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The Mother-Son Experience HD Part 2

The Mother-Son Experience HD Part 1 is HERE

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Part 1 – Domestic Bliss

I woke up one morning in the hotel and she was gone. My Mom didn’t even leave me a note. About a month later she finally called me back. She told me to come home. The last thing I ever expected was that Mom would go back to Dad after everything that happened between us. I told her she was fucking crazy, but I was running out of money and I wasn’t in school anymore. So I moved back home a few days later. My Mom pretended that everything was just like it used to be. I guess we were a normal, happy family again. Except for my Mom fucking me every chance she got, even when Dad was home.

Part 2 – Jealous Lover

Baby you finally got a job! That’s wonderful! Tell me all about it… This girl, are you talking to her about work stuff? Oh… You’re taking her out tonight? Son, I don’t think that’s going to work, I have a few things I need you to do around the house… So what does she look like? Is she pretty? That’s nice… I know she can’t make you feel like your Mommy does….

Part 3 – Marriage Bed

Tonight is a very special night. It’s the first time my Dad has gone on a business trip since I moved back home. My Mom says it’ll just be her and I all weekend and we can do whatever we want. Mom says she only loves me. She says that I’m her real husband now and it’s time for me to start acting like it.


Cory Chase – Mom Succumbs to Sextortion HD

Scene One: Better than blackmail

Cory is doing chores, unloading the dishwasher, when her son walks in to show her pictures sent from his friend. Cory gasps looking at pictures of her posing naked. That little dick! She screams. What do you want She asks her son. With that he grabs his mom’s large breasts and plays with them. Shocked Cory pulls away trying to fight her son’s groping hands.

You walk in to find the plan has worked perfectly. Now your mom is going to have to suck your cock too. You boys need to stop She pleads desperately. Cory gets to the floor and looks up in horror at having to stroke and suck the two big cocks in front of her. That’s a good mom, you know you enjoy it He tells her as she gags on dick. Your brother shoots his load into his mom’s mouth and holds her gasping and swallowing. Then she finishes you off and you hold her mouth closed watching the humiliating cum go down her throat. Are you happy? I swallowed both of you She cries.

Scene Two: Two sons two loads

Cory is on her bed sexting on the phone, sending hot naked photos, when her two boys walk in. What the hell are you doing! They yell at her. Cory covers up her body and tries to explain. We need to teach you a lesson, not to sext people He says. She has no choice but to do what her two perverted sons say. They make her get to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I can’t believe your making me do this! She says.

He begins to thrust inside of her and Cory moans in horror. Don’t tell anyone about this She screams. With one son fucking her pussy the other uses her mouth. She just wants all of it to stop. She’s used like a sex doll by her two sons. Jerking one son she makes him shoot cum into her hands thankful that he’s done. But the other son goes back to fucking his helpless mom.

Tired and shaking she’s forced to the floor to take his big load all over her mouth. She doesnt want to but she swallows his cum making her ashamed and feeling used. Please don’t tell your father She begs.


