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Marissa Mae – Blackmailing My Sis HD

My sister Marissa is a bad girl – I caught her skipping school when I got home from work. And whats even worse is that I had her report card which had terrible grades on it. It was payback time! Marissa has always been a brat to me and now she was finally begging me not to show her mom. She was in a position where she was fucked and had to do whatever I wanted. I told her to get on her knees and she obeyed – slurping on my meat until I told her to take her panties off and get on the bed. I filled Marissas tight teen twat with my massive rod! I told her Id get rid of all the copies I made of her report card if she let me cum in her pussy and she agreed. My dick exploded inside her and her pussy leaked with jizz!

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Blackmailing blue-balled dad HD

Father/Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Teen, POV, Family Fantasies, Dirty Talk, JOI

Blackmailing blue-balled dad HD


Smoking Sister Blackmailed HD

Hey! You’re not supposed to see this… No, please don’t tell Mom and Dad I’m smoking! It’s just a cigarette, come on. *sigh* If I do something to you, you won’t tell? What’s this.. something? … Hmm. Look, I’m sorry you keep thinking about the sex we had for your birthday. What we did before was wrong! Probably way worse than smoking…

…You can’t get me off your mind? But brothers and sisters really shouldn’t be having sex! You came inside me! But… oh, it did feel so good, and this cigarette has me all tingly and hot. Okay, let me finish this and we can go inside. Pull your cock out for me while you wait.

Ohh this is so wrong! What if Mom and Dad found out? What do you think they’d punish me more for? Having sex with you or smoking? I never thought my brother would be the one to make me cum so hard! I bet you’re glad you caught me smoking. Mm, are you going to pull out? Oh, never mind, it felt so good last time, it’s okay if you cum inside your sister’s pussy again. I want to keep you in me and feel it gushing! Ah, but if we’re going to keep doing this, we better get some sort of birth control…

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Son Blackmails Mother HD

7:49 video

Rachel’s son found a porn magazine called 40 Something. Rachel made the cover and had a 3 page spread in it. He confronted her and told her he wanted her to pose for him or he would tell his father. Rachel was furious but did not have a choice. She reluctantly removed her bra covering her tits. He told her to take everything off and spread her legs like she did in the magazine, he wanted all the poses including her using toys and showing him her asshole. She posed for him and bitched about it the whole time, telling him how degrading it was. She looked at the pictures and held them up for him to see. Then she imitated each pose. When she was done, she told him she would burn the magazine and this would never happen again. He told her he had several copies and she would have to sign them so he could pass them out to his friends. Rachel told him to fuck off for being such an ungrateful son.

Son Blackmails Mother HD


Friend’s Wife Blackmail HD Uncensored

Friend’s Wife Blackmail HD.mp4


Vanessa Cage in I Blackmail my Sister HD

Scene One: Material for the trip

You’re very worried about the trip your going on with your sister. What will you do without your mom helping you with your medical problems. You need to be medically expressed of cum multiple times a day and you can only masturbate so many times. “What about your sister” Cory suggests. She won’t do it, your sister hates you. Cory gives you some blackmail material just in case she doesn’t do as you want.

“In fact we haven’t done that today” your mom says. She gets on the ground and opens her robe revealing her tight body. Pulling down your pants she slides your cock in her mouth and sucks you as only a mother can. Lovingly she sucks and strokes you until you cum in her mouth. Full of cum she swallows with a smile. You are going to miss your mom so much this week. Now if you can just convince your sister

I Blackmail my Sister HD 1

Scene 2: Money or cock

You call your sister. “Did mom tell you about the medication I’m on?” you ask her. Vanessa’s face takes on a strange look as you explain the side effects to her. Vanessa will have to take care of your sexual needs. “I don’t care what mom says, there’s no way I’m not doing that.” She says in a snotty voice. What Vanessa doesn’t know is that mom gave you the perfect way to make your sister do whatever you want. Grandma has a huge inheritance for her two grandchildren but with a morality clause. Vanessa made some porn videos when she needed money and if her grandmother ever found out she would be out of the inheritance completely. Vanessa puts her head in her hands, feeling her whole world collapsing around her.

