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Natalie Wonder – Mommy Comes Back Home From Happy Hour & Needs To Get Lucky HD

Mommy just came back from happy hour with the girls & she had one too many cocktails. Mommies need to let loose too sometimes. Oh sweetie, don’t be shy now. Can you still smell the alc0hol on me? I’m feeling buzzed & really wanna get lucky. Your father? Hahahaha! Oh honey, your father hasn’t been able to get it up for years! There’s no sense in trying with him. Mommy’s given up in that department. But I’m pretty confident this young, hard cock of yours is all ready to go. Mmmmmm oh come on, don’t try to deny your feelings for mommy. Are you scared of mommy or something? Your cock doesn’t seem to be scared of me. I know mommy might be coming on a little too strong for you right since I drank too much. All that liquor made those tingly feelings go straight to mommy’s pussy. Mmmmmm it’s going to feel so warm inside me sweetie. I promise. Come home to mommy. Mommy’s going to slide her boy’s nice hard cock deep inside, right where it’s supposed to be. You came out of mommy’s hole & now I want to put you right back in. Stop struggling & fighting it because you’ll get me upset. Shhhhhh, remember, I’m the boss around here sweetie and I’ll get what I want. And I want your dick inside me fucking me right now. I know deep down you want it sweetie. Let’s just take your pants off first. Mmmmm there you go. See? That wasn’t bad. Now just relax & feel mommy’s wet pussy slide down on you. Ohhhhh. So good. You fill mommy up perfectly. Now I want you to fill mommy up even more by shooting your hot sperm deep inside me. And mommy won’t stop fucking you until you do.

This video features Natalie Wonder playing as your mother coming home drunk, waking you, and pressuring you into sex. She entices you and touches herself and then that escalates into virtual sex part where she forces you to cum inside her.

720p, 13 min

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Alyssa Reece – Busted Peeping At Mommy JOI HD

Mom is in her bedroom drying herself off with a towel. You knock on her door and she says that she is getting dressed and that she will be right there. Without thinking further you just walk to see your mother nude and trying to cover herself with a towel. “What are you doing?! I said I was getting dressed! I know boys your age are horny but you shouldn’t be trying to spy on your own mother! Do you think your friends fantasize about fucking their mothers?! Of course not! It’s sick!” she yells. You quickly turn around and start to walk towards the door. “Wait,” your mother stops you. “I think you did that on purpose, you were trying to see your mother naked and then go jerk off in your bedroom, weren’t you?” You try to leave again, but your mother stops you once again. “If it’s true then stay here so we can talk about this, and if it’s not then you can go.” You start to think about it and then slowly stop yourself. ” I knew you were a little pervert! How long have you had these fantasies about your mother?” You confess that it’s been going on for as long as you can remember. “That long? I had no idea. Maybe it’s my fault, all that naked cuddling when you were little, but I thought it was innocent. But you’re allowed to get fantasies, I think it’s hot actually. It’s so fucking dirty. The thought of fucking my own son, or even watching him jerk off in front of me while your father is downstairs.” Mom is rubbing her breasts together and lifting her towel up to reveal her pussy. She reaches out for your throbbing hard on, “it’s so hard, a girl could have a lot of fun with this,” she smiles. “Show mommy what you do with it, it’s ok sweetheart, go ahead. Start jerking it for mommy.”

In this clip Alyssa Reece plays your mother who catches you peeping as she leaves the shower in her towel. She decides to to instruct you to masturbate and she feeds you instructions while she undresses and touches herself showing you different parts of her body.

1080p, 10 min

Category: MOMMAS BOY
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Mommy Loves Me HD MP4

My Mommy loves me so much!!! I know she’s a really busy and important lady but Mommy always finds time to teach me new things and make me feel better. I have the best Mommy in the whole wide world!!!

***Starring Alexis Rain***


Compilation includes full versions of…

Mommy Will Teach You HD

My Mommy came in from gardening in the rain and saw me sitting on the couch with a condom next to me. I told my Mommy I finally met a girl that wants to have sex with me but… she says I have to wear a condom, and I don’t know how to use one. I ask my Mommy for help and she tells me she loves me and always wants to help me any way she can. I thought my Mommy would draw me some pictures, boy was I wrong… MOMMY SAID WE HAD TO HAVE SEX!!! She said it was the only way to make sure I got it right. MY MOMMY IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!! My Mommy made sure to show me different positions and everything! She showed me doggy, and something called cowgirl — I think. Mommy even told me to slap her butt, she said most girls like that. It wasn’t long before I came inside my Mommy. She pulled off the condom and showed me what a big load I filled it with. Mommy said I did great for my first time — but that I would need some more practice and she’d be happy to help me. I LOVE MY MOMMY SO MUCH!!!
Category: TABOO
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Son, Mommy Knows What You Want HD

