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Dayton Rains – Wild Passion

Dayton’s husband promised her a work free vacation where he would be 100 percent focused on their relationship. Fortunately for the Hunter, Dayton’s husband stayed in their room working while she enjoyed the beach. After admiring Dayton’s big tits for a few minutes, Levi made his move. His advances were initially rejected, but he was determined to motorboat Dayton’s huge melons. Levi eventually prevailed, and Dayton agreed to go back to his penthouse suite. Soon after creeping by Dayton’s room, they went into Levi’s place. After a relaxing bubble bath, Levi relentlessly fucked the busty MILF and then sent her back to her husband with jizz all over her pretty face.



Big breasted Katrina Jade gets manhandled while gagged

Big breasted Katrina Jade gets manhandled while gagged and straightjacketed 2 on 1 massive orgasms

Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Description: Katrina Jade is back and brings her all natural DD tits to the table. This Daddy’s girl is a relative newcumer to the industry, but if her smoking looks and huge tits are any indication, she will go far. She may come across as a little shy and reserved, but a generous serving of massive black cock will melt any shyness away right quick.
Bound in a leather straightjacket, the Bolero design from JT Stockroom with her all natural breasts hanging free and a big black ballgag wedged in between her juicy lips, Katrina Jade awaits her fate next to the legendary fuckbed. Today her fate goes by the name of Jack Hammer. He doesn’t even both removing her ballgag, he has no interest in her mouth hole. It is straight to the main course with a fierce and unrelenting ugency. Katrina is getting her pussy reshaped and molded to fit Jack’s massive tool like a glove. One after another the cocks make full use of her.
What follows is an epic drilling down. Katrina is ragdoll fucked all over the bed in every possible position and angle. She can not move or escape in the leather straightjacket, all she can do is limply accept her fate. Jack tattoos his initials on her cunt with his dick. He owns every inch of her creamy flesh as her eyes roll into the back of her head.
Through her restraints and gag, you can see Katrina’s eyes are glazed over, lost in a sexual bliss. Time to blast this sub into outer space. We throw in a vibrator and Katrina cums hard, shuddering in every fiber of her being, again and again. This fuck toy is a spent and well used puddle of flesh. We leave her bound and twitching on the bed. We will be back later when we want another go around…
Duration: 00:14:11


Threesome, Just What the Doctor Ordered – HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel was concerned about her son Timmy. The young man had recently inherited the family estate after the of his father. But Rachel felt he was not up to handling it yet. Timmy had been behaving strangely for a while. He seemed to have emotional problems, stayed in his room all the time and never went out with any girls. Most troubling of all for Rachel was the fact that she had spied Timmy taking her worn panties from the laundry hamper and sniffing them. Later the same items would turn up again – smeared with cum. Realizing that Timmy might be fantasing about her, his own mother, Rachel felt it was time to take action. On the recommendation of a friend, she called in the very busty and broad-minded Nurse Starr. Rachel explained the situation to her and introduced her to Timmy before leaving to run an errand. Once Nurse Starr was alone with Timmy, she set about curing his problems in her own unique way. It was clear to her that he was suffering from a struggle between his timid inexperience and his strong sexual needs. All he needed was an older and more experienced woman to initiate him gently into the ways of the flesh. For the horny Nurse Starr, nothing could be easier. After a kindly talk with the young man, she asked him to show her how he masturbated. In order to encourage him, Nurse Starr told him she would let him watch her masturbate herself at the time. The plan worked, and Timmy was soon stroking his big cock to the sight of Nurse Starr as she lay back on the bed and stroking her naked pussy. As a reward for his cooperation, she handed Timmy a pair of his mother’s red panties for some extra stimulation. She grabbed his fat cock and stroked it, giving the head some gentle sucks. Next up she shed her jacket and bra so that he could get a load of her big tits while she gave him his first ever blowjob. Between sucks, she asked him about his infatuation for his mother, and managed to get to him open on that front. At the same there was a click at the door and Rachel walked back into the room. Nurse Starr merely smiled at her. Rachel, meanwhile, looked interested rather than shocked at the scene. She had noticed how effective Nurse Starr was being with Timmy, and figured that she could help out, too. Peeling off her lovely dress, Rachel revealed herself in sexy, white lingerie that showed off her every fine curve to her son. She then hopped onto the bed and began sucking his big cock right in front of Nurse Starr. It touched the lady to see such mother-son loving, and she encouraged them heartily as Timmy went on to take Rachel doggy-style, penetrating her deep and sending her into raptures of dirty talk in which she praised the size of his cock and said how much bigger and better it was than his father’s. Shortly after, Nurse Starr got a similarly good, hard fucking from the young man. Finally, on having their welcoming faces coated with streams of Timmy’s hot creamy cum, the two hot MILFs drew a very positive conclusion about his new condition. As well as being cured and perfectly healthy, he was destined to become one hell of a stud.

