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Jerk it or I’ll Tell everyone you’re gay! HD 720p

Brother/Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, JOI (jerk off instructions), Masturbation Encouragement, Cum Eating Instructions (CEI), Tease, Blackmail, Blonde, Toys & Dildos, Tattooed, POV (point of view)

“Your sister Taylor found your internet browsing history and she thinks that you might be gay. Are you gay? No? Well, if you are not gay, then you have the chance to prove it right now. Get your dick out and start jerking or else Taylor is going to tell everyone you are gay. She takes off her bra and she notices your dick bulging in your pants. As she turns around to show you her ass, your dick grows even more. Taylor thinks that she should play with her pussy as you stroke your dick, so she gets out her pink vibrator and starts playing with herself. If you cum for her, she might even let you fuck her. Aren’t you ready to cum yet? Oh, you are close, are you? Okay, keep stroking it. You are so close now. Keep going, keep going, keep going, yes, that’s it. It has been decided that you will cum into your hand and then eat it. When you lick up your hot load, Taylor promises not to tell everyone that you’re gay. You are safe – for now, that is.”

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Body Games (1987)

Director: Eric Edwards
Starring: Shanna McCullough, Titian, Nina Hartley, Nikki Knights, Magnolia Lankershim, John Leslie, Randy Paul, Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Sasha Gabor.
A weekend retreat for the super-rich is actually a front for a full-scale prostitution house in this fast-paced romp. Randy Paul and Jon Martin star as a couple of college roomies in need of some fast cash. Before he quite knows what’s hit him, he’s interviewing for a job working at an exclusive country resort. Of course, he can’t get through dinner with the owner without Nina Hartley dragging him into the bathroom for a quickie. Little does he suspect that Nina’s actually helping recruit him — she had to make sure he was skilled enough with his tool to actually make it at the spa! The sub-plots and bodies start to pile up as soon as Randy shows up for work. He ends up becoming the object of lust of married woman Titian. The only problem is that he is in love with his roommate’s fresh-faced girlfriend (Shanna McCullough). Toss in some side action about blackmailing their clients and you’ve got more than enough backstory to establish lots and lots of lusty action. Shanna steals the show, taking part in a pair of mesmerizing romps that represent the height of her early career. A solid, very arousing sexvid that’s a perfect example of crazily plotted 80s-style hardcore.

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Brother smother Hand Job

I walk in on my brother being a total pervert again! This time I catch him sniffing my dirty panties I left in the bathroom. He’s just sitting there with no pants on trying to tell me he’s not doing anything. I decide if my loser brother really wants to smell something I’ll just take a and smother his face with my ass afterwards! He can clean my ass for me, how lucky is he really? He’s so freaking hard from the experience I jerk him off in my panties to collect eveidence of his perversion for later blackmail!Now I own his ass!

The brother smother


Sister Catches You Jerking Off HD


Ugh, I have the most perverted brother on the planet. Mom and Dad are NOT going to be happy to learn that you’ve been spanking your monkey again. I swear to god, you’re addicted or something. If you don’t want me to tell them I caught you with your pants down, you have to do what I say. I want you to do my homework. All of it. For a whole week! Deal?

Hah, I knew you would, you desperate virgin. Well, hurry up and jerk that cock of yours. The ‘rents will be home any minute. What do you mean, you need some inspiration? You want to see my boobs?! You really are a horny freak. Ok, ok, fine. But if I take off my clothes, you have to do all my chores for a week, too! That’s right, bitch, you’ll be like my personal slave for 7 days. Do we have a deal?

Sister Catches You Jerking Off HD


My Son handcuffed Gagged and Forced Me to CUM HD

My Son handcuffed Gagged and Forced Me to CUM HD 720p

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Mature, Brunette, Tattooed, Bound / Bondage, Male Domination / MaleDom, Finger Fucking, Forced Orgasm(S), handcuffed, Gagged, Nipple Clamps, Big Tits, Teasing.

STORYLINE:: I tried to sneak out to the fetish sex party BUT my son caught me AND THEN BLACKMAILED ME INTO BECOMING HIS SEX SLAVE! I am being handcuffed, Gagged and Abused (and used) by my SON!!

I am addicted to being a SLUTTY SUB MILF and have enjoyed many wild fetish sex parties! I love being the one getting happily used and abused at the parties! BUT today I got busted by my suspicious Son… Maybe the black leather jacket and thigh high boots were a bad idea! He was not pissed at Mom but more inquisitive and (to my surprise!) turned on!
HOWEVER! I knew I was in trouble when he refused to keep this a secret from his father and HE blackmailed me into doing whatever he wanted sexually! I was in shock, before it was my idea but now he is in control and I DESIRED it even more! I am DRIPPING wet knowing my Son is going to USE his MOTHER to get himself off! Within minutes, I was handcuffed to the bed and he began fondling AND complimenting my big tits and pussy while playing with them! Then he inspected the contents of my bag… discovering a vibrator, blindfold, mouth gag, handcuffs, nippple clamps and pussy clamps BUT he also discovered my F I S T I N G Dildo!

NOW My Son is my DOM! OHHHHH! He is fingering and rubbing my soaking pussy! THEN he FORCES the vibrator HARD onto my CLIT! My Body is shaking from the pain of the nipple clamps and the pleasure of the Vibrator! Oh !!! My orgasms are so intense I have trouble standing! My SON is making my CUM… each orgasm is a tidal wave of PLEASURE throughout my body!! Maybe he will let me suck his cock later today!!

My Son handcuffed Gagged and Forced Me to CUM.mkv


My First Sex Teacher Remastered – Cherokee

Professor Cherokee is a flirt. She isn’t afraid to use her killer curves to get what she wants. And she wants to fuck her student. So after a little academic blackmail gets his attention, Cherokee tutors her new favorite student in the fine art of pleasing a woman!!



Centerspread Girls (1982)



Pornstars, Classic, Group Sex, Lesbians


Scene 1. Lisa De Leeuw, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Tara Aire, Jon Martin
Scene 3. Desiree Cousteau, Scorpio
Scene 4. Victoria Slick, Michael Morrison
Scene 5. Annette Haven, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Arcadia Lake, Brooke West, Eric Edwards
Scene 7. Jesie St. James, Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire
Scene 8. Jacqueline Brooks, Lily Rodgers, Michael Morrison
Scene 9. Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas
Scene 10. Veronica Hart, R. Bolla
Scene 11. Georgina Spelvin, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas

When a committee of moral majority zealots try to blackmail the female editor/publisher of a national magazine, her Centerspread Girls cum to the rescue, bringing the action to a rousing and unforgettable climax!

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Blackmail A Hot Milf Into Sucking Off Her Son HD

Charlee Chase, Macy Cartel, Cherry Poppins.

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Blonde, Cougars, Mature, Blowjob, Oral, Cumshot, Group

Blackmail A Hot Milf Into Sucking Off Her Son


Cuckolded By Lesbian Wife HD

CATEGORY: Cuckolding
To you, my husband: “You remember how I asked you to take sexy pics of yourself jerking off at work? Well, your secretary & I are now going to use those pics to blackmail you into being our cuckold. Your secretary & I have been having an affair & she’s going to move in now…& sleep with me in the master bedroom. You are going to be cross dressed, locked in chastity & sleep in the basement…you can have one last orgasm while she & I make out in front of you, really driving the point home that you are no longer needed sexually….”


Blackmailed Daughter POV Fuck

Blackmailed Daughter POV Fuck

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