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Alexis Fawx – I Blackmailed My Mom HD

Stunning, hyper-curvy blonde Alexis Fawx gets caught cheating on her husband by son Brad Knight, whose big boner changes her attitude. “You’re making mommy’s pussy so wet!” she declares.

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Sister Blackmailed And Creampied HD

My sister is such a fucking slut. Dad just leaves his phone laying around and I find a video of her letting him fuck her, her own dad! Mom would lose it if she found out. I’ve always thought my sister was pretty hot and wondered how her slutty pussy would feel and maybe now I can find out. I get my chance when she leaves her bedroom door cracked and I can see her trying on a slutty school girl outfit that I bet dad got her. I barge in and in and ask if Dad bought it for her. The slut tries to lie and say she got it for her boyfriend but we all know the truth. I tell her about the video on dad’s phone and at first she plays dumb until I bring the video up of her being our dad’s whore and of course she tries to convince me not to tell. She knows mom would be furious if she found out but she’s not getting out of this one easy. I’ve always wanted to feel her little pussy. I tell her to bend over, face down ass up, and to shut the fuck up. At first she hates it but then I make her cum so many times she gets really into it and starts begging me to cum inside her pussy. I knew my sister was a fucking slut.

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Boy Blackmails New Doctor HD

Alright there, you look fit as a fiddle. Your checkup went great. You can get dressed now. Oh my is that? Is that an erection? Well, you’d better get rid of it before your parental units come in here. What do you mean you don’t know how? They are going to think I was touching you or something. I could lose my medical license over this! I’ll show you how. No you’re doing it all wrong. I’ll do it. Oh my gosh, you planned this all along didn’t you? Okay, fine! If I show you my breasts will you just hurry up and you know, make it cum? Please, hurry up, I’m begging you! The new doctor gets tricked by a youngster into showing her boobs and jerking off her patient!

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Shauna Skye – Blackmailing My Pregnant Sister HD

A Helping Hand HD

My sister has always been a slut, and sure enough here she is moving back home, pregnant, single, and what do you know, skinny dipping in the back yard. I have heard her masturbating at all times during the day. It is driving me crazy; the least she can do is help me out. I get her to finally give in and jerk me off, but once she has my dick in her hand she starts teasing me until I am really aching. Finally she lets me blow my load, but I think she wasn’t doing it like that to “teach me a lesson” like she said. I think she liked having my cock in her hands.

Controlling My Sister’s Orgasms HD

She is totally at it again. I guess it’s true about pregnant girls being insanely horney. I have probably listened to her cum like 4 times already today. I can’t take it anymore. I go in and take her vibrator away. We argue, but I mention telling dad about the boys she has had over. Of course it isn’t true, but who will dad believe? But I do offer to use her vibrator on her if she jerks me off again. She gives in and gets soooo horny. I start stopping and starting the vibrator to see how she likes payback for out by the pool. Then I tell her she doesn’t get to cum unless she sucks my cock. She gets mad, but she’s too worked up to stop. She cums with her lips wrapped around my dick, and then I do too, filling her mouth. She is pretty pissed, but I feel like it was fair.

Caught Red Handed HD

I knew she would finally show her true colors. There she is, stealing money from dad’s nightstand, planning on running away most likely. This time I have her, and I can’t believe what it feels like to fuck her. She cums so hard, it almost crushes my cock. It is the hottest, wettest pussy I have ever felt. There is no way I am settling for a hand or mouth again now that I know what pregnant pussy feels like!!!! And now I can see my horny slut sister is going to be much more willing now that she knows my cock makes her cum so hard.

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Blackmailing My Pregnant Sister HD 1.mp4
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Blackmailing My Pregnant Sister HD 3.mp4


Blackmailing Jessica HD

When I found out Jessica had been cheating on my good friend I used the information to blackmail her little ass for a piece of pussy.

Mark blackmails Jessica into sucking and fucking him. She’s super hot, they fuck doggystyle, then she finishes him off all over her face. Nice to see her suck and fuck for once on this series.

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Arabelle Raphael – Blackmailing Arabelle HD

I found out this nasty slut had been cheating on a friend of mine. I always thought she looked like the type of chick that would fuck around on him and now I had proof. I could have been a good friend and told him immediately, but thats not what I did…..

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Blackmailed Housewife HD Uncensored

Blackmaked Housewife HD.mp4


Bailey Blue – Daughter Blackmail HD

Various oral (incl f2m & m2f analingnus), followed by doggy, cowgirl, some rusty tromboning and then a cum in mouth finish.

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Veronica Steam – Blackmailing Your Stepmom HD

Story: Thank you so much for helping me! I never could have moved those by myself. Now let’s get back inside where there is air conditioning. It’s way too hot out here. Hmmm the door is locked but that’s ok because you have the keys right? What do you mean “no”?!?!! Looks like we are stuck here until someone finds us.

Fuck! We might as well get comfortable and chat for a while. Did I say that out loud? Don’t tell your Dad I cursed in front of you. He would be pissed. Tell me something so I feel like we are on an even playing field here. Oh come on!!! How bad can it be? ….oh….Well…no I’m not really “upset” just a bit embarrassed. I guess a lot of boys wonder what their stepmom would look like naked… Dammit! It’s just so warm I can’t stand it!

We both start to lose clothing but it starts to go too far. I don’t know if its the heat getting to us or being mostly naked in front of each other but there is some serious sexual tension going on…but I’ll just ignore it. OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Why are you touching yourself?!?! STOP IT! I’m YOUR STEPMOM!! THIS IS WRONG!!!

No no! You can’t tell ANYONE about this! Please! I’m the adult here! I’ll get in so much trouble. What can I do to keep you quiet? …what…you can’t be serious…NO! I can’t! You’re my stepson! I’m not going to suck your cock! No!

Ok ok ok! I’ll do it just please keep this between us please! I get on my knees in front of you and start sucking you better than any girl you’ve ever had. The problem is…I have a serious oral fetish. With drool running everywhere, I know now I have to have you inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me now!

OMG that was the best sex ever! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU VIDEOED IT! How could you?!?! Wait….you videoed it…how? On your cellphone?!?! You mean you could have called someone to get us out of here the whole time!! You little shit! And now you demand I fuck you whenever you want or you’ll show the world how you made me your slut?!?! This can’t be happening!!

This is a long, slow build-up of a scene. The sexy time doesn’t happen until about 20 minutes in. So if you like heavy roleplay in your porn, then this is the clip for you.

It is a nice premise and Veronica does a great job with the acting. The dialog does seem realistic, for better or worse. What I mean by ‘for worse’ is that you only hear her talking and, like a normal person, she doesn’t always repeat what you just said to her. She responds to what you said to her. So sometimes it can take a minute to figure out what you must have said.

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Camille Black – Blackmailing My Brother HD

Dear Diary,

I don’t know if you remember but a few weeks ago I figured out what my dad does for a living and that ever since I was kicked out of college I’ve decided to follow in his footsteps. Well, I got sneaky and somehow managed to pull off him helping me make my first porno. Well ever since that day I have kind of been stalking him watching all his videos and lurking his website and I found my sister Hope makes movies with him! I decided to take action and really move into some taboo territory by blackmailing my little brother into being my permanent “male talent”! I can tell you he wasn’t to happy when I told him I would rat him out and edit all the footage I had to make it look like he was the one that was actually making all this porn! I basically trapped Loki into doing whatever I want and all I wanted was him to look pretty for the camera. While I was blackmailing him with his cock in my mouth he couldn’t say no. Needless to say blackmailing my brother into making a little movie with me. Ill be competing with my Daddy in no time!
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