look up online how to do it properly, and when Chloe gives Trisha the first wrap around, she starts getting excited right away. Turns out Chloe isnt the best at BDSM knots, so they decide to call Richie who they know is super good at that kind of stuff. As soon as he gets there, they immediately lure him to the bedroom to explain the deal. Richies a little bit perplexed. He gets the tying up part, but what else? The girls basically leave it up to him, and thats the worst possible idea they have had all day. Turns out Richie was a closet sick sadistic fuck who took overbearing control right away as soon as it was given to him. He lifts Chloe by the hair and sternly tells them both to take their fucking clothes off. Trisha tries talking back, but he firmly grabs her by the mouth, lays down the rules, and demeans the girls every chance he can. He throat fucks the shit out of Trisha while Chloe is forced to watch. She tries to get up, but its of no use. Richie proceeds to brutally cock slap both of these sluts so they can get a dose of what true kink is all about. He then gets them both on the bed, just in time to start brutally slapping, fish hooking, and fucking them both in quite a raucous manner. After that ordeal AND a demoralizing shared load to the face, its safe to say these little adventurers might stick to vanilla next time they go to the ice cream shop.

4. Stacy Leann- Getting Straightened Out

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Stacey is one super rebellious teen. Her mom could no longer deal with her, so she got sent to her evangelical uncle Ike to straighten her out. He puts her right to work with arduous household chores, and Stacey is less than thrilled. Uncle Ike believes idle hands are the devils playground, so keeping Stacey busy will be the key to her transformation. One day after church, she just cant take it anymore. She flips out on her uncle and strips down right there in the foyer, while simultaneously telling Ike off. After shes done cursing him out, uncle Ikey shows Stacey how women like her should really be treated. He immediately takes his belt off and fastens it around her neck, making her feel like the hussy she truly is. He pulls her into the living room and proceeds to fuck the shit out of her naughty teen cunt. She doesnt think it will change her, but Ike being the christian man he is will not give up faith. The long intense pounding ensues, ending with a generous load of jizz all over her disrespectful lips. Uncle Ike says no more talking back, and if she lets that cum sit on her lips for long enough that might be her only option for the rest of her life!

5. Molly Manson- The Stock Exchange Of Cum

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Molly has been hired to clean her masters play area. Wipe down the stocks, dust the floggers, and polish the anal plugs. Shes not usually one to follow directions, unless the directions pertain solely to submissive sex. She starts playing around in one of the red leather stocks and gets stuck. What a dumb ass. She cries for help and her master is quick to come in, but is super upset. She was hired to clean, not play around, Its time to teach little Molly a serious lesson. Master starts by smacking her ass til its nice and read. Then he makes his way to the other side of the stock and rapidly forces his cock into Mollys tight clenching throat. He eventually lets her free only to hate slap her tits and bend her over a stanchion and fuck her harder than any man ever did. Now not only will she have to clean all that semen off her face, but also the entire room all over again. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BREAKING THE RULES!

6. Kylie Quinn- No Longer Needed

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Bruno returns home after a long day out, hoping to see his lover. He is shocked when he enters the living room to find a random girl he doesnt know shackled on her knees right there in front of him. He looks around and finds a note stating that his girl had to leave town on business, but provided him with little Kylie to use as he pleases. She also gave him the free pass to do WHATEVER HE WANTS to her. Bruno doesnt even think twice before he starts to ravage this poor girl. He immediately starts to fondle, whip, and fuck her in an outlandishly abrasive manner. As soon as he adorns her with his voracious load, he immediately relieves her of her duties and rudely tells her to get the fuck out. Hey, when your day job is being a sex slave i guess you cant expect a goodie basket as a severance package

7. Jojo Kiss- Being Serviced Brashly

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Jojo is the definition of a bad-ass. Stays out all night AND takes her dads car without permission? This girl is insane. As she comes home stumbling in, she totally gets caught and he is not too happy one bit. All Jojo can do about it is laugh and not give a fuck. This is grounds for some severe penalty and discipline. He bends her over his knees and spanks that ass till it looks redder than an apple. Its not enough, so he pushes her up against the truck and starts battering her tits until they are just about to bleed. This dad truly gave Jojo the going over. He continued to abuse her face, fish hook her mouth fiercely, and ruin her make-up with his moist cock. Fresh strands of cum dripping off the edge of her face kind of look good on her, she might want to consider wearing it all year round.

8. Kacey Quinn- Laundry Day

Storyline: Hide

Laundry day is usually pretty uneventful. For Kacey Quinn it turned out to be one of the wildest days she has probably ever had. Just as she takes a break for some water, she notices a masked intruder upon closing the fridge. He immediately grabs her by the neck and demands to know where the jewelry is. She has no idea, but values her life and says she will DO ANYTHING if he doesnt hurt her. She also slowly goes to reach for his cock. This burglar is having a lucky fucking day. He choke holds her upstairs then throws her on the bed, where he proceeds to tie her up. Once defenseless, he ravages her like a true savage and punish fucks every aspect of her entire body. The force swallow of his cum at the end was superb.

