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Nikki Lane – Sleeping Beside Mommy HD

You scared me a little when I woke up and saw you standing there beside my bed. You told me you were having trouble sleeping so I offered to let you climb in bed beside mommy so maybe I can cuddle and sooth you to sleep. After all it’s been quite a while since you’ve slept in mommy’s bed hasn’t it? Well I tried to soothe you to sleep, speaking softly, but I could feel under the blankets that there was something else preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. I could feel that you had quite a large boner; it was warm and swollen pressing against my stomach. Being the caring mother that I am, I had to do whatever it took to make sure that you could get your sleep. I knew that if you had a phenomenal orgasm that you would soon grow lethargic and sleepy and would quickly drift off into La La Land. So I coached you first by telling you to go down on me and bring me to orgasm; just so you could see how my orgasm made me satiated and rested. After that I returned the favor to you; taking you in my mouth, sucking and deep throating until you came in my mouth and became delightfully drowsy. I knew that after I gave you the best orgasm of your life you’d happily drift off to sleep.

Note: This was shot on a webcam or something that makes the webcam like frame rate jitter and audio delay (I can’t begin to speculate how that is even done without actually being an online webcam). Personally, I didn’t find it difficult to get used to, but just be aware that the video is like that.

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Mommy Says Good Night HD

Lux Orchid – Mommy Says Good Night

Mom comes to tuck Johnny into bed for the evening when she notices that her sweet little Johnny is not so little anymore! Her poor son has a massive erection, that cant be very comfortable to sleep on she says to him, do you want Mommy to help you fall asleep like she used to do with you and your sister? She joins him on his bed and begins telling him how shed just finished giving his little sister a good and healthy orgasm to help her fall asleep, now it was his turn. Although she had been keeping up with his sisters nightly climaxes, its been some time since shed given Johnny anything more than a goodnight kiss. She rests her head on his inner thigh, slowly stroking his massive cock and looking up at him, my how youve grown! Im so proud of you, she boasts with excitement. When I first started with your sister she was very tight Mommy tells him. I began with just one finger then two, three, you would’nt believe what I can fit in your sister now! Johnny is so turned on thinking about his sisters tight little fuck hole! Johnnys racing heartbeat and heavy breathing are clear indicators that hes close to cum, do you want Mommy to suck your cock for you? She teases him, licking up and down his shaft and balls before finally taking his entire cock into her whore mouth. He loves and appreciates how shes always been such a caring and sweet mother, he feels lucky to be her son. As any good mother should, she senses hes ready and looks up at him smiling and encouraging him to cum all over Mommys face, to which he instantly obliges. She then lovingly cleanses him by licking the sweet nectar off of his cock, stomach and fingers, asking help Mommy make you clean. Johnny knows that he is going to sleep so much better now! This is a great POV clip with plenty of sexy eye contact and very naughty talking!

Then she tucks him in for real.

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Mommy’s Milk featuring Kayla HD

You have been such a Good Boy, making high grades and taking so many classes this semester but the long hours have brought you home with a high temperature. Mommy is surprised to find you in the kitchen and not feeling well. She makes you soup and feels your head with great concern hoping you might transfer closer to home soon. Eventually she decides Mother’s Milk is the only sure way to make you feel better fast because as a child her huge milk filled tits kept you very healthy and cured everything. You suck each breast and as you consume mommy’s milk straight from her perfect tits and your temperature starts to go down. Mommy is going to have to fill your mouth with her warm, soft, milk filled breasts every twenty minutes to be sure the fever stays down. Once you start feeling better you want to repay mommy somehow so you work your way down to her pussy and start licking it. You turn her around and take her from behind. You want to make mommy as happy and feeling as well as she made you feel.

Video is 13 minutes long, she does close ups of her tits, she undoes her robe and we get to see her pussy. she plays with her boobs, rubs her pussy a bit and simulates some sex.

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Tub Time with Mommy HD

Mommy is taking another bubble bath. It’s one of her favorite things to do, and sometimes you sit in the bathroom & watch her. But today when you walk in, something strange happens. You see her breasts covered in bubbles & your penis gets hard. She notices, and she tells you that you must be going through puberty. She’s assures you it’s very normal, and she pulls your cock out of your underwear. She strokes it & explains that when you see something that you really like, it will get hard, and you have to rub it until it’s not hard anymore. When you’re older & have a girlfriend she might even rub it for you. Lady Fyre

“Or if you’re lucky,” she says, “she might do this for you…” and she turns around & puts your young, hard dick inside her. It feels really strange but it feels so good. Then she starts bouncing up & down on it slowly, and you feel like you’re going to go crazy. You’ve never felt anything like this before.