Son, Mommy knows what you’ve been doing with the camera you got for Christmas. You were supposed to use it for school projects… NOT RECORDING MOMMY CHANGING AND GETTING OUT OF THE SHOWER!!! Son, what kind of sick fantasies have you been hiding from me? Do you masturbate and think about your Mommy? Do you want to fuck your Mommy? Son, you know that’s illegal… And you couldn’t possibly imagine you could satisfy your Mommy’s sexual desires… Do you really think Mommy would let her son put his cock inside her pussy?? Son, you’ve lost your mind. But maybe… Mommy could put her mouth on it. Would you like that son? Maybe fuck Mommy’s big titties? You obviously need to get this out of your system. No one would know if Mommy put your cock in her mouth just once. You won’t tell Daddy, will you, son? It’s ok, you can cum in Mommy’s mouth. Son, you’re a very sick boy…but don’t worry, Mommy knows how to make you all better…
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Son, I Can’t Get Pregnant HD

Son, I know we’ve been having a lot of fun sneaking around behind Daddy’s back. You know how much I love your big cock, and how Daddy’s little wiener can’t satisfy me anymore. And you know I love it when I sneak into your room at night and you quietly pump Mommy’s pussy until you fill it with your cum… BUT SON, WE HAVE TO BE MORE CAREFUL! Your Father just got a vasectomy, and we can’t take anymore risks!! WE’LL BE THROWN OUT!!! We’ll lose our chance to swindle Daddy out of all his money and run away together like we planned. Son, I know you hate this, but you have to start wearing condoms when you fuck me. It’s the only way to make sure we don’t get caught. Don’t worry son, it’s not that bad. Mommy will show you we can have just as much fun….
Category: TABOO
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Mom’s Bye Bye Blowjob HD

My Mom and Dad have been fighting all the time lately. Dad’s been drinking a lot and not coming home until really late. And my Mom thinks he’s been sleeping with other women too. Dad actually came home from work on time today but I guess that didn’t matter because they got in a really bad fight. I could hear everything from my room upstairs. Mom said she was leaving and going to stay with her Mother for awhile. I heard Dad yell that she should get the fuck out, and he was going back to the bar, then I heard the front door slam shut. I went downstairs and caught my Mom getting out of the shower and I begged her to stay. Mom said there was no changing her mind — but Mom said she could give me a going away present — if I promised to be a good boy and take care of my sister while she was gone. MOM SAID SHE’D GIVE ME A GOOD BYE BLOWJOB!!! Before I knew it my Mom was on her knees sucking and jerking my cock and licking my balls!! I even fucked my Mom’s tits and came in her mouth!! I’ll definitely be on my best behavior while she’s gone. I HAVE THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!
Category: TABOO
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Category: TABOO

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Taboo Virtual Sex with Mommy Whitney Morgan HD

Mommy Miss Whitney Morgan confronts you on the type of girls you have been seeing in your highschool.. She explains they are all inexperinced, and who knows if they will run off with the Football player instead, and leave you alone. Mommy is here, and she wants you to experince a real woman, as her little boy only deserves the best! She pulls you close to her, and pulls you right out of your pants. Your mom wraps her lips around your cock, and begins sucking the tip. You’re so excited you’re already dripping with pre-cum. Mommy warns you to not get excited too quick! A lady always cums first. She strips off her dress, and bra.. and asks for you to remove her tiny thong with your teeth. Before you even know it, you have your mom bent over the couch and you’re deep inside of her! You have your cock buried in your mother, and you have never felt so much pleasure. Mommy is riding you from behind, grinding herself into your giant cock. Dad doesn’t bring her this much pleasure.. only her good little boy. You climb on top of your mom, pounding her hard.. She says she’s going to ground you.. Your dad is leaving on a long business trip, so you’ll have your Mommy all to yourself. Mommy jumps on top of you, and begins bouncing up and down on your big cock, grabbing and squeezing her breasts. Mommy is about to cum and is begging you to cum with her. You finish your load inside of your mommy. You’re mommy’s little boy toy now. No more highschool stanks for you.. Just your loving Mom.

Virtual sex scene featuring Whitney Morgan as your mother. Includes virtual blowjob, then virtual doggy style, on top, and finally her on top until you cum inside her. Very hot.

1080p, 11 min

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Mommy Needs Him – Modern Taboo Family – HD VERSION