9. Alina West- Full Body Destruction

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Alina west is one of those girls thats down for whatever. When daddy says get on the pole to dance at the club, she does it. She even takes it further to dance right on down to his lap for some friction. Then she takes it to the next level and lures him into the other room. With the wide array of toys and pleasure enhancers, Alina decides she needs to be punished. Daddy has no problem giving her a brutal face fucking, torturing her tits, and whipping her up and down her entire body. After her slutty little face gets cummed on, you can see she cant fucking wait for the next time around. Such a great sport, and an even better punish fuck.

10. Ziggy Star- Fucked Straight

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Ziggy has some behavioral problems and her man thought it was time to see a counselor. He heard about Mr. Chibbles and his specialized line of work and thought that this would be just what she needed. Dick Chibbles is not your normal counselor and as soon as Ziggy tried to ask a question she found out for herself – being forcefully thrown into his homemade dungeon and having the rules explained to her. Ziggy was handcuffed, spanked, and disciplined to her breaking point and just when she thought she had enough she had a dick forcefully shoved down her throat. Later she was ball gagged and Mr. Chibbles absolutely destroyed her pussy from behind – holding her head down with his foot while he thrashed away at her insides! He even forced her to take it in her ass! Afterwards, she sucked him off and took his load all over her messy face!

11. Goldie Rush- Punishing Dreams

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Goldie and her boyfriend Bruno were getting it on one day but Goldie was not feeling it at all. Literally and figuratively. At one point she even took a phone call, said she wasnt busy, asked her man to hurry up and finish, and then fell asleep! Oh hell no this bitch didnt! Bruno kept it moving though – because fuck it right? In her dream however, Goldie pictured her man tying her up around her legs and smacking her hard across her face with his meat while forcibly shoving it down her throat and making her gag. She was ball gagged and flogged while riding his cock in reverse cowgirl. She was twisted and contorted into a number of unnatural positions – all the while getting rammed like a champ! Is this what she really wants?! At the end of her dream, and while still gagged, Bruno rained jizzum down on her face and dragged her to the shower by her hair. She woke up only to find Bruno was still pounding away and about to nut – but she got hers regardless.

12. Anya Olsen- Gagging for pleasure

Storyline: Hide

Anya hears a knocking on the front door and who else but Bruno is standing at her door. It’s no surprise he’s here since Anya’s sister is dating him so she lets him in and tells him to have a seat. With an evil smirk, you can tell she has a naughty idea and she comes out in her panties and a small top, bending over right in front of his face in an attempt to entice him. He ends up talking to his gf and she basically blows him off saying she’s tied up. Anya jumps in and lets him vent, while she manipulates the situation to where she wants him to ravage her after hearing about Bruno’s enjoyment of brutal, punishing, violent sex. She begs for it and out of nowhere she gets snatched up, choked and gets her throat slammed by his thick dick. He fucks her on the sofa while smothering her face with his bare hands, with every position, he finds a way to grip her throat where she continuously gasps for air. With her face red from lack of oxygen, he finally cools her off with a lathering of cum to the face.

13. Lilith Shayton- Taking Out His Anger

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Lilith was at Brunos house packing up her sisters things since she was breaking up with him. When he arrived at home he was pissed from what he saw. Lilith was giving him nothing but attitude so what else to do besides take his anger out on this little whore? He grabs her by the hair and shoves her face into the floor, finger fucking her before he drags her sorry ass upstairs for some more rough sex and punishment.

14. Raven and Lyra- Mess With Taken Man, Get Punished

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Lyra found out her man fucked another girl, then found out who she was, where she lived and showed up at her door the next day! Raven, the other girl got pinned up against the wall by Lyra and got told her life was going to be made a living hell unless she obeys Lyra. Lyra then took her shirt off, slapped her tits around and bent her over to spank her! She took Raven to the bedroom where she put on a strap on and fucked Raven just like the slut she is! Lyra face fucked her, smacked her around, and choked her while she was fucking Ravens tight hole! After Lyra wrecked Raven, it was Lyras turn to cum, she made Raven eat her pussy until she orgasmed and the deed was done!

15. Kinsley Eden- Spoiled Brat Gets Disciplined

Storyline: Hide

Kinsley is a bratty, spoiled, rich bitch who loves to tell people what to do. Her father hired three guys do some work around the house and she kept checking up on them, bitching and complaining about how they arent doing it well enough. These guys were fed up with her shit and decided they would leave if one more negative word came out of her slutty little mouth. Well, lets just say she got what she asked for. The guys were furious and about to leave without finishing the job. Kinsley begged them to stay because shed get in deep trouble if her dad found out why they left. She said she would do ANYTHING, and they knew what that meant. They groped her up and down and filled her holes over and over again! These dude took out all their anger on this little whore, treating her like a fuck doll she is! Making her deepthroat their dicks and fucking her rough. They completely wrecked her and left her face drenched in cum!