If you are doing this with your girlfriend though, you need to know that there’s some white stuff that will come out of your penis, and you can’t get that inside her or she might get pregnant.” So mom turns back around & rubs your penis with her breasts, and then rubs it with her hand until you cum all over the place. You had no idea your penis could do that, and you’re real glad mom showed you how. Lady Fyre

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Birthday Wish Transforms Mommy Into Blowjob Slut HD

Your Mommy has come into your room to wish you a happy birthday. She has a party hat on to celebrate the occasion, and brings in a piece of chocolate cake with candles. “Hi, honey. Happy Birthday. I brought you a piece of chocolate cake for your birthday. My boy is so big now. Why don’t you go ahead and make a wish, and blow out the candles.” Mommy smiles excitedly, as you take the piece of cake in your hand, and blow out the candles.

As you begin to look up, you notice Mommy has completely transformed! She is wearing a sexy, fishnet dress, and her lingerie is exposed. “Aww… Did my big boy wish for his Mommy? Oh gosh, I feel soooo good. Oh, honey–did you wish for a nice birthday blowjob from your Mommy? You know, Mommy will take good care of you.” Mommy is crazy for your cock, and she will use her tongue and mouth until she can get you off. She begins to tease you, as she pulls down her dress, and takes off her bra. She tells you to put your cake down, so that you can focus on her.

Mommy tells you to get comfortable, telling you to put your cake elsewhere, and to lay back. She pulls off your pants, and climbs on top of the bed with you. She sensually rubs her tongue across the head of your cock, and flicks her tongue across it–pleasing you softly, and praising your hard cock. “Am I making your birthday wish come true?”

“Did you wish for Mommy to choke on your cock, honey?” She gags and chokes on your hard cock–drooling all over it. Mommy can’t get enough of your cock, and her mouth goes up and down it–fast and hard. She pants and gasps for air, and forces your cock into her mouth. She wants you to cum for her. She NEEDS you to cum for her. She continues to suck hard, jamming your cock into her throat, and pleasuring you. “Oh honey, Mommy needs your cum, okay? Sit up and cum all over my Mommy’s chest.” She tells you to let her lay down, and she gets underneath your cock. You cum all over her chest, and she gets excited. “Happy Birthday. I hope you got your birthday wish.”

Contains the following erotic elements:
Category: TABOO

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Mommy and Brother House Rules HD VERSION

I’ve always fancied myself a loving mother; Im traditional and old fashioned. When a ruckus is heard suddenly from across the house (where my Son and Daughters bedrooms are), I storm into my daughters room only to catch the whore has stolen one of my sex toys! The reason behind all of the yelling and fighting! Shes such a bad little girl; she lies and tells me that he put it there but I know my little boy, he wouldnt do that! I cant believe how this little slut immediately blamed her sweet, innocent brother instead of taking responsibility for her own disgraceful actions. Her ruthlessness towards him didnt end there with the accusations either; the little bitch kneed my poor boy right in his precious manhood causing him to cry out in pain! Not Mommys baby! Its time to teach this little slut how to properly treat a man. I order her onto her knees before him, scolding her for injuring him and not doing as he says in the first place. I tell her that she must make it up to him by to worshipping his beautiful cock with her mouth until he feels better again. Once Im satisfied my baby boy has received a sincere and worthy apology from his awful sister, I force her to remove her panties and lie on the bed so that I can prepare her tight fuck hole to be penetrated by his young, hard and eager cock. Like any good mother would, I start by inserting one finger at a time into her, then another; the little whore is wet! My faith of raising a classy, obedient lady such as myself has been restored! I give my little girl a few gentle, motherly licks before I step out of the way of my perfect boy to have his way with his gorgeous sister. I remind him not to waste his cum on her face but to make sure he cums inside of her. She starts crying about how she is not on birth control and I tell her it’s the only way I will ever be a Grandma! Were such a wonderful family! My children are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like I do! – HD VERSION 720/30p.

