Sissy Son Is Mommys Slave – Curious Cristine

I don’t know where I went wrong as a mother. I am a tough, dominating women, yet my son ended up such a wussy sissy boy. I am dissapointed by this at first but relize I could use this to my advantage. I am pretty high matience, even my son should be taking care of my needs. He is always begging for more attention and warmth from his mother but I am just unable to do so, he is just such a weak little son! I know I should be holding him and loving him, but let’s face it, I get more out of him spoiling me and taking care of my more important needs. For instance, he needs to pick out my outfits before my hot dates. He needs to clean the bottoms of my feet, if they get dirty. I know deep inside my son loves catering to his dominate mothers demands. I know I love the fact that I can completly control my son to do the things that need to be done, that I am to lazy to do myself. See from his eyes how great it feels to be called upon to work for his sexy mother.


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