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REAL German Lesbian Twins!

Anja & Katja
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Identical Twins Liena and Svetlana

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Shomu, Futago Ni Shihai O – Dominate Twins

Shomu, Futago Ni Shihai O – Dominate Twins
28 pages

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The Redheaded Twins

The Redheaded Twins


The Russo Twins From Russia To Hollywood HD

Taking on cock together!

The amazing, true story (okay, maybe not true) about the Russo twins, two incredibly hot little blonde nymphs from Russia who beg, borrow and steal their way to Hollywood, only to get caught up with playboys, producers and porn! Will Tati’s stowaway plan work? Will Taylor break away from Ralph Long and his sleazy skin flicks? Will the sexy sisters actually succeed as dancers in a legit ballet? It’s all up for grabs in this crazy tale of Moscow dreampies and American creampies, starring the one-of-a-kind Russo twins, in their two-of-a-kind story!

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Twins (1986)

Director: Jerome Tanner
Starring: Bunny Bleu, Careena Collins, Jamie Summers, Taija Rae, Hershel Savage, John Leslie, Marc Wallice, Randy Paul, Nina Hartley, Jerry Butler.
Careena Collins plays dual roles in Twins, a movie about twin sisters who are nothing alike. Evil Twin Sabrina vows revenge against her goody two shoes sister Samantha whom she claims stole her boyfriend. So, Sabrina follows Samantha to college. Posing as her twin sister, Sabrina seduces Samantha’s teacher, boyfriend and even Samantha’s best friend in a quest to “fuck her over.” Samantha has to find a way to expose Sabrina’s evil plan, but will anyone believe her?
Herschel Savage co-stars as the twin’s pervy father who fucks his way across campus with appearances by Bunny Bleu, John Leslie, Mark Wallice, Taija Rae. and the introductory appearance of Jamie Summers.

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REAL TWINS – Best of teen Anals!

Cali Marie Nataly Vanessa Smoke Cherish Alexa Weix Wiska

You know how curious those naughty teens can be, sticking their fingers up their butts to see how good it feels. Next they’ll find some horny stud with a big dick to shove up that aching ass, and you know what… it feels so good that they can’t stop cumming! Neither can they guys. So join these teens as they get their tight sphincters split and their young, hot-bodies covered with fresh jizz!

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Nice Chubby REAL Twins Threesome

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Real Twins! Real Dirty!! Ann & Louise McCormick • ASS-TO-OTHER-GIRLS-MOUTH

We meet Jade and Jayney, her TWIN SISTER. They’re okay looking but have nice bodies. Small tits, narrow waist and flaring hips with nice butts. We watch the two girls clad in tank tops and panties playing in a hot tub.
Pascal can’t take it anymore and walks to the edge of the tub, dick standing at attention. The sisters show good oral skills as they take turns blowing him. Ben and Bob get their dicks sucked a little then Bob and Pascal fuck these girls like there’s no tomorrow. We watch them side by side getting fucked mish, doggy, CG, etc. Then we see Jayney getting her ass busted mish.
Ben tells Jade to lean over and get a closer look as Bob fucks her. Then, Pascal pulls hs dick from Jayney’s ass and Jade sucks the slime before sticking it back in her sister’s butt. Next, we see Bob fucking Jade’s ass doggy, Jayney pulls his dick from her sister’s butt twice, sucking it each time then sticking it back in her ass.
Next, we see the girls in a 69 position. Jade is getting her butt fucked by Pascal and he pulls his dick outta her ass twice and sticks in Jayney’s mouth.
Finally, Bob and Pascal cum on Jayney’s face. Ben cums in Jade’s mouth, then she bends down and spits the cum in her sister’s open and waiting mouth…

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REAL TWINS – Dildo Anal In Public Bathroom HD 1280×720

Naughty twin sisters want to use their new dildo they bought. They wanted to get their ass fucked in park but their surprise they walked on lots of people, so decided to take the adventure in public bathroom.


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