16. Sally Squirt- Abandoned & Helpless Teen Gets Wrecked

Storyline: Hide

Poor little Sally Squirt. She got kicked out of her house for being a bad little slut and she was stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. Luckily for her, a guy in a white van pulls up and she begs him for a ride home. He seemed like a nice guy, offering her a ride, but he wanted something else in return. He talks her into taking off her clothes and playing with herself before surprising her with some rope to tie her wrists together and force her to suck his dick! He throws Sally in the back of the van to gag her and destroy her tight little twat some more! After a while she submits to him and rides his cock like a good little slut before getting a load to her brace face.

17. Lily Rader- Dear Diary: I Want To Be Fucked, Hard.

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Lily wrote some pretty personal thoughts in her diary – from wanting to have a threeway with a guy she met at the gym, to wanting to be tied up, choked, slapped around and abused! Luckily for Lily, her boyfriend Bruno came across her diary and saw everything she wrote. He called Lily into the room and made her his bitch – stuffing her slutty mouth with her own diary pages and spitting on her! Bruno bent Lily over his lap and cuffed her, spanked her and finger fucked her tight hole! That was followed by some choking and some rough fucking. Her boyfriend became her master and she even had to ask permission to cum! He even made her write a new page in her diary as he destroyed her from behind!

18. Holly Hendrix- Making a Groupie His Bitch

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Holly found out a famous DJ that she is obsessed with lives in the neighborhood. Her plan was to sneak into his house and go through his shit! She successfully got in and found his room and was looking through his drawers. DJ Bruno came home to find her snooping and she confessed that she was a huge fan and basically a groupie. She said she would do anything to have access to all his shows and parties. Bruno grabbed Holly by the hair and forced her to her knees, making her kiss his feet! He threw her on the bed like a ragdoll and slapper her around before finger fucking her tight twat! Holly got skullfucked then ball gagged, followed by his big meat pounding into her pussy! This little groupie slut got annihilated until Bruno dropped his seed on the ball gag and spread it all over her slutty face!

19. Nickey Huntsman- Cheating Slut Gets DPd

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Nickey invited her fuck buddy over while her husband was at work for a quick fuck. She got right down to business, taking out his cock and filling her mouth with it! Shes a little slut and just loves gagging and choking on dick and thats exactly what she did! Nickey got choked and finger fucked before getting filled! They were busy fucking when her husband came in and whipped out his meat to fill Nickey’s ass! This little whore got both of her holes filled and loved every second of it! She was completely used like the slut she is, getting her hair pulled, spanked and controlled until both studs caked her face with their man mayo!

20. Kimberlee Anne- Thieving Teen Earns a Punishment

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Ever wonder what would happen if you catch a person breaking into your home and it turns out she’s a hot little cunt? Even better, what about when she offers to fuck you so you don’t call the cops? You’d probably yank the stupid slut by the hair, drag her inside and shove your dick down her throat, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen! Quickly our home owner starts to ram her throat with his dick while teaching this bitch a lesson. Kimberlee even has to give her first rim job ever too. He binds her arms behind her back with her top and starts to pound his meat deep in her, all while smothering her, gagging her, and slapping her. It all sums up to his climax where he makes her hold a plate hes going to cover in cum and then makes her lick it up like a little pet.

21. Michelle Martinez- The Spiteful Whore

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What happens when you mix a gf, a video camera, and the underwear from your side bitch laying around for anyone to find? A pissed off gf or better said ex-gf with a mean streak. Michelle personally sees to it to get railed by a fat pipe layer by the name of Bruno who is more than just heavy handed. She lets herself get bound and throat fucked, choked and her ass fingered with no lube. she gets gagged with her underwear and gets leashed like a dog. Some hard fucking ensues until she gets a semen surprise. What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

22. Dakota Vixin- Testing Out The New Secretary

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Dakota seems to be in quite an issue. She has a stern boss who wants it his way or no way at all. After she completes her first task assigned to her, she is forced to proofread her work while getting a rough spanking on top of her bosses desk! this weak bitch thinks she has what it takes to continue working under these conditions, but this was just the beginning. Let the pain begin! Tons of nice rough sex ensues and then finally this little bitch gets choked almost to the point of blacking out when her boss blows a load in this little fuck dolls face. I bet you want your own Dakota in your office too!

23. Sydney Cole- Brat Gets Destroyed By Her Roommates

Storyline: Hide

Anthony and Bruno have been getting letters that they were about to get evicted because their roommate Sydney has failed to pay rent for months. They called her up and told her that she had a package waiting for her to get her to come home. When she got there they showed her the paperwork and she started acting stupid. After tossing her around a little and spanking her she agreed that they would have their way with her and that would be good enough payment to make up for all the months she missed. They brought her into the bedroom where they held her down, choked her, slapped her and got her pussy nice and ready for the pounding that was about to go down! Sydney had her mouth and pussy filled at all times, getting fucked like a little slut over and over again. She got her holes used until they came on her face and in her mouth!