Mommy had hurt her arm and was not able to do much. Alex quickly became man of the house. He didn’t mind, he knew she was in pain and needed his help. Mom struggles to take down her pants in order to pee. She realizes there is no toilet paper. She yells for her Son to bring her some. Alex sticks his arm in with the TP looking away from his Mother on the toilet. She asks him to wait with it while she finishes. She then tells him to come in and rip off a piece for her. She only has one good arm and that arm barely works. He does in a very uncomfortable fashion. She looks at him with those big blue Mom eyes and asks him if could wipe for her. Alex says no way and starts to walk out. She pleads with him and says that she used to wipe him when he was younger. He reluctantly does. But something happens. Mom starts to move up and down on the tissue. She starts to moan. Alex doesn’t know what to do he watches her and she keeps rubbing against his hand. He finally freaks out and leaves the bathroom. Later that night Alex knows he has to give his Mom her medication. He been avoiding her all day but he doesn’t want her to be in pain. So he softly knocks on her door and opens it to find his Mom sleeping. He gently wakes her. She takes her pills and her special Mommy drink. She pats the bed and tells him to sit down next to her. She needed to explain what happened earlier. But Alex didn’t want to talk about it and tried to leave. But Mom was persistent and she finally get’s him to lay next to her. They talk. She says her shoulder really hurts and if he could rub it. As he massages her neck she starts to moan again. Her head was spinning and she turns to her handsome son and kisses him. He has been making her feel so good lately that she wanted to return the favor. She tells him how lonely she is and how much she needs to be touched in a way only her son could! Alex looks at his beauitful Mommy and closes his eyes. She slowly takes out his cock and begins to suck it. She sucks her Son’s big cock and makes him tell her that he likes Mommy’s mouth on his cock and not those dumb young sluts! She couldn’t take anymore and said she had to get his cock inside of her now! The passion between them will be something they both never forget! – HD VERSION 720/30p.

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Diane Andrews – Seduced By Mommy HD

The raunchiest taboo MILF clip in my series to date!Watching mommy put lotion on her amazingly long legs, she sees you and begins to seduce you. You had no idea what you were in for today, but you learn real fast as she taunts you with her super sexy and dirty dialogue, and tells you how much she would love to find out if you taste, feel, and perform like your father! You are powerless against her intoxicating smell, her sultry voice, and her amazingly soft yet firm and experienced touch. She has you under her spell, and there’s no way out. This is a tall, powerful woman that you cannot resist. She wants you to blow your load in her mouth, and you can do nothing to stop it.But, it’s not wrong if we don’t think it’s wrong, right?Includes: MILF, Taboo, Mom/Son, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Mommas Boy, Seductress, POV Sex, Satin, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Sensual DominationBe sure to experience my other highly regarded, and very popular Taboo MILF clips:Your Graduation Present Nap Interrupted Don’t Be Ashamed A Substantial Gift Cumming Inside Your Mother Against Your Will Cool Mom Let Me Show You How Son Makes A Movie Mom’s Desperation You Have Been Spying I Am On To You, And Now You Will Receive The Ultimate Punishment Just A Peek Won’t HurtBe Sure To Experience All I Have To Offer

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Mommy Teaches Son HD

I’ve been teaching at the school for some time now, I hear all the gossip and all the rumors. Of coarse I was upset when I heard my son could not satisfy a girl. Hearing them laugh and snicker made my b.lood boil. It’s time you learn son, time you learn how to satisfy a woman properly. I didn’t think I would have to be the one to teach you but who else’s job is it. Lick and tease moms pussy, if you do a good job I might just reward you.


Mommy Is Your New Girlfriend HD

Your mother playfully bounces on your lap, oblivious of her plump nipples poking over the top of her bra. It was wrong to notice, to be aroused by her… especially in her vulnerable state. She came to you in her time of need after all… seeking love from the one man in her life she could count on. Her son.

Mommy didn’t deserve to be stood up on her date tonight, although you couldn’t help but relish how sweetly desperate she was for your attention. Your mother needed to hear that she was desirable… that she was still attractive. That you would kiss her on a date… that you wanted her more than the other girls at school.

Especially now that her big breasts were heaving inches from your face. Your own growing erection presses hard against your mother’s crotch as she sits on your lap, looking expectant – looking to be proven wrong. That she wasn’t too heavy for you, too overweight to be attractive. But that was the last thing on your mind.

All you could think about was how good her legs felt against you, her body on yours. She tried to get up, but to your surprise, your hands held her there. Mommy’s expression suddenly changed. Did she finally notice how much you wanted her? That you couldn’t help the way she made you feel… that you wanted her to be your girlfriend.

Her hips started moving. Slowly, rhythmically. She was looking at you, watching you. Her eyes closed and her breathing intensified. Nothing else mattered, but the two of you… finally having each other.

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Kuroneko Smith, Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Vol. 1 & 2

Kuroneko Smith, Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Vol. 1
120 pages

Kuroneko Smith, Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Vol. 1.rar

Kuroneko Smith, Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Vol. 2
129 pages

Kuroneko Smith, Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Vol. 2.rar
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Mommy Needs You HD

My mom comes into tell me I’m really growing up and that she really needs me. She sits on the bed and starts touching my thigh. I’m kind of freaked out I don’t know what she’s doing. Then she tells me she’s going to pull down my pants and give me a blow job!! I tell her I don’t really want her to but she tells me it needs to happen and take off her top and pulls down my pants. After she sucks me for a little bit she tells me she wants me to fuck her. What??? She tells me to get on top. What is going on! I do as she says since she is my mother and then she tells me she is going to ride my dick. Damn, it does feel good but this is just so weird. This is my mom we’re talking about here. She rides my cock until I’m ready to explode. I tell her I’m about to cum but she starts riding harder. She just made me cum inside her!! I can’t believe my mom just made me fuck her and cum inside her! (Includes Alex used as son’s name) This was a custom request. To get your own, please email us :)

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