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Mother Fucker Blowjob

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Mommie, Blowjob, Oral, Fellatio, Cumshot, Facial, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk, Blackmail

If I don’t suck his cock, my son will embarrass me at the party today – perverted little asshole! So, I suck his cock & I actually kinda like it…his cock is so much bigger than his father’s!! I suck & lick, until cum squirts all over my face! That’s right, I get a HUGE, messy facial from my son!

Mother Fucker Blowjob


Indecent Behavior 2 (1994)

Director: Carlo Gustaff
Starring: Shannon Tweed, James Brolin, Chad McQueen, Cynthia Steele, Rochelle Swanson, Craig Stepp, Elizabeth Sandifer, Laura Rogers.
Reporter Shoshona Reed is about to expose a number of people who have a lot to lose. Unfortunately, her cunning ways of getting stories by blackmailing people gets her killed. The murderer could be anyone including sex therapist Rebecca Mathis, obsessive convict Darrell Martine, and successful impotent businessman Tom Mueller. Who could be the evil cold blooded killer. Hmmm…
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Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Blackmail, Financial, Creampie, Cumshot, Blindfolded

Backstory: dad and mom know their daughter is sneaking cash from mom but so far nothing has been done about it. dad is finally going to catch her and punish her, one way or another.

Scene 1: Dad waits until he’s sure his daughter is in their room. He slaps on a blindfold and enters the room nude. Dillion gasps as she see’s him enter. Dad acts like it’s his wife and goes towards her. He starts to feel her up and says he likes this blindfold idea. He says he dying for her to suck him off like she promised. To his surprise she gets on her knees and takes his cock out, she’d rather suck her dads cock then get caught! She sucks him off like a true slut and dad decides to up the stakes. He tells her he can’t wait to drop a big load in her mouth and still his daughter keeps going! Dad cums and she is forced to swallow it. Dad tells her to clean up in the bathroom, he doesn’t want to catch his daughter just yet!

Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter HD 1

Scene 2: She’s at it again! she still hasn’t learned her lesson and this time she’s stealing clothes! dad once again enters blindfolded and goes right for her. she was in the middle of changing into moms clothes so he catchers her in nothing but her underwear. she tries to sneak out but dad grabs her and starts to feel her up, Still pretending that its his wife. again his daughter goes along with it! She sucks his cock rather then expose herself. Dad lifts her up afterwards and raises the stacks again. He starts to strip her and then spreads her legs. dad was hopping this would happen but still can’t believe his luck! He fucks hers and dumps a huge load inside her pussy. At least now she’s working for that money!

Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter HD 2

Scene 3: Dad finds her in her room, fresh from the shower in nothing but a towel. he tells he knows she been stealing from mom. He tells her he can’t believe what a little slut she is too. Dad says that if she doesn’t do what he says from now on he’s going to tell mom where that money has been going. he puts her puppy eyes on and says ok, and that she’s sorry. he orders her to drop the towel and she does. Nude in front of him he tells her she’s gonna be his secret little whore from now on. She whisper ok and dd orders her to her knees. He makes her sucks his cock and then ride it on her bed. he tells her she’s gonna earn that money from now on.

Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter HD 3

Scene 4: Mom is furious and knows something is us with her daughter. Dillion now dresses like a total slut but Mom does not know why. Dad walks into the room and Mom orders him to fix his problem. Dillion is Daddy’s girl and it is up to him to solve the slut problem. Dad agrees and sends Mom off to work…

Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter HD 4

Dad has completely trained his daughter to be a little slut. What started out as a trick to catch his daughter has turned into something entirely else. Dad finds her on the couch and tells her to strip. when moms gone dad’s in total control. She’s eager this time and excited to suck and fuck her daddy! The fuck in various positions in the living room. During this dad tells her he’s got some friends coming over for her tonight. He tells her to do whatever they say. She happily agrees and promises to even let them cum in her mouth or pussy. He cums inside her as she promises to be a good little whore. Now she’s really working for that money!


Emanuelle’s Daughter (1980)

AKA: I Mavri Emmanouella
Emmanuelle – Queen Of Sados
Emanuelle – Queen Bitch
Director: Ilias Mylonakos
Starring: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Livia Russo, Haris Tryfonas, Nadia Neri. Gordon Mitchell, Pantelis Agelopou.
A woman struggles to keep her stepdaughter from harms way after she hires an assassin to kill her husband, but the hitman turns and blackmails her for the crime.

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Alexis Grace – Tied up and stroked by pissed off Sis HD 720p

Brother / Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Handjob, Titjob, POV (point of view), Cumshot, Blackmail, Humiliation, Sleeping, Drunk, Ass, Busty / Big Tits, Bondage, Brunettes, Female Domination / FemDom

Sometimes I drink too much. Last night was one of those nights, and I barely remember how I got home. All I wanted to do was crash hard and sleep the day away. I still live with my parents and sister, but fortunately for me my parents were gone for the week on vacation, so I didn’t have to worry about getting caught. My sister, on the other hand, would probably tell my parents if she knew. Particularly because I ratted her out for having a party at our house one night and not letting me invite any of my friends. Screw her, it’s my house too.

So here I was passed out on my bed, when the next thing I knew the sheet was ripped off of my head, and standing at my feet was my freakin’ sister! I was really disoriented, and couldn’t seem to move my hands. Everything was a little blurry at first before I realized that the bitch had tied my hands to the bed! She was pissed! It seems that my mom ragged on her for having a party and she knew that I snitched. She owed it to me I guess, but I wasn’t crazy about being hung over AND tied to the bed! I looked over my shoulder to see what predicament I was in and saw that she had cut up my favorite red shirt and used it to tie me to the bed frame. That fucking bitch. Just wait until I get my hands out of here (and sober up).