24. Brooke Lynn- Slutty Teen Gets Pimped and Used

Storyline: Hide

Brooke’s dad is a businessman and he was desperate for money. He was making a deal with Tony to gain a quarter million dollars and since he really needed the money, he offered his daughter as a buffer to the deal! He dressed Brooke in a short skirt and tiny shirt and told her to be a good girl for Tony. Tony liked what he saw and immediately started touching her, calling her a whore while finger fucking her tight pussy. He took out his rod and commanded her to open her mouth and suck it! Brooke got skull fucked by his massive dick until she was gagging. Then it was time for Tony to destroy her pussy – he pounded into her while grabbing her face, spanking her, pulling her hair and treating her like the little slut she is! He ordered Brooke to get on her knees then sprayed his load all over her chest and mouth!

25. Gina Valentina- The Domination Barn

Storyline: Hide

Gina called up her friend to tell her that she isn’t getting fucked hard enough. She told Gina there was this old barn house where girls would go to get dominated and fucked real good. Fast forward a few hours and Gina is going around looking for this place – she really wants to get roughly fucked! When she finally found it she was browsing through all the contraptions and toys and whips that were laying everywhere – thats when the owner of the barn, Bruno comes in and grabs her throat and forces her to the ground! Gina gets her hands cuffed and whipped until her ass was purple! Then he ties her legs and arms while forcing his huge dick in her mouth! He finger fucks her until she squirts all over and destroys her pussy over and over again until he dropped his load on her face!

26. Alex Mae- Becoming a Slut

Storyline: Hide

Alex’s boyfriend Tyler has been very distant lately, hanging out with his friends and not answering her calls. As soon as he got home from work she jumped on top of him and wanted to fool around with him but he completely brushed her off. Alex had an idea to make him fuck her so she went in the bedroom with a bunch of toys and put on a see-through shirt so he would treat her like a slut. When he came in the room she was bent over waiting to be destroyed like a dirty little whore! Tyler slapped her pussy around, spanked it with a paddle and finger fucked her until she was dripping wet! Then Alex got face fucked before getting ball gagged and fucked rough! Finally Tyler tied her up to the bed and destroyed her tight twat one last time and plastered her pretty face with cum!

27. Blair Summers- Cheating Girlfriend Gets Dominated

Storyline: Hide

Blair’s boyfriend Dan went through her phone and found out she was cheating on him! She sent nudes of her to this guy and they went on multiple dates. Blair begged for forgiveness and said she’ll do anything for him not to leave her. But Dan wasn’t having it – he was determined to show Blair real discipline because of how bad she fucked up. He collared up her neck and chained it to the table while he whipped her! He forced Blair to gag on his thick dick before tying her to the table and whipping her body while fucking her throat! Finally it was time for her real punishment – he gagged her, he clipped her pussy lips and whipped her with all kinds of shit while destroying her pussy! He forced Blair to her knees and she took all of his cum like the dirty whore she is!

28. Nataly Gold- Appointment To Be Punished

Storyline: Hide

Nataly got dropped of at the gynecologist for a checkup because her dad was worried that she might not be a virgin anymore. The doctor told commanded that she take off her clothes so he could examine her better. She laid on the chair and he touched up on her tits to make sure everything was OK. Next was her pussy – he felt all around and even inside of it with his fingers! He discovered something that would make her parents mad – she wasn’t a virgin anymore. That meant he had to punish her. He took out his dick and rammed into her pussy and ass while slapping her face and shoving his fingers in her mouth! Then he fucked her face before pounding into her tight holes one last time! Nataly got forced to her knees and received a mouthful of jizz to end the appointment.

29. Hanna and Vera- Taking Control

Storyline: Hide

Hanna and Vera have been best friends for a long time. They like to mess around with each other sometimes and tonight was one of those nights! Vera’s parents weren’t home so they took advantage of the situation, kissing and touching each other. That’s when Sergio came in and took control of everything. Telling the girls to kiss while he finger fucks them and licks their pussies! He got them to tag team his cock to get it nice and wet for their tight little holes! He stretched Hanna’s ass while Vera licked up and down both of her holes and tasted her friends ass off Sergio’s big dick! He fucked Hanna in both holes and drilled Vera’s tight twat until he gave them both faces full of jizz!

30. Maddy Rose- Her Masters Slut

Storyline: Hide

Maddy was chained up in the basement waiting for her master. He finally arrived and immediately started disciplining her – groping her and spanking her with his hand around her throat! He brought out a bench and spanked her even more and made sure she asked politely to suck his cock. Her master face fucked her before punishing her from behind, forcing her to say how much she loves it! Maddy got all tied up and had to wait for him to get back to fill her teen pussy up one last time before dropping his load all over her face and leaving her there.

