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Mother Daughter Affair 2 (2015)

Cast: Tomi Taylor, Steven St. Croix, James Deen, India Summer, Logan Pierce, Sara Luv

Many young women have issues with their mothers, but Chloe Kinross has gone into mom-hating over-drive, blaming only her for dad’s exit from the family. But despite her kindly father’s advice that they just simply drifted apart, both pursuing their own professions in the therapeutic industry, and it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. Chloe won’t have any of it, and wants to wake that vicious canine up. Sara Luvv leads the cast in her most mesmerizing erotic performance to date. Also starring India Summer as the mother, and James Deen as the groom to be. Also featuring Logan Pierce, Steven St. Croix and Tomi Taylor.

File Name : Mother Daughter Affair 2.mp4File Size : 2046.5 MBResolution : 848x480Duration : 02:07:37

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[ABP-394] Cum Lingerie Na 6 Yatabe Kazusuna 絶頂ランジェリーナ 6 谷田部和沙


[AP-259] By Groping The Naive Cute School Girls Taking Not Hamstrung By Hard Piston Molester Crowded Train Enough Float In The Air 宙に浮くほどのハードピストン痴漢 満員電車で身動きの取れないうぶロリ女子校生を痴漢して宙に浮くほどのハードピストンで突きまくれ!!


[AP-260] Deprives The View Of Coming Housekeeper To Skirt Purse Molester カート巾着痴漢 家にやってきた家政婦の視界をスカート巾着痴漢で奪い、逃げ惑うところをバックから何度も何度も突きまくり痙攣するほど犯しまくれ!


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La Comptable n’a Pas De Culotte (2015)

Release Year: 2015Cast: Amel Annoga, Kelly Pix, Alyzee, Max Casanova, Tony CalianoGenres: All Sex, HD – Shot In High Def, Fetish, FeatureVideo language: French

“On a de la chance dans notre entreprise, notre patron engage toujours des jeunes et jolies stagiaires. Pour ce qui est de leurs reelles competences, je n’en sais rien. Mais ce que je remarque chez elles c’est qu’elles ne sont pas frileuses. Toujours vetues de mini jupes, meme en plein hiver. Une fois j’ai remarque que l’une d’elles n’avait pas de culotte. Elle devait etre en retard et n’avait pas eu le temps de la mettre. Enfin je pense. Ce que je trouve etrange c’est qu’elles font toujours tomber quelque chose a terre et me demandent de le ramasser. Elles exagerent, elles vont finir par attraper froid aux fesses, car elles sont plusieurs a ne jamais mettre de culotte !”We’re lucky in our company, the boss always hires pretty interns. We don’t know what they can really do in the workplace but one thing is sure, they know how to become really friendly.

Time: 01:37:34Video: AVC, 960×540, 25.000 fps, 1936 KbpsAudio: AAC LC, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 117 KbpsSize: 1.40 GB



Flexible Nikki Knightly bound in straightjacket and ragdoll fucked without mercy by two cocks!

Oct 28, 2015

Nikki Knightly is a compact little package of fun. Toned, flexible, a trained dancer blessed with a love of the cock, Nikki has come to the right place today. Today we can ensure she gets all of the cock she craves…and then some.

We start off by binding Nikki in a leather straightjacket that binds her tightly but perfectly exposes her tiny tits. Her arms are out of the way but her mouth and shaved pussy are wide open for the use. And use her we do. We stuff her full from both ends.

It is a relentless tag team as Nikki is rag doll fucked all over the bed, drooling and moaning and cumming. It is the SB treatment as only we can dish out. Nikki loves it. At least, we are pretty sure that is what she would say if she was capable of forming words.

We do not stop until Nikki is a limp and gasping lump of well fucked flesh draped over the bed. Her eyes are glassy and distant. Drool covers her face. This is someone who got their cock fix. You are welcome my dear. Anytime.

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore Starring: Nikki Knightly | Matt Williams | Maestro

Runtime: 19 mins Size: 1000 mb Video: MP4 AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Oct 28, 2015.mp4


All natural stunner Abella Danger bound with belts doggy style and roughly taken from both ends!

Oct 16, 2015

We have had Abella Danger before and she was such a delight that we just had to have her back. Her enthusiasm and willingness to destroy herself on the dick is undeniable. we like it when they are this eager. Let’s reward that eagerness, shall we?

This all natural starlet is bound down doggy style with belts, her big bubble butt and shaved pussy perfectly displayed. Both ends are wide open for business and we simply walk right up and fill them to the brim. There is no warm up, just straight rough and brutal fucking. The orgasms flow in short order.

