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Mario Salieri – Ursula E Le Forze Armate (2005)

Starring: Ursula Calvalcanti, Melinda Gale aka Dora Venter, Silvia Cristian, Anette Morgan, Clara Bruni, Iann Scott, Philippe Duroc, Titus, Rodolph Dessen, Sebastian Barrio, Franck Mizar, David Woller.
Embark on an erotic journey. See what happens when two horny Italian girls travel by train only to be seated near handsome soldiers with rock hard cocks. The results are explosive. This Italian export feature highlights some of the hottest threesomes; gang bangs scenes and hot girl on girl action in a Jacuzzi.

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Ultimate Dreams (2001)

AKA: Bassi Istinti
Director: Jim Powers
Starring: Nici Sterling, Claudio, Buck Adams, Jon Morgan, Vannah, Nikki Lee, Rick Trickle, Marc Davis, Chris Steele, Kristi Lake, Zach Cum, Eric Taylor, Shayla Laveux, J.P.D., Micky G., Scott Styles, Kay London, Kiss, Tatiana, Sofia Ferrari, Randy Storm, Gina Rome, Lovette, Dave Hardman, Tony Tedeschi, Alex Sanders, Wilde Oscar, John Decker, Tabitha Stevens, Dallas, Phil Dees.
Director Jim Powers has assembled a very twisted cast of adult superheros.
Rated “9? by AVN. Tabitha Stevens is the frustrated wife of a prolific director. While he is away at work writing steamy sex filled films, she wallows away at their beach front home. She dreams, and daydreams of being the slut she really wants to be, and with a little help, she gets there! Most of the sex scenes take place in the imaginations and dreams of the performers, and thankfully for us, they have quite the imaginations!

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Vi Presento Mia Moglie (2000)

Starring: Silvio Evangelista, Francesco Malcom, Philippe Dean, Barbie, Sebastian Barrio, Julia Taylor, Walter Midolo, Ramon, Remigio Zampa, Jessica Gayle, Rodolph Dessen, Rita Fox, Jenny Jordan, Sandy Wolf, Manuela Iori, Tania Jerman, Katy Moss, Silvia Kristian, Giancarlo Consoli, Federico Savona, Maurizio Tornavento, Gaetano Foglia, Michel Gorky, Patrick Durok, Francoise Duhem.

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[JUFD-083] Strive To Everyday Yoga Diet Of Obscene Wife 猥褻妻の日常ヨガダイエットに努め


[JUC-314] Mother-in-law 姑


[JUC-201] That Girl Is Longing For – Classmate, Miki Sato その女の子が憧れIS – 同級生、佐藤美紀


[JFD-18] Fetish Lady フェチレディ


[JCKL-050] Nampa Woman Works! Bareback Negotiations While At Work ナンパ女は働く!生ハメ交渉仕事中



The Private Life Of Nikki Sun (2006)

Starring: Alexa Weix, Denis Marti, Francesco Malcom, Greg Centauro, Max Cortes, Maya Gold, Nikki Sun, Ramon Nomar, Remigio Zampa, Robert Rosenberg, Sandra Russo, Sebastian Barrio, Tina Time.
Horny little Nikki Sun is a star that radiates red hot sexual energy. In this special compilation see her best scenes as well as an exclusive new scene shot especially for this title!

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Beach Patrol (2005)

Director: Buck Adams
Starring: Ashley Long, Christian Dean, Tommy Gunn, Trina Michaels, Haley Paige, Lisa Lee, Buck Adams, Isabella Camille, Dale DaBone, Lonnie Waters.
Sunset Beach! Hot summer days and naughty nights are what the girls of Sunset Beach’s Beach Patrol live for! When there’s trouble in the surf or a hard cock begging for attention, these girls are willing to lay down their bodies for the cause! Join them as they ride the waves of ecstasy that crash through their sexy, dripping wet bodies!

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Sex In Venice (2013)

Starring: Mira Sunset, Kerry, Samantha Bentley, Henessy, Irina Bruni.
Angel of filth, Director Scarlett Revell, takes you on an epic tale of debauchery in the beautiful surroundings of the Venetian city of love. This is stylistic hardcore at its best… This is Sex in Venice.