31. Isida- Teeny Girlfriend Gets Destroyed

Storyline: Hide

Isida’s boyfriend loves being dominant during sex. When he comes in her room he immediately takes off her shirt and takes out his already throbbing dick. He slaps his cock on her tongue and she fills her mouth with it before riding it and getting spanked continuously! Isida then gets her tight teen asshole stretched by his massive rod while he chokes her – completely showing her who’s in charge! He fucks both of her holes while treating her like a filthy slut, slapping her around and making her taste her own juices! When hes finally had enough, he face fucks her until he explodes all over her mouth and tits!

32. Rachel Madori- Daddy Says No More Blowjobs

Storyline: Hide

Rachael got kicked out of school for a second time for giving blowjobs in the bathroom – her dad is fucking furious and she just walks away from him and goes to her room. He barged into her room and immediately disciplined her! He forced her to her knees like the little slut she is and face fucked her until saliva was dripping everywhere! Her dad throat fucked her, then put a ball gag in her mouth before destroying her from behind! You could tell she was enjoying the punishment she was receiving – moaning and screaming as her dad was stretching out her pussy and treating her like a filthy whore! After getting completely wrecked, Rachael got her face plastered with her dads load!

33. Constance- Taking Dick In Both Holes

Storyline: Hide

Constance was feeling really horny so she invited her boyfriend over to help her out. She started by oiling up and fingering her pussy and ass, getting it ready for what lied ahead – a big fat dildo! As she stuffed her pussy her boyfriend came by and filled her mouth with his large meatsicle while rubbing her pussy simultaneously! Constance got bent over and got both of her holes destroyed over and over again! At one point he was fucking her pussy and using the dildo to fuck her ass! She rode her mans rod and he rubbed her clit until her legs were shaking! Finally he dropped his load in and around her slutty little mouth!

34. Julia De Lucia- Punished The Right Way

Storyline: Hide

Julia was bored and wandered into her dads basement – which he told her never to go in there. What she found was all kinds of devices and toys used for BDSM! Her dad came home early and caught her in the act! He told Julia she was punished and she couldn’t go out and have her phone taken away – that wasn’t the type of punish she was seeking! Julia got on her knees and got skull fucked by her dads thick cock! She’s just a slave for dick – she gets bent over and her tight asshole gets filled by his meat over and over again! Julia tastes her juices off his rod and gets pummeled until her asshole is gaping and her pussy is dripping with cum!

35. Ingrid- Gaping and Squirting

Storyline: Hide

Ingrid is a naughty little teen who loves stuffing her tight asshole. She’s always horny for her boyfriends thick cock. She oils up her holes and fucks her butt with a huge dildo! Her boyfriend comes along and helps her out – stuffing the dildo even further into her ass! Ingrid returns the favor by slurping on his meat, then bending over to have her ass filled again! Her boyfriend pounds into her butthole again and again, stopping in between to finger her pussy and making her squirt all over! After Ingrid has had enough and her hole is gaping, her boyfriend jerked his load into her asshole!

36. Marsha May- Learning To Obey

Storyline: Hide

Marsha was making a sandwich for her man when she realized she fucked up big time – she put mustard on the bread when he doesn’t like mustard – it was also the last pieces of bread they had. Marsha crawled to her master and apologized but it wasn’t enough! He grabbed her by the hair, slapped her and commanded her to kiss his feet! Marsha bent over like a good little whore and took a spanking from his belt before she stuffed her mouth with his gigantic dick, making her tear up! Marsha got dominated by her man – fucked, spanked, choked, spit on and muffled with her own panties! She kept apologizing the whole time she was getting disciplined! Marsha received his load all over her face to finish it off!

37. Faina- Squirting Slut Faina

Storyline: Hide

Faina invited her boyfriend over to hang out, but he went for a different reason – to fuck both of her holes! He immediately got right to it – feeling her up and sucking on her tits! He whips out the hitachi and stuffs her teen pussy with his fingers making her squirt all over! Then he handcuffed her hands and filled her up from behind! Not only did he fuck her pussy, he fucked her asshole too! Faina took his dick in all of her holes like the good whore she is! After Faina squirted multiple times, it was her boyfriends turn – he skull fucked her until he sprayed all over her face and in her mouth!

38. Kylie Nicole- Kylie the Kitten Gets Used

Storyline: Hide

Kylie has been a good little kitten. She always obeys her master and gets rewarded for it. When he gets home she starts licking the cage, wanting a taste of some sausage. He takes out his meat and lets her suck it through the cage before taking her out on the leash and forcing his huge dick down her throat, making her gag on it like the obedient slut she is! He flipped tiny Kylie over and pounded into her pussy while spanking her ass and choking her! He completely uses her for his pleasure – slapping her around and biting her, leaving her bruised and marked so everyone knows she belongs to him! After destroying her tight pussy he rewarded his kitten with his milk in and around her mouth!

