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Poor Brad just got dumped by his girlfriend because he couldn’t satisfy her. Luckily, his sexy stepmom Sarah Jessie was around to console him and give him a few tips on how to satisfy a woman! Mature women know how to appreciate a big cock like Brad’s and give him the blowjob that he deserves.

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Buddahs Playground – 3 Mother and Son Taboo POV Vids!

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Pinup Mommy Seduction HD

Today mommy is wearing a beautiful,sexy vintage bathing suit with red pumps that make her look so so sexy. She was yelling out daddy’s name ,but soon figured out that ” daddy” wasn’t home. She then runs into you. Her adoring son. She explains that she has this new bathing suit and that she wanted your dad to check it out an make sure that it looked ok. She then asks if you would mind checking it out for her. She explains that she is worried that her body might be firm enough like all of the younger girls…. girls YOUR age, she explains. She then proceeds to ask you to touch her and carries her to compare the younger girls to her body. She also makes sure to request that you kindly keep it between the two of you because people might not exactly agree. She does tell you that she secretly thinks you are sexy and asks you to come close and explore her body. Mommy is decked to the gill with her bright red lipstick and sexy red polished nails too. She leaves no detail to be desired!

Come to Mommy HD
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It is SO wrong ! So disgusting ! I can’ not believe that you find you own mother attractive ! I caught you looking down my apron while I was leaning over the table. It isn’t my fault that you came home when I thought I was going to be able to dress in nothing but my sexy apron and my pantyhose and high heels ! Mommys big DD’s were bursting out of that apron from the time I put it on !Since you are quite the naughty young man, I guess I might as well tell you exactly what to do ! Let mama talk dirty to you and tell you naughty naughty things to do to her!

Come Play with Hot Mommy HD
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Oh no ! I caught you looking at my ass in my short shorts again. I think it is time that I have a talk… and confess a little to you. Your father would NOT like us doing this AT ALL, but I think it is for the best. I know that you like to look at my body and imagine all of the things that you and I could do together. I do tell you that nobody else will understand, but I also finally confess that I myself I just a little bit turned on by the idea of you enjoying mommy. I slowly take off my top and expose my bra and large breasts to you. I see that you are …um…”standing at attention” if you know what I mean, so I wanted to remove my bra and tease you with my milf boobies. I come up to you and ask you to look at them and watch them bounce. I know this is wrong, but I just can’t help myself. Come and play with mommy while daddy is away won’t you darling?? We won’t ever tell anyone because they just wouldn’t understand.


Daddy Made Me A Mommy

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“Interesting premise – a compilation of scenes, all starring young ebony beauty Sierra Simmons, as she progresses through pregnancy. The plot has her being accidentally impregnated by her dad, with all but one subsequent scene being between those two (the exception is a scene between Sierra and her ”cousin”). Definitely … those consumers who like hot black girls, interracial, and/or ”daddy” porn. The scenes are somewhat diverse, with creampie, butt, and belly shots. Would have been nice to see a facial with her sexy dark skin, but there is a lengthy pov blowjob scene at the end.”

Sierra Simmons

Dear Diary, After mom passed away I was pretty upset and ended up growing closer to my dad… a lot closer! One night I snuggled up against him and he put his arm around me. In his he began to rub my breast. It kind of felt good but weird too. Next thing I knew daddy’s other hand was rubbing my pussy. He was still dreaming when he pulled my panties off. He must have thought I was mommy or something because he went down on me. I got so hot I needed his cock inside me. When I straddled him he realized it was me. He was shocked but he still fucked me all over the bed then he came inside me a whole lot and I’m not on the pill. This could be bad.

Dear Diary, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I told daddy he was pretty shocked but excited at the same time. He pulled me close and hugged me. I was so relieved at his reaction I started sucking his cock…

Dear Diary, The bigger I get the hornier I seem to become and daddy really seems to enjoy it too. In fact he’s actually moved me into his bedroom on a permanent basis. Now I can satisfy my sexual cravings all night long.


Please Daddy Do Not Do It!

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My Mom Is A Pornstar With Big Fake Tits HD

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Mom Breaks Her Foot HD

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When Margo broke her foot, her son Brycen came to take care of her, and to tease her for requesting the high heel cast! Once he got her settled in bed, he gave her a sponge bath, then a good fucking to take her mind off of her foot!

