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The girls’ boarding school suddenly has a new headmaster with some innovative new ideas.

Each actress is “hypnotised” one by one and made to various sex acts, including masturbation, blow jobs and normal sex. they are also made to wear more revealing clothes. in they end they are all made to come together in a group orgy

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Teaching Daughter To Be A Whore – Daughter Exchange Club – HD VERSION

Jonny was dreading this talk with his Daughter. He couldn’t believe he was going to ask his Daughter to “entertain” his boss. But he had to hold up his end of the bargain or her would be fired. Anya asks him what troubling him. He explains in a very round about way the situation. How his boss Mr. Johnson had suggested they trade daughters and at the time seemed like a fun idea. His Daughter looked shocked and not so happy. She flat out said no way and was mad at him for even asking such a thing. “And what kind of guy would pimp out his own daughter! Why couldn’t you just trade Lawn Mowers like normal guys!” She said. He told her he had no choice. He has already fooled around with Mr. Johnson’s daughter Sadie. “Wait, what? You messed around with that SLUT! I went to school with her. She was a slut then too!” Anya proclaimed! Her Dad explained that if she didn’t go through with it that he would be fired and they would lose the house. She looked at her Father and saw how bad he felt, he’s just lonely. She told her Daddy she would do it but on one condition. That she let her practice on him. She want him to show her what she should do to Mr. Johnson. She knows he looks at her in such a way. The long hugs, kisses, walking in on her while nude and so on. He didn’t know what to say. She asks Daddy if could do anything to her what would he want to do? “I know you want to taste your little daughters pussy don’t you?” says Anya. Daddy says he is going to make his Daughter cum and then he going to show her how to make him cum. She can’t wait to please her Daddy. “I want you to teach me how to be a good little whore for Mr. Johnson!” – HD VERSION 720/30p.

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Wife cums 14 times, guy cums once. Creampie. Sensual riding!

One of the most sensual video you will see from a gonewild couple. There’s no face reveal but the body of these two are really astounding. It starts off with them on bed with the beautiful sunset with her laying down next to him stroking his cock.

She blows him for a bit before the action starts. She She has a “phat ass” and you see some great shots of her riding it in reverse cowgirl. She rides him cowgirl position too. Doggy position happens on the bed and you could her petite body and ass sticking out. She bends over on a chair and gets fucked from behind. He eats her pussy. The scene ends with a nice creampie.

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MILF 654 – Red MILF Production 2 – MP4

Brad Stone had lost his wife several years back. His income alone was just not enough to support his 2 college age offspring. He sat them down and told them they must get part time jobs or they would lose the house. Had he known what was going to happen as a result of this conversation he would have never said a word. Charlene and Frank both called and applied to dozens of places but either they were not hiring or they wanted no tattoos and a very preppy look. Frank went online and found Red MILF Productions producer Rachel Steele hiring young amateur talent for adult pornography. He was excited about it and he knew he would get the job, his cock was huge and tattoos not a problem. He applied in person and Rachel herself hired him. That afternoon Charlene came home let down from her job search. She went to Frank’s room to see if he got a job but he was gone. His computer was on so she looked, there were adult ads, she saw the Red MILF one and decided to go for it. She did not realize that Frank and went and applied too. Rachel hired her as well. The shoot was set for that afternoon. Rachel looked over the paperwork on the actors and she realized they were brother and sister. She smiled an evil grin and showed up for the shoot. Charlene came to the set dressed from wardrobe. Rachel met her there and got her to lie on the bed and pose. The male talent would arrive soon. Rachel saw how stiff and nervous Charlene was and assured her she would be in the room the entire shoot. Rachel asked her if she was ready for the male talent, in walked her brother. They both froze, eyes locked. Rachel acted like she did not know, but she did. Rachel let them both argue and decide for themselves what to do. The money was very good and paid cash that same day. It would more than help their dad pay a month’s worth of bills. Rachel clicked her nails on the clip board as they both looked ashamed of even considering a sex scene together. They asked if it could be rescheduled, Rachel said it had to be shot today. She told then it was just a sex scene, pretend it is someone else. They reluctantly agree as Rachel reminded them time was running out. The scene started with a slow undressing, then some foreplay all directed by Rachel. She knew this would sell like hot cakes, and she would advertize it as brother/sister sex. She manipulated them like puppets, getting them to fuck and suck in all kinds of positions. Rachel actually got them very worked up and they lost their inhabitations, forgetting they were doing wrong. Instead they got off on the taboo of brother fucking sister and them both loving it. Charlene came many times on her brother’s cock. Frank finally shot his load as Rachel encouraged Charlene to open her mouth and take his sperm to drink. Rachel told the camera man to get a close up of Charlene’s pussy because she had cum dripping down. Rachel applauded their work and offered them a $500.00 bonus if they shot with her company again. She was satisfied at any cost as long as she had her TABOO collection of content filmed.