39. Keisha Grey- Cops or Cock?

Storyline: Hide

Logan got home from work pissed because he saw her babysitter Keisha looking through his shit and stealing money from him on his surveillance cameras. He handcuffed her to the door and called the cops – she had to find a way to get out of it so she showed him one of her huge tits! Logan asked if she wanted to go to jail or get fucked – she chose the latter. Keisha got bent over, spanked, eaten out and railed before she got forced to her knees to get face fucked and forced to taste her own pussy juices off his huge dick! Once he uncuffed her from the door, he cuffed Keisha’s hands behind her back and continued to dominate her – fucking her tight teen pussy with his thick rod until he busted all over her face! That’ll teach her not to steal again…

40. Adrian Maya- Teen Slut Begging For It

Storyline: Hide

Richie was just out hunting as usual when he noticed something weird – Adrian, a cute little teen tied up to a tree! He took the tape of her mouth and proceeded to tell him that it was hazing from a sorority. He doesn’t believe her at all and since she’s tied up on his property that means she belongs to him! He starts playing with her tits and pussy and before long Adrian is bent over taking his long dick in her tight teeny pussy! Richie covers her mouth and stuff his fingers in her mouth to get her to shut up while he’s drilling into her. Adrian gets slapped around and face fucked and actually starts tearing up! She begs little a dirty little slut not to stop while he destroys her pussy over and over again! When he’s had enough, he shoots his load in and around her mouth!

41. Stephanie- Brother Takes Advantage

Storyline: Hide

Stephanie and her brother always had a thing for each other. This time it got pretty serious when he started rubbing up on her ass and playing with her tiny titties! She took out his cock and licked it up and down before getting on top and fitting it in her tight little hole! Stephanie’s brother drilled his fat cock into her while gripping her face and choking her – she just couldn’t have enough of that dick! Then he got on top of her and ripped into her tight teen pussy even more as she moaned and screamed! After he was all done with his sister, he jerks his meat and finishes in her mouth!

42. Leigh Rose- Dad Disciplines Leigh

Storyline: Hide

Leighs dad notices that she stayed out all night and shes still not home in the morning and hes pissed! He gets permission from her mom to take care of the situation and finally discipline her the right way – getting dominated, spanked and fucked hard! As soon as she sneaks inside he goes in her room and bends her over his knee and spanks her perfect round ass and finger fucks her until she tells him the truth. Leighs dad wanted to see how good of a cock sucking slut she really was, so he made her suck his dick and then he fucked her throat with his huge dick! He destroys her pussy while spanking and choking her just like the whore she is. Then she gets gagged with her own panties while she continued to get pounded into! When he was finally ready to bust, Leigh got on her knees and received a huge load for being such a dirty slut! Let us know what you think about Leigh!

43. Francheska- Filthy Francheska

Storyline: Hide

Francheska is just hanging in her room when she hears knocks on the door – it’s two guys who live in the same dorm. They start messing with her and teasing her and before we know it shes getting face fucked by two large dicks! Next she was getting her ass stuffed with one and her mouth with the other! Francheska just gets completely dominated by these two studs – always getting her holes filled. She’s just a filthy cock whore, moaning and whimpering as the dicks spread and tear her asshole wide open! Then they hold her down and finger fuck her until she squirts all over the bed! Finally after all of her holes have been used to their pleasure, she gets a load of jizz on her ass and a load in her mouth! Tell us what you think about this dirty girl in the comments below.

44. Jesse Parker- Innocent Teen Likes It Mean

Storyline: Hide

Jesse Parker looks like such a sweet, innocent, vanilla girl. It’s hard to believe that she loves getting slapped so hard on her ass it leaves a bruise and she cant sit – but with an ass like hers what else are you gonna do with it? Jesse is a hardcore freak and takes getting throatfucked like a champ! She isnt afraid to get fish-hooked and have a little spit dropped in her mouth either! Jesse was lost in pleasure during each of her orgasms – just listen to her moan with intense delight. She was lost in pleasure when her daddy dropped his load on her red and swollen ass cheeks. Behind those light eyes Jesse is hiding a secret she only reveals to someone special and we were lucky enough to find out what they all were!