She throws herself on the dick, and is quickly drooling and destroyed. Her makeup flows down as a huge grin dances across her face. This is the look of someone in their happy place. She takes every single inch of the dick and wants more. Who are we to deny her?

We do not stop until she is a twitching and vacant eyed puddle of flesh. Abella is draped over our handy fuck box, held up only by her restraints. This is what it looks like when someone is rode hard and put away wet. It is a very good look indeed.

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Starring: Abella Danger | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Runtime: 19 mins
Size: 988 mb
Video: MP4 AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 fps, 1200 Kbps

Oct 16, 2015.mp4


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[KAWD-182] The First Time, Miyuki Yokoyama Shortcut 初めての、ショートカット 横山美雪


[KAWD-194] Please take Me To Adult. Miyuki Yokoyama 私を大人にして下さい。 横山美雪


[KAWD-202] Miyuki Yokoyama Ferapechino Ultra-tongue 超舌フェラペチーノ 横山美雪


[MXGS-239] Reina Fujii Rookie 新人 藤井レイナ



Selfish Aunt Rachel HD

Auntie-Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies

Entices you with; taboo, older woman/younger man, daydreams, blowjobs, facials, forbidden behavior and fantasy fulfillment.

Rachel was a busty, sexily dressed cougar. One day she got a call a from her uptight sister Julia. The woman’s husband had fallen ill and needed to spend some time in hospital. Since this would keep Julia busy, she wanted to know if Rachel would take her son Max off her hands for a while. Rachel agreed, but she was a little surprised at Julia. Max was a grown man – 22 years old. Surely he was capable of being by himself and did not need anyone to look out for him. Nevertheless, Julia insisted. She was a fretful, possessive woman, and did not want Max to be left alone at such a stressful time. Wary of Rachel’s notorious wild-side, she begged her to behave around the young man and not corrupt his morals. Rachel assured her straight-laced sibling that she would be the model of a responsible aunt. But then Max arrived. Seeing him for the first time in years, she was surprised and impressed. He was a tall, bespectacled youth – somewhat nerdy thanks to a sheltered upbringing. Beneath that veneer, however, she could see he had all the appealing traits of any typical young man. For his own part, Max felt a sense of awe in his aunt’s company. She seemed to exude sexual charisma from every pore. Though he stood politely nodding to what she was saying to him, he could think of nothing but how hot she looked in her tight, low-cut dress. He felt his gaze drawn to her deep cleavage, and could not pull it away. Suddenly, he had a fantasy of seeing her strip out of a robe to reveal herself in lingerie and stockings. The image was powerfully vivid. There she was – his own aunt – giving him a sultry look and a coy smile as she assumed a sexy, sensual pose for his benefit. Never had Max seen such a wonderfully built woman – even in his dreams. He had been with her for less than an hour, and already she was effecting him in ways he had never known before. Rachel guessed as much from the tell-tale look in his eyes. The fact was pleasing to her. Nephew or not, Max was virile and good-looking. All he needed was an understanding, open-minded woman to show him the ways of the world and turn him into a real man. Rachel was perfectly willing to take on that role. Thus, by the end of her first brief talk with Max, she was already thinking up a scheme to seduce and fuck him. Julia’s request that she behave herself was soon forgotten. For the rest of the day, Rachel strove to become more intimate with Max. She found opportunities to talk and flirt with him and bring him out his shell. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy task. Max had been well conditioned by his mother. He did not drink, did not go out much, and did not have a girlfriend. His big ambition was to be an account manager. To Rachel, this was as bad as becoming a monk. Through sheer persistence, however, she managed to get Max to accompany her to a movie. The pair had a lot of fun and returned home in high spirits. Rachel herself was a little tipsy after having a few martinis at a bar. But she had no desire to turn in for the night. Instead, she called Max into the games room to shoot some pool. There she made sure to give him some sexy views of her butt as she bent over the table with her cue. Under the guise of merriness, she occasionally came up and put her arm around him. Max showed outward shyness, but inwardly he was getting deeply turned at the sensation of his aunt’s soft, shapely and warm body pressed against his. Presently, he experienced a variation on his earlier fantasy involving her. Again he saw her in her sexy lingerie and stockings. This time she was stood beside the table, caressing her cue and pressing it into the valley of her big breasts. Her head was tilted back and she seemed to be