Kimberly Kane – Predator Becomes Prey – Parking Garage Ab.duction – FULL VERSION

I didn’t think parking garages were dangerous during the day, but they are. Especially for dumb ass criminal perverts that try to grab well trained and capable women such as myself. Within seconds of this creep touching me I have him on his back begging for mercy. I kick him repeatedly in the face and balls, giving him a taste of his own intentions, I’m sure. But that’s not enough for me, I want to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. So I bring him to his feet, pop my trunk and toss him inside. I’m bring him back to my layer for more degradation. He’s lucky to awake at my feet, or so he thinks. Now as I have him all to myself, life as he knows it is going to change forever, starting now. I’ll take your manhood, then I’ll take your wallet. You had a lot of nerve grabbing me in the parking garage, and now look at you, beaten, battered and scared. While you were “sleeping” I took the liberty of going through your pockets. I found your day planner, your phone and your wallet. I know where you live, where you work everything. I take what little cash you have, that is asshole tax for fucking up my afternoon. Now I have to decide who to call first, your boss or your wife… Upon inspection of your pockets I attempted to feel around for your manhood and came up short. You have been cursed with the smallest, whitest penis I’ve ever seen. Female satisfaction has never been achieved using your equipment. So I’ve decided to show you what a real man should look like, and explain to you why I’d rather fuck this giant black cock then your tiny white boy dick. (FEMDOM POV, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, CUCKOLDING, DIRTY TALK, DILDO FUCKING, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION, DIRTY FEET, CONFRONTATION)

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The Art of Older Women Part Two HD

Kylie Page, aka Bonnie, has put up with enough of her lying and cheating husband. She’s so fed up that this time it’s the last straw, she’s caught him cheating on her too many times to just sit by and take it anymore. But before trying to get payback she’s thinking of divorce. Clean the adulterous fucker out for all he’s worth. She calls up Alexis Fawx, a highly rated divorce lawyer with a certain expertise with revenge for young innocent victims of adultery. Alexis takes an appointment with the gorgeous young woman immediately. Bonnie comes in furious, and lists off the women he’s been with, including her own sister, and a 70 year old woman with dentures! Well Alexis does her best to calm Bonnie down, and it comes to the point where Alexis even whips out a little seduction of her own, to help the poor helpless babe relax as much as Alexis knows is possible, with just a lick of the pussy here, and a lesbian kiss here and there. Alexis plays with Bonnie’s supple boobs and teases her pussy. One by one, pieces of their clothes fly off and before long Alexis has Bonnie’s throbbing red clit in her warm lesbian mouth and her expert fingers coaxing Bonnie’s orgasm to a head. Finally Alexis climbs onto her desk and tribs with Bonnie, further increasing the lesbian sexual tension in the room. She climbs onto Bonnie’s face, hungry to have her wet pussy licked and sucked until she cums all over the beautiful blonde’s soft mouth.

Starring Alexis Fawx, Kylie Page
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Charlie Rose – Slippery Sister HD

Charlie Rose is your girlfriend’s sister… She’s a total COCK tease too! After spending a bit of time with her on holiday you’ve finally got some time alone with her in the Sauna. Your girlfriend has gone back to the hotel room, leaving you and her Sister alone for bit of steamy fun! Charlie wants to get comfortable and insists she takes her bikini top off… You don’t mind do you? When she sees the reaction her big natural breasts are having on your DICK she can’t resist the opportunity to get really naughty and starts to oil up her boobs! Now all she wants is the CUM from your balls! Are you going to give it to her?

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Fucked by Daddy For Shopping Money HD

Summer is coming up and Mary needs money for some new clothes and she knows exactly how to get it. She puts on some tight denim shorts and sits right across her stepdad. She rubs her feet in his crotch and shows off her body before he takes the bait. She sucks his cock, before she slides down to ride him in reverse cowgirl. After some doggy on the table he shoots his load inside her tight little pussy. Enjoy!

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Kendra Kennedy – Cumming to Mommy’s Friend

You’ve just arrived home from school to find your Mom’s HOT friend wearing nothing but a skin tight, sexy short dress, high heels and sheer pantyhose. Your young cock is INSTANTLY aroused. I tell you your mom has left to run a few errands and proceed to come on to you. You’ve never done anything like this before, you’re both scared and excited!

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StepSiblings SiteRip – Lesbian Family HD Videos!

28 great videos. They learn what they taste like and what they feel like inside! See it all! This girls don’t look alike but they sure lick alick! Watch as they tease and taste to make sure family cums first!… Ever wanted to sneak a peek at your step sister changing? How about eating pussy? Inside you’ll see sexy videos of teen step sisters getting really close. They learn what they taste like and what they feel like inside! See it all!

