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Punishing The Cheating Sister-In-Law HD 720p

Stella is very upset. By chance, she saw her sister-in-law Tatiana fucking around with another man. Stella loves her brother. She never cared much for Tatiana. She thinks the little Russian slut just married him for the visa. She decides to face Tatiana at her own home; she still has her brother’s house key. Tatiana gets home shortly after Stella let herself into her brother’s house. Tatiana is very surprised to see Stella sitting there. Stella immediately attacks her. You bitch were cheating on my brother! Faced with the pictures, Tatiana does not have much to defend herself. Stella takes off Tatiana’s panties and sticks them in her mouth, then quickly ties her up. She pulls Tatiana up and her dress down. Tatiana’s beautiful breasts are fully exposed. She pushes her back on the couch and takes out the magic wand. Tatiana’s long legs are getting spread wide open. Stella pushes the vibrating wand on Tatiana’s clit and pussy and tells her she is a whore and will cum for her as she did for the guys she fucked. The whole thing gets Stella wet and horny. She takes off her top and her bra to reveal her gorgeous big tits. Seeing Stella’s boobs makes Tatiana even more horny and she explodes in a loud orgasm. But Stella is not done with punishing her sister-in-law. She makes her lick the head of the wand and….

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Newbie Mia Austin bound down, belted in place on fucking machine with punishing deepthroat!

We love us some Mia Austin. She is fresh, eager and truly loves the dick. Every time we have invited her onto the SB stage she has blown us away with her utter commitment to total destruction by dick. She holds nothing back and give herself up utterly to the relentless orgasms and strict bondage. Today is no exception.

Bound on her back with belts that holds her firmly in place and a a fucking machine bolted into place between those wide open thighs, Mia is about to get the ride of her life. We flip on the fucking machine and it is on. The machine never wears out or slows down and Mia is almost immediately blasted into starry eyed sexual subspace as orgasm after orgasm wash over her.

That wide open mouth calls out for the cock and we give her exactly what she craves. One after the other both hard cocks throat train that eager facepussy. Mia is transformed into a drooling undone mess in short order. It is a beautiful look on her. Her makeup is destroyed, her face slick with her own juices, her eyes are glassy and all the while she is still cumming her brains out.

There is not an ounce of hesitation in Mia as she throws her mouth upon the relentless dick. This is someone who knows exactly what she wants. Total destruction. And that is exactly what we give her. Is it any wonder we like this one so much? She is a keeper!

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Mia Austin | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Runtime: 21 mins Size: 1030 mb Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

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Carly Rae – Dad’s Punishment HD

Carly Rae is doing her homework, but her dad doesnt think she is concentrating enough. So he decides to teach her a lesson, by fucking her in the face, and in the pussy and on the couch. The scene ends with a cumshot on the tits/face area.

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Punish Mom Comic

Punish Mom Comic
10 pages Punish Mom Comic.rar


Fit MILF Wenona belted in strict bondage and roughly fucked with BBC, brutal punishing deepthroat!

Wenona has been around the block more than a few times, and has been modeling for years now. It was only recently that she finally decided to try her hand at b?g, after an entire career of avoiding the dick on camera, but she has since more than made up for lost time. She has hit the ground running and is trying to get her hands on all the dick she has missed out on over the years.

Bound down with belts and shackles onto a custom made wooden fuck table, both ends of Wenona’s toned and muscular body are wide open and ready for access. A generous coating of baby oil brings out the shine to Wenona’s flawless ass. That shaved pussy and pouty mouth call out for the cock and we cheerfully oblige. Two hard cocks step up and tag team Wenona’s bound body until her teeth are rattling in her skull.

This is what she came here for today. To be completely destroyed by dick. We are nothing if not givers and dish out the dick until Wenona is a drooling, cross-eyed muttering cummed out bag of fetish model. She is blasted into sexual subspace as orgasm after orgasm rip through her restrained body. There is no escaping the sensation of being completely owned by cock.

We do not let up until Wenona has been dicked down so hard that she can barely lift up her head. Her makeup is destroyed and her face shines with her own juices. That is how you sexually break a bitch. You are very welcome my dear…

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Wenona | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Runtime: 13 mins Size: 651 mb Video: MP4 AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

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Carter Cruise (Punished Teen Gets Sodomized!)