panting with sexual need. There was a shift in Max’s vision, and he next saw Rachel lying back on the pool table. She opened her long legs, raised them slightly, and extended them to their full length. Clad as they were in silk, they looked especially sleek and lovely. Then Max saw himself stood over her. He touched her breast, ran his hand down her stomach, and slipped it between her legs. Eagerly he began to the massage her pussy mound through the crotch of her panties. Moments after that the fantasy dissolved, and he was back with his fully-clothed aunt. The martinis had finally effected Rachel and made her so tired the she excused herself and went up to bed. However, no sooner had she changed into her nightclothes than she felt wide awake again. More to the point, she felt immensely horny. Max was so near right then – so available. Yet he had proved to be incredibly reserved so far. She did not know whether it was the right time to make her move, but she knew she wasn’t going to put it off any longer. Max was in a sad way. He needed what Rachel had to offer him. He needed to be turned into a confident and independent young man – instead of a 22 year old boy dominated by an uptight mother. Motivated to action, Rachel went into her bathroom and put on her favorite and most seductive lingerie. By a curious coincidence, it was identical to that which Max had seen in his fantasies. Having put on her stockings and shoes in a sexy, ritualistic manner, she stood for a moment, trying out some poses. Then she put on her robe and headed to Max’s room. She was ready to change his world. He was asleep when she got there, but he woke easily at her gentle urging. Rachel then asked him to come to her room because she really needed to have a talk with him. Max agreed, and he was soon sat facing his aunt on her big double-bed. Rachel did not hold back in what she had to say. She questioned Max and got him to admit that he was sexually inhibited. He confessed, too, that it was due to the influence of his overprotective mother. Rachel said it was big shame that such an attractive young man as himself should be denying himself a full, fun life. This gave her all the opening she needed. Drawing close, she told him that things could change – and that she could be the one to make it happen. With that, she opened her robe and showed him her cleavage. The effect on Max was total. One glimpse of his hot aunt in the fantasy lingerie was enough to wipe away years of his mother’s moralizing. From that moment on, despite some nervousness, he followed his aunt into the world of sex and passion and self-realization. First, Rachel gave him a long and loving French kiss. Then she removed her bra, squeezed her naked breasts together before his face, and invited him to suckle on them to his heart’s content. Next she took off her panties, lay back on the bed, and opened her legs so that he could lay between them and feast himself on her hot, wet pussy. Max was a virgin, but he was clearly a natural as well. He soon had Rachel gasping and panting and caressing her breasts as spasms of pleasure rocked her body. With every second he became more and more of a man and a lover. There was no let up in his licking. After he had done it to his aunt while she lay on her back, he went on to give her more of it on her hands and knees – his face buried into her pussy from behind, his tongue instinctively finding her sweet spot and driving her wild. Eventually, the action switched to Rachel stroking and sucking on her nephew’s hard cock. The motions of her hands were expertly tactile, and the fucking of her lips up and down his length was exquisitely graceful and sensual. Following this highly erotic foreplay, aunt and nephew were ready to fuck each other’s brains out. Back on her hands and knees, Rachel invited Max to assert him and dominate her from behind. His hands on her hips, the young man proceeded to pound his cock into his aunt with such vigour that her big breasts shook and her voice rose up in ecstasy. Even after that, he still had the stamina to fuck her while she lay on her side – her long leg draped against her shoulder. As for Rachel, she got every last bit of enjoyment from her nephew that she could. For a final, mutual treat, she stroked the cum out of his cock and into her open, smiling mouth. Nothing tasted better to her than the juice of a horny young man. Afterwards, Rachel hugged Max and gave him some words of advice on how to live his life. Yet, to her own surprise, she found herself telling him not to get involved with any other women for the time being. This was not a moral request. She simply wanted Max to save all his sexual energies for her alone. She deserved this preferential treatment from her nephew after being such a wonderful aunt to him.

Selfish Aunt Rachel HD.mp4


My Busty, Buxom Beauty HD

Entices you with; MILF, Glasses, Fantasizing, Younger Man/Older Woman, Teasing, Seduction, Stockings, Teasing, Ass Worship, Ass Licking and Cum on Ass.

