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Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 18

Jodi West

Scene 1 – Mother’s Special Massage

When Mother is left alone by a husband that neglects her, she must turn to the next closest man in her life for comfort, her son! When the young man tries to comfort her, their innocent actions become overwhelming desires!

The light next to the chaise lounge casts a shadow down from Mother’s hands as she looks at the wedding ring on her left hand. There have been too many times she has been left alone after planning a nice night with her husband. Now he’s late again, on their anniversary night. He should have remembered! She went to the effort of cooking a beautiful dinner, and had a nice night after planned for her husband, but work got in the way again.

He has been such a great provider for his son and her, she almost feels guilty being so upset at her husband. She has enjoyed all the nice things that his hard work has provided, but there must be some balancing point, where time at work and time with her can co-exist.

Levi walks in to find his mother alone. It seems that he has had a great night with his friends at least. As he tells her of his fun, he realizes she is very upset. He finds out that Mother had planned not only a great dinner but, to reward her husband’s diligent work, she was going to give him a relaxing massage after.

“It looks like you are the one in need of a massage” the young man tells Mother. His care and concern convince her that she should take him up on it.

“Meet me in the bedroom, and after we can enjoy the dinner before it is ruined” Mother says, as the young man leaves to check out the feast that awaits him after.

Mother lays on the bed as her son works out the kinks in her back. She has been so tense, and this is really going to help. As he innocently works out the knots, he asks if she would like her feet rubbed. After all, what son hasn’t rubbed his mother’s feet after a long day?

As he works in the lotion, he moves up his mother’s legs. She is almost in a trance as he moves further and further. Soon he is at his mother’s thighs… and a strange thing begins to happen. His Mother’s hips start to gyrate and grind. Could this touch be exciting his mother in a most improper way?

Mother is lost in the relaxation, and doesn’t even realize the involuntary movement of her hips. She just relaxes and enjoys as the heat builds in her nether region… Her dress slowly rides up over her buttocks as her son continues to massage. He is staring at his mother’s bottom, as it mesmerizes him. Involuntarily, he slides his hand towards her soaking crotch. Mother, moans quietly, before reality hits her and she starts to object!

But the massive erection straining against his pants tell him this is right. He sooths his mother’s apprehensions and continues the massage, this time with his fingers and mouth. Once Mother’s guard is completely down, he lowers his shorts, and takes his screaming hard member out. The young man is sure that once his mother feels his hardness inside her, she will succumb to his advances!!

Scene 2 – While Mothers

Mother’s son has heard all the stories about people takinging medications and baking whole dinners, or driving down the street, even having sex and never remembering any of it. It seemed a little farfetched, but the pills always knock Mother out when she takes them. The devious young man wants to see just how far he can take it when she is in a deep.

Mother gets home late from work and retreats right to her bed room. She takes off her jacket, and blouse, slowly gets out of her pantyhose and bra, and just down to her slip. Then she climbs into bed for a restful night. She takes one of her pills to make sure she can get a full night. She is just too tired to stay up for her husband, in fact, as she tries to finish one more report, she get too tired to even keep her eyes open.

Mother tosses and turns a bit as she gets comfortable, then slips into a deep…

Her son slowly enters the room of hising mother. He pulls down the silk sheets to reveal her mature form. He slowly slides up her slip and starts stroking her buttocks. Mother moans slightly, and adjusts to his tender touch. Could the stories be right? She seems to be asleep, but she is responding almost like she is awake.

The young man decides see how far he can take it…

Without Mother realizing it, her son takes this experiment further and further until he can’t hold back and shoots his seed all over his incoherent mother. After he sneaks out, Mother awakes in a daze then finds herself covered in his semen. Was this just a dream or was this real?

Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 18.mp4


Daddy You’re Soo Hard HD

I can’t Wait Til You Cum For Me

I’m soo glad you are home Daddy I’ve been thinking about your cock all day. Mmmm let me put it in my mouth and get it nice and wet. Ooo Daddy you’re getting soo hard in my mouth, I can tell you like my wet sloppy blowjobs a lot. Mmm Daddy thats it cum for me, Give me all your hot sperm. Thank you Daddy I’ll see you at bedtime.
Category: HANDJOBS
Keywords: jenni bliss

Daddy You’re Soo Hard HD.mp4


Son Gets Jealous of Mother Going Out

Category: Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blowjob, Handjob, Cumshot

It is Saturday night and MILF Rachel gets dressed to go out and get some cock. Her son questions her about why her skirt is so short and her heels are so high. He tells her he does not like it when she goes out and brings men home. He wants her to stay home with him. Rachel explains she is a mature woman with sexual needs that are not being met. He begs her to stay home with him. She asks him if he is jealous and he reluctantly admits that he is. Rachel hugs him and invites him to sit in the bathroom while she puts her perfume on to make him feel better. He watches his mom in her tight skirt and lace bra and he gets hard. Rachel consoles him and feels his bulge in his pants. She asks him if she is turning him on. He admits that she is. She decides to take care of him before she goes out. Rachel pulls his pants down and strokes his cock slow and gentle. She knows he will cum immediately if she is aggressive. She sucks and licks him, caressing his strong chest and whispering a sweet word to him. She stands up and lifts her skirt so he can see her bare pussy. He slides a finger into her dripping wet pussy as she reaches down and strokes his hard cock. Rachel strokes and sucks him until he tells her he is going to cum, she pulls his load out of him like no other girl has ever done to him, and he loves his sweet mother. Rachel assures him she will be with him all night.