Taboo Stories, Rachel Dominates, Financially Foolish HD

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32:55 video

Rachel was a hot, corrupt and kinky Financial Planner. Through a combination of mind-influence and seduction, she had tricked a number of clients into signing all their money over to her and engaging in her depraved sex games. Such was the potency of Rachel’s manipulation that none of her victims ever figured out what she had done to them. The secret of her extravagant and debauched lifestyle was very safe. Things looked to get even better when she met her latest clients. Stacie and Joe were a pair of attractive siblings who had just inherited a fortune from their recently deceased father. The brother and sister were overwhelmed with grief and the responsibility of managing such an enormous sum of money. When they came across Rachel, they viewed her almost as being their savior. How wrong they were. The devious Financial Planner showed them plenty of outward sympathy and support. In her mind, however, she was already fantasizing about all the money and sexual kicks she would be able to get from the couple. While Stacie and Joe read a file of investment advice she had compiled for their benefit, Rachel convinced them to let her make some drinks to help them relax. After all, the pair were clearly very distressed from their recent loss. Once out of their sight, Rachel commenced her wicked scheme. She slipped a little something in their drinks, then played some sensual, entrancing music over the loud-speakers in her office. Rejoining the couple, she handed them their glasses and watched intently as they sipped its contents. Soon they were feeling light-headed and dazed – perfectly ripe for Rachel to exploit. She began by suggesting they sign all their money over to her for safe keeping. Even in their vulnerable state, the siblings were mistrustful of doing so. But Rachel was a mistress of deception. She used all manner of crafty reasoning to convince the confused couple that it would it be in their best interest. Slowly they came round to the idea. To turn their minds on to something else – and for her own kinky enjoyment – she Rachel turned her attention to carnal matters. First she stripped out of her smart dress down to her lingerie. Then she joined her clients on the couch. She jerked Joe’s big cock and stroked Stacie’s pussy. By now the siblings were so overcome by the effects of their drink and by Rachel’s powers of suggestion, that they were almost passive as she took sexual advantage of them both. The Financial Planner was enjoying herself immensely. She unbuttoned Stacie’s blouse to expose the woman’s big tits. She fondled and sucked upon them before dropping down to kiss and lick Stacie’s steaming pussy. For Joe’s appreciation, Rachel removed her bra and let him drink in the sight of her in all her topless hotness . She came close to him so that he take her long nipples into his mouth. All thoughts of what to do with his money had gone from Joe’s mind as Rachel knelt between his legs and gave him a deep, sensual blow job. A short while later, with the siblings as her virtual sex-puppets, Rachel decided to up the kinkiness factor. She told the pair they could better endure their grief by offering mutual physical comfort to each other. Neither of them offered and resistance or disagreement. After stroking her brother’s big cock, Stacie started to suck it. She bobbed her head up and down its length for a long time – her muffled moans signaling her intense pleasure. Rachel was very wet as she watched the forbidden scene. Eager to see the siblings do more together, she told Stacie to lay down on the floor so that he could return the favor by licking her pussy. In no time Stacie was going crazy with her brother’s face pressed between her legs – his tongue lapping and probing hungrily inside of her. She felt her own big tits with arousal and licked Rachel’s pussy as the brunette straddled her face. Then at last it came time for brother to fuck sister. Joe slid his cock into Stacie’s pussy and she writhed and gasped. He fucked her deep and expertly, driving her more and more wild with every stroke. Rachel looked on with delight at the siblings who had thrown away their inhibitions under her influence. She rubbed Stacie’s clit and brought her to wild of heights of arousal. When the two forbidden fuckers were done, Rachel loosed her long hair and got down on her hands and knees. She was wild and hungry for Joe to give her some of what he had given his sister. Joe did not disappoint. Holding on to Rachel’s hips, he ploughed her steaming snatch with everything he had. The cunning brunette closed her eyes and groaned with ecstasy. Her big tits swayed sexily from the jolt of Joe’s driving hips against hers. Both he and his sister were completely under Rachel’s influence. They held nothing back. Joe was having a great time – first enjoying his sister’s forbidden pussy, and now that of the hot Financial Planner. He no longer had any hesitation about signing all his money over to Rachel – perhaps he would do even more. Stacie felt the same way. She fingered herself furiously while watching the torrid spectacle. Then all of sudden she knew she wanted to have her brother shoot his cum over her face. She wanted to feel it and taste it. Rachel loved the idea. Getting Joe to pull his cock out of her at the last moment, she knelt next to Stacie and watched her bring her brother off with a few more strokes. The busty sister opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue – welcoming as much creamy cum as she could get from her brother’s spurting cock. In the aftermath of their torrid, forbidden sex-fest, the siblings were full of happiness and were eager to sign all their money over to Rachel as quickly as possible. The unscrupulous Financial Planner was not about to keep them waiting. With their signatures on the paperwork, she bade the couple a sweet goodbye. Like her other clients, they would never know how Rachel had tricked them. Not that they would have much time to try and think about it. From now on, brother and sister would be too busy for anything but fucking.