Young Max wanted to go scuba diving in Mexico. He knew that his neighbor Ms. Steele had done the same thing herself, so he went to her seeking tips and advice. The demure, bespectacled brunette was glad to help. She sat down with Max and began to read him passages from her own scuba diving manual. At first Max listened to her intently. But then he became distracted by Rachel herself. He was struck by her sweet fragrance, her lustrous pinned-up hair, her shapely legs, the swell of her large breasts, a tantalizing view of cleavage – her whole refined and graceful manner. As she continued reading to him, he lapsed into a vivid fantasy in which she was the delicious centrepiece. In his mind’s eye, Max saw her sexual allure fully realized. The setting remained Rachel’s couch, but now she wore a tight, low-cut, short-hemmed red dress. Her glasses were gone, and her hair hung loose and free. The biggest change of all was in her personality. She was no longer an innocent-minded woman reading about scuba diving. Now she was a bold, lustful vixen whose only thought was to seduce Max. Grinning mischievously, she raised a long, toned, stocking-clad leg in the air. She stroked it sensually – all the way up to the top where the nylon gave out to the skin of her bare thighs. Then she draped it over Max’s lap, brushed and rubbed it across his crotch and over the hardening bulge of his cock. At the same time, she spoke in a virtual purr of horniness. She let him now that he did not have to go all the way to Mexico for a fun time. He could stay with her for two-weeks and have the time of his life. She would show him more than a country; she would show him a whole world of pleasure. With that, she pulled his face into her breasts, giving him a mouthful of her sweet, warm cleavage. Meanwhile, the real Rachel had no idea of what Max was having her do in his imagination. Noticing he was slightly distracted, she paused her reading and asked his opinions on some of the things she had said. Max could not give any, but he made the excuse that it was due to Rachel giving him so much food for thought. As soon as she resumed reading, Max started to fantasize about her again. By now he had her stripped down to her lingerie. After she had treated him to further leg-teases and a series of provocative poses, he shared a passionate kiss with her. Then Rachel got on to her hands and knees, dropped her shoulders, and invited him to eat her out from behind. Max took willingly to his task. Having kissed all over her butt cheeks, he pulled her panties aside and plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. For a long time he hungrily tasted of her depths, lapped her clit, licked the entire length of her crotch. Rachel eyes closed and she panted and gasped and moaned in delight. Presently, Max had her take off her bra to unveil her lovely big breasts to him. He was thrilled to fondle them and suckle on their erect nipples while Rachel’s hand closed around his cock, stroking and tugging it to ultimate hardness. Moments later, she was lying on her back, legs wide apart, moaning loudly as Max fucked hard and deep into her needy pussy. His hips smacked between her thighs with the vigor of his young, passionate thrusts. Rachel’s body bounced off the couch’s cushions. Her sounds of pleasure filled the room. In his fantasy, Max was The Man. His cocksmanship fired Rachel with ever greater desire and wantonness. When he went on to dominate her doggy-style, she hit the peak of sexual delight. Max’s hard pounding cock struck right to her deepest, sweetest spot. The power of his fucking caused her hair to sway and her breasts to tremble. She emitted one ecstatic sound after another. For Max, there only one way to seal his wonderful vision. He pulled his cock out of Rachel and suddenly unleashed a stream of hot creamy cum all over her butt. His last image was of her settling down on the couch and giving him a grateful and tender kiss for satisfying her so well. Back in reality, there was no such wild antics from Rachel. She remained as demure and well-behaved as ever as she finished up her reading. Afterwards, upon asking Max for his thoughts on some of the things the book had covered, she was surprised at his dazed responses. She saw that she would have to go over it all again with him some time. Max was secretly pleased at this news. He could not wait for another chance to watch his sexy neighbor and be inspired to another fantastic fantasy involving her.

Buxom Beauty HD.mp4


Keisha Grey

You’re about to witness a porno match up of epic proportions. In one corner, Keisha Grey, hailing from Florida and one of the biggest names working Porn Valley today. In the opposite corner, the legendary Mandingo. Does the man with arguably the biggest dick in the history of porn really need an introduction? Keisha’s here for one reason, and that’s to test the boundaries of her butt hole. Will it allow Dingo’s massive black cock entry? And just how far can Keisha’s brown hole stretch open? It was straight to the A for Dingo, and we weren’t sure if Keisha could hold her own. With every thrust, Keisha opened up wider and wider, in between positions tasting her puckered asshole off Dingo’s 12 inch dong. As with any classic match up, this one goes the distance with Keisha’s incredible anal skills making Mandingo erupt in the final round, his mighty load splashing Keisha’s tongue and face. She swallowed it all, and whatever ended up on her face she scraped off and ate. After it was all said and done, I’d call this one a draw. And demand a rematch!

Size: 334597094 bytes (319.10 MiB), duration: 00:28:23, avg.bitrate: 1572 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 768×432, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)


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