Mors Hus aka Mother’s house (1974)

Plot Keywords:
Incest | Mother Son Relationship | Controversial | Sex | School

“Everybody loves their mother, but some goes beyond love..

Petter (Svein Sturla Hungnes) quits his studies, and break up with his girlfriend. He moves back to his homeplace, to his mother (Bente Børsum) who lives alone. There has always been a good relationship between Petter and his mother, and she doesn`t mind that he moves back home. When Petter finds a new girl at his homeplace, his mother reacts in a negative way.

This film is based on Knut Faldbakkens book “Sin Mors Hus” (“His Mothers House”), and was feared by the people in the filmbusiness in Norway due to its strong sexual content. Still it became a huge sucess at the theatres. It`s today known as one of Norways strangest films of the 70`. ”

“After a “visionary” insight, Jonathan a twenty-five year old student, sunders his ties to the environment he lives in. He gives up his studies, breaks off his engagement to a nice girl and goes back to his mother. Going back is what he does in the most literal meaning. On the way home he meets Eva, a pretty young woman with whom he starts up a relationship in which sexuality plays an overly dominant role. Jonathan’s mother, however, sees the young woman as a rival and the two women compete for Jonathan’s attention. This brings an element of ambiguity to the relationship between Jonathan and his mother, a relationship inexorably sliding towards being a romantic one. When at last Jonathan breaks off his relationship with Eva, he flies literally back to his mother’s embrace. This is a sensitive theme handled in a unique way by Knut Faldbakken, worked out without any sensationalism.”






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