Krissy Lynn – You catch Krissy in your house stealing and u rail her ass out

Krissy has broken into your home and is stealing your wifes
jewellery, u catch her pin her against the wall and tell if her she
wants this jewellery she better start suckin on your cock! she proves be
be a dirty little whore and then u take her to the living room and rail
that pretty little asshole …

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Super Gurl Vs Dr. Remy and Supergurl In Peril

Stars: Cory Chase Luke Longly
Categories: Anal Big Tits New Release Feature Adult Humor Costumes Parody High Definition

Description: Dr.Remy turns Supergurl into his anal slut and Supergurl in peril!

Cory Chase in Super Gurl vs Dr. Remy HD

When Super Gurl has medical issues there are only a few doctors in the world who she can talk to. She approaches Dr. Remy with a returning and very personal problem. She’s addicted to anal sex. The only way she can fight it is to use special kryptonite butt plugs to fight her instincts. Little does she know that her addiction has been placed there by Dr. Remy using his magic hourglass. He has been increasing his control over her every time she comes into his office. Using the hourglass he puts her in trance to play with and sell the unsuspecting superheroine…

He turns her into an amateur porn star for his viewing pleasure. Taking out a butt plug he makes her suck on it seductively. Slowly she bends over and pushes the plug inside of herself, making her moan. Super Gurl plays with her pussy as the plug goes deep inside of herself. It fills me up She whispers.

Scene Two: Dress and strip slut

Strip naked he commands her. I’m no longer Super Gurl She tells him taking off her tight costume. Dr. Remy takes some lingerie out of his desk and watches as she slides on her new porn star costume.

Super Gurl does as she’s told, the plug making every movement pleasurable. She slowly gets dressed in her slutty clothes and Dr. Remy gives her an address. The Dr. has made an appointment for her with her biggest rival, Lex Luthor. Super Gurl is going to give Lex everything he ever wanted for his birthday…

She walks into the apartment to find you waiting for her. Seductively Super Gurl begins to strip, telling you all the dirty things she’s going to do for you. It’s your birthday and Super Gurl is Dr. Remy’s gift to you. It’s good to be Lex Luthor.

Scene Three:Warmed up ass

Now that you’re present is unwrapped, Super girl gets on your bed and licks your dick. I love the way you taste She tells you, sucking on your cock. The once powerful Superheroine is now your own personal amateur porn star.

She slides her plug out of her tight ass and desperately pushes you inside her. Super Gurl lets you fuck her in her ass, bouncing on top of you. I’m all warmed up just for you. It feels so good She moans.

Scene Four: Super ass or mouth

Oh fuck yeah, I want you to cum inside my ass baby She tells you. Super Gurl uses her super strength to ride you harder then you’ve ever been ridden before. Every moment makes your dick harder. She begs you to cum inside her. She needs you to cum inside her. You can’t hold out any longer and you cum right up Super Gurl’s tight ass. Happy birthday She says as the cum slides out of her ass.

Alternate ending:

Super Gurl wants you to cum in her mouth. I want to taste it baby she demands as you fuck her tight ass. She slides to the floor and sucks your cock My ass tastes so good She tells you, jerking and sucking you. You cum all over her and into her mouth. Super Gurl shows you the big load you gave her before swallowing you down. Happy birthday baby She tells you.

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My First Time With a Mommy 4

Stars: Francesca Le Stacy Silver Carol Angel Dark Cameron Keys Ivy Winters Shay Bennett

Production Year: 2015 | Release date: August, 2015
Studio: Naked Sins | Director: Unknown
Serie: My First Time with a Mommy
Categories: Orientation: Lesbian, General: Teen +18, Milf, Mature, Old & Young Females
My First Time With A Mommy 3 is a series of sizzling first time lesbian encounters of teen girls who have always fantasized about being with another woman. Watch as these gorgeous Milf mommys and step-moms devour their first time hungry students.

My First Time With A Mommy 4.mp4


Dolly – Gym Slut Sister HD

Your Sister has quite the reputation at your local Gym as a “Gym Slut” she’s really surprised when you confront her about her dirty rep. Dolly doesn’t deny any of the rumours about her nasty deeds and she defiantly doesn’t want you to tell her boyfriend about her locker room antics. In return for your secrecy Dolly reluctantly agrees to give you a naughty foot job and a blowjob! How could you not want to sample the goods after everything you’ve heard about this naughty devil!

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Cuckolding My Husband With His Best Friend HD

I was over at my husband’s best friend house for a weekend BBQ and when he went inside to get something from the fridge I decided to follow him in and…..cuck my husband! After I am done getting fucked by his best friend I am going to call my husband inside the house to show him how much cum is dripping of out of my tight sweet pussy. He just became another one of my husband’s friends who has used me as his whore. I love being the slut wife.

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Big Sister Birthday Present (2016)

Genre: Natural Breasts, POV
Cast: Sophia Leone, Cory Chase, Luke Longly

Sophia Leone in Big Sister Birthday Present (HD)

Scene One: Indecent Connections

Happy birthday little bro Your sister Sophia tells you, sitting on the couch next to you. She asks what you want for your birthday, but all you can do is stare at her bra-less shirt. Noticing you looking at them she figures that this will be a cheap present and begins to play with them. Don’t be shy She laughs. Sophia is an expert of using her body to get what she wants from men, why should little brothers be any different.

