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Lucy Marie – Mommy blackmails you into getting intimate with her!

Part 1

Bored Mommy blackmails her darling son into stroking his cock in front of her… he cums in her mouth and then she rubs her pussy hard and orgasms loudly in front of him…and this is just the beginning of their secret affair. Darling I know that you stole from your Fathers wallet yesterday…you cant deny it. I was going to tell him but I thought perhaps we could come to some kind of deal. Mommy has been so bored since she gave up work… I need some fun…Some excitement. Daddy does nothing for me anymore.

Look at me son…how does it feel to see me completely naked like this , I know its what you desire. How about if I rub my pussy like this…how does it make you feel. hmmmm look at me son, just like how the girls you watch look! I’ve seen your internet history and look how hard you are. I promise if you do anything I ask, I will never tell Daddy but if you refuse me and disobey Daddy will punish you. Now take off your pants….hmmm I want to see that lovely young hard throbbing cock. I want you to stroke it for Mommy… you want to see Mommy’s arse, you want me to bend over?

Part 2

Mommy really enjoyed your special time together, and despite the fact that you have been naughty and she blackmailed you, it was obvious by your hard dick how much you loved every second of it! Mommy still promises not to tell Daddy about what you stole but she feels you have a bit more work to do. This time she is wearing a zip down black dress and a lacy grey bra that makes her tits look amazing…you cant take your eyes of her and you know you are so weak round your Mommy. Your dick gives away your desire and before you know it Mommy has her legs spread wide and she is cumming all over your cock. With a wicked smile she tells you once its all over Daddy will never find out as long as you keep pleasing her like that.

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Cory Chase in Mommy Crosses the Line – Making My Son Feel Good

Don’t be scared I Whisper as I touch you. I press my breasts against you and let you feel them. Do you like mom’s big full breasts? You made me feel good, and now I get to make you feel good.

Laying you down on the bed I slowly and softly suck you. You feel so strange and good as you get sucked for the first time. I stroke and suck you until you cum all over your mom’s soft hands. Cum for mom. That’s a good little boy. Was that your first time? I ask you and go to clean you up.

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Mommy Has Another Date

Mommy’s explained it to you before, baby – we need a man around here to take care of us…pay the bills and stuff. So Mommy has to go out sometimes and date a man…yes, Mommy fucks the men, sweetie. You know that. How else am I gonna land us a big fish? Don’t be jealous, son. You know you’ll always be Mommy’s favorite boy, no matter what…haven’t you been Mommy’s favorite ever since dad left? Mm-hmm…and hasn’t Mommy told you before that no matter how many men I fuck…you’ll always be my favorite?

That’s right, my good boy…yours is the only cock I’ll ever really love. But I still have to find us a breadwinner…so stop being jealous. And stop lying there with your cock out, staring at me like that…Mommy will never get out the door if I start in with your dick, son…you know I can’t resist it. Oh baby, mm-hmm…you make Mommy’s pussy so wet with that big-boy cock..

But I’ve told you before that you can’t fuck me before I go on a date – Mommy likes her pussy to be fresh and tight for new guys…but lie still and let me suck you off…okay, son? Let Mommy get a mouthful of her favorite cock of all, and remind you that you can never be my heart or my cunt. Mmmm baby, I love to wrap my lips around the boy I made myself…no one will ever love you like I do. Now be a good boy for Mommy and cum in my mouth…

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Veruca James & Kimberly Kane – Netflixxx & Chill with Mommy & Auntie HD


Mommy Kimberly & Auntie Veruca are upstairs relaxing but can’t figure out how to operate Netflixxx. As you work on the TV they notice you’ve grown a bulge in your pants as you look at them curled up in their lingerie. Before you know it Auntie Veruca has your hard cock out of your pants and is sucking on it while Mommy watches.

And then the thing you’ve fantasized about your whole life happens, Mommy starts sucking your cock too. Before you know it you’re fucking Mommy AND auntie at the same time. You better hurry up and blow your load in Veruca’s mouth before your Dad gets home!

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Make a baby with Mommy! Maggie Green HD

Mommy’s had a hard day at work. I’m so tired from being on my feet bar tending all day and I’m so happy to come home to a nice clean home and have dinner cooked for me! You’re such a great son, you take amazing care of me. So I take care of you too, I am your mother after all. Mmmm please rub Mommy’s shoulders, they ache. You can move your hands down a little bit too…play with my huge breasts and make those nipples hard for me baby. I know how much I turn you on, I am the only one who can make your penis so hard right? Come, lay down with me. No condoms sweetie, I know you don’t want mama to get pregnant but real lovers don’t need condoms, skin on skin is the best. It’s ok, slide your hard cock inside my wetness..doesn’t that feel wonderful? And I’m not going to let you pull out, not this time. I want your sperm deep inside of me, every last drop! Tell me you want to make a baby with Mommy! It’s alright, I want it too! Maybe your huge load will impregnate me with a little sister for you : ) Wouldn’t you like that?