Son Interrupts Mom in the Bath HD FULL VERSION

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I LOVE watching my mom in the bathtub!!! I always make excuses to go in and look at her naked. She has finally figured it out!!! OH NO! She confronts me in her towel, and asks me if I like looking at her nude body?? OF COURSE I DO!!! She tells me that it’s her special alone time but if I want to see her naked, then all I have to do is ask??? YES!!! She lets me touch her boobies and I get so excited looking at her big tits that I get hard right in front of her!!! She likes it!!! She wants to touch my hard cock and it feels SOOO good!!! She is going to suck on me??? FUCK!!! I can’t believe this is happening! It feels so good that I can’t help but ask to see her pussy and fuck it!!! She lets me fuck her tight, wet pussy until she cums all over my cock!!! I love cumming all over her huge ass and making her taste my cum!!! I LOVE MY MOM!!!!

MotherMary in the Bathtub when Son knocks and asks to come in to get toothpaste. Mother allows and comments to herself that he needs to stop doing it. Mother confronts Son after and a short dialogue takes place. Mother allows Son to fondle her breasts and then begins to masturbate Son. Mother then begins to suck Son until both are turned on enough. Son fingers Mother to orgasm and then asks to fuck her and Mother agrees. Son fucks Mother missionary and then doggy style. Scene ends with Son pulling out and cumming on Mother’s ass and a short ending dialogue.


Aria Alexander – Blackmailing Aria HD

Aria gets caught cheating on her boyfriend and has to give up a little pussy to keep the creep quiet.

Aria asks Mark what he wants to talk about. Mark says that he heard that she is she cheating on John with Mike telling him about it.

Mark conjures up a plan to blackmail Aria and she has to pay him off by starting off with a blowjob and a fuck. The scene ends with

Mark having a big cumshot over her ass.


Wenona in Bad Brother – Bondage Anal HD

Sister, Anal, Male Domination, Humiliation, Passed Out, Helpless, Small Tits, MILF, Rough Sex, Roleplay, Cum in Ass, Netorare

Wake Up and Bondage Anal
The sister is asleep curled up against her favorite pillow. Her brother sees an opportunity. He slowly pulls back the covers revealing her long legs and panties. He slowly pulls off her panties as to not wake her. As he gets on top of her and ties her hands behind her back. She wakes up, “What the fuck are you doing” she screams but it’s too late.. with one good thrust he starts to fuck her. Her protests are muffled by the pleasure she is feeling and she starts to fuck him back hard. Sister says Brother can cum wherever he wants. Brother quickly shoves his cock inside Sister’s ass and fucks her till he cum. Sister has her first creampie anal.
She goes back to sleep with a smile on her face.


Two Taboo Mainstream Screens in HD

Uncensored Asian, Male Domination, Mainstream, Roleplay, Cheating, Humiliation, Sister, Small Tits, Big Tits, Helpless, Passed Out, Cum in Pussy

Brother uses his sister

Cheating wife punishment


My Son Got Too Excited HD

Mother, MILF, Wife, Handjob, Blowjob, Roleplay, Deepthroat, Big Ass, Hairy, Cum in Pussy
9:30 video

Dear Susan, I can’t believe I never told you this but the other day my son came to me and I showed him how a girl should suck his cock and how he is supposed to eat a girls pussy properly. My son must have gotten to excited and almost came inside me within seconds. He apologized but i assured him it was ok because that just means i have another chance with him later tonight. Xo

Category: TABOO

(MILF, Cougar, Older Women)

Starring Helena Price


Valerie (AKA Sofy Goldfinger) Fuck-punished for curiosity HD

Sister, Teen, Male Domination, Humiliation, Roleplay, Small Tits, Russian, Spying, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Anal, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Rough Sex, Cunnilingus, Anilingus

Valery catches her brother jerking in the bath and started taking some photos,the guy gets angry and decided to teach her a lesson,anal included.The revenge is sweet, isn’t it?


Cum For Me Daddy HD

Daughter, Teen, Roleplay, Only Handjob, Only Blowjob, POV, Cum in Mouth
7:42 video

Daddy I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day. I really need to spend some quality time with you. Here lets get these pants out of the way so you can relax. Your cock gets so big when I kiss it Daddy I can barely fit it in my mouth. You fill my mouth as I suck as deep as I can. Faster and faster my lips stroke your shaft brining you closer to cumming. There thats it Daddy cum for me, right in my mouth. Thank you Daddy. (Taboo, POV, Blowjob)

Starring Zoey Carter

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