Threesome, Just What the Doctor


Amanda Tate – Training of Amanda Tate Day Four

Tags: BDSM, Big Tits, Domination, Hardcore
Description: Mouthy little pussy girl Amanda Tate comes in for her final day of training bright eyed and bushy tailed. For the first five minutes. This girl has no stamina, so we use her inertia against her in a sweaty screaming exercise session. After I was sure all her core muscles were spent I allowed her to come under my boot.
We saved her elegant upper body for some more painful conditioning with a little blow job gauntlet. All she has to do is get the dick hard. From across the room. Holding a rock 90 degrees out from her body. Crouched on a vibrator. And talk dirty. Really, really dirty. This is little blond really can spew some filth when she is coming, but her merits truly come out when her mouth is wrapped around gimp cock.
The third scene she is tied up like a fuck marionette, poised over a hard cock that she can fuck all she likes, as long as she can keep her deportment. I don’t ask for much, but she still is flailing and begging within five minutes. I have to prod her like a creature at the zoo with my vibrator stick just to keep her upright. In the end she manages to go way beyond her thighs limitations and bang herself properly on the hard dick we chained down for her.
Farewell Amanda Tate, you now make one fine pussy slave.


Stephany (Hot Reality Sex With A Married Hottie)

How hard it is to make a married girl show her tits to total strangers? Obviously not as hard as you’d think! I don’t know if this babe was truly married or lied to us, the fact is that she didn’t mind earning some cash even if it involved starring in a reality porn movie. She made us promise that we won’t show this pick up sex video to anyone, but how can we not share it with you? Anyway, check out us having real wild adult sex in a sauna, drilling the nasty and insatiable wifey in turns and in any position possible. Oh how she loved it! We thought that her orgasms were enough pay for her, so as soon as we were done we kicked the bitch out without giving her any money.



L’education d’une Jeune Soubrette (2014)

Ne ratez rien de l’initiation sexuelle de cette jeune soubrette plongée en plein cœur de la perversion bourgeoise.
Arrivée aux côtés d’Anissa et de Sharon, deux sublimes soubrettes dociles et expérimentées, la jeune Taylor découvre le fonctionnement très particulier de cette luxueuse demeure. En plus des habituelles tâches ménagères, la jeune novice va devoir apprendre – non sans un certain plaisir – à satisfaire les mâles de la maison. A commencer par son pervers de patron…
Depuis bien longtemps maintenant, Anissa est la “favorite” du patron. Elle adorait les moments privilégiés qu’elle partageait avec lui, s’abandonnant toute entière au moindre de ses fantasmes lubriques, même les plus extrêmes.
Mais l’arrivée de la jeune Taylor va tout chambouler. Ravissante dans son uniforme de soubrette, d’une fraîcheur juvénile rare et terriblement excitante, la novice attire rapidement l’attention de Monsieur qui n’a désormais plus qu’une idée en tête : tester la docilité de l’apprentie soubrette.
Ainsi, pendant que Madame est en train de s’adonner au plaisir en compagnie de deux mâles virils, Monsieur se fera une joie de découvrir Taylor dans son intimité la plus brûlante. Vu l’étendue de ses talents charnels, il semblerait bien que Taylor ne soit pas novice dans tous les domaines…

