Cuckolding Entrancement With Domina Snow

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CATEGORY: Cuckolding

Alexandra Snow is world renowned for her entrancement skills. Together we make a powerful team in turning even the most reluctant fella into a cuckold. You are powerless to resist. (Click to go to Domina Snow’s c4s store)

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Virgin People (1984) Asian Taboo Erotica

Directed by: Celso Ad. Castillo

Stars: Janet Bordon, Myrna Castillo, Pepsi Paloma

Language: Filipino | Subtitles: English

Country: Philippines | Dvdrip

Description: Three sisters live in a paradise where men are metaphorically and literally serpents of temptation. Their father takes his three daughters deep into the woods, far from the nearest town. He dies, leaving the girls educated enough to read from the Bible, ignorant enough to allow men to take advantage of them.

Virgin People (1984).mkv


Hadnjob For Old Daddy HD

Granddaughter, Teen, Only Handjob, Small Tits, Female Domination, Grandpa, Cum on Hands


Lela Beryl – D&D and My Daddy’s Dick

Lela’s mother kicked her friends out in the middle of an epic Dungeons & Dragons session and threatened to never let her play again. Lela goes to her daddy for help, and decides to take revenge and play a new game with him…Dungeons & Dicks! 30 Minutes of Lela Beryl Showing Off Her Amazing Edging Skills!

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August Ames – Sinning With My Sister Chapter Two HD

It’s August Ames 18th birthday and her only wish is to have her cherry popped. Not only is she young, beautiful and the most popular girl at school she knows she’s ready for her first sexual experience and to lose her virginity…but with who? Forget the vibrator she stole from her mom, August wants a hard cock to fill her virgin hole and who other than her big brother Johnny Castle to fulfill her teenage fantasy!

Johnny walks into the house surprising August with her birthday gift, a pink onesie. August thanks her brother for the thoughtful present, but now that shes all grown up, wearing booty shorts and tight shirts is more her thing. August flaunts her bubbly ass in the air trying to get Johnny’s attention but he quickly changes the subject by going upstairs and hitting the shower. August follows him upstairs, with a master plan to seduce her brother by any means necessary!

August unzips her onesie, showing her massive, perky big boobs knowing perfectly well that this isn’t right. She persuades him into letting her touch his already erect cock under his underwear. When she wants to take things further they promise one another they will never tell mom and dad. Her pussy is so tight that she has a hard time putting his fat cock inside of her, but she forces it inside herself and rides his hard shaft passionately, her pussy ripping apart as she cums all over his balls. She bends over on all fours as Johnny fucks her doggy style until he cannot hold it in any longer, busting a nut over his sister’s sullied pussy!

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Stacy Sweet – Stacy’s Full Training Session HD

Stacy Sweet gets hypnotised into stripping, masturbating with a hitachi, giving a blowjob and put into a mindless trance before getting fucked.


Stacy’s Full Training Session HD.mp4


Dirty Old Grandpa HD

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My Cousins Like Anal Creampies (2016)

Starring: Madelan, Jasmine, Isida, Demi.

Wow! There is nothing like kissing cousins but this is something else. There girls love to squeeze hot creamy cum out of their little assholes, and who better to supply a big hot load but their own cousin. It’s a family thing!

Rated: XXX
Fetish: Cream Pie
Ships: Check Inventory
Released: 4/13/2016
By: Tug Zone

My Cousins Like Anal Creampies.mp4


Father’s Ass Tastes Awesome

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Finding My Daughter – Karlie Montana, Melissa Moore HD

Karlie Montana is in a rough state. Sadly, years ago she suffered from a miscarriage as a teen. The resulting stress and with the scars of her upbringing, she developed strong dissociative tendencies that left her mentally unstable and involuntarily confused, and compulsively obsessive. Her old therapist was able to keep her healthy enough to function like anyone else, but she still performed secretive digital kidnapping trying to replace the daughter she once lost. Her actions and state have deteriorated under the guidance of a new, naive therapist bent on helping Karlie play out her fantasies, unwittingly sending Karlie to the home of a local girl to act on her perverted lesbian family role play fantasy. Karlie meets the beautiful object of her desire close to home in Melissa Moore, who fits her fantasy perfectly, and even bears a close resemblance. The hopeful Mother poses as a government official recording facts for the census, and prods at Melissa’s details hoping to get her to spread her legs and let Karlie eat out her pussy, tonguing her throbbing clitoris until she cums, totally surprised by Karlie’s expert tongue techniques. Karlie even teaches her fantasy daughter to do the same to her before tribbing with her, and showing her a favorite position, 69!

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