“Just take care of my issues until mom gets back” you plead with her. “I can’t believe your blackmailing me with this” She says angrily. “I don’t have a choice now do I?” she says when you ask her to strip. She takes off her clothes and pulls down her pink cotton panties before getting to her knees. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Lets just get this over with.” she says as she puts your cock in her mouth. Your sister sucks your rock hard penis and drains your painfully filled balls. The warm gliding mouth sliding up and down feels amazing. Your sister gives great head. You cum as she sucks and the cum shoots into her mouth. “Way to warn me! The cum just shot down the back of my throat, oh my god” She yells at you coughing.

I Blackmail my Sister HD 2

Scene 3: 3am fuck or else

Your sister Vanessa is sleeping in an overly large shirt with no panties. Her shirt has pushed up as she slept showing off her great ass. Your cock gets instantly hard and you grab her ass. “Whoa what are you doing. What the hell is wrong with you. It’s like 3 in the morning!” She tells you waking up. You tell her it’s time for another treatment. “Are you fucking serious right now?” You threaten to send the video to her grandmother and convince her to take off her shirt. “I can’t believe you would wake me up in the middle of the night to do this.” She mutters angrily to herself as she strips naked.

She lubes your cock with her spit and jerks you rock hard before you tell her to lay back. With her legs spread you push yourself inside her. Vanessa moans, her tits bouncing and she yells at you “You’re lucky you found my twitter” You continue to fuck her then make a suggestion. “You want me to get on top?” she says with exasperated sigh.

She gets on top of you and fucks you looking upset the entire time. “Are you finished yet? You’re lucky you have this blackmail against me” she tells you as she moans and bounces. You tell her that mom lets you finish inside her and Vanessa can’t believe what she just heard. You let her get comfortable then fuck her faster and faster until you cum inside her young tight pussy. “Gross, Get off me so I can clean up!” Vanessa demands running out of the room.

I Blackmail my Sister HD 3

Scene 4: I want my brother all the time

Vanessa has been taking care of your sexual needs for the last week while mom’s been away. Fucking, sucking, and getting cummed inside her pussy, Vanessa is actually starting to like it. Now that mom is coming back she doesn’t want it to stop. She asks if she can be your permanent nurse. You agree but you want to try something new. You want to cum in her mouth. She agrees.

Vanessa takes off her shirt and playfully sucks on your cock talking and teasing you. “Are you ready for your sister?” she asks taking off her panties and getting on top of you. Her brothers hard cock feels so good inside her. She moans “Does that feel good?” she asks you. She rides you faster and faster her tits bouncing. You turn her around and fuck her from behind making her beg for your cock.

She gets to her knees and jerks you over her open mouth. Her eyes look up at you with love and lust as she jerks a huge load out of your cock and into her mouth. Vanessa plays with the cum in her mouth. “Happy? I’m going to clean up” she says. Your sister is now your permanent cum doll.

I Blackmail my Sister HD 4


Madisin Lee – Mom Blackmails Son

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF

As this hot MILF’s son is relaxing on his bed, his mom, Madisin Lee, walks in with a bank statement. She questions him about charges to his dad’s bank account. He denies it at first, but eventually tells her the truth. This naughty MILF has something up her sleeve… She loves young hard cock so she decides she is going to blackmail her son. He has to fuck her every night or she will tell his father. He has no choice but to give in to her twisted wishes. She has him play with her pussy with his vibrator first. Then she climbs on top for a good fucking. The scene ends when Freddie erupts a hot load deep inside of mommy’s pussy.

Mom Blackmails Son 1
Mom Blackmails Son 2


Melanie Hicks in Slutty Mom is Blackmailed HD

Scene One: Catching mom cheating

Naked, Melanie is giving a hot blowjob to your uncle when you walk in. “Why are you blowing Uncle Alex” you yell. “Don’t tell daddy, I was just having a bit of fun.” she tells you as Alex runs out of the room. “You can’t tell your dad. I’ll do anything.” she pleads with you telling you if he found out your father would leave her and she would have nothing. “I didn’t think you were home” she wimpers. You think about what she said. She would do anything… The thoughts quickly race through your mind and you have the perfect punishment for your hot mom. “Promise you wont tell dad?” She agrees to whatever you want, not having a choice.