Carter doesn’t want to learn the piano. But her parents are paying and she has to keep them happy. She gets it wrong time and time again and for that she is going to pay – with her tight little ass. She gets a spanking for her bad behaviour, and when he inserts his finger into her tiny pink butthole there is only one way this is going to end. After he makes her gag on his big dick she makes her pussy cum so hard she nearly cries. Having such a big cock in her ass leaves her gasping in ecstasy and waiting patiently for her next piano lesson!



Dad’s Punishment HD Uncensored

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Girl next door Claire Robbins bound and brutally fucked by big dick, punishing deepthroat!

Claire Robbins is as cute and innocent looking as they come. Her girl next door looks make her look like your childhood babysitter. Unlike your babysitter, however, Claire puts out. She puts out hard. She came here today to be destroyed as only SB can.

Bound with belts onto a custom made bondage device that puts her holes at the perfect fucking height, both ends of our pet are wide open and eager. We have a big black ballgag wedged between those cock sucking lips to remind Claire what her mouth is good for, but we quickly remove it and replace it with the real thing.

The dick is introduced to the back of Claire’s throat and the drool starts almost immediately. It is a brutal messy deepthroat without an ounce of mercy, and our babysitter is destroyed in short order. We turn around and pound out the pussy with just as much vigor.

Back and forth we go, deepthroat, bondage, multiple orgasms, vibrator and rough fucking until Claire is reduced to a twitchy sticky mess of porn star. Her makeup and hair is destroyed and her eyes have gone vacant, This is how all babysitters should end up looking, honestly…

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Claire Robbins, Matt Williams, Owen Gray

Runtime: 15 mins Size: 779 mb Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

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Big boobed Bella Rossi roughly fucked in inescapable bondage by BBC, punishing deepthroat!

Busty Bella Rossi has been around the bondage block once or twice before. She is all tits and ass and lush sex appeal with curves that just will not quit. We have had her before and we will no doubt have her again. She brings her A game every single time and we appreciate her for it. Let’s show her our appreciation. With bondage and hard cock.

We take this experienced fuck toy and bind her in a full encasement mummification that perfectly displays her best asset-that ass. She is bound face down ass up with only her butt and face exposed. They are the only parts of her we want today. She is so tightly encased she can not move a muscle. It is fucking time. That head is at the perfect angle for cock and we slide home balls deep.

Bella gags and drools as we warm her up. Facefucking is only the beginning and we add two cock to the mix. it is a relentless tag team of dick. We never let up, we never give her a chance to get on top of it. This is simply a merciless retraining of her holes, no more, no less. She is a bound cock sheath for the taking. And take her we do.

Bella is fucked senseless. Drooling, choked and cummed out in her inescapable bondage, her eyes glassy and distant. It is a very good look on her. We love it. And it is exactly why we keep inviting her back. Always a pleasure my dear.

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Bella Rossi | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Runtime: 13 mins Size: 645 mb Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

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Sexy Sadie Santana belt bound and dicked down with punishing drooling deepthroat, squirting orgasms!

Sadie Santana might be an experienced pro at the porn, but she is a newbie to the bondage and today we are going to introduce her to the pleasures of mixing the both together. Even the most sexually experienced porn pros out there get a wakeup call once you add in strict restraint to the dick. Lucky for her, we get a feeling that what we are offering is just what she is seeking.

Bound in a classic fuck me position upon a custom made bondage table set up at the perfect height for ease of access, Sadie is ready for the action. Her shaved pussy and well trained throat hang off both ends and she resembles a sexual buffet for the taking. We step up to take our first serving of Sadie, sinking home balls deep into her face pussy. Sadie drools upside-down as her eyes glass over.

Once she is properly warmed up we ramp it up. Back and forth we dip, using whichever end we so desire. The drool pours down and we add in a vibrator and finger banging as she unleashes a shrieking squirting orgasm. Sadie strains uselessly against her bondage as the orgasms rip through her bound body, blasting her into sexual subspace. This is what owned pussy looks like. This might be Sadie’s first time in bondage, but judging by the look in her face, it most certainly will not be the last…

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Sadie Santana | Matt Williams

Runtime: 15 mins Size: 773 mb Video: AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

May 1, 2015.mp4

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