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Blackmailing Kleio HD 1920×1080

Kleio gets her sweet pussy blackmailed when her boyfriend’s buddy finds out she’s been less than faithful. She unwillingly takes a hard pounding until he shoots a huge wad of spunk right in her eye. That’ll teach her!Category: BLACKMAIL FANTASY Keywords: Kleio Valentine, Kleio Valentien

Blackmailing Kleio HD.mp4


Blackmailing Sasha HD 1920×1080

Sasha gets her pretty little mouth fucked when her boyfriend’s buddy finds out about her infidelities…

Blackmailing Sasha HD.mp4


Mom Blackmailed By Son

Mom Blackmailed by son n ask her so suck him n let him .mp4


Riley Reid – Blackmailing Riley HD

Riley gets busted cheating on her boyfriend and is blackmailed into giving up her tight little pussy until her face is blasted with a fat load of cum.

Blackmailing Riley HD.mp4


Blackmailing Cheating Girl Cassidy HD 1920×1080

Blackmailing Cassidy HD

My Ex made the mistake of sucking my cock the other night…even though she’s got a new boyfriend I guess she just couldn’t resist. Well, the problem is I want seconds and she’s just not having it. I guess she forgot I snapped a little photo with my phone…it’s time to take whats mine!

Blackmailing Cassidy HD.mp4

Cassidy’s oral creampie HD

Cassidy Klein gives a perfect POV blowjob with lots of filthy language until her mouth is filled to the brim with hot sticky cum. Cassidy happily shows off the load before swallowing it right down to her tummy.

Cassidy Kleins OralCreampie HD.mp4


Krissy Lynn – Blackmailing her rich husband HD

Krissy was going to embarrass you in front off all your friends and business associates. So you willingly sign a Contract, which states that Krissy owns you and all your life work, you are now her bitch.. and she won’t fuck your brother.. Once you have signed the contract things turn nasty and the bitch comes out in her, humiliating you, telling you that she owns you and telling you that she is going to buy this car and that diamond necklace and then she says that in the contract is doesn’t say anything about fucking your best friend and he comes out of nowhere and shoves his cock in her mouth and starts face fucking her right in front of you. You married a dirty whore who now owns you They fuck and she cuckolds you and humiliates… He smashes her in all different positions before pullling out and busting a huge load all over her tits

Blackmailing her rich husband HD.mp4


Danielle Maye – Blackmailing My Brother HD

My loser brother wont lend me his car so i can go shopping with the girls.
I know the perfect way to get those keys from him.

Danielle Maye XXX
This Video Includes: Role Play, Striptease, Humiliation, Ass Worship, POV, Taboo, Financial Domination,

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Married Working Woman Blackmail HD Uncensored

Married Working Woman Blackmail HD.part1.rar

Married Working Woman Blackmail HD.part2.rar

Married Working Woman Blackmail HD.part3.rar

Married Working Woman Blackmail HD.part4.rar


Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Cunnilingus, Oral, Pussy licking

Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son – Part 1

This is a 3 part video. Part 1 of 3. David overhears his parents arguing in the bedroom. It is not uncommon to hear his mother yelling at his father about his poor sexual performance. He decides he is going to do something about it. He is going to seduce his mother and give her the orgasms she desires. This is going to be very tricky. Although his mother is very hot she does not fool around on her husband. The next night his father was working late. He put on some slow music and asked his mother to dance. She was very surprised by the invitation and joked that he should be using that line on one of his girlfriends. As they dance and talk David eases his body closer to her about nuzzles her neck. She pushes him back gently and tells him to keep an appropriate distance between them. He pulls her body against him again and this time she pushes him away and tells him that she is not one of his cheap little slut girlfriends. He realizes that a direct course of action is not going to work so he is going to have to resort to blackmail. Rachel wakes up the next day with some blank spots. She does not consider that she might have taken something without her knowledge. When she returns from shopping later that day David shows her a video tape that was dropped off at the house. It was a video of her having sex with a man who she does not even recognize. Rachel grabs the remote control out his hand, shuts off the tape and runs out of the room. After she regains her composure he sits her down on the couch and proposes a way to make sure his father never finds out about the tape. David tells his mother that if she will teach him everything she knows about sex then he would not tell his father about the tape. She immediately refused and storms out of the room. He comes into her room later and tells her to decide. Either take off her clothes or he goes to his father’s office and shows him the video tape. She relents and starts slowly taking off his clothes. She is stripping too slowly for his taste so he pulls off her skirt and panties. He shoves her back onto the bed, spreads her legs and buries his face in her crotch. She cannot remember the last time she has had a tongue on her pussy. David worms his finger deep up into her pussy and massages her G-spot as he tongues her clit. She cums for the first time in months.

Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son – Part 2

Category: Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blowjob, Oral, Fellatio, Cum in mouth, Blackmail, Deepthroat

This is a 3 part video. Part 2 of 3. After David gives his mother a mind-blowing orgasm by licking her pussy he crawls up to her face and begins to kiss her. She initially resists so he has to hold her arms down to the bed. However, it has been a long time since anyone has kissed like this so the struggling stops and her long legs wrap around his body. David slowly stops kissing her and stands at the end of the bed. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his dick. He tells his mother that is her turn. She crawls over to him and asks him if he is sure that this is what he wants. He answers that he wants her to suck his cock. He pushes her head down all the way down on his cock causing him to deep-throat him over and over. She lifts off his cock long enough to say that this is not right but goes right back to enthusiastically sucking his cock. David does not have the same moral dilemma as Rachel as he tells her what a great cock sucker she is. He comments that now he knows why his father married her. It was because of her great cock sucking skills and ability to deep-throat a cock. As he gets closer to cumming his thrusts become more urgent. He grabs his mother’s hair and forces her all the way down on his cock. He asks if he can cum in her mouth. She says that does not even let his father do it. But David is too close to listen to her reply. He grabs her hair a final time and pushes her head all the way down on his cock, shooting his load into her mouth and choking her. When he releases her head she tells him that she hoped he enjoyed it because that was the one and only time he would ever get to do it. Later in the day David walks into his mother’s room as she is changing clothes. He hugs her and plants a big kiss on her lips. After they break she tells him that he should knock. David replies that he does not need to knock since she is now his woman. She corrects him, telling him that she is his mother not his woman. She notices that he is going through her lingerie and asks him what he is doing. He replies that he is picking out the clothes that she is going to wear while he fucks her. She is outraged and tells him that she is not a whore and is not going to have sex with him. He calmly reminds her that she will do what he wants or he shows his father the video tape. He leaves the room for her to change. She complains about each piece of clothing he picked out as she puts it on thinking about what is about to come.

Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son – Part 3

Category: Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Facial, Cumshot

This is a 3 part video. Part 3 of 3. Rachel comes into the room wearing the slutty outfit David has specified. She continues to try to convince him that this is very wrong as she applies her lip gloss. David knows what he wants and is not listening to her arguments. He tells her to take off her panties and kneel on the bed. She curses him and calls him a pig as she gets into position. She is still cursing him as he slams his hard cock into her from behind. Her curses quickly change into moans of pleasure as she gets her first good fucking in a long time even though it is from her son. She tells him how big his cock is as he shoves her head against the mattress. He flips her over on her back. She struggles momentarily but her legs spread and go straight up in the air as he shoves his cock back inside her. There are no more objections coming from her. She is now grabbing his ass and telling him to fuck her harder. After she has multiple orgasms she decides to finish him off with her mouth. She has him lay back on the bed as she positions herself on her knees on the floor between his legs. She takes his cock into her mouth all the way to the root. She stands up without ever taking his cock out her mouth allowing her well fucked pussy to peek out from beneath her short skirt. She pulls down her top to expose her huge breasts while continuing her stroking. She jerks his cock between her tits coaxing the cum out of him. Finally when he is ready to explode she directs the cum on her face. She continues to stroke and lick his cock after he has shot his load. She turns her cum smeared face towards him and tells him that their relationship has changed forever.

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Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son 2.mp4
Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son 3.mp4

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