Category: All Sex, Maids, Anal, French
Starring: Anissa Kate, Ava Courcelles, Sharon Lee, Taylor Sands, James Brossman, Pascal St James, Renato
Language: FRENCH

L’education d’une Jeune Soubrette (2014).part1.rar
L’education d’une Jeune Soubrette (2014).part2.rar


Odins Daughter HD

Corrupter Of Earth

Legend tells us of a time long ago when Odin sat atop his throne and controlled all the realms. Judas was the daughter of his second wife and very adept at using her womanly wiles. One night the young goddess seduced him and while under her spell he impregnated her. Not long after, this insatiable seductress set her sites on her brother Thor and within a few days had him under her spell too. A few weeks went by and Odin caught his pregnant daughter fucking his oldest son in his own treasure room. Enraged Odin banishes Judas to Earth in a Brass chalice and erases Thors memories. Judas gets one chance every year to escape her prison by infecting small towns with her insatiable desires for family members until 1 unlucky female will take her place. Will Tonight Be that night?

Alyssa was having a seemingly normal day getting ready for the annual costume party when she began to feel strange. She had just brought out some old brass junk as decorations and that was the last time she was in control of her actions. She saw herself seducing her brother and making him cum deep in her womb sealing his fate with the curse as well.

Odins Daughter 1 HD

Across town the majic of the chalice allows Judas to inhabit the body of a Ministers Virgin Daughter. Once in control of her nubile body Judas uses her charms to take control of the girls own Father using his seed to impregnate her. The preacher is unable to resist her majic and soon explodes deep inside her and becoming a sex drone in the process.

As the night wears on we find Alyssa in the basement her boyfriend while her girlfriend gets frisky with her brother. As Alyssa nears her 5th climax of the night she reaches for the chalice and its full majic is unleashed. Alyssas girlfriend appears to be resistant as Alyssas entranced hands begin to grope her brother. She gets up and leaves in disgust only to discover this is happening to every family in town.

Odins Daughter 2 HD


[DVDES-756] Bread Line!Pan Transparent!Immediate Negotiations To Take The City! ! Clothing Ass Tight Skirt OL Nampa 2 パン線!透けパン!街撮り即交渉!! 着衣デカ尻OLタイトスカートナンパ 2


[DVDES-028] Mai Sister Snow Weather 舞姉妹雪天気


[DVDES-144] Return Shock!! 5FUCK Cum In Ass Beauty Of The Strongest Reggae And Hip Doing A Dancer Charged SAKURA ショックを返す!最強のレゲエやヒップのお尻の美しさ5FUCKスペルマダンサーをすることは、さくらチャージド


[DVDES-330] High School Girls 6th! -1 Sister Grand Prix 女子校生6日! -1姉妹グランプリ


[DVDES-334] Saki Suddenly In The Debut Of The First Out Manami! 咲突然ファーストアウトまなみのデビュー!


[DVDES-338] AV Value Monkey! I Became Manager Of A National Idol Group AVバリューモンキー!私は国民アイドルグループのマネージャーになった





Wet Asses 4 (2014)

All anal! The wettest, juiciest asses around! Nothing like fresh coat of oil to help these massive cocks slide deep down inside insatiable asses with ease!

Category: Anal, Oral, Big Butts, Double Penetration, Ass To Mouth, Oiled
Starring: Gracie Glam, Kiara Mia, Zoey Monroe, Jillian Janson, Carter Cruise, Criss Strokes, James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar
Language: English

Wet Asses 4 (2014).part1.rar
Wet Asses 4 (2014).part2.rar
Wet Asses 4 (2014).part3.rar


Block Party – The Chillin and Grillin Orgy (2014)

The Chillin’ Grillin’ Orgy
The Burbs will never be the same. The ribs aren’t the only thing cookin in this fuck fest. The girls are hot and the guys are horny!

Category: All Sex, Black, Orgy
Starring: Dena Duchess, Lotus Lain, Yasmine De Leon, Tia Cyrus, D. Snoop, Dirk Huge, Jon Jon, Ron
Language: English
Block Party – The Chillin and Grillin Orgy (2014).rar

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