45. Lili Dixon- Lili Learns Respect

Storyline: Hide

Lilli gets home at 6 am from being out the following night when her dad is waiting for him. She’s in nothing but a coat with nothing underneath and her dad is pissed! He finds her panties in the coat pocket and goes ballistic; shoving them into her mouth and pushing her up against the wall while fingering her from behind! Then he ties Lilli’s wrists behind her back and bends her over the counter while continuing to teach her a lesson about respect! He pulls out his dick and forces it inside of her tight teen pussy while spanking her ass as punishment! He forces Lili to her knees and makes her gag on his long schlong before untying her and fucking her hard missionary – By now she knows she’s a slut and she’s just taking it a like a good girl! Lili bends over the chairs and spreads her holes for her dad before taking his massive dick once again! Finally she gets on her bruised knees and takes his hot cum all over her pretty face and tits! Lilli should definitely respect her dad after that…

46. Karla- Used and Abused

Storyline: Hide

Karla is just a horny little cock slut. She dressed up in her sluttiest outfit and called over her fuckbuddy to use and abuse all of her holes and thats exactly what he did. First, he took out the pussy pump and pumped her pussy while fingering and filling her asshole up with his meat! Every once in a while he’d take his dick out and shove it down her throat, making her choke and gag on it! He brutally face fucked her again and again, so much that tears and saliva were dripping down her face! When he took the pump off her pussy is it was swollen to hell! Finally he put Karla on his lap with his meatsicle in her already gaping ass and fucked it a little before skull fucking her again and unloading all of his cum into Karla’s dirty mouth! That’s what I call humiliation…

47. Elektra Rose- Consequences To Your Actions

Storyline: Hide

Skipping school comes with a price and Elektra found out what the cost was the only way we know how – THE HARD WAY! Her dad came home from work because he left a very important folder at home and begged his boss to delay their business meeting for as long as possible. Imagine his surprise, and disappointment, when he walked in to find Elektra chilling on the couch watching TV instead of learning. Her dad is new to this family but hes not going to let her walk all over him and it was time to hand out some punishment! Can you believe that Elektra was laughing while he was trying to discipline her? This pissed him off even more and he grabbed her by her hair and forced her down to her knees – where he shoved his solid cock into her mouth and down her throat to make her gag! After a good spanking he penetrated his daughters tight snatch and Elektra could only look back and wonder what kind of punishment this was! After all was said and done, and Elektras mouth and face were drenched with cum, she was commanded to swallow it all and she realized that maybe getting punished by her dad isnt so bad.

48. Catherine- Work Can Wait

Storyline: Hide

Catherine is horny as hell and just wants her boyfriends dick. He’s busy working so he doesn’t really want to give it to her. All that changed as soon as she took off his towel and filled her tiny mouth with his huge schlong! It’s not long until Catherine’s pants are at her knees and shes getting fucked hard like the good little slut she is! He takes little breaks in between slamming her to shove his meat down her throat to watch her gag! Finally he lays her down and she sucks his balls while he jerks off all around her little whore mouth! Work can definitely wait…

49. Cassidy Klein- Little Slut Fucked Hard After Work

Storyline: Hide

Cassidy Klein got home from a long exhausting day working at the restaurant. You know the one – where the girls wear almost nothing? Well, her boyfriend just happened to pass by today and didnt take too keenly to watching his girl flirt and parade herself for the patrons, all for the sake of a few dollars, so he decided to go to her house and let her know exactly how he feels. After banging on the door he stormed in and immediately grabbed Cassidy by her neck and started ripping at her, so-called, slutty clothes. At first, she wasnt sure how to react but as it became clear to her that he wanted to assert his dominance she decided to go with the flow and get fucked HARD! He forcefully pushed his rock hard dick into her mouth and forced her to gag on it as he repeatedly jammed it in! He then threw Cassidy on the couch and demolished her quivering snatch until she came all over his love stick! He grabbed her by her hair and shot his huge load right onto her mouth and face!

50. Cassidy Klein- Girlfriend Gets Anal Punishment

Storyline: Hide

Felix’s girlfriend, Amanda, hasn’t been a good girl recently. He yelled at her and spanked her the night before. So today when he comes in her room, she immediately starts touching herself and stripping for him. She even pulls out the glass dildo that he left for her and slowly slides it in her tight teeny ass! He joins her on the bed and she starts to inhale and deepthroat his meat with the dildo still in her asshole! After he’s had enough of her mouth, he’s ready for her sweet little ass! He rips the dildo out of her butthole and introduced his massive dick to her hole! She constantly is moaning and screaming from pain and pleasure! After fucking her ass in 7 different positions, her asshole is wide and gaping, dripping with juices! He finishes by fucking her mouth and cumming directly into her throat! I’m sure she’ll be good from now on…

51. Jaye Summers- Whips, Chains and Nipple Clamps

Storyline: Hide

Jaye Summers was in an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for her friends house. She knocked on a random door and Bruno answered and offered to let her come inside to use his phone. Little did Jaye know that use of his phone came with strings attached – literal metal strings! Bruno took Jaye out back to his private chamber and chained her up by her feet, hands and nipples! She got spanked hard and you could tell she liked it because her juices were running down her leg! She relented and let Bruno tear her tiny teen pussy to pieces outdoors. After shooting his ball sauce on her swollen butt cheeks he let Jaye use his phone and she was finally able to call her friend. Wonder is she could even speak….

