Exhibitionist wife #80 Heather Silk (part 1 and 2)

Part 1:

Things got heated up as one guy after another had a turn feeling up Heather and claiming that it was just a massage. It was an ass worship session where a bunch of voyeurs at the nude beach got a chance to fondle a very sexy married woman while she enjoyed a day off while her husband was at work. She made this video for him because he likes her being an exhibitionist and she gets off teasing strangers so it works out very nice for the both of them! These strangers took note as they each noticed her from far and creep up on her surrounding her. Some of them were not naked but the ones that were were jerking off nearby and she didnt mind. In fact she got a 2 black guys so hard that they jumped in to massage her butt and they did a good job feeling her up and occasionally playing with her pussy lips while trying not to get caught by any life guards on patrol. One of the black guys whips his cock out and starts stroking it over her ass while he takes his turn squeezing her butt and spreading her ass cheeks wide!

Part 2:
Heather recaps all her naughty dick teasing at the nude beach and gives the guys some motivation to cum all over the place! She bends over, spreads her legs, lets them feel her up, take pictures, jerk off next to her while chatting, and finally CUM ALL OVER THE FUCKING BEACH! What an amazing ending to a rainy day. Heather made her husband the perfect video while he was off at work. She said she was going to masturbate and watch it before he got home from work and then show him how all those guys were jerking off to her at the nude beach in public!

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The Babysitter Experience HD

First off, we didn’t even need a babysitter. My brother and I are both in our thirties, but for whatever reason our Mom still doesn’t trust us to be alone in the house if she’s gone for more than a day. Yeah I guess we’re losers, who cares, but that’s not important… Anyway, this time our Mom left for a vacation in Panama City Florida or some shithole like that, and asked her friend Sara to watch us. Sara used to babysit us all the time when my brother and I were younger and we both had crushes on her… But it had been awhile since we had seen her last. So a few days into her “babysitting” us, she leaves alone for a few hours to go on a date… When Sara came home she was acting very strange, and that’s when things got really interesting…. ***Starring Sara Jay***

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Hot Wife 2 (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Big Cocks, Interrcial
Studio: Blacked
Director: Greg Lansky
Starring: Adriana Chechik, Alexa Grace, Samantha Hayes, Karina White
Duration: 02:43:25

Its second chapter of the highly anticipated “Hot Wife” series by award winning director Greg Lansky. Starring cover girl Alexa Grace cheating on her boyfriend in a hot threesome, Adriana Chechik with three men taking turns and double penetrating her, Samantha Hayes dominated and punished with her husbands approval and Karina White who while on vacation cuckolds her fiance with a huge bbc and forces him into the hot wife lifestyle. This movie is about quality and it features real cinematography with hot story lines that will truly excite you.

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Lucy Marie – 2 NEW Mom-Son HD Vids!

Lucy Marie – Mommy Loves you Too Much HD

Darling what are you doing at the end of the bed? cant you sleep? you waiting for Mommy to tuck you in? you know sometimes I think I love you too much. Do you know what happens when Mommy’s love their son’s too much… they have to touch them and spend extra special time with them and they have to touch Mommy too. this is the most natural beautiful thing in the world. I know how much you like our time together…now just stay there darling…. hmmmm look at my big sexy butt darling…. you want Mommy to take her bra off too? I love you so much. Do you know what I want more than anything, to feel that hard little penis inside my soaking wet pussy..hmmmmm . Now I am going to stand over you and play with myself and I want you to stroke that little pee pee for me… that’s it sweetie you just look up at mommy’s titties… good boy. Just look how excited you are…hmmm I need you inside me!

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Virtual sex scene featuring Lucy Marie as your mother.

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Lucy Marie – You will eat Mommy’s lovely pussy HD

I saw the magazines in your room darling, the pictures with the girls with their legs spread wide open, you like looking at pussy dont you? hmmm do you imagine what they taste like? what they feel like, licking those soft wet lips? I thought you were only interested in breasts, but no my boys really growing up… I need you to check if my suspender straps are in place, you don’t mind checking for me do you? you like looking at Mommy’s arse like this… hmmm when I am on fours, would you like to stroke me, go on don’t be shy, feel your Mommy’s ass… hmmmm baby that feels so nice…oh yeah just caress me right there, rub your fingers against my pussy… that feels so good. I know why don’t you lick my pussy, I think you would love to taste me, you want Mommy to spread her legs like the girls in the pictures? that’s right I want you to eat my pussy son, give it a good licking….hmmmmm

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Virtual sex scene featuring Lucy Marie playing as your mother.

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Ryan Riesling – Cuckold HD

Meet the Rieslings — Ryan and Damien. They’re the happiest couple in the world. How so? Ryan’s a natural-born, BBC-lovin’ white girl…which has always been Damien idea of a dream girl. Damien learned about white girls who loved black men way back in high school, when he caught his cheerleader girlfriend banging the center of the basketball team. They called him Slim, and when Damien walked into her bedroom unannounced one sunny afternoon and caught the pair banging away, and he saw Slim’s enormous cock and the pleasure it brought his girlfriend, he didn’t get mad. He simply accepted it. Now, years later, he wears his chastity device proudly and knows when Ryan is “in session” with her “personal trainer”, well…all he really wants to do is watch. And maybe clean up. If he’s lucky. Today, he’s a lucky cuck. Look! The Bull even got jizz on Ryan’s wedding ring! Clean-up on aisle Ryan!

Starring: Ryan Riesling, Jax Slayher

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Mother’s Home BJ For Her Son!

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Big Boobed Alex Chance Throats Black Dick and Licks Black Ass!

***Multiple Positional Rimming, Big Boobs, Ass Eating, Cum in Mouth*** Alex Chance has MASSIVE, MASSIVE Boobs. Some of the biggest and best boobs I’ve seen in my life! She also has a deep throat, one she used to throat every inch of my dick. She can definitely take some face fucking! And last, but certainly not least, she has a very….VERY…talented tongue. She used that tongue to thoroughly clean my asshole in a way that very few have. Alex is an amazing oral artist!

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Hotwife’s private workout with her personal trainer HD

Hotwife Alix is tired of her inattentive husband. His lack of self-respect has left him in a pitiful state and just looking at him makes Alix sick to her stomach. Alix has noticed a hot young stud working at a local personal trainer gym so she decided to see if he’s as much of a man as she thinks. The story Alix gives is your standard trope: desperate housewife looking for attention, the usual formalities to get this typical male excited at the possibility of fucking someone else’s wife. Sure she’s playing with him, playing the part of a damsel in distress & athletic clothes, but Alix’s curvy body was built for fucking and she needs a good hard dick before she looses her mind. Hopefully this jock fuckboy is packing and knows how to fuck or else he’s wasting his time doing hip thrusts while working out.

Starring: Alix Lovell

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Lena Love, Lola MyLuv – Girls Aloud HD

Lena Love wanted to do something special for her husband, who was returning later from a long business trip. So she poured her perfect figure into his favorite black lace lingerie, and poised herself to surprise him. But when she caught a glimpse of her sister-in-law Lola MyLuv asleep on the guest bed, Lena’s passion for hard cock turned to one for wet pussy. With a stroke of her platinum hair, Lena roused Lola from her slumber, bringing her back fully with long, lingering kisses. Peeling their underthings off of each other’s taut, bronze bodies, Lena and Lola explored the desire that had been building between them, taking turns to lick, fiddle, and lap at their tits and clits, leading both into a frenzy that exploded in a mutual orgasm. Overcome with pleasure, the two beauties collapsed into a cuddle of limbs, sure that this would not be their last time together.

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REAL Step-son Hidden Blowjob!

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