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Another wonderful Ashley Fires Fetish Clip. Anya Olsen is not happy with her brother’s pranks and gives him a poorly acted knee to the jewels. Mommy Ashley comes in to see that not only is her son withering in pain, but Anya has stolen her sex toy! As punishment Anya must suck her brother off, but that is not enough, Mother takes over and turns on Anya even more; before allowing her son to take over with missionary. Doggy follows as does some hot riding by Anya. Some more missionary and creampie finish! Apology accepted!

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Mommy Makes Her Sons Cum Together – A Mothers Love HD

Mommy wants ice cream but she has a two seater car and can only take one of her sons to the ice cream shop. Mommy decides that the son who can cum first when commanded is the one who gets to go get ice cream. Mommy jerks both sons teaching them an invaluable lesson. One of her sons cums when Mommy asks and this pleases her. The other son has disappointed her and he is punished by Mommy when she scoops up the big load of cum from her favorite son and uses it to jerk off the dick that has not cum yet. The one attached to the lagging son. Mommy grabs his meat with both hands jerks him to completion and then slaps his dick as further punishment while laughing about what type of ice cream she will have. This is a “TABOO” Fetish clip. This clip includes TABOO, FAMILY TABOO, MOTHER/SON, HANDJOBS, 2 SON HANDJOB, PUSSY FINGERING, HANDJOB GAMES, and JERKING OFF SON WITH OTHER SONS CUM!!!

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Cory Chase – Sydney Cole in Mommy Luster for Daughter!

Back Story: Cory Chase is a single lesbian mother, she lives in Florida with her daughter Sydney, but Cory harbors a dark secret. On the day Sydney turned 18 Cory started feeling strong incestuous lesbian urges developing deep inside her. She knows that her daughter is incredibly hot but Sydney is also a sweet, innocent girl who has never been touched by a woman and Sydney also has no idea that her mom is secretly a sleazy, incestuous pervert. Cory knows she cannot control her urges much longer and that she’ll eventually end up forcing herself on her daughter if she doesn’t find a subtler, more loving way to fuck her.

As the scene begins Cory is giving Sydney a hug and kiss goodbye before Sydney heads off to high school for the day. Sydney is wearing a thin, white t-shirt, with no bra underneath, a pair of jean shorts and of course; a pair of black heels which Sydney will wear throughout the scene. After Sydney heads out, Cory licks her lips at the thought of her daughter’s pussy and then suffers a crisis of conscience of her desires for her daughter, Cory heads off to sort things out around the house and to take her mind off of Cadence.

Hours later Cory has prepared a light snack at the dining room table, knowing that Sydney will soon be home. She sighs and finally comes to terms with her desires and decides to embrace them. Soon Sydney returns and Cory greets her at the door with a hug and kiss and tells her that she made some snacks and they both head to the dining table. They sit down and start making small talk, Sydney doesn’t notice that her mom is lecherously looking down towards Sydney’s pussy. After a while Cory can no longer hold back and she puts her sleazy plan in motion, she deliberately drops a fork underneath the table and goes under the table to get it. Sydney looks at her phone when all of sudden she feels the front of her jean shorts being pulled to the side. She says ”hey what’s going-” and then goes ”AGH! what the fuck mom!” as she feels her mom suddenly stick her tongue inside her pussy. Sydney loudly protests but Cory tells her that she needs it. Sydney screams ”oh god I can’t watch!” and she sits at the table while her mom vigorously eats her pussy. Sydney moans and writhes about at the table, despite feeling guilty about it. Cory sinks her tongue deep inside her daughter’s pussy, Sydney holds onto the table to stop herself falling off of the chair, Cory continues eating Sydney out, making her moan loudly at the dining table until she cums for the first time.

As Sydney calms down, Cory rises up from underneath the table and sensually kisses her daughter, Sydney’s eyes are wide open with shock and she tries to scream but soon succumbs to the feeling of being kissed by her mom. During the kissing Cory sticks her tongue inside Sydney’s mouth, this shocks her daughter. Cory then cups Sydney’s face gently in her hands and says ”babygirl are you ok?” Sydney doesn’t know how to respond. Seeing how worried her daughter is, Cory takes her by the hand and leads her nervous daughter into the living room.