52. Cassidy Klein- The Last Straw

Storyline: Hide

So Cassidy messed up the mustard on my sandwich for the last time! To make sure she never made the same mistake I took it upon myself to discipline her in the best way I know how – by making her apologize to me and suck and fuck my cock on camera while I smack her around and show it to the world! Cassidy is really pretty and I kinda felt bad roughing her up but how else is she gonna learn?! She was cool with it though and she loved getting treated like shit, humiliated and choked with my belt while getting fucked from behind! After I dropped my load and spread it across her face she offered to make me another sandwich. Hope she gets it right this time.

53. Miko Dai- Lets Make A Deal

Storyline: Hide

Its moving day for Miko Dai! The thing is, she doesnt know shes being kicked out by her landlord. She tried to act all tough and asked him where her stuff was at, but her landlord laid down the law and let her know that everything in the house, including Miko, was his! He grabbed Miko by her throat and then tore off her top while he groped and sucked her perky tits! Miko got spanked for being a bad girl and got a couple of fingers shoved into her moist snatch. As if that wasnt enough, Mikos landlord decided to take it to the next level and hogtied her up and completely demolished her trimmed pussy. After shooting his enormous sticky load onto Mikos pretty face they worked out a deal where Miko could live there – as long as this happens every month.

54. Callie Calypso- Learning To Be A Good Girl

Storyline: Hide

Things were getting hot and heavy between Callie and her man Bruno. Things got even more intense when he pulled out the handcuffs he just bought and suggested they have some fun. He shackled up Callies hands, slammed her on the couch and started stripping her. Callie had no idea what was happening – all she knew was she liked it and her pussy was starting to drip. Bruno shoved his fingers deep in her ass and snatch, and made her gag to while she tasted herself as well! After a few well placed smacks and getting throat fucked so hard she puked, Callie then got her pussy annihilated by Brunos meaty cock and there was nothing she could do about it! Callie looked like she was having some sort of seizure from cumming so hard while being tied up and when Bruno finally was ready to blow he made sure to get it all over her face and drop it right in her eye then forced her to smear it all over her face!

55. Cassandra Nix- Getting Fucking Filthy

Storyline: Hide

If you couldnt tell from the beginning of this scene, Cassandra Nix is into some rough, barbaric and filthy sex! From torn up fishnets to ball gags there is nothing this girl wont do in the name of being dirty! Being tied up is nothing to Cassandra and she loves it when shes roughed up and she cant do anything about it! Our boy bent her over the bathtub and started off slow – until he almost tore her a new vagina and held her head under water while fucking her! Our boy noticed how tight and pretty Cassandras butthole was, so he decided to stretch it out by shoving his massive cock deep in her ass! This scene is NUTS! Which is just the way we like it! Dont believe us? Youll change your tune when you see Cassandra being forced to vomit out the jizz that was in her mouth!

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Virgin Daughter Punished and Fucked By Father FULL VERSION

My little bitch daughter has stayed out all night! She is just like her fucking whore mother! She violated her curfew, and I have been sitting up all night drinking and waiting for her to get home. I AM SO PISSED OFF! I just know she has been whoring it up and sucking cock all night with her stupid slutty friends. I am going to spank her like the little girl she is and make her show me what she knows about sucking cock and fingering herself. She is on her period but that isn’t an excuse. She is going to make me feel good, and I am going to make her understand she can’t disobey her father anymore! Daddy is not going to let his little girl get away with that! It’s time to teach her a lessson about respecting her papa. She can’t be naughty unless I SAY SO! I HAVE TO FUCK HER!!! I AM GOING TO POUND HER SWEET PUSSY!!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!!!
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Casey Calvert (Casey Calvet Endures Brutal Bondage and Devastating Punishment

Casey and The Pope have a chemistry that compare to very few, and it shows as she submits to his every desire. The bondage is grueling from the first scene all the way to the very last second of the shoot. She suffers through brutal breath control, a 3 point suspension, her cervix being caned, and no stop torment. her orgasms are just as powerful as the rest of the shoot.

[BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture]




Aaliyah’s Messy Banana Punishment FULL HQ

Aaliah has been a brat, and got a few suppositories placed inside of her, and diapered. She was supposed to mess herself, but she was able to hold them in. Kyle come in to check in on Aaliyah to find she has held it in and she is clean. Kyle has a idea, and takes Aaliyah into the bedroom for her next punishment. Kyle comes back with some frozen bananas, and he plans on shoving them in her ass hole so she has to mess herself. Once he inserts the bananas, he quickly diapers her back up, and sends her on her way. Aaliyah figures she can hold it, and decides to make a sandwich, but its only a matter of time that the banana wants out. She trys to hold it but it is coming out, she squats to the floor to let the banana out, and the entire time Aaliyah is not liking her new squishy bananas in her diapers. Once she has gotten them all out, she goes to find Kyle to get changed. Kyle askes is she has learned her lesson, and puts her over his knee and mashes the bananas in even more. Instead of a change, Aaliyah is forced to get dressed to go out, she is horrified at going out with a messy diaper, but Kyle insists, and she is forced to go out in her diaper.

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