Watching My Mom Go Black – Alyssa Lynn HD

Alyssa Lynn is unhappily married. Her husband, Mr. Lynn, is a businessman who spends a lot of time working, and her son, Robby, is a community college freshman. She loves her son very much, but she loves her son’s friends even more…if you know what I mean. Especially his black friends! So, when Robby gets home early from school, even though he may seem “surprised” at his discovery, he’s really not surprised at all. Robby’s watched his mom flirt with all his friends, and he knows his mom and dad don’t even sleep in the same room anymore. What surprises Robby is something terribly taboo and hard to admit: he became aroused and achieved an erection witnessing his mom in The Act!! And when his mom made her discovery — that Robby was spying on her having sex like a common Peeping Tom — she did what some would consider the Unthinkable. Warning: this scene may shock you!

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Becoming a Cuckold to Please Mistress HD

I had a wonderful idea this morning about how you can more fully serve me. You’re going to let your wife sleep with other men. You know she wants to; imagine how happy she’s going to be when you tell her that she can screw whoever she wants. I’m not concerned with your wife’s happiness; all I care about is distracting her. When she’s happy & distracted, you have more time & space to serve & pay me. You can watch my clips & listen to my voice without worrying about her walking in on you. She won’t even be home. She’ll be out having sex with other men. Sure, you’ll be sad about it for a while, but once you realize how much easier it is to focus on me, you’ll be happier than ever.

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A Perverted Amateur Girl With Old Daddy HD

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CeCe Stone – My boyfriend thinks I’m doing you HD

My boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend finally revealed why he has been so weird to me since you came to stay here. He thinks I am doing you! You’re my sister’s son so isn’t that a disgusting thing to think? Well technically you’re my sister’s son so we aren’t blood related but still. I’m your aunt and older than you. I don’t have a thing for college guys. No matter what I said I couldn’t convince him that you are only staying here because I live close to your school. He broke up with me after much yelling at each other which brings me to having this discussion with you. I feel that if I am going to be accused and condemned for doing some thing I haven’t, I may as well do it and have some fun! You are attractive and I have thought about playing around with you. We’re both cooped up in this house so much we may as well enjoy what we can together. I’ll tell you what I like a guy to do to me if you want to play. First let me get you good and hard with my mouth. Now you can make my pussy wet with your tongue. Slide that thick cock of yours in my little hole and fuck me with everything you’ve got! I don’t have a boyfriend anymore so you may have to take care of my needs now. I don’t care what position we fuck so long as you do me doggystyle and pull out to spray your load on my ass. I love to feel hot sticky cum on my ass. You fucked me so good I think I’m going to like not having a boyfriend anymore. Or maybe you can be my new boyfriend as long as you don’t tell your mother!
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Sisters Sweet Pussy – Alessa Savage HD

Alyssa is a gorgeous brunette with a nice attitude, she doesn’t know all that much about sex yet but she’s going to try and play with some toys anyway… Her perverse brother sneaks up on her doing the dirty and he’s soon convinced the pretty girl to lose her virginity with him.

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Brandi Love – Mom’s Strap-on Punishment HD

Mega hot MILF Brandi Love has had it with her son, he doesn’t seem to take her rules seriously. Brandi catches Alex sneaking in in the wee hours of the morning after another long night of partying. Brandi has a surprise in store for him! He either has to take her punishment or move out! He begs for forgiveness, but he will be the one taking it up the ass today. Brandi fucks him slow and deep, enjoying the sounds of pain he makes as she forces her cock balls deep inside his tight ass. Brandi fucks him from doggy-style, then lays him on his back so she can look him straight in the eyes to see his pain as she punishes his ass. Brandi mocks his manhood as she fucks him, telling Alex that she can use a cock far better than he ever could. Little boys get spanked when they misbehave, big boys take the cock like a man.

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Story of White Coat Indecent Acts (1984) Japan Taboo Erotica

Directed by: Hidehiro Ito

Stars: Mina Asami, Nami Misaki, Kansai Eto

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English

Country: Japan | Dvdrip

Also known as: Hakui monogatari: Midasu!

Description: Shinobu, a pretty nurse–who is still a virgin–works at a local hospital. Junior, a patient who is recovering from alcohol poisoning, sets his sights on Shinobu. He also happens to be the son of a major financial backer of the hospital, and is used to “getting his way” with the nurses there. Complications ensue

Story of White Coat Indecent Acts (1984).mkv




Lola, and her Brother, Joey are both in a hurry to get ready, and out of the house. Lola has been occupying the bathroom while she does her hair and makeup. Joey can’t wait any longer and he comes into the bathroom. The two bicker back and forth about who should get to be in the bathroom….and they ultimately decide to share the bathroom. That decision, however, will turn out to be a bad one!!! As they are both fighting over the mirror…..and they are both naked…..the site of his Sister’s Ass sticking out as she bends over the bathroom counter to apply her eye shadow, is too much for Joey, apparently…..and he gets a BIG boner!!! Lola sees the big erection on her Brother….and laughs at him…”Is that because of me??!!!…..do you think I’m sexy or something??!!”. Joey sheepishly admits that, yes…..he does think of Lola as being very attractive……and before you know it…..the bathroom sharing idea, goes horribly wrong….as Joey’s penis soon finds it’s way inside Lola’s vagina!!! It was bound to happen!!! The two Fuck like wild Honeymooners until Joey leaves his little Sister Pounded and Delirious. Maybe next time Lola will share the bathroom. Or……maybe not………
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Trophy Wife Secures Inheritance HD

Impregnation / Executrix

I’ve just come from talking to your doctor. Unfortunately he told me you only have a few days to live… but he also gave me some good news: you’re now sterile.
Under ordinary circumstances that would be a bad thing, but I know how you’ve insisted that you not get me pregnant. Now you can have sex with your wife one last time, and you can cum inside me.
Don’t you want that? I mean, you didn’t marry such a hottie to just look at me, right? Let me send you off in the proper fashion.
I know you’re in pain so it’s hard for you to get an erection, but that’s why I have this little blue pill. Swallow it for me, and I’ll start with a handjob. That’s better, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work.

You just lie there & enjoy my body as I ride you. Your chest feels a bit tight, doesn’t it darling? You know the doctor said you can’t handle too much stimulate, and you still let me give you a stimulant. That’s how bad you want me… you’ll let me do this to you, even knowing it will probably end your life. I can feel you’re close to cumming, and I know you have little control at this stage. So I suppose it’s safe to tell you that I lied about the doctor. He told me you’re still perfectly sterile… and here you are, having sex with me without a condom. I’ve taken fertility drugs to ensure that you’ll impregnate me.
And there goes your son’s inheritance. It will belong to me & your new son. I’ll get all your money. I deserve it for putting up with you.
So just let go darling, let go & cum inside me. I’m not getting off your cock until you give me your seed.
That’s it. That’s perfect. Isn’t that the best way to go out? Hmmm… I can’t believe you’re still alive after that heart attack. I should’ve doubled the dose. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I also lied about the doctor saying you only have a few days to live. He said it’s going to take at least a few more weeks, and I just can’t have the hospice care eating into my inheritance. THe medical bills will be even higher now, since you’ve just had a heart attach. You’re a sturdy bastard. I have to end it now. Hold still darling while I just put this pillow over your face. Now now, don’t struggle.

Video Includes:reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, handjob and smother.

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Nicole Bexley – Graduation HD

The first part is HERE!

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