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Karina White – Girlfriend Cheats With BBC On Vacation HD

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Beautiful Karina. She has been left all alone for the first day of her vacation because her boyfriend has been held up at work. She doesn’t let her revealing new swimsuit go to waste though,and goes down to the pool for a few drinks in the hot sunshine, showing off her stunning curves. While she enjoys her gorgeous surroundings, she is joined by Jason, a hot black guy who is at the hotel too. She is feeling a little frustrated, and he is soon alleviating this by caressing her gently and getting her pulse racing like she could never have imagined. She knows it’s wrong, but before long, the sexual tension is clear to see and they take it back to Karina’s room, where her thoughts of her absent boyfriend are sure to be a distant memory.

Video contains blowjob, cowgirl, side fucking, missionary, doggy style, and cumming on mouth and tits.

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I Came Inside My Sister 5 (2016)

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Brittany Shae, Elsa Jean, Adria Rae, Shavelle Love, Molly Mae

It’s time for another hot session of fully loaded sisters! Watch Molly Mae, Brittany Shae, Shavelle Love and Sara St. Clair have a naughty sexual encounter with their brothers and finish off with a delicious cream pie! When you have sisters that look this good, who wouldn’t want to cum inside them?

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Busted By Mommy HD

Scarlett Sage sneaks into her mother’s bedroom, turns on a video of Mommy’s Girl and starts pleasing her shaved pussy. Jelena Jensen walks in hearing her daughter moaning, busting in on the teen red handed. Scarlett explains that she has a fascination for mother-daughter lesbian porn and gets her rocks off from watching it. Jelena decides to fulfill her daughter’s fantasy and strips her clothes and allows Scarlett to suckle her massive boobs and nipples and Jelena reciprocates by sucking her daughter’s perky pierced nipples before eating out her luscious and juicy pussy. Scarlett’s sexual appetite cums to a climax when Jelena sits on her face and trusts her milf pussy back and forth all over her daughter’s mouth making her orgasm in euphoric lesbian passion and fulfilling her daughter’s naughty lesbian fantasies!

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Anya olsen – The Weekend HD

Well, this is just fucking fantastic. Huffed Anya as she reluctantly followed her mother into Aunt Ashleys house. Why do I have to go here? Couldnt I just stay home? She whined. That is MY sister and YOUR Aunt, you will stay the weekend and you will have fun. I need a vacation away from you. Her mother spat back at her as they entered the house and greeted her aunt. Mom was in a hurry to get away, she said hello to her sister, kissed Anya on the forehead and left. Aunty Ashley and Anya had Chinese takeout for dinner and watched tv. After dinner they were doing the dishes when Aunty started brushing up against Anya in a weird way. Aunty then yawned and suggested they go to bed. Its early, Im not tired! Anya protested, but Aunty just said they had errands tomorrow and that they could watch a movie from the bed. Anya walked into the bedroom where her aunt was already in bed. Aunty couldn’t believe what Anya was wearing! It’s 80 degrees outside! She playfully but sternly made Anya remove her PJ’s saying, Your skin needs to breathe! Its so hot in here anyway. Anya resisted, she just wanted this weekend to be over. Turn around she said annoyed. She got undressed and crawled into the bed. Aunty started getting touchy like she sometimes did. What is that? Anya removed the covers and shrieked, shed never seen anything like it; she knew what a penis looked like but Aunt Ashley was a ladyit was a sort of belt with a dick attached to it. Oh, this thing! giggled Aunty, its just my strap-on She said and grabbed Anya throwing her down Let me show you some things that you need to learn. Aunty told her as she made Anya put her big rubber lady dick in her mouth. Thats my good girl, she had her niece lie on her back, Im going to take your virginity, she told her. There was nothing Anya could do but it was ok because she was starting to enjoy herself. Aunty put her cock in Anya and started fucking her wildly, after a few minutes she had Anya get on her knees, she put her cock back into her and said This is called getting fucked doggy style. Suddenly Mom came bursting through the door, Anya, you little slut! What are you doing with your aunt? She screamed and started taking off her clothes. Mom stood over Anya, Youre going to learn how to eat pussy, she said, This is how your aunt and I learned Aunty Ashley and Mom started kissing, Do you want me to fuck you sis? Aunty said to Mom. Its been so long sis, yes! Turns out the entire thing had been planned! Mom and Aunty just wanted Anyas virginityand they got it; keeping it all in the family just they way they wanted it.

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