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My Busty, Buxom Beauty HD

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Young Max wanted to go scuba diving in Mexico. He knew that his neighbor Ms. Steele had done the same thing herself, so he went to her seeking tips and advice. The demure, bespectacled brunette was glad to help. She sat down with Max and began to read him passages from her own scuba diving manual. At first Max listened to her intently. But then he became distracted by Rachel herself. He was struck by her sweet fragrance, her lustrous pinned-up hair, her shapely legs, the swell of her large breasts, a tantalizing view of cleavage – her whole refined and graceful manner. As she continued reading to him, he lapsed into a vivid fantasy in which she was the delicious centrepiece. In his mind’s eye, Max saw her sexual allure fully realized. The setting remained Rachel’s couch, but now she wore a tight, low-cut, short-hemmed red dress. Her glasses were gone, and her hair hung loose and free. The biggest change of all was in her personality. She was no longer an innocent-minded woman reading about scuba diving. Now she was a bold, lustful vixen whose only thought was to seduce Max. Grinning mischievously, she raised a long, toned, stocking-clad leg in the air. She stroked it sensually – all the way up to the top where the nylon gave out to the skin of her bare thighs. Then she draped it over Max’s lap, brushed and rubbed it across his crotch and over the hardening bulge of his cock. At the same time, she spoke in a virtual purr of horniness. She let him now that he did not have to go all the way to Mexico for a fun time. He could stay with her for two-weeks and have the time of his life. She would show him more than a country; she would show him a whole world of pleasure. With that, she pulled his face into her breasts, giving him a mouthful of her sweet, warm cleavage. Meanwhile, the real Rachel had no idea of what Max was having her do in his imagination. Noticing he was slightly distracted, she paused her reading and asked his opinions on some of the things she had said. Max could not give any, but he made the excuse that it was due to Rachel giving him so much food for thought. As soon as she resumed reading, Max started to fantasize about her again. By now he had her stripped down to her lingerie. After she had treated him to further leg-teases and a series of provocative poses, he shared a passionate kiss with her. Then Rachel got on to her hands and knees, dropped her shoulders, and invited him to eat her out from behind. Max took willingly to his task. Having kissed all over her butt cheeks, he pulled her panties aside and plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. For a long time he hungrily tasted of her depths, lapped her clit, licked the entire length of her crotch. Rachel eyes closed and she panted and gasped and moaned in delight. Presently, Max had her take off her bra to unveil her lovely big breasts to him. He was thrilled to fondle them and suckle on their erect nipples while Rachel’s hand closed around his cock, stroking and tugging it to ultimate hardness. Moments later, she was lying on her back, legs wide apart, moaning loudly as Max fucked hard and deep into her needy pussy. His hips smacked between her thighs with the vigor of his young, passionate thrusts. Rachel’s body bounced off the couch’s cushions. Her sounds of pleasure filled the room. In his fantasy, Max was The Man. His cocksmanship fired Rachel with ever greater desire and wantonness. When he went on to dominate her doggy-style, she hit the peak of sexual delight. Max’s hard pounding cock struck right to her deepest, sweetest spot. The power of his fucking caused her hair to sway and her breasts to tremble. She emitted one ecstatic sound after another. For Max, there only one way to seal his wonderful vision. He pulled his cock out of Rachel and suddenly unleashed a stream of hot creamy cum all over her butt. His last image was of her settling down on the couch and giving him a grateful and tender kiss for satisfying her so well. Back in reality, there was no such wild antics from Rachel. She remained as demure and well-behaved as ever as she finished up her reading. Afterwards, upon asking Max for his thoughts on some of the things the book had covered, she was surprised at his dazed responses. She saw that she would have to go over it all again with him some time. Max was secretly pleased at this news. He could not wait for another chance to watch his sexy neighbor and be inspired to another fantastic fantasy involving her.

Buxom Beauty HD.mp4


Keisha Grey

You’re about to witness a porno match up of epic proportions. In one corner, Keisha Grey, hailing from Florida and one of the biggest names working Porn Valley today. In the opposite corner, the legendary Mandingo. Does the man with arguably the biggest dick in the history of porn really need an introduction? Keisha’s here for one reason, and that’s to test the boundaries of her butt hole. Will it allow Dingo’s massive black cock entry? And just how far can Keisha’s brown hole stretch open? It was straight to the A for Dingo, and we weren’t sure if Keisha could hold her own. With every thrust, Keisha opened up wider and wider, in between positions tasting her puckered asshole off Dingo’s 12 inch dong. As with any classic match up, this one goes the distance with Keisha’s incredible anal skills making Mandingo erupt in the final round, his mighty load splashing Keisha’s tongue and face. She swallowed it all, and whatever ended up on her face she scraped off and ate. After it was all said and done, I’d call this one a draw. And demand a rematch!