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Bat Bitch 2 – The Caped Bimbette (1990)

Director: Michael Craig
Starring: Jacqueline, Lauren Brice, Raven Richards, Tianna Taylor, Marc Wallice, Randy Spears.
Alpha Blue Archives presents the second volume to the Bat Bitch series. In Bat Bitch 2: The Caped Bimbette, Jacqueline, the stunning redheaded super heroine, picks up right where she left off in Bat Bitch. This rare sequel is a forgotten slice of 1990s nostalgia that is not to be missed.
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Keep it in the family HD

I couldn’t help myself. I know I have issues, sexual issues. They aren’t the kind of issues that would harm anyone, they’re just small uncontrollable issues. I like to smell women’s panties. My mom, my friends moms, and now add my moms sister to the list. My mom knows all about my urges and has been helping me get better control of myself by jacking me off when she senses I may become unfocused and to driven toward poking around in her laundry basket or lingerie drawer. I know I have a hard time focusing in some of my college classes and since she has been wanking me, I have to say my focus to complete my assignments on time has greatly increased. I did cause a problem today that turned out for the better but also spilled a little family secret between my mom and I. I was hanging with my cousin playing video games and talking about chicks, the normal things 19yr olds do. The whole time I was in his room I kept thinking about his moms room down the hall and her unexplored lingerie drawer. When my uncle and cousin left to go to a game I knew I had my chance to check out my Aunt’s lingerie drawer. I felt my palms get sweaty with anticipation as I opened the drawer and chose a pretty pink thong to place under my nose. I deeply inhaled a few times before the door opened and my Aunt caught me.

She was not amused. She immediately snatched her panties from me and called my mom. Great, my mom would have to leave work and come deal with this. Not what I had planned. It was more than uncomfortable to have to sit with my Aunt in her bedroom waiting for my mom to arrive. As my aunt explained what happened, I could see my moms expression shift from upset to relief. It was then that the tables turned in my favor. My mom explained that we have a type of therapy at our house for my issues. Its called release therapy. My mom jacks me off to keep me focused on more important things I should be doing, like studying. Initially my aunt was shocked but gave way to hear the full explanation and to join in on the demonstration my mom offered. Looks like I wasn’t in trouble after all and here I was about to get jacked off my my hot mom and her sexy sister!

My mom showed her sister how she gets naked sometimes for my encouragement. Lucky for me my mom was wearing pantyhose today and even more lucky my Aunt had some super sexy thigh high’s on her toned legs. They both took turns stroking me and telling me I am o.k. to have this need because they are happy to help me. I swear this is experience is going in my spank bank and will be recalled for at least the next few months. What a lucky guy I am to have two mature women tending to my dick simultaneously. While my mom held my aunts panties, my aunt stroked me off until I spewed a hot release right into the crotch of the panties. My aunt is so encouraging of my well being, she is letting me take her soiled panties home under one condition, I don’t tell my dad. Why would I ruin a good thing like this? No way, this is our little family secret that keeps growing little by little. Maybe my Aunt can convince her daughter to be part of my ‘therapy.’

Keep it in the family HD


Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 3 (1984)

Starring: Gaylene Marie, Marilyn Chambers, Tantala Ray, Dolph Stouber, John Colt, Nick Random, Rick Cassidy, Ron Jeremy.
The on-going sin-suous saga finds The doctor is in as Ms.Chambers discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces her gleeful Gynecologist. I’m No Dummy Demonstrates the power of positive thinking as a male mannequin comes to life – in more ways than one. The third fantasy, Take a Letter, has a friend secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give her boss the nymphomaniac’s version of dictation. Last, and certainly not least, a Newspaper Ad pits Marilyn and electrifying dominatrix “Tantala” in a bondage story that’s guaranteed to be a front-page headline. Expanding the limits of sexuality, Marilyn Chambers’ Private Fantasies #3 is a further look into the mind of the irrepressible and insatiable leading lady of the Adult Cinema.

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