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OMG I Fucked My Brother – Natalie Monroe HD

So school has been a total bummer this week. We have the big game tonight and the captain of the squad sprained her ankle so I have to step in. I’m totally stressing out and need to relax. My mom has a back massager she uses. More like a plug-in vibrator is like it. No one was home so I got it out of her dresser and went back to my room. I can feel the vibrations all through my body and I love how it feels on my little clit. I was cumming so hard I didn’t even notice my older brother was standing at my door stroking his dick. At this point I was so horny I was ready to fuck whomever. I called him over and took his cock in my mouth while I masturbated. I couldn’t believe what a slut I was being but it wasn’t like he’d tell anyone and even he did he’s a boy, who’d believe he fucked his sister lol. I turn on my side so my brother can slide his cock in from behind. I’m so tight he almost cums as soon as I squeeze my pussy walls around him. He lifts my cheerleader skirt, grabs my hips and pulls them back as he slams his dick in and out of me. I want to take him as deep as I can so I lay on my back and pull my legs apart. 2..4..6..8.. what do I appreciate? COCK! COCK! COCK!
I tell him to hurry because mom and dad will be home soon and this can’t be explained. He pumps my pussy harder and when he pulls out he starts to cum on my skirt. WAIT! Not on my skirt I have the game tonight. Oh FUCK. Well at least I got off a lot but this cum stain is going to be difficult to explain.

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Larkin Love – Office Slut Gets Creampied HD

I’m working late at the office, still wearing my business clothes, when I hear a strange noise. Someone’s breaking in! The sinister intruder approaches me. I offer him my purse, but that isn’t enough to satisfy him. He ties me to a chair and molests my breasts, pinching, slapping, bouncing, and rubbing oil all over them. When I complain, he stuffs a ball gag into my mouth. I try to struggle, but it feels so good, I can’t help but get turned on. Before I know it, I’m begging him to fuck me on the break-room table. He gives me a thorough pounding before cumming deep inside me for a huge creampie finish, doggy style. Watch it gush out of my creamy pussy in HD!


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Lana Rhoades – LANA Part 4 HD 1080p



Lana has seen her money troubles disappear after getting involved in the escort business, and now she wants more. She has been so busy and is really stressed with her internship, studies an of course, her work. She arrives at her next client with confidence and as she looks over the paperwork she knows that he is the client she has always desired. A well known celebrity, everything has to be just right, although when he sees Lana, paperwork and red tape is the last thing on his mind.

After a blowjob with deepthroat, he penetrates her pussy and her ass in different positions, including cowgirl, missionary, spoon, reverse cowgirl, until she gets a facial.

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Cheated On My Husband – Angel Long HD

Went Out one night and got chatting to a guy, i fancied a naughty fuck so invited him back to my room. I went out and bought a condom and went back to the room. I got his cock all hard and sucked him off, i put the jonny on him and fucked his cock so good. I was creaming all over his cock. He bend me over and fucked me good before i laid him on his back and slammed my really wet pussy down on his wet covered cock and made him cum all in in the jonny. I pulled the jonny of and sucked all the spunk out of it like the dirty filthy slut that i am

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Angie Noir – My Messy Son Makes Me Happy HD

STORYLINE:: You HAVE TO SEE this FORBIDDEN video OF NON STOP TABOO MAKE UP SEX! I have had it! I am a patient Mom but my Son Luke is a lazy slob! I cannot believe the mess he has made and to make it worse he is in a chair! Time to SLAP his face (which was hot!) and wake him up! Luke is ambivalent to everything lately and I am too soft on him so it is time to make a threat! Clean up or move out!

My son really was taken aback by that and he tries to make me feel better. He insists that I relax and sit down. I Love Luke and play along with him…really, I just want his big cock to fuck me! Luke offers a foot massage to relax me and I accept! After sitting, my son noticed that I am not wearing panties and that I shave my pussy! Soon, he relaxes me and I start to massage his hard cock with my free foot! Well, Mom needs it bad!

So I take control and pull his pants down, pull out his big cock and start sucking! I really work Luke’s dick…stroking it up and down…keeping it lubed with spit and my tongue! My Son loves my big DD titties and releases them from my nighty. He knows what I need and invites me to sit on his throbbing cock…AHhhhhhh! Fill my pussy up! Time for some great riding! We switch positions and he takes me from the rear! Thrusting deep and hard into me! I am so WET! Next, I sit down in the chair and spread my legs wide and high so he can pound my pussy! I love looking up at my son Luke while he fucks me silly! Wow! He is ready now and I want to suck on his cock and taste my own pussy juice! YUMMY! Luke is close…he grabs my head and fucks my mouth and I slide him deep into my mouth…all the way! At the same time he shoots his seed down my throat!

What a great family! I Love it when we make up and make each other feel great! And, NO I did not make him move out!

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