Size: 334597094 bytes (319.10 MiB), duration: 00:28:23, avg.bitrate: 1572 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 768×432, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)



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Jerk Off Instructions 55 – Step Mom Fun

Jerk Off Instructions 55 – Step Mom Fun

A stepmom is still a mother figure; and just like any good mother, sometimes she needs to help her stepson learn how to do things properly. Even if it’s teaching him how to jerk off!

Jerking for my stepmother Ariella the widow . Widowed Ariella is looking to you (her stepson) to be the man of the house now and she expects that you will service all of her needs. One of her needs is cock. If you are unable to fulfill this need, you will have to move out. Even without that threat, you were already willing to help her in any way possible. After all, she is pretty hot and her big tits have been your masturbation fodder for quite a while now. Get out that dick and start stroking it. She suggests that you use both hands on your hard shaft. While you manhandle that dick of yours, your poor, widowed stepmother begins to reveal her big titties to you. Very soon thereafter she asks for your cum all over those big tits and you obediently deliver.

Masturbation session with step mommy Caroline. You have been caught by your step mother in your sister’s bedroom. You are holding your sister’s dirty panties. You fear the very worst, but your step mommie surprises you with her reaction. Do you think that you might be able to control your nasty urges? Perhaps step mommie can help. Why don’t you just masturbate instead? It is a very therapeutic activity, so grab a hold of your dick and start working it right now. Step mommie Caroline will walk you through your first session. Your technique is flawless from years of practice, but it is exciting to do this in front of a real woman. When she removes her bra, you are shocked to see that her nipples are pierced! You also now notice a tattoo on her thigh. Now you wonder what other surprises she might soon share with you. Step mommie Caroline asks you to step up the pace of your strokes and she then lowers her skirt. She is wearing black lace panties and she sees that you are getting ready to cum. She removes her panties and sniffs them before offering you a sniff. You see she also is pierced on her pussy and you feel that you will soon cum nice and hard. Step mommie Caroline is extremely excited with your fat load and she suggests that this incident will not be shared with anyone else.

Stroking it for stepmother (with Jennifer Best). Your step mother is getting ready for her first date since your father passed last year. Can you help her choose what to wear? Much to your surprise, she changes her top right in front of you and you see her full titties! You feel your dick getting hard. This is wrong, but you cannot help yourself. Her titties look so good in the second top. You see her nipples are erect. Now she tells you how lonely she is without your dad around, but that she is so glad that she has you in her life. She asks you if you like her boobs and she undoes her top to fully reveal them to you. They are fantastic and again you can feel your dick getting hard. This time, though, your mother notices. She seems to approve. She stands in front of you telling you that she has needs and she caresses her titties. Come closer to your mother. You are now very close to her and you can feel the heat coming off of her body. Sit on the bed. When she reaches over to you, you are a little surprised that she reaches for your cock. You take your cock out and start stroking it. She tells you to touch her tits and you do as you have been told. It is clear that she is becoming turned on watching you pleasure yourself. She spreads her legs and you see that she is not wearing any panties for her date! Mommie is a slut!! As she works over her pussy, you think that you would like to keep her to yourself. When she tells you to cum on her titties, you do just that. What mess you have made on your mother!!

Step mom’s nude panty hose (with Maya Hills). You are caught looking up your step mother’s skirt at her panty hose. She knows you have a fetish for them and she confronts you. What would your father say about this? You are unconcerned with his wishes. Your sexy step mother Maya does not really mind. In fact, she now knows where all her missing panty hose have ended up!! Take your dick out and stroke it while you look at her pussy through those nude panty hose. She invites you closer so that you can smell her. There is a special quality to the scent of a woman’s pussy after wearing panty hose all day long. Even her pretty feet have a distinct panty hose odor that turns you on. As she rubs her legs together, the distinct sound has you mesmerized. Would you like to see more of step mommy? She removes her blouse and bra and you see her big titties, but your focus is her pussy inside those panty hose. With each stroke you feel your balls tightening…you know your orgasm is building. Step mom Maya’s ass is high in the air as she plays with her pussy. You cum on her ass and pussy and leave a hot, sticky mess on her panty hose.

My step mother Holly West helps get me off . Holly is uncomfortable with how you seem to hover over her and creep on her. She is your step mother and she wants this to stop. You like what you see in Holly, but she thinks that you two have to take care of things. What she suggests is that she helps you get off. Maybe that will calm you down a bit. She will not touch you, so forget it. Just get your cock out and stroke it. Holly notes how very hard your dick is. She seems to like what she sees as she takes off her tank top. Her boobs are perfect and you even like seeing her tan lines. She directs you to stroke fast and hard, but when you ask if you can titty fuck her, Holly draws the line. You will have to imagine that you are sliding your cock between those titties. You are surprised to see how tight your step mother’s body is. This older woman is looking to see how big of a load you can give her, so you work up a hot batch just for her. Step mom Holly likes what she sees. You feel confident that things will progress with her with enough time.

