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Gambling Mom’s Blackmail HD

Gambling Mom Blackmail


Stepmom Bad Grade Blackmail HD

Stepmom Bad Grade Blackmail HD


I Blackmailed My Sister HD

Eric found his little sister Solei’s birth-control pills! He’s not quite sure what to do with them but as he sits there, waiting for Solei to get home from school, he has an idea. Eric has noticed that his baby sister has starting to “fill out” and can’t help but be attracted to her. He knows that Solei will be in huge trouble with their mom if she finds out that she’s on the pill. When she arrives, Solei is horrified to find that her big brother holding the pills and begs him not to rat her out. It’s at this point that Eric decides to blackmail his slutty little sis. Unless she agrees to fuck him, Solei is in a world of trouble. She’s in a tough spot and reluctantly agrees to Eric’s sick plan. Disgusted, she begins to remove her clothes. Eric makes the brat suck his cock until it’s rock hard and then slips into her tight, shaved cunt. Solei fights back tears and begs Eric to hurry up and get it over with. She lies there and takes the pounding until her twisted brother fills her young pussy with cum.

I Blackmailed My
I Blackmailed My


Podiatrist Blackmailed by Sister In-Law HD

Life is good for Peter. He recently married into money and got his MD in Podiatry. His new bride even convinced her father to loan her Peter money to start his own practice. He couldn’t be happier. Being a podiatrist has been a lifelong dream of his. His love of feet goes deeper than the practice of medicine. He has a huge foot fetish and what better way to make a living. His new bride also has a younger sister (Ashden) who has amazing feet. He’s always afraid she is going to catch him looking at her perfectly pedicured toes. She’s a little brat and can be very manipulative. If his new wife were to find out about his foot fetish she might not be so supportive.

Peter thought he was alone in his office one morning and decided to take the opportunity watch some new foot fetish videos he downloaded that he hasn’t had the chance to watch yet. Thinking he is a alone, he thought he might have enough time to jerk off before his first patient arrived. What he doesn’t know is that his new brides little sister showed up for her appointment with Peter early. She was walking around the office and could hear what Peter was doing in his office. She decided that she might get a little insurance video, just in case.

Shortly after Peter meets with Ashden because she claims to have some pain in her left foot. Peter removes her heels and starts examining her feet. They smell very good and can’t resist sniffing as he removes her black closed toe pumps from her gorgeous feet. Ashden knows this is her opportunity to get what she wants. She puts one foot on his face and the other on his cock. She knows his cock is getting hard from the scent of her feet.

Ashden convinces Peter that she will not tell her sister about this and she proves it. She pulls him over and unbuckles his pants. She starts stroking his rock hard cock with her feet right there in the examination room. He can’t resist her feet as she continues to stroke him harder and harder. His so aroused and is about to cum. Suddenly, Ashden stops and says she isn’t going to allow him to cum yet. She pulls out the video camera and reveals that she recorded him jerking off to foot fetish videos earlier that morning. She demands that she be scheduled for appointments with him to play with his big cock weekly and she will not show the video to her sister. Peter really doesn’t have an option, either way he could lose everything if his new bride finds out.



Goddess Jamie Step Sister Blackmail

Jamie’s father marries Blake’s mother and they have only been living together for a short time. Blake sneaks into Jamie’s room one afternoon while she was taking a nap. Jamie wakes up to find her new step brother sniffing her feet, and her first reaction is to yell at him. She quickly realizes how she could us this to make this living arraignment work more to her advantage. She suggests that she would allow him to sniffer her feet, if he agreed to do her laundry. Blake doesn’t see this as a good deal; until Jamie explains how his mother is going to find out how much of a creepy son she has, sneaking into her room, sniffing her bare feet. He’s is too embarrassed and agrees to do her laundry. This is only the beginning…