She lets you touch them, pulling up her shirt for you. It’s ok She tells you, noticing your hard on and rubbing your pants. She spread her legs and shows you pussy for the first time. Holding your hand she instructs you on how to please a woman with your hands, moaning as you touch her. Let me give you some of your birthday present She whispers and puts her warm lips around your penis. She sucks you slowly, knowing it’s your first time, edging you until your going to burst. No no She says You don’t get to cum yet, you have to wait. Sophia teases you.

Scene Two: Facetime with my sister

You’re at school when your big sister Sophia decides to send you another part of your birthday gift. She turns on her cell phone camera and begins recording a special movie just for you. She strips out of her clothes and oils her young body. Aren’t you glad you waited? She ask.

She gets on the couch and begins rubbing herself for the camera, moaning and getting so hot. She pours more oil on herself and takes out her vibrator. Oh it feels so good that she can’t help but cum for her little brother. Oh my god I’m going to cum She screams to you. Happy birthday bro She kisses the camera.

Scene Three: Little brother advice

Why are you all dressed up? Cory asks her daughter Sophia. Sophia tells her about her brothers birthday and her special present. Do you need me to show you something to do to him? Cory asks. Sophia shows off her new crotchless panties and agrees to learn a few new things…

Cory strips off her daughter’s dress and begins to give her a lap dance. Sophia loves what she’s seeing, her mom’s tight body being exposed for her. Cory shows her exactly how best to suck on a woman’s breasts. She works her way down to Sophia’s cute little pussy and edges her daughter to prepare her for later.

With her mom naked Sophia returns the favor, licking her mom’s sweet pussy and showing off everything she’s learned. Cory moans in pleasure at her daughters fast tongue. Side by side the girls rub themselves, bringing themselves to orgasm. With a kiss mother and daughter have bonded together.

Scene Four: Sister candy

Sophia’s in a tight black dress when she walks into your bedroom. Are you ready for the rest of your birthday present She asks. She strips out of her clothes and lays you down on the bed. She sucks you like she did this morning, her hot mouth making you feel incredible. I want to give you the best present ever she whispers.

With your penis wet, she slides you inside of herself and smiles at how good you feel. She bounces up and down, breathing hard and moaning. Oh fuck She yells as you push her down to the bed and pump her tight pussy. Cum in my mouth Sophia begs you and you shoot your big load right in her face for her to swallow. You taste so good. All gone She laughs.

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Uncle Phil Watched HD


I can’t believe Uncle Phil watched Daddy fuck me from behind! So now he blackmailed me! It’s not all bad though, I got to suck on his cock until it popped all over.

Category: TABOO
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Primal Instincts HD

So my brother and I decided to take a little camping trip last weekend to practice some of the survival skills Daddy taught us. We started foraging for fruits, berries and roots for food when my brother decided to go totally primitive. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder then carried me back to camp. He grabbed my hair and made me suck his cock and our primal instincts really came out. We fucked like cavemen all over our leaf bed then my brother pounded me from behind. I guess procreation is a pretty primal urge because my brother finished deep inside me with a caveman grunt.

Category: TABOO
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Tiffany Watson – Just Can’t Wait HD

Nathan Bronson showed up at the Nuru Spa today hoping for something he’s always wanted. he’s dating her sister, and when they first met it was awkward, but Nathan knew he’d have to find a way to see the hotter sister in the nude. Tiffany Watson isn’t sure if this is going to work for her, her husband would freak if he knew she gave her brother in law a massage. They agree to keep it a secret, and Tiffany gets to work. it’s clear she’s kind of turned on. I get the feeling she’s had a thing for him too, ever since that day they met. Tiffany strips off, and then strips him off, surprised by his body and the size of his cock, immediately taking it into her mouth to get it wet. Their little secret. Tiffany lets him explore her body with his hands, excited to see where this will end up. She warns him it feels weird, and they shouldn’t be doing this, but they’ve come too far now. Tiffany squats in front of Nathan and starts deep throating his hard cock. Nathan has her sit on his dick in the shower, and throughout the entire massage from top to bottom, they just can’t wait for him to cum on her pussy.

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Daddys Video Virgins 3 (2016)

Release Year: 2016
Cast: Penny Nichols, Ami Mercury, Annelise Snow
Genres: 18+ Teens, Amateur, Family Roleplay, First Boy/Girl, Gonzo, Older Men, Virgin
Video language: English

The young and sexy blonde Annelisa Snow is in her first scene ever! Nineteen year old petite Penny Nichols is a video first-timer! Insanely hot MILF Ami Mercury in her first scene ever for us!

Annelise Snow in HER 1ST SCENE EVER! Young and sexy blonde Annelise came to us for her very first time on film. Although she has a pretty kinky personal life and is very sexual Anne was still a bit nervous. After learning what gets her off, we had her masturbate for us. This hottie fucked her pussy with a glass toy until she came. Next, she swallowed my cock and then loved riding my hard cock for the camera but I think her favorite was doggystyle with a bit of fish-hooking. She may be back for her first anal soon!

Penny Nichols in HER 1ST SCENE EVER! 19 year old Penny Nichols came in yesterday for her very first scene. This cute 4’9″ Colorado girl was a bit on the apprehensive side at first but after a warm up with the Hitachi she really loosened up. Not only is Penny cute and tiny she’s also a cheerleader – meaning that is one super-tight, very flexible body. Needless to say, this sexy, little brown skinned beauty was one of the the wildest first timers we’ve ever had… and hope to have again and again!

Ami Mercury in HER 1ST SCENE EVER for us! This insanely hot MILF, decided to do her first scene for us during Fetishcon 2015 (imagine the type of naughty beauties that you’d find at Fetishcon) in a very special way. We got her a vendor from the convention to show her the ropes. Wait til you see this MILF get “broken in.”

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