In the living room, Cory gets Sydney to stand still while Cory take’s Sydney’s jean shorts off, revealing her to be wearing a cute, little pair of panties. Sydney asks Cory if she’s ok and Cory reassures her that she’s of sound mind. Cory then says ”ok turn and face me babe” at this point they’re standing in front of the couch, Sydney turns to face her mom, then Cory playfully pushes her daughter onto her back on the couch. Sydney nervously sits on the couch as she sees her mom kneel down in front of her with a lecherous look on her face. Sydney closes her legs and says ”I’m not sure about this, you’re my mom” Cory gently pushes Sydney’s legs apart and reassures her again that they both need this. with that, Cory pulls Sydney’s panties to the side and sticks her tongue back inside her daughter’s pussy. Cory eats her daughter’s pussy fast, Sydney is clearly nervous and scared but she soon succumbs to the feeling of her mom’s tongue and gets into, then she suddenly shakes her head to snap out of it and asks her mom to stop. Again Cory has to reassure Sydney that this is right for them and Cory resumes her focus on eating her daughter’s pussy. Sydney again quickly succumbs to the feeling and moans loudly, she guiltily admits to liking it, Cory continues eating Sydney out hard until Sydney loudly cums again.

Cory then rises up to Sydney’s face and sensually kisses her daughter, she then lifts up Sydney’s shirt and sucks on her nipples, Syndey nervously asks ”mom, can I try doing that to you?” Cory is very happy to hear this and says ”of course sweetie!” Cory sits on the couch and opens her legs for her daughter. Sydney begins enthusiastically eating her mom’s pussy. Listening closely to her mom’s pointers and praise, soon she makes her mom cum, Cory is very pleased and very proud of her sweet, innocent daughter and how quickly she’s learned from her mom. Cory and Sydney then sit back upright and Cory kneels back down in between Sydney’s legs, she can feel her daughter is still unsure about having sex with her mom, Cory peels Sydney’s panties off of her taking care to still leave Sydney’s heels on and promises her that she will enjoy herself. Cory sticks her tongue back inside her daughter’s pussy. Cory eats Sydney out hard and fast, Sydney is moaning loudly and writhing about as she lets herself go and falls completely in love and lust with her mother. Sydney screams ”I love you mommy!” as she loudly cums for the last time.

As Sydney is calming down, Cory sits beside her and holds her in her arms, please at the massive satisfied smile on her daughter’s face. Cory asks her how she feels about her first lesbian experience, Sydney expresses shock at it but admits to liking it, she then makes her mom promise not to tell anyone and they seal it with a kiss. Cory kisses Sydney, makes some more small talk and holds her as the scene draws to a close.

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Son Caught Peeping On Mommy Gets Handjob HD

Aiden lies in bed, his lights out, as he pretends to be fast asleep. Mom knows what her son has been up to, peeking through her bedroom door, and watching her have sex with Dad. She slowly makes her way into his room, trying her hardest to be quiet, and turns on the light beside the bed. She sits on the side of the bed, and whispers to him, making sure that his dad won’t wake up.

“Aiden… Aiden, you wanna tell me what that was all about?… Aiden, I saw you. You were peeking on your father and I. What do you have to say for yourself?… Aiden, a boy your age can’t just have an accident, trying to sneak a peek on his mom. You’re lucky that your father didn’t see you, or you’d be sleeping somewhere else tonight… It’s okay, honey. I’m not mad. You just can’t do this anymore, do you understand?… Okay, good. Now be honest with me, tell me the truth–this isn’t the first time you were peeking on Mommy and Daddy, is it?… Okay, honey, because I hear you every time we make love. Creaky floorboards, you know? You’re lucky that your father’s hearing isn’t as sharp as mine. Do you… beat off?… Honey, you don’t have to lie. I clean your sheets, remember?

I mean, it must be hard hearing Mommy moan, and cum, and scream, headboard just banging up against your wall. Do you stroke thinking it was you in there with me? Yeah? Do you beat off listening to Mommy moan? You’re such a naughty boy. Oh, but honey, honey, don’t be sad. I wanna help you. It’s not fair that you have to listen to Mommy and Daddy sucking, and licking, kissing, having sex when you’re all alone in your room on a school night.”