Son Gets Jealous of Mother Going Out.mp4


Twin Sister Forces Twin Brother into Chastity HD 1080p

Goddess Brianna is the matriarch of a femdom household. All the males, including her cuckold husband, in the family wear chastity tubes and are subservient to the girls. The boys in this family all have to do what the girls say. Lola and Danny are twins and Lola has been waiting for this day for a long time. Lola finds a DVD porno in his room and runs and tells her mother Goddess Brianna. They both agree that Danni is of the correct age to begin his life of chastity. Goddess Brianna makes him put the tube on. She holds the lock as his twin sister closes the lock. Goddess Brianna lets Danni know that his sister will be holding the key to his chastity tube. In this house hold when makes reach a certain age they are placed in chastity. Goddess Brianna announces that on the twins next birthday in a few weeks he will be pegged.

“It is time for your pegging. It is a rite of passage Danni. Both of your brothers have done it and your father has done it as well. It’s time for you. I might let your sister PEG you as well.” Lola tells Danni that she wants a new dress for the pegging. The tube they put on him is just a beginner chastity tube. He will have to put on a tighter one in a few days. Danni complains it is too small. His mother lets him know that and even tighter one will be strapped on in a few days. Lola snaps the lock shut and giggles. His twin sister will keep his chastity key. Goddess Brianna then makes Danni kiss his twin sister shoes. He hates doing this. “Do it!” Lola screams. Danni is so humiliated. Goddess Brianna makes him worship his twin’s sister’s feet. The girls then plan Danni’s pegging party. Danni is mortified as the girls discuss the pegging ceremony. Lola plans to take lots of pictures in the pegging. She will scrap book it. Lola is a complete Brat to her twin brother. Danni is just a male in a femdom house hold. He has to buy her sister a dress for his pegging. The clip ends with Lola dragging Danni off to her bedroom. “Come on brother lets go play a game.” (10:11 long)

Clip contains: Goddess Breanna, Lola, Danni, domestic femdom, chastity, domestic family femdom, twin sister dominating twin brother, bratty twin sister humiliating and dominating twin brother, pegging party planning, femdom family traditions, FEMALE DOMINATION, Incest, Siblings, CFNM

Twin Sister Forces Twin Brother into Chastity (1080 HD).mp4


Mother-daughter handjob competition – Shzanna East and Dani Dare

Horny milf Dani Dare and her teen daughter, Shzanna East have just realized they are dating the same guy and they do not seem happy. Although this situation is quite akward, none of those two hot ladies is willing to step back, so they tag-team that dude’s huge-sized boner while teasing his cockhead and rub his balls, until he releases his load for them. Now, it’s time for you to decide which of those two is better jerker, man!

Shzanna East and Dani Dare HD.mp4


Daddy Almost Caught Us HD 1280×720

Dear Diary, As you know I’ve been at Uncle Jacks all Summer. While Daddy was at the store I went in to thank Uncle Jack. We started flirting back and fourth and before I knew it I flashed him my tits.Uncle Jack took full advantage of that opening and soon had me cumming hard on the couch. We pleased each other a bit then Uncle Jack slid his big cock in my pussy stretching it tight.

He fucked me so good I even agreed to let him fuck my ass.He eased his big cock in my ass and started fucking me slowly. It just started feeling really good when Daddy came home from the store. Luckily we got out in time but I’m gonna have to see Uncle Jack again later. I want more of that big cock in my ass.

Daddy Almost Caught Us HD.mp4


All Wives Cheat 3

Michelle Myers is supposed to be a lesbian in a committed relationship but that’s all turned upside down when she’s caught fucking Carlo. Sergio gives Roxy Reed some deep dicking behind her boyfriend’s back. The climactic conclusion leaves your heart pounding.

All Wives Cheat 3.mp4


Toying With My Loser Brother HD 720p

Category: Brother-Sister incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Siblings, Family Fantasies, POV, COCK TEASE, TEASE & DENIAL, ORGASM DENIAL, ORGASM CONTROL, EMBARRASSMENT, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Encouragement

Your hot sister is walking out the door on Saturday night when she notices you. Home, alone, like a virgin again… “Brother, do you ever get out? Are you jealous of me because I am in demand and you are not?” It must be so humiliating to be home alone, yet again, on date night. Do you think you will ever find someone to date you baby brother? You are so pathetic and submissive. Who could ever take you seriously? Let alone sleep with you. Let me guess you are going to spend another night, at home, in your room, watching internet porn and jerking yourself raw. Yeah I figured! You are such a loser my sad little brother. Let me tell you what your future holds for you, you will be my loser brother forever!

Toying With My Loser Brother HD.mp4

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