Young Andrew is in for a big surprise when he gets home from school. His Step-Mother, Stacy has found his Report card, which was hidden away in his backpack….and he is failing everything!!! Now, Stacy is a Hot, Young Gold-Digger that Married Andrew’s Father for his money…but Stacy gets virtually no sex from Andrew’s Father…..and consequently….Stacy is always horny!!! Stacy has made advances towards the young “able bodied” Andrew before….but he has always turned her down. This Report Card, however, is a game changer!!! Stacy threatens to tell Andrew’s Dad about the terrible Report Card…unless Andrew agrees to give her what she wants!! Andrew knows that he will be grounded if his Dad finds out about the Report Card…so he is Blackmailed into doing whatever Stacy wants. When he asks his Step-Mother what it is she wants…..Stacy tells him to “Lie down and shut up…I’m gonna Fuck the @* out of you!!!!” The frightened young boy has no choice. He lies there as his Step-Mother Sucks his cock to get it hard….and then, true to her word….she gets on top of him and Fucks his brains out!!!! When his body finally goes limp from cumming in his Step-Mother….she dumps the cum from the condom all over Andrew….and tells him to pick up his Grades!!

Hardcore Incest Milf Mature Step.Mom Step.Son Fetish Oral Deepthroat Brunette Amateur Handjob Big.Butt


Mistress wife cuckolds and blackmails her gambling addicted husband

Mistress wife cuckolds and blackmails her gambling addicted husband.wmv


Blackmailed by my own SON!

Today I walk out of my bedroom and my SON is in the room waiting for me….i ask what he is doing in my room and he tells me that he is here to fuck me again….I tell him no way as that was the deal we had last time….he says the deal was that he could fuck me his M0THER any time he wanted……I am not pleased about the situation as he once again is blackmailing me……he then goes on to tell me to make sure I keep my end of their deal he is going to video him fucking his M0M…..I have no intention of allowing this but once again he throws that blackmailing scenario at me….and I cannot afford for everyone to find out that I am a part time hooker……My SON then starts to give me orders…he tells me to take my dressing gown off and lay on the bed……..touch your pussy…..tease yourself…….come on mom smile for the camera……finger your pussy M0M……..he really starts talking dirty to me….and I have to say my pussy is starting to get wet……but I cannot tell him…….take your panties off M0M and open your legs real wide…..finger yourself M0M…I start fingering myself with two fingers and by now my SON can tell that I am enjoying it……now it is his turn to lick MOMMYS pussy….he goes down on MOMMY and tells me how good my Pussy tastes……now it is my turn to play with his cock….he comes up and tells me to play with his cock…….I wank his cock before he tells me to start sucking it…….I have no choice but to let him fuck my mouth as he tells me how good his M0M sucks cock……next he tosses me a vibrating toy and tells me to play with myself as he watches…..I start playing and am enjoying it…..he then asks if I want him to fuck me while I play…I tell him yes…..My SON then moves forward and shoves his cock into MOMMYS pussy with No Condom….I am playing with the oy and it feels real good… SON is fucking me as I play and telling me to use that toy MOMMY…..make yourself cum MOMMY….cum over your SONS cock…..he is fucking me hard and deep as I am moaning and telling him how good it feels…..I then start to cum all over his cock as my pussy muscles twitch and tighten round his cock……fuck it feels good….he then starts to pound my sensitive pussy harder and tells me to tell him how much I love sex with my SON….I am reluctant but he insists that I say it…..I have no choice but to moan out load that I Love Sex With My SON as he pounds me…..fuck I am enjoying it now…..he then shoots his load deep inside me as I am moaning like a whore as my SON is fucking me……once he has cum I fully realise that he once again used no condom and seeing as I am not on the pill I could fall pregnant…he tells me that is not his worry as I should have know he was coming back for more and he will be coming back often now so if I fall pregnant it is my fault and not his….he pulls out and leaves me as he heads to the shower….telling me he will be back for more soon……

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Mother Fucker – Blackmail

My perverted fucking son threatens to reveal my secret to his father – if I don’t give him what he wants! I raised him better than this dammit!!


Babysitter Blackmails

You will see that magical cum shot, a little out and a little in so you know for sure it’s 100% real and no editing in between the cum shot, the oozing out and the messy clean up. Super extreme high def close ups will make you want to lick your computer screen. Poor Mr. Johnson wanted to lick my pussy soooo bad…I kept teasing and taunting him with it until the only way he could get it was to lick another man’s cum from it. I bet you wish it was you. xo

Bab’ysitter Blackmails Part 6.wmv

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