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Alyssa Hart – Alyssa Loves Her Grandpa In Many Different Ways HD

Grandfather-Granddaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Older Man / Younger Woman, Inter generational, Family Fantasies, Teen, Blonde

Dear Journal,
So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid my cousins. While gramps was in the shower I came across the hotel porn channel and figured I’d sneak in a quick orgasm. One led to 2 and before I knew it Grandpa walked in on me. I was a bit embarrassed already then gramps threatened to tell dad and something in me snapped. I grabbed Grandpa’s cock through his towel and before he could protest I started sucking it. Once Grandpas big cock was in my tiny mouth he was putty in my hands. I rode him on the couch to get off but I needed more so we moved to the bedroom. Grandpa really knows what hes doing in bed and has tons of stamina for being 74. I don’t know how many positions we fucked in but I came in every one. Grandpa bent me over on the bed at he end and sure enough he came deep in me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wasn’t on the pill. Besides how fertile can his old sperm be? On the plus side I’m Grandpas favorite now and he’s loaded.

Alyssa Loves Her Grandpa In Many Different Ways HD


Uh Oh Grandpa HD

I’m Not On The Pill

Dear Diary,
After my mom passed Dad and I had to move in with Grandpa in order to pay the bills. After a few weeks I got to know everyones routines and set aside some “ME” time. I was in the comfy chair masturbating when Grandpa showed up unexpectledly. He started to scold me but I was so turned on I threw caution to the wind and seduced him with a hot blowjob. Apparently Gamps hasn’t been laid in awhile, he blew a huge load in my throat.
Later that evening while Daddy was out at the bar and Grandpa was already in bed so I decided to “cuddle” with him for awhile. When I snuggled up next to him his cock sprang to life and I couldn’t help myself. I started sucking grandpas cock while he played with my pussy. I got soo turned on I climbed on top and slid his huge cock into my waiting pussy.
It felt so good in my tight hole I came almost immediately. Several orgasms later I turned around and rode him pretty hard. As soon as my orgasm hit Grandpa lost it and came deep in my pussy. I freaked out because I’m not taking birth control but there are options. At least if I do get pregnant gramps doesn’t share my genes

Uh Oh Grandpa HD


Bad Grandpa II – Parody Incest Comics

7 pages Bad Grandpa II.rar


Mother And Daughter Visiting Dirty Old Grandpa HD

Mom Tatiana and daughter Charity are visiting Grandpa. Charity has tried to stay away from him since she became a woman. She suspects that he is a dirty old man. Today she finds out how dirty he really is. And her mom, too. Grandpa has lots of dirty dishes in the kitchen, too. But that’s not the kind of “dirty” that Charity minds. Her mom starts to clean up, but Grandpa follows her and is soon groping and touching her, squeezing her tits, and then going down on her. Charity hears some noise and walks into the kitchen. She is shocked. Grandpa on his old knees, his head under her mom’s skirt, obviously licking her pussy. Mom explains that Grandpa likes to play with the female body, and it’s better it stays in the family than him giving in to his strong urges with some unsuspecting female in the mall. Charity is grossed out when Grandpa grabs her between her legs. Mom tells her to be nice to Grandpa. He’s always been good to them without him they would live in poverty. Grandpa moves the two beautiful women to his favorite yellow couch, his surprisingly hard, and big, cock already out.

Charity does not want to touch it, but Mom shows her how it’s done and how nice it can feel in a woman’s hand when a cock is growing hard. Charity starts to like that feeling. Mom suggest she takes it in his mouth. Gross! No way Charity will ever take a cock in her mouth! Mom shows her how enjoyable it can be for a woman to give head. She licks. She sucks. She slurps. Charity watches in disgust but can’t help to stroke Grandpa’s big dick. Her boyfriend’s is much smaller. But maybe it will also get so big if she strokes him the same way as Mom just showed her and how she is now doing it with Grandpa. The old man is in seventh heaven. His two favorite women take care of him. He is ready to shoot. He gets up. Tatiana milks him and he shoots his load on Charity’s pantyhose. Mom, it just rained cum on me, she cries. Mom Tatiana calmly rubs Grandpa’s cum all over her daughter’s leg and crotch area. You are such a slut, Charity exclaims. But she has to admit that it had been sort of fun and she can’t wait to try it out with her boyfriend. Too bad he does not have a cock the size of Grandpa’s….

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Escape to grandpa – Incest Comics

14 pages Escape to grandpa.rar


Horny Old Grandpa

Horny Old Grandpa


Give It To Me Grandpa – Incest Comics

7 pages Give It To Me Grandpa.rar


Grandpa Fucking Sleepy Granddaughter HD

Grandpas Fucking Sleepy Granddaughter





Papy Se Tape Une Nonne – Grandpa!


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