The scene starts with your horny mom enticing you with her breasts and ass. Then dildo play with impregnation mommy talk.

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Mommy Rewards Good Little Boy HD

Hey baby boy, come sit on Mommy’s bed. I had a meeting with your teachers earlier and they told me all about how well you’ve been doing in school! They all think you’re such a good little boy, and they’re right. You are a very good boy and I think you deserve a special treat. First I show off my body to you, teasing you with my round ass in a black thong. I can see that Mommy’s ass makes your cock so hard, so take it out for Me, baby. I want to take care of My little boy. I give you a mind-blowing handjob, switching between slow sensual strokes and jerking you fast. I tease you by kissing the tip of your dick, rubbing my ass on you, and edging you several times. All the while I am encouraging and dirty talking to you, telling you that you are Mommy’s good little boy, and mine alone. I don’t want to share you with anyone else baby, especially those teachers who all think my boy is so cute and smart. So you have to be all mine, okay? What an obedient son I have. Now blow that big load for Mommy.

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Alyssa Reece – Fucking Mommy For The First Time HD

The date was a complete waste of time, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I don’t know if this online dating thing is for me. I wish I could meet somebody normal and nice..and handsome. I wish I could meet someone like YOU. Is it strange to hear your mom say that? Well I mean it, I’m so proud of you. Maybe I should give up on the whole dating thing. I mean everyone needs attention, intimacy, to feel wanted. To be touched. Do you think I’m still attractive? I mean if you were on a date with me would you want me? I mean I know it sounds strange because I’m you mother. But if we just met and were on a date, would you want to have sex with me? I mean If I wasn’t your mother of course! What do you mean you would even If I was your mother? Now I now you’re just trying to make me laugh. You’ve always been good at that. What do you mean? Of course you can’t mean it, you’re my son! Really? But I gave birth to you! You really think I’m hot?? But I’m your MOTHER. How long have you felt this way? Oh come on, you’re just trying to make me feel better, aren’t you? Well it’s working. You don’t think that it would be weird for us to have sex? We’ve always been so close, but this is crossing the line. A little innocent touching never hurt anyone, but sex? With your own mother? Are you sure that this is something that we should do?I mean no matter how horny I am, I just don’t know if this is a good idea. Can i just see it? Show it to me. Wow, it’s so big. And hard..I had no idea it was that BIG.

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Macy Jade – BBC Mommy’s Cuck HD

I see that you enjoy interracial porn, honey, How sweet. All little white bois want a big fat bulging black dick. lol So do I. I’d fuck a big bulging black n*gger dick and you will be m0mmys cuck. We love big black cock and the creamy hot loads they produce. Clean my pussy and pretend you are cleaning out this cummy n*gger load.

You love it. Don’t you. It has you hard as a rock over there. Mmmmm cum to the fantasy. Stroke as I countdown and tease you with BBC fantasies. *Foul language, including the N word. If this offends you, don’t download.

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Lucy Marie – Mommys naughty siesta HD

Mommy likes to have a lie down in the villa and think about all the dirty things she could get up too with her darling son, as Daddy goes out to run errands oblivious to his wife’s taboo fantasies… Someone likes to watch Mommy…

Darling you just cant help yourself can you, always spying on Mommy, I am just having some relaxation time. You like watching me play with my sexy pussy don’t you, come here do you want to take a better look ( spreads legs apart ) now play with that lovely cock darling and give your Mother something nice to look out, god I am so horny today. Would you like to see Mommy finger herself… hmmmm that’s right now spit on your hand and stroke your cock like I taught you, that feels so good I bet. Let me suck that cock, I bet you would love to shoot your load in your Mother’s mouth, I can tell. I need to be fucked, darling wouldn’t your rather fuck your Mommy, wouldn’t you rather see your hot cum dripping from your Mother’s cunt? hmmm come on fuck me, lets make each other feel good, I love you so much, make Mommy happy.

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Mommys More Than A Handful (2016)

Release Year: 2016
Cast: Jasmine Black,Jessica Moore,Klaudia Hot,Roxy Taggart
Genres: Anal, Big Boobs, Blonde, Brunette, Facial Cumshot, Lingerie, Masturbation, Mature, One On One, Outdoor, Piercing, Red Head, Solo, Squirting, Titty Fuck
Video language: English

Size : 1.34 GB
Time: 02:10:35.834
Video: AVC, 720×404, 30.000 fps, 1 336 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps

Mommys More Than A Handful.mp4

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