Dressed in fishnet stockings, very tall high heels, a tight too short see through red dress, and her hair in pigtails, Melanie looks like the perfect slut. You make her pull on her nipples as hard as she can until her face shows pain and she says “Ouch” She tortures her nipples for your sick pleasure. “Oww” she says as she twists them. You command her to bend over and show off her big ass in her tight fishnets.

Slutty Mom is Blackmailed HD 1

Scene Two: Suck punishment

She faces the wall and bends over as he pulls down her tight stockings exposing her ass. Her son begins to slap her ass hard. This is so humiliating being spanked by her own son. “Oh Oh mmm oww” she moans as the slaps come harder and harder. With long handcuffs he lashes her feet together and cuffs her hands behind her back. Completely restrained she can’t stop her own son from feeling up her large breasts.

She feels so shameful being exposed and forced to her knees for her son. He takes out his cock and grabs her pig tails shoving her mouth down his shaft. Her chains rattle against the floor as she gags on her son’s huge penis. “Choke on it mom” he tells her. She can’t believe her son is treating her like a whore, no one has ever treated her so badly. With a belt he hits her and she cries out in pain muffled by her son’s cock in her mouth. He uses a chair to further humiliate, spank and force his cock down her throat. She feels used like her son’s sex doll and less like his mother every second.

Slutty Mom is Blackmailed HD 2

Scene Three: Fuck punishment

With her bent over a chair she feels him push his cock up against her pussy. He can’t want to fuck her she thinks as he forces himself inside her. He slaps her ass and pounds her pussy making her yell in pain and cry out. She bites her lip to control herself. Her son fucks her harder than she’s been fucked in years. She tries not to enjoy herself. Just let him stop fucking her.

With his cock wet from her pussy he moves to the front of her and makes her suck his cock again. She can taste her own shame on him. His hand on the back of her head forces her to pleasure him. What a whore she’s become.

Slutty Mom is Blackmailed HD 3

Scene Four: Cheater forced to fuck

He removes the leg cuffs and heels from his mom’s long legs. He pulls off her fishnet stockings and makes her get on top of him. Still handcuffed she bounces her big ass up and down on her son. She has no choice but to fuck him.

He lifts her up with his cock still inside her and fucks her all the way to her bedroom. She’s re-cuffed hand to foot with her ass exposed and her hair pulled roughly by her son’s strong grip. He slaps her ass and fucks her from behind mercilessly. She’s been with a lot of men in her life but never before has she felt like such a used slut as she does with her own son fucking her. She cries out into the pillows when he slaps her ass with the belt.

She sucks her son’s cock wanting it all to end. “I want your come” she’s forced to say and sticks out her tongue. He jerks his big load into her mouth and she sucks him all down. He leaves her tied up, giving her a few last spanks with the belt. She shows the look of total destruction on her cum covered face. Melanie really is a slut now.

Slutty Mom is Blackmailed HD 4


Brother Blackmails Cheating Sister HD

Brother-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, Family Fantasies, POV, Blackmail

FUCK!!! I’m tired of fapping to my little sister’s dirty panties and spying on her in the shower. SHE FUCKS EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! It’s my turn, Goddamn it! I don’t care if I’m a sick pervert. I’ve taken care of her for years, I think I’ve earned the right to a little pussy from her once in awhile… And now I’ve finally figured out how to get it. I went though my sister’s phone and found a bunch of dirty texts and naked pics she sent to some random guy. I’m pretty sure her boyfriend wouldn’t be very happy if I forwarded him the texts. My little sister is doing yoga in her room right now. I think I’ll stop by and let her know my good news. I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out…. Clip 1 of 3 in “Dr. Sisterlove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Brother” ***Starring Tiffany Bannister & a REAL creampie from her brother***

Brother Blackmails Cheating Sister HD 1
Brother Blackmails Cheating Sister HD 2


Madisin Lee – Blackmailed pussy HD 1080p

**TOP 50 CLIP**

Madisin gets caught cheating by her boyfriend’s buddy and has to give up that sweet pussy to keep him quiet. He has his way with her little fuck holes before blowing a massive load of cum onto her pretty face.


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