I felt really humiliated, laying there in my boxers, feeling very exposed to my hot sister. It was sort of turning me on, and the next thing I knew she noticed my boner and sat on the bed with me. She laughed at my situation, and then began to pull my boxers down to take a look at my rod. Holy crap! She took my cock in her hand and started stroking it to make it harder, as she continued to make fun of me for being turned on by being tied up by my sister. Then, she took out her cell phone and started taking blackmail pictures of me! Now I was really starting to feel afraid – yet really aroused at the same time. I think my sister was getting off on having this power over me.

She took out her huge tits to further embarrass me and turn me on, delighting in how much harder my cock was becoming. She called me a sick fuck for being turned on by my sister, and threatened to post the pictures she took on facebook! Fully in control of me (and my cock), my sister began to fuck me with her enourmous tits. Her tits are absolutely perfect, and felt incredible. The shirt that she tied me up with began to feel tighter as I strained against the bondage. She then straddled me and pulled her panties the side to show me her cunt. She was getting wet! I wasn’t the only pervert in the family. Then she turned around so I could see her ass. I couldn’t touch, because my hands were restrained, but I really wanted to. She bumped her pussy up against the head of my dripping cock. The only thing separating me from fucking my sister was a thin piece of fabric.

When she turned around again, she took my cock in her hand and really started to go to town, teasing me. She asked if I like my sister’s big hand around my cock. She put her mouth right next to my cock and told me I was sick for wanting my sister to suck me off. I felt en enormous load building up. She kept a steady rhythm going until at last one of the biggest loads I ever shot spewed out of my swollen cock. This was the hardest nut I ever had, and at the hand of my sister!

I was spinning for a while after that, and came back to consciousness to find that my sister was gone, and left me tied up in a puddle of my own messy cum.

Tied up and stroked by pissed off Sis HD


Ashli orion – Brother spies on his sister jacking off Dad HD

Then he blackmails her into stroking his cock too, or else he tells Mom!

I was cheated in life. I have my mom’s genetics, and have been cursed with a pair of the smallest tits imaginable. I mean, they are not much bigger than a couple of mosquito bites! All of the girls and guys at school make fun of me because my titties are so tiny. I don’t think I’ll ever get a boyfriend, or maybe even a good job if I don’t have a pair of curvy, round boobs that are at least Double D’s! I realized that the only way that was going to happen is to try and persuade my dear old dad. And that, is exactly what my nerdy little brother caught me doing.

My brother spied on me as I was jacking off my Dad to get a new pair of boobs! I’ve always been told I give great handjobs and blowjobs, so I figured that if I could convince my old man to buy them for me in exchange for the occasional hand job, then everybody would be happy! Until my stupid little brother called me into his room to tell me that he saw what I was doing. I wondered how long he stood there watching, and if he was jerking his dick to the incestuous scene. Then, the little threatened to tell my Mom if I didn’t give him a handjob too! The little fucker was blackmailing me! Oh well, I didn’t really mind. I’ve always kind of wondered how big my brother’s cock is anyway, and since I already had his dad’s prick in my hand I may as well give my bro a handjob as well so I could compare who’s cock was bigger!

I told my brother to lay on the bed and I would get him off just like I did his dad. When I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, I was happy to see that his cock was even thicker and longer than his dad’s! It was hard as soon as I wrapped my hand around it and spit on it to make it nice and slippery. I loved teasing him, and showed him my tiny little tittles so he could see what I was talking about. I told him that I would let him cum on them, and that he could cum on my new tits that his Dad was buying for me as well! I teased him with my mouth and tongue a little bit too, and told him that he should let my Mom play with his big 18 year old cock as well. If I know my mom, I know that she’d love a young guy’s cock to play with too. Hell, we’re this far already, we may as well be one fucked up family that fucks each other!

I think he liked the idea of fucking both me and my Mom, because as soon as I said that his cock got really hard. I stroked it really fast, and kept spitting on it to keep it slippery. I love the taste of cum, and wanted to see if his tasted as good as Dad’s cum, so I opened my mouth and jerked my brother’s dick between my lips. As soon as I felt his balls tighten up, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and stroked a big load of cum right into my waiting mouth. I opened my mouth and let him see what a nice load he gave his sister, before licking the rest of it up off of my hand. I think we’re all going to be happy with my new position as the “Family Slut”.

Brother spies on his sister jacking off Dad HD


Blackmailing My Stepdad – Strapon Fucking My Stepdad

Time to turn my Stepdad into a real faggot. Time to take my hard strapon cock and shove it into his tight asshole. I stick it in and fuck his ass. Yeah. Faggot. He probably likes it up the ass. Piece of . I verbally humiliate him while I plow his ass.

Strapon Fucking My Stepdad HD


Blackmailing My Stepdad – Ball Kicking My Stepdad

So I wanted this fucking pervert in pain. I figured the best way was to go with the family jewels. He spread his legs and I kicked him over and over. Pop, pop, pop. Even dropped him to his knees a few times. I kicked him from the front and back before I made him lay on the bed to step on his nuts for a while. Hopefully I’ve prevented a step-sibling. He’d probably smell their panties too. Fucking asshole.

Ball Kicking My Stepdad HD


Blackmailing My Stepdad – Intro, Verbal Abuse and Foot Worship

This is my first clip. First off, I tell you all the story of how my Stepdad came to be my slave. Fucking fool. He was sniffing my panties and I caught him. In this clip, I make him suck my toes. And, when I am done with that, he has to clean my soles with his tongue. Fucking pervert. Throughout this clip, I was relentless on the verbal humiliation. I called him all sorts of names. Fucking faggot pervert.

Intro, Verbal Abuse and Foot Worship HD


Sister Blackmail HD

Sister Blackmail HD

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