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Double Your Pleasure (1978) Twincest!

Brooke Young and Taylor Young

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Brooke Young … Joan Anne Halliday
Taylor Young … Jean Halliday
D. Hartman … Beau Murdock
J. Hartman … Joe Murdock
Roger Caine … Duke Fowler
Rikki O’Neal … Holly Holloway
Jake Teague … Hubie Halliday (as Jake Tegue)
Stephine Peterson … Gloria
Herschel Savage … Travis (as Bill Berry)
Lisa LaGiuffria … Julia Gilbert
David Morris … Mr. Gilbert
Merle Michaels … Blonde in Shower (as Meryl Michaels)
Dave Ruby … Masseur
Ron Hudd … Travis’ Friend at Photo Shoot
Bobby Astyr … Duncan Efstop
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ellyn Grant
Jack Munroe
David Pierce
Samantha Fox … Swinger – Green Dress (uncredited)
Jill Monroe … Swinger – Cutoffs (uncredited)
Carter Stevens … First Questioned Guy on Street (uncredited)

Scene 1: Hubie Halliday gets a blowjob from his secretary.
Scene 2: Brooke young and Taylor Younge lick each others pussies and 69.
Scene 3: Duke Fowler picks-up Brooke and Taylor on the street and takes them in in exchange for sex. The man’s roommate Travis shows up and gets in on the action. The scene culminates with the Twins riding the men side-by-side.
Scene 4: Mr. Gilbert disciplines his naughty nerdy secretary with a spanking, tieing her up, and a good fucking.
Scene 5: The Twins are cleaning a room at a spa when a sexy blonde comes in and approaches one Twin and starts hitting on her. The second Twin joins in on the action and the three girls have a sweet threesome.
Scene 6: Twin Jean Halliday sucks and fucks one of the men working out at the spa.
Scene 7: The boss of the spa and his wife go for a swim at the spa and then fool around poolside. Both Twins come and join in for a foursome.
Scene 8: Relative Holly Hallaway runs into the Twins and goes back to their place and has sex with Duke Fowler
Scene 9: The Twins have a foursome with two men in front of the camera for money.
Scene 10: An after party 12 person orgy with the Twins.
Scene 11: The Taylor Twins have sex with a male set of Twins!


Schooled by Mom HD

Dava is a sexy mom who’s catches her son at home and schools him in a way he never expected..
Junior decides to skip class and come home to watch TV. He’s surprised when his mom Dava walks in asking why he isn’t at school. “I’m tired of anatomy class and needed a break” he tells her never looking away from the television. Dava asks him if he has any idea how much his dad is spending for his college. “Junior you’ll never be a doctor if you don’t go to class and you need to stop wasting money your dad could be spending on me” she says sternly. Sean looks away from the TV and says “I knew you only married dad for his money. Why don’t you leave me alone and do what you do- spend my dad’s money”!

Dava walks away and goes into her closet for something. She changes into the schoolgirl outfit her husband bought her and heads back to the living room. “What the hell is that?” Junior asks staring at his mom’s outfit. Dava tells him if he doesn’t want to go to class, she was going to take him to school. As she strips off her outfit slowly she notices the large bulge in her son’s pants. She sits next to him and puts her hand on his cock. “Do you want to fuck your mom Junior?” she asks with a horny smile.
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Kimmy Granger, Mia Pearl: Bunk Bed Head HD

Kimmy and Mia love slumber parties. These two cute teens are having some innocent fun before bed when Mia’s older stepbrother Johnny walks in on them topless! Mia is grossed out, but Kimmy is kinda turned on – she thinks Johnny is really cute. After lights out Johnny sneaks back in and joins Kimmy on the bottom bunk for some sneaky sex! It’s not long before Mia wakes up and sees what her step-sibling and BFF are up to – but instead of getting mad, she gets wet. Once Mia joins in, the ladies share blowjob duties that include deepthroating and attention to his balls. They then take turns getting penetrated in different positions including cowgirl (Mia), reverse cowgirl (Kimmy), standing doggy (Mia and Kimmy), stand-and-carry (Mia and Kimmy), and ballerina (Mia) before they share a facial.
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Mother Loves Son’s Cock In Her Ass HD

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