“Don’t be nervous, baby. I’m your mother, let me take care of you, okay?” She pulls back his blankets, pulls down his boxers, and grabs his cock. “Honey, I want you to imagine that me and you are in my bedroom, and we’re kissing, and you’re rubbing your hands up and down my body. Do you like Mommy’s body? I thought you did. Just imagine squeezing my breast, squeezing my ass–are they firm? Just imagine touching Mommy’s pussy. Mmm, I like that. What… Does that surprise you that I like that? You know, honey, all women love to be wanted, they want to be desired. Your Mommy’s no different. I bet you just imagine fucking me every time I bend down to give you a kiss goodnight, or when I’m by the kitchen counter… Do you think about fucking me then? I know you do… Just imagine touching Mommy’s beautiful body, squeezing it in your hands. I know it feels good.”

She pulls down her gown to reveal her breasts, then resumes stroking his cock. “I know that boys your age only think about sex. They can’t get it off of their mind. You know, honey, sometimes when I’m fucking your father, I like to think it’s you. I like to think it’s you inside of me. It just makes me so wet knowing that my boy wants his Mommy, and that your cock is hard for me…”

She gets up and straddles him, stroking his cock right in front of her crotch. “Just imagine me straddling your body, and I’m just so wet for you, honey, so wet… And you’re just so hard for me. Just imagine you’re thrusting your cock inside of me. Oh, honey, and you want to cum so badly, you wanna cum so badly, but I just stop. I just stop, and I hold your balls in my hand, and I tell you ‘You can’t cum until Mommy cums first,’ so I arch my back, and I bounce on your cock… Oh yeah, I bounce on it, and I cum all over your hard cock. All over it. And you’re begging me, begging me, Aiden, you’re begging me to let you cum. You wanna cum so badly. You wanna cum for Mommy, don’t you? But just as you’re begging, my lips are already around your cock…”

She crawls down to his cock, and drags the head of it across her tongue slowly. She continues stroking with his dick inches from her face. “And, you know, Mommy feels so dirty for wanting her son’s cum,… but she can’t control herself. She wants to know what it tastes like. She wants to taste all of that cum that’s been sitting in your balls. Oh gosh, she wants to taste it so bad. She wants to taste it on her tongue, and her cheeks, and she wants it all over her chest. She wants to swallow your huge load. Oh Aiden, you have to let me taste your cum. You have to. I’m just dying to taste it…. all that cum that you’ve built up for me… Just imagine me begging for your cum, and I wanna swallow it. Oh Aiden, I wanna swallow it… Won’t you cum inside of Mommy’s mouth? Come on, cum in Mommy’s mouth, Aiden…”

She strokes his cum into her mouth, swallows it, and then licks his cock clean. “I gotta make sure and leave no evidence behind. Plus, I already cleaned these sheets. Honey, you know Mommy loves you very much.”

Contains the following erotic elements:
Category: TABOO

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Do You Need Mommy To Help You With That HD

Mom & Son Fantasy, Taboo

*knock knock* Honey, it’s mommy. I heard you calling me… do you need something? What’s wrong? Ummm…. what’s going on over there? Oh honey! Your problem! You’re having it again… you just had this problem last night! It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and here you are with an….. erection…. again! These little incidences are getting closer and closer together and I just do not have the time to deal with your problem every day. You need to take care of that honey, mommy has stuff to do, I’m sure you can handle this. Oh no! I forgot! Your dad is going to be home in about an hour! You know how he feels about you and your little problems… he is getting very frustrated lately at how often this is happening! Oh honey… we just have to get this taken care of before he gets home. I don’t want you to get in trouble and lose your fun weekend! What should mommy do? What does mommy need to do to help you fix this? I would do anything for you, anything at all. You know mommy only wants what is best for you…. Oh! Umm… wow…. really? That’s really what you want me to do? You want your mommy to….. stroke your penis? Well… ummm… I did say I would do anything to help you… and we have to get this taken care of before your father gets home. Ummm… well, I guess I’ll just have to do this… Mommy would do anything for you! Here, let me just wrap my hand around it… does that feel good B***? Mmmm it does, doesn’t it? Mommy knows how to make you feel the best! We can’t take too long with this, we don’t have much time alone. You need to hurry up honey, really! Don’t hold out, just cum for mommy. What can mommy do to make you cum faster? Oh! Wow… I wasn’t expecting you to say *that*. No honey, I really don’t think that’s a good idea. I just really don’t think that mommy should do that… but…. well, I did say I’d do anything for you and this will help you cum faster so we don’t get caught….

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