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Mommy’s Mine

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Mommy’s Stinky Dirty Boy HD

I found the pair of my dirty panties you had hidden under your pillow sweety… Now, I know you’ve been stealing my panties for years now and I’ve never minded, I think its sweet that my little boy gets off smelling his mothers private smells. But the pair I found under your pillow this time baby, well. They were very dirty weren’t they.

And do you know what else I noticed about those panties honey? Don’t be shy, we both know they were just covered in cum, much more than the rest ever had been. You really got off smelling THOSE didn’t you? Smelling your mothers piss and shit stains? What are you, some kind of little brown noser? A little fucking ass lover?

And they were wet too. Were you licking them? Trying to taste them with your little pathetic tongue? You piece of shit. You were trying to taste your mother’s dirty ass weren’t you..

Well, since you liked those dirty panties so much. And since you’re apparently a filthy little ass worshiping mommy’s boy. How about you try the real thing. If you’re going to act like such a dirty little mommy’s boy I going to have to treat you like one arn’t I? I’m going to make you my dirty little ass cleaner, and you’re not going to like it either.

*Getting on your knees and turning away from the camera, with you’re beautiful ass almost filling the screen.

I decided that if you’re going to fantasise about licking your mothers, dirty, stinking asshole like a perverted little mommy’s boy. You should have to smell, worship and clean the real thing, like the dirty little shit you are. So just for you, my dirty shit loving little slut, I haven’t showered or wiped my cunt or asshole since I found those dirty panties under your pillow. That’s 4 whole days baby, and I can assure you, mommy’s asshole is very very dirty. And it smells so bad it’ll curl your little toes.

Mommy kept it so dirty because your such a dirty little shit. All so I could make you smell, kiss, taste and clean my shithole while it’s truly filthy. Do you understand that? you little piece of shit, you’re going to beg for it. And you’re going to clean your own mothers dirty asshole. Does the thought of that turn you on mommy’s boy?

Believe me, as hard as that pathetic little prick of yours is now, and as much as you’ve thought about this while stroking yourself in bed, you won’t enjoy it. Not even a disgusting little brown nose, mommy’s boy like you could enjoy the taste of a shithole this dirty. I’ve made sure of that. I’m sure you’ll still get off of course. You dirty little shit. Even if you hate it, you’ll get off. Just because its me. Just because its your own mother, who you’re apparently so obsessed with. God you disgust me.

Now beg. beg me to let you taste my filthy shitter.

*slowly pulling your skirt up and your panties and pantyhose down.

Good boy, first I want you to smell it. Get good and excited. Thats it you dirty slut, get as close as you want.

*spreading your ass, revealing your dirty brown asshole and zooming in slightly if possible.

Take a nice deep sniff honey. You love your mothers stinky cunt and asshole don’t you. Tell mommy how much you love it. Tell me how much you love smelling your mothers shithole. Now sniff at my creamy cunt slut. You little shit, you’re rock fucking hard aren’t you. Smelling your mom’s pungent odour. This is all you deserve. You’re just a little filthy mommy’s boy, obsessed with smelling his own mothers dirty ass.

Now, you little shit, you’re going to show me that you’re at least good for something. Get your pathetic, worthless little tongue right up my dirty shithole. I don’t care if it tastes disgusting, that’s what you wanted isn’t it slut? Didn’t you want to smell and taste your mothers dirty shitter? To be a REAL brown nose? Right mommy’s boy?

Oh yeah, that’s it. Get your tongue good and deep like that. Does it taste as good as it smells? Does it mommy’s boy? Say thank you mommy! you piece of shit, be grateful your beautiful mother is letting you taste her dirty asshole. Because thats all you deserve isn’t it boy.

I want to hear it. Say it you piece of shit, say; “Thank you mommy for letting your little brown noser lick your yummy asshole clean.” You really are a lucky little boy. Lucky to have a mother as sexy and kind as me. Every time I took a shit this week and didn’t wipe. I couldn’t help but think about how I was going to make you! My dirty son lick me clean. In a way, I’m glad I have a boy as horny and filthy as you.

When we go to the store in the morning, everyone is going to know what a dirty little mommy’s boy you are, because you’re face is going to stink of your mothers dirty asshole. Now hurry up and get me good and clean, if I think you’ve done a good enough job I might just let you cum, while you smell my sweaty feet. It’s been very hot out today and my toes are extra stinky.

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Mommy Blows Best – Jennifer Best

We all had a dirty fantasies of someone else’s hot mother but maybe never had the guts to try anything. In this situation right now, it is the sexy MILF that will come on to her son’s best friend. Beautiful Jennifer Best will take off her towel to seduce the horny guy who already got an erection just by looking at her. She pulls his pants down in the bathroom and starts blowing on his hard dick. To get more comfortable the action will move to the bedroom where she sucks and gags on his prick till she makes him cum all over her huge tits. Enjoy the fun and let your imagination go wild!



Mommy dirty talk JOI

Mommy dirty talk JOI


Jerk It In Mommy’s Kitty HD

With her pregnant belly in full bloom Ms. Johnson and her daughter compare each other’s clitoris to see who’s is bigger. One thing is for sure, they both have sensitive plump clits and anything or anyone can trigger an intense sexual response from either. When Vicky’s brother Rick brings him closer he too gets caught up. With Ms. Jonson’s blessing, Vicky starts to suck her brothers cock and strokes his manhood into her mom’s wet pregnant pussy. Rick soon explodes a hot load of cum deep in his mom’s pussy, much to her please and Vicky’s discontent.

Jerk It In Mommy’s Kitty


Alexa Styles (Mommy’s Little Helper)

Super slut MILF vixen Alexa Styles has her pussy wet and ready for some daytime cock. She put on her super slutty lingerie on waited bent over on the window to be taken from behind. Alexa has been fucking cock for a while and just took charge started sucking and slid our pole inside and started fucking her pussy hard and deep. But in the end all Alexa wanted was to be on all fours and have us unload all our gallons of hot cock cum and make her pussy a cream pie.



Can I Call You Mommy (2013)

Starring: Diana Doll, Sindy Lange, Riley Evans, Angela Sommers, Avril Hall, Sarah Jessie, Seth Gamble, Mark Zane, Danny Wylde, Anthony Rosano.
Young mothers having their way with curious boys!

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Pregnant Mommy will teach you about the birds and the bees HD

Now son, I’ve never had this chat with you, so now I think it’s time. Do you know where come from? Want mommy to show you?

Pregnant Mommy will teach you HD


Smoking Mommy Annabel Seduces Friend’s Son

Roleplay, Taboo, MILF, Smoking, Fetish, Mature, Blowjob
Smoking Mommy Annabel Seduces Friend’s Son


Brenda James (Mommy’s Little Helper)

Blonde MILF slut Brenda James is getting some mid day young cock to satisfy her hungry pussy. We found Brenda on the couch ready along with her soaked panties in need of of hard dick in her mouth. We could not wait any longer to put in our stiff rod and fuck her fine like wine pink pussy until we covered her chest with hot young cream of some young guy


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