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Fucked My Son For 50 Grand HD

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Paisley Parker – Sneaky Thief Daughter HD

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I’m tired of the attention on my tits bro HD

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Rough Quicky Before Work HD 720p

My husband is off to work but I go absolutely crazy not getting fucked for 9 whole hours! I beg him to fuck me before he leaves- and I guess I did a good job sucking his cock because he gave me the pounding I was craving.

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Babysitter Edges You HD 1080p

Ready for soccer practice, kiddo? Oh…oh my, were you masturbating? No, no it’s ok, that is totally natural, please don’t be embarrassed. Listen, it’s best to talk to a mature woman about this, and we know each other pretty well as I’ve been caring for you a while now. I understand that your hormones are raging and you need to find ways to unwind increasingly often. You frequent the bathroom more times than a boy your age should, so let’s find a way to calm you down together.

I need you to feel comfortable while we do this, so after I take all of my clothes off, I want you to take your penis back out, ok? That’s better, this is the first time you’ve seen a naked woman in person, isn’t it? I want to give you something that you will never forget, and can never get again: your first time with a woman. Most boys your age have their first sexual encounter with an inexperienced girl who doesn’t know the first thing about pleasing a man. I, however, can provide you with so much more. Are you ready? Lay back.

Now, we’re going to go at my pace, ok? That means slowly and gently – I want you to relax and enjoy the entire process. Feel the squeeze of my hand, the lick of my wet tongue, my warm lips kissing your cock head. Something you need to learn as you become a man is that sex isn’t all about the orgasm. It is about how you get there. This is why I’m here, to teach you.

Featuring 20 whole minutes of edge play.

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Brother Fuckers (2015)

Some Siblings Are Closer Than They Should Be!

Addie Juniper: Sleepwalking Siblings and Creampie Dreams

Awoken and aroused by groping hands, Addie is shocked to discover her sleepwalking brother in her room! Though she’s wet, Addie is horrified when she realizes her still sleeping brother is about to fuck her. Still afraid to wake him she bites her lip as his huge cock enters her. She decides not to wake him and lets him explode inside her. This taboo encounter leads to more sex between these step siblings with Addie initiating and Conor stunned as she works his cock until he fills her once again with his warm load!

Rachel Rose: Dear Diary,

My brother and I went to a rave but I had no idea what was about to happen. The rave was great but I must have taken something new cause when we got home I was so turned on. Next thing I knew I was naked and sucking my brothers cock while he fingered my pussy. I just had to feel his cock inside me and slid down to straddle it. His cock felt soo good in my wetness I almost came right then. We fucked on the couch for what seemed like hours then heard daddy’s keys in the lock. And that was just the beginning!

JC Simpson: Family Poke-Her Night

Dear Diary,

It’s another family Poke-Her night and while I was in the shower Jason and daddy played to see who would be poking me. Apparently daddy’s bad luck streak continued for another week so my brother would be the one I got to play with. The loser has to watch the show so my brother and I really rubbed it in. Jason went down on me while I stared at daddy with a longing look on my face letting him know I wished he had won.

J.C. Simpson


Addie Juniper


Addie Juniper 2


Emma Evins


Rachel Rose



Amber Skyy – Cheating With the Big Dick Maintenance Man HD

Finally we get a nice weekend away for some camping. We drive a few hours north and find a quite little campground with cabin rentals on a lake. Its hot as suck so as soon as we arrive we unload thecar into our cabin and hit the pool for some sun and cocktails. After c couple hours at the pool its time to go back to the cabin to get some dinner. We open the cabin door and a wall of heat almost knocks us down. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!! We drive all this way and the fucking air conditioning doesn’t work, WTF……Now Im pissed off and starving and all I wanna do is eat and cool down. She suggest I walk up to the restaurant at the campground and get our dinner and shell just get ready while were waiting on food and the maintenance guy to come fix the air conditioner.. After a little discussion of what we want to eat he shows up knocking on the door and I take off to get our dinner. Little did I know this cheating bitch had more in mind than getting the air fixed… Starring Amber Skyy and Conor Coxxx…. Includes pov sex, handjob,blowjob and facial….Enjoy and email for custom request

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Mom Gets Fucked in the Kitchen!

I was working in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready and I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up and it was my son, spying on me as I bent over in my short shorts. At first he seemed embarrassed and I teased him a little about being hot for his mommy. But he kept on looking down my shirt and at my legs, he just wouldn’t stop. I have to admit, I was getting aroused by the fact that such a good looking young stud was so horny for me. So I began to tease him with my huge tits and big booty, watching his cock get stiffer through his pants. Hmmm, I wonder how far I should take this with my son, it felt so naughty but so exciting at the same time. Before I knew it, he bent me over the counter and pounded the hell out of my soaking pussy! I couldn’t believe how big his cock was, it had been forever since I’d seen it and it filled me up perfectly. I wanted him to cum on my tits and for me to finish him off with a nice tit fuck…such a good mother I am! He blew his load all over my boobs and I licked every drop up. What a nice break that was but I had to get back to fixing dinner, the company was arriving any second! TABOO, MILF, VIRTUAL SEX, VIRTUAL TIT FUCK, TIT PLAY, LEGS, SNEAKERS, SHORTS, APRON, BIG ASS, BIG TITS, ROLE PLAY, DIRTY TALK, OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN, MOTHER/SON, POV

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Horny Girlfriend Cant Wait HD 1080p

Talking dirty over the phone with my boyfriend got me so fucking wet. I love to imagine his hands all over my soft breasts, squeezing, slapping and pinching my hard nipples. I smelled and tasted myself for him, describing it over the phone. He made me promise not to cum before he got here but I cant help myself.

As soon as he hung up, I took off my pussy soaked panties to sniff and lick my cream. It got me so excited to know he wanted me that way. I rubbed the wet panties all over my big boobs so he could smell my arousal on them when he arrived. That wasn’t enough though; I needed sexual attention right away.

My breasts felt amazingly erotic when I drenched them with spit. I found my toy and laid back for some fun before he got home. All of that aggressive breast play sent me right over the edge I didn’t mean to cum!

Fantasy includes: panty fetish, panty sniffing, pussy to mouth, dildo fucking, tit play, tit busting, tit slapping, nipple pinching, gagging, spit fetish

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