Italian brother and sister.

Brother ptetends to be a sleepwalker to seduce his sexy sis – at last he succeeded to suck and fuck her…

Hot bs scene from A. Casanova’s Incesti Italiani -10

Sexy Leticia Bruni as sister, Franchesco Malcolm as brother

Natizia tells her brother, Luciano, to go to the doctor after catching him almost killing himself while he was sleepwalking. The next morning, he tells her the doctor recommended it might be dangerous to wake him up if it happens again. She tells him that their parents had invited them to come home, but they decide they love studying in Rome so much that they want to stay, even though people think they are husband and wife, not brother and siser. But they dont care what people think. Later that night, Luciano pretends to sleepwalk into his sister’s room naked. She is startled at first, but gets hot seeing him and decides to fuck him, seeing as he will forget it when he wakes up. When he does wake up, he pretends he has no idea why he is in bed with his sister naked, and Natizia tells him he was sleepwalking and he didn’t want to risk waking him up. He them calls his best friend to tell him the plan worked. Natizia catches him, and decides to teach her brother a lesson.


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