Bonding time with step mom Samantha Ryan. Your dad and step mother were fighting last night and she wants to talk to you about what you heard. Samantha and your father are going to separate. For now, it will be just the two of you in the house as your dad looks for an apartment. Your dad was cheating on Samantha and you do not understand how he could cheat on such a sexy woman. You actually feel badly for your step mother. Samantha hopes that you can now be the man of the house. Can you fill that role? You sit on the bed with her and your role as man of the house begins. She is eager to see if you really are a younger version of your father and she soon finds out that you are. Your dick is impressive and she asks you to start jerking off. Samantha is getting turned on by you and she is ready to show you things that your college-age girls don’t know about. As your hand moves on your hard shaft, you realize how lucky you are that your step mom is so turned on by you. Samantha is not too many years older than you are maybe 10 years, if that. Her small tits would look even better if your jizz were dripping down them. Before you know it, she is wearing only panties and shoes, but those panties don’t stay in place for long. Your step mom has urges and only you can fulfill them for her. Do not disappoint step mom. Cover her with your jizz bomb and do it right now!

Jerk Off Instructions 55 – Step Mom Fun.mp4


Sexy Employee Pins and Rides Her Boss’ Husband Demanding He Cum in Her HD

A man is lying in his hotel room bed with a raging hard on and waiting for his wife to come up. When he thinks his wife comes in he is surprised to see it is someone who works for his wife.

He asks what she is doing and she tells him she stole his wife’s room key while she was in the lounge and that she wants him. She hates her boss and wants to fuck her husband for vengeance.

He refuses saying his wife will be up at any moment but she jumps on top of him and pins him down so he can’t escape. From here, the struggle is on with her being loud and him whispering to try and keep anyone from hearing.

He struggles as hard as he can, but she slowly puts his hard cock in her wet cunt after grinding on him a bit. She then rides him very aggressively using her body to pin him down as well as using a modified version of the grapevine hold.

It seems the more he struggles the harder she goes. She grabs his hands and puts them on her tits and fucks extra hard when he pushes on her hips trying to get her off him. She even pulls his face to hers and kisses him deeply and slaps him once across the face. All he can do is manage some whimpering.

She then gets super aggressive and she demands that he cum in her and she rides him hard until he cums hard and deep, against his wishes. She laughs at him and taunts him for how weak he is, leaving him with the reminder that he just got owned by a girl.

Included in this clip: Demanding a Cum Shot, Riding, Aggressive Riding, Struggling, Cum Inside Her, Stockings, FMO

Sexy Employee Pins and Rides Her Boss Husband HD.mp4


Kimmy Lee – My New Client

Alex Legend caught a nasty bug on his flight from France to LA. Since his flight, he’s been unable to get a boner and has no idea why. Alex was recommended by a close friend to visit Kimmy Lee, a specialist in erectile dysfunction and guaranteed successful results. Kimmy was more than ample to take on Alex’s issue and assured she would do her best to mend his broken penis. Kimmy removes his clothes, inviting him on the table where she applies oil over his chest and tense neck. Alex was feeling more than relaxed along with anticipation for Kimmy’s mouth to mend his matter. Kimmy opens her mouth, inserting Alex’s huge penis , spitting and stroking it up and down. It was time for the second faze in Kimmy’s therapy, asking Alex to insert him penis into the hole of the table, a therapeutic method used for clients to let loose. Kimmy going on her hands and knees, takes off her bra and underwear, giving Alex a mental image of her naked, building up his boner to explode all over her face and put an end to his penis problem.

mp4 | 632 MiB | 17mn 57s | 1280×720

MILKT Kimmy Lee Aug 15 2015.mp4


Shae Summers – Pussy Power

Shae Summers heard through the grapevine of all the fun to be had at the fiesta so she decided to attend. When she arrived, Jmac greeted her and after a quick look-over, he asked the password. Shae showed her huge beautiful tits and access was immediately granted. Jmac had some fun with her melons and then watched as she sensually stripped. Shae played with her fun bags and soft pussy before begging for the one eye whistle. Jmac gave her exactly what she wanted and more. He relentlessly fucked her tight pussy all over the place and then shot a load all over her pretty face.

mp4 | 846 MiB | 33mn 25s | 1024×576

CF Shae